Preferential Parking

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November 29, 2004

I.     Various Interest Groups’ Needs:

A. Fairfax Businesses
    Lack of Customer Parking
    Lack of Employee Parking
    24-hour businesses in area

B. Melrose Businesses
    Lack of Customer Parking
    Lack of Employee Parking
    24-hour businesses in area

C. Fairfax High School
    Main lot busy during regular school hours Monday-Friday 7AM-4PM
    Night School: Monday-Thursday 4PM-10PM (Main Lot)
    On weekends, there are multiple leagues and home games.
    Sunday flee market 7 AM to 6:30 PM
    Rosewood Garden is available at night. Concerned about liability. Meters were
      taken out of Rosewood Garden lot. Claims have not seen the revenue.

D. Residents North of Rosewood
    Cars are parked late at night around the residential neighborhood from restaurants
      and clubs. Disturbs neighborhood. Biggest problem is from 8PM-8AM.
    Weekends are especially bad with “roundiness”
    The daytime is not too bad

E. Residents South of Rosewood
    Densely populated area. All multi-family residences.
    Very tight parking. Extremely difficult to find spaces on the street
    Garages behind buildings are either not made available to tenants, or are obsolete
      (too small for today’s cars)
    These residents rely on parking north of Rosewood.
    Residents see spillover from the Grove. Employees and Customers park in
    Hardest time to find parking is around 5PM-morning.

II.    Possible Solutions (☺ =No Objections; consensus)

       1. Encourage apartment landlords to open garages to residents. Crackdown on
          landlords who use garages illegally and refuse to offer to tenants
       2. One-way diagonal parking on streets South of Rosewood
       3. ☺ Pan-Pacific parking structure or agreement with city. Possibly with shuttle.
4. Permit parking north of Melrose
5. ☺ Restaurants and bars to collaborate and utilize empty off-street parking for
    employee, valet or customer parking. (Need to talk to property owners.)
6. ☺ Sell commercial permits in permit parking zone
7. ☺ Meter Rosewood Garden or have pre-paid parking for public use in the
    evening when Fairfax High School doesn’t need the parking. FHS gets the
    revenue. Revenue might be used to light the parking.
8. Re-evaluate permit parking restrictions west of Melrose. Expand hours to
    include 1 or 2 hour parking for Fairfax customers
9. ☺ Replace 2-hour meters on side streets with l0-hour meters for employee
10. ☺ CBS parking lot during evenings and weekends. (Need to talk to CBS)
11. Expand meter hours of operation on Fairfax from 6PM-10PM (currently one
    doesn’t have to pay after 6PM)
12. ☺ Allow parking on Melrose in the morning rush-hour. (DOT needs to check
    traffic volume.)
13. ☺ Revenue from parking tickets to go to neighborhood (requires ordinance
14. ☺ Businesses should validate at the Gardner/Melrose parking structure.
15. ☺ Expand Dash service around Melrose.
16. ☺ Utilize parking behind businesses after they close. (Need to talk to business
17. ☺ Combine PPD 47 and 53. With hours restricted in the evenings.
18. Mix preferential parking and paid meters on residential streets