Preferred Customer Referral Program by hcj


									                       Preferred Customer Referral Program

Earn FREE Mary Kay products just by making a phone call!! It’s easy! Just call a friend (who
doesn’t already have a consultant), tell her why you love Mary Kay products and get her
permission for me to call and schedule an appointment to meet with her. For every referral who
holds her appointment, you will receive a $20 Award Coupon from me…and the great thing is
that there is NO LIMIT to the number of Award Coupons you can earn!

Why am I willing to give away this much free product? Because I have a goal of building my
business to 100 active customers by the end of 2008, it’s worth it to me to give my existing
customers some products as a “thank you” for introducing me to their friends. I get a new
customer (hopefully!), and you get $20 of product for every referral…we both win!

Please call me with the name and phone number of any friends you have contacted who would
like to have a complimentary facial and try the latest and best Mary Kay products, and I’ll take it
from there. I’ve provided a sample script below, if you’re not sure what to say.

Thanks for your help! I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Sample Script: “Hi, _________! This is _____. Do you have a minute? My Mary Kay Beauty Consultant,
Pat Howland, is working on building her customer base and asked me who I knew who was overworked
and under-pampered who might like to be treated to a complimentary facial, and I thought of you! I use
____________ (your favorite MK product) and I love it because _________ (tell her why). I’m sure you
would enjoy Mary Kay as much as I do! Pat is going to give me a $20 Award Coupon for every person I
refer who holds an appointment with her, AND she’s going to give them the same opportunity to earn free
Mary Kay products, too! Is there any reason I couldn’t give Pat your name and number so she can call
you to set up a convenient time for the two of you to get together?” (If she agrees say) “Great! I’ll give Pat
your information and she will call you within a couple of days to schedule an appointment. (If she isn’t
interested say). “That’s okay! Let me know if you ever change your mind, as I’m sure Pat would love to
meet you!”

      $20           Preferred Customer Referral Award                                            $20
   Thank you for referring _________________ to me! Please accept this
  award coupon to use toward the purchase of any Mary Kay product(s) of
        your choice. Offer expires one year from ______________.

                                          YOUR NAME
                             Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant
                                          Your Address
                                       Your email address
                                          Your phone #
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