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									Gambling, Drug Addiction and Alcoholism - Path to Hell
What Is Gambling?
Any betting or wagering for self or others whether for money or not and
where the outcome is uncertain or depends on chance or probability
constitutes gambling. Gambling comes in many forms. Most of them are for
Compulsive Gambling and Addiction
There is something called as compulsive gambling. It starts at the age of
20's for most men and at the late 30's for women as an entertaining,
stress relieving and fun activity which eventually progresses to become a
habitual gambling. However most people progressively become addict
gamblers usually after a big win. After this the desire to win back all
the money intensifies more rapidly. It is a disorder which causes
inconvenience to both the gambler and his/her family. There is no cure
for habitual gambling. Despite disruptions in family and professional
life, the gambling goes on.
Compulsive gambling has three phases which include ecstasy when winning,
severe tension and depression when loosing and extreme anxiety in between
these two phases. Being a gambling addict not only causes trouble to the
individual but also to the people around the individual. As the time
passes, lying becomes a characteristic feature of the gambler and the
family persons learns not to trust the individual. Then the relationship
between the family and children becomes hatred and they eventually break
up. The psychological agony and social turbulence can result in marital
breakdown, financial ruin and irreparable personal life profile. Gambling
is always associated with physical symptoms like anxiety, headaches, and
depression leading to smoking and alcohol consumption.
As it progresses, the individual losses the job and the savings might be
lost which may induce the individual to venture in criminal activities
like stealing money from colleagues to obtain more funds for gambling.
They also borrow large amount of money which is usually never be paid.
They tend to ignore rents and other family expenses also.
Heavy gambling is done because of the easy access and availability of
casinos. Individuals from the middle class family are more prone to
gambling because of the unemployment.
What is drug addiction?
Drug addiction is probably known as the imbalance state of a person
resulting in improper functioning of both his physique and mind. Drug
addiction is not similar in drug dependence and its tolerance.
Do you know the drugs which are used for addiction?
Here some of the fundamental addict causing drugs is mentioned.
Stimulant Which Includes
Amphetamine and Methamphetamine
nicotine etc.,
Sedatives and Hypnotics Which Includes
clonazepam, temazepam
Methaqualone and the related quinazolinone
Opiate and Opioid Analgesics Which Consists of
Morphine and Codeine
Semi-synthetic opiates such as Heroin
(Diacetylmorphine), Oxycodone, and Hydromorphone
What Is Marijuana?
Marijuana is a type of drug. It is a mixture of various parts (leaves,
stems, seeds and flowers) of a plant called the hemp plant. The
scientific name of hemp plant is Cannabis sativa. Marijuana has about 400
different types of chemical in it and some of them can cause cancer, but
the main and active ingredient is called as tetrahydrocannabinol which is
better known as THC. Ganja, chronic, pot, grass, boom and reefer are some
of the common names but there are about 200 different names which refer
to marijuana.
How and for what marijuana is used?
Marijuana is used in different ways. Some of users mix it with food, some
brew it as tea but most of them smoke. Marijuana has tetrahydrocannabinol
or THC which affects the brain and triggers it to release dopamine which
gives high pleasure to the user for a short time.
Do you know the meaning of drug injection?
In olden days people prefer to take tobacco, alcohol, heroine etc., as a
drug to nourish them. But nowadays it is casual to nourish them by using
certain drug injections which is an instant process and also more
effective. Though there are lots of alternatives it seems to be the time
saving approach.
What do you mean by the term alcoholism?
Alcoholism is the term reveals the meaning of simultaneous consumption of
certain alcohol beverages. People are saying many reasons for the intake
of this slow poison, despite of the health problems and negative social
sequences made by it. Some people say that the sudden stop of certain
alcoholic beverages will lead to a great problem in health. They argue
that it will induce them to make a suicide attempt so it is always
advisable to stop it.
What are the modern diagnoses taken against drug addiction?
Nowadays there are many modern diagnoses taken against the drug addiction
through using modern technologies. It is possible to diagnose a person by
knowing the intake of that particular drug. The recovery of the person
depends on him. He should refuse to accept the intake of those drugs by
In European countries they are struggling to bring down the people who
were affected by drug addiction, but it is quite difficult there. On
other hand in USA they have achieved.
What are the effects of marijuana and other drugs?
When the drug enters the brain, the THC present in it locates the neurons
with specific receptors called cannabinoid receptors and binds to them.
Then it influences the normal communication between the brain cells and
causes lack of coordination. It is usually caused by smoking. High usage
of the drug can cause anxiety and often panic attacks.
High concentrations of cannabinoid receptors are found in cerebellum,
cerebral cortex and hippocampus. Centers of these parts of the brain are
responsible for memory and certain types of learning. So when the THC
binds to these parts it causes studying and memory problems like
recalling the recent events becoming difficult. Cerebellum is associated
with coordination. And another part of the brain called basal ganglia is
also affected by THC. The basal ganglia control the movement of our body
and hence our reflection becomes slow. So it is unwise to drive vehicles
when marijuana is used or it may lead to accident.
Smoking Marijuana increases the chance of heart attacks. It may also lead
to lung cancer even quickly than normal cigarette smoking because the
Marijuana smoker tends to inhale more deeply and hold his breath longer
than a cigarette smoker does.
What are the alternative therapies given for drug addiction?
Some of the medical experts say that acupuncture is one of the good
alternative therapies for such addiction. Though there is some
information about some alternative therapy, you can inquire to know which
one is suitable to you.
What do you know about self medication?
Self medication termed as the treatment which is made for us and made by
us without any medical supervision. If a buyer diagnoses himself using
specific drug then it is fair to mention it as self medication.
It is not advisable to undertake self medication because you may use the
drug on wrong ratio which leads to any other problems. So we should make
sure about the nature and use of that drug.
Though many articles say about these drug addictions and its
rehabilitation, it is not advisable to take certain drugs which leads to
fatal results. It is better to conclude this essay by saying "prevention
is better than cure".
What is the cure?
Once addicted, it will be very difficult to come out. The user must have
pure determination to get rid of these drugs.
Does Marijuana have medical values?
Marijuana has medical values. THC, the main and active ingredient can
produce effects which can be potentially used for treating variety of
medical conditions. It is also used in pills for stimulating appetite in
AIDS patients. Scientific research is still going on about the medical
values and the effects of the other chemicals present in marijuana.
Chy King, M.Ed. is the owner of The Sober Sources Network and has
extended her network on alcoholism and addiction recovery for both adults
and teen to incorporate 14 different websites in hopes of helping those
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