Dealing With Road Rage

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					Dealing With Road Rage
Ever since the first cars have begun to fill the roads, there have been
people who drove aggressively. Today this phenomenon is called road rage
and it defines a violent way of driving. Specialists in driver behavior
say that people, who drive their cars very aggressively, in a road rage
manner, are more likely to cause accidents than drivers who respect all
the driving rules.
There are two types of rules that need to be respected while driving,
driving rules and the rules of common sense and when all these are
broken, the result can be described as road rage. However, the law in
almost all countries punishes road rage with very large fines.
When talking about road rage, there are several aspects included in this
description. In short, driving using excessively your horn or high beams,
accelerating the car very sudden, flashing in a repeated manner or
abusing other drivers in traffic (either verbally or by dangerous
driving) can be described as road rage.
While some laws make a distinction between road rage and aggressive
driving, all these behaviors are punished. The punishments for road rage
are drastic in all states; however, it is very difficult to catch those
aggressive drivers while breaking the law. Many times, they get away as
there was not a police crew in that particular location in that exact
If the police catch a road rager agtonganizing other drivers on the road,
he can even get his driving license suspended. Specialists in road
behavior have tried to understand why some drivers are very violent on
the road, while others can drive respecting all the rules.
Some say that a medical condition known as IED (or intermittent explosive
disorder) is behind road rage. People suffering from IED are known to
suddenly suffer from anger outbursts.
All of the sudden, many times without any warning whatsoever, people with
IED start yelling and throwing stuff and everyone around them can become
a victim. Otherwise, only a small spark is enough to trigger an IED
crisis and this can be especially dangerous if that person is driving.
These short bursts of anger are very intense and they can be
disproportionate in intensity compared to the trigger. However, not all
specialists consider the intermittent explosive disorder as a medical
condition and they say that people have used it to escape being punished
for their actions.
Other times a person can get highly irritated from an incident in traffic
or by traffic congestions. However, while many people can get annoyed by
being stuck in a traffic jam, this does not excuse road rage.
If you observe a violent and aggressive driver in traffic, you should
everything you can to avoid him. Specialists recommend you to drive
safely and carefully, to avoid annoying other drivers with your high
beams or with excessive tailgating. You never know what kind of driver
there is in front of you and by driving carefully and avoiding trouble in
traffic are the best methods to avoid becoming a victim of road rage.
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