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					                Lunch and Learn
               Parenting Seminars
         Sponsored by NIH Child Care Board & ORS/Division of Amenities and Transportation Services

    Please join us during your lunch time for these informative discussions concerning age-specific
     parenting milestones. Bring your lunch and come share your experience with other parents.

                            “Home Alone” - Are You and Your Child Ready?
Presented by: Kelly Collins, M.A., LifeWork Strategies, Inc.
All children develop and mature at different rates, so how do you know when your child is ready to stay home alone?
Attend this seminar to discuss how to raise responsible children, steps you can take to prepare your child to stay home
alone, how to assess your child’s readiness, evaluate sibling relationships, and tips for effective communication.
Tuesday, September 21, 2010                          12:00pm—1:00pm                       Building 31 6C / RM 6

                        Preparing for College - Are You and Your Teen Ready?
Presented by: Rachel Manchester, M.S., LifeWork Strategies, Inc.
This seminar will focus on what you can do as a parent to prepare yourself and your child for college. Topics covered
in this presentation are how to develop an effective timeline, how to assess your teen’s readiness, tips for evaluating
schools, scholarship information, and what to look for when visiting a college.
Tuesday, October 5, 2010                             12:00pm—1:00pm                       Building 31 6C / RM 10

                         Lunch and Learn Parenting Seminars are webcast live at
                         If you missed these parenting seminars or you would like to view any of the previous
                       seminars covering a variety of parenting issues/concerns ranging from birth to teenage years,
                        please visit the NIH Child Care Program Website at

                                    Individuals with disabilities who need Sign Language
                               Interpreters and/or reasonable accommodation to participate
                              in the sessions should contact Tonya Lee (DATS) at least 5 days
                                          in advance of the event at 301-402-8180.

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