12 Step Quotes and Sayings XIII

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					12 Step Quotes and Sayings XIII
"If you don't like what you hear at a meeting, then say what you need to
hear." At a question and answer meeting I attend, I often hear questions
and comments from people who either don't enjoy meetings, or who don't
think that particular meeting gives them what they need. "It's always the
same people saying the same things," I hear them say. I'm response to
thins, a member shared this quote and suggested they participate and "say
what you need to hear." In itself this is great advice, but it addresses
a fundamental issue as well - being of service. So many people (myself
included) go to meetings to get something from them and to feel better
afterwards. And most of the time we do. What we may forget sometimes,
though, is that meetings are also a perfect place for us to be of
service. Often what we end of taking away from a meeting is in direct
proportion to what we contributed to it. These days, whenever I'm feeling
annoyed or disinterested at a meeting, I now know to ask myself what
"I'm" doing to add to it. This works so well, that I now do this at work,
at home, and even at the market. Service truly is the answer in my life
today and the best part is that here is always, everywhere, an
opportunity for me to be of service.
"When one door closes, another opens, but it's hell in the hallways." Boy
do we hate change. Before recovery I had few tools or healthy ways of
dealing with change. If something ended in my life, it often felt like
the end of my life. Once I entered the hallway, it was dark indeed. As I
worked through recovery, I learned many valuable life lessons. The first
was 'One day at a time.' I still have to remind myself that I can do
anything just for today, and get through it if I keep my focus on today.
The hallway doesn't look so long or so dark when I do this. Perhaps the
biggest thing I learned is that "This, too, shall pass." No matter how
bad things are, or what is happening, it too will pass and things will
change. And with change will come new openings, new opportunities, and
new beginnings. Today, when one door closes, I have tools to deal with
the hallways while I wait and watch for the new doors to open.
"If you don't like what you hear at a meeting, then say what you need to
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