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									            What is the purpose of auctioning a property?

The property are auctioned due to many reasons like seized property or foreclosure property. A
property can be auctioned only when the buyer bids for a price and the bidding price should be
agreed by the seller. The properties which are auctioned come under collectable auction
category. There are many auctions method like online auction, government auction and auction
for home.

Auction for home:

This type of property auction occurs only when you need to sell the house in effective and in
speed manner. You would see that the auction conducted here are of two types - absolute and
reserve. If the property is sold to the highest bidder then it comes under absolute auction. In
reserve the auctioneer fixes a limited amount for the property which is not excised. The biggest
advantage for the buyer is in reserve auction. That’s because you will be getting the property in
lesser value.

Online auction:

You have lot of option for choosing an online auction. You can save lot of time and money by
auctioning online. One demerit of online auction is you won’t know whether the property
shown is the same or not. Sometimes a different picture of the property is shown where
everything is really very beautiful but in reality it will be ugly. Some of the property auctions
you find online are English, Dutch, silent (FPSB), Vickrey, online time shift and multi-unit
auctions. Each auction serves different purposes.

English auctions:

This is the just about common of all auctions. Here the property presentation is showed to you
and then you start bidding. When an auction is bided openly where the prices ascend is known
as open ascending price.
Dutch auctions:

The descending auction is where the host bid for higher price and is decreased by the bidder.
This happens only when you are in need to trade the property urgently. This is one of the latest
introduced auctions.

Silent auctions:

This the exact opposite of ascending auction. You would be given a piece of paper and pen at
the starting of auction. They would show you the property and you got to write down the
amount for the property. The property is given to the person with highest value. Otherwise
known as first pay seal bidding (FPSB).

Multi-unit auction:

This auction is useful for the estate agency who buys many lands together. As the name
indicates multiples of properties are sold at one time.

Government auctions:

When a criminal is caught, the state authorities confiscate all the belongings and the property.
You would know that a criminal always like to rob new things which he can sell for cash. So
generally the state authorities sell these properties and other things for lesser value. Now you
have the facilities for purchasing the auction property from online.

Source: UK Property auctions

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