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					         Preferred Hostess Club

Book your Next “In Home Party” and you can
            start to enjoy my
         Preferred Hostess Club!

 Choose the first available Party Date for your next “In Home” Party
                     and be a Preferred Hostess!

  Benefits of the Preferred Hostess Club

1. You will be the first to receive a New Catalog as soon as they
   are released.

2. You will be the first to be invited to any Open Houses, Bingo’s
   or other special events.

3. You will receive A Booking Credit of $15.00 for booking off of
   yourself and being a Preferred Hostess.

4. You will be the First to be notified of all Preferred Hostess and
   Customer Monthly Specials.

5. Host a $500 party or more and be invited to our Special
   Hostess Appreciation event and have your Name entered to win
   $500 Cash!!

6.    Be a GOLD CLUB HOSTESS: Host a $1000 party or more and
     be a Gold Club Hostess: Receive 10% off any order you
     purchase for 1 year from the date of your $1000 party.
     (*You may combine 2 or more parties in 1 year to reach $1000
     in sales.)

                Your Home and Garden Designer:

                          Kim Lipe

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