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					               SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide
                  Finally, a guide that shows you how to play...

There are countless numbers of self-proclaimed 'gurus' promising marketing success and
online riches (usually for little or no effort on your part). These guys always pitch some
"newly discovered" secret, or a "time-tested" system "guaranteed" to make you a
millionaire... blah, blah, blah

99.9% of those overpriced programs are little more than repackaged, regurgitated
pabulum - usually from someone who discovered Internet marketing last year and now
proclaims himself an industry expert. Or worse yet, teaches "black hat" techniques that
will ultimately get your website banned from Google.

This isn't my first rodeo!
About Tom Heatherington, Author:

            I co-founded one of America's first ISPs way back in 1993 and my company created websites for
             Frito-Lay, Virgin Records, the Texas Rangers and hundreds of small businesses.
            I wrote one of the first Internet business books, The Complete Small Business Internet Guide,
             published by Macmillan and...
         I have been an online marketing consultant to TV and NFL personalities since before Larry Page
          and Sergey Brin launched Google.


         SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide

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