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									Volume X, Number 3                                                                                               Spring 2007

By Justin Birge
                  Impending Doom
                hen considering the question of loan debt         graduates will face the following payment schedules:
                and its influence on specialty choice, for        • 10-year, 120 payments of $1501.80. $49,715.71
                most students the short answer is usually              interest paid.
                “no, with a but” and the long answer “yes,        • 30-year, 361 payments of $850.76. $175,776.40
with an if.” Confusing as that may seem, the reality facing            interest paid.
young professionals is very clear—we are piling up loan               Though resident salaries vary little from place to place
and credit card debt throughout our education that may            ($38-44K), the cost of living is extremely variable
make some specialties financial suicide if a change is not        (www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0883960.html). Most
made.                                                             graduates defer loan payment while in residency, accruing
   A lot is made of “loan debt,” but rarely do we get an          further interest while waiting for their eventual salary to
objective glimpse of the changes and realities surrounding        cover the monthly payment more comfortably. It is no
the cost of medical education.                                                          secret that a higher salary decreases
Historically, medical education has                                                     the impact of ballooning loan
not been a financial issue. In 2002                                                     payments. It is also no secret that
dollars, the cost of tuition for the                                                    primary care is at the low end of the
class of 1982 was roughly $3,000 per                                                    pay scale and specialties such as
year, while their class of 2002                                                         cardiology, radiology and orthopedic
colleagues paid over $20,000.                                                           surgery are at the high end. While
Similarly, the average debt load (in                                                    primary care practitioners are very
2002 dollars) for the class of 1982                                                     much in demand, more and more
was $40,000, while the class of 2002                                                    graduates are choosing to
borrowed $110,000 (ama-assn.org).                                                       specialize—a trend that is likely
These increases exceed inflation and With tuition and interest rates on the steep rise, related to debt load.
have significantly altered the our children will be paying off our loans with              Third and fourth year Creighton
financial profile of the average                 their social security checks.          students were asked whether or not
graduate. The prototype 2006                                                            debt load was influencing their
graduate had $130,500 in debt, with 72% having at least           specialty choice, 59% of which said “no”. However, 24%
$100,000. Along with this mounting educational debt,              of those also stated that if family practice were their first
40.2% also had non-educational debt averaging $16,689.            choice, debt load would be more concerning. Many
This regurgitation of numbers is dizzying, but it boils           students commented that cost of living was also a major
down to this—assuming an average 2006 federal loan                consideration, and that rather than limiting their specialty
debt, consolidated at current interest rates (6.8%),                                                          (Continued on page 2)
2   WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                         SPRING 2007
                           (Continued from page 1) Doom
                           choice, they would choose
                           not to live in high cost cities
                           like San Francisco, New
                           York or Chicago. Along
Faculty Advisor:           with in flu en ce over
Dr. Michael Kavan, Ph.D.   specialty choice, two
                           additional effects of debt
Editors in Chief:          have been observed in
Andrew E. Kummer           resident physicians.
Eric Peeples               According to recent AMA
This Issue’s Writers:      research, rising debt causes
                           residents to moonlight
Dr. Michael Kavan, Ph.D.   (duh), and those with larger
Marcia Cusic               debt totals are more likely
Linda Pappas               to commit errors and violate
Yukari Kawamoto            ACGME work hour rules
                           while picking up extra
Justin Birge               shifts. Similarly, as
Andrew E. Kummer           personal debt increases, so
Brian Nagao                does the number of residents reporting cynicism and two or more symptoms of
Eric Peeples                   This problem has not gone unrecognized and many options exist to help
Doron Scheffer             relieve the pressure of debt. The DRA (2/2006) and pending reauthorization of
Ted Strobman               the HEA would (among other things) continue to give borrowers flexibility,
Casey Woster               adjust interest rates annually, study the outcome of student load debt, and offer
                           forgiveness for highly-needed specialists or those entering residency programs
Patrick Allison            over 5 years. These efforts are helpful, but they are not a solution. The AMA has
Juliana Gazallo            recommended tuition
Jim Ramig                  caps, tax deductions and
                           increases in scholarships.
                           Other solutions which
                           require post-residency
                           commitments include the
                           Armed Forces and
                           National Health Services
                           Corps scholarships. It has
                           also been suggested that
                           medical school could be
                           free, with graduates
                           completing a minimum
                           two-year National Health
                           Service requirement. The
                                                           Such a high-priced dinner will be something of
                           cost of this plan was
                                                           mythical legend for medical students by the year
                           estimated to be less than
                           0.1% of annual national
                           health care expenditures
                           (or 0.05% of the cost of the Iraq War) and subsequently lost momentum.
                               Debt load is a concern not only for current medical students, but for those
                           who will train 20 or 30 years from now. If tuition continues to rise at current
                           rates (165% in private schools and 312% in state schools over the last 20 years),
                           the cost of medical education will become prohibitive rather than simply
                           terrifying.                                                                      ■
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                      SPRING 2007      3

     M2 Intramural Sports Update
By Casey Woster

              ello everyone, and welcome to the spring M2      deny the shots of smaller and less hairy opponents despite
              IM sports update. We’ve officially entered       his team routinely having a lead of over 20 points. It
              basketball season, the best part of the sports   remains to be seen if these intimidation tactics pay off in
              year. Our teams from the M2 class have been      the playoffs.
putting together some impressive regular seasons thus far          The Biehl’ded Clams also currently have a record of 2-
and look to be hitting full-stride as the playoffs draw near.  2, officially making them the 3rd best team in men’s A
    First off, we’ll begin with the ladies. In particular the  (out of a staggering six teams total). The team’s physical
SWAT team, who has jumped out to a 3-1 record in               defense has been rooted by Sam “Body Slam” Taylon,
women’s A. This explosion out of the gates would not           while the offense has been lifted by Chris Eixenberger.
have been possible without Danielle “the Shot-Swatter”         Eixenberger is a new addition to the team who has
Potter and her patented in-your-face defense. On the           contributed nicely thanks to his jumpshot, which is as
offensive end of the court, the team relies on Lesley          smooth and soft as an embrace between Michael Jackson
Hawley and her Tim Hardaway-esque killer crossover             and a young Macaulay Culkin. Another important asset to
that has sent countless opponents to                                                 the team has been Mike Smith, whose
the CUMC emergency room with                                                         radioactive explosiveness toward the
broken ankles. When asked about the                                                  hoop can only be measured with a
secret to the SWAT team’s success,                                                   Geiger counter. In a possible strange
Shannon Pinkelman revealed that the                                                  connection to Smith’s play,
team gets pumped up before each                                                      opponents have been recently
game by playing NBA Jam for Super                                                    overheard complaining of fatigue,
Nintendo. Boomshockalocka!                                                           weight gain and cold intolerance.
    Bowman’s Capsule is a team on                                                    With all of these skilled players,
the rise in women’s B. While it is true                                              expect the Clams to finish no worse
that the girls occasionally lose their                                               than sixth in their league.
focus and allow an opponent to                                                           The last team we’ll mention, Yap
ultrafiltrate her way to the basket,                                                 Attack (1-3), is a team still struggling
they are beginning to put the clamps                                                  to find its identity in men’s B. The
down defensively. Case in point: The game that taught an entire generation problem for this team has not been a
they held their last opponent to a the meaning of the phrases “He’s on fire” lack of talent but a lack of cohesive
mere 26 points. The team is also                   and “Boomshockalocka.”             playing styles. Some members of the
showing vast signs of improvement                                                     team, such as Colin Drolshagen,
on the offensive end. As a true testament to their growing     prefer to encourage good effort and fair play from
confidence, team captain Kara Watterson has promised to        members of the opposing team by helping them up after a
do the spider dribble for five minutes straight in front of    hard foul. Other members of the team, most notably Keith
the entire M2 class if her team does not win it all this       Hood(lum) and Joe Blas, prefer to commit the hard fouls
year. Way to go Kara!                                          that give Colin a chance to help the other players up. This
    Now we move on to the gentlemen. We’ll start with          contrast in styles has led to difficulties on the court thus
the Football Team, which appears to have the best chance       far. However, if Yap Attack can discover the right
of any men’s team at winning a championship this year.         mixture of good sportsmanship and controlled rage, look
Although the boys have dropped two straight games to           for this team to make some noise during the playoffs.
leave themselves with a 2-2 record, there is no denying            Finally, let’s all show some school spirit and cheer
their physical superiority over the other teams in men’s C.    really hard for the Creighton men’s basketball team as
Power forward Matt Pieper summed it up best when he            March approaches. They are playing pretty well these
said, “We’re like that kid in the junior high locker room      days and could easily make the NCAA tournament.
who already has a mustache while everyone else is still        However, if they do not, make sure to hide any sharp
trying to grow peach fuzz.” There has been no better           objects in the presence of Chelsey Petz and Josh Jansen,
proof of the truth in Pieper’s comments than the play of       and be liberal in your use of SIG ME CAPS while talking
Brandon Newgard. Brandon continues to relentlessly             to them.                                                    ■
 4   WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                    SPRING 2007

Real Fake News
By Doron Scheffer and Ted Strobman
HEADLINES                                                    people always got voted homecoming king/queen in high
Dr. Cichowski and Dr. Guck Flog Guest Lecturer in            Dark Horse: Scott Atay. At least his acceptance speech
Interactive Area For Underemphasizing the                    will be funnier than anyone else’s.
Importance of the History and Physical “To Send a                                                   M2
Message”……...……………..……………………page 1                                              Favorites: Once again, a two-horse race
                                                                                between Gabriel Harris and J.D.
Patti Marsh Feigns Interest as Dr. Kavan Announces                              Welander. Just yesterday I saw
That He Has Found the “Perfect” Far-Side Comic for                              Welander help an old lady across the
a    new    Orientation      Week     Powerpoint                                street. But then, moments later, I saw
Presentation………………………………....……page 6                                            Harris help two ladies across the street,
                                                                                and he put each on a shoulder so he
M2 Excited For Golden Apple Since She Hasn’t Said a                             could do lunges in the crosswalk as he
Word to Most of the Class Since the Last Golden                  Will Gabe      passed by.
Apple…..……………………………..…………..page 19                           Harris two-peat On the outside looking in: Any of the
                                                             the Golden Cup 50 annoyingly nice, proper girls in this
M3 Not So Impressed With Surgery Resident After                 of Morality? class that all seem to blend together.
Seeing Him in the KFC Men’s Locker                                                                  M1
Room………………………………...…….……..page 31                            Favorites: There really are no favorites for good people in
                                                             this class. Remember, this is the class that prompted a
Socially Conscientious M1, Despite Claiming Never to         review of Nipper. If it was the “Bruised Banana Award”
Stereotype, Whole-Heartedly Believes That “All               or “Semi-Moldy Orange Award,” this category would be
Lawyers are Social Leaches”………...……..…page 234               filled with names, but as is, it doesn’t look good.
                                                             Least Un-Favorite: Amanda Oertli. A Creighton girl who
M2 Chooses Longest Answer….…..page 5,992,110,014             has the “nerdy boy” vote locked up, just needs to work on
                                                             the “snobby girl” population to lock down an award.
           Preseason Golden Apple Rankings
    The Golden Apple banquet is just around the corner,             Report: Mike Yap still straight ghetto, yo
and the early favorites for each class’ Golden Apple             The news team recently caught up with one of the
awards (also known as the CUSOM Best Person Award            second years’ toughest cookies,
presented by Bud Select) have just been released. While      Mike Yap, at a recent
there is plenty of time for changes, these are the people    intramural basketball game, and
who so far look to be in the running for being the best      was assured that he is still
people.                                                      straight ghetto. Hailing from
                            M4                               Camarrilo, CA (which
Favorites: Who are we really kidding? By this time we        apparently is like the Asian
just want to match at our top choice so we can wear that     Orange County), Yap has done
as a smug grin for all to see. Not too worried about         the seemingly unthinkable,
whether our peers think we are good people at this point     which is keep true to his roots
anymore.                                                     while attending medical school
On the Bubble: My-Lihn Trinh, because name recognition       in Nebraska.                       The only question that
is everything.                                                   “Mike is a real inspiration to remains is “Al Pacino
                            M3                               everyone looking to bring a bit     gangster or Sascha
Favorites: Andrew Stevens. Wait, this isn't an official      of his hometown flava to this          Baron Cohen
position you can run for to pad a CV? Never mind then...     often drab town, where there            gangsta’?”
Helen Fasanya/Marilee Simons/Jason Beste/Sandy               isn’t much to do besides study,”
Swedean. Because CUSOM's goal is to make med school          stated his homie Ben Maertins, who has a tattoo.
as much like high school as possible, and the best looking                                              (Continued on page 5)
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                    SPRING 2007      5
(Continued from page 4) Real Fake News                         find Marcia mercilessly pounding the Pepsi machine in
    When asked how he manages to stay so “tru 2 da             the far corner demanding that the machine, “Do its
game,” Yap remarked that “it is tough at times. I watch a      f**king job!” Rick said what followed only got worse.
lot of MTV2, especially that new show with Fez and             “She started riffling through her pockets looking for
people making fun of each other, and I do my best to keep      another dollar, all the while saying words that I just don’t
in touch with the homies. But, in an emergency, if I really    feel comfortable repeating.” After finding another dollar
need to keep it real and am not sure how, I just look at       in her purse, cursing a few more times, Marcia
what Brian Hollis is doing and do the opposite.”               successfully obtained the Diet Pepsi she so badly wanted.
                                                               She then exited the vending machine area, smiled, and
     Students Shocked as Marcia Releases String of             wished everyone a pleasant afternoon.                     ■
    Expletives After Vending Machine Refuses Her                                                           The vending
         Crumpled Up Dollar for Second Time                                                              machine, shortly
   Onlookers expressed nothing but shock after                                                           after the “dollar
witnessing Creighton University School of Medicine                                                       incident.” There
Chaplain Marcia Cusic let a string of expletives come                                                    are no suspects,
flying out of her mouth after, as witnesses speculated, the                                            though the security
vending machine refused her dollar for a second straight                                                camera was found
time. M1 Rick Carlson was hoping to pick up a snack                                                      covered in coffee
before heading to the library to study for the afternoon                                                grinds and animal
when he walked into the vending machine area only to                                                         crackers.

                         Valentine’s Day Happenings
By Jim Ramig

             nlike the majority of America, Valentine’s             Located in the Dundee area, at 50th and Underwood, is
             Day for most medical students will be a            Travato’s, a family owned, fairly priced establishment
             ménage a trois spent with Robbins and              with a wide variety of typical American cuisine. Located
             Cotran. However, if you are one of the lucky       less than a block from Travato’s is Omaha’s other Ted
few to have a special someone in Omaha, here                                and Wally’s location for an after dinner treat.
are a few suggestions for the occasion that                                    For those non-traditional V-Day adventure
won’t require another loan.                                                 seekers, the Henry Doorly Zoo is featuring
    Trini’s Mexican Cuisine in the Old Market                               Sharks 3D at the IMAX Theater. In the arts
Passage Way offers a secluded dinner for two                                community, the Joslyn Art Museum is
for under $30. The atmosphere has an                                        currently featuring a foray into American
underground feel, located across from an art                                History with their exhibit Faces from the
gallery and a toy store to occupy your interest                             Land: A Photographic Journey Through
until your table is ready. Within walking                                   Native America. For the rest of us who will be
distance, at 11 and Jackson, is Ted and                                     spending this Valentine’s Day alone, I would
Wally’s Ice Cream Parlor, where you can top                                 recommend Cigarros at 131st and Birch Drive.
off your evening with handmade cold                                         Aptly named after a Nicaraguan cigar
creations similar to the more widely-known                                  producer, Cigarros offers a wide variety of
Cold Stone Creamery. If contemporary Italian                                tobacco from their walk-in humidor, in
in on your agenda for the night, Spaghetti Scare the pants off of addition to a full menu of aged scotch to
Works at 500 S. 11th offers a make-your-own your significant other compliment the smoke.
pasta option so you’ll be sure to get what you          this V-Day.            All things considered, when weighing the
want out of the evening; good company, good                                 options of expensive dinners and busy class
food, and again, a check under $30. A slightly more             schedules, this medical student would give his highest
expensive option is Lo Sole Mio Ristorante located at           recommendation to a potluck dinner among friends. After
3000 S. and 32nd Avenue. As a white table cloth                 all, good food and great company are more than anyone
establishment, the house wine and authentic, traditional        can hope for on such an occasion.                         ■
Italian dishes are sure to win your hubby’s highest praise.
 6    WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                      SPRING 2007

By Eric Peeples                          Omaha Driving

       've learned that wherever I go, the world's worst       all of your elementary school science knowledge, snow is
       drivers have followed me there. That is until I came    made out of a chemical which is rather slippery and,
       to Omaha. No matter where I go now, they all stay       when frozen, can get even more slippery. That four wheel
       here, and are waiting patiently (with middle fingers    drive on your H3 is nice, but four wheel drive is not the
at the ready) for my return. Being a trained student of        same as four wheel stop. So the next time you’re sliding
scientific study, I know I shouldn't rely solely on            backwards down the freeway at 45 miles per hour, you
personal, empirical evidence, and I owe it to my readers       can find solace in the fact that there are probably twenty
to do the in-depth, exhaustive research that you've come       other Omaha residents performing the same maneuver at
to expect of me. In that spirit, I called my insurance agent   that exact moment.
for some insurance industry statistical stuff.                 #6- Road signs can be confusing, though a few people in
Unfortunately, he was out removing his car from a snow         Omaha have managed to resolve the subtle difference
bank and never returned my call. I feel certain, however,      between the stop sign and the yield sign (maybe because
that had I heard from him, this is what he would have          those big words are written on them). Unfortunately, there
said:                                                          is a third sign that is often found in merging situations
#1- Resist temptation to take "the fast line" through right    that does not provide the same luxury of an explicit
turns. This isn't a NASCAR event, you aren't Ricky Rudd,
and a wide right turn is the second most popular traffic
stop excuse for DUI checks. Even if you haven't been
drinking, you could end up with more unwanted tickets
than the UNO basketball season ticket holders.
#2- Turn signals are there for a reason and, no, it’s not as
an invitation to joust. If you would like to change lanes,     Triangle means yield, octagon means stop, and diamond
just flip that little lever by your left hand (you know the    means “for the love of all that is holy, keep driving!” Is it
one that’s dusty from disuse). Conversely, if someone                              really that hard?
signals that they would like to change lanes, they are not
trying to “take your lane away from you.”                      definition written on the sign. On the other hand, it does
#3- Turn lanes are not interchangeable. If you are in the      have a picture on it! It shows two separate lanes and two
right turn lane, you are not allowed to turn left, no matter   corresponding arrows, which implies that two separate
how many times you did it in your tractor out on the farm.     cars could actually go at once. The next time I see
#4- Yes, there is a middle lane on Dodge, and yes, middle      someone stop for one of those signs, I swear that I will
lanes are often used for left turns. So I can see where        hunt them down, pull their driver’s license out of their
                                   people could get            purse, and destroy it.
                                   confused, and try to turn   #7- For those of you who actually have a grasp of the
                                   left on Dodge. It’s         function of the various traffic signs, the next step is to
                                   amazing, though, that       ascertain who has the right of way. Luckily for you, this
                                   they can actually fit       is quite easy to do in Nebraska: the right of way always
                                   between the picket fence    goes to the truck with the rifle rack and the "Guns don't
                                   of “no left turn” signs     kill people - I do" bumper sticker.
   Billy Bob probably didn’t       placed every six inches.    #8- The other day, I passed an M1 driving down Dodge
  even notice the car that had    Luckily, those people will   who had her Host Defense notes clipped to her steering
 stopped to turn left in front of eventually stop to turn in   wheel, and she was talking to her three friends in the car
               him.               front the hillbillies from   while changing the radio station and trying to put on a
                                  #3, whose excessively        sweatshirt. It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.
large truck will quickly turn their car into a large, metal    I mean, honestly, how does she expect to retain any of
floor mat.                                                     that vital immunology knowledge if she’s chatting with
#5- You live in Omaha. It snows here. In case you forgot                                                   (Continued on page 7)
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                       SPRING 2007      7
(Continued from page 6)                                           know it. To the best of my lip-reading abilities, the last
her friends while trying to study?                                guy that I tried to revive at an intersection had apparently
#9- In many cities, honking is a way to get someone’s             mistaken me for Oedipus (although his phrasing was a bit
attention, especially when they’re doing something                more pungent than the Greek version).
stupid. In Omaha, however, it is apparently the equivalent        If you’re reading this article, congratulations! That means
of insulting someone’s wife (or cousin, since they are            that you’ve survived yet another day on the streets of
often interchangeable). If someone passes out at a light in       Omaha. And hopefully, if you follow these few hints, you
his ridiculously large truck and you honk at him, you             will continue to successfully traverse the Omaha traffic
suddenly become the idiot and they will make sure you             gauntlet.                                                  ■

                                                                  hit. There will also be a date

UNMC Date Auction                                                 auction with some very eligible
                                                                  b a c h e l o r s          a n d
                                                                  bachelorettes!! This is a great
By Andrew E. Kummer

                                                                  way to meet other professional
           he Student Alliance for Global Health at               students outside of your school!!
           UNMC annually sends medical, nursing,                  Doors will open at 7:00 pm and
           pharmacy, and allied health students to the Los        the show should start at 8:00
           Chavalitos fetal/maternal medicine clinic,             pm. There is a $5 cover at the
affiliated with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health, in             door, and drink specials will be
Managua, Nicaragua. This year, 19 UNMC students,                  announced in the days before
representing three colleges, will be traveling to Nicaragua       the event (it is a 21 and over
to participate in important immunization campaigns and            event). All proceeds go to help
provide healthcare to hundreds of children and adults. As         fund this year's medical service Rumor has it, Scarlett
part of the effort to raise funds for this year's trip, medical   trip. Please come out, enjoy the Johansson is a UNMC
students involved in the trip will be playing a concert at        music, have a few tasty            pharmacy student.
Pauli's Sports Bar & Grill on 40th & Leavenworth, on              beverages, and support a great
March 3rd, 2007. These students will be playing cover             professional relationship between UNMC and the
music from various artists, and based on the success of           Nicaraguan Ministry of Health.                        ■
the event last year, this year's concert promises to be a

                          Wellness Event: Ice Skating
By Juliana Gazallo

             uring the afternoon of Sunday, January 28th,
             Creighton medical students gathered to show
             off their marvelous moves on the ice at Motto
             McLean Ice Arena. This wellness event was a
much needed one during the frosty winter in Omaha and
stressful times in school. Ice skating was a nice way to
really get excited about the cold weather, and also unwind
on a pleasant Sunday afternoon.
    While some students chose to ice skate smoothly and
gracefully (for the most part) along the ice, others chose
to skate at a more advanced level, performing stellar
moves and posing for pictures with only one foot on the
ice! Students Chris Neeley and Tom Kennedy were
creative in bringing along a hockey stick and puck to play
on the ice. Overall, this was a relaxing wellness event that
turned out to be a soothing break from the demands of
medical school.                                           ■         Some of the skating participants trying to pretend that
                                                                       they don’t have frostbite and broken tailbones.
 8    WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                        SPRING 2007
                                                                 and reach the heights of their 2005 championship team,

MLB Preview:                                                     but to do so they must replace the arms of Brandon
                                                                 McCarthy and Freddy Garcia, as the team purged both
                                                                 salaries in offseason trades. However, they got stronger in
American League                                                  the field with the signing of Jamestown, ND native Darin
                                                                 Erstad. The Cleveland Indians also hope to improve from
                                                                 last year’s 78-84 disappointment, but must rely on a
By Andrew E. Kummer

                                                                 largely unproven pitching rotation, and without closer
           ooking around outside these days, one hardly          Keith Foulke. Foulke was signed in the offseason to
           thinks of spring. In fact, as this article is being   solidify the bullpen, but retired last week due to non-
           written, the temperature is locked in at a frigid     healing injuries. The Kansas City Royals have a young
           four degrees, and there’s snow on every grassy        team that has nowhere to go but up. Predictions: 1) Tigers
patch in town. The first robin sighting is likely a good         2) Twins 3) White Sox 4) Indians 5) Royals.
three to four weeks away, and most of the M2’s haven’t               AL East: The division that is the darling of the
even cracked their First Aid for Step One books yet.             national media should be competitive once again this
College and professional basketball and hockey seasons           year. The New York Yankees still have several question
are in full swing, and many sports fans are looking              marks and are always good for one or two big name
forward to the culmination of these seasons and their            trades during the season. As it stands now, there are still
respective playoffs. While you can include me in this first      a couple of gaping holes in the starting rotation, but 100
category, there is another sport that holds a firm grip upon                        wins are a possibility with a lineup that
my heart, one which is just over the horizon but closing                            boasts eight potential all-stars as well as
like a champion thoroughbred. Ah yes, baseball season is                            a few MVP candidates. Their little
fast approaching and, simply put, I could not be more                               brothers, the Boston Red Sox, have as
excited. With pitchers and catchers reporting to training                           many question marks as anyone in the
camps in Arizona and Florida next week, I thought it                                league. First, can Curt Schilling still
would be appropriate to take a look at the upcoming                                 pitch? He’s a guy who’s definitely in
season and make some early predictions for what we may                              decline mode, and it remains to be seen
see in October. As always, these picks are for recreational                         if his body can hold up another season.
use only and should not be used for any money wagers.                               Next, how good is Daisuke Matsuzaka?
Besides, I’m a moron.                                             Pssst, Daisuke: They have to hope he’s as good as the
   AL Central: I might as well start where I’m most                 you need a      $103 million they paid to sign the
comfortable, the division in which my beloved Minnesota                glove!       Japanese ace. Also, how will Jonathon
Twins compete, and also the best division in baseball.                              Papelbon adjust to life as a starting
However, it’s not the team I will begin with, as it’s            pitcher after a dominating rookie season closing games
always polite to start with the team who played in the           for the BoSox? And how long until we start hearing
World Series. The Detroit Tigers are looking to follow           Manny Ramirez trade rumors? The Toronto Blue Jays
their remarkable 2006 with nothing short of a                    lead the pack of the less sexy teams in this division, but
                                championship. With               with pitchers Roy Halladay, A.J. Burnett, and newly
                                largely the same team than       acquired closer B.J. Ryan, on top of a lineup featuring
                                won the AL pennant from          Troy Glaus, Vernon Wells, and Frank Thomas, the Jays
                                last year, plus the addition     are poised to compete with the big boys. The Baltimore
                                of Gary Sheffield to give        Orioles are still a couple of years away from making
                                the lineup a little extra pop,   noise, but should be interesting to watch with shortstop
                                they should be tough to          Miguel Tejada, third baseman Brian Roberts, and young
                                beat once again this year.       starting pitcher Erik Bedard. Finally, the Tampa Bay
    Twins’ pitcher Johan        As for my Twins, they            Devil Rays will remain bad, but have one of the best
           Santana.             return the AL batting            young pitchers in the game in Scott Kazmir. Predictions:
champ (Joe Mauer), the AL MVP (Justin Morneau), and              1) Yankees 2) Blue Jays 3) Red Sox 4) Orioles 5) Devil
the AL Cy Young Award winner (Johan Santana) from                Rays.
their AL Central champion squad. However, the team                   AL West: A traditionally competitive division, the AL
could easily fall off with the absence of pitcher Francisco      West race is one that could be over by the All-Star break.
Liriano (Tommy John surgery). The Chicago White Sox              The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have assembled a
hope to rebound from their disappointing 2006 campaign                                                      (Continued on page 18)
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                    SPRING 2007     9
                                                               campus.” He was a leader who is given credit for making
                                                               Omaha aware of the presence of Creighton University. In
                   Shh… We’re                                  a way, it has not been forgotten.
                                                                  Father Reinert was quoted as saying, “I came from a
                                                               family of salesmen and I enjoy it, but you have to believe
                  Trying to Read                               in the product. I really believe in this school and in this
                                                               town. I am a profoundly religious man who finds God in
                                                               the students and in the people of Omaha” (Omaha World
By Marcia Cusic                                                Herald, August 17, 1980).
                                                                  His early death, in 1980, at the age of 67, made a
CUSOM Chaplain

                                                               profound impact not only on the Creighton campus but
           he Reinert/Alumni Library - a building most of      also throughout Omaha. Participants in the summer
           you have frequented in your search for a quiet      graduation ceremony at the University of Nebraska at
           place to study. A most appropriate name, as the     Omaha observed a moment of silence in their graduation
           dream of building a new library came from the       ceremony, in memory of the Reverend Carl M. Reniert.
19th President of Creighton University, the Reverend Carl         On December 28, 1980, the Omaha World Herald
M. Reinert, and the funds that allowed this dream to           named Father Reinert and Peter Kiewit (who had died in
become a reality came from Creighton                                              September 1979) as the Midlands Men
alumni. When the library was completed in                                         Of The Year. This honor was, and
1962 it was simply called the Alumni                                              continues to be, awarded to the
Library. It was later renamed to include a                                        person(s) who have had the greatest
tribute to Father Reinert.                                                        impact upon the Midlands. Probably
    So you ask… who was this President/                                           the best compliment given to Father
Priest? And how has he affected my life,                                          Reinert was that “he succeeded
other than having his name on a building?                                         primarily through being himself. And
A little background: Father Reinert was                                           that has been more than
born July 4, 1913 and died August 13,                                             enough” (Creighton Alumnus, October
                                              The Reinert/Alumni Library, as it
1980. He was ordained in 1944, at age 31,                                         1960).
                                                        stands today.
and assumed the Presidency of Creighton                                              As you enter the Reinert/Alumni
University at age 37 in 1950, serving as President for 12      Library, look to the left of the circulation desk (North)
years.                                                         and you will see a Bust of the Reverend Carl M. Reinert.
    He has been referred to as “the Builder” (and the more     Another person who has gone before us, living the Jesuit
I read about him the more I saw a similarity to our            philosophy of serving as an agent of change, seeking
current President, Father John Schlegel. See what you          excellence (magis), while being aware of his surrounding
think!) According to a New York Times article dated            world and connecting with a sense of something greater
August 15, 1980, “Father Reinert generated 200 million         than himself, for the Greater Glory of God.
dollars in contributions and is responsible for 19 new or         Another thank you to Deb Sturges, reference librarian,
expanded buildings on the 50 square block urban                for gathering the information for this feature.          ■

                                      Claudine Bohn                             What television doctor do
                                                                                you resemble, and why?

                                               What are your spring                         “Elliot Reed from
                                               break plans?                                 Scrubs because we’re
                                                                                            both hyper, blonde,
                                                                                            and ‘phobia-phobic’.”
                                                     “KC for a few days, followed
                                                     by a Yeti hunting expedition.”
 10 WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                              SPRING 2007

                 It’s Nagao’s World
    By Brian Nagao

            hoosing your schedule for the M3 clerkships is       jump routines of an Olympic figure skater, i.e. quad,
            an important affair. Late in the M2 year, all        triple, double. The primary care rotation itself went with
            second year students meet in their classroom         much less of a hitch, except for the “Whoa” incident
            and, in an order based on a lottery, chose one       during a pelvic exam, and it ended on a high note with me
of six options, A through F. Each option divides the class       opening up my preceptor’s Ferrari 355 spider on West
into six equal portions for each of the six clerkships:          Center Road. Just as pleasing was listening to my
internal medicine, OB-GYN, pediatrics, primary care,             classmate Bobby beg me to ask my preceptor if he could
psychiatry, and surgery. Students                                                    be his pit flunky just for a chance to
consider many factors when making                                                    sniff the Ferrari’s exhaust.
their choice including the timing of                                                     For inpatient internal medicine, I
clerkships, order of the clerkships, and                                             started at the VA Hospital. I like this
perhaps most importantly, who else is                                                facility. Though the patient base is not
in the clerkships. Inevitably, when 120                                              exceedingly diverse, the nice facilities
bright, proud, and ambitious lunatics                                                and their computerized charting
see nothing but each other for two                                                   system are wonderful. The on-call
straight years, there will grow rifts and                                            rooms are immaculate, with the
there will be tiffs. The ultimate fear is                                            exception of a previous user’s
being teamed up with one of the class                                                misplaced boxer shorts. However, the
“land mines,” so called because their For more information as to why we will on-call food is lackluster and consists
terrible brunt of schizotypal tendencies probably never own one of these, see mostly of the cafeteria’s expired
and/or noxious behaviors leaves               the loan debt article on page 1.       sandwiches and salads. Free time was
disgruntled, alienated students in their                                             still plentiful and I golfed on a weekly
aftermath. Undoubtedly, some people breathed a sigh of           basis. Later though, I was soured to find out that my
relief when I did not end up in their group. But to them I       month of VA easy street coincided with CUMC’s JCAHO
implore, welcome me with open arms for it is my clinical         inspection. One could attribute this to chance but I chalk
ineptitude that shows your attendings that it could have         this one up to Creighton stashing its surly little secret. A
been worse.                                                      month of silver team at Creighton followed and proved
    I chose option C which proceeds in the following             that true awkwardness was no longer measured with
order: primary care, internal medicine, surgery,                 Nagao’s dance moves. By now, an average med student
psychiatry, OB-Gyn, and pediatrics. This                                         would have some aptitude with physical
order seemed to build my clinical                                                exam skills, diagnoses, and making plans.
experience in the most logical and                                               However, I still managed to sculpt SOAP
foundation-laying manner. Doing primary                                          notes that sounded something like: Lungs
care during the warm summer months was                                           clear…heart RRR…no JVD…
an added bonus because it maximized my                                           Assessment: 84 yo female with ischemic
golf time. I had just returned from Hawaii                                       colitis, status post hemicolectomy day 4…
for my post-Step 1 break, and my golf                                            Plan: Continue current medications.
game hadn’t been better in years.                                                Transfer from ICU to telemetry. In
Unfortunately for me, I happen to play                                           contrast, the attending’s note read…
golf with Adam Barker and Andy Andy Kummer and Adam Barker Bilateral inspiratory crackles…prominent
Kummer, and within a few weeks of               comparing whose was “the         PULSATING JVD…Assessment: 84 yo
returning to Omaha, their tree-hunting,         better shot into the pond.”      female status post hemicolectomy now
property-damaging, life-endangering boobery added ten            with CHF…Plan: Start Lasix. D-oh!!! Thus stands why
strokes to my game. After a while, I had them keep their         my notes are about as clinically relevant as Monopoly
own scores because their scorecard looked more like the                                                      (Continued on page 13)
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                   SPRING 2007     11

Aberrant Auscultation
By Patrick Allison

            ow for the best memorable maxims, quaint quips, and eccentric excerpts from the past
            few months, from the best faculty on the planet. Please enjoy in good intentions, good
            fun, and with the citations directing you to the Podcasts for your listening bliss.

“I will, uh, I’m an old man so I will not run up and down the lecture hall and give her, uh, give the lecture the way she
did. (Pause) Damn I’m funny today! … If you Pod people are not laughing by now, get out of bed. I think we should
have a movie: The Podpeople.”
         Dr. Barone, both making excuses for not channeling Dr. Rentmeester while reviewing her lecture, and also
         teasing the ‘live’ Podcast audience. December 8, Ethics: Question and Answer Session 9:42.

“Well yes, I do feel like I’m worthless, okay. I’ve always felt that way ever since I was a
little girl.”
          Dr. Guck with an award-deserving performance as a patient responding to the
          ‘G’ in SIG-ME-CAPS. January 23, IPE: L20 30:43.

“Thinking helps. Unbelievable.”
       Dr. Haynatzki, summing his revelation after engaging the class to work through
       a stats problem. January 19, EBM: L9 29:15.

“Just before orgasm, in the thirty seconds or so before orgasm, the labia minora turn a
very bright red. So if any of you is right in the middle of something and are interested,
you can whip out a mirror… dang!”
        Dr. Logan, earning ‘the most blushing females with one comment’ award for my If only I would have come to
        entire life. January 31, HD MED: L11 20:04.                                         the conclusion that “thinking
                                                                                            helps,” imagine what I could
                                 “So it’s not quite as simple as William James put it, uh,       have accomplished.
                                 with that kind of ahem bass ackwards way of looking at
                                 Dr. Coleman, gracefully sidestepping the urge to curse while elucidating the development
                                 of James’ idea ‘We grieve because we cry.’ February 2, HD MED: L12 31:36.

                               This last one is not from our faculty, but…

                            “And I wanna spend some time on somethin’ no one else has talked about, which is
                            genetic engineering. It’s gonna be a big part of our future, and it’s basically gonna make
                            our job irrelevant in the future, uh, like nano-bots and neu-bots, which are nucleic acid
                            robots, which are proposed to go in and fix all types of genetic diseases, which will lead
                            to, um… the survival of the human race, and uh… basically in the future, we’re all going
                            to be cyborgs and live forever.”
                            The future Dr. Davies, concluding his group’s genetics case presentation on
 A Davies-engineered nano- Retinoblastoma in a single breath. January 25, MCB: L23 31:29.
 bot attacking “bad cells,”
making pretty much everyone Last issue’s “Dr. Barone’s retirement plan” took home the honors. Please submit your
    in the health industry  vote for best Aberrant Auscultation to Patrick Allison at mdpadawaan@yahoo.com. The
           obsolete.        winners from each issue will compete for best A.A. of the year, and the professor will get
                            a nifty prize. Find other auscultations that didn’t make this list on the M1 web page. ■
12 WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                      SPRING 2007
                                                               understand how something works. Your Blumenfeld book
    STUDYING FOR                                               offers an Anatomical and Clinical Review at the
                                                               beginning of each chapter. If you can’t get through the
       NEURO                                                   whole chapter before the lecture, be sure to read through
                                                               the review.
By Linda Pappas                                                    Identify an anchor point and build your knowledge
Academic Success Counselor                                     around it. The orange boxes in Blumenfeld give you the

                                                               Key Clinical Concept. The knowledge of the normal
            euroscience—your first systems course. How         process first will help you to understand how a lesion
            exciting, but how will you study? I know that      could affect function.
            each of you studies well, but system studying          Try drawing pathways from memory to see how well
            can be an adjustment. I have a book titled         you know them. After you have done that memorization,
“How to Excel in Medical School” by Saks and Saks, and         review cumulatively. Blumenfeld provides a Brief
I checked out what Saks and Saks had to say about              Anatomical Study Guide at the end of each chapter.
studying Neuroscience and Neuroanatomy. I thought that         Become familiar with the types of examination questions
I would share some of their advice and add                                    you will be asked. Blumenfeld again
some of my own for you to try. Saks and                                       provides learning assistance by giving you
Saks’ ideas are the italized ones.                                            Review Exercises in green boxes in each
   Use words and pictures together, and                                       chapter; use those to practice for quizzes.
even consider annotating the pictures with                                    Saks and Saks state that Neuroantomy
the information from the text. Learn                                          questions require that you know the
terminology in a meaningful way. The                                          location and function of a brain structure
words will often direct you (e.g. ascending                                   or pathway, that you understand the
and descending). Pay attention to the                                         sequence and significance of embryonic
relative locations of structures, and how       Once you pass neuro, the      events, and that you understand the blood
each structure fits with surrounding                 world is yours!          supply of the brain and neurological
structures. Think of the pathway, direction                                   deficits corresponding to various vascular
and function of each. Put them in a chart, in a concept        occlusions. They go on to state that Neuroscience
map, in a narrative, draw them out on the board, buy a         requires knowledge of the function anatomy of the brain
Neuro coloring book, or talk them out with someone else.       stem and spinal cord, and that you understand the
Combine methods of understanding them. Take whatever           etiology and clinical features of important brain, cranial
method works best for you and add one other method.            nerve and spinal cord lesions. It may require that you
   It is again time to start reflecting on what strategies     interpret brain MRI/CT scans, including morphologic
you used that worked so well in those tough                    changes in disease states.
undergraduate classes. Use illustrations, charts and               Remember that we will be having the SI for
diagrams to consolidate and organize information, and to       Neuroscience over the lunch hour on Tuesdays and
aid in developing conceptualization of the material. We        Thursdays. It is an excellent opportunity to review in an
are looking for concise summaries that will help us to         organized way. Enjoy Neuroscience.                      ■

                                    Kady Milow                                 What television
                                                                               doctor do you
                                                                               resemble, and why?
                                        If you could have any super
                                        power, what would it be and
                                                                                     “Julianne Marguilles on ER
                                                                                     because she got to date
                                               “To be able to fly so I               George Clooney, a.k.a.
                                               could get places faster.”             2006 sexiest man alive.”
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                      SPRING 2007      13
(Continued from page 10) Nagao’s World                          procedures and blatant medical malpractice. Fortunately,
money is valuable.                                              Dr. Sugimoto had already submitted my evaluation for
    My surgery clerkship included cardiothoracic,               CT so this priceless Nagao gem cannot harm my
orthopedics, and orange team general. CT went well and I        academic record but can and will only be used to mock
managed to mask my ignorance from Dr. Sugimoto for              me cruelly behind my back.                            ■
the whole two weeks only to tip my hand later one
morning during my general month when Dr. Sugimoto
asked me what surgeries I was doing that day and I told
him about the scheduled “carotidectomy.”
“Carotidectomy!” he exclaimed, “Don’t you mean
parotidectomy?” “Uh…yeah,” I said. Being that a
carotidectomy would lead to complete infarction of half
of your cerebral cortex and not be compatible with life,
it’s safe to say that I probably misread “parotidectomy”
on the chart as “carotidectomy.” It’s further safe to
assume that you won’t find Nagao’s carotidectomy in any
general surgery texts, but rather in books on autopsy

   The Peeples Supplementary Guide to Medical Literacy

              aving run out of themes, and being towards        abstain from or do without.
              the end of my list of common errors, here is a    Vain vs. vein vs. vane – Vain is an adjective meaning
              collection of a few more random tokens of         idle, unprofitable, or "to no effect," as in the phrase “it’s
              grammatical minutia.                              all in vain.” On the other hand, a vein is a slender thread
A vs. an – Most people have grasped by now that “an”            of something, like blood in a body (which you may be
should be used whenever the word that follows it begins         familiar with) or gold in a mine. It can also be a thread of
with a vowel. A common oversight, however, is that it           thought, as in “…in the same vein.” Lastly, a vane is a
should also be used (rather than “a”) anytime that the          blade designed to move or be moved by gases or liquid,
word following it is pronounced as a vowel, such as “an         like a weathervane.
x-ray” or “an F.”                                               Yea vs. yeah vs. yay – “Yea” is an old-fashioned formal
i.e. vs. e.g. – I don’t know that I would be able to count      way of saying “yes,” used mainly in voting (the opposite
the number of times that “i.e.” has been used to mean “for      of “nay”). When you want to write the common
example.” This is incorrect, as “i.e.” is an abbreviation for   vernacular of “yes,” the correct spelling is “yeah” and, of
the Latin phrase id est, which is closer to the English         course “yay” is an expression of happiness, much like
phrase “that is” or “in other words.” The abbreviation that     “yahoo” (though not quite as influential on the stock
these people are actually looking for is “e.g.,” which          market).
stands for the Latin exempli gratia, or “for example.” You      Lie vs. lay and rise vs. raise – Yeah, I have no clue.
could always just stick with the English, but if you insist     About all I can tell you is that the first two in each couplet
on using the abbreviation, perhaps “example given” will         are intransitive verbs (something that you do), and the
remind you to use “e.g.,” while “in effect” suggests “i.e.”     other two are transitive (something that you do to
Adsorption vs. absorption – These words are often used          something). I looked it up, but the explanations on-line
interchangeably in our lectures and noteservices, though        are about as short and concise as Robbins, so you’re on
“absorption” is pretty much always the word that should         your own. If you have a better explanation, feel free to
be used. Adsorption is the process by which molecules of        submit your “Joe/Jane(t) Doe’s Guide to Why Mr.
a substance, such as a gas or a liquid, collect on the          Peeples is Illiterate” for the next edition of the Wellness
surface of another substance, such as a solid. So, since        Chronicle.
you may never use that in your life, just forget that that      Hopefully at least a few of these tips have ingrained
word exists, and always use “absorption.”                       themselves in your memory, and we can work together to
Forego vs. forgo – Fellow M2’s may recall this being            usher in a new era of medical professionals that can write
overemphasized in an HD-Med lecture last year, but              like grown-ups. Tune in next time for the exciting
here’s a quick recap. The FORE in “forego” tells you it         conclusion of this four-part “Peeples Supplementary
has to do with going beFORE, and “forgo” means to               Guide,” for a brief foray into medical pronunciation. ■
14 WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                           SPRING 2007

                                                                                     By Dr. Michael G. Kavan, Ph.D.,
                                                                                     Associate Dean for Student Affairs

             s you may or may not know, each month the         entails:
             Omaha World-Herald publishes a list of those      • Have you ever felt you ought to Cut down on your
             health care professionals who have had               drinking?
             disciplinary action taken against them. Time      • Have people “Annoyed you by criticizing your
and time again, it amazes me the number of violations             drinking?
that are related to alcohol or other substances. So, in an
                                                               • Have you ever felt bad or Guilty about your drinking?
attempt to shed some light on this issue, and possibly
assist you in preventing problems down the road (e.g.,         • Have you ever had a drink first thing in the morning to
having to explain a DWI every time you apply for state            steady your nerves or get rid of a hangover (Eye
licensure or hospital privileges, having to have ongoing          opener)?
substance abuse assessments, etc.), I thought I would          Two or more positive responses may indicate a problem
spend a little time discussing assessment and intervention     with alcohol that requires further assessment or
strategies.                                                    intervention.
             Alcohol Use in the United States                      Another method entails answering these questions
    A recent National Center for Health Statistics study       provided by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and
found that 69% of men and 56% of women consider                Alcoholism (NIAAA). You may answer “yes” or “no” to
themselves to be current drinkers. 30% of                      the following:
men and 12% of women have had a least five                                 • Do you drink alone when you feel angry or
drinks in one day during the past year. Seven                              sad?
percent of people aged 12 or older reported                                • Does your drinking ever make you late for
heavy alcohol use, which is defined as                                     work?
drinking five or more drinks per day on at                                 • Does your drinking worry your family?
least five different days in the past month. It                            • Do you ever drink after telling yourself you
should be noted that the National Institute on                             won't?
Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) has
                                                                           • Do you ever forget what you did while you
guidelines for abusive drinking that include
                                                                           were drinking?
the following: Men – drinking 5 or more
standard drinks in a day or more than 14                                   • Do you get headaches or have a hang-over
drinks in a given week; women – drinking 4        Save yourself a lot of after you have been drinking?
or more standard drinks in a day or more than      trouble, and always     If you answered "yes" to any of these
7 drinks in a given week. People in these           drink responsibly.     questions, you may have a drinking problem
abusive categories certainly put themselves at                             that requires further assessment or treatment.
increased risk for alcohol-related medical, psychological,                   What Can I do if I Need Help?
and social problems. Specific problems associated with         The NIAAA recommends the following steps:
heavy drinking include hypertension, gastrointestinal          1. Write your reasons for cutting down or stopping.
bleeding, sleep disorders, major depression, among             Why do you want to drink less? There are many reasons
others. In fact, alcohol use is now the third-leading          why you may want to cut down or stop drinking. You
preventable cause of death in the U.S.                         may want to improve your health, sleep better, or get
                 Assessment of Alcohol Use                     along better with your family or friends. Make a list of the
    There are a variety of ways to better assess whether       reasons you want to drink less.
you may have an alcohol problems. One method entails           2. Set a drinking goal.
using several questions that most of you are familiar with     Choose a limit for how much you will drink. You may
- the CAGE Questionnaire. As you may know, this                choose to cut down, or not to drink at all. If you are
technique was developed by John Ewing (1984) and                                                         (Continued on page 15)
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                        SPRING 2007        15
(Continued from page 14)                             A drink is:                    drink with alcohol. Do not drink on
cutting down, keep below these limits:               a 12-ounce bottle of beer;     an empty stomach! Eat food when
Women: No more than one drink a day                  a 5-ounce glass of wine; or    you are drinking.
Men: No more than two drinks a day                   a 1 1/2-ounce shot of liquor.  Take a break from alcohol.
These limits may be too high for some                                               Pick a day or two each week when
people who have certain medical problems, or who are           you will not drink at all. Then, try to stop drinking for 1
older. Talk with your doctor about the limit that is right     week. Think about how you feel physically and
for you.                                                       emotionally on these days. When you succeed and feel
Now—write your drinking goal on a piece of paper. Put it       better, you may find it easier to cut down for good.
where you can see it, such as on your refrigerator or          Get support.
bathroom mirror. Your paper might look like this:              Cutting down on your drinking may be difficult at times.
                                                               Ask your family and friends for support to help you reach
                    My drinking goal                           your goal. Talk to your doctor if you are having trouble
                                                               cutting down. Get the help you need to reach your goal.
•    I will start on this day ____________.
•    I will not drink more than ______ drinks in 1 day.                         Learn how to say NO.
•    I will not drink more than ______ drinks in 1 week.                        You do not have to drink when other people
          or                                                                    drink. You do not have to take a drink that is
•    I will stop drinking alcohol.                                              given to you. Practice ways to say no
                                                                                politely. For example, you can tell people
                                                                                you feel better when you drink less. Stay
3. Keep a "diary" of your drinking.                                             away from people who give you a hard time
To help you reach your goal, keep a "diary" of your                             about not drinking.
drinking. For example, write down every time you have a
drink for 1 week. Try to keep your diary for 3 or 4 weeks.                      Stay active.
This will show you how much you drink and when. You                             What would you like to do instead of
                                                                                drinking? Use the time and money spent on
may be surprised. How different is your goal from the
                                                                                drinking to do something fun with your
amount you drink now? Use the "drinking diary" below to                         family or friends. Go out to eat, see a movie,
write down when you drink.                                                      or play sports or a game.
                                                               Watch out for temptations.
                                    type of       place con-   Watch out for people, places, or times that make you
Day of Week         # of drinks                                drink, even if you do not want to. Stay away from people
                                    drinks          sumed
                                                               who drink a lot or bars where you used to go. Plan ahead
Monday                                                         of time what you will do to avoid drinking when you are
Tuesday                                                        tempted.
                                                               Do not drink when you are angry or upset or have a bad
Wednesday                                                      day. These are habits you need to break if you want to
                                                               drink less.

Friday                                                                               DO NOT GIVE UP!
                                                                                     Most people do not cut down or give up
Saturday                                                                             drinking all at once. Just like a diet, it is
                                                                                     not easy to change. That is okay. If you
Sunday                                                                               do not reach your goal the first time, try
                                                                                     again. Remember, get support from
Now you know why you want to drink less and you have                                 people who care about you and want to
a goal. There are many ways you can help yourself to                                 help. Do not give up!
cut down. Try these tips:
Watch it at home.                                              Additional resources:
Keep a small amount or no alcohol at home. Don't keep          National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism:
temptations around.                                            http://www.niaaa.nih.gov/
Drink slowly.                                                  National Institute on Drug Abuse:
When you drink, sip your drink slowly. Take a break of 1       http://www.nida.nih.gov/                                         ■
hour between drinks. Drink soda, water, or juice after a
16 WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                         SPRING 2007

              By Yukari Kawamoto

               y excuse for why this article was not in the   as I run into her in the hospital. It’s always a nice to find a
               last issue as intended: Having been away       bunch of homemade cookies in your mailbox from your
               on a paradise rotation, this article is one    M2 buddy (or M1/M2/M3 buddy). Or to find out the
               issue late. I'll make sure to mention this     “tricks” on how to pass Dr. Jeffries’s renal exam. And
rotation tip in the final issue, so you too can enjoy         don’t think that it’s a one-way road… the junior buddy
paradise during your M4 year.                                 can leave goodies for the senior buddy, too—it’s more
What I learned as an M2                                       than appreciated! If you haven’t really gotten to know
                                                              your buddy yet, it’s never too late. Send them an e-mail
Pathology – know it, live it, love it.                        today!
   Actually, this was something that Dr. Kumar wrote for
me in my autographed copy of Robbins. Yes, I am such a        Watch TV. Lots of it.
nerd… I love pathology and I love Robbins. I have fallen          Seriously, TV helped me get through my M2 year,
asleep on my couch with Robbins many a night. In my           specifically the medical shows. You know, things on the
personal opinion, Robbins trumps Harrison’s or Cecil for      Discovery Health channel
the first two years (and for Step 1). As I’m sure you have    and TLC (Yes, I told you I
heard from Dr. Hunter, if you know Robbins, you’ll ace        was a nerd earlier). Even if
the boards. The great thing about pathology is that there’s   you don’t have cable,
so little memorizing – if you memorize a few key things,      that’s okay. Watch those
everything else can be figured out logically.                 medical dramas. I watched
                                                              “Medical Investigators”
Don’t panic about Step 1.                                     every week during M2
    Some people started studying at spring break, others      year (it’s no longer airing)
winter break, and a few even started first semester. If       and it definitely helped me
you’re like me and don’t plan on studying until well after    on my ID exam. In an
all your classes are done,                                    episode Thursday night,
don’t panic when you start                                    the doctor found out that
seeing everyone else with                                     the patient had flatworm
their First Aid for Step 1                                    and said “Nurse, get me
books (Or you may not see                                     some praziquantel.” So, Not all medical shows will
them because class                                            along came the Friday help you through school, so
attendance starts to                                          morning MDQ, and one of         be a little selective.
dwindle). I’m a bit too laid                                  the questions asked for the
back, maybe, because as I If you started studying for         treatment of flatworm. Thanks to the handsome doctor on
slack off, I always think, boards on your MCAT                the show, I got the answer right. These days, may I
“Well, no need to stress day, maybe it’s time for a           suggest to you “House” as the best medical show to learn
out and study like mad. If I       short break.               things from? I know, our esteemed newsletter editor
fail this test, I’ll just take it                             wasn’t impressed by it. Granted, the three residents
again.” But really, don’t lose your health over the           somehow run labs, imaging studies, home sweeps, and
licensing tests—if you study for the class exams, you         even neurosurgery themselves, which is absolutely
should do fine on boards with moderate studying.              ridiculous, but the medical info that the show uses is
Be a good buddy, whether you’re an M1, M2, M3, or M4          surprisingly very accurate. I have never watched that
   Pass down tips, wisdom, goodies, and books to your         watchamacallit show with Dr. McDreamy and Dr.
younger buddy. My M2 buddy, Nicole Pearsall (Class of
                                                                                                          (Continued on page 19)
2006) was so fantastic that even now, I ask her for advice
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                  SPRING 2007         17

               By Yukari Kawamoto

                hat I learned as an M3                        week or two…)
                 Gain weight before hitting surgery           Trade books
                    Well, you know the whole hoopla              One of the really sad things about becoming an M3 is
                 about models and their weights these         that you no longer see all of your classmates everyday.
days. You, as medical students,                               The perk to that, though, is that most of your classmates
need to be concerned about your                               are on a different rotation than you, meaning you aren’t
weight, too. Surgery is grueling.                             all using the same book at the same time. The Book
You wake up so early you’re not                               Room is great, but an even better way to save money is to
hungry, you’re so busy during the                             get a group of 6 friends together (one each from Groups
day that you skip lunch, and you                              A-F), and each of you buy books only for one of the
come home so tired that you go to                             clerkships. Then, trade books every 2 months. And if
sleep without eating dinner. My                               you’re really nice, highlight the important stuff for the
friends and I lost weight during                              next person. If you’re evil, highlight the inconsequential
surgery, and our stomachs shrank                              stuff only.
with long-term food deprivation (2                            Take IM and Ob/Gyn (and now Peds) during the winter
months), so it took a while to gain                               The Big O really is a fantastic city, with the world-
it back. So, just like a bear The Twinkie: a third            renowned zoo and the College World Series. But once it
stocking up on the fat before year’s best friend.             hits winter-time, what can you do outside other than
hitting the long winter, eat a few                            freeze your butt off on the long trek between your car
extra chicken wings, indulge in some chocolate, and pack      (parked for free on the road, of course) and the hospital?
on some extra pounds the month before you start your          Creighton’s
surgery clerkship.                                            ingenious solution
Keep it clean                                                 to your winter woes
   Wash your hands all the time. But actually, when I say     – San Francisco and
keep it clean, I’m talking about your white coat. Unless      Phoenix. How great
you wear turtlenecks all the time, the back collar of your    is it that you get to
coat will turn a nasty disgusting shade of yellow-brown,      spend time in 70-
possibly green for all we know. It is the grossest thing!     degree mild weather
Would you want to be seen by a doctor who had some            while         your
yet-undiscovered organism growing on his/her collar? I        classmates are stuck
don’t think so. I’ve learned two tricks to prevent this       wearing thermal Not a horrible place to spend two
serious fashion and health faux pas. The first is Clorox      underwear while months of your winter. Clear skies
bleach pen – whoever came up with this should be              delivering babies?       and 70’s: sounds like heaven.
awarded the Nobel Prize for Cleanliness. The second trick     Or that you get to
is Tegaderm – yes, you read correctly, Tegaderm. You          run outside along the Golden Gate Bridge as your
know, the stuff you use in surgery over the incision sites?   classmates are stuck on a treadmill at the gym with 20
Who’s going to turn down Tegaderm? It’s clear, it sticks,     other sweaty people? If you like the snow, great. But if
and comes off easily – it’s fantastic! So find an opened      you’re the type who has the heater turned up to 85
(but unused, of course) pack, and stick a piece of            degrees (yes, I do have the thermo at 85 as I type this and
Tegaderm over the collar line of your coat. If you do this,   don’t care how much my utility bill will be), the Big P
you probably don’t have to wash your white coat for the       and Big SF would be a better bet than The O.
entire year! (But I seriously hope you do wash it every                                                (Continued on page 19)
 18 WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                      SPRING 2007
(Continued from page 8)                                        if the 38-year-old Sosa can compete in the post-steroids
dominant starting rotation over the past couple of years,      era. Another question mark will be closer Eric Gagne,
headlined by veterans John Lackey and Bartolo Colόn,           who also joined the team in the offseason. Gagne has
followed by youngsters Ervin Santana and Jered Weaver.         struggled to get healthy after Tommy John surgery,
With the addition of Gary Matthews Jr. to a lineup that        before which he set an MLB record with 84 consecutive
boasts one of the best players in the game in Vladimir         saves from 2002-2004. Finally, the Seattle Mariners will
Guerrero, the Angels will be dangerous come October.           be interesting to watch this year, and may be competitive
The biggest headline for the Oakland Athletics in the          if pitcher Jeff Weaver, who signed with the club last
offseason was the loss of starting pitcher Barry Zito, who     month, regains his form from his days with the Detroit
zipped across the bay to the San Francisco Giants. While       Tigers. However, they also need pitchers Jarrod
the rotation remains good with the likes of Rich Harden        Washburn and Felix Hernandez to improve from their
and Esteban Loaiza, the A’s will definitely feel the hurt      mediocre 2006 seasons. Predictions: 1) Angels 2)
that goes along with losing a pitcher of Zito’s caliber. The   Athletics 3) Mariners 4) Rangers.
Texas Rangers made a splash this offseason with the                Playoff predictions: Angels over Blue Jays (wild card),
signing of controversial slugger Sammy Sosa. After             Tigers over Yankees, Tigers over Angels in ALCS.
sitting out the entire season in 2006, it remains to be seen       Next issue: a look at the National League.           ■

             M1 Intramural Sports Update
By Tred Litely

           his semester’s intramural sports had a slow         comment on their strategy if they make it to the
           start, with only two M1 teams playing               semifinals, team roughneck Jim Ramig stated that “it’s
           intramural co-ed basketball. The team “F+           not how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit
           Factor” has a record of 2-3, losing one of their    and keep moving forward.” Jim’s status as team enforcer
games by slaughter rule (a thirty point differential) to the   was challenged in last week’s game by teammate Nick
other M1 team, “MSM”, who has a record of 4-1.                 Glass, when he almost fouled out shortly after the start of
   The triple entente of Cory The Animal Paterson, Dan         the second half. Adding insult to injury, Nick’s retort
The Man Hadland, and Adam Linck of team MSM has a              after the foul of “how do you like them apples” has since
tough week ahead of them, going into the playoffs. If they     changed his reputation from “the nice guy” to “the Dr.
manage to beat back the 5-0 Sausage and Eggs team this         Jekyll until he gets stressed out before an MCB final
Sunday (2/18) in the B+ playoff bracket, they will then        exam and turns into Mr. Hyde guy.” Nick’s new
have to face another 4-1 team the following week in the        nickname is still up for review.
semifinals.                                                       Looking ahead, the M1 class is training hard for the
   Meanwhile, in the B bracket, F+ Factor will be facing       upcoming wiffleball, volleyball, soccer, and Ultimate
their old rivals, the R&R Crew, who they previously lost       Frisbee season, as they are expected to have at least one
to in a real nail-biter by eighteen points. When asked to      team representing their class in each sport.             ■

                                       Mike Smith                        If you could have any super
                                                                         power, what would it be and
                                          What television
                                          doctor do you
                                          resemble, and why?                       “It’s not really a power, but
                                                                                   I’ve always wanted to be a
                                                                                   freemason because they control
                                             “Dr. Seaver as played by              the world. Or something that
                                             Alan Thicke, the dad in               would make it so I never had to
                                             Growing Pains, for obvious            do laundry again.”
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                     SPRING 2007      19

                                Diamond Rings and

                     Michael Bonebrake (M4) and Laura
                     Anderson (M4) became engaged on
                     December 27th, 2006 in Kansas City, MO.

                                                                         David Garcia (M1) and Kim Collette
                   Mandy Kreis (M1) was engaged to Ben                   got engaged over Christmas break on
                   Buskevicius on December 31, 2006. They                Dec. 29th. The wedding is set for Dec.
                   are planning to get married in Omaha on               29, 2007 in Kansas City, MO.
                   September 6, 2008.

(Continued from page 16)                                       (Continued from page 17)
McSteamy, so I can’t comment on if that’ll help you on             Favorite memory from M3 year: Trying to sleep in the
your exams (I told you, I am very nerdy). Watch House!         call rooms at CUMC. But being kept up by a loud
Watch TV!                                                      resident talking to someone on the phone several rooms
   Favorite memory from M2 year: Don’t live smack dab          over. Learning new super-juicy gossip about some
in front of the community pool. Elderly lady in a red-red      attendings and residents that this loud resident was
bathing suit, beach hat, martini in hand, radio blasting as    relaying to the listener (Too bad I didn’t use this gossip to
she sings and dances to Ricky Martin. Everyday. As I           my advantage, I should have. It was definitely
studied for Step 1. Before there was even water in the         blackmailing material, darn it!). Well, the lesson here is
pool. Looking back, it’s pretty comical, but at the time,      don’t talk much in the call room area—let others sleep
the noise was driving me nuts! Living la vida loca!      ■     and keep the gossip to yourself.                           ■
20 WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                             SPRING 2007

Spring Events Calendar
  Holy ADHD, Batman, there’s way too much to do the next two months!! Especially if you are a fan of classic rock & roll
  music. With Bob Seger, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, and Billy Joel coming to town, there will be enough guitar and piano
  solos to set the city on fire. There’s also hockey galore for you fans of fistfights on ice, as well as the upcoming MVC
  Basketball Tournament for those of you in the mood for a road trip. Get out, skip classes, and enjoy!
  February 22-25…….2007 Omaha Boat, Sports, and Travel Show                                         Qwest Center
  February 23-24…….Rock ‘n’ Rodeo: PRCA Championship Rodel                                          Mid America Center
  February 23……….. Christina Aguilera                                                               Qwest Center
  February 24……...... Creighton vs. Wichita State                                                   Qwest Center
                      Goo Goo Dolls                                                                 Orpheum Theatre
  February 26……….. Bluejay Battle of the Bands (Brought to you by the Class of 2009)                The Rock
  February 28………...Nickelback                                                                       Qwest Center
                      Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights vs. Hamilton                                         Civic Auditorium
  March 1-4………….Missouri Valley Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament                              St. Louis, Missouri
  March 1-April 7…... Menopause: The Musical                                                        Orpheum Theatre
  March 2…………… Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights vs. Houston                                                 Civic Auditorium
                      Omaha Lancers vs. Cedar Rapids                                                Mid America Center
  March 6…………… Bob Seger                                                                            Qwest Center
  March 7…………… Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights vs. Iowa                                                    Civic Auditorium
  March 8…………… Justin Timberlake                                                                    Qwest Center
                      Lamb of God                                                                   Sokol Auditorium
  March 9…………… Take Action Tour: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus                                         Sokol Auditorium
                      Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights vs. Grand Rapids                                     Civic Audiotrium
  March 10………….. Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights vs. Grand Rapids                                          Civic Auditorium
  March 16………….. Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights vs. Chicago                                               Civic Auditorium
                      Omaha Lancers vs. Cedar Rapids                                                Mid America Center
  March 17………….. Omaha Lancers vs. Des Moines                                                       Mid America Center
                      Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights vs. Peoria                                           Civic Auditorium
                      Freestyle Motor Cross                                                         Qwest Center
  March 21………….. Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights vs. Milwaukee                                             Mid America Center
  March 22-25……….2007 Omaha Home and Builder’s Show                                                 Qwest Center
  March 22………….. Evanescence                                                                        Mid America Center
  March 23-24……….Professional Bull Riding                                                           Qwest Center
  March 23………….. Omaha Lancers vs. Sioux Falls                                                      Mid America Center
  March 30………….. Omaha Lancers vs. Des Moines                                                       Mid America Center
  March 31………….. Eric Clapton                                                                       Qwest Center
                      Tilly and the Wall                                                            Sokol Auditorium
                      Omaha Lancers vs. Green Bay                                                   Mid America Center
                      Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights vs. Manitoba                                         Civic Auditorium
  April 3…………….. Omaha Lancers vs. Tri-City                                                         Mid America Center
                      Rod Stewart                                                                   Qwest Center
  April 4…………….. Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights vs. Manitoba                                              Civic Auditorium
  April 6…………….. Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights vs. San Antonio                                           Civic Auditorium
  April 7…………….. Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights vs. Houston                                               Civic Auditorium
  April 10…………… Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights vs. San Antonio                                            Civic Auditorium
  April 13…………… Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights vs. Peoria                                                 Civic Auditorium
                      Omaha Lancers vs. Sioux City                                                  Mid America Center
  April 13-15………...Spring Festival - An Arts and Crafts Affair                                      Qwest Center
  April 14…………… Omaha Lancers vs. Lincoln                                                           Mid America Center
  April 22…………… Say Anything                                                                        Sokol Auditorium
  April 28…………… Billy Joel                                                                          Qwest Center

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