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									Walt Disney World Tips
Disney World is the most popular resort for vacationers. With its
numerous, fun filled theme parks, and hotels for every lifestyle it's no
wonder so many people travel to the magical land every year. When you
get to Disney World you will find that there is so much to do and very
little time to do it. So here are some Walt Disney World tips to help
you along your way.
Use FastPass
The name says it all. The Fast Pass was designed to reduce the time
tourists were waiting in line. It is free and can be used by all
guests. To use Fast Pass you need to find a ride that is offering Fast
Pass tickets. Not all rides offer fast pass and there are limited
amounts that are issued. At a ride that offers a fast pass you will see
the estimated return time if you were to receive a fast pass. To receive
a fast pass just place you ticket in the machine and it will generate a
fast pass ticket for you. You will need one for each member in your
party. Now you can enjoy the rest of park and r eturn at your fast pass
Bring Ponchos
The average rainfall for Disney World will vary based on which month you
plan on going. For those in early spring expect around 3 inches for the
month of March while those traveling in the summer can expect a lot
more. The average rainfall for June is about 7 inches. Checking the
local forecast in June may look scary with a 40 percent chance of rain
everyday but usually these showers don't last long. Better safe than
sorry so be sure to bring ponchos. I recommend buying the ponchos before
going to Disney to avoid the poncho price markup. I also recommend
buying your family matching colors, especially if you have little
children. It's easier to find your family if everyone is wearing red
ponchos. Try not to get clear, you will blend in real easy.
Extra Magic Hour
Everyday one of the four main parks will be opened early for guest
staying at Disney resorts. If you qualify, arrive early and enjoy the
park, if you do not qualify try avoiding these parks in the morning it
will be very crowded.
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