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SEO Social Media by loghomes77


If you want to discover the tactics needed to attract targeted traffic organically, build a loyal following and learn about .

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									        SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide
  Customers are searching for your products and services...
              but they can't find your website!

If you're not confused by what's happening on the Internet, you haven't been paying
attention. When all this began, THEY said you needed a website, so you got a website.
You built it... you waited... but no one came.

Who needs this BOOK?
  my book!

Stop experimenting, you're wasting your time
I know what I'm talking about and frankly I'm appalled at the rubbish I see peddled online every day. If you use my
techniques, you won’t need start-up capital or an advertising budget and you won’t need to be a technical expert.

No hype, just facts and details showing 'how to' execute!

My book includes little-known secrets about what it REALLY takes to make a website work and attract targeted
visitors. I will show you how to find the best places that will list your website for free, add valuable Google juice and
start driving targeted visitors. You will learn cutting-edge tactics that can generate income that’s not tied to the
number of hours you work.
You won't need to research or waste months experimenting because I've spent years learning how to do it right and I'll
lay it in your lap.

Face it, if you don't change what you're doing now, you're going to continue getting what you're getting. If you don't
like what your getting - you need to change what your doing.

What’s in the BOOK?

    Onsite SEO tweaks that if implemented correctly could literally drive hundreds
     (or thousands) of highly-targeted buyers to your site every day.

    Offsite SEO tactics geared to channeling traffic to your site from external

    Keyword research and usage. Believe it or not, the keywords you think define
     your business may be wrong and that's costing you business.

    Content - the words, images, videos and other site components that Google uses to determine your website's

    Copywriting secrets that get results.

    Website components like sitemaps and privacy policies that are now essential to win the approval of search
 How to get quality links from content-related sites.

 How to exploit Google, Yahoo, Bing, Squidoo, HubPages, MerchantCircle, SmartGuy, Leapfish, Yelp and other
  resources to reinforce your local search results.

 Using video to drive traffic...and your video doesn't even have to be a video.

 Local Search is one of Google's top priorities and capitalizing on this is something that most website owners fail to
  do correctly.

 Social networking can be a huge waste of time and energy if done incorrectly. Use it to win!

 Social marketing is the new advertising mantra and if used tactically, can drive hordes of targeted traffic.

 Social bookmarking - how to use automated services to bookmark your pages adding hundreds (or thousands) of
  links back to your site.

 Blogging is one of the most critical features of a successful marketing strategy because Google LOVES blogs
  (nothing else matters). Learn how to:

 Choose the best blogging platform

 Find the most important 'Plugins' you'll need

 Maximize your keywords in your blog

 Optimize your blog for maximum effectiveness
 Where to get the best 'free' themes

 A custom 'ping list' that will notify scores of search engines every time you make a new post.

 Using an 'autoresponder' to build a list of prospects and customers means recurring revenue. Learn how to do it

 Online tools with a focus on free resources to help you build and manage your marketing effort.

 Track visitors' activity and discover what keywords brought them to your site - and from where they came.

 Set up a fully-functional website using this simple - and FREE - search-optimized software that I recommend to all
  my private clients.

 ...and MUCH MUCH MORE!

                SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide

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