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Diamond Eternity Bands


									Diamond Eternity Bands
What better way than to represent a lifetime together than a diamond
eternity band. Recently, eternity bands have become one of the most
popular jewelry trends. These bands are often given as anniversary gifts
to symbolize eternal love and devotion.
You may ask, what makes an eternity band an eternity band? The answer is
a band with diamonds placed all around the ring. Unlike other diamond
bands, the diamonds circle around the entire length of the ring. You can
find diamond eternity bands with diamonds of almost any cut. Round
diamonds are the most common shape for eternity bands. In fact, eternity
bands also come with colored gemstones as well. Birthstone eternity bands
make great birthday gifts or a just-because token of love. One could also
choose an eternity band that alternates between a colored gemstone and
diamond for contrast!
Not only do diamond eternity bands complement an engagement ring when
worn together, but eternity bands are also great to wear alone. They are
perfect to wear for traveling as a substitute for your engagement ring
because you wouldn't want to lose the big diamond on your ring!
Additionally, the diamonds will give that extra sparkle to enhance the
beautiful diamond in your engagement ring. Diamond eternity bands come in
a variety of different styles and settings, such as prong, bezel or
channel set, another way to wear diamond eternity bands are to stack them
together. You can mix and match them to suit your style and your mood.
And to make a more fashion forward statement, stack a blue sapphire or
red ruby eternity band next to a diamond eternity band to change the look
of the rings completely. They are a beautiful and versatile way to change
up your style.
INTA Gems offers diamond eternity bands you in white gold, yellow gold,
or platinum. You can view their selection online at or
come down to their store located in the heart of the Los Angeles Jewelry

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