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					                        Learn to Fly
                             with the

                   Boeing Employees Flying Club
                               Jan 2010

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        Boeing Employees Flying Club

            “What Does it Take to Become a Pilot?”
                  Must be at least 17 Years of Age
                  Speak, Read, Write & Understand English
                  Passed the Private Pilot Knowledge Test
                  Satisfactorily pass the required flight training
                  Possess a Third Class Medical Certificate
                  Pass the Practical Standards Flight Test

Learn to Fly.ppt
        Boeing Employees Flying Club

            “How Long Will it Take to become a Pilot?”
             Typically 4- 6 months of training can be
            expected before getting your license

             Suggest you try to fly 2-3 times per week

             The more you fly, the less you will forget
            between lessons

            Ground School taken in conjunction with Flight
            Training will reinforce skills and enhance learning

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        Boeing Employees Flying Club

            “Is it Hard to Become a Pilot?”
             It is not physically demanding but does require
            eye and hand coordination

             There are some maneuvers that you will
            experience positive and negative G Forces

             You will be required to get a flight physical,
            which is similar to a standard physical.

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        Boeing Employees Flying Club

            “What is Required in Flight Training?”
            Basic Flight Instruction Steps:

                  Pre-Solo
                  Solo Flight
                  Maneuvers
                  Cross Country Training
                  Flight Test Prep

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        Boeing Employees Flying Club

        “How Do I Find a Certified Flight
        Instructor (CFI)?”

         The BEFC has CFI’s that are available to
        provide flight training

         You can also use your own CFI, provided that
        they are approved by the BEFC Board of Directors

Learn to Fly.ppt
        Boeing Employees Flying Club

        “Is It Safe to Fly?”

         Your CFI will provide you with all the required
        training, to handle any type of situation you will
        encounter when flying

         General Aviation aircraft are required to be
        inspected yearly by an approved inspector

         The BEFC has certified Airframe and
        Powerplant (A&P) members who provide our routine

Learn to Fly.ppt
        Boeing Employees Flying Club

        “What Kind of Plane Does the BEFC Have?”
        The BEFC has two Cessna 172s, which are one of the most common
        airplanes used by flight schools. 172s are also very common
        instrument training aircraft, as well as a very popular rental model.
        Learn to fly in a 172 and you'll be able to rent and fly from almost
        any fixed base operator (FBO) worldwide.

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        Boeing Employees Flying Club

        “Where can I fly after becoming a pilot?”
         Short Answer - Practically anywhere.

         Your license will let you fly during the day or at

         You will be licensed as a Visual Flight Rules
        (VFR) pilot. There are some restrictions when the
        weather gets bad.

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        Boeing Employees Flying Club

            “What are the benefits of joining the
            Compare The Cost from Local Flight Schools of
            renting a Cessna 172 (Prices as of Jan 2010)
                                              C-172 Rental        Insurance Monthly Flight Membership
           Name              Type    Location     Rate       Fuel Included   Dues Credits    Price
Ace Aviation LLC             Club      1H0       $100        Wet              N/A     N/A     N/A
Air Associates               FBO       SUS       $145        Dry      N       N/A     N/A     N/A
BEFC-STL                     Club   1H0 & SET     $30        Dry      Y       $90     N/A    $750
High Altitude Flying Club    Club      1H0        $59        Dry      Y      $150   2 hours   N/A
Skylink Aviation             FBO       SET        $98        Wet      N       N/A     N/A     N/A
St. Charles Flying Club      Club      3SQ        $60        Dry             $150   2 hours   N/A
St. Charles Flying Servies   FBO       3SQ       $103        Dry      N       N/A     N/A     N/A
St. Louis Flying Club        Club      SUS        $63        Wet      Y      $125     N/A   $10,400

Learn to Fly.ppt
        Boeing Employees Flying Club

       “What are the Club Benefits? “ (cont)
       Lets assume that it will take you 60 hours of flight time
       (renting Cessna-172) to get your pilots license, over 6 months.

       St. Charles Flying Services (3SQ)              $103 x 60 = $6180

       High Altitude Flying Club (1H0)            $59 x 48* = $2832
                                               6 Month Dues   $ 900

       BEFC (1H0 & SET)                            $30 x 60 = $1800
                                              6 Months Dues   $ 540

                   $1400 to $4000 Savings with the BEFC

Learn to Fly.ppt                * 2 hours per month included with due (6 months of dues includes 12 hours)
        Boeing Employees Flying Club

   Boeing Reimbursements

    Flight training qualifies under the Continuing Education
   Program thru Learning Together Program (LTP)

    Ground School Courses offered thru LTP

    Partial ($1500) Flight reimbursement is available

           $500 rebate after solo flight completed

           $1000 after receiving Private Pilots License

Learn to Fly.ppt
        Boeing Employees Flying Club

            “How Much Will it Cost with the BEFC?”
            Ground School                                                $      000 *
            FAA Knowledge (Written) Exam                                 $      100
            Pilot Supplies                                               $      360
            Third Class Medical                                          $      100
            Aircraft Rental (60 Hours) **                                $     4140
            Flight Instructor (30 Hours) ***                             $      900
            FAA Flight Test                                              $      300

            Approximate Total                                            $ 5900
            Boeing Educational Rebate                                    $ 1500

            Approximate Total Cost                                       $ 4400 ****

              * Assumes Ground School thru LTP
             ** Includes six (6) months of club dues & $30/hr fuel
             ** Flight Instructor Rate of $30 per Hour
            *** This is an approximate cost estimate and can vary per person
Learn to Fly.ppt
        Boeing Employees Flying Club

      You can buy new or
      check E-Bay for
      additional discounts.

Learn to Fly.ppt
        Boeing Employees Flying Club

            “OK, I Want to Start Flight Training.
              What do I do next?”
             Find a Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) and
              get a flight physical for a Third Class Medical

             Start Ground School

             Join the BEFC

             Start Flying

Learn to Fly.ppt
        Boeing Employees Flying Club

            Want to Talk Like a Pilot !
            Know Some of The Common Acronyms:

                  BEFC    Boeing Employees Flying Club
                  VFR     Visual Flight Rules
                  FBO     Fixed Base Operator
                  FAA     Federal Aviation Administration
                  FSS     Flight Service Station
                  ATIS    Automatic Terminal Informational Service
                  AIM     Aeronautical Information Manual
                  FAR     Federal Aviation Regulations
                  CFI     Certificated Flight Instructors
                  ADF     Automatic Direction Finder
                  ATC     Air Traffic Control
                  KIAS    Knots Indicated Airspeed
                  NOTAM   Notice To Airmen
                  POH     Pilot's Operating Handbook
                  TAS     True Airspeed
                  TPA     Traffic Pattern Altitude

Learn to Fly.ppt
Boeing Employees Flying Club

For Additional Information !
 Check Out the AOPA’s website on Learn to Fly

 Get a Free 6 Month Subscription of AOPA Flight
Training as a student pilot

Check Out the BEFC-STL’s website

Contact Trent Kraemer of the BEFC at 777-3283
Boeing Employees Flying Club

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