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									            Win-Win Weight Loss                                     Year Founded: 2010

Grab/Hook – Your first impression is 2 or 3 sentences.              Industry: Health and Fitness
Don’t start with your mission statement! Hook the reader
with what makes your business special. Examples include:            Request: $75,000
       • Partnership with Google
       • Recently signed first major contract
       • Endorsement from industry VIP

Problem – The World Health Organization estimates that 75.7% of males and 66.5% of females
in Australia will be overweight in 2010. Despite that fact that Australians will spend nearly $750
million this year (2010) on dietary products and services (IBISWorld), Australians are still
overweight. Why is this? Simply put, people lack accountability in their weight loss
efforts. Everyone has done it. You work out for an hour, then go back home to eat half a
pizza. No accountability.

Solution – Win-Win Weight Loss uses the power of the Internet to provide members with access
to their own personal health mentor, 6 days a week, for half the price of a 30 minute 1-on-1
personal training session. Wonder what to have for dinner? Simply send an email to your
personal health mentor who will be standing by with real time answers and input for you.

Because one personal health mentor can potentially serve up to 100 individual clients, Win-Win
Weight Loss creates unprecedented economies of scale in the personal training industry. The
average personal trainer might only meet with 10 to 15 clients per week; whereas, a Win-Win
health mentor can communicate with dozens of clients every day providing constant
accountability to their weight loss clients.

Business Model - The Win-Win Weight Loss business model has two primary drivers.

1. Membership Fees - Members will pay $30 per week
2. Advertising Revenue - Personal health mentors will be sending up to hundreds of emails
   each day to a targeted audience. Win-Win Weight Loss will sell email advertising space.

Market Potential - Weight Watchers, the premier online weight loss provider boasts over 1
million members worldwide that spend an average of $12 per week in the program. Win-Win
Weight Loss will initially focus its marketing efforts on Melbourne Australia. The initial
marketing campaign will consist of a full back page spread in a weekly afternoon newspaper
that is distributed and read by 300,000 after work commuters. The Health and Fitness industry
represent 1.8% of Australia’s GDP [ABS 2006]. Win-Win anticipates the initial campaign to
generate 1,000 leads.
 Competition - Clearly Win-Win is entering an industry with substantial opportunity, and substantial
 competition. Our primary competition includes:
       • Traditional personal trainers
       • Online Weight Loss Programs (Weight Watchers)

 Win-Win differentiates itself on three fronts:
 1. A 100% Money back guarantee if weight loss is not achieved
 2. Real time access to a personal health mentor to answer questions and provide accountability
 3. Younger target market – 25 to 40 year olds

 Management - Mickey Oxford has uniquely combined his experience in the personal training
 industry and the advertising industry.
 • Personal Training - 5 years of successfully operating his own personal training studio
 • Advertising - Founder of MapIt an online advertising portal for tourists in Berlin Germany

 Merging these two distinct experiences, Mickey created an online directory for personal trainers
 combined with a targeted marketing campaign to turn a startup into the dominant online
 personal trainer directory in Melbourne.

 Concerned by the lack of results obtained by Melbourne’s personal trainers, Mickey created the
 Win-Win Weight Loss program. His experience with Melbourne’s personal trainers will enable
 him to recruit expert personal health mentors for Win-Win.
 Financial Assumptions
 1. Trainers work 90 Hours per week at $20/Hr
 2. Each trainer responsible for 100 clients       Based on these financial assumptions Win-Win
 3. Membership fee at $30 per week                 projects to breakeven on initial investment
 4. 500 Members after initial campaign             during month 5.
 5. 10% Membership growth per month
                                                              Breakeven Analysis
          Capital Requirements                    $600,000
     Website                $54,500
     Advertising Campaign   $28,760
     Branding and Graphics  $12,600                                                        Breakeven
     Working Capital        $16,000
     Owner Investment       $20,000
                                                              1   3   5   7   9 11 13
     Investment Needed      $91,860               -$200,000

As you consider a potential investment in the Win-Win Weight Loss program, please take a minute to
give me a call at _________.

                            Visit us at Win-Win Weight Loss

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