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Safety Precautions                                                                                                       TABLE OF CONTENTS
Incorrect operation due to ignoring
of instructions will cause harm or at
least limit your options. A Skidmore
mind is not intended for use by
young children without supervision.
Because of the heavy weight of the
                                            Owning a Skidmore Mind..............................................................................2
mind (1,300 grams on average), it is
recommended that you have many
                                            Why You Should Read This Manual.............................................................3
highly qualified professors assist you
with the installation.                      What a Skidmore Mind Can Create.............................................................4
                                            How a Skidmore Mind Gets Created.............................................................5
                                            Inside a Skidmore Mind..................................................................................6
                                            Maintenance & Repair...................................................................................8
                                            Options & Special Accessories........................................................................9
 Charge your brain   Helmet not required
                                            Acquiring a Skidmore Mind..........................................................................11
                                            Parts & Specifications....................................................................................12
                                            Limited Lifetime Warranty............................................................................13
  Plug in properly   Do not install alone

For your records:
Model No. ________________________
(Graduation Year)                                                                                                                                     1
OWNING A SKIDMORE MIND                                                                                        Creative Thought Matters

Regardless of whether you already own a Skidmore mind or are contemplating getting one,
you should read this manual. There are more than 30,000 Skidmore minds out there, scattered
around the world. Doctors, lawyers, artists, engineers, and more. Minds that make music, write
                                                                                                                   Phone            Phone
code, counsel children, and defend the accused. Minds that build bridges, tear them down, and
subsequently divert oncoming traffic. Minds that read this manual.

Skidmore minds differ in ability, background, and interest. And they tend to wear different hats.
But they share a common belief that creative thought matters. That the world is made better and
our lives are moved by creative thought. In all disciplines and vocations. In business, politics, medicine,
and an occasional video game. Creative thought matters.

Synapse Check                                                                                               WHY YOU SHOULD READ THIS MANUAL
What is your mother’s maiden name?
You will need this for the many forms
you are about to fill out, for Skidmore,
and for the next 50 years.
                                           The average human chooses not to read an owners manual 94.3% of the time, resulting in (a) a
                                           174% increase in time required to learn how to use the tool and (b) another 212% increase in time
                                           required to learn how to optimize the tool. The overall GDP of the United States would increase
                                           over 2.7% per annum if people would just read owners manuals.*

                                           If that hasn’t convinced you, consider this tidy little syllogism: the effective use of your mind will
                                           impact your ability to think; your ability to think will determine your ability to make the right
                                           decisions; your ability to make the right decisions will result in better outcomes; better outcomes
                                           will yield happiness and joy.

                                           This manual will give you deep insight into the wonder and potential of a Skidmore mind, the risk
                                           and responsibility that comes with owning one, and the simple fact that the little fellah up top is your
                                           most precious asset. If you care about your future, about achieving your purpose in life, read on.

                                              Future with Skidmore        Future without Skidmore

                                           *Owners manual statistics are intentionally fabricated to accentuate a point.                         3
WHAT A SKIDMORE MIND CAN CREATE                                                                                                     Snap-on Add Ons
                                                                                                                                    While the tool is powerful, most users
                                                                                                                                    opt to add an accessory here and there
                                                                                                                                    in the form of international or domes-
                                                                                                                                    tic study and/or graduate school. Sixty
A Skidmore mind is a powerful tool, capable of producing images, words, and ideas that move                                         percent of Skidmore minds develop
people, make money, and transform bad situations into good. In the past decade alone, Skidmore                                      abroad for a semester or year. The
                                                                                                                                    program includes a two-prong plug
minds have landed Fulbrights, NIH postgraduate scholarships, and MacArthur “genius” awards.
                                                                                                                                    converter and the opportunity to
They’ve helped create an anticancer agent; landed patents related to brain chemistry; had                                           study language in Beijing, archaeology
archaeological work exhibited at the National Gallery of Art; launched the first-ever fleet of                                      in Rome, economics in the heart of
hybrid taxis in the Big Apple; co-founded an Internet portal and search engine; founded award-                                      the European Community, religion in
winning advertising networks; launched nonprofits serving Third World countries; and pro-                                           New Delhi, Irish history in Dublin,
                                                                                                                                    music or psychology in Vienna, and
duced network TV shows.
                                                                                                                                    environmental studies in Costa Rica.
                                                                                                                                    And if none of those experiences make
Other minds have become mechanical engineers, performance artists, social workers, and diplomats.                                   your mind spin, more than 100 other
While the professions are diverse, the consequences are the same: the creation of thought, leading                                  study programs are available through-
to good things, necessary things.                                                                                                   out the world.

                                                                                                                                    Another popular accessory is gradu-
                                                                                                                                    ate school. Within five years of grad-
                                                                                                                                    uation, some 60% of Skidmore grads
                                                                                                                                    will have gone to grad school. They
                                                                                                                                    have accessorized at Boston University,
                                                                                                                                    Cambridge University (England), Col-
                                                                                                                                    umbia, Cornell, Emory, Georgetown
                                                                                                                                    Medical School, Harvard, London
                                                                                                                                    School of Economics, NYU, North-
                                                                                                                                    eastern, Oxford, Pratt Institute, Rut-
                                                                                                                                    gers, Stanford, Yale, and more.
             Exercise: Doodle in each circle, transforming each one into a distinct object or image. See how creative you can be!
The Mind Tenders (aka Faculty)                                                                HOW A SKIDMORE MIND GETS CREATED
Your Skidmore mind will be tended,
bent, and challenged by nearly 250
teacher-scholars. They are a diverse
group of experienced, accomplished
professionals, who know how to            The process of converting a basic mind into a Skidmore mind is far too complicated to explain (see
make your frontal lobe ache, your         Fig. 1), and arguably requires a Skidmore mind to understand it, which creates what some call
cerebellum smoke, and your mind
                                          a catch-22. We’ll just go ahead and presuppose your intellectual abilities, while reducing the process
produce amazing things. Since there
is one brilliant mind tender to every     to one mind-melding academic and social experience—the First-Year Experience (FYE)—and three
eight budding Skidmore minds, yours       building blocks: foundation courses; the mother of all topics, your major; and electives.
is guaranteed not to end up on a dusty
bottom shelf in a jar full of formalde-
hyde. Eighty percent of the liberal
arts and sciences faculty hold doctor-         Experience
al/highest degrees in their field, and
many have earned national and inter-
national recognition for the output
of their own minds, including the
Pulitzer Prize, Emmy, Guggenheim,                                      Fig.1: The process of converting a basic mind into a Skidmore mind
and MacArthur ”genius“ awards, and
fellowships or grants from Fulbright,
NEH, NIH, and NSF.                        The First-Year Experience engages you immediately and deeply in your academic work through your
                                          choice of one of 50 Scribner Seminars (limited to 15 students each) taught by a veteran faculty mem-
                                          ber who serves not only as your instructor but also as your advisor and mentor. It also introduces an
                                          interdisciplinary approach to learning and thinking, a hallmark of a Skidmore education.

                                          Through a combination of foundation course requirements and electives, you can create your own
                                          Skidmore mind (and select your major) based on your individual interests and passions. Your major
                                          and mind will receive increasing attention and focus in your junior and senior years.
MAINTENANCE & REPAIR                                                                                                         Mind Acuity Exercises
                                                                                                                             1. How many ways can you divide this
                                                                                                                             square into four equal parts?

In order to remain healthy, your mind requires constant feeding and intellectual stimulation.
At Skidmore we believe that minds should “step out” on a regular basis—to try new things,
contemplate the extremes, experience the mundane, and question everything that crosses their
paths. Along with the importance of risk-taking (you can’t learn if you don’t stretch) is the impor-
tance of sleep. Yes, sleep. Without sleep your Skidmore mind can become a little mushy, and its
ability to generate thought, much less creative thought, will be severely hampered.

                In situations where your mind appears not to be functioning correctly we suggest you first calculate
                the amount of sleep it has received over the previous three days. If fewer than eight hours per day, sleep
                deprivation could be causing temporary mental atrophy, otherwise known as TMA. Go to bed.
                                                                                                                             2. There are 10 socks of each of the
                                                                                                                             following colors in a drawer: blue,
Mixing diverse perspectives has been virtually proven to produce beneficial results—one reason                               green, red, yellow, and white. That’s
that close to 50% of Skidmore seniors graduate with either a double major or a major with one or                             a total of 50 socks. If the socks are
                                                                                                                             randomly distributed in the drawer
two minors.
                                                                                                                             (i.e., not in pairs or any other group-
                                                                                                                             ing), and you are blindfolded, what
Many Skidmore minds balance left- and right-brain exploration—e.g., the physics major who excels                             is the minimum number of socks you
in the music studio; the business-focused sophomore who discovers a passion for politics; or the                             must draw from the drawer in order
performance artist who becomes enamored with computer animation. Lots of minds take MB 107,                                  to be certain you have at least 2 socks
                                                                                                                             of the same color?
an introductory business course where student teams respond to real-world business problems.
And their mind-melded solutions are then presented to a panel of corporate executives. Many
others participate in faculty-student collaborative research—typically on a one-on-one basis.
How’s that for a little cranial pressure?                                                                                    You can find the answers online at
Sampling of Clubs & Organizations                                                        OPTIONS & SPECIAL ACCESSORIES
Outing Club
Asian Cultural Association
Model European Union
Skidmore Nutrition Action Council
The Skidmore News                   We devise the Skidmore mind to integrate with a multitude of options. Options that stimulate
Wombats (Ultimate Frisbee)          creative thought, options that produce joy, learning, and a sense of accomplishment.
Skidmore Honors Forum
Raices (Hispanic focus)             Skidmore minds have many options to explore. On campus, there are well over 1,000 films, lectures,
Jewish Student Union                and performances to absorb each year and approximately 100 clubs and organizations in which
A cappella singing groups           to participate. Many minds find their way into community service or service-learning, taking
Cabaret Troupe                      advantage of Benef-Action, the volunteer network on campus, membership in Honors Forum, and
AIDS Benefit
                                    participation in the year-end Academic Festival.
Skidmore Young Republicans
Jazz ensembles
Environmental Action Club           Encouraging minds to wander, off campus
Skidmore Progressives               We have created the optimal growing environment for minds, combining the options and activities
Student Speakers Bureau             on campus with an off-campus world that has it all.
Benef-Action (volunteer network)
WSPN (radio station)
Chemistry Club                      Saratoga Springs … cosmopolitan … social … historic … great restaurants, shops, and galleries … thor-
Yoga Club                           oughbred racing … famous spas … the Saratoga Performing Arts Center—site of top rock, jazz,
                                    classical, and pop performances … the Adirondacks … Lake George … park benches to rest on …
                                    easy access to New York and the rest of the world. Simply lots to do.

                                    Skidmore … hundreds of wooded acres … modern athletic complex … riding facilities … trails for
                                    jogging and cross-country skiing … an incalculable number of annual campus events … dorms like
                                    palaces. Lots to take in.

OPTIONS & SPECIAL ACCESSORIES (continued)                                                                     Intercollegiate Varsity Sports
                                                                                                              (NCAA Division III)
                                                                                                              Baseball (men)
                                                                                                              Basketball (men, women)
                                                                                                              Field Hockey (women)
Skidmore minds like to play, and they like to win.                                                            Golf (men)
The health of your Skidmore mind is closely tied to the health of your body. And thinking creatively          Ice Hockey (men)
                                                                                                              Lacrosse (men, women)
applies as much in the game of soccer as it does in a physics class.
                                                                                                              Riding (women)
                                                                                                              Rowing (men, women)
Whether it’s basketball or softball, lacrosse or rowing, Skidmore’s athletics program focuses on the          Soccer (men, women)
art and the science of the game. In addition to 19 varsity teams that compete against other top lib-          Softball (women)
eral arts colleges in the Northeast, Skidmore offers wide-ranging options for intramurals and club            Swimming and Diving (men, women)
                                                                                                              Tennis (men, women)
sports, and personal recreation and fitness.
                                                                                                              Volleyball (women)

                                                                                                              Sports Facilities
                                                                                                              • Main gymnasium with three
                                                                                                                basketball/volleyball courts
                                                                                                              • Swimming pool and diving well
                                                                                                              • Racquetball courts
     Baseball    Basketball    Field Hockey       Golf       Ice Hockey     Lacrosse          Riding          • Weight room and human-
                                                                                                                performance laboratory
                                                                                                              • Nine tennis courts
                                                                                                              • New turf field hockey field
                                                                                                                and adjacent softball field
                                                                                                              • Castle Baseball Diamond and golf
                                                                                                                driving range
     Rowing       Soccer         Softball     Swimming and     Tennis      Volleyball       Fitness and       • Aerobics and fitness area
                                                 Diving                                 Recreational Sports
                                                                                                              • Lighted turf playing field for
                                                                                                                soccer, lacrosse, and intramurals
                                                                                                              • Van Lennep Riding Center
10                                                                                                            • Rowing boathouse
Come Visit                                                                                                 ACQUIRING A SKIDMORE MIND
You should plan to visit us by January
31 of your senior year. Group infor-
mation sessions, interviews, and tours
are offered weekdays from 9 a.m. to
3:30 p.m. throughout the year and on        Thinking about acquiring a Skidmore mind?
Saturday mornings from September            Creative thought is embodied in all that is Skidmore: curriculum, activities, campus setting, and
through January. If you would like to
                                            in the nature of Saratoga Springs itself. We are a diverse world of minds, a world of academics,
schedule a group information session,
interview, or tour, sit in on a class, or   performing artists, and athletes, who come together in the shared belief and commitment that
stay overnight in a residence hall,         creative thought matters. If you share that belief, apply to Skidmore.
please contact the Admissions Office
at 800-867-6007.                                    Need more data? Check out or request our 28-page viewbook, Creative Thought Matters,
                                                    by calling 800-867-6007.
How to Find Us
Skidmore’s Saratoga Springs home is
located about 30 minutes north of           What it takes to get a Skidmore mind
Albany, in the foothills of the             We look first at the strength of your academic record—the quality of your high school courses,
Adirondack Mountains. To find us,           your achievement in those courses, recommendations, and your standardized test scores.
take Interstate 87 (the Adirondack
Northway) to Exit 14 and head west
                                            We then look for personal qualities—students who are open-minded (pun intended), are exemplary
toward downtown Saratoga Springs.
This is Union Avenue. Where Union           citizens, and care for others; students who have exhibited initiative and creative thinking,
ends at Circular Street, take a right;      both in school and outside it; students who will thrive in an environment of intellectual freedom,
then take your first left onto Spring       creative risk-taking, and academic rigor.
Street. At the top of the hill, take
a right onto Broadway and proceed
                                            While we’re looking for a common spirit of learning and giving, we also seek to enroll classes
through six traffic lights onto North
Broadway. Continue about one mile.          that are as diverse as possible. Diversity reflects our world, and drawing the best from different
The Eissner Admissions Center is on         perspectives usually results in greater things. Our student body is composed of men and women
the right, opposite the College’s main      from a wide spectrum of socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds.

The following is a list of          Enrollment: Approximately             Calendar: fall and spring             network connections, with Internet    Off-Campus Study: Skidmore
specifics that begin to address     2,400 students, from 47 states        semesters, followed by two            access, in all residence hall rooms   international programs in China,
the who, what, how, when,           and 46 countries                      optional five-week summer                                                   England (including the London
and where of creating a                                                   sessions, internships, and collabo-   Honors: Phi Beta Kappa; College       First-Year Experience program),
Skidmore mind. The why is           Gender Mix: 41% men,                  rative research opportunities         and departmental honors;              France, India, and Spain; affilia-
simple: because Creative            59% women                                                                   Periclean (our own academic           tions with other institutions that
Thought Matters.                                                          Faculty: 249 full-time; 80% hold      honor society for juniors and         take students for a semester or a
                                    African-American, Latino,             the doctoral or highest degree in     seniors); Skidmore Honors Forum;      year to an additional 125 pro-
Specifications                      Asian-American, and Native            their field                           affiliations with national honor      grams in Africa, Asia, Australia,
                                    American Students: Class of                                                 societies in economics, French,       Europe, Latin America, and New
Founded: 1903                       2011 (23%), Class of 2012             Student-Faculty Ratio: 8 to 1         history, mathematics, physics,        Zealand; affiliation with National
                                    (21%), Class of 2013 (20%),                                                 political science, psychology,        Student Exchange to provide
Location: Saratoga Springs,         overall student body (15%)            Class Size: Average is 17; more       sociology, and Spanish                domestic exchange opportunities
N.Y., a cosmopolitan city of                                              than 95% of all classes have                                                at more than 200 campuses in
30,000 in the Capital District      Admission: Highly competitive;        fewer than 30 students, and 1%        Preprofessional &                     the U.S.; Washington Semester
region, three hours’ drive from     last year Skidmore received 6,403     more than 50                          Cooperative Programs:                 (12-week internship in conjunc-
New York City, Boston, and          applications for a first-year class                                         Premedicine, child development,       tion with American University);
Montreal                            targeted at 675 (including 35         Library: 427,000 volumes;             and elementary education; M.A.        affiliation with Marine Biological
                                    students spending their first         40,000 journals and periodicals       in teaching with Union University;    Laboratory in Woods Hole,
Program: Four-year, private, non-   semester in London); 42% of           (print and electronic); 15,000        3+2 and 3/2 programs in engi-         Mass.; and Hudson-Mohawk
denominational, coeducational,      applicants were offered admis-        DVDs, and CDs: 3,600 electronic       neering with Dartmouth College        Association of Colleges and
liberal arts                        sion; 38% enrolled under Early        books; interlibrary loan; advanced    and Clarkson University; and          Universities.
                                    Decision; SAT and ACT scores:         information technology                4+1 M.B.A. program with
Degrees: B.A., B.S., M.A. (in       median for admitted students                                                Clarkson and Union; DPT/OT            Costs for 2009–10: $39,600
liberal studies)                    was 1320 and 30, respectively         Computing Resources: 350              program with Sage Graduate            tuition; $820 fees; $6,376
                                                                          Mac and Windows PCs in                School; dual degree program           room; $4,400 board.
                                    Retention Rate: 93% (fall to fall)    general-purpose microcomputer         with RPI for engineering.             Total: $51,196
12                                                                        rooms; 24 Linux workstations;
                                                                                       PARTS & SPECIFICATIONS (continued)

Majors                   Economics                  History                     Minors                             ReMINDers
                         • Economics-French         • History-Philosophy        Most majors have corre-
American Studies
                         • Economics-German         International Affairs       sponding minors. Minors are              Creative Thought
                         • Economics-Spanish        Mathematics                 also available in Italian, early             Matters
Art (Studio)
                         • Economics-Mathematics*   Music                       childhood education, Latin
Art History
                         • Economics-Philosophy*    Neuroscience                American Studies, and law
Asian Studies
                         • Economics-Sociology      Philosophy                  and society.                             Skidmore Minds =
                         Education Studies          Physics                                                              Creative Thought
• Biology-Philosophy
                         English                    Political Economy           Special Academic Options
                         • English-French           Psychology                  Premedical Program
• Business-French
                         • English-German           • Psychology-Sociology      Prelaw Advising                          Creative Thought
• Business-German
                         • English-Spanish          Religious Studies                                                    + You = Success
• Business-Spanish                                                              4+1 M.B.A. Programs
                         • English-Philosophy       Self-Determined Major
• Business-Economics                                                            3+2 and 3/2 and dual degree
                         Environmental Studies      Social Work
• Business-Government                                                           Engineering Programs
                         Exercise Science           Sociology                                                                 Act Now!
• Business-Mathematics                                                          M.A.T. Program
                         French                     • Sociology-Anthropology                                             Call 800-867-6007
                         French Area Studies        Spanish                     DPT/OT Program
                         Geosciences                Theater                     Internships and service-
Computer Science
                         German                     Women’s Studies             learning opportunities (for        Limited Lifetime Warranty
Dance                                                                           academic credit)
                         Government                                                                                This warranty, or any implied
• Dance-Theater
                         • Government-French        *To be phased out in 2011   Honors Forum                       warranty, does not cover nor-
                         • Government-German                                    Collaborative Research             mal wear and tear, and all
                         • Government-Spanish                                   (faculty-student)                  warranties are void if the mind
                         • Government-History                                   International and Domestic         is used for nonconstructive
                         • Government-Philosophy                                Study Options                      activities.
                         • Government-Sociology

                                          US POSTAGE
Skidmore College Office of Admissions   SKIDMORE COLLEGE
815 North Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-1632

Phone: 800-867-6007 or 518-580-5570
Fax: 518-580-5584