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                  Executive Summary

Grab/Hook – Your first impression is 2 or 3 sentences.
Don’t start with your mission statement! Hook the reader
with what makes your business special. Examples include:               Insert Logo Above
       • Partnership with Google
       • Recently signed first major contract
       • Endorsement from industry VIP                           Year Founded:

 Problem – The first ingredient of a great business              Industry:
 idea is a:
         • Pain                                                  Annual Sales:
         • Problem
         • Annoyance                                             Request:

  Unique Solution – Anyone can come up with a problem, but do you have a unique solution for
  the problem? Are you the:
         • Fastest?
         • Cheapest?
         • Highest Quality?

  Market Potential – This should be YOUR market potential not simply a quote from a research
  organization that says your industry will reach $100 Billion on 5 years. How much of the market
  can your business realistically capture based on your:
         • Geographic Location
         • Capacity to Fulfill Sales
         • Access to Financing

  Unique Selling Proposition – This section simply answers the question, “What makes you
  special and sustainable. For instance, Wal-Mart is special because of the low prices that they
  offer. Wal-Mart is sustainable because of their incredible infrastructure, systems, and brand.

  Business Model – In every other section you want to think outside of the box. You want to
  stand out and differentiate yourself, but when it comes to your business model investors and
  bankers want:
         • Simple
         • Sustainable
         • Safe

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 Management Team – Many will tell you that your management team is your most important
 section in your business plan. I disagree, but many decision makers may also agree. So
 unfortunately you need to come up with a solid management team even if you can’t afford them.
 Focus on experience, but you should also focus on:
        • Energy
        • Enthusiasm
        • Excitement

  Financial Projections – Build your financial projections based on a set of data driven
  assumptions. For example:
         • Website receives 10,000 visitors per month
         • Historically we convert 5% of visitors into sales
         • Average sale is $25
   This will give you a start on your revenue projections. You will want to do the same for your
   expenses. If you have room you should also consider a projected Statement of Cash Flows.

                    Jan.       Feb.       Mar.       Apr.       May        June       July
   Revenue          xx         xx         xx         xx         xx         xx         xx
   Expenses xx                 xx         xx         xx         xx         xx         xx
   Profit           xx         xx         xx         xx         xx         xx         xx

   Request – Unless you want your plan to end up as an afterthought you must make a request, a
   call to action, at the end of your executive summary. Ask the reader to take some specific
   action such as:
            • Read Business Plan
            • Call
            • Send Email
            • Set up Meeting

And remember Famous venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki said in his book, The Art of the Start,

“Of the effort you put into write a business plan, 80 percent should go into the executive
summary. These are the most important paragraphs of your organization’s existence.”

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Executive Summary Review Service

Entrepreneurs need capital. The problem is capital is hard to raise.

According to the Angel Capital Education Foundation:
      • Only 1 to 4% of angel investment applicants successfully raise capital
      • 75% of applicants are denied before ever meeting the potential investor

So what can you do as an entrepreneur in need of capital? You might think that if
you simply hire a high-priced consultant to write your entire business plan you will
have a better chance of attracting a potential angel investor.

Unfortunately for you (And us consultants) the Angel Capital Education Foundation
also suggests that you the entrepreneur write your own business plan.

I know you might be worried that your writing skills won't be enough to impress a
potential investor, but lucky for you, investors don't care about your business
plan. The key is to get in front of them and to earn the opportunity to pitch your
For this reason, famous venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki said in his book, The Art of
the Start,

 “Of the effort you put into write a business plan, 80 percent should go
 into the executive summary. These are the most important paragraphs
                    of your organization’s existence.”

Your executive summary is what gets you in front of an investor. The ACEF says that
75% of applicants are denied before meeting the potential investor. These
entrepreneurs need executive summaries that are more:

      • Powerful
      • Effective
      • Memorable

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we provide specific ways in which to make your business stand out from the
competition. Your executive summary should not look like the rest because your
business is not like the rest.

You will receive candid, and detailed feedback on each of the 50 items that we
review, in which your executive summary needs improvement.

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