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We welcome your participation in the State Association Compensation Survey conducted by
WageWatch, Inc. No other survey offers more comprehensive region-specific wage and salary data for
hoteliers on a state-wide level.


• Survey results for 38 key hospitality industry jobs available to State Association participating members at a
cost of only $99, a savings of $300!
• State-wide and local area results reported
• Statistics on hire rates, actual average rates, and incentive compensation
• Number of properties and number of employees for each data set
• Valuable information that will help you attract and retain employees

                                      How to Get Started

    Participating is easy. This Questionnaire provides you with all the instructions you need.

1. Complete the Contact and Property Information Section Below
2. Read through the Data Field Definitions Located Below
3. Review the Job Descriptions in the Job Descriptions Tab and determine which are comparable to those at
your property.
4. Enter current wage and salary data for your property’s employees using the Data Input Sheets
5. E-mail the Entire Questionnaire file to: no later than May 31st.

                          Questions and Customer Service Support

Contact WageWatch at 1-888-330-9243 during normal business hours, or send an E-mail to: You will receive a response within the same or next business day.

                      How to Order Your Compensation Survey Report

You can advance-order your survey report directly on our website at . Survey results will
be available in mid-summer (Usually Late July or August) and you will be notified when they are ready to be
sent via e-mail. Payment will be accepted on-line by credit card. Invoice option available. Contact Customer
Service (1-888-330-9243) for details. It costs nothing to participate and submit your property’s wage and
salary data now.

                  *** Data Input Sheets are on the 3rd Tab in the Excel file. ***

                                         Contact Information

First Name

Last Name


Property Name

Phone Number





Zip Code

                                        Property Information

Property Name




Zip Code

Phone Number

Number of Rooms

Union Positions (Yes/No)

Management Company

Please check the choices that apply to your property:

        Hotel Type:        Full Service                   Restaurant Type:    Fine Dining
                           Limited Service                                    Casual Dining
                           Vacation Ownership                                 Quick Service
                           Bed & Breakfast/Inn

AAA Diamond Rating:        5 Diamonds                    Mobil Star Rating:   5 Stars
                           4 Diamonds                                         4 Stars
                           3 Diamonds                                         3 Stars
                           2 Diamonds                                         2 Stars
                           1 Diamond                                          1 Star

                                        Data Field Instructions

  This wage survey questionnaire consists of 38 BENCHMARK JOBS found in both Full Service and Limited
Service hotels. Refer to the instructions below when inputting data. Please fill out the required fields for each job
                       and E-mail the file to The due date is 5/31.

         Data Field                                         Definition

                                   The average of the current Wage or Salary paid to each employee in the position. Add
                                   all the current Wage or Salary Rates for the position and divide by the current number
Current Average Rate               of employees in the job.

                                   Enter the posted Minimum Wage (Starting Rate) that is advertised or used for the
Starting/New Hire Rate             position. If your property has a formal salary or wage range, report the minimum rate.

Lowest Paid Employee Rate          Enter the Lowest Wage any person in the job is currently earning.

Highest Paid Employee Rate         Enter the Highest Wage any person in the job is currently earning.

Number of Employees                Report the total number of employees currently in the job.

                                 Respond "yes" if the position is eligible for variable compensation such as bonuses,
                                 incentives, commission, gratuities, tip pools, or other cash compensation besides Wage or
                                 Salary. Exclude long-term incentives such as stock options. Use the drop down button
Incentives, Other Comp Eligible? found in each cell if completing in spreadsheet format.

                                   Enter the average percent of Wage or Salary that the employee received over the last 12
                                   months as incentive, commission, gratuity, tip, and/or other cash compensation. If
Incentives (as % of base)          employee worked less than 12 months, annualize the percent to reflect a full year.

                                   Respond "yes" if the job is covered by a collective bargaining agreement. Use the drop
Unionized                          down button found in each cell if completing in spreadsheet format.

                                   Flat - Nondiscretionary compensation that does not vary according to performance or
                                   results achieved. Step - Standard progression pay rates that are established within a pay
                                   range. Step rates usually are a function of time in grade and are often referred to as
                                   automatic. However they can also be variable or can be used in conjunction with merit
                                   programs. Merit - Based on performance or some other individual measure.
                                   Combination - Any combination of flat, step or merit programs listed above. Longevity -
Pay Structure                      Based on time only. Use drop down button found in each cell.

         Job Descriptions

               Position                                                                     Description
                                      Performs clerical duties including answering telephones, screening calls, taking messages and acting as receptionist. Sets up
Administrative Assistant/Department   and maintains files of information. Uses computer skills to enter and maintain data. Prepares correspondence and develops
Secretary                             other standard documents. May make appointments and travel arrangements and coordinate activities relative to department
                                      Assists with oversight of all personnel and all operations of the hotel. Acts as manager in charge when the General Manager is
Assistant General Manager             off property. Assists with all key responsibilities related to the hotel's financial and operational results. May assist with
                                      developing and/or reviewing budgets for all departments.

                                      Functions as the lead banquet server. Trains and schedules banquet servers. Also performs the duties of a banquet server,
Banquet Captain
                                      taking food and drink orders and serving guest.

Banquet Server/Waiter/Waitress        Takes food and drink orders from banquet patrons. Serves guests food and drink over multiple courses.

                                      Sets up and breaks down meeting room, dining room and ballroom chairs, tables, and accessories according to standards and
Banquet Set-Up/House Person
                                      banquet orders.

Bell Person                           Assists guests with the transportation and storage of luggage and packages.

                                      Clears and resets tables to standards. Cleans and sanitizes tables. May assist with dishwashing and restocking of napkins,
Bus Person
                                      silverware, and table condiments and organizing inventory.

                                      Provides information on local area and interests to customers. Coordinates guest requests for special arrangements or services.
                                      Develops and maintains knowledge of local events, restaurants, services, and recreational activities.

                                      Establishes and maintains the organization's accounting principals, practices, and procedures for month-end and annual financial
Controller                            reporting. Approves operating costs and the daily revenue reports and payroll, wire transfers, journal entries, bank
                                      reconciliations, and accounts receivable and accounts payable review.

                                      Manages the operations and staff of the convention services department. Ensures contract provisions are carried through,
Convention Services Manager
                                      service levels are achieved, and timelines are met.

                                      Prepares food and does basic breakfast cooking. Prepared eggs, meats, fruits, cooked pastry items, and serves individuals
Cook, Breakfast
                                      and/or tends a breakfast line.

                                      Plans, prepares, and cooks food in accordance with established procedures and sanitary regulations and recipe standards. May
Cook/Line Cook                        assist in setting up tray line distributing food to various areas and disassembling serving line. Maintains cleanliness of work area
                                      and all articles used.

                                      Directs the banquets and catering functions. Approves contracts, develops promotional ideas, ensures that functions meet
Director of Catering
                                      revenue and budget projections. Manages banquet and catering staff.

                                      Oversees all front office operations, including front desk, guest services, and revenue/reservations departments. Acts as the
Director of Front Office              Manager on Duty as needed. Review and approves scheduling and budgeting for departments. Ensures quality standards for
                                      guest satisfaction are maintained.

                                      Plans and directs the activities of subordinates involved in maintaining the organization’s interior, including rooms and public
Director of Housekeeping/Executive
                                      areas, in an attractive sanitary and orderly condition. Inspects physical facilities and makes recommendations regarding painting,
Housekeeper                           repairs, and/or refurbishing. Establishes schedules assigns work and monitors inventory levels.

                                      Directs human resources programs such as recruiting/employment, compensation, benefits, employee relations and training to
Director of Human Resources
                                      ensure compliance with all applicable laws; hires/manages/assesses employees; develops and reviews budget.

                                      Plans, directs and coordinates the marketing and sales of existing and proposed products and/or services. Assesses
Director of Marketing and Sales       competitors and competitive position and recommends changes in marketing and sales philosophy and objectives to meet
                                      business goals.

                                      Establishes and maintains security regulations and procedures. Advises and assists all other departments regarding security
Director of Security                  policies, regulations and procedures. Maintains documentation and interacts with outside law enforcement agencies. Hires and
                                      trains staff.

                                      Hires, manages, and assesses staff; manages food inventory and purchasing; develops and reviews budget; creates food items
Executive Chef
                                      and menus.

                                      Takes food orders. Serves food and beverage items at tables. May tabulate checks and handle cash and credit transactions.
Food Server/Wait Staff
                                      May clear and reset tables.
                                           Supervises front desk agents for an assigned shift. Works the front desk as needed, trains staff, and responds to more complex
Front Desk / Shift Supervisor
                                           questions and exceptions. Ensures operations and service meet standards during shift.

                                           Performs guest check in and check out. Makes reservations or adjustments to existing reservations. Informs guests of special
Front Desk Agent
                                           events, in-house groups, occupancy, and other situations affecting front desk operations. Handles cash and credit transactions.

                                           Responsible for management and profitability of a property. Oversees all personnel and all operations; directly responsible for the
General Manager - Full Service Hotel       financial and operational results; develops and/or reviews budget for all departments. Includes food and beverage. (Do not
                                           include compensation for living expense.)

                                           Responsible for management and profitability of a property. Oversees all personnel and all operations; directly responsible for the
General Manager - Limited/Select Service
                                           financial and operational results; develops and/or reviews budget for all departments. Does not include food and beverage. (Do
Hotel                                      not include compensation for living expense.)

Housekeeper/Room or Environmental          Cleans rooms, bathrooms, and fixtures. Changes bedding, vacuums and dusts. Performs miscellaneous duties such as
Services Attendant                         replenishing supplies. May clean public areas.

                                           Performs heavy cleaning of guest or patient rooms such as stripping floor, maintaining carpet and cleaning balconies and
Housekeeping Houseperson
                                           windows. Also moves furniture and turns mattresses. Restocks and replenishes items, may be heavier public area cleaning.

                                           Provides day to day supervision of housekeeping staff. Trains and schedules staff and monitors work quality and flow. Inspects
Housekeeping Supervisor/Inspector
                                           rooms and public areas.

                                           Launders linens, towels, and blankets. May launder personal laundry. Folds, stocks, and may deliver laundry. Maintains
Laundry Attendant
                                           supplies and inventory.

Lobby/Public Areas Attendant               Cleans and maintains public areas of a property or a facility. Dusts, mops, vacuums, and empties and replaces trash containers.

                                           Performs basic repairs and preventive maintenance on property or facility equipment and systems, including plumbing and
                                           electrical systems. Repairs or replaces electrical switches, receptacles, fuses, small light fixtures, and vacuum outlets. Adjusts
Maintenance Technician I
                                           thermostats to maintain desired temperature. Hangs pictures, bulletin boards, cabinets. May do light painting and other
                                           miscellaneous work.
                                           Performs semi-skilled maintenance and repair services of property or facility systems such as mechanical, electrical, and building
                                           systems. Duties may increase in scope as the employee becomes more skilled, but the primary emphasis is the performance of
Maintenance Technician II
                                           a variety of maintenance tasks rather than a high degree of skill in any particular trade. May be skilled in HVAC, electrical,
                                           plumbing, preventative maintenance.

                                           Performs complex maintenance and repair services of property or facility systems such as mechanical, electrical, and building
Maintenance Technician III
                                           systems. Primary emphasis of the job will be on a depth of skill in a particular area such as HVAC, electrical, or plumbing.

                                           Verifies and balances daily charges for all departments to customer portfolios, master accounts and house accounts. Runs
Night Auditor                              computer through nightly processing sequence to reset for the next day's use in balancing applicable functions; prepares and
                                           transmits credit card deposits and all city ledger work to accounting. May perform as front desk agent.

                                           Contacts clients and prospects and secures and retains accounts. Coordinates with other sales, marketing, and related
Sales Manager - Entry Level                department staff to present proposals and close sales. Maintains records and documentation. Assigned to more routine or
                                           standard accounts generally as an entry-level sales staff member.

                                           Contacts clients and prospects and secures and retains accounts. Coordinates with other sales, marketing, and related
Sales Manager - Intermediate               department staff to present proposals and close sales. Maintains records and documentation. Assigned to all levels of sales
                                           opportunities but receives assistance and support from senior staff as needed.
                                           Protects buildings and grounds to prevent fire, theft vandalism, or illegal entry. Periodically tours the property and grounds to
                                           determine that possible entry points are secure and not tampered with. May respond to employee or guest calls for assistance or
Security Officer/Guard
                                           escort to and from parking lot or building. Maintains logs, may monitor security equipment. May be assigned to one post or may
                                           constantly tour the property and grounds.

                                           Cleans and sanitizes plate ware, silverware, glassware, pots/pans, utensils and equipment; places clean items on specified
                                           shelves; cleans kitchen area; may assist with set-up and storage of kitchen items.

                                           Answers internal and external telephone using a switchboard or telephone console. Directs calls through the switchboard; may
Switchboard Operator
                                           input automated calls and messages into the system; retrieves messages.
                                                                Wage and Salary Data Input Sheets

      An Asterisk * Indicates Required Field. Along with the Contact, Property, and Order Information, please send the Data Input Sheets to WageWatch by e-mail to:

                                                                *Current     *Starting /  *Lowest Paid    *Highest Paid   *Number of   Other Comp     Incentives (as
 Position ID              Position               *Wage Type   Average Rate New Hire Rate Employee Rate   Employee Rate    Employees      Eligible?      % of base)     *Unionized?   *Pay Structure
Example : Housekeeper/Room or Environmental
             Services Attendant                    Hourly        $7.00        $6.00          $6.75           $7.25           10             N               5              Y             Merit
             Administrative Assistant/Department Secretary
        1112                                  Hourly
              Banquet Captain
       1063                                   Hourly

       1062 Banquet Server/Waiter/Waitress    Hourly

       1064 Banquet Set-Up/House Person       Hourly
              Bell Person
       1035                                   Hourly
              Cook, Breakfast
     101830                                   Hourly
              Bus Person
       1070                                   Hourly
       1031                                   Hourly
              Maintenance Technician I
       1101                                   Hourly
              Maintenance Technician II
       1102                                   Hourly
              Maintenance Technician III
       1103                                   Hourly
              Food Server/Wait Staff
       1028                                   Hourly
              Front Desk / Shift Supervisor
       1025                                   Hourly
              Front Desk Agent
       1024                                  Hourly
            Housekeeper/Room or
       1038 Environmental Services Attendant Hourly
              Housekeeping Houseperson
      10024                                   Hourly
       1037 Supervisor/Inspector              Hourly
              Laundry Attendant
       1047                                   Hourly
              Cook/Line Cook
       1087                                   Hourly
              Lobby/Public Areas Attendant
       1042                                   Hourly
              Night Auditor
      10004                                   Hourly
              Switchboard Operator
      10091                                   Hourly
              Security Officer/Guard
       1051                                   Hourly

       1084 Steward/Dishwasher                Hourly

                                                                  *Current     *Starting /  *Lowest Paid    *Highest Paid   *Number of   Other Comp     Incentives (as
Position ID                Position               *Wage Type    Average Rate New Hire Rate Employee Rate   Employee Rate    Employees      Eligible?      % of base)     *Unionized?   *Pay Structure
 Example :    Director of Marketing and Sales   Salary-Exempt    $75,000.00   $75,000.00    $75,000.00       $75,000.00         1             Y              10              N          Combination
              Assistant General Manager
     10008                                      Salary-Exempt
       1167                                     Salary-Exempt
              Convention Services Manager
       1179                                     Salary-Exempt
              Director of Catering
       1181                                     Salary-Exempt
            Director of
       1141 Housekeeping/Executive              Salary-Exempt
              Director of Human Resources
       1186                                     Salary-Exempt
              Director of Marketing and Sales
       1388                                     Salary-Exempt
              Director of Front Office
       1134                                     Salary-Exempt
              Director of Security
       1188                                     Salary-Exempt
              Executive Chef
       1154                                 Salary-Exempt
           General Manager - Full Service
    102042 Hotel                            Salary-Exempt
           General Manager - Limited/Select
    102042 Service Hotel                    Salary-Exempt
              Sales Manager - Entry Level
       1175                                     Salary-Exempt

    102038 Sales Manager - Intermediate         Salary-Exempt