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									                                                            Accident Scene Management
                                                             •   Established in 1996, 501(c)3 Non-Profit
                                                             •   15,000+ Students trained in motorcycle specific trauma care
                                                             •   128 certified instructors in 26 states
                                                             •   Board of Directors
                                                                 – Suzanne Martens, MD - Emergency Medical Physician – Director of
                                                                   Wi      i ’ Physician’s Advisory C
                                                                   Wisconsin’s Ph i i ’ Ad i        Councilil
                                                                 – Ed Moreland - Vice President of Government Relations, American
                                                                   Motorcyclist Association
                                                                 – Lacie Shook, Business Attorney, Schmidlkofer & Toth, LLC
        Vicki Sanfelipo                  Chris Hawver            – Britt Wegner, Non-profit Management and Communications,
       Executive Director                                          Milwaukee Bar Association
                                        Business Officer         – Robert Ritter, MSF Chief Instructor - NIU MC Safety Project
         W246 s3244 Industrial Lane A, Waukesha, WI 53189        – Vicki Sanfelipo, RN/EMT, ASMI Founder and Chairwoman
                                  – Chris Hawver, MBA - ASMI Business Officer
                     (877) 411-8551 - toll free
                       (262) 521-2880 - local

Motorcycle Trauma “Best Practice”
A group of interested individuals met in Dec. 2008 to
   discuss development of a “Best Practice” model
   for surviving motorcycle trauma. The following 4
   groups were identified:
1. Motorcycle Rider Coaches should receive ASMI
   training along with CPR
2 Motorcycle groups should continue to be
   encouraged to be ASMI trained
3. 911 Dispatch (EMD) should include motorcycle
   specific trauma recommendations
4. EMTs should be required to complete a module                  Road Guardian Program Objective
   on motorcycle trauma care for licensure. Current
   EMTs should be required to take a continuing Ed           To reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. RG will
   module (to be developed using current
   classroom model)                                          be the national standard for Motorcyclist Certification for
                                                                   by Promoting “educated, responsible riding”.

                                                            We want “Motorcycle Safety” to mean more than a
                                                            Basic Rider Education class. Currently, if you search
                                                            for motorcycle safety online you will get over 17
                                                            million hits, most of them Rider Education. We had
                                                            researchers search for 6 motorcycle safety topics
                                                            identified by the National Agenda for Motorcycle
                                                            Safety. We then separated them by state to develop a
                                                            more meaningful and accessible resource
                                                                       •Rider Education
  Road Guardians is best described by 3 Rs                             •Impaired Riding
                Resources                                              •Motorist Awareness
                                                                       •First Response
                Rewards                                                •Apparel

RESOURCES                                                RESOURCES
Free Website Resources
1. Comprehensive list of Motorcycle
    Safety Resources
1. MC Safety Partner information
2. Responsible Legal Resources                            We will assist Bikers to be Life Long Learners,
3. Biker Owned Businesses – currently we have
                                    y                      always looking for ways to improve by offering
   over 8500 listings!                                     BBCs. Our National BBC featuring National
4. Links to national and local events, rides, news         Guest Speakers. Join us in Chicago!
5. Monthly e-newsletter – includes sponsor stories,       (Lee Parks, Total Control; Al Hydeman, Mgr MSF; Dr Thomas, Snell
   links, updates, tips and techniques for applying          Foundation, Michael Jordan, NHTSA; Vicki Sanfelipo, ASMI)

   PACT, group riding, etc.                               Parking Lot Demos and Seminar sessions with
6. National and Regional Road Guardian Biker                opportunities to network. Six MC safety topics
   Betterment Conferences (BBCs)                            will be presented by leading experts.

REWARDS                                                  RECOGNITION
                                                         Certified Road Guardian
Road Guardian                                              Recieves all of the benefits and rewards of being
  • Has completed Basic ASMI course                           a Road Guardian but desires recognition as
Road Guardian Member Benefits
                                                              being “Properly Trained, Properly Licensed”
• Group riding education, including real-time
  collaborative ride planners and event planning tools      Upon written proof of the following RG member
• Personal records of safety, emergency-related
                               emergency related                                               p
                                                             will receive a “certified” rocker patch and a
  training & emergency contact card                          certified label for their membership card:
• Access to online ASMI refreshers                           Completed and is currently certified in ASMI
• Personal Ride Logs                                         Basic and Advanced training
• Road Guardian patches, decals, shirts, etc.                Currently CPR certified
• Discounts on ASMI events and refresher classes             Shows proof of a motorcycle endorsed license
• Ever growing list of benefits such as discounts from       Shows proof of having completed a Motorcycle
  vendors and partners
                                                             Rider Education course
• $2500.00 Accidental Death and Disability benefit

                                                         Sponsorship and Media
                                                         Partners will become part of a new way of looking
                                                         at Motorcycle Safety. You will be connected to a
                                                         professional and innovative program.

                                                         With shared goals (isn’t every
                                                          motorcycle safety program s
                                                                              program’s                           RG
                                                            goal to reduce injuries and
                                                         fatalities?) we can help reach
                                                           millions of motorcyclists.

                                                         Our target domain is a destination for bikers…
   , .net, ,com               maximum exposure for your name and link. You’ll
               &, .net                  be able to measure your impact… ask us how.

Road Guardians is owned by
Accident Scene Management, Inc.
(ASMI is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated
to reducing injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists

Home Office is located at:

W246 S3244 Industrial Lane A, Waukesha, WI 53189
(877) 411-8551 –toll free
(262) 521-2880 – local
Road Guardians: 866-699-2836


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