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									Today's students                    Summer 2009

Tomorrow's leaders

                     Lindsay Rivera and Cina Chang
                     defy odds, uplift others
                             Dear Friends and Colleagues,
                             The spring 2009 semester is over and summer is here, and
                             there is much exciting news to share with all with you.
                            During my inauguration as president last fall, I expressed my         Executive Editor | Sara L. Woelfel
                            dedication to the proposition that our core identity remain
                                                                                                  Art direction/Design | Kou Vang, '04
                            based upon our Franciscan heritage as established by Sts.               University Creative Director
                            Francis and Clare of Assisi. These values are made all the
                            more meaningful when I contemplate how fully and richly the           Contributing Writers | Brett Kell, '04
                            students, alumni, faculty and staff of Stritch live those values        Director of Publications
in Wisconsin, the United States and beyond.
                                                                                                    Scott Rudie, '05
Of course, our students are at the center of all that we do, so it is appropriate that students     Senior Director of Communications
are the focus of this issue of Stritch Magazine. In particular, you will read the stories of        Charleen Engberg
two remarkable young women who personify our Franciscan mission, as they overcame                   Office Manager, Public Relations
tremendous hardships to not only pursue a college education but discover innovative new
ways to transform lives in the communities they came from.                                        Class Notes | Erin Brauer
                                                                                                    Director of Alumni Relations
Another integral component of our identity as a University is our dedication to serving
the underserved, and the exciting growth that lies before us demonstrates a lasting               Athletics | David Snieg
commitment to those efforts. This summer, we opened the doors to the new Cardinal                   Director of Sports Information
Stritch University City Center in downtown Milwaukee. This 24,000- square-feet facility in        Vice President, Communications and
the Brewery Project will house our College of Education and Leadership, and well as many          Marketing | Joanne Williams
other established and new programs.
                                                                                                  Mission of Stritch Magazine
Most importantly, our new City Center is testament to the fact that we take our services          Published twice a year, Stritch Magazine
into the community where they are needed most, just like St. Francis. This humble servant         serves as a communications tool for sharing
did not expect the people to come to him. Instead, he selflessly shared his heart and soul        news, promoting programs, recognizing
with the marginalized in his society. Our new City Center will grow our presence in the           people, conveying important messages, and
heart of Milwaukee’s business community where we have been serving for decades, but in            extending the reach of the Franciscan values
disparate locations. There, we will be able to educate, inspire, nurture, and above all, serve.   to Cardinal Stritch University’s primary
                                                                                                  stakeholders, including alumni, donors,
We will continue building a future for Stritch that reflects our rich heritage, and I am          students and friends of the institution. The
excited to tell you that Stritch now has a beautiful new symbol of that heritage, and our         content not only informs, challenges and
lasting connectedness.                                                                            entertains readers, but also strives to build
                                                                                                  and maintain connections, instill pride, and
This spring, we proudly unveiled the first-ever official Cardinal Stritch University ring.        reflect the academic rigor of Wisconsin’s
The ring incorporates the most significant imagery of our Franciscan community. It is             second-largest independent university.
a permanent memento for students, alumni, faculty, and staff, one that I hope will be a
beloved source of pride for all who wear one.                                                     Stritch Magazine follows rules of copy editing
                                                                                                  published in the Associated Press stylebook.
Featured prominently on the side of the ring is the Stritch seal, which is symbolic of the
intellectual and spiritual growth that can be achieved by following Franciscan ideals and         Address corrections and class notes
values. The University motto is displayed on the opposite side of the ring. Taken from St.        Send all changes of address or
Paul, “Ut Probetis Potiora” means “to value the better things.”                                   alumni updates to:
Finally, the Stritch ring features the Clare lamp carved into the oval stone atop. This lamp      Cardinal Stritch University
                                                                                                  Alumni Relations, #99
is a traditional symbol of knowledge and truth in honor of St. Clare, whose name in Italian,
                                                                                                  6801 N. Yates Road
Chiara, means “light.” The institution’s name and year of the University’s founding are set
                                                                                                  Milwaukee, WI 53217
around the perimeter of the stone. More information, including how to order the ring, is          e-mail:
available at                                                                Phone: (414) 410-4939
Once again, I thank you for your support and commitment to Stritch’s mission. I thank
our sisters, faculty, and staff for a great year and look forward to our future success and
                                                                                                  To submit letters to the editor, write to:
growth. Congratulations to our 2009 graduates and we welcome those who will soon share
                                                                                                  Cardinal Stritch University
our spirit this fall.                                                                             Public Relations, #92A
May the peace of St. Francis and light of St. Clare be with you all.                              6801 N. Yates Road
                                                                                                  Milwaukee, WI 53217
Sincerely,                                                                                        e-mail:
                                                                                                  Fax: (414) 410-4481

                                                                                                  Letters may be published in a future
                                                                                                  issue of Stritch Magazine unless
Dr. Helen C. Sobehart                                                                             “not for publication” is written directly on
Stritch President                                                                                 the letter. The editorial staff may
                                                                                                  edit letters for clarity and brevity.
Contents                              ON th E COv Er:
                                                                                                       Cover Story:
                                                                                                       Daring to dream. Inspired to serve.
                                                                                                             Cina Chang and Lindsay Rivera ........................................ 18
the cover photo was designed and photographed
        by Kou Vang, ’04 creative director in the                                                      Features:
               Public Relations office at Stritch.
                                                                                                       City Center opens ................................................................2
                                                                                                       First provost introduced ......................................................3
                                                                                                       Alumnus has unique family ties ...........................................6
                                                                                                       Faith-filled students reinvigorate worship .............................. 10

                                                                                                       “With greater responsibility comes a transformation”
                                                                                                             by Amy Simmert ........................................................32

18                                                                                                     In every issue:
                                                                                                       F oot pr i nt s :
                                                                                                       Students honored for activism .............................................4
                                                                                                       Celebrating 45 years of Model U.N. participation .................5
                                                                                                       Saint Clare Center leads, grows ............................................8
                                                                                                       Denny Fox retires; new coach named .................................12
                                                                                                       Minnesota region undergoes changes ................................14
                                                                                                       Partnerships aim to tackle achievement
                                                                                                             gaps in education ................................................................. 15
                                                                                                       Nursing takes program off site ................................................. 17

                                                                                                       Alumni News:
                                                                                                       Upcoming events ...............................................................25
                                                                                                       Alumni award winners ......................................................26
                                                                                                       University archives open ....................................................27
                                                                                                       Class of 1959 joins Jubilarian Society .................................28
                                                                                                       Class Notes .....................................................................30

10                                                                                              Stritch Magazine is printed on Appleton Coated Utopia Premium paper, which is acid-free, elemental
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CorreCtion: In the fall 2008 issue of Stritch Magazine, the class notes incorrectly
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included an update indicating Marilyn (Schellpeper) Olson (M.A. Reading/Language Arts,          post-consumer recycled paper whenever possible to show reverence for creation, one of the four
’94) retired from teaching after 41 years in the field. In fact, this information refers to a   Franciscan values upon which the University is founded.
Marilyn Olson who is not a graduate of Stritch.

                                                                                                                                                              Stritch Magazine Summer 2009           1
                           Stritch opens City Center,
                           campus renovations continue
                           Stritch’s new 24,000-square-foot City Center site in the former Laboratory Building
                           at The Brewery redevelopment project in downtown Milwaukee opened in May as
                           the new home to most of the College of Education and Leadership (COEL) and
                           several other programs.
                           In January, the University signed a 10-year lease that includes an optionto buy the
                           building, at 1037 W. McKinley Ave., after seven years.
                           “The City Center will establish a major presence for Stritch in the heart of
                           Milwaukee’s downtown business community,” said Stritch president Dr. Helen
                           Sobehart. “It allows the University to provide a significant enhancement
                           to the educational opportunities available in the city and beyond.”
                           The facility includes office space for COEL staff and faculty, as well as 10 classrooms,
                           nine of which can be opened up and converted into meeting and conference
                           space with audiovisual capability and wireless Internet access.
                           Amenities also include a kitchen, break room/vending area, drop-in areas with
                           computer access for visiting faculty and students, and one-on-one instruction
                           rooms for the Literacy and Language Development department. A total of
                           60-65 faculty and staff will occupy the building by the end of summer.
                           Renovations at City Center began in mid-February and were completed in only three
                           months. During this time, the University also renovated the lower level of Clare Hall
                           on the main campus to provide office space for 30 additional COEL faculty and staff
                                        members. The renovations include updated heating and air conditioning
                                                units, a new fire alarm system, Americans with Disabilities Act
                                                  accessible restrooms, lighting, carpeting and a student lounge.
                                                    Because of a need for additional residential space for the
                                                    University’s growing traditional undergraduate population,
                                                    the move of COEL to the City Center campus will allow its
                                                    current building on campus to be transformed over the summer
                                                    into a second residence hall for undergraduate students. The
                                                    building, to be called Assisi Hall, will house about 100 freshman
                                                    and sophomore students and will be finished by Aug. 15.

                                                    negotiations to purchase Cousins Center end
                                                    Due to the financial challenges faced by many in the current
                                                    economic downturn, the University announced in late April that it
                                                    would end its negotiations with the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to
                                                    purchase the Archbishop Cousins Catholic Center property on Lake
                                                    Drive in St. Francis.

                                                    Stritch officials had worked with St. Francis and Archdiocesan
                                                    representatives during 11 months of negotiations and planning

2   Stritch Magazine Summer 2009
                                   Blankenship chosen
                                   as Stritch’s first provost

                                   Following a four-month search, Dr. Daniel J. Blankenship has been chosen as the
toward the goal of creating        first provost of Cardinal Stritch University. He will begin June 22.
a new undergraduate
campus on the 44-acre site.                                      Blankenship was most recently the campus dean
                                                                 and chief executive officer at the University of
As Stritch’s Board of Trustees                                   Wisconsin-Fond du Lac. He has more than 20 years
and President Dr. Helen                                          of experience in higher education as a professor
Sobehart recently reviewed                                       and administrator.
and analyzed the University’s
budget processes in light of                                     In addition to being provost, Blankenship will
uncertain economic times                                         serve as Stritch’s executive vice president and chief
nationally, the Board decided                                    academic officer, reporting directly to President Dr.
to take a conservative                                           Helen C. Sobehart. He will have the responsibility of
approach to spending                                             representing the president in her absence with fully
and fiscal planning. The                                         delegated authority, including the ability to preside
Cousins Center decision                                          over graduation. In addition, he will support, guide
was made in part to protect                                      and coordinate the University’s academic, strategic
Stritch’s financial health                                       planning, outreach and research units and other
and its ability to effectively                                   academic support systems.
advance its mission.               The provost will work closely with Tom VanHimbergen, executive vice president
The Cousins announcement           for administration/chief financial officer, to assure seamless coordination
followed a March decision          between student and faculty needs and operational functions, including the
to forgo purchasing the            University’s budget.
adjoining WE Energies land         Blankenship became dean at UW-Fond du Lac in 2002 after eight years of service
that would have served as          as dean of the School of Mathematics and Science at the University of Great
athletic fields for the South      Falls in Great Falls, Mont., where he held faculty rank as fall full professor and
Shore campus. Though               conducted research as a professor of biology for 14 years. He also was president
these decisions weren’t            of the Montana Academy of Sciences. Within the UW system, Blankenship was a
easy, said Sobehart, they          tenured professor of biology and taught microbiology each year.
were the best overall for the
growth of the university.          He has a Ph.D. from Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, Calif., and M.A. and
                                   B.S. degrees from what is now La Sierra University in Riverside, Calif. He is also
“It’s important to recognize       involved in about a dozen community organizations and boards in the Fond du
the entire Stritch community,      Lac area.
and those organizations
with which we have worked,         Blankenship said that he is looking forward to serving Stritch. He hopes to
for their understanding            draw from his familiarity with both small campuses and the large University of
and grace,” said Sobehart.         Wisconsin system to help Stritch examine the best approaches for its future.
“Though we may not be              “It’s such a wonderful opportunity to join a learning community that is very much
moving in the direction we         value-driven and mission-driven,” he said. Sobehart said Stritch is fortunate to
had planned, one of the gifts      have someone of Blankenship’s caliber and committment to Franciscan values.
the Lord often gives is the
gift of new opportunities.         “The richness of his experience as a faculty scholar, administrator and leader
We will continue building a        are incredibly valuable to us as we chart a course forward,” she said. “His skill
future for Stritch that reflects   in identifying and collaboratively addressing the opportunities and challenges
our mission.”                      all academic institutions face will benefit Cardinal Stritch University for many
                                   years to come.”

                                                                                          Stritch Magazine Summer 2009   3
Students honored for activism
By Charleen engBerg

              Cardinal Stritch University students Kimberly Meyer         other atrocities in Africa, and in reestablishing ties
              and Ronald Kabaale were each recognized with a              among Ugandans living in the United States” through
              Student Activist Award at the Wisconsin Institute for       his participation in the Uganda Men’s Forum, Stritch’s
                    Peace and Conflict Studies spring conference          Darfur Initiative, Invisible Children, and various
                    on April 17. The award honors students who            public speaking engagements.
                    make outstanding contributions to activism
                                                                          Grusczynski said Meyer spent a significant
                    related to peace and justice issues. 
                                                                          amount of time over the last four years promoting
                       Meyer is a broad field social studies major        the responsibility to vote, especially through her
                       who plans to attend graduate school and            assistance in the development of voter registration
                       seek a career in teaching or working for an        drives, campus caucuses, and mock elections for
                       advocacy group. Kabaale is a native Ugandan        Stritch Votes 2004 and 2008. But Grusczynski said
                       who is currently pursuing a double major           Meyer’s involvement extends beyond the University
                       in nursing and political science. He said he       campus.
                       hopes to combine his nursing skills with
                                                                          “Ms. Meyer has worked diligently to focus campus
                       his knowledge of international relations and
                                                                          and community attention on international conflict
                       human rights in order to work for health
                                                                          that causes negative consequences for children –
                       and peace, particularly in Africa. They both
                                                                          particularly famine and disease,” Grusczynski wrote
                       maintain high grades in addition to being
                                                                          in her nomination letter.
                       very active outside of the classroom.

                       “Get interested, get involved, and do something.”                                    — Ronald Kabaale

                       Dr. Lara Grusczynski, assistant professor of       Meyer was responsible for establishing a local chapter
                       history and political science, nominated the       of the ONE campaign, which seeks to alleviate
                       students for the award.                            global poverty; currently serves as local chair for the
                                                                          Invisible Children campaign; organized the Better
                       She said Kabaale has used sports as a way to
                                                                          World Books drive; participated in the Model United
                       foster community relations and understanding,
                                                                          Nations for five years; and had speaking engagements
                       particularly among underserved communities
                                                                          at local high schools.
                       and children.
                                                                          Both recipients said they felt honored by the
                     “His work with children and the blind represents
                                                                          recognition and reflected each on their personal
                   his belief that healing conflict is directly tied to
                                                                          reasons for getting involved.
              serving in the community,” Grusczynski wrote in
              his nomination. “His efforts have contributed to the        “It’s like the ‘ripple effect’ that was once the Stritch
              success of literally dozens of local youth.”                motto – through an education here at home, we can
                                                                          make a difference around the world,” said Meyer. “If
              He has served as a volunteer for the Wisconsin
                                                                          we can keep this idea in mind, any of us can make a
              Association of Blind Athletes, a youth mentor for the
                                                                          big difference in the world.”
              Agape Community Center, and a youth counselor
              with the Easter Seals Society.                              Kabaale expressed his desire to get the truth out about
                                                                          peace and justice issues and encourages others to be
              In addition to local causes, Grusczynski noted Kabaale’s
                                                                          part of the solution. He summed it up neatly by saying,
              “diligent work to seek an end to genocide, famine, and
                                                                          “Get interested, get involved, and do something.”

4   Stritch Magazine Summer 2009
Global Lessons
Stritch celebrates 45th
    year in Model U.N.
                                 By sCott rudie

                                                                                            stritch students Chris reed (left)
                                                                                            and adam Budz at last semester’s
                                             are subsequently                                          Model U.N. in St. Louis.
 This year marks the 45th anniversary    drafted and then presented to             Stritch
 of Stritch’s participation in the       the U.N. General Assembly on              students
 Midwest Model U.N., a program that      the third day of the event.               will represent the
 provides an environment for students                                              Russian Federation.
                                         “Students work on an issue that
 to research and debate the most
                                         many of them are interested in            Last year, the Stritch delegation
 pressing international issues in an
                                         professionally,” said Dr. Lara            represented Pakistan. Since the
 effort to broaden their understanding
                                         Grusczynski, assistant professor          positions that the students must
 of international politics.
                                         of political science and the              argue are inextricably linked
 Every fall, participating colleges      current faculty adviser to Stritch’s      to the country’s culture, it can
 and universities like Stritch are       Model U.N. participants. “It’s            provide for some challenging
 each assigned a nation to represent.    good real-world experience.”              moments, said Grusczynski.
 Students become the delegation
                                         Adam Budz, a junior political science     “I know it was difficult to argue
 of the country assigned, and
                                         major, has participated in Model          positions against women’s rights,
 spend the subsequent months
                                         U.N. for the last three years. The        but the students had to, because that
 studying the full range of issues
                                         ability to step outside oneself and       was Pakistan’s position,” she said.
 actually facing that country.
                                         see the perspectives, opinions and
 The duty of each college or             culture of other nations has made it a    In other cases over the years, students
 university is to argue the country’s    valuable educational experience with      represented countries like Great
 position when the Model U.N.            practical career benefits, he said.       Britain and even the United States.
 convenes each spring in St. Louis.                                                Although representing these countries
                                          “It allows you to put yourself in        often does not seem as exciting
 Sister Justine Peter, OSF, Ph.D.,       another nation’s shoes,” he said. “It’s   for students as other, more exotic
 professor of history, has observed      very much helped me with public           locales, it nonetheless offers some
 how deeply students come to             speaking skills, and I’ve also found      fresh perspectives on international
 understand the nuanced positions        a new passion for my major.”              relations and even ethnocentrism.
 of the countries assigned, as she was
                                         As a result, one-of-a-kind learning       “By representing America in an
 a faculty adviser to Stritch’s Model
                                         opportunities have presented              international setting, you actually
 U.N. participants for many years.
                                         themselves for Stritch students           learn a lot more about being an
 “It’s the next best thing to getting    over the years. For example, Stritch      American than you otherwise
 out of the country,” she said.          students represented South Africa         would,” Grusczynski said.
 “They learn to be another country;      during apartheid in 1963 and Iran
 they really live it. Students can       during the 1973 oil crisis. In 1987,      For Budz, the experience has helped
 forget almost everything you            representing the United Arab              place his career aspirations in
 taught them in the classroom but        Emirates, the Stritch delegation          clearer focus. He plans to attend law
 they will never forget this.”           prepared a position paper titled,         school after graduating from Stritch.
                                         “Measures for Eliminating the             Although he is not sure what kind
 The Model U.N. closely mirrors the                                                of law he hopes to focus on, he has
                                         Problem of International Terrorism.”
 structure of the actual organization                                              shifted more of his attention to foreign
 headquartered in New York. Stritch      Stritch also represented countries        policy. “I owe the Model U.N. for a lot
 students break off to meet with         such as Norway, Ireland, Ghana, Italy,    of the success I’ve had so far,” he said.
 the various committees of the U.N.      Japan, Belgium, and others. Next year,    “It’s a very valuable opportunity.”

                                                                                               Stritch Magazine Summer 2009   5
ties                                      Commitment to service, kinship connect
                                          alumnus to Barack and Michelle obama

                                                                                 By sar a woelFel

                                                                                       n January, Stritch alumni
                                                                                       Tony, ’87, and Christa
                                                                                       Shields, ’93, ’00, and their
                                                                                       daughters, Ashley and
                                                                                       Sophia, traveled east from
                                                                                       their Wisconsin home to
                                                                       attend a family celebration. Not quite the
                                                                     intimate gathering of past family events, these
                                                                   festivities included a day of volunteering, prayer
                                                                  service, parade, formal ball, millions of joyful
                                                                 people, and an historic speech by Tony’s cousin’s
                                                                husband that echoed around the world.
                                                             “The inauguration was a fantastic opportunity for us
                                                            personally and a wonderful event for America,” said
                                                          Tony Shields, who is a first cousin of first lady Michelle
                                                         Obama. “To have the chance to see it on a personal level
                                                        was a wonderful thing. It was truly an honor to be invited.”
                                                       Having grown up with Michelle Obama in Chicago, Shields
                                                     said he feels deeply connected to the couple and even months
                                                    after the inauguration still marvels at the sight of them on TV or
                                                  in the news.
                                                “It’s a blast to see, because they are just my family,” Shields said.
                                              “They are parents. They are relatives. They are friends. They’re just
                                             great people.”
                                          Yet Shields does not just laud the president and first lady from a personal
                                         perspective, but also as the first full-time executive director of the United
                                        Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee (UNCOM), a collaboration of eight
                                       Milwaukee-area neighborhood agencies that provide supportive services and
                                     resources. He started the job in March, relying on the community relations
                                    background he built working primarily for the Milwaukee Bucks and Harley-
                                   Davidson during the past two decades.

6   Stritch Magazine Summer 2009
“What a lot of families and young people need is to be            of people in the community who recognize that this is the
inspired,” Shields said. “We need to see the end result of        time collaboration, volunteers and resources are needed.”
doing things the right way. We need to see what education
                                                                  Growing up in a family “rooted in working with the
can do for us. What hard work, a firm handshake, eye
                                                                  community,” Shields feels naturally drawn to professional
contact, what those things mean. And, on a very real
                                                                  opportunities that enable him to provide service to those
level, having someone like the president and first lady
                                                                  in need.
demonstrate what it takes to do things the right way and
how that can pay off really validates a lot of work that          “My job at UNCOM really lends itself to my values and what
we’re doing.”                                                     I find important, which is contributing on a neighborhood
                                                                  level to the betterment of the Milwaukee community and
The UNCOM member agencies – Agape Community
                                                                  the people who live and work here,” Shields said. “There’s
Center, COA Youth and Family Centers, Journey House,
                                                                  always a place for everybody to find their niche in giving
Milwaukee Christian Center, Next Door Foundation,
                                                                  back to the community and giving back to serving people,
Northcott Neighborhood House, Neighborhood House of
                                                                  so I’ve really enjoyed having that opportunity through my
Milwaukee and Silver Spring Neighborhood Center – each
                                                                  professional career. And it’s really been, for me, the best of
have their own niches, providing a range of services that
                                                                  both worlds.”
may include food assistance, community meals, after-
school programs, youth opportunities, activities for seniors,     That’s why it is so easy for Shields to get behind the president
neighborhood improvements, adult education, English               and first lady, especially in their effort to emphasize the
classes, health services, and career development coaching.        importance of community service and civic responsibility.
In addition, UNCOM also is an operating partner of the            “We need your service, right now at this moment in
Zilber Neighborhood Initiative, a mass effort launched by         history,” said President Obama when signing the Edward M.
philanthropist Joseph Zilber to improve poor neighborhoods        Kennedy Serve America Act in April. “I’m not going to tell
in Milwaukee.                                                     you what your role should be. That’s for you to discover. But
                                                                  I’m asking you to stand up and play your part. I’m asking
While Shields admitted the challenges of the economy
                                                                  you to help change history’s course, put your shoulder up
could be a hardship for some nonprofits, he said UNCOM’s
                                                                  against the wheel.”
solid history of collaboration and effectiveness will see
them through difficult times.                                     Shields believes messages like this from a man who has his
                                                                  own history of service to the community will resonate with
“Obviously this economy is going to have an effect on how
                                                                  the American people.
people and foundations give money and make grants, how
much they give and where they give it to,” Shields said.          “If the Obama presidency can captivate a fraction of the
“That comes with the territory. But one of the other things       people who got excited about the election and move them
you will see is that in times like this, because nonprofit        to consider the importance of service in their community,
organizations are providing services for people that are          then not only will nonprofits benefit, but the community as
needed, you see a lot of people who are rallying. You see a lot   a whole will benefit from that,” Shields said.

                                                                                                     Stritch Magazine Summer 2009   7
                                   By Brett Kell

                                   stritch’s saint Clare Center

                                   for Ministry Formation is

                                   completing its second year

                                   of operations and has already

                                   experienced rapid growth

                                   and much success with its

                                   programs. Since opening in

                                   2007, the center has added

                                   staff members in order to

                                   better serve its mission of

                                   preparing professional lay

                                   ministers and lay volunteers

                                   to lead.

8   Stritch Magazine Summer 2009
In a letter of endorsement last year, former Milwaukee   expanding reach
Archbishop Timothy Dolan, now archbishop of              “We’re truly excited by the progress we’ve made in
New York, said “the Saint Clare Center is quickly        just two years, especially in light of trying times
emerging as the resource for leadership in our           for the Archdiocese,” said Dr. Dan Scholz, Saint
parishes, hospitals and other ministries.”               Clare Center director and coordinator of intellectual
The success of the center’s programs is evident in its   formation. “We’re confident that we can increase our
enrollment numbers and the responsiveness of the         capacity to serve the next generation of lay leaders
local community:                                         as we move forward, continuing to provide the best
                                                         programs and services, and reaching out to other
pentecost Mission                                        ministries.”
This yearlong education and discernment program,
designed for those who may not be seeking formal lay     In addition to an administrative coordinator and four
ministry roles but want to grow in their relationship    staff members who head intellectual, human, pastoral
with God, has enrolled more than 100 students this       and spiritual formation, the Saint Clare Center added
year. The program is offered in Spanish and English,     a second coordinator of human formation, Maria
both on and off campus.                                  Borda Wiesner, and an administrative assistant,
                                                         Yanelis Picado.
degree and certificate programs
Enrollment in graduate degree programs, offered          Borda Wiesner was brought on board to help
through the Religious Studies department, increased      coordinate the large number of Spanish-speaking
from a traditional yearly average of 30-35 students to   program participants. She, Picado and Father Niles
nearly 100 students at the end of the center’s second    Kaufman, OFM, Cap., coordinator of spiritual
year. The two-year Certificate in Lay Ministries         formation, are all fluent Spanish speakers.
program has grown from one group of 12 students          The Saint Clare Center is the first lay ministry
the first year, to three cohort groups, two in English   program in the United States designed specifically
and one in Spanish, with a total of 49 students.         to offer comprehensive formation based on
Co-workers Breakfast series                              “Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord,” a 2005
The Saint Clare Center’s four Co-Workers Breakfast       document created by the United States Conference
series events, which feature guest lecturers who are     of Catholic Bishops.
themselves richly connected to ministry work, have       The center has received praise and support from
drawn nearly 600 people. An additional 600 attended      the lay and ordained leadership of the Milwaukee
the center’s first and second annual Symposium on        Archdiocese. Dr. H. Richard McCord, executive
Lay Ecclesial Ministry, designed to address critical     director of the United States Conference of Catholic
issues within the church and the role of lay ministry.   Bishops’ Secretariat for Family, Laity, Women and
professional development                                 Youth, said that the center’s adherence to “Co-Workers
The center’s professional development services           in the Vineyard of the Lord” makes all the difference.
address the needs of Catholic parish and school          “The Stritch effort stands out because its certificate
ministries, including parish staff and K-12 Catholic     and degree programs have been redesigned in light
school administrators, teachers, and staff. Through      of this document,” he told the Milwaukee Journal
workshops, days of reflection, and consultations, the    Sentinel in 2007. “That comprehensive use makes
center is now working directly with many Catholic        Stritch’s approach one of a kind in the nation.”
parishes and schools. For example, it provides adult
faith formation and Catholic identity programs at all
12 Milwaukee Archdiocesan Catholic high schools.

                                                                                                Stritch Magazine Summer 2009   9
                                                                                  students inject
                                                                               worship with fresh
                                                                                                 By sar a woelFel

           They call themselves the CORE Team. And they are                As a result, daily Mass shifted to a new time that
           determined, enthusiastic and creative.                          accommodates more class schedules; a Sunday night
                                                                           Catholic Mass restarted after going on hiatus last year
           “We’re the machine, the brainstorming center for other
                                                                           due to low attendance; and an ecumenical praise and
           students,” said freshman Jessica Brown.
                                                                           worship service began on Thursday nights.
           And they come together every couple of weeks to sit
                                                                           In just a few months, attendance is up at Sunday night
           around a large table and chat about faith, worship,
                                                                           Mass and a growing number of students of all faiths are
           community, prayer and opportunities. Despite
                                                                           discovering the free-flowing praise and worship nights.
           sometimes divergent opinions, the group of about a
           dozen students is bound by its common mission to                “With us putting more out there, I think they are
           create reinvigorated worship opportunities that speak           getting used to the idea of having more things available
           to their generation.                                            to them,” said Brown. “And with us being enthusiastic
                                                                           about this and saying, ‘This is really fun’ or ‘Yeah, I
           “I think what we were originally searching for was
                                                                           helped put this together,’ it kind of fuels them to be a
           other college students who were searching for the same
                                                                           little more motivated, I think.”
           thing,” Brown said. “I mean, we’re in a completely new
           area of our life. It’s a new school. It’s a new set of rules,   Freshman Jake Zappa started off the academic year
           new set of classes. And it was just really difficult.”          attending Mass at another local campus where he
                                                                           felt a vibrant, youthful spiritual energy. He took the
           The CORE Team first came together in late fall after
                                                                           experiences he had and emotions he felt at those
           several members attended a Stritch retreat. After just a
                                                                           services and helped create a vision for the Sunday night
           couple of meetings, they worked with Jon Metz, campus
                                                                           student-led Mass, which now includes student readers,
           minister, and Father Jim Gannon, OFM, executive
                                                                           musicians and lay ministers.
           director for mission/identity to initiate some immediate
           changes to Mass schedules and introduce new worship             “I think the proudest moment I had in this group is, a
           opportunities.                                                  couple of weeks ago, I was walking through the hall and
                                                                           I heard someone on the phone and they simply said,
           “The team as a whole is very interested in the Franciscan
                                                                           ‘No, I can’t Sunday night. We have Mass,’” Zappa said.
           values and developing faith life for everybody on
                                                                           “And I thought that was the coolest thing to hear that
           campus,” Metz said.
                                                                           someone was planning their lives around the liturgical
                                                                           event we had brought about.”

10   Stritch Magazine Summer 2009
                                                                              “Anyone from the audience who wishes
                                                                             to lead the song can hop up on stage and
                                                                            kind of have their rock-star moment,”
                                                                            Brown said.

                                         photos by naomi Kaufman          Sister Camille Kliebhan, OSF, Ph.D.,
                                                                         chancellor and past president of Stritch, said
                                                                        the lively student-led worship opportunities
Father Jim said Campus Ministry has tried different
                                                               now on campus are a reflection of trends in churches
Mass times and formats in an attempt to attract more
                                                               throughout the U.S.
students to services, but often felt they could not
compete with other student activities and interests. He        “I think it’s the same kind of direction that’s happening
is encouraged by the progress made by the CORE Team.           in our parishes,” Sister Camille said. “The influence of
                                                               the lay person is greater in churches now, not only the
“It’s the fact that it’s led by the students is what I think
                                                               participation at Mass, but in just running the parish and
produces the energy,” Zappa said. “It’s the fact that it’s
                                                               the dependency of the priest on that kind of help.”
one of us standing up there singing and inviting the
congregation to sing as well. It’s not a staff member          She marvels at the contrast between today’s worship
playing the piano. It’s one of us. And that’s the energy. I    and the more formal Mass Stritch offered in the early
think that’s where it comes from.”                             1960s. She said all students were required to attend
                                                               Sunday morning Mass dressed in caps, gowns, white
“I think there is a new sense of community. I think
                                                               gloves and high heels. They would process from Clare
that is what maybe people are feeling,” Metz said at a
                                                               Hall down to the chapel, which was located in the lower
recent meeting of the CORE Team. “It’s really coming
                                                               level of Bonaventure Hall.
from you guys. And that’s why it’s working. It’s because
you tell your roommates to come and they show up.              “And if a student was not in that lineup, someone was
…So there’s people coming to praise and worship and            sent up to the room to find out what the problem was,”
people coming to Sunday night Mass that haven’t done           Sister Camille said. “Some overslept and they tell stories
anything with us before and that’s just because that           today of how they would put their cap and gown on
word now is spreading.”                                        over their nightgown and get to the chapel that way.
                                                               Anyhow, they had to be in the lineup or be accounted
While student input and involvement in the Catholic
                                                               for. So that was pretty strict as it seems to me as I look
Mass must fit within the structure of the liturgy, the
                                                               back now.”
CORE Team has a lot more freedom when planning
each praise and worship service, which is held twice           Since then, Sister Camille has watched as the Mass
a month in Schroeder Auditorium. What transpires               has gradually become more accessible to lay people,
at each of these services is largely unscripted, with a        especially following Vatican II when Catholic leaders
live band, contemporary songs, and an emphasis on              enacted reforms in the 1960s. Now not only men, but
audience participation.                                        also women, are readers, vocalists, musicians, and lay
                                                                                                    Continued on page 17

                                                                                                      Stritch Magazine Summer 2009   11

                                Men’s basketball                         Diener named new head coach
                                coach Fox retires                        Following Fox’s retirement and a national search
                                after 18 years                           for his successor, Stritch has named Drew Diener
                                                                         the new head coach of its men’s basketball team. 
                              Cardinal Stritch University head men’s     Diener was most recently an assistant coach at
                              basketball coach Denny Fox announced       the University of Virginia. Prior to working as an
                              his retirement prior to completing his     assistant, he was Virginia’s director of men’s bas-
                              18th season at the helm for the Wolves.    ketball operations for two seasons.
The owner of a 410-189 career record at Stritch, Fox developed           “It’s with pride and excitement that we welcome
the men’s basketball program into one of the more success-               Drew to the staff here at Stritch,” athletic director
ful National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)             Pat Clemens said. “He brings with him a wealth of
Division II programs. Over the years, he guided the Wolves to            experience and he’s driven to succeed, which are
six NAIA National Basketball Tournament appearances, four                qualities we feel will allow him to be successful
of which came consecutively from 2002-05. He also won eight              here.”
conference titles between the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic
Conference (CCAC) and the Lake Michigan Conference                       A native of Fond du Lac, Wis., Diener is a 2003
(LMC), along with posting 20 or more wins in a season 12                 graduate of Saint Louis University, with a bach-
times.                                                                   elor’s degree in elementary education. As a mem-
                                                                         ber of the basketball team at Saint Louis, Diener
Many of the student athletes who played for Fox also received            ranked sixth on the program’s career three-point
recognition for their development under the coach. Since                 field goals made list and participated in an
joining the CCAC during the 1997-98 season, 22 members                   NCAA Tournament.
of the Wolves have garnered All-Conference status. Fox has
also coached four NAIA All-District players and eight All-               Diener played basketball at Goodrich High School
Americans.                                                               in Fond du Lac, where he was the 1998 Gatorade
                                                                         Wisconsin Player of the Year and an All-America
Not only has Fox made an impact in the men’s basketball pro-             selection. He helped Goodrich, which was
gram, but he also played a large role in the growth of Stritch’s         coached by his father, Dick, to four consecutive
athletic department. The Indiana native spent 16 seasons in a            conference titles and a berth in the state quar-
dual role as head coach and athletic director before choosing            terfinals as a senior. He graduated holding seven
to focus just on coaching basketball this past academic year.            school records, including career points (1,505)
Fox, who serves as the commissioner for the CCAC, was                    and single-game scoring (45).
named athletic director of the year in 2002 for his accomplish-          Diener comes from one of the more notable
ments at Stritch and in the conference. He was also voted into           basketball families in the state of Wisconsin. His
the CCAC Hall of Fame in 2005.                                           brother Drake played at DePaul University and
“Denny Fox has made an unbelievable impact on Cardinal                   is now playing professionally in Italy, while his
Stritch University and its athletics,” athletic director Pat             cousin Travis played at Marquette University and
Clemens said. “He worked continuously to develop honor-                  is now with the Indiana Pacers of the NBA.
able young men and women both on and off the court and we
deeply appreciate everything that he has done. All of us in the          “I’m very excited to have the opportunity to
Wolves family wish him well in his retirement and thank him              take over the men’s basketball program at
for his years of service.”                                               Cardinal Stritch University,” Diener said. “The
                                                                         Wolves have a strong tradition of winning and
                                                                         we’ll work very hard to continue that tradition
                                                                         while making sure we develop our student-ath-
                                                                         letes and put them into positions to make them
                                                                         successful both on and off the court.”

12   Stritch Magazine Summer 2009
Clemens inducted into                                            Gilgenbach selected for 2009-10
NAIA hall of Fame                                                NAIA Youth Leadership Program
Cardinal Stritch University Athletic Director Pat                Women’s basketball player and former
Clemens was inducted into the National Association               Student Government Association president
of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Hall of Fame at              Beth Gilgenbach was named one of
                            a December banquet in                13 student athletes selected nationally
                            Fresno, Calif., that kicked          to represent the National Association
                            off the 2008 NAIA Men’s              of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) in
                            Soccer Championship                  the 2009-10 Red Cross/NAIA Youth
                            Tournament. Clemens was              Leadership Program. Gilgenbach just
                            named to the 2008-09 Hall of         finished her junior year and is majoring
                            Fame class for his meritorious       in political communications.
                            service to men’s soccer and
                            was one of 13 members in this        Now in its third year, the program kicks
                            year’s class.                        off with two weeks of training at Red Cross
                                                                 National Headquarters in Washington,
                         Clemens’ involvement in the             D.C., from June 8-19. The 2009-10 class
                         NAIA and soccer started more            will receive first-hand coaching, mentoring
                         than 20 years ago when he               and professional leadership training from
                         began his career as the official        senior leadership at the Red Cross.
                         scorer for the 1983 NAIA Men’s
                         Soccer National Championship.           Student athletes will learn from civic and business
In 2000, he was named to the NAIA Men’s Soccer Coaches           leaders how to uncover their leadership potential off the
Association Executive Committee, serving for seven years         field. They will learn about organizing successful campus
and eventually becoming president.                               blood drives, actively participate on a leadership board,
                                                                 and take part in diversity and cultural competency
Clemens also served as chair for the All-American Selection      training. For their efforts, students will receive scholarship
Committee, the Hall of Fame Committee, the Research              support provided by the American Red Cross and State
Committee, and the Ratings Oversight Committee. He               Farm Insurance.
was involved in the Ethics Committee and was the NAIA
Region VII men’s soccer chair from 2001-05. In addition,         Panella breaks 500-win mark
Clemens served as the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic
Conference (CCAC) men’s soccer chair.                            Women’s basketball head coach Rich Panella surpassed
                                                                 the 500-win mark this past season, his 22nd with
While Clemens has had an effect on the national stage, he        the team. His career record is 500-127 overall, a .797
also has been a key figure in the integration of athletics and   winning percentage. Panella took the Wolves to the
academics at Stritch. He was a professor in the sport man-       NAIA National Basketball Tournament 12 times, three of
agement program since its inception in 2002 and, in spring       them in the Sweet 16 and two of them in the Elite Eight.
of 2008, Clemens also played an integral role in creating
the Masters in Sports Management degree program, which           He led Stritch to a No. 4 ranking in the nation in 2003-
began last fall.                                                 04, its highest ever final season ranking. He won the
                                                                 Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC)
“Pat has shown a strong commitment to the success of             regular season championship nine times and the CCAC
our student athletes both on and off the field,” said Stritch    tournament championship seven times. He has won 15
President Dr. Helen Sobehart. “We are very proud of him          conference coach of the year awards and went undefeated
and having this honor bestowed on him is a testimony to          in conference play six times throughout his career.
the hard work and success that he has achieved and con-
tinues to achieve.”                                              Panella was inducted into the CCAC Hall of Fame in
                                                                 2005 and was named the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches
                                                                 Association coach of the year in 2006-07. His storied
                                                                 career includes coaching eight NAIA All-Americans and
                                                                 22 All-Conference student athletes.

                                                                                                 Stritch Magazine Summer 2009   13
college of business and management

                                    CBM names new regional associate dean,
                                    moves location, renovates
      The College of Business and           Management degree from Stritch.      security, and the opportunity
     Management recently announced a                                             to improve technology, this
                                            In addition to hiring a new
     series of changes for its operations                                        new location will have a
                                            associate dean, the college also
     in Region III, which covers                                                 positive effect on programs
                                            underwent a move and renovations
     Minnesota and western Wisconsin.                                            and courses that are offered.”
                                            at two key Minnesota locations. In
     Dr. Bruce Loppnow of St. Charles,
                                            late April, its Minnesota regional   Student response has been very
     Minn., has been appointed as
                                            offices moved from Edina to Eden     positive, as they experience new
     regional associate dean for its
                                            Prairie. The new location in the     classrooms, a much larger
     Region III, which is comprised of
                                            Prairie Lakes Center, adjacent       computer laboratory, and
     Minnesota and western Wisconsin.
                                            to the Eden Prairie Mall, is         a small student break and
     Loppnow will direct regional           approximately six miles west of      vending area – amenities that
     activities at Minnesota sites          the former Edina location, which     were absent at the old site.
     in Eden Prairie, Woodbury,             is being permanently closed.
                                                                                 The college also renovated and
     Plymouth, Blaine, and Rochester,
                                            Loppnow explained the decision       re-opened the Rochester, Minn.,
     as well as Eau Claire, Wis. Until
                                            to relocate came after careful       site in March after a short
     his appointment as associate dean,
                                            study and negotiations. The new      downtime. The renovations
     he was an assistant professor at
                                            site has many benefits, including    provided an office for the
     Stritch, teaching in the CBM’s
                                            a new computer laboratory,           nursing program, as well as
     adult accelerated degree programs.
                                            student lounge and work area,        added areas for reception,
     In addition to his teaching
                                            and five classrooms. The location    secure filing and enrollment
     responsibilities, Loppnow served
                                            provides greater operational         counselors. They also improved
     as director of faculty development.
                                            efficiency and gives improved        site security and upgraded
     A former hospital executive who        flexibility for future needs.        computer and telephone cables
     has taught at Stritch for the past                                          in advance of a planned upgrade
                                            “This is an exciting opportunity
     decade, he holds a doctorate                                                scheduled for later this year.
                                            for students in the Twin Cities,”
     from the School of Business
                                            he said. “The Minnesota staff is     The new Minnesota region
     and Technology of Capella
                                            working closely with each cohort     address is 11010 Prairie Lakes
     University with a specialization in
                                            and with faculty to facilitate       Drive, Suite 300, Eden Prairie,
     organization and management, and
                                            a smooth transition. With far        MN 55344. For more information,
     a Master of Science in Healthcare
                                            superior accommodations, better      contact Loppnow at

14   Stritch Magazine Summer 2009
                                                   college of education and leadership

Alums, students                                    College of Education and Leadership
connect through new                                develops community, national partnerships
mentoring program                                  Stritch’s College of Education and Leadership is involved in a number
In March, the College of Business and              of partnerships with local and national organizations that are meant
Management launched a new program                  to tackle the achievement gap in greater Milwaukee schools.
that pairs current associate’s degree
                                                   These partnerships help Stritch place its graduates into communities
students with alumni mentors who provide
                                                   and environments where they are needed most. By collaborating with
ongoing professional and personal support
                                                   Teach for America and Milwaukee Teaching Fellows, the college is
throughout the course of the program.
                                                   able to build upon its commitment to improve educational outcomes
“Many of our students are first-generation         in local schools by developing the best teachers possible through a
students who often have few places to turn         variety of programs both at the graduate and undergraduate levels.
to help them adjust to the rigor of college in
                                                   Also, by establishing the Greater Milwaukee Catholic
their already busy lives,” said Carla Schommer,
                                                   Education Consortium with other local Catholic colleges
associate dean. “We believe they will benefit
                                                   and universities, Stritch is able to draw from its experience
from a mentor relationship with an alum of
                                                   providing value-centered education to assist in delivering
our program who understands these challenges
                                                   resources and expertise to local Catholic K-12 schools.
and can provide them with encouragement,
direction and strategies for success.”             “We are doing everything that we can to provide support, which
                                                   will help K-12 students learn and achieve,” said Dr. Tia Bojar,
Headed by alumna Tina Beckett, ’05, a task
                                                   dean of the college. “Due to the critical need in Milwaukee urban
force of the college’s Business Advisory Council
                                                   schools, the School of Urban Initiatives, headed by Dr. Linda
developed the foundation for the program
                                                   Gordy, has been critical in establishing our partnership with
throughout the last year. Now that the pilot
                                                   Teach for America and the Milwaukee Teaching Fellows.”
program has begun, the college leadership plans
to expand the program by recruiting more           teach for america
alumni, developing additional tools, planning      In February, Teach for America, a national corps of recent college
new events, and setting up more locations.         graduates who commit to teach for at least two years in urban
Schommer said she often hears from alumni          and rural schools in order to help eliminate educational inequity,
who feel grateful for their education and want     announced its expansion to Milwaukee beginning in fall. The
to give back to Stritch. She now can offer this    organization outlined plans to bring 90 top college graduates to
program as an option to those who want to stay     teach in the city’s highest-need schools over the next three years.
connected and help future students succeed.        An estimated 40 students will be enrolled in fall.

“The alumni who are serving as mentors             Stritch and Marquette University will serve as Teach for America’s
are very excited to be part of this program        university partners in Milwaukee. Teach for America corps
and have provided us with a lot of insight         members will enroll in one of the two universities for two years
by sharing what they would have done               in order to complete Wisconsin’s teacher licensure requirements,
differently or what they may have avoided          and will have the opportunity to obtain a master of arts degree in
had they had a mentor to turn to while             education. Corps members teaching in secondary and elementary
they were in the program,” she said.               classrooms will attend Marquette, while those seeking certification
                                                   in bilingual education or special education will enroll at Stritch.
Within the next year, the program will
expand beyond the Milwaukee campus to              “Our expansion would not be possible without Stritch and
potential sites in Brookfield, Kenosha and         Marquette,” said Wendy Kopp, founder and chief executive
both the Madison and Minnesota regions.            officer of Teach for America.“Working with this strong
                                                   Milwaukee coalition, we can provide a new pipeline of
Alumni volunteers interested in becoming           talented teachers and education leaders for the city.”
mentors should contact Schommer at or (414) 410-4436.

                                                                                               Stritch Magazine Summer 2009   15
The Milwaukee Public Schools              “We want to prepare teachers for         College, Marian University and
(MPS) graduation rate has risen           the profession,” said Dr. Linda          Mount Mary College have formed
steadily, from 52 percent in 1999-        Neiman, chair of the Master of Arts      the Greater Milwaukee Catholic
2000 to 70 percent in 2006-07, yet        in Teaching (MAT) program, one           Education Consortium (GMCEC)
Wisconsin still has one of the nation’s   of three areas in which the fellows      to provide academic resources
largest academic achievement gaps         can receive instruction. “They           and professional expertise for the
between black and white students.         come well-prepared and are in it         132 Catholic K-12 schools serving
                                          for the long haul. Their passion         more than 33,000 students in the
“Our partnership with Teach for
                                          is serving the kids they teach.”         Archdiocese of Milwaukee.
America allows us to tackle the
challenges of special education           In addition to the MAT program,          The organization’s start-up efforts
in a new way,” said Dr. Debra             fellows can also pursue tracks           will be aided by a $600,000, three-
Heiss, chair of Stritch’s special         in special education or bilingual        year gift from the Stollenwerk Family
education programs. “By preparing         education. The Ffellows will instruct    Foundation, as well as financial
talented people to provide critical       in the areas of math, science, special   and in-kind support from the
instruction, we’re closing the gap        education, and elementary bilingual      five higher education institutions
and meeting students’ needs.”             education in MPS, receiving a            and partnership support from the
                                          full-time teachers’ salary. The first    Archdiocese’s Office for Schools.
The expansion to Milwaukee is
                                          group of fellows began at Stritch
part of Teach for America’s national                                               Bojar said the consortium will
                                          in fall 2008, and a group of 50 new
growth plan, which calls for a corps                                               focus on three areas: professional
                                          teachers will start in August.
of 7,500 to be teaching in 33 regions                                              development for Catholic school
by next year. The 3,700 incoming          Following the application and            teachers and leaders, emphasizing
Teach for America corps members           selection process, candidates train      best practices in pedagogy and
last year were selected from nearly       in summer before entering their          leadership; Catholic mission
25,000 applicants, many of them           classrooms as full-time teachers in      and identity; and organizational
from the nation’s top universities.       the fall. First-year fellows will be     effectiveness in finance, fundraising,
                                          eligible for an AmeriCorps Education     governance, human resources,
Milwaukee teaching                        Award that will help defer the cost      marketing, planning, public
Fellows program                           of this licensure coursework.            relations, research and technology.

Stritch has also developed a              The fellows program is designed to       Groundwork for the GMCEC was
partnership with the Milwaukee            utilize the diverse backgrounds and      laid in April 2008 when all five
Teaching Fellows program that will        experiences of its participants to       presidents and the education deans of
recruit and train professionals and       effect change. Those who may be just     the institutions, key personnel from
recent college graduates who want to      out of college and seeking a teaching    the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, and
make a difference in the Milwaukee        career can join the fellows program,     former Archbishop Timothy Dolan
community by becoming teachers            as can professionals with years of       met to discuss the GMCEC and its
in high-need public schools.              experience in the business or non-       partnership with the Archdiocese.
                                          profit world who may be looking to
The University is working with                                                     “In these challenging times, we
                                          change careers and make an impact
MPS, which provides fellows with                                                   recognize that it will take multiple
                                          where they are most needed.
emergency licenses and a one-year                                                  programs and partnerships to
contract, with the stipulation that       greater Milwaukee Catholic               address the educational needs of
they commit to an education program                                                our community,” Bojar said. “If we
that will help them hone their skills
                                          education Consortium                     don’t address these critical needs, the
and build the knowledge they need         Cardinal Stritch University,             future of our community is bleak.”
to be effective classroom teachers.       Marquette University, Alverno

                                                                   For more information on these programs,
                                                                   visit their Web sites:
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                                                                                       college of nursing
ministers. She has noticed young people
feel especially compelled to participate in
Mass as part of their worship experience.
“Having just come from a visit with my           Nursing degree offered
niece and her young teenagers, she and
her family now go to an evening Mass on
                                                 at two off-site locations
Sunday and it’s the young people’s Mass,”        The University renewed its Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Completion
Sister Camille said. “There is a guitar and      (BSN-C) degree program at the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center,
there’s music and they sing and they can         where a class of nursing professionals who work at the VA will progress
participate at that level. And that’s really     through the program as a group and complete their degree on site.
what attracts them, their being able, as
                                                 Stritch first offered the BSN-C program at the VA in 2005, but is returning
young people, to have it be ‘our Mass.’
                                                 this time thanks to a congressionally directed grant the University received.
They are not as happy to go to the Mass for
                                                 The purpose of the grant, which will cover tuition fees for the nurses
adults where they don’t participate. Those
                                                 enrolled in the program, is to “increase the number of baccalaureate-
kinds of things are such strong incentives
                                                 prepared registered nurses working at a veteran’s administration hospital
to participate.
                                                 and to retain nurses in the VA system.”
“I hope they don’t lose sight of the
                                                 “In the larger perspective, this grant serves the veterans by providing a
profound value of the Mass itself. But if
                                                 bachelor’s degree to the nurses who care for them,” said April Folgert, RN,
they are there, thank God they are there.
                                                 chair of Stritch’s BSN-C program.
…And that’s terribly important.”
                                                 The announcement of this opportunity at the VA generated a lot of
Father Jim agrees that today’s young adults
                                                 interest among the nursing staff. Those who applied were required to
have a different approach to their personal
                                                 prepare a portfolio that demonstrated their skills, leadership and future
relationships with God.
“People may not be religious in the way
                                                 “Since part of the purpose is to retain nurses in the VA system,
I may think or you may think defines a
                                                 beneficiaries of this grant are expected to continue their employment for
religious person,” Father Jim said. “But
                                                 at least two years after they complete their degree,” Folgert said.
they are very spiritual people. …It may not
be like their parents or their grandparents      When not at the VA, Stritch nursing faculty may be at Community
and it may not include going to Mass or          Memorial Hospital in Menomonee Falls, which is another location
going to church every Sunday.”                   where the University is offering the BSN-C program. Fifteen nurses are
                                                 currently enrolled at the site, with the expectation that another group of
Yet, Father Jim is impressed with the
                                                 about 20 will start there in fall.
creativity and outreach of the CORE Team
and hopes their enthusiasm continues to          “Staff were excited about the program (before starting last fall),” said
grow and gain momentum.                          Kerry Fick, a nurse specialist at Community Memorial. “It has been
                                                 well received and the current cohort is  enhancing interest, excitement
The CORE Team said their next step will
                                                 and support for the program.”
be to continue to feed the spiritual needs of
the campus community through exploring           Folgert attributes the success of the program in large part due to Fick’s
ways to expand existing community                recruitment efforts and support.
service opportunities.
                                                 “We’re so fortunate to have Kerry,” Folgert said. “She’s really been an
“This all started with the simple question:      advocate for the program.”
‘What do you want to see your community
look like?’” Metz said, remembering that         Currently, the Ruth S. Coleman College of Nursing is in the process of
first-semester retreat when a small group        recruiting students for its first out-of-state BSN-C program in Rochester,
was discussing the ideal campus home.            Minn. Nurses interested in more information can contact Holly Krebsbach
“So, I told them, ‘If you want it, let’s build   at (800) 878-7482, ext. 30.
it.’ And they took the challenge.”

                                                                                                 Stritch Magazine Summer 2009   17
They did not come to Stritch from
lives of privilege or neighborhoods
       with white picket fences. But
     they did come full of spirit and
      determination, with a vision of
    working for the common good.
       The lives of Cina Chang and
      Lindsay Rivera are defined by
         the struggles they and their
  families have endured, but these
ambitious young women refuse to
  be limited by them. Despite the
  setbacks, obstacles and voices in
   their lives that told them higher
        education was out of reach,
       both Chang and Rivera have
    spent their lives embracing and
 honing their natural talents, which
      ultimately led them to Stritch.
 Now, bolstered and emboldened
 by their university education, they
each envision using their talents to
  uplift others, fight systems, create
  opportunities, and enable others
   to escape difficult circumstances
             in favor of a better life.

       18   Stritch Magazine Summer 2009
By Bret t Kell
 Growing up in Fresno, Calif., Cina Chang couldn’t
 shake the nagging sense that there was something
  more in store for her. As she started to better
   understand the world around her, she grew tired
    of the gang fights, steely glares and sleepless
     nights in her hardscrabble neighborhood.
      She knew there were certain expectations
       of young Hmong women, like helping to
        support their families. But Chang, now a
         senior majoring in music, religious studies
          and political science, decided to leave
           home to attend Stritch even though her
            parents wished she’d stay closer to home.
             “I knew it was the only way I could
              achieve my dreams and help create
               a better life for my family,” she said,
                recalling her difficult decision.
                 She came to Stritch to study music
                  and religious studies. Both were
                   revered in her family as long as
                    she could remember. But even
                     though Chang’s father played
                      the guitar and wanted music to
                       be a part of his children’s lives,
                        training to become a musician
                         was not a highly supported
                          or understood pursuit in
                           the Hmong community.
                           The discouragement she
                           felt motivated Chang
                            to continue pursuing
                             what she believed was
                              her calling. She didn’t
                               care that the odds
                                were against her.
                                 She shared a one-
                                  bedroom apartment

 photos by Kou Vang
                             Stritch Magazine Summer 2009   19
with her parents, three brothers, one sister, and, on               “All I ever heard when I was younger was ‘you’re liv-
occasion, her grandparents. Her mother was unable to                ing in America – you have all these opportunities,’” she
work due to a disability. Her father worked two full-time           recalled. “They associated success with being a doctor
jobs to make ends meet. They lived on welfare for a few             or a lawyer or someone with a high-paying job. Security
years, the rough neighborhood closing in around them.               mattered most to them because they never had any.
                                                                    They hoped we wouldn’t have to suffer like they did.
“Drive-by shootings were normal,” she said. “From our
                                                                    It definitely put pressure on me, but in a good way.”
window, I saw guys exchanging guns. We had to walk
everywhere, and we heard shootings all the time.”                   Despite her parents’ understanding of the value of music
                                                                    and of higher education, they weren’t keen on their
This hard life was nothing new for Chang’s parents. They
                                                                    daughter leaving home to attend college out of state.
fled Laos during their teenage years to escape the persecu-
tion of the Hmong peo-                    ple by the com-           “I don’t think they thought I could get very far with
munist                                    Pathet Lao gov-           music, in terms of making money,” she said. “I did
                                           ernment. With            the double major to show them that I don’t disre-
                                           the help of a            gard what they think. But they think the same thing
                                            Catholic church,        about religious studies – how will I make any money?
                                             they settled           So that’s part of why I’m now doing political sci-
                                              in Green Bay,         ence as well – I will have all these tools to help me.”
                                               where they
                                                                    Chang’s interest in political science wasn’t just a knee-
                                               attended high
                                                                    jerk effort to please her parents. To hear her tell it,
                                                school. Later,
                                                                    it was a slow burn that developed into a flame.
                                                 they settled
                                                  in Fresno         “The Hmong culture is very communal,” she said.
                                                   and had          “We do things not for ourselves, but for the good of
                                                   children,        our family and our community. I was brought up that
                                                    and they        way, and I don’t think I could ever forget that.”
                                                     encour-        She wanted to pursue religious studies because she
                                                      aged          saw a need in her community for people who could
                                                      them to       exert a positive influence on others. An increase in
                                                       make a       divorce in the Hmong community made her wonder
                                                       better       what she could do to help people stay together, pos-
                                                        life for    sibly in family or adult ministry. Looking at things
                                                         them-      through the prism of her own experience only broad-
                                                          selves.   ened her goals at Stritch. She recalled a politically
                                                                    charged conversation with her brother in which he criti-
                                                                    cized those on welfare and said they were abusing it.
                                                                    “I didn’t know for a long time that my family was on
                                                                    welfare when I was younger,” she said. “So I thought
                                                                    about what my brother was saying, and I disagreed. My
                                                                    dad worked two full-time jobs! I think the only reason
                                                                    my family survived was because of welfare. If those
                                                                    parts of our system designed to help people didn’t exist,
                                                                                                           I don’t know
                                                                                                           where we’d be.”
                                                                                                            Now, Chang hopes
                                                                                                            to help change
                                                                                                            things for the
                                                                                                            better and utilize
                                                                                                            her knowledge

20   Stritch Magazine Summer 2009
to draw attention to human rights
abuses in Laos and elsewhere,            “It hadn’t been tuned in
                                                                                   I gave up a lot of things for my
improve conditions in refugee            years,” Chang said.
camps, start schools at orphanages,                                                family, and I felt guilty for a long
                                         By age 16, Chang was working to help
or work on immigration reform.
                                         her family, but also managed to save
“As someone whose parents were           money for piano lessons. Her teacher,     time, but I had to tell them that I
immigrants, it’s tough to see            Agnes Oh, liked Chang immensely
firsthand the effects of the flaws in    and was impressed by how quickly
                                                                                   couldn’t help them for much longer
our system,” she said. “There are        she learned. But just as quickly, Chang
                                                                                   unless I continued my education.
always certain prejudices wherever       ran out of savings to pay for the
you go. You have to adjust.”             lessons. Despite this, Oh gave Chang      Now they see what I’m doing and
                                         free lessons for the next two years.
M U S I C A N D FA I T H                 The practice paid off. Chang joined       they’re quite proud. All of this has
I N T E RT W I N E D                     a well-known Hmong band called
Chang’s interest in music came at        Paradise, becoming the first female       brought us closer.
an early age, fueled by her parents’     keyboardist to play in an all-male
desire to cultivate a semblance of       Hmong band. The group’s message
cultural richness in the children’s      of peace, love and joy brought the        well as seeing her unafraid to express
lives. She started playing piano         community together and allowed            herself. Her passion is inspiring!”
and flute at age 8, and was playing      them to perform across the country.
piano in church by age 10.                                                         Chang previously attended Fresno
                                         After high school, Chang sought a         City College, which had more than
“My grandfather, back in Laos, housed
                                         college that offered both religious       20,000 students. She liked Stritch not
French missionaries who came to
                                         studies and music. She found Stritch’s    only for its programs, but also for
learn the Hmong language and
                                         Web site and began corresponding          its small class sizes, high academic
culture,” she said. “My dad’s entire
                                         with Dr. Dennis King, chair of the        standards and friendly vibe. She
family has been Catholic ever since.”
                                         music department; Dr. Eun-Joo             has become particularly fond of Dr.
This influence meant a rich faith        Kwak, associate professor of piano;       Lance Richey, associate professor
life for the Chang family. Church        and Sister Coletta Dunn, OSF,             of religious studies, and Dr. Lara
played a key role for Chang not just     professor of religious studies.           Grusczynski, assistant professor
as a place to hone her musical skills,                                             of political science. She said their
                                         “I just wanted to see what Stritch
but also as a place of refuge and                                                  willingness to challenge and nurture
                                         offered, and they were so open
worship. Music and faith became                                                    her meant a lot during tough times.
                                         and inviting,” she said. “I thought
intertwined. It was in church where
                                         that a school that cared so much          “Cina has impressed me with
she first heard and fell in love with
                                         about some kid e-mailing them             her positivity and humility,”
the music of composer Frederic
                                         would be a really good fit for me.”       said Richey. “She is a woman of
Chopin. From that moment on,
she was determined to play it.                                                     strong faith, and she lives that
                                         Kwak, who helped Chang practice for
                                                                                   faith fully and authentically.”
                                         her recent senior recital performance
Her parents had worked hard to pay
                                         of Chopin’s Ballade No. 1, said
for a piano teacher, who became
                                         that the young woman’s diligence          GIVING BACK
too expensive. They told her she
                                         outweighs even her prodigious talent.     As she nears graduation, Chang
had to give it up. She spent the next
                                                                                   said she’s thinking about graduate
couple of years playing at church        “Cina has absorbed so much, both          school – possibly a program in
and reading music on her own,            personally and in her music study,”       international relations or a related
dreaming of one day playing Chopin.      she said. “She jumped on the              field. Grusczynski, who has had
She played on an electric keyboard       opportunity to improve her technique,     Chang in multiple classes, said that
borrowed from the church until her       and to help her become the pianist        the young woman’s inquisitive nature
parents eventually bought a second-      she hopes to be means as much             and dogged determination to give
hand piano from a thrift store.          to me as it does to her. I value our      back will translate into success.
                                         personal connection and trust, as

                                                                                              Stritch Magazine Summer 2009   21
“Cina has really figured out her vocation,” she said. “She’s been
successful in drawing more attention to Southeast Asia. She
wants to combine her triple major with her interests to do some
good in the world, which I admire. She’s a good example of
how to bring together diverse interests in a focused way.”
Chang’s knack for getting involved was, like her musical talent,
developed at a young age. In Fresno, she was a member of
Involved Catholic Youth, a Hmong church group. She served on
an events committee that planned the group’s car washes, yard
sales, fundraisers and annual themed retreats, which helped
the participants identify more strongly with one another.
In this environment, Chang often stressed compassion
and seeing things from different perspectives
as a means of building mutual respect.
“We build on our common identity rather than our
differences,” said Mia Her, the former president of Involved
Catholic Youth. “Cina was an important part of our
outreach to young people in the Hmong community.
She helped them bond with each other, which in
turn helped us promote stronger communities.”
Now, Chang sees parallels between smaller,
tighter-knit groups like her family and larger
communities like Fresno or Milwaukee.
“If people just listen to one another, they start to get a
sense that they have more in common than they think,
and it brings them a little closer together,” she said.
Despite the financial, emotional and cultural
difficulties she’s faced since leaving home at 19 to
come to Stritch, Chang said it’s all been worth it.
“I gave up a lot of things for my family, and
I felt guilty for a long time, but I had to tell
them that I couldn’t help them for much
longer unless I continued my education. Now
they see what I’m doing and they’re quite
proud. All of this has brought us closer.”
When she participated in the Miss Asian
American Pageant at age 19, Chang
based her platform speech on a quote by
Mother Teresa: “Love begins at home,
and it is not how much we do... but how
much love we put in that action.”
Her speech touched on poverty
and helping others to create a
better community through shared
prosperity and compassion. Years
later, it’s evident that Cina Chang
took those words to heart.

22   Stritch Magazine Spring 2008
By sCot t rudie                             knew they could come to me if they
As a teenager, a knock came on Lindsay      had an issue, like with a shooting.”
Rivera’s front door almost every night.
                                            The knocks and subsequent
She would dutifully answer, and             discussions became an accepted part
she was almost always met by a              of life for Rivera and her family.
person with a story, a question,
 or a request for advice.                   “It happened a lot,” recalled Juan Rivera,
                                            Lindsay’s father. “People would come
 One of the more remarkable                 over and she would listen. She’s always
 exchanges occurred when Rivera             been a great listener, and she’s always
 was a high school freshman. A              wanted to help. It is always just amazing
 friend had been shot at and the            to watch how people respond to her.”
  altercation left him both rattled and
  enraged, and so he came to her.           That ability to listen made
                                            her a trusted confidant in the
   “I’m just going to go back and           neighborhood, even for the boys.
   get him,” Rivera remembers him
   saying as he seethed with anger.         “I was a big tomboy, so all the guys
                                            would come to me,” she said. “I would
    “You just came back from the            get a knock on the door, and my mom
    hospital,” she replied. “Can we         would say, ‘Your boyfriend’s on the
    sit down and talk about this?”          porch.’ I would say, ‘Oh. Which one?’
                                            It would actually be one of the kids,
     This kind of interaction became
                                            and it would be about a girlfriend
     commonplace in Rivera’s
                                            and a situation that was going on.
     neighborhood, referred to as “Little
                                            One time a friend came to me about
     Mexico,” on the south side of
                                            a drug situation that was going to
      Milwaukee. The problems of her
                                            happen. One of his friends wound up
      friends and acquaintances found
                                            getting shot, and he wanted revenge.”
      themselves at her front door
       often, and Rivera was known as       Describing herself as someone “who
       the neighborhood peacemaker          came from the other side of the tracks,”
       who always had an ear to lend.       Rivera has used experiences such as
                                            these to inform her life and career
       “When kids would have issues,
                                            aspirations, especially since becoming a
       my house was a safe house,”
                                            student at Cardinal Stritch University.
       she said. “Everyone knew not
        to mess around there. No            Rivera, currently a junior, originally
        one fought in my yard. I’ve         planned to study pre-med and biology,
         always been the rescuer in my      but she later learned about Stritch’s
         neighborhood. They always          psychology major, and her background
     as neighborhood peacemaker made         said Juan Rivera. “I was really             You can actually do that?’” she
     the field a natural career choice.      worried. You always want better             recalled. “We don’t have to live in
                                             for your kids, so I didn’t want to let      this bubble that we’ve always been
     “I realized that I have been
                                             her down. And I said let’s at least         put in. We don’t have to go out and
     doing that since I was little,
                                             take a look and give it a shot.”            gang bang or become minimum wage
     but I didn’t realize that could
                                                                                         workers. We’ve always grown up with
     actually be a field,” she said.         Rivera later applied for a Stritch
                                                                                         responsibility in our heads, and that
                                             tuition grant. A week later, she
     Much like her friends and classmates,                                               usually means we need to get a job
                                             received unexpected news via a
     Rivera took some convincing that                                                    right away to support the family.”
                                             message on her answering machine.
     college was even a possibility.
                                             The Stritch counselor reported              Rivera’s 16-year-old brother, J.J., is
     “High school was rough for me,” she     that, as a result of the tuition            experiencing similar moments of
     said. “I was just trying to get out.”   grant as well as other financial            frustration with high school and a
                                             aid, Rivera’s financial obligation          skepticism about college, but he has
     But a determined high school            would be $2,000 for her first year.         a more immediate role model than
     guidance counselor intervened                                                       Rivera did when she was his age.
     and insisted that higher education      Rivera recalls how, in that instant, her
                                                                                         His dream of being a video game
     was a legitimate option. When           mind raced with the possibilities.
                                                                                         programmer is not out of reach.
     Rivera dismissed his enthusiasm,
                                             “We can do that! We can
     she said he would challenge                                                         “If that’s something you really want,
                                             do that!” she said.
     her and ask, “Why not?”                                                             then do it,” she remembers telling
                                             A moment later, the admissions              him. “One day I was all choked up
     Late in her junior year of high                                                     because he said to me, ‘Lindsay,
                                             representative apologized and
     school, a Stritch admissions                                                        you’re actually doing it. It’s something
                                             corrected himself, saying that Rivera’s
     counselor came to her school and,                                                   you’re actually going after.’”
                                             obligation wasn’t $2,000. It was $200.
     after learning about the University,
     Rivera said, “I fell in love.”          Rivera said she stood in front of           Rivera is majoring in psychology
                                             the phone in stunned disbelief.             and minoring in sociology, and
     She was accepted at Stritch,                                                        hopes to receive certification in
     but the financial challenges            “There’s no way it can be $200,” she        social work after graduation. While
     remained, or so they thought.           said to her mother. “This is college.”      in social work, she plans to earn a
     “When she first mentioned Stritch, I    She played the phone message                master’s and Ph.D. in psychology.
     remember saying, ‘Oh my goodness,’”     again. And again. But the voice             Ultimately, she hopes to start her
                                             said “$200” each time.                      own practice. She also would like to
                                             Still not completely convinced,             create a non profit organization in
                                             she confirmed the number with               her old neighborhood to emphasize
                                             a follow-up phone call. At that             that college is a real possibility – and
People said, ‘You’re going to                instant, college ceased to be a path        not something reserved for “those
                                             reserved for “those other people.”          other people,” as she once thought.
college? You can actually do that?’                                                      “In my neighborhood, the
                                             “I think I screamed after I hung up
                                             the phone,” she recalled. “I said to        attitude was, ‘Oh, that’s for those
We don’t have to live in this                                                            rich people’ or ‘That’s for those
                                             myself, ‘I’m going to go to college and
                                             I’m only paying $200 my first year.’ At     smart people.’ Why aren’t we
bubble that we’ve always been                                                            considered smart?” she said.
                                             high school, I was screaming in the
put in. We don’t have to go                  halls, ‘I got accepted! I got accepted!’”   Juan Rivera recalls his daughter
                                             Incredulity was the common response         pushing or breaking down
out and gang bang or become                                                              barriers like this her entire life.
                                             from her friends when she shared
minimum wage workers.                        that her destination after high school      “She’s a go-getter,” he said. “She
                                             was Cardinal Stritch University.            pushes, and she’s always strived to do
                                             “People said, ‘You’re going to college?     better. Whatever she’s received she

     24   Stritch Magazine Summer 2009
  always wants to do more. People         problems in Rivera’s community        she gives them a hug at the end.
  know that. If she doesn’t know          made the situation worse.             She just knows how to make
  how to help, she will find someone                                            connections with people.”
                                           “I was able to go home on
  that does. Coming from the
                                          the weekends and talk to her          Rivera continues to serve as
  neighborhood we come from, it’s
                                          about that,” she said. “I had to      a resource for those back in
  just great to have her where she is.”
                                          tell her that it had to do with       her old neighborhood. People
  Her education in psychology             her carrying so much that she         instinctively know to reach out
  has already proved valuable to          couldn’t deal with it all. In the     to her. Phone calls, e-mails,
  others, as Rivera was able to           end, our relationship got closer.”    or text messages abound.
  respond to perhaps the most
                                          Rivera continues to hone her          “I’m still the safety net for
  personal challenge of her life
                                          abilities to both listen and offer    a lot of them,” she said.
  when she extended a hand
                                          sound advice. As a campus tour
  of support to her mother.                                                     And she’s excited about the
                                          guide, she has become the face
                                                                                day in which she can return
  “My mom loves sunlight,” she said.      of Stritch to future freshmen of
                                                                                to Little Mexico. Armed with
  “Every morning I would wake up          the University. A campus tour
                                                                                her Stritch education and a
  and my eyes would hurt because          with Rivera usually ends with
                                                                                commitment to serve, she plans
  all the shades would be open.           a new connection to Stritch
                                                                                to reopen the front porch.
  When the shades started to go           and the possibilities that exist
  down, and she really didn’t care        there, said Lizzie Heiden, service    “I knew that I needed to get
  about who was calling, you knew         and hospitality coordinator.          more knowledge to help the
  there was something wrong.”                                                   people who helped me get where
                                          “Incoming students are more
                                                                                I am,” she said. “To actually
  The psychological issue her mother      willing to ask questions to
                                                                                help that community realize its
  was experiencing was deeply             someone their own age, so she’s
                                                                                potential would be amazing.”
  unsettling for the family, and the      great when giving campus tours,”
  stigma attached to these kinds of       she said. “Forty minutes later,

                                                                                          alumni news
                                                                               Upcoming Events                                                                   Stritch Magazine Summer 2009   25
alumni news

Stritch a nnounces alumni a wa rd winners
At its annual Alumni Awards Dinner held on April 22, Stritch’s Office of Alumni Relations honored five distinguished alumni in
the presence of family, friends, fellow alumni and University faculty, staff and students.

Three Distinguished Alumni Awards were given to notable alumni for their contributions in their professions, communities and
to Stritch. Two G.O.L.D. (Graduate Of the Last Decade) Alumni Awards were presented to alumni who have distinguished
themselves through early excellence in their professions, service to their community and/or service to Stritch.

To read full bios of the following award recipients, visit

Distinguished Alumni Award for                                    Spirit of St. Francis Distinguished
Professional Achievement                                          Alumni Award for Community Service
Don Grady, Ph.D.                                                  Brother Bede Baldry
(B.S.Management,’87, M.S.Management ’88)                          (B.A. Religious Studies, ’80)

                An experienced international law enforcement                      Brother Bede has dedicated his life to
                officer and expert who has served in Iraq,                        ministering and volunteering throughout
                Kosovo, Palestine, Bosnia-Herzegovina and                         the U.S. and in Kenya. He is currently a
                elsewhere, Grady returned in 2007 from                            minister at the Brother David Darst Center in
                a one-year term as the senior advisor to                          Chicago, where he serves as the Lasallian
                Iraq’s minister of the interior, who is the                       social justice coordinator for the De La Salle
                country’s top law enforcement official. Grady                     Christian Brothers and Lasallian Ministries in
                is currently chief of police and director of                      the Midwest District. In his volunteer work,
emergency management and planning at Northern Illinois            he has been an advocate for children infected with HIV/
University and an expert on democratic policing, a philosophy     AIDS, people with mental challenges, those in hospitals and
that has helped him change the face of the many law               prisons, immigrants, the homeless, and anyone in need.
enforcement agencies he’s worked with.

Spirit of St. Francis                       Graduate Of the Last Decade                Graduate Of the Last Decade
Distinguished Alumni Award                  (G.O.L.D.) Alumni Award                    (G.O.L.D.) Alumni Award
for Community Service
                                            José Pérez                                 Elaine Maly
Sister Mary Agnessine Veteska               (B.A. Political Science, ’99)              (M.B.A., ’00)
(M.S. Special Education, ’68)
                                                             Starting as a                              Maly is currently
                 Sister Agnessine has                        community                                  executive director
                 welcomed hundreds                           development                                of the Women’s
                 of children to St.                          activist in the early                      Fund of Greater
                 Joseph’s Orphanage                          1990s, Pérez has                           Milwaukee, which,
                 in Milwaukee, where                         dedicated his life to                      under her direction,
                 she became a mother                         confronting injustices                     has increased
                 figure to countless                         and promoting                              endowment assets,
                 boys and girls in need     communities. He is currently an            doubled its grant-making program,
of love. As the orphanage evolved           economic development specialist            and increased visibility and resources.
to a treatment center for emotionally       for the City of Milwaukee and has          Prior to her work with the Women’s
disturbed children in 1959 and then         served as executive director of            Fund, Maly was the director of
to a daycare center in 1968, Sister         Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations         social entrepreneurship and chief
Agnessine remained a fixture there,         Allied for Hope (MICAH) and later          development and marketing officer
eventually becoming an administrator        as a national field representative         of the YWCA of Greater Milwaukee,
while staying closely connected with        for the AFL-CIO during the 2004            which she helped build into the
the children. Today, at age 93, she is      elections. The Business Journal            second largest YWCA in the country.
retired and volunteering in the Rosary      named him one of Milwaukee’s               She was named a “Woman of
Department at the Principalate of           “Forty Under 40 Emerging Leaders”          Influence” by the Business Journal
the Felician Sisters in Chicago.            in 2008 and Milwaukee Magazine             in 2003, among other honors.
                                            called him an up-and-coming leader
                                            in the Latino community in 2002.

26   Stritch Magazine Summer 2009
                                                              open and accepting materials

The recently created University archives    arrived in St. Francis from Bavaria.       assistance on identifying people in
have opened in the former Layton                                                       photographs and sharing stories.
                                            Items already housed in the archives
Gallery in the basement of Clare                                                       She plans to tap fellow Sisters to
                                            include photographs, presidential
Hall. Materials are being accepted                                                     help, as well as Jubilarians who were
                                            papers, yearbooks, gifts from past
from throughout the University                                                         students at St. Clare College.
                                            Franciscan pilgrims, newspaper
and beyond, according to Sister
                                            clippings, architectural drawings          Any alumni or friends of Stritch
Margaret Ruddy, OSF, archivist.
                                            and budgets, annual reports, back          who have materials they think might
Stritch President Dr. Helen Sobehart        issues of Stritch Magazine and             be appropriate for the archives are
announced the creation of the archives      student newspapers, and more.              encouraged to send them to
at her first State of the University        Among the treasures is a pristine          Ruddy or contact her at
address last fall. She also announced       copy of the 1937-38 St. Clare     or (414) 410-
that Ruddy would transition from            College Bulletin, which served as the      4260. She encourages people not to
her longtime role in the library to         school’s very first course catalog.        “edit” first or throw anything away.
become the archivist, providing
                                            “I’m starting with the things that         “Just send what you have and I
intimate knowledge of University
                                            have stopped,” said Ruddy of her first     can sort it out,” she said. “There’s
history, the Sisters of St. Francis of
                                            priorities in the archives, such as the    so much history in the little things
Assisi and special cataloging and
                                            printed student newspaper, yearbooks,      that we wouldn’t want to miss!”
archiving techniques honed over
                                            literary magazines and other past
many years in her previous position.
                                            publications. “I’m scanning everything
“My goal is to tell the history of the      I can, so that we have a digital record.
University from a different perspective,”   Many photographs and documents
said Ruddy. “People don’t often             have begun to deteriorate, and it would
look back in time to understand the         be a shame to lose them forever.”
present and plan for the future, but
                                            Ruddy plans to eventually have display
it can be very useful, especially with
                                            cases in the archives and around
more than 70 years of history.”
                                            campus that highlight various areas
Though she admits that she will be          of the University. She is also
as much a detective as an archivist         developing a query form to
during the first years of the archives,     send to University colleges
Ruddy is already hard at work sorting       and departments, and
and saving the materials she has            welcomes anyone
collected from across the University.       with institutional
She is working on a University timeline     knowledge and
that marks significant moments in           spare time
Stritch’s history, as well as scanning      to stop by
and cataloging photographs dating           and offer
back to when the original Sisters

                                                                                               Stritch Magazine Summer 2009   27
               Reunion memory book brings to
               life Stritch of yesterday and today
A neatly bound book of memories and photos helped the           so they don’t forget the origin and history of it,” she said.
Class of 1959 commemorate their 50th reunion May 15-17,
                                                                While she has been able to unearth various mementos,
thanks to months of work and coordination by alumna Dr.
                                                                thanks to submissions from graduates and items in the
Sharon Durtka.
                                                                archives that Sister Margaret Ruddy is developing (see
Durtka has kept steady ties to the University throughout        story on page 27), one item that Durtka still hopes to
the past 50 years, even assuming duties as alumni board         recover from the Jubilarians is the student handbook that
president, a part-time instructor and now as a volunteer        her class received as freshmen.
coordinator of the reunion. She and her husband, Al, are
                                                                One part of the history that came back to life at the reunion
regular donors to the University and are in the process
                                                                was the school song, which hadn’t been dusted off in
of creating an endowed scholarship for an international
                                                                decades. The group gathered in the archives to sing the
exchange program for future teachers. In recognition of
                                                                song (see lyrics at right) with hopes of bringing it to life for
their support of Stritch and service to the community, the
                                                                a new generation of students.
two received honorary doctorates in May 2008.
                                                                The Class of 1959 was the latest group inducted into Stritch’s
“I wanted my classmates to have a sense of what the college
                                                                Jubilarian Society, which honors those who graduated 50
is like today,” said Durtka of why she chose to create the
                                                                or more years ago. Inductees receive pins to commemorate
memory book, which includes information and photos
                                                                                                                                   photo by nancy aycock

                                                                their status. As a token of appreciation for the education
submitted by classmates as well as historical and current
                                                                they received, this year’s inductees presented a group gift
information about the University.
                                                                to Stritch on behalf of the Class of 1959.
“There are traditions, and I’m trying to put those back in
                                                                To see photos from this year’s alumni reunion, visit the
the book, not to change Stritch and its desire to change, but
                                                                photo gallery at

28   Stritch Magazine Summer 2009
Alma Mater
by Sister M. Jessine Reiss, OSF
 Our college stands – a guardian true,
     A beacon light for all we do.  
            A guiding hand                      Spotlight
           Within our land,
   It spurs us on with courage new.            Mike Schneider (B.A. Business, ’02 released “Pint Size
                                               Polkas” in October, a CD that promises to “bring happy back” by
                                               featuring polka music for kids. Since its release, the CD has quickly
   Its red and gray it proudly flings;         become the highest-selling album Schneider has ever produced.

                                               hooked on polka music since the age of 5, schneider created his own
  Within its walls assurance springs.
                                               band at age 16, and has since created eight albums, performed at various
             A Cardinalite                     venues throughout the Midwest, and earned a slew of music awards and
                                               nominations. “Pint Size Polkas” ( has generated
         With virtuous might                   widespread interest for the band, recently taking schneider on a six-
Will strive to approve the better things.      state media tour, which included a spot on ABC 7 Chicago.

                                               when not performing, recording or composing, schneider runs Mike
                                               Schneider Designs, a business that specializes in Web site design. He
               Chorus:                         created his first web site as part of a course at stritch and continues
                                               to serve that client today.
      Alma Mater, your teaching
        e’er will be our guide.                in his free time, he enjoys golfing, dabbling in audio technology and
                                               flight simulation, and spending time with his family. Schneider is mar-
     Alma Mater, our hearts with               ried to Heather, and they have a son, Garrett, born July 30, 2008.
         you will e’er abide.
        CSC, we pledge to thee
 Our hearts and strength and loyalty.
      Alma Mater, we’ll keep the
        memory of thy name.
      Alma Mater, we’ll laud the            By remembering Cardinal Stritch University in your estate plans, you
        heralds of thy fame.                build a legacy that helps students receive a value-centered education
                                            in the Franciscan tradition.
With courage daring, valiant bearing,
                                            Become a member of the Franciscan Heritage Society by making a
     In thy glory we’ll be sharing.         gift through your will, trust, life insurance or other planned gift.
   Of all schools in points Midwest,        To learn more about your own legacy at Cardinal Stritch University,
                                            please contact:
  Cardinal Stritch remains the best.  
                                            4Chris Lange 4(414) 410-4207
The music is by Sisters Mary Annarose
 Griffin and Roman Hertel, OSF 1953
                                          1960s                                                 1980s
                                          sister Miriam thomas gerstenberg, osB (B.A.           shelby Keefe (B.F.A. Art, ’81) exhibited her work
                                          Special Education, ’62; M.A. Special Education,       and did an impressionistic painting performance
                                          ’67), works at Benedictine Programs and               at the Whitewater Arts Alliance’s Cultural Arts
                                          Services, a ministry of the Sisters of St. Gertrude   Center in Whitewater, Wis., in April.
                                          Monastery which just celebrated its 50th              scott McFadden (B.A. Business, ’81) is president
                                          anniversary of providing programs for children        of Lutheran Living Services in Wauwatosa,
                                          and adults with developmental disabilities.           Wis., and was named “Bubbler Executive of the
                                          Mary (hubbard) linz (B.A. Education/Teaching          Week” on Dec. 11 by the Milwaukee Biz Times.
                                          and Special Education, ’64; M.A. Special              Dr. Thomas Fuhrmann (M.A. Special Education,
                                          Education, ’70) published her first novel, “Suicide   ’82) retired as superintendent of schools for the
Melissa Niemeyer (M.S.                    Track,” under the pen name Mary Vaughn.               School District of Gilman in Gilman, Wis., and
Management, ’00) served on the            sister Jeannette Murray, osB (M.A. Special            is now an administrator at the Indianhead
                                          Education, ’67), is director and one of the           Community Action Agency Washburn County
planning committee and as the             founders of Benedictine Programs and Services,        Head Start in Spooner, Wis. He also serves as
volunteer coordinator for a mass          a ministry of the Sisters of St. Gertrude             an adjunct instructor for several colleges and is
community-wide effort to build the        Monastery which just celebrated its 50th              a permanent deacon in the Catholic Church in
                                          anniversary of providing programs for children        the Diocese of Superior.
first 100% accessible, barrier-free       and adults with developmental disabilities.           Valerie daniels-Carter (M.S. Management, ’83)
playground in Ozaukee County.             She has received numerous awards and                  was named the Cornerstone Humanitarian,
                                          honors for her work with and for people with          which is part of the National Restaurant
her efforts helped recruit 2,800          developmental disabilities.                           Association’s 2008 Restaurant Neighbor Award.
volunteers who helped build – in          Vicky lee (peterson wiesner) stern (B.A.              She is president and CEO of V&J Holdings
                                          Sociology, ’69) owns Yukon’s Place bar and grill in   of Milwaukee.
just six days – all the structures and    Greenwood, Wis., with her husband. She has six        tom Meisenheimer (M.S. Management, ’83) is
equipment that now fill the football-     adult children and eight grandchildren.               president of Meisey’s Marketing Consultants
field sized Possibility Playground. In                                                          in West Bend, Wis., and was featured in the
the months leading up to the building     1970s                                                 Milwaukee Biz Times in April.
event, niemeyer worked with the           Colleen “Kitty” (Muschinski) Muscha (B.A.             Judy (devine) smies (B.A. Religious Studies, ’85)
                                          Art, ’70; B.F.A. Art, ’75) holds a named              is a stay-at-home mom to her four children, ages
committee to organize several fund-                                                             3 to 8, all adopted from Guatemala.
                                          professorship as the Don Stowell Jr. Professor
raising events that helped raise some     of Costume Design and heads the master of             William E. Bestor (M.S. Health Care
of the $450,000 it took to fund the       fine arts costume design program at Florida           Administration, ’86) retired from Community
playground, which is located at upper     State University. She has designed costumes           Memorial Hospital where he worked for 32
                                          professionally at numerous regional theaters and      years, most recently as president and CEO.
Lake Park in Port Washington, Wis.        for noted actors, such as Morgan Freeman.             Pamela A. Krevs-Hoeffleur (M.S. Health
“The volunteer opportunity was truly      sister loretta gerstenberg, osB (M.A. Special         Care Administration, ’88; M.B.A., ’91) is the
                                          Education, ’72), works at Benedictine Programs        administrative director of laboratory services at
addicting and people came back day        and Services, a ministry of the Sisters of St.        Phoenix Children’s Hospital.
after day to see the progress, to be a    Gertrude Monastery which just celebrated
                                          its 50th anniversary of providing programs
part of the community bonding, and
                                          for children and adults with developmental            1990s
to ultimately help to make a dream        disabilities.                                         Linda Bremberger, R.N. (B.S. Management, ’90),
come true in making a playground for      rick gonzalez (B.A. Psychology, ’73; M.A. Special     is a nurse at Community Memorial Hospital in
each and every child,” Niemeyer said.     Education, ’75) was featured in an article in the     Menomonee Falls, Wis., and was named a 2008
                                          Ozaukee County News Graphic for his efforts           Health Care Hero by the Milwaukee Biz Times.
Married with three children,              in helping with a movie about the Wisconsin           Cindy (Brown) semski (B.A. Public
                                          Oneidas, of which he is a member. He also             Communication, ’91) is in investment banking at
niemeyer is a stay-at-home mom            recently discovered that he is a descendent           Robert W. Baird in Milwaukee.
who spends time volunteering both         of Skenandoah, one of the founders of the
                                          United States.                                        Joe Chase (B.S. Business Administration, ’93)
at the local elementary school and                                                              was elected to his third term as mayor of Sun
at her children’s activities while also   sister ann Miller, osB (M.A. Reading/Language         Prairie, Wis.
                                          Arts, ’74), works at Benedictine Programs and
working two part-time jobs. In addi-      Services, a ministry of the Sisters of St. Gertrude   John eastberg (B.A. History, ’93) was the
                                                                                                featured speaker at the Beloit Historical Society
tion to her degree from stritch,          Monastery which just celebrated its 50th
                                          anniversary of providing programs for children        in Beloit, Wis., in February, focusing on “Gone
she earned her bachelor’s degree                                                                But Not Forgotten: Milwaukee’s Lost Homes
                                          and adults with developmental disabilities.
from the university of wisconsin-                                                               of Grand Avenue.”
                                          sister Maggie Buergler, osB (M.A. Special
LaCrosse. Previously she worked as        Education, ’79), works at Benedictine Programs        Kimberla lawson roby (B.S. Business
                                          and Services, a ministry of the Sisters of St.        Administration, ’93) published her 12th novel,
a curriculum specialist in stritch’s                                                            “The Best of Everything,” which was released
                                          Gertrude Monastery which just celebrated
College of Business and Management.       its 50th anniversary of providing programs            in January.
                                          for children and adults with developmental            Carol ann (griesemer) schuster (B.S. Business
to see possibility playground, visit      disabilities.                                         Administration, ’93) was elected president of                                                                  the Avenues West Association, a non profit

30   Stritch Magazine Summer 2009
organization in Milwaukee that partners with Business     just won two contracts worth a total of $20.6 million
Improvement District No. 10 to provide leadership in      to provide information technology services for the U.S.
promoting community stability, balance of land uses       Department of Justice.
and economic development.                                 Jeremy Cosson (B.A. Business, ’02) is assistant vice
george torres (B.S. Business Administration, ’94; M.S.    president of Badger Bank in Fort Atkinson, Wis.
Management, ’96) is the chief executive officer of La     rita harmeling (M.S. Educational Leadership, ’02)
Causa Inc. in Milwaukee.                                  was featured in the Sheboygan Press in November
L. Scott Wilbur (A.S. Nursing, ’94; B.S. Nursing, ’96)    recognizing the stained-glass artwork she donated to
is a major in the United States Air Force, working        Oostburg High School in Oostburg, Wis.
as a flight nurse. He was deployed to Al Udeid Air        ann hintz (A.S. Business, ’02; B.S. Management, ’05)
Force Base in Qatar for four months, flying medical       was promoted to security manager for the home and
evacuation flights throughout Iraq, Kuwait and
                                                          yard divisions of Briggs and Stratton Corp., where she     Kristin Baird (M.S. Health
                                                          has worked for 14 years.
Magda Franco-Banaszak (B.F.A. Art, ’95) works as                                                                     administration, ’93) received an
                                                          Julia (Knappmiller) (B.S. Education, ’02) and Brian
program manager for Justice 2000 Pretrial Services,       larkworthy had a daughter, Emmalyn Rebecca, on             appointment from the secretary
which serves the Honorable Judge Jeffrey Kremers,         Oct. 27, 2007.                                             of health to serve on the national
chief justice of Milwaukee County.
                                                          angela (Buskager) little (M.S. Educational Leadership,     advisory Council for the national
Craig Callewaert (M.B.A., ’96) is director of Global      ’02) is principal of Holy Family School in Whitefish
Telehandler Engineering in Redmond, Wash.                                                                            health service Corps (nhsC) for
                                                          Bay, Wis.
James thomas (tom) Barr (M.S. Management, ’97)                                                                       a four-year term, which began in
                                                          april scheinoha (B.A. Communication, ’02) married
retired from his job as manager of international trade    Scott DCamp on Aug. 30 at Thief River Falls United         January.
compliance at CNH America LLC in Racine after             Methodist Church in Thief River Falls, Minn.
working there for 31 years.                                                                                          Baird said she is honored to serve,
                                                          Mark schmitt (Ed.D. Leadership, ’02) will become the
tammy Fisher (M.B.A., ’97) is the program specialist      principal of Delavan-Darien High School in Delavan,        especially during this time when
for the pedestrian safety program at the University of    Wis., in fall.
New Mexico in Albuquerque.
                                                                                                                     health care is under great scrutiny
                                                          Darlene J. (Hanford) Wagner (B.A. Education, ’02)          nationwide. She hopes to use her
demond Means (M.S. Educational Leadership, ’97;           is a second-grade teacher at St. Rafael School in
Ed.D. Leadership, ’05) is the superintendent of the                                                                  health care marketing and commu-
Mequon-Thiensville School District in Mequon, Wis.                                                                   nication experience to help nhsC
                                                          laura (Fitzpatrick) drea (M.A. Clinical Psychology, ’03)
ted phernetton (M.B.A., ’97) is the director of the       wrote an article that was published in the Epilepsy and    develop a more recognizable and
Waupaca County Department of Health and Human             Behavior journal in spring 2008.
Services in Waupaca, Wis.                                                                                            memorable brand that resonates
                                                          Janet (Zinke) orlowski (M.S. Educational Leadership,       with the target market of health
Meredith reeves (M.A. Reading/Language Arts               ’03) serves as a principal for two Milwaukee schools:
Writing, ’97; M.S. Educational Leadership, ’00; M.A.      Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic School and                care providers. She is glad to help
Clinical Psychology, ’05) teaches in Stritch’s Reading    Blessed Sacrament School.                                  nhsC continue to build healthier
                                                          rhonda seefeld (A.S. Business, ’03; B.S. Business          communities by attracting health
Jorge lopez (B.S. Business Administration, ’98) was       Administration, ’05) earned her J.D. from William
named the 2009 Minority Small Business Person                                                                        professionals to assist millions of
                                                          Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul and was admitted
by the U.S. Small Business Administration. He is the      to practice law in Minnesota in October. She is a          medically underserved people and
president of Nuvo Construction Co. Inc., Milwaukee.       corporate healthcare compliance coordinator for            improve care systems.
Kevin (B.A. Business, ’99) and Allison Crim had a son,    South Country Health Alliance in Owatonna, Minn.
Kellen Charles, on Nov. 4. He joins brothers Kameron      germono toussaint Bryant (B.F.A. Music, ’04) is            Baird is president of Baird
and Kyle.                                                 composing the music score for a musical adaptation         Consulting Inc., which specializes
heather (Button) Johnstone (B.A. Theater, ’99) is         of the movie/book “Imitation of Life” with creative
                                                                                                                     in helping health care organiza-
a stay-at-home mom to her six children and is a           partner Marcus Gardley. The partners were featured in
community columnist for the Milwaukee Journal             American Theater Magazine.                                 tions achieve service excellence.
Sentinel.                                                 Shawn P. Doyle (B.S. Management, ’04; M.B.A., ’07) is      with more than 30 years of health
                                                          a plant operations manager for Danaher Motion in           care experience, she is a nation-
2000s                                                     Franklin, Wis.
                                                                                                                     ally acclaimed speaker, consultant
summer (raschke) (B.A. Public Relations, ’00) and         steve Ferris (M.B.A., ’04) is a registered investment
                                                          adviser at George V. Reis Investment Group in Two
                                                                                                                     and expert in the industry and has
Kevin Barnes had a daughter, Teagan Colleen, on June
19, 2008.                                                 Rivers, Wis.                                               authored four books, including
                                                          laCari gant (B.S. Management, ’04) received her            her most recent “Raising the Bar
amy deal (B.A. Psychology, ’00) and husband Brian
Frank had a son, Seth David Frank, on Oct. 5. He joins    master’s degree in December and is now working             on service excellence, the health
brother Christopher.                                      at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Children’s
                                                          Center as an assistant master teacher in the infant/       Care leader’s guide for putting
Bob gonwa (M.E. Professional Development: Teaching,       toddler wing.                                              Passion into Practice.”
’00) was named “Teacher of the Week” in January by
the Statesman in Kewaskum, Wis. He is a sixth grade       sandy lange (B.S. Management, ’04; M.S. Management,
                                                          ’07) is special events coordinator for the Juvenile        Baird has three grown children
social studies teacher at Kewaskum Middle School.
                                                          Diabetes Research Foundation in Wauwatosa, Wis.,           and lives in Fort atkinson with her
Jonathan wilbur (B.S. Management, ’00) is the founder     and was responsible for the application process that
and CEO of Master Key Consulting in Bethesda,                                                                        husband, Mark Dziewior.
                                                          earned the local chapter the Better Business Torch
Md. Master Key is the top American Indian-owned           Ethics Award.
business in Maryland, the 21st largest in the U.S., and
                                                                                     continued on page 33

                                                                                                                          Stritch Magazine Summer 2009   31
                        With greater responsibility
                          comes a transformation
 by Amy Simmert                                                                                                   Essay
“Two pages,” Dr. Corey Thompson told          sister adele thibaudeau, osF, director             this past year with sister adele back full
my Portfolio II class several weeks ago.      of Campus Ministry, was looking for a              time and a new campus minister on staff,
“That is the maximum amount of space          student worker and hired me practically            I have felt my selflessness grow. And I
you have to tell your life story and          on the spot. I love working with Sister            know i’m not the only one experiencing
answer the question of why the school         adele and by attending the various                 this evolution. I saw this firsthand when
you are applying for should hire you.”        programs we offered i got to know the              working with a group of freshmen that is
                                              ins and outs of campus ministry very               aiming to increase student involvement in
the dozen or so of us senior education
                                              quickly. This knowledge along with my              campus ministry. By training their focus
majors, one semester away from student
                                              first two years of secretarial work in the         on developing meaningful experiences
teaching and the real world, suddenly
                                              office proved immensely beneficial as an           for others, they are learning just what it
morphed into a class of kindergarteners
                                              unexpected turn of events occurred my              means to be selfless.
complaining, “That’s just not fair!”
                                              junior year.
                                                                                                 My motivation for the majority of other
i open with this story because, when
                                              in 2007, sister adele was out on medical           experiences i have had in my time at
approached to write this essay, i was asked
                                              leave for a majority of first semester             stritch stem from this same principle of
to focus on my service and involvement
                                              and there was no campus minister in                selflessness. I take part in these activities
at stritch, the very two things i was
                                              place. When the dean of students invited           and services not for my own good, but for
forced to condense into two pages on
                                              me to take on more of a staff position,            the good of others around me. In fact, if
my résumé. Given my deep involvement
                                              the decision was difficult. For the first          one looks at my other varied involvements
in a wide variety of activities, leadership
                                              time, choosing to participate in campus            – habitat for humanity, Boxes and walls
positions and experiences at stritch, i was
                                              ministry did not come easily to me. As a           (diversity experience), urban Fellows
unable to fit all of my experiences on my
                                              full-time student with two other jobs and          (inner-city internship), darfur initiative
résumé and likewise will not be able to
                                              extracurricular involvements, who was i            (weeklong educational program), healing
share all of them here with you. Instead,
                                              to go from student secretary to student            racism, gay-straight alliance, and student
i think it would be most meaningful to
                                              campus minister?                                   activities Committee – there is not a
share the one that has had the biggest
                                                                                                 single self-serving activity listed.
impact on me.                                 But, i felt up to the challenge and decided
                                              to fill the position. I can honestly say that it   if i can leave Cardinal stritch university
Choosing to participate in campus
                                              was through accepting this invitation that         having touched just one life, motivated
ministry events has always been an easy
                                              my whole mindset shifted almost instantly          just one student to get involved, and
choice for me since i not only found
                                              from selfish to selfless. I was no longer a        reached out to help just one person in
the activities fun, but meaningful. During
                                              student just getting involved; i was going         need, i will have left this place better than
my high school years at thomas More
                                              to be a student leader, trying to get other        it was when I arrived.
in Milwaukee, i was actively involved
                                              people involved. I no longer implemented
with campus ministry. In fact, when I                                                            if i were to offer one piece of advice to
                                              programs because i got something out of
graduated in 2005, i held the record for                                                         my fellow college students, it would be
                                              it, but because others did, too. I no longer
most retreats attended – 16! Needless                                                            to never underestimate the power of a
                                              coordinated service projects because it
to say, coming to a Catholic, Franciscan                                                         selfless act. You never know whom you’ll
                                              was just expected, but because i was
university i wanted to continue my                                                               touch, motivate, or reach.
                                              helping others. I was transformed by this
active involvement. Fortunately for me,
                                              new level of responsibility.

Amy is a senior majoring in elementary education, with a minor in history. She is the 2009 recipient of both the Martin Luther King Jr.
Peace Making Award and the Stritch Multicultural Award. Following graduation in December, Amy hopes to get a job in a Milwaukee middle
school teaching U.S. history.

32   Stritch Magazine Summer 2009
                                                   continued from page 31

Marilyn Laster (A.S. Business, ’04; B.S. Management, ’06) was one of 15 Milwaukee graduates
from the U.S. Small Business Administration Emerging 200 initiative. She is the principal

owner of Holliman Laster Plumbing LLC.
Kerri (Riollo) Tarnowski (B.S. Education, ’04) had a son, Henry Allen, on April 19, 2008.
Nathan Loes (M.B.A., ’05) and Jessica McGurty (B.S. Management, ’06) got married on Jan.
25, 2008, in St. Paul, Minn.
Felicia Miller-Watson (M.S. Management, ’05) is an attorney with Gonzalez Saggio and
Harlan LLP in Milwaukee and was named general counsel for the National Association of
Minority Contractors, which covers 49 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands.
                                                                                                                                    Sept. - Dec. 2009
Carol Stewart (M.A. Clinical Psychology, ’05) is a case manager at Bell Therapy in Milwaukee.
Tammy Winn (M.A. Religious Studies, ’05) appeared in December on “Living Our Faith,” a
weekly TV show featuring former Milwaukee archbishop Timothy Dolan.                              For more information about these events, visit
Curtis Kleppin (M.S. Management, ’06) was promoted from sergeant to captain of the
                                                                                        and click on News/Calendar,
Watertown Police Department in Watertown, Wis.                                                   where new events and updates are posted daily.
Shelly Komondoros (M.A. Clinical Psychology, ’06) is a doctoral student at University of
Wisconsin—Milwaukee.                                                                             Also, be sure to follow Stritch on Twitter,
Rev. James (Tony) Phillips (B.A. Religious Studies, ’06) is the pastor of The Blessed            the popular and fast-growing social networking
Deliverance Baptist Church in Milwaukee. While at Stritch, he was in the first cohort of the     tool. Twitter is a free service that lets
Vocation Fellows Program.
                                                                                                 you keep in touch with people and organizations
Lynn Stadler (M.A. Clinical Psychology, ’06) was accepted into the clinical psychology
doctoral program at Argosy University in San Francisco.                                          like Stritch. Please visit
Candy (Torres) Kennedy (M.A. Clinical Psychology, ’07) was married on Sept. 13. She works
as a line therapist at Pediatric Psychology Associates in Milwaukee, has attained her Licensed
Professional Counselor training license and is working on hours for full licensure.
                                                                                                 Friday, Sept. 11
Aaron Robertson (B.A. Political Science, ’07) wrote and self published “Beyond Majors and
G.P.A.,” a book now in its second edition. Current Stritch student Amy Simmert edited            “Community Conference on Mental Health Issues and
the book.                                                                                        Early Childhood Education” 3rd Annual Back
Julie Van Alstine (M.A. Clinical Psychology, ’07) is a quality and well-being coordinator at     to School Conference
ProHealth Care Medical Associates in Menomonee Falls, Wis.
Jane Backes (B.F.A. Graphic Design, ’05; M.A. Visual Studies, ’08) received the Hermes GOLD
                                                                                                 Thursday, Sept. 24
award from the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals. She is art             Alumni Brewers game and tailgate
director in the Stritch Public Relations office and won for her design of the undergraduate
viewbook.                                                                                        Friday, Sept. 25
Cattima Millsap (M.A. Clinical Psychology, ’08) is a care coordinator for La Causa, a            “Neuroscience of Learning: Classroom Implications”
multicultural childcare agency in Milwaukee.                                                     conference (formerly the Brain Conference)
Paula Roberts (M.B.A., ’08) is the director of community relations and advocacy for
Children’s Hospital and Health System in Milwaukee.                                              Oct. 2-4
Danielle Volk (M.A. Clinical Psychology, ’08) is a family therapist for Clinicare Corp. in       Homecoming and Alumni Reunion Weekend
                                                                                                 Oct. 9-18
Nasra Wehelie (M.B.A., ’08) is the president of the African Women’s Association, an
organization for women from Africa or with ties to Africa. She grew up in Somalia before         “Urinetown, a musical” by Greg Kotis and
coming to the U.S.                                                                               Mark Hollmann"
Lenard Wells (Ph.D. Leadership, ’08) is the director of adult education for the Milwaukee
south and Hales Corners campuses for Concordia University. He was featured in the                Saturday, Oct. 10
“Workshift” business column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last October.                      2nd Annual Stritch Scholarship Night
Brian Yearling (M.E. Instructional Technology, ’08) was a 2008 Herb Kohl Educational
Foundation Fellow. He is an English teacher at Fort Atkinson High School in Fort                 Sunday, Nov. 1
Atkinson, Wis.                                                                                   Dr. Eun-Joo Kwak, faculty piano recital
                                                                                                 Monday, Nov. 9
In Memory Of…                                                                                    String Festival
Mildred “Millie” Leigh-Gold (M.S. Management, ’99) died on Jan. 31.
Wayne Molstad (M.S. Management, ’99) died Jan. 19.                                               Saturday, Nov. 21
Sister Donna Petit (B.A. Educational Psychology, ’74) died on Nov. 20.                           Piano Festival
Brother Dominic Rothering (A.A. Special Education, ’73) died on March 15.                        Sunday, Dec. 6
Henry William Patrick Wittbrot III (B.A. Biology, ’83) died on March 4.                          Christmas Concert

For Leadership Center programs, visit or call (414) 410-4550.
For admissions events, visit
For sports schedules, results and updates, visit
For alumni events, visit
                                         Stritch Ring
                                                                                  Students, alumni and
                                                                                  employees have a unique
                                                                                  new way of displaying their
                                                                                  relationship and ties to
                                                                                  Stritch, as the University
                                                                                  has unveiled its first-ever
                                                                                  official ring.

                                                                                  The ring incorporates the
                                                                                  most significant imagery
                                                                                  of the University and its
                                                                                  Franciscan tradition. It
                                                                                  is designed to serve as a
                                                                                  permanent memento for
                                                                                  students, alumni, faculty,
                                                                                  and staff.

                           The cost structure is as follows:
   To order, please call           STYLE              10KW     14KW     18KW       SILVER/PLATINUM     LUSTRIUM
(800) 488-2173, or visit           Large              656.00   900.00   1240.00    636.00                 366.00            Medium             626.00   861.00   1185.00    606.00                 366.00
                                   Small              523.00   688.00   938.00     503.00                 318.00

                                                                                                     Non-profit Org.
                                                                                                       U.S. Postage
                                                                                                         PA I D
                                                                                                      Milwaukee, WI
                                                                                                     Permit No. 1071

   6801 N. Yates Road
  Milwaukee, WI 53217

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