Florida DEP Environmental Resource Permitting Flow Chart by owm23003


									This flow chart represents a simple overview of the Environmental Resources
Permitting Process. Once an application is received, it is reviewed to determine
whether a permit is required or if the activity is exempt. If a project is
regulatory exempt, it may require proprietary authorization if the activity occurs
on sovereign submerged lands, managed by the State of Florida. All
applications received are distributed to specific agencies and interested
parties which may or may not comment on the project. For example FFWCC
would provide comments if manatees were going to be impacted by the
activity. The project is also sent to the ACOE to determine if additional federal
authorizations are required. A site visit is conducted and additional review of
the project is performed in order to determine if the project can be permitted. If
additional information is required to make that determination, the agency will
issue a "Request for Additional Information". Once the application is deemed
complete (all additional information is received) the agency has 90 days to
decide if the permit can issued.
Environmental Resources Permitting Process
                          Permit                                   YES   Process SSL             project
                          required                                       authorization           exempt + SSL
WMD or DEP                                       Project on
                          per Part IV      NO
receives permit                                  SSL?                                            authorization
application               of Chapter
                          373, F.S.?                               NO
                                                                         Send application        Notify
                                                                         to ACOE (if in          applicant
                                                                         wetlands or OSW)        -project
                                                                         Minimization and
                   Distribute Notice of
                   Receipt of Application to    Conduct Site
 Determine if
                   interested parties and       Visit and
 project on
                   consider comments            evaluate                  Is project
 SSL &
                   received (ACOE,              permittability &          permittable? Does it
                   FFWCC, DCA, DOSHR,           SSL issues                qualify for SSL
 regulatory &
                   County, or Individuals                                 Authorization?
                   on Mailing Lists)

                                                                           Permit & linked SSL
Environmental Resources Permitting Process                                 approved or denied
DEP - Department of Environmental Protection
WMD - Water Management District
ACOE - US Army Corps of Engineers
FFWCC - Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
DCA - Department of Community Affairs
SSL - Sovereign Submerged Lands (those owned and managed by the state of FL)
DCA - Department of Community Affairs
DOSHR - Department of State Historical Resources
RAI - request for additional information
OSW - other surface waters
F.S. - Florida Statutes

Environmental Resources Permitting Process

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