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					Learn About Home Automation

            Home Automation Systems

Home automation systems are available for every
income level and lifestyle. You have the ability to
choose automation features based upon your needs
and budget.

Home automation may be installed in new
construction or retrofitted into existing homes.
Wireless options are available.

An HAI controller is the brain of your automated
home. It controls and monitors systems in your home
to maximize your safety, comfort, convenience, and
energy savings.

The home systems that may be controlled and
monitored include the following:
                                                      Because your home automation system is monitoring
                                                      your home’s systems it can be set up to take one or
                                                      more actions when certain events occur. Such actions
                                                      include the following:

                                                        •	Change	a	setting,	like	the	cooling	checkpoint,		
                                                          on a system that the home automation
                                                          system controls.
         Access Control                               	 •	Send	e-mail	notifications	
                                                      	 •	Send	text	message	notifications	
                                                      	 •	Make	voice	announcements	over	the	speakers	in		
                                                          the house
                                                      	 •	Call	up	to	8	different	numbers	to	provide		 	
         Heating & Air-conditioning                       notification
                                                      	 •	Post	a	reminder	message,	such	as	Garbage		
                                                          Night, on every Touchscreens that stays up until
         Whole Home Audio                                 it is acknowledged.

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           Home Automation Systems

Events that can be used by the system to takes actions   Reliable
include the following:
                                                         HAI uses embedded controller technology in its home
•	 Any	change	in	status	in	a	monitored	home		 	          control systems, a technology proven to be reliable
  system                                                 with decades of use. HAI controllers have
                                                         no fans, disk drives, or other moving parts to fail.
	 	 	   -	Arm	or	disarm	your	security	system	
	 	 	   -	A	motion	detector	is	tripped	                  All	HAI	products	can	work	in	a	stand-alone	fashion	so	
	 	 	   -	The	temperature	at	the	thermostat	changes	     they are not dependent on any other products in the
	 	 	   -	Lights	are	turned	on	or	off	                   house, including computers. There is no single part
                                                         that	can	cause	an	entire	system	to	fail.	For	example,	
	 	 	   -	Audio	system	is	turned	on	or	off	
                                                         if a lightning strike disables your HAI controller, light
•	 Set	schedule	of	days	and	times.	For	example,		        switches still control the lights and thermostats still
  the landscape lights can be turned automatically       control your heating and cooling system.
	 at	dusk	and	turned	off	automatically	at	10:00	PM.	
                                                         Convenience & Control
                                                         There are multiple options to control your home from
                                                         either inside or outside the home, which allows you
                                                         to check and adjust lights, temperature, security,
                                                         audio, and more.

                                                         HAI offers video surveillance and recording, which
                                                         allows	you	to	check	on	your	home	via	PC,	PDA,	or	
                                                         web-enabled	phone.
                                                                                          HAI offers colorful
     Event                        Action                                                  Touchscreens that
                                                                                          facilitate graphical
 Brenda disarms                                                                           control of your HAI
   alarm using           Turn on hallway lights                                           system	via	easy-to-
     her code
     Brenda                                                                               recognize icons.
 disarms alarm
      using              Turn on music system                                             HAI software choices
    her code                                                                              allow you to make
                       Send e-mail to her mother                                          changes to your
                         that Brenda is home                                              home’s status from
                                                                                          anywhere in the
Easy to Use                                                                               world.

HAI systems are simple to                                You can call to check on and change the status of
understand and operate,                                  your home over the telephone. Additionally, you can
which is why they are                                    graphically control your home from your Smartphone.
Automation Simplified®. Even
young children can learn and
understand how to use the
basic features of the system.

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              Benefits of Home Automation





         11                                                            1               7          4

     1   OmniTouch Touchscreen                                 7   Omnistat Thermostat
         Enjoy one-touch control of security                       Communicating programmable thermostat
         (Omni family systems only), temperature,                  for heating & cooling control. Easily monitor
         lighting, audio, and other home control                   energy usage.
         functions like draperies or irrigation via
         easy-to-recognize icons.                              8   Internet Access & Control
                                                                   HAI Snap-Link and Web-Link II allow you to
     2   Security                                                  control and see status of your home from
         Professional quality UL Listed security is                anywhere via the Internet.
         built-in to Omni family controllers. If
         desired, Lumina family controllers can                9   Telephones
         integrate with an existing security                       Check and adjust security, temperatures,
         system.                                                   and lights via any phone at home or away.
                                                                   Receive a call to advise on temperature,
     3   Lighting                                                  security and more.
         Set warm and comfortable moods for
         dining, movies or entertaining. Control               10 Motion Detection
         the scenes with a remote. Provide                        Detect intrusion; automatically turn on lights
         architectural quality lighting control and               and activate automation functions when
         passive security for "lived-in" look when                entering a room.
         on vacation.
                                                               11 Vehicle Detection
     4   Whole Home Audio                                         Announce visitors, turn on lights, and switch
         Share music throughout the house.                        on TV to view driveway, etc.

     5   Surveillance Cameras                                  12 Irrigation
         View and/or record guests arriving at the                Control irrigation solenoid valves for lawn
         front door, or check on kids in the pool                 sprinklers, plus inputs for rain sensing.
         from any Touchscreen or the Internet.
                                                               13 Pool & Spa
     6   Energy Management                                        Secure pool area with access control.
         Be comfortable at home, save energy                      Control filters, timers, heating, temperatures,
         when you’re away. Control temperatures                   solar control and more.
         in wine cellars, humidors, greenhouses,
         aquariums, etc.

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Security & Fire Protection
Omni	controllers	are	UL	Listed,	CP01
compliant security and fire systems. They
detect intrusion, smoke and fire, carbon
monoxide, water, and other hazards with
wired or wireless sensors.

The security code for the nanny, housekeeper,
or contractor can be set up to only work
during specified times.                           	   •	 Turn	on	all	inside	lights	to		
                                                         help your family escape
Omni family systems can communicate with a               safely from an emergency
central monitoring station and can dial up to
8	additional	phone	numbers	chosen	by	the	
                                                  	   •	 Turn	off	HVAC	system	to		
owner for voice notification.
                                                         stop the spread of smoke
If	desired,	a	Lumina	family	controller	can	be	           inside the house and from
integrated with a security panel to allow for            feeding a fire with more air
security activated and emergency lighting,
and temperature control.                          	   •	 Flash	the	outside	lights	on		
                                                         and off to help emergency
Phone Communication Backup                               vehicles locate the home

HAI’s	Two-Way	Cellular	Communication	             	   •	 Press	one	button	to	turn		
Center	is	an	excellent	option	for	security	and/          on every light in the house
or automation installations where there is no
                                                         if something goes bump in
land line or as added protection if the main
                                                         the night
phone is cut.

It dials out using a cellular network to
communicate with a central monitoring
station. It also allows telephone calls to be
made	or	received	over	the	Cellular	network	
using a land line telephone in the home. The
central station can call the homeowner for
verification in the event of an alarm.

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                               View	surveillance	video	of	the	front	
                                   door, nursery, or pool area.

                                                                     Check up on
                                                                     children, elderly
                                                                     relatives, or pets
                                                                     from the office.

Use	HAI’s	Network	Digital	Video	Recorder	
to record video based upon time, event,
or	motion.	View	recorded	video	at	your	         Ensure a secure
convenience.	View	full	screen	surveillance	     home with live
video	from	any	Touchscreen	or	TV	in	the	         video feeds.

Cameras	can	be	viewed	on	all	OmniTouch	
Touchscreens, over the Internet, or on your
Smartphone. When the front door bell
rings or motion is detected in the pool area,
the video feed can automatically appear
                                                            View HAI’s Surveillance video
on	a	Touchscreen	or	TV	in	your	home.	To	
                                                            on a Smartphone, iPhone,
invite your guest inside, press and hold the
                                                            iPod Touch, Blackberry,
camera selection button to release a door                   PDA, or via Snap-Link on
strike and let your visitor inside!                         any Internet-connected
                                                            computer in the world.

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Access Control

           Limit admission to designated areas
                using HAI’s Access Control.

                                                     Swiping a card can
                                                     disarm the alarm, release
                                                     the door lock, light a
                                                     pathway into the house,
                                                     change the temperature,
                                                     and turn on several zones
                                                     of a whole home audio

  HAI offers a high security,
  digitally encrypted, proximity     Swipe the card to
  card reader that connects to an    activate pathway
  HAI Home Control System.           lighting and
                                     additional safety

         Use either a standard
         credit card sized Access
         Control Card or the
         convenient Access
         Control Keytag to access
         the system.
                                                             Because each
                                                             card or keytag is
      HAI offers an Access Control                           tied to a specific
      Keypad that is weatherproof                            user all of the
      and vandal resistant.                                  actions can also
                                                             be customized
                                                             for each
                                                             individual user.
 HAI Access Control requires an
   HAI home control system.

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        Lighting Control

Set Elegant Lighting Scenes to Match
Your Lifestyle
                                                                               Dim lights as movie
Lighting	control	can	enhance	the	enjoyment	and	                                begins, using the
                                                                               convenient remote
value of your home, add security for peace of mind,                            control.
and contribute to savings on your energy bill.

Dim	and	control	your	home	lighting	by	schedule,	
motion detection, door openings, sunrise, sunset,
alarm activation, and more. Your lights can be
accessed and controlled by telephone, Internet, or
                                                           Set the mood for
Touchscreen. Touch one button to turn all lights in a      entertaining with
room	or	house	on/off.                                      the push of a
Energy Savings
Lighting	control	may	be	used	to	reduce	energy	
consumption. Studies show that dimming a light by
just 10% can save 10% of electricity and double the                            Front door and
life of the bulb. HAI systems can automatically set                            driveway lights
lights to 90%, saving you money anytime a light is                             come on at dusk
turned on.                                                                     and turn off at a set
                                                                               time to save energy.
Lights	can	turn	on	automatically	when	you	enter	the	
home or room, and turn off when leaving the home.

Match Your Style
                                                           Light a pathway
                                                           to safely exit
•		 Most	switches	accommodate	standard	Decora-	            your home
    style Wallplates for unlimited faceplate options.      during a fire.

•	 Most	switches	are	offered	in	a	multitude	of	colors,		
	 including	Almond,	Black,	Brown,	Grey,	Ivory,	Light		
   Almond, and White.
                                                                               Expansion is easy!
•	 LED	indicator	lights	at	the	top	of	the	switches		
                                                                               Add a table lamp
	 can	be	programmed	to	glow	Blue,	Red,	Magenta,		
                                                                               or small appliance
   or turned off entirely.                                                     with a plug-in
•		 Scene	Switch	and	House	Status	Switch	may		 	
    have custom laser engraved buttons.

                                                           www.homeauto.com                            8
         Energy Management

Want to keep your home
comfortable while saving
money on your energy bill?                           If you are leaving early from work,
                                                     call your system to set temperatures
                                                     and lights to comfortable levels.
With HAI products, you can minimize the              Or use Snap-Link Mobile on your
use of electricity and reduce bills with             Smartphone to graphically view and
temperature and lighting control based               control your home.
on time of day or occupancy of your

When connected to an HAI home
control system, lights and Omnistat
family thermostats may be controlled
locally, or via a Touchscreen, the Internet,   Log into your home
                                               anytime via the Internet
Smartphone, or a telephone.
                                               with Snap-Link or WL3
                                               for Windows® Home
                The Omnistat2                  Server to control energy
                thermostat learns the          usage and change your
                heating and cooling            temperature and light
                patterns of your home          settings.
for maximum efficiency and comfort.

Load	Control	Modules	(LCMs)	help	control	
the power consumption of high wattage
loads such as pool pumps, flourescent
lights, and electic hot water heaters.                      Your HAI home control
                                                            system can turn off lights,
HAI offers temperature and humidity                         electric water heaters and
sensors for temperature based control                       pumps when the house is
                                                            unoccupied. Additionally,
of attics, garages, greenhouses,
                                                            you can control ceiling and
basements, wine cellars, or coolers.                        ventilation fans for comfort
Water temperature sensors may be used                       and energy efficiency.
to supervise and manage pool or spa

     The	average	home	spends	about	$1900	annually	on	energy	bills.	Heating	
     and cooling accounts for as much as half of a home’s energy usage.
                                                                	-	ENERGY	STAR®

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        Whole Home Audio

A Revolutionary Way to
Enjoy Your Music
                                                                  Listen to music
With	Hi-Fi	by	HAI,	you	have	the	ability	to	                       from your living
listen to different sources at the same time                      room CD player
at different volume levels throughout your                        as you relax on
                                                                  your patio. Use
                                                                  your CD remote
                                                                  to change songs
Use the audio sources you already own!                            or adjust volume
HAI’s	unique	Remote	Input	Modules	(RIM’s)	                        without leaving
allow you to easily plug in any source.                           the comfort of
Update	to	the	newest	iPod	or	CD	player	                           your lawn chair!
at anytime by unplugging one cord.

Mom	can	listen	to	relaxing	jazz	on	the	
satellite radio in the kitchen, while dad
listens to the big game as he barbeques        Create party
outside, and the kids jam away to rock         playlists on
upstairs! Or set them all to listen to the     your PC and
                                               enjoy your
same source and volume.
                                               tunes in the
                                               den, kitchen,
With a home control system, you may            or poolside!
coordinate your music with activities in
the home.

	   •	 Set	every	room	to	the	iPod™	and			
        preset the volumes for a party.
	   •	 Mute	bedroom	and	outdoor	
        zones when it’s bedtime.
	   •		 Turn	the	entire	system	off	when		 	
                                                                 Never miss a play!
        leaving the house.
                                                                 Listen to the big
	   •		 Use	your	telephone	to	page		      	
                                                                 game throughout
        throughout the house.                                    the house!

Control	your	audio	system	wirelessly	via	a	
remote control or wireless Touchscreen.

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         Interface Options

                                   HAI offers many options to access and
                                   control your HAI home control system.

         	   Touchscreens                            Telephone	Access	and	Control

The	easy-to-use	OmniTouch	                         Telephone Access is	built-in	to	
Touchscreens allow control of security,            Omni controllers, and it can be
temperatures, lighting, audio,                     added	to	Lumina	controllers	
surveillance video, ventilation, irrigation,       using the Telephone	Access	Kit.	
and much more.                                     Call in to control or check status
                                                   of your home.

                                                     Consoles,	Keypads,	and	More

                The OmniTouch	5.7	
                (5.7”	screen)	is	installed	                      Omni controllers are
                in your wall and works                           usually installed with at
                with any HAI system. It                          least one Omni Console,
                is available in six colors.                      and Lumina controllers
Also available is a black stand that allows                      are usually installed with
the	OmniTouch	5.7	to	be	docked	on	a	               at least one Lumina	Keypad. The
table top instead of a wall.                       Omni	Console	and	Lumina	Keypad	
                                                   are	available	with	a	built-in	Speaker/
The OmniTouch	5.7e* has all of the                 Microphone	to	be	used	in	automation	
features	of	the	5.7	but	features	POE	              applications.
(Power	over	Ethernet)	and	allows	for	
real-time	information	via	RSS.                             HAI has a wireless 4 Button
                                                           Keyfob,	4	Button	Wireless	
                    The OmniTouch	                         Keypad, and Wireless Panic/
                    Portable 8*                            Alert Pendant available to
                    (8“	screen)	and	               interface with your HAI system.
                    OmniTouch	Portable	
                    10* (10”	screen)	              The Lumina Mode Switch
are handheld Touchscreens that have                allows	for	one-button	changing	
Wi-Fi	capability	to	communicate	over	              of the lights, audio, etc.
the home network to the HAI system.                of	a	Lumina	family	controller.
A	table-top	docking	cradle	with	
charging capability is available for these         *Requires	Ethernet	enabled	controller.

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                Interface Options

         Award-Winning Software


 HAI’s innovative,
 Snap-Link* is for quickly                  HAI’s Home Control for
 adjusting and checking                     Windows®	Media	Center
 lights, temperature,                       is	Vista-compatible	software	
 webcams, security and                      that runs on a Windows®
 more	on	the	go!		Plug	the	                 Media	Center	computer	for	
 Snap-Link	USB	key	into	any	Windows®	       controlling lighting, temperatures, and
 computer and it directly communicates      security on a television using a single
 through the secure Ethernet port on        Media	Center	remote	control.	It	makes	
 your HAI system at home. No onsite         changing lighting, temperature, and
 computer is needed.                        security as easy as changing channels!

 Snap-Link Mobile* provides the             HAI’s Web-Link II software
 ability to graphically control your        allows access and control
 home	via	a	Smartphone	or	PDA	              of your HAI system over the
 that	is	running	Windows®	Mobile	           Internet. You can access your
 operating software.                        home with any web browser. Windows®
                                            Vista	compliant.	HAI Software Combo
 With Pronto-Link*,	use	a	TSU9800,	         combines	both	Web-Link	II	and	HAI	
 TSU9600,	or	TSU9400	Philips	Pronto	        Home	Control	for	Windows®	Media	
 remote to control the home theater;        Center.	
 adjust lights, temperatures and security
 settings; and control whole home
 audio	systems,	such	as	Hi-Fi	by	HAI.
                                            PC Access for End Users

  For Windows® Home Server
                                            allows advanced users to
                                            setup and program your
                                            system	on	your	PC.	You	can	
 WL3	for	Windows®	Home	Server*	             change user codes, lighting,
 is	an	Add-in	for	a	Windows	Home	           schedules, temperatures, and see the
 Server that allows you to monitor and      status of your home.
 control	your	HAI	Home	Control	System	
 from any device with a web browser,
 including	an	iPhone™,	iPod	Touch™,	
 BlackBerry™,	Smartphone,	computer,	
 PDA,	etc.		

*Requires	Ethernet	enabled	controller.
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              I Want It! What Is The Next Step?

 HAI’s products are designed
and intended for professional
sale, installation, and service.

      Your HAI dealer can discuss and
     advise you as to what options are
               best for you.

 	     •	 Use	HAI’s	website	to	search	for	HAI	Listed	Dealers	
          ( http://www.homeauto.com/HowtoBuy )

 	     •	 Contact	an	HAI	Dealer	to	get	a	quote	for	installation	of	an	HAI	system


 	     •	 Contact	your	HAI	Sales	Territory	Manager,	and	ask	about	HAI’s	Builder	Support		
 	     	 Program	( http://www.homeauto.com/contact )

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