Twelve Step Sponsorship (DOC) by primusboy


									Twelve Step Sponsorship
Twelve Step Sponsorship is considered essential to successfully working
the steps. I enjoy hiking and mountain biking but would never consider
either activity without the help of a guide, map or local knowledge of
the area.
Entering unknown territory or hiking in an area without clearly marked
paths can be dangerous. Asking for help makes sense when life and limb
are at stake. As in any situation careful preparation usually leads to
Much the same way a guide leads you in the woods or on the rocky mountain
trail a sponsor will lead you in recovery. When an Addict or Alcoholic
attends a treatment program they are usually introduced to the twelve
Some Addiction Treatment Centers have the clients begin to work these
steps while they are in treatment. While in rehab centers therapists or
counselors act as sponsors for the clients and help them with their step
When an addict successfully completes and is discharged from a drug rehab
center and starts to attend 12 step fellowship meetings, they will here
suggestions to get a sponsor. When they get a sponsor they will begin
step work in earnest. The bond that is built between sponsor and sponsee
allows the addict to trust and be honest, maybe for the first time in
quite a while. The experience the sponsor brings to the relationship
makes the addict feel more understood and allows for the courage to
continue. There is no reason to try and "go it alone" when there are so
many experienced and fellow addicts willing to help.
Dan C's career in the addiction field spans twenty-five years. He has
held positions in all phases of administration and clinical services in
Treatment Facilities throughout the state of Florida. He is currently
employed by

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