2009 Conventions and Job Fairs

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					2009 CONVENTIONS & JOB FAIRS NAA mediaXchange, March 11th - 13th, Las Vegas National Collegiate Sale Competition, March 12th - 14th, Atlanta, GA CNBAM, March 25th - 29th, Charlotte, NC Columbia University Career Fair, March 28th NAA Annual Convention, April 13th - 14th, San Diego National Hispanic Journalists Association, June 24th - 27th, San Juan, Puerto Rico National Association of Black Journalists, August 5th - 9th, Tampa, FL Association of Asian Journalists, August 12th - 15th, Boston Online News Association, Oct. 1st - 3rd, San Francisco

COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES University of California at Berkley, Jan. 22nd - 23rd University of Miami, Feb. 10th - 11th University of Texas at Austin, Feb. 17th - 18th University of Kansas, Feb. 19 Colorado State University, Feb. 23rd - 24th American University, Feb. 24th Syracuse University, April 15th - 16th Northwestern, Oct. 16th - 17th Columbia University, Oct. 22nd - 23rd. Northern Arizona University, Oct. 29th - 31st

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