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					                                             Miracle Tears
Who among us who have not ever cry?? If there is an answer there of course is that the answers lie
because every human being ever cry. either when he was little, or even when he really felt lost.

Who says there's no point crying? crying with a long time can cause red eyes and swollen. But make no
mistake, crying and tears in his eyes it could be a miracle drug that is useful for health of body and mind.
What? Â Quoted from Beliefnet, here's 7 wonders can you get after crying and watery eyes.

    1. Helps eyesight
       Tears turned out to help one's vision, not just the eye itself. Discharge from the eyes to prevent
       dehydration of the membrane of the eye that can make the vision become blurred.

    2. Killing bacteria
       No need eye drops, enough tears that serves as a natural antibacterial. In the tear fluid
       contained the so-called lisozom that can kill around 90-95 percent of the bacteria left behind
       from computer keyboards, railings, sneezing and sites that contain bacteria, in just five minutes.

    3. Improve your mood
       Someone who can cry because of lower levels of depression with crying, mood will be lifted
       again. Tears were generated from the type to cry because the emotion contains 24 percent
       protein albumin are useful in regulating the body's metabolic system than tears resulting from
       irritation of the eyes.

    4. Remove toxins
       A biochemist William Frey has conducted several studies about tears and found that the tears
       that came out of the emotional cry because it contains toxins. But make no mistake, tear out the
       poisonous it signifies that he brought the poison from the body and release it through the eye.

    5. Reduce stress
       How tears can reduce stress? Tears of stress hormone release was also found in the body of
       leucine-enkaphalin endorphin and prolactin. In addition to lowering levels of stress, tears also
       help fight diseases caused by stress such as high blood pressure.

    6. Building community
       In addition to good physical health, crying also could help someone build a community. Usually
       someone in tears after telling the problem in front of his friends or someone who can provide
       support, and this can increase the ability to communicate and socialize.
7. Comforting feeling
   Everyone seemed to feel that way. Although you suffered various kinds of problems and trials,
   but after crying usually will appear a sense of relief. After crying, the limbic system, brain and
   heart will be smooth, and it makes a person feel better and relieved. Keluarkanlah problem in
   your mind through the tears, do not be buried because you can cry explosiveness.

    Source: http://www.situsdunia.tk/2010/10/7-keajaiban-air-mata.html

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