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       Introduction: PowerBuilder

   It is one of the premier rapid application development (RAD) tool.

   It is a 4GL object-oriented programming language owned by Sybase

It is an open standards database interface that supports all relational
DBMS vendor products.

It ensures optimum usability, reusability of the componenet, stability,
consistency across system, tools and quality of the application

It is a smart client applications that brings together the richness of
end with the ease of deployment of Web applications.
   It is a highly productive integrated development environment (IDE)

Provides a rich functional mechanism for presenting and interacting
with relational data.

Adaptable to enterprise architecture frameworks to adhere to
multiple industry, custom or adapted standard sets.

   Provides all the tools needed to build industrial-strength applications

   Ensures low assimilation costs for the new application.

Flexible open platform development environment that uses code
reuse enabled environment
                            Our Services
   PowerBuilder Application Development

   PowerBuilder Migration to .Net, Java, Web

   PowerBuilder Web Framework Services

   Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications

   App Development for Mobiles & iPods

   PowerBuilder customization services

   PowerBuilder Application Support and Maintenance

   PowerBuilder Integration services
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