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					  SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide

  Buying this BOOK will not change your life,
    improve your business or increase your
  income. Implementing what you learn from
                          this book will.

Who needs this book?
You wouldn't have an unlisted business phone number...

A website that has not been optimized and is not
bolstered by a social networking strategy is like having
an unlisted business phone number.

Any business website can get increased traffic and
conversions if they follow the steps outlined in the "SEO
& Social Media Marketing Guide".

When it comes to Internet marketing and creating a website or blog, most
people are simply overwhelmed; it’s like drinking from a fire hose. There is
just too much information to absorb...

      Who can you trust?
      What is real and what's hype?
      Where do you start?
      How do you know what is most effective?
I use a 'real-world' example of a small business and cover every major topic
of search engine optimization, social networking and the latest online
marketing strategies. A few topics include:

   Onsite SEO tweaks that if implemented correctly could literally drive

     hundreds (or thousands) of HIGHLY-TARGETED BUYERS to your site

     every day.

   Offsite SEO tactics geared to CHANNELING TRAFFIC to your site

     from external sources.

   KEYWORD RESEARCH AND USAGE. Believe it or not, the keywords

     you think define your business may be wrong and that's costing you


   CONTENT - the words, images, videos and other site components that

     Google uses to determine your website's 'value'.

   COPYWRITING SECRETS that get results.

   WEBSITE COMPONENTS like sitemaps and privacy policies that are

     now essential to win the approval of search engines.

   How to get QUALITY LINKS from content-related sites.

   And much much more!

    SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide

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