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Motivational Story - How To Control Your Anger and Hatred


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									Motivational Story - How To Control Your Anger and Hatred
One day, a young and pretty princess was playing with her golden ball.
But the ball rolled over and drowned into a pool. He could not see the
ball because the pool was quite deep and also she was not able to swim.
She was so sad. Then suddenly a frog showed up and jumped in front of
her. The frog asked, "Hi, pretty girl, why are you crying? What happens?
Can I give help?" Then the princess sadly answered, "My golden ball has
drowned into this pool, but I cannot take it back. Can you take it for
me? If you can get my ball back, I promise to give whatever you desire
because I am a princess, my father is an emperor."
The frog was excited because of knowing that she was a princess. Then the
frog quickly said, "OK. My wish is very simple. I just want to stay in
your palace and you have to treat me well. Do you agree with the deal?"
She thought for a moment. She then nodded her head and told the frog,
"OK. I agree." They finally made that agreement. The frog jumped and
dived into the pool to find the ball and the princess was waiting for it.
After several minutes, the frog emerged on the surface with the ball in
its hand. The princess was so cheerful and thanked to the frog.
She then suddenly remembered what she had promised to the frog before.
She should bring the frog home. Actually, she did not want the frog
stayed in her palace. So she planned to run away immediately. She ran as
fast as she can so the frog could not chase her. She thought that she had
successfully cheated the frog. But how surprised she was when she saw the
frog in front of the gate of the palace. She did not know how the frog
could be there so fast. The frog said, "Do not forget your promise!"
There was no choice for her except let it stayed in her palace.
The frog was so happy with the new life because it could eat delicious
meal and could sleep in a soft and comfortable bed. The frog felt like a
prince. But the princess disliked it so much. Her heart was full with
hatred to remove the frog from her life. She scolded it many times. When
the frog was eating, she angrily dropped the food on the floor. She
growled and told the frog, "You did not deserve to eat the food and
stayed in this place. Your place is in the pool." She was so fierce. She
did not care about the agreement she promised. She wanted to break it. No
days without her anger to the frog. Until one day, she was at the peak of
her anger and hatred. She grabbed the frog and slammed it with full power
to the floor.
And suddenly the frog magically turned into thick smoke and a very
handsome and gallant prince stood in the middle of the smoke. The
princess was both shocked and happy because he was so handsome. She was
fascinated. She was in love at the first sight. The prince told her, "I
am sorry because I lie to you. I am a prince of another kingdom. A cruel
witch used her magic and turned me into a frog. But the magic has been
lost because you threw me into the floor. Thanks a lot. Now I have to go
back to my palace. Goodbye and take care." But the princess said, "Don't.
Please do not go. I want you to stay here. I feel that I am in love with
you now." Then the prince laughed and said, "No, princess. When I was a
frog, I have known your real behavior. You are so fierce, your heart is
full of hatred and anger, you have bad temperament and do not keep your
promise. I do not like it so much. Goodbye." Then the prince walked out
of her palace.
Message for readers:
According to Joe Girard, A person recognizes approximately 250 people.
They can be his relatives, family, friends and other people. When you are
angry with someone and hate them, you have hated other 250 people. Why?
Because, if you hate and angry with one person, he will tell to other 250
people he knows. Think about this dangerous effect by just hating and
being angry with one person. What if you do this to 10 persons? It means
that you will spread your hatred and anger to about 2500 persons. They
will know your bad behavior. They will talk from mouth to mouth and it
surely creates snow-ball effect that will be bigger and bigger when it
rolls. Otherwise, when a person knows that you are so kind, helpful and
have positive yet good behavior, you have spread your good behavior to
other 250 persons.
When you are angry, you indirectly create hostility to the person you are
angry with. Nelson Mandela said that the hostility is like poison being
drunk by someone and hope the death of his enemy because of the poison.
Hatred and anger will endanger you and other people if you do not stop
them. Do you know that when you smile, you just move about 13 muscles of
your face, but when you are angry and frown, you have to move more than
110 muscles of your face.
Here is helpful tip that can stop or control your anger. When you get
yourself in a situation that you cannot stop your anger or if you are
about to deliver your anger to someone, immediately tell yourself, "If I
am angry, I will make more 250 people angry with me." or "I will create
more hostility with 250 people he knows. I will have bad image that can
harm me back."
You can also smile with people you meet. It will make you happier. You
will make more friendship with people around you. What a beautiful world
if anger and hatred do not exist.
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