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									           UNLV LIBRARY                               Across the River.
     MEDIA RESOURCES CATALOG                             Films for the Humanities (1995)
            SOCIOLOGY                                        Offers encouraging portraits of urban
            Summer 2009                               heroes who are reviving once-dying
                                                      neighborhoods. Features six aspects of
Abortion: A Reflection on Life.                       inner city development.
   D. James Kennedy (1989)                                   Video Cassette (58 min.)
       Discusses the moral and religious                     HT 177 W3 A37
aspects of the issue of abortion. Includes
opinions of medical, social, and religious            Adopted: We Can Do Better.
experts and of women who have had                         Point Made Films, c2008
abortions.                                                   "Adopted reveals the grit rather than
       Video Cassette (51 min.)                       the glamour of transracial adoption. First-
       HQ 767.15 A26                                  time director Barb Lee goes deep into the
                                                      intimate lives of two well-meaning families
Abortion Denied: Shattering Young                     and shows us the subtle challenges they
Women's Lives.                                        face. The results are riveting, unpredictable
   The Feminist Majority (1990)                       and telling"--Publisher's website.
      Presents pro-abortion side of the                      2 videodiscs (212 min.)
issue. Uncovers the devastating and                          HV875.64 .A36 2008
sometimes deadly effect parental consent
and notification laws may have on young               Adult Entertainment: Disrobing an
women.                                                American Idol
      Video Cassette (30 min.)                            Films for the Humanities & Sciences
      RA 1067 A26                                     (2007)
                                                             "Award-winning director Lance Tracy
Abortion Stories from North to South.                 balances serious science with tongue-in-
    Cinema Guild (1984)                               cheek humor to create a documentary
       Shows how abortion transcends race,            scrutinizing the scope and effects of
religion and social class, and how                    pornography that is informative, compelling,
differences in the practice and perception of         and unsettling. Constructing an experiment
abortion are in the degree of secrecy and             to identify attitudinal and behavioral changes
danger. Features worldwide interviews.                that manifest as a result of viewing porn--a
       Video Cassette (55 min.)                       study in the manner of the Annenberg
       HQ 767 A38                                     School of Communications and California
                                                      State University studies--Tracy tracks two
[Abortion] When Abortion Was Illegal:                 men, one single and one married, for 60
Untold Stories.                                       days. The effects of a 30-day regimen of X-
   Bullfrog Films (1992)                              rated DVDs, Internet porn, adult mags, sex
       Presents the stories of women who              shops, and strip clubs, followed by a 30-day
had illegal abortions from 1930 to 1960,              readjustment period, are both illuminating
along with comments of doctors and others             and dismaying. Porn addiction, the sex-
who helped them deal with later trauma.               industrial complex, and porn-related
       Video Cassette (28 min.)                       freedom of speech issues are also
       HQ 767 W54                                     explored"—Container.
                                                             1 videodisc (76 min.)
An Acquired Taste.                                           HQ472.U6 A38 2007
   New Day Films (1981)
      Poses critical questions about the              Advertising and the End of the World.
American obsession with success and                      MEF (1998)
"being number one".                                          Presents a compelling argument
      Video Cassette (26 min.)                        about consumerism and its impact on the
      PN 1997.85 A27                                  earth's future.
                                                             Video Cassette (40 min.)
                                                             HF 5822 A25

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 2

Affirming the Future.                                 The Age of AIDS.
    National Audiovisual Center (1988)                    PBS Home Video (2006)
       Discusses the history of affirmative                   Part one follows the trail of a medical
action programs since the early 1960s.                mystery which began in 1981 when five gay
Shows two companies which have made                   men in Los Angeles were diagnosed with a
affirmative action part of their corporate            deadly new disease. Traces the international
policy. Interviews corporate executives and           response in the first years of the epidemic,
government officials who have benefited               contrasting moments of inspirational
from affirmative action.                              leadership with the tragedy of missed
       Video Cassette (26 min.)                       opportunities. Reveals the astounding
       HF 5549.5 A34 A53                              spread of the infection to over 70 million
                                                      infections in 2006. Part two explores the
Affluenza.                                            chasm that emerged between rich and poor
   Bullfrog Films (1997)                              following the development of the miraculous
      A look at the social malady of                  "triple cocktail" HIV treatment. While the
overconsumption and materialism. Explores             discovery seemed to signal a new era in
the comic and sobering aspects of our                 which AIDS was no longer a fatal disease,
consumerism and its impact on our families,           the high price of the drugs meant they were
communities and the environment.                      unaffordable to patients in developing
      Video Cassette (57 min.)                        nations. Also examines the next wave of the
      TX 336 A34                                      AIDS epidemic in some of the most
                                                      populous and strategically important nations
After Stonewall: From the Riots to the                in the world, including Russia, India and
Millennium.                                           China, and tracks the same pattern of official
    First Run Features, [2005]                        denial and political indifference that
        In 1969 the police raided the                 characterized the epidemic in so many other
Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City's           countries.
Greenwich Village, leading to three nights of                 1 videodisc (240 min.)
rioting by the city's gay community. With this                RA643.8 .A27 2006
outpouring of courage and unity the Gay
Liberation Movement had begun. Chronicles             Aging. The Mind Series.
the history of lesbian and gay life from the             PBS (1988)
riots at Stonewall to the end of the century.                Examines what happens to the brain
Captures the hard work, struggles, tragic             and mind during the aging process. Explains
defeats and exciting victories experienced            that aging doesn't necessarily bring mental
since then. It explores how AIDS literally            decline and what role genetic and
changed the direction of the movement.                environmental factors play in degenerative
        1 videodisc (88 min.)                         diseases such as Alzheimer's.
        HQ76.8.U5 A37 2005                                   Video Cassette (1 hr.)
                                                             BF 724.55 A35 A333

                                                         McGraw Hill (197?)
                                                             Examines some popular, yet
                                                      commonly mistaken attitudes towards the
                                                      aged and their place in society. Discusses
                                                      two major theories on the aged--the activity
                                                      theory and the disengagement theory--and
                                                      the research being done by Bernice
                                                      Neugarten, Robert Havinghurst, and
                                                      Sheldon Tobin, of the University of Chicago
                                                             Video Cassette (25 min.)
                                                             HV 1451 A44

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 3

Aging: Exploring the Myths.                          All White in Barking.
   National Public Radio (1979)                          Icarus Films, 2007
        Professional and lay persons explore                "Through revealing interviews,
stereotyping the elderly, their growing              alternately shocking and humorous, this
political power, how other countries treat           documentary profile of a white working-class
their elderly, retirement, family roles, and         community east of London offers a timely
sex.                                                 snapshot of an increasingly multiracial
        Cassette (l hr.)                             Britain. The racial composition of Barking is
        HQ 1064 U5 A6333                             in rapid flux, with immigrants from Africa,
                                                     Asia, the Caribbean and the Balkans arriving
Aging in America.                                    and many longtime white residents leaving...
  National Public Radio (1981)                       [Reveals] both the persistence and the
     Summary in Gerontology section.                 gradual undermining of racial and ethnic
     13 Cassettes                                    stereotypes"—Container
     HQ 1064 U5 A635                                        1 videodisc (73 min.)
                                                            DA676.9.A1 A45 2007
Alcohol & Alcoholism.
   Schlessinger Media (2004)                         Altered States: A History of Drug Use in
       Students learn about the dangers of           America.
alcohol abuse and about how to recognize                Films for the Humanities (1995)
the symptoms of alcohol dependence.                         Focuses on the history of America’s
Explores the devastating long-term and               drug use and abuse. Traces the patterns of
short-term effects of alcoholism through the         American drug use and abuse. Documents
eyes of users and family members.                    the cultural, social, and political movements
Discusses treatment options for individuals          that impacted the use of drugs.
suffering from alcoholism.                                  Video Cassette (57 min.)
       1 videodisc (23 min.) + 1 teacher's                  HV 5825 A677
guide (5 p.)
       HV5135 .A383 2004                             Amanda's Choice.
                                                         Filmakers Library (2001)
Alcohol: Teenage Drinking.                                  This film looks at a rare form of
    Schlessinger Media (2004)                        Alzheimer's, occurring in a very small
       Students get the facts on how alcohol         percentage of cases: Early Onset
affects the brain and body, with animations          Alzheimer's. This is the story of Amanda,
explaining how drinking impairs motor skills         who witnesses the decline of her 39 year old
and judgment. Highlights some tragic                 mother. There is also a good chance that
personal stories with teen interviews and            Amanda will get the disease as well and
explanations from experts.                           undergoes a genetic test to conclusively
       1 videodisc (23 min.) + 1 teacher's           predict her own destiny. "The documentary
guide (5 p.)                                         also explores new treatments and
       HV5135 A38 2004                               preventive measures which may offer hope
                                                     for Alzheimer's patients in the future"—
                                                            1 videodisc (ca. 54 min.)
                                                            RC523 A43 2001

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 4

Amazing Grace: The Story of a Song That               America the Ugly: Searching for a Better
Makes a Difference .                                  Way to Live.
    Films for the Humanities and Sciences,               Films for the Humanities & Sciences
2004                                                  (1999)
        Documentary explores the moving                     Program looks at suburban sprawl
history of the timeless, inspirational hymn           and how town planners are trying to create a
"Amazing grace", and traces the lyrics back           more intimate community environment.
to its author, John Newton, and English               Includes interview with architect and town
slave ship captain turned country preacher.           planner Andres Duany who is part of the
Includes archival film footage, and variations        new urbanism movement.
sung by different performers.                               Video Cassette (22 min.)
        1 videodisc (90 min.)                               HT 167 A57
        BV317.A49 A43 2004
                                                      America: What Went Wrong?
America at the Movies.                                  Films for the Humanities (1994)
    Columbia Pictures Home Entertainment                   Summary in Business Section.
(1980)                                                     Video Cassette (1 hr. 48 min.)
       A feature-length compilation film, with             HC 106.8 A424
scenes from over 80 of the best American
motion pictures. A portrait of America as             American Dream.
seen on the screen by movie-goers over the               HBO Video (1992)
last half century.                                           Follows the true-life story of workers
       Video Cassette                                 on strike in Austin, Minnesota. In 1984,
       Booklet                                        Hormel saw a profit of $29 million. That
       PN 1995.9 A48 A43                              same year they offered Austin meatpackers
America in Black and White.                           a salary cut and a 30% cut in basic benefits.
    ABC News (1996)                                   Enter the community as it is torn apart by
       Ted Koppel hosts a five-day series of          outrage and discontent.
broadcasts dealing with issues of racism.                    Video Cassette (1 hr. 38 min.)
       1: The Philadelphia Story (42 min.)                   HD 5325 P152 1985 A872
       2: How Much is White Skin Worth?               American Drinks: History in a Glass.
       (23 min.)                                         History Channel (2000 )
       3: The Color Line and the Bus Line                    History of both alcoholic and non-
       (23 min.)                                      alcoholic drinks in the Untied States.
       4: What About Black Racism?                           1 Video Cassette (ca. 50 min.)
       (22 min.)                                             TX815 .A44 2000
       5: The Search for Common Ground
       (23 min.)                                      American Farm
       5 Video Cassettes                                  Morninglight Films, c2007
       E 185.615 A66 pt. 1-5                                  "In a little town in upstate New York, a
                                                      close-knit family struggles over many
America on the Road.                                  decades to hold onto a small dairy farm.
   PBS (1995)                                         With extraordinary candor and heartbreaking
       Shows how Ford revolutionized                  intimacy, this poignant documentary brings
industrial production with the assembly line          to light the true story of an American family:
and new plans to benefit workers.                     their hopes and dreams, their triumphs over
Examines the profound effects of                      tragedy, the modern conflicts that divide
automobiles on American society.                      them and the love that binds them together.
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                         At the center of this world, Langdon "Lanny"
       TL 23 A44                                      Ames, the fifth generation to work this land,
                                                      stands proud. Yet Lanny is faced with an
                                                      uncertain future when all of his children turn
                                                      away from the family tradition to build new
                                                      lives elsewhere"—Container.
                                                              1 videodisc (85 min.)
                                                              S521.5.N7 A44 2007

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 5

American Game, Japanese Rules.                        The American Ruling Class: A Dramatic-
   PBS (1988)                                         Documentary-Musical.
       Provides a look at Japanese society               Bullfrog Films, 2007
through the eyes of Americans who live and                     Is there an American ruling class,
work there. Examines the frustrations of              and if so, how do you join? Two hapless
Americans trying to understand and cope               Yale grads embark on a star-studded
with a different society.                             journey of meetings with America's
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                         establishment to unearth some
       DS 822.5 A44                                   uncomfortable answers and find out the truth
                                                      about what the future really holds for them.
American History X.                                   A dramatic, musical, documentary satire on
   New Line Home Video (1999)                         class in America that attempts to answer the
      "Derek Vinyard, the charismatic                 question "Who rules America?"
leader of a group of young white                               1 videodisc (89 min.) + 1 leaflet
supremacists, lands in prison for a brutal,                    HN90.E4 A44 2007
hate-driven murder. Upon his release,
ashamed of his past and pledging to reform,           American Stories: The American Dream.
Derek realizes he must save his younger                 Films for the Humanities (1999)
brother, Danny from a similar fate."—                      A Future Reborn
Container.                                                 Great Expectations
      1 videodisc (119 min.)                               Tears of Rage
      PN1997.85 A47 1999                                   The Bottom Line
                                                           Never Give Up
American/Japanese Culture Clash.                           5 Video Cassettes (50 min. ea)
    PBS (1991)                                             E 741 A66 vol. 1-5
       Begins with an examination of the
racial stereotypes Americans have created             Americas.
as they struggle to understand a different               Annenberg/CPB Collection (1993)
culture. Digs into Japanese perceptions of                  Summaries in Political Science
Americans. Considers the obstacles                    section.
Americans face while working for Japanese                   10 Video Cassettes (1 hr. each)
companies. Summarizes America's uneasy
alliance with Japan.                                  The Amish: Not to be Modern.
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                             MPI Home Video (1988)
       E 183.8 J3 A67                                       Provides a look at Amish people
                                                      performing farm work, creating quilts, and
American Porn.                                        attending schools. Examines the religious
   PBS Home Video (2002)                              reasons for their lifestyle.
       "Frontline reports on the forces                     Video Cassette (57 min.)
behind the recent explosion of sexually                     BX 8129 A5 A45
explicit material available in American
society and the pending political battle that         Amish Riddle.
may engulf the multi-billion dollar                       Filmmakers Library
pornography industry."--Container 1                           Shows a dynamic people, who,
videocassette (22 min.)                               contrary to popular belief, are not relics
       1 Video Cassette (60 min.)                     frozen in time. Through gentle modification
       HQ471 .A44 2002                                of their rules they prosper in commercial
                                                      enterprises. Introduces viewers to an Amish
American Portrait.                                    family and shows how they conduct their
  SRI International (1983)                            daily life. Speculates on the prospects for
      Looks at the 9 lifestyle categories of          their cultural survival in the next century.
Americans from the "survivors" to the "I-am-                  Video Cassette (50 min.)
me," and their attitudes toward life,                         BX 8129 A6 A46
work, and leisure.
      Video Cassette (25 min.)
      HM 136 A43

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 6

Anatomy of a Riot.                                    Anger.
    MPI Home Video (1992)                                 Filmakers Library, [2005?]
       Investigates how things got out of                    Part one of a four-part series, looks at
control so quickly and so completely in Los           the primal emotions that are generated in
Angeles in the aftermath of the Rodney King           the brain, and how nature and nurture
beating verdict on April 29, 1992. Examines           combine to make us feel the way we do.
the role that L.A. government agencies                This program examines anger, from its
played in failing to prevent or prepare for the       primordial roots in self-defence to its
violence that followed the policemen's                expression in modern violence. The film
acquittal.                                            examines several men who have lost control
       Video Cassette (47 min.)                       of their anger and committed violent acts
       F 869 L857 M64                                 and explores such questions as: Does the
                                                      potential for impulsive anger lurk in our
And Baby Makes Two.                                   genes? Why do we still need this emotion
    Maryland Public Television (1983)                 and what science can do to help control it?
       Presents 3 life situations in which                   1 videodisc (43 min. )
women have either chosen single                              BF575.A5 A54 2005
parenthood or found themselves in the
single parent role. Important questions               The Angry Eye.
regarding the roles that are portrayed are               California Newsreel (2004)
answered by experts in marriage and family                   Documentary on Jane Elliott's blue-
relations.                                            eyed/brown-eyed exercise in discrimination
       Video Cassette (30 min.)                       involving college students in the United
       HQ 759 A49                                     States forced to experience racist treatment
                                                      minorities have received for years.
...And the Pursuit of Happiness.                             1 videodisc (35 min.)
    Criterion Collection (2007)                          BF575.P9 A54 2004
        "In 1986, Louis Malle, himself a
transplant to the United States, set out to           Anything You Want to Be.
investigate the ever widening range of                   New Day Films (1971)
immigrant experience in America.                             A biting satire on societal pressures
Interviewing a variety of newcomers (from             that force women to compromise their
teachers to astronauts to doctors) in middle-         individuality and intellectual goals to assume
and working-class communities from coast              a constantly changing identity of femininity.
to coast, Malle paints a generous, humane                    1 Video Cassette (8 min.)
portrait of their individual struggles in an                 HQ1154 .A695 1971
increasingly polyglot nation"—Container.
        1 videodisc (81 min.)                         Anti-semitism in the 21st Century: The
        JV6455 .A53 2007                              Resurgence.
                                                          Films for the Humanites & Sciences,
--And Then There Were Four: A                         c2007
Grandmother Stands in for Parents.                           Through extraordinary and disturbing
   Filmakers Library, c2005                           archival footage, interviews with leading
      Documentary depicts the daily life of a         experts, and bold man-on-the street
grandmother raising her four grandsons                interviews, The Resurgence weaves
      1 videodisc (20 min.)                           together the past and the present to explore
      HQ759.9 .A53 2005                               the evolution and rebirth of an age-old
                                                             1 videodisc (58 min.)
                                                             DS145 .A643 2007

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 7

Antonio Negri : A Revolt that Never Ends.             Assault on Gay America
   First Run/Icarus Films (2004)                          PBS Video (2000)
       Documentary that profiles the life of                 In the telling of the life and death of
university professor, Antonio Negri, a                Billy Jack Gaither, explores the roots of
leading spokesperson for the international            homophobia in America and asks how these
anti-globalization movement.                          attitudes, beliefs and fears contribute to the
       1 videodisc (52 min.)                          recent rise in violence against gays.
       CT3990.N45 A58 2004                                   Video Cassette (60 min.)
                                                             HV 6250.4 H66 A87
Are We Scaring Ourselves to Death?
   ABC News (1994)                                    Avoiding Armageddon: Our Future, Our
       John Stossel looks at our fears and            Choice.
asks whether they actually reflect what is               PBS DVD Video (2003)
most likely to harm us. We’re more scared                   Examines the threats posed by
than ever of crime, pollution, toxic waste,           nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.
cancer, food and new products. Stossel                Looks at the connection between terrorism
believes that the press may influence these           and these weapons. Discusses whether the
fears. Confronts consumer advocates and               world has the ability and will to control these
government regulators asking whether they             weapons.
may have done more harm than good.                          4 videodiscs (ca. 480 min.)
       Video Cassette (50 min.)                             U793 .A86 2003
       PN 4784 D57 A74
Are You A Racist?                                     Avoiding Conflict: Dispute Resolution
   Penn State Audio-Visual Services (1987)            Without Violence.
       Summary in Ethnic Studies section.                 Films for the Humanities (1995)
       Video Cassette (49 min.)                               Details ways to curtail the rise of
       HT 1521 A73                                    aggression in our schools, playgrounds,
                                                      streets and homes. Focuses on solutions as
Arranged Marriages.                                   it highlights anti-violence programs that have
   A&E Home Video (1999)                              made a difference.
       For much of history and for many                       Video Cassette (52 min.)
people today, marriage has nothing to do                      HN 90 V5 A86
with love and romance. Instead marriages
are arranged by families and matchmakers              Balancing Society's Mandates.
who place primary importance on suitability               National Institutes of Health (198?)
and financial gain.                                          Depicts an Institutional Review Board
       Video Cassette (50 min.)                       in action. Explains the basis for the criteria
       HQ503 .A77 1999                                that an IRB follows reviewing research.
                                                             Video Cassette (3/4", 38 min.)
The Asianization of America.                                 R 853 H8 B34
   Films for the Humanities (199?)
       Examines the role of Asian Americans           Banished.
half a century after the repeal of the Chinese            California Newsreel, 2007
Exclusion Act, seeking to determine what                      "Recounts the forgotten history of
accounts for Asians' success in academia              racial cleansing in America, when thousands
and to what extent they want to blend into            of African Americans were driven from their
the American melting pot.                             homes and communities by violent racist
       Video Cassette (26 min.)                       mobs in the late 19th and early 20th
       E 184 O6 A87                                   centuries... The film places these events in
                                                      the context of present day race relations, by
                                                      following three concrete cases of towns that
                                                      remain all-white to this day: Forsyth County,
                                                      Georgia; Pierce City, Missouri; and Harrison,
                                                      Arkansas" – Container.
                                                              1 videodisc (84 min.)
                                                              E185.86 .B36 2007

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 8

Barbie Nation: An Unauthorized Tour.                  The Best Years of Your Life.
    New Day Films (1997)                                  Security on Campus, Inc., 2001
       An analysis of the Barbie image as a                  This program is designed to educate
cultural icon. Reveals a number of facets             college-age students and their parents about
and layers of social gender attitudes and             the debilitating and too often fatal outcome
behaviors.                                            of alcohol abuse on college campuses.
       Video Cassette (54 min.)                       Several families who have lost a child, as
       NK 4894.3 B37 B37                              well as friends of the victims, are
                                                      interviewed. Also interviewed is a physician
Before Stonewall: The Making of a Gay &               who describes how an individual's
Lesbian Community.                                    judgement is impaired with alcohol
  The Cinema Guild (1984)                             consumption and the deadly consequences
     Video Cassette (1 hr. 27 min.)                   of alcohol poisoning.
     HQ 76.3 U5 B44                                          1 videocassette (20 min.)
                                                             HV5135 .B47 2001
The Begging Game.
   ABC News (1995)                                    Better off Dead?
      Profiles panhandlers in New York                  PBS (1984)
City.                                                       Summary in Philosophy section.
      Video Cassette (57 min.)                              Video Cassette (1 hr.)
      HV 4506 N6 B43                                        R 726 B47

Behind the screens: Hollywood Goes                    Beyond Hate.
Hypercommercial.                                          Mystic Fire Video (1991)
   Media Education Foundation                                 Through the experiences of world
       Discusses the idea that mainstream,            figures, gang leaders, and young people
big-budget movies have become largely a               trying to cope with violence in their lives,
vehicle for advertising and marketing.                documents the impact of hate on its victims
       Video Cassette (37 min.)                       and probes its many dimensions.
       HF5844 .B43 2000                                       Video Cassette (1 hr. 28 min.)
                                                              BF 575 H3 B48
Bell Hooks: Cultural Criticism &
Transformation.                                       Beyond Hate: The Heart of Hatred.
   Media Education Foundation (1997)                     Films for the Humanities (1997)
       Makes an argument for the                             Conversations with a variety of people
transformative power of cultural criticism.           who explore the heart of hatred. A LA gang
       Video Cassette (1 hr. 6 min.)                  member, a white supremacist leader, a
       P 94.6 B44                                     former Israeli soldier, high school students,
                                                      and the wife of Medgar Evers discuss their
The Best of Taxi Cab Confessions.                     feelings and use of hate.
    HBO (1996)                                               Video Cassette (52 min.)
       Cameras hidden in New York taxis                      BF 575.H3 B482
film exchanges between the drivers and
their passengers.
       Video Cassette (50 min.)
       HD 8039 T162 U52

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 9

Beyond Killing us Softly: : The Strength              The Black Elderly.
to Resist : The Impact of Media Images                   National Public Radio (1981)
on Women and Girls.                                         Summary in Ethnic Studies
    Cambridge Documentary Films (2000)                section.
        A documentary about the fight against               Cassette (30 min.)
the toxic and degrading messages to                         HQ 1064 U5 B42
women and girls that dominate the media.
The film presents the leading authorities in          Black Gold.
the fields of psychology of women and girls,               California Newsreel (2006)
eating disorders, gender studies, violence                    "After oil, coffee is the most actively
against women, and media literacy -- and              traded commodity in the world with $80
focuses their ideas on practical solutions            billion in retail sales. But for every $3 cup of
and the best tactics for reclaiming our               coffee, a coffee farmer receives only 3
culture.                                              cents. Most of the money goes to the
        Video Cassette (34 min.)                      middlemen, especially the four giant
        HF 5827.85 B48                                conglomerates which control the coffee
                                                      market. Tracing the path of the coffee
The Big Dig: Breaking Ground.                         consumed each day to the farmers who
    WGBH (1992)                                       produce the beans, Black Gold asks us to
       Discusses Boston downtown traffic              'wake up and smell the coffee', to face the
congestion and the project which is planned           unjust conditions under which our favorite
to build an underground throughway and the            drink is produced and to decide what we can
Third Harbor Tunnel.                                  do about it"—Container.
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                                 1 videodisc (78 min.)
       HE 356.5 B67 B53                                       HD9199.A2 B53 2006

The Big One!                                          The Blame Game: Are We a Country of
    Miramax Home Entertainment                        Victims?
        Michael Moore is in the nation's                   ABC News (1994)
heartland searching for any executive who                      Examines the excesses of the
will respond to one tough question: If                "victims movement" and how this tendency
Fortune 500 companies are posting record-             to blame our misfortunes on anyone but
setting profits, why do they continue laying          ourselves affects public policy and the
off thousands of workers?                             workplace. Discusses victims who take
        Video Cassette (1 hr. 30 min.)                advantage of government programs by
        HF 5549.5 D55 B54                             initiating improbable lawsuits and
                                                      unintended consequences of the Americans
Bill Cosby On Prejudice.                              with Disabilities Act.
    Pyramid (19??)                                             Video Cassette
        Acting as the nation's number one                      HV 6250.3 U5 B54
bigot, Bill Cosby delivers a monologue on
racial, religious, age, and sex prejudice.            Blink.
        Video Cassette (27 min.)                         Berkeley Media, (2000)
        BF 575 P9 B55                                        Once a fanatical rising star in the
                                                      white supremacist movement, Greg
Biting the Bullet.                                    Winthrow grapples with a legacy of hatred
   We Do the Work                                     handed down across generations. The film
       Profiles workers, community and                reveals how class divisions are masked by
industry leaders in areas from Mississippi to         racial conflict and follows Winthrow as he
Los Angeles hard hit by military cutbacks.            grapples with his own redemption from a
Looks at conversion alternatives they are             heritage of violence.
developing. Case studies include a defunct                   Video Cassette ( 58 min)
naval shipyard and a Lockheed plant                          E184.A1 B557 2000b
moving from Burbank.
       Video Cassette (30 min.)
       HD 5708.55 U62 W38

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                                                                                     SOCIOLOGY 10

Blink: A Film by Elizabeth Thompson.                 A Body to Die For : The Aaron Henry
   Berkeley Media, [2000?]                           Story.
       Once a fanatical rising star in the               Ambrose Video Publishing (1994)
white supremacist movement, Greg                            Based on high school football player,
Winthrow grapples with a legacy of hatred            Aaron Henry's true story concerning his
handed down across generations. The film             involvement with steroid use. Chronicles the
reveals how class divisions are masked by            physical and mental effects of steroids upon
racial confict and follows Winthrow as he            an athlete and teaches that steroid use is
grapples with his own redemption from a              ultimately harmful.
heritage of violence.                                       Video Cassette (34 min.)
       1 videodisc (58 min.)                                Guide (6 p.)
       E184.A1 B557 2000b                                   RC1230 .B63 1994

Block by Block: Building Community in                Bomb It.
America's Cities.                                       Docuramafilms 2007
    PBS (1997)                                              Global graffiti culture is where the
      Travels to various cities to meet with         love of art and ego clashes with law and
people who are struggling against the odds           order. This film explores the many
to change the faces of their neighborhoods,          manifestations of 'bombing' - the act of
communities, and cities.                             committing artistic crime with spray-paint.
      Video Cassette (1 hr.)                                1 videodisc (93 min.)
      HN 90 C6 B85                                          GT3912 .B65 2007

Blood in the Face.                                   Booted Out!
   First Run/Icarus Films (1991)                       Films for the Humanities (1993)
        Documents behind-the-scenes                       Summary in Business section.
activities and philosophies of members of                 Video Cassette (28 min.)
the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan movement, Nazi                    HF 1414 B66
skinheads and Neo-nazis.
        Video Cassette (1 hr. 17 min.)               Born Dying.
        E 184 A1 B56                                    Carle Medical Communications (1983)
                                                           Summary in Special Education
Body Image for Boys.                                 section.
   Cambridge Educational (2002)                            Video Cassette (3/4", 20 min.)
      Explores some of the issues facing                   Leader's Guide (17 p.)
young men today as they struggle to define                 R 726 B28
themselves amidst the flood of media-
generated images of male physical                    Born Into Brothels.
perfection.                                             Thinkfilm, [2005] (2004)
      1 videodisc (18 min.) 1 teacher's                    While living in the red light district of
      guide 7 leaves                                 Calcutta, documenting life in the brothels,
      BF724.3.B55 B64 2002                           New York-based photographer Zana Briski
                                                     embarked on a project by which she gave
Body: The Value of Women.                            cameras to the children of prostitutes and
   Elemental Films, (2000)                           taught them photography, awakening within
      Interviews women in the United                 them hidden talent and creativity.
States about body image and self-esteem                    1 videodisc (83 min.)
      1 Video Cassette (74 min.)                           HQ240.C3 B67 2005
      HQ1220.U6 B63 2000

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 11

Born Rich.                                            The Brandon Teena Story.
    Shout! Factory (2003)                                 New York, NY : Distributed by New Video
       Documentary featuring discussions                  (1999)
with young people who are heirs to great                     Documentary film about Brandon
fortunes. They discuss the advantages and             Teena, who arrived in rural Falls City,
disadvantages of being born rich.                     Nebraska, in 1993 where he finds some new
       1 videodisc (ca. 81 min.)                      friends. Three weeks later he is brutally
       GT3430 .B67 2003                               raped and beaten by friends who discover
                                                      that he is actually a woman. A week later the
Born With a Wooden Spoon.                             same two men murder Teena along with two
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences               other people. This is a tale of Brandon's
(2007)                                                coming of age struggle with identity and how
          One in eight Americans,                     his gender ambiguity induced feelings of
approximately 37 million people, live below           betrayal, confusion and hostility among
the poverty line although the United States           residents of a town in America's heartland.
is still the richest country in the world. This              1 videodisc (88 min.)
program looks at the various factors that                    HV6773.54 .F34 1999
contribute to this problem and what can be
done to break the cycle of multi generational         Breaking the Silence.
poverty.                                                  Distributed by Security on Campus,
          1 videodisc (60 min.)                       c2002
          HC110.P6 B67 2007                                  "The incidence of acquaintance rape
                                                      among college women is at an all-time high.
Bowling for Columbine.                                Nine out of ten college rape victims knew
   MGM Home Entertainment, (2003)                     their attacker. Men need to be educated
       The United States of America is                about what constitutes rape, but most
notorious for its astronomical number of              importantly they need to understand and
people killed by firearms for a developed             empathize with a potential victim's point-of-
nation without a civil war. Activist filmmaker        view concerning the emotional pain of rape.
Michael Moore uses his sense of humor in              The crew spent time with campus sexual
exploring the roots of this bloodshed.                assault victims and a man with a mission.
       2 videodiscs (ca. 119 min.)                    This is their story. The documentary can be
       PN1995.9.V5 B683 2003                          used in high school and college settings to
                                                      educate men and women on sexual assault
Braddock Chronicles.                                  and how to prevent it. It will also be useful
   Zeitgrist (1985)                                   for parents to view with both their male and
       A collection of short films from the 70s       female children before they go away to
and 80s which focuses on the people and               college"--Publisher's web site.
places in Braddock, Pa., a once prosperous                   1 videodisc (20 min.)
steel-producing town.                                        HV6558 .B74 2002
       2 Video Cassettes (1 hr.
50 min.)                                              Breaking the Silence About Hate and
       F 159 B73 B73                                  Violence.
                                                         Bureau for At-Risk Youth (1999)
                                                            Michael Pritchard talks with junior
                                                      high and high school students about recent
                                                      shootings in schools, and discusses positive
                                                      ways to prevent school violence.
                                                            Video Cassette (30 min.)
                                                            Guide (15 p.)
                                                            Booklet (3 p.)
                                                            LB3013.32 .B74 1999

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 12

Breath Taken.                                         Building 2040.
    Fanlight                                             METRO
       Documents the tragedy of those who                   Metro is the directly elected regional
suffer from asbestosis and the tragic impact          government that serves the residents in
of industrial policy on human lives and our           Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington
society's values.                                     counties and the Portland metropolitan area.
       Video Cassette (36 min.)                       Examines how the region could grow in the
       HD 7269 A55 B74                                next 50 years and the growth concept
                                                      adopted my Metro to encourage a more
Buffalo Creek Revisited.                              compact urban form.
    Appalshop (1984)                                        Video Cassette (29 min.)
       Ten years after the flood, looks at the              HT 394 P8 B83
second disaster in which the survivors’
efforts to rebuild the communities shattered          The Business of Being Born.
by the flood are thwarted by government                   New Line Home Entertainment, [2008]
insensitivity and corporate control of the                   "Inspired by their own unique birth
region’s land resources.                              experiences, producer Ricki Lake and
       Video Cassette (, 31 min.)                     director Abby Epstein team up to provide a
       TC 557 W4 B83                                  nation of mothers-to-be with insight into the
                                                      process of childbirth and the various options
Building the American Dream: Levittown,               available when preparing for this special
NY.                                                   event. From pregnancy to the miraculous
    Cinema Guild (1994)                               moment of birth, an informative celebration
       A look at the birth of the American            of the road to motherhood"—Container.
suburb and its present-day legacy.                           1 videodisc (ca. 84 min.)
Chronicles William Levitt's postwar                          RG525 .B87 2008
construction of affordable housing for
returning WWII veterans and their families in         Busted: America's War on Marijuana.
Levittown and other Long Island                            PBS (1998)
communities. Shows how the federal                           Explores the impact of current policy
government, banks and builders cooperated             on stemming the tide of marijuana use and
in early postwar years to finance and build           how law enforcement is affecting American
affordable housing.                                   life.
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                                Video Cassette (1 hr.)
       HT 168 L48 B83                                        HV 5822 M3 B87

Building Caring and Safe School                       The California Reich.
Communities.                                             Paramount Home Video (1986)
    Bureau for At-Risk Youth (1999)                         Deals with the rebirth of the Nazi
       When in-groups and school social               movement in America. Filmed inside a Nazi
cliques constantly exclude individuals and            household.
stigmatize them as outsiders, dangerous                     Video Cassette (55 min.)
dynamics can develop. Constructive                          JK 2391 N372 C35
alternatives are explored.
       Video Cassette (30 min.)                       Can We all Get Along?
       Guide (15 p.)                                     PBS (1995)
       Booklet (3 p.)                                        Experts on race relations in America
       LB3013.32 .B83 1999                            give their views on how and why racial
                                                      tensions exist and continue to grow, and
Building Tolerance.                                   what steps we need to take to maintain a
    The Video Project (1995)                          positive racial climate.
        Looks at Americans and their growing                 Video Cassette (2 hr.)
intolerance for anyone perceived as                          E 184 A1 C27
        Video Cassette (26 min.)
        E 184 A1 B88

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 13

Can You Afford to Retire?                             Caught in the Speed Trap.
    PBS Home Video (2006)                                Films for the Humanities & Sciences
       "The baby boomer generation is                 (2000)
headed for a shock as it hits retirement:                   Discusses techno-stress in the
boomers will be long on life expectancy but           business world and its effects on people's
short on income. In addition to Social                bodies and minds. Profiles SAS Institute as
Security, the pillars of retirement income for        an example of a business that is both
Americans have been either lifetime                   compassionate and profitable.
corporate pensions or employee-contribution                 Video Cassette (43 min.)
plans such as 401Ks. But both retirement                    HF5548.85 .C38 2000
strategies are in trouble. Buffeted by
pension cuts, corporate bankruptcies, and             Celebrating The American Family.
the 2001-2002 stock market crash, most                   PBS Video (1992)
boomers now expect to be working into their                  Traces the evolution of American
retirement years"—Container.                          family life over the past century and a half.
       1. A new era                                   Explores the circumstances, influences, and
       2. Inside the story of United's                changes that have affected the family since
bankruptcy                                            the Civil War.
       3. Save yourself -- 4. What's ahead?                  Video Cassette (1 hr.)
       1 videodisc (ca. 60 min.)                             HQ 535 C36
       HG179 .C36 2006
                                                      Century of the Self.
Can't Slow Down.                                          BBC, [2006]
    Films for the Humanities (19930                          Four programs describing
       Examines Americans' increasingly               the psycho and social issues affecting 20th
hurried lifestyle. And what for? To acquire,          century consumerism against the backdrop
the pressure to achieve or be fired, the need         of the development of Freudian psychology.
to achieve outside the home, longer                   Part 1: Explores the emotional connection to
commutes to works. Asks how the constant              consumerism and the psychological
rush affects our relationships and our health.        motivation of desires over needs through the
       Video Cassette (28 min.)                       historical context of the early 20th century;
       BF575 S75 C353                                 the use of propaganda and the promotion of
                                                      Freudian ideologies. The work of Edward L.
Car Wars.                                             Bernays, public relations specialist and
    Films for the Humanities (1995)                   nephew of Freud, is discussed. Part 2: Post-
       Follows three commuters to                     WWII growth of psychoanalysis in America.
determine why people persist in driving their         Comments on the work of Ernest Dichter.
cars to work and how they cope with the               Part 3: 1960's questioning of Freudian
stress. Explores the environment created by           principles, liberation of feelings vs.
our car culture and how the automobile has            suppressing primitive animal instincts. Part
transformed America.                                  4: How politicians in Britain and America
       Video Cassette (26 min.)                       create, control and respond to this idea.
       HE 355.3 C64 C37                                      2 videodiscs (236 min.)
                                                             HC79.C6 C46 2006
Carpool to Nirvana.
    Working Group (1999)
       Looks at what the workplace of the
future looks like by visiting people with
different kinds of jobs and work
environments, and considers various options
for getting to work.
       Video Cassette (57 min.)
       HD6957.U6 C37 1999

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 14

Chain Camera.                                         Childhood.
    Zeitgeist Films (2005)                                Ambrose (1993)
       In August of 1999 at John Marshall                     Great Expectations explores the
High School, two miles east of Hollywood,             mutual influence of nature and nurture.
ten video cameras were given to students to           Shows how different societies approach
film their lives. After a week, the cameras           birth. HQ 774.5 I52
were given to ten new students, and then                      Louder Than Words shows why
the pattern was repeated the following week.          shyness and sociability have a distinct
For the next year, these cameras were                 biological component. Shows how parents'
moved through the student body. This film is          expectations and actions shape a child's
a video diary for 16 of these students.               behavior and character. BF 721 L587
       1 videodisc (84 min.)                                  Love's Labors explores the period
       LC205.5.C2 C43 2005                            between six months and three years.
                                                      HQ 774 L68
The Changing Family and its                                   In the Land of the Giants features
Implications.                                         three to five year olds learning the social
     Films for the Humanities (1994)                  and psychological intricacies of family life.
        Dr. Brazelton turns his attention to the      HQ 774.5 I52
problems and challenges of working                            Life's Lessons looks at the 5-to-7
parents. In this program with Bill Moyers, he         shift when children begin formal training for
discusses the changing American family and            their future roles in society. HQ 767.9 L55
its implications for our children.                            Among Equals looks at the world of
        Video Cassette (48 min)                       peers and play. What do these methods of
        HQ777.6 T2                                    socialization tell us of human nature?
                                                      HQ 767.9 A46
Chavez Ravine.                                                The House of Tomorrow looks at the
    Bullfrog films (2004)                             end of childhood and varied rites of
       This documentary captures how a                passage. HQ 796 H68
community was betrayed by greed, political                    7 Video Cassettes (1 hr. each)
hypocrisy, and good intentions gone astray.
Don Normark's haunting photographs evoke              Childhood Obesity: Combating the
a lost Mexican-American village in the heart          Epidemic.
of downtown LA, razed in the 1950's to build              Discovery Health Channel, c2004
an enormous low-income housing project.                      This program provides clinicians,
Instead, the federally purchased land was             especially pediatric providers, with the
used for Dodger Stadium.                              information they need to assess, diagnose,
           1 videodisc (24 min.)                      and treat overweight children.
           F869.L89 .M5145 2004                              1 videodisc (56 min.) + leaflet
                                                             RJ399.C6 C475 2004
The Child Sex Trade.
   A&E Home Video                                     The Children are Watching.
       Looks at underage boys and girls who              PBS Home Video, c1999
have become prostitutes through interviews                   Reveals the unintentional but often
with three child prostitutes from Calgary,            destructive impact of parents' behavior on
Canada.                                               their children.
       1 videodisc (50 min.)                                 Video Cassette (1/2 in ca. 58 min.)
       HQ117 .C45 1997                                       HQ769 .C48 1999

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 15

Children of Apartheid.                                Children of Violence.
    California Newsreel (1987)                            Quest Productions (198?)
       Asks the question "Is apartheid on its                A documentary that focuses on the
way out?" Children from the black                     violence of life in an Oakland, Calif., barrio,
townships express anger, fear, and                    as seen through daily events involving four
hopelessness. White children uphold the               teenage brothers and their mother who
opinions of their parents claiming that               moves from the kitchen, to juvenile hall, to
apartheid is misunderstood, that south Africa         the hospital where two of her sons are
is a democracy, and the blacks have equal             recovering from gunshot wounds.
opportunity.                                                 Video Cassette (55 min.)
       Video Cassette (50 min.)                              HV 9106 O34 C44
       DT 1757 C45
                                                      Children Underground
Children of Divorce.                                     Docurama (2002)
    PBS (1997)                                               Documents a year in the lives of five
       Addresses the phenomenon of the                homeless Romanian children, homeless in
undervalued child by looking at the toll              part as the result of the policies of deposed
divorce has taken on a generation of                  Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu, who
children.                                             make their home in a subway station in
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                         Bucharest.
       HQ 777.5 C427                                         1 videodisc (ca. 104 min.)
                                                             HV4591.8 .B82 2002
Children of Poverty.
    Films for the Humanities (1987)                   A Child's Century of War.
       Profiles some of America's children of             First Run/Icarus Films (2001)
poverty and shows the toll taken on the                       From the perspective of children, this
children and their mothers by having to find          documentary takes the viewer on a journey
shelter and enough food to survive.                   through the past century, examining the way
       Video Cassette (26 min.)                       in which modern wars have increasingly
       HV 873 C45                                     threatened and targeted children. Two
                                                      orphans of the two recent Chechen wars,
Children of the Left: A Story About                   children growing up on a dangerous street in
Family & Politics in America.                         the West Bank, and abducted, raped, and
   New Day Films (1990)                               amputated children of Sierra Leon all tell
        Interviews with "red diaper babies"           their stories. This films makes parallel
reveal what it was like growing up on the             connections with past and present conflicts,
Left in the 1950s. Shows how children of              with an eye to the future.
American Communist Party members                              1 videocassette (90 min.)
responded to their parents associates and                     HQ784.W3 C54 2001
the hostility they faced in school and their
neighborhoods.                                        China Blue
        Video Cassette (57 min.)                          Bullfrog Films, c2005
        Guide (15 p.)                                        This documentary visits a
        HQ 535 C45                                    Chinese blue-jean factory, where workers
                                                      are trying to survive a harsh working
Children of the Night.                                environment. But when the factory owner
    PBS (1989)                                        agrees to a deal with his Western client that
       Examines the effects of drugs and              forces his teenage workers to work around
street life on a 13 year old runaway who              the clock, a confrontation becomes
earned $150 an hour as a homosexual                   inevitable.
hustler. In 1986, his attempt to reunite with                1 videodisc (88 min.)
his family in Walnut Creek failed and after                  HD6073.C62 C45 2005
an extended alcohol binge, he committed
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)
       HQ 796 C55

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 16

China's Lost Girls.                                   Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the
    Warner Home Video (2005)                          Working Class
        Host Lisa Ling examines the                       Media Education Foundation (2005)
consequences of China's two-decade-old,                      "Featuring interviews with media
one-child policy, as it is commonly called. To        analysts and cultural historians, this
curb the country's exploding population,              documentary examines the patterns inherent
China limits most families to one child, or in        in TV's disturbing depictions of working
certain circumstances, two children. Due to           class people as either clowns or social
cultural, social and economic factors,                deviants, stereotypical portrayals that
traditional preference leans toward boys, so          reinforce the myth of meritocracy"—
girls are often hidden, aborted or                    Container.
abandoned. As a result, tens of thousands                    1 videodisc (62 min.)
of girls end up in orphanages across China.                  P94.5.W68 C53 2005
Many of these children are adopted by
people in the United States. Shows some of            A Class Divided.
these families traveling to China to meet                 PBS Video (1985)
their new daughters.                                         A unique lesson in discriminatory
        1 videodisc (40 min.)                         treatment. The students subjected to
        HV875.64 .C45 2005                            inferior treatment explain the profound
                                                      effects of the lesson on their lives and in
Chore Wars: The Battle over Who Cleans                their beginning experiences as parents. The
the Toilet.                                           teacher is also seen giving the jarring lesson
   Venus de Lino Prod. (1995)                         to adult employees of the Iowa prison
       Looks at the housework problem of              system.
the '90s, along with commercials from past                   Video Cassette (58 min.)
decades, interviews, and comic                               LC 212.22 C42
       Video Cassette (48 min.)                       A Class Divided.
       HQ 518 C46                                         [Alexandria, VA] : PBS DVD Video,
Chronicle of an American Suburb.                      In 1968, after the assassination of Martin
    University of California Extension Center         Luther King, Jane Elliott, a public school
    for Media and Independent Learning                teacher in Riceville, Iowa, divided her all-
    (2002)                                            white third-graders into blue-eyed and
        History of Park Forest. Ill., a suburb        brown-eyed groups for a lesson in
that came into being after World War II.              discrimination. On successive days, each
Includes interviews with people who were              group was treated as inferior and subjected
the first residents of the town as well as their      to discrimination. A 1970 documentary, Eye
children who grew up there.                           of the storm, presented this experiment on
        Video Cassette (58 min)                       television. This documentary reunites the
        F549.F3 C47 2002                              teacher and students 15 years after the
                                                      experiment to analyze its enduring effects.
                                                             1 videodisc (55 min.)
Cities and Population.
                                                             LC212.23.R53 C52 2003
    RMI Media (1991)
       Presents two contrasting views of the
city, one portraying the city as a gloomy
place of psychic stress, social
disorganization and conflict. The other view
sees the city as a vital human environment,
a mosaic of social worlds and diverse
       Video Cassette (30 min.)
       HT 151 C56

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                                                                                     SOCIOLOGY 17

Club Drugs.                                          The Collective: Fifteen Years Later.
    Schlessinger Media (2004)                            Cine Research Asso. (1986)
        Shows the effects club drugs such as                Focuses on one radical collective of
Ecstasy have on the user, both physically            the 1970s, the activists' political ideals and
and mentally. Illustrates the dangers of             how their decisions to be revolutionaries
polydrug use. Includes first person accounts         altered their lives.
of the damaging and often lethal                            Video Cassette (1 hr.)
consequences of use and animations that                     DS 559.62 U6 C65
illustrate how these drugs can irreversibly
alter the chemistry of the brain.                    The Collector of Bedford Street.
        1 videodisc (23 min.) + 1 teacher's             New Day Films (2005)
guide (5 p.)                                                Larry is a man with developmental
        HV5822.M38 C582 2004                         disabilities who lives alone in an apartment
                                                     in Greenwich Village and raises a lot of
Clockwork.                                           money every year for charities. When his
    California Newsreel (1982)                       caregiver can no longer care for him, his
       Shows how Frederick Taylor and his            neighbors create a trust fund for him.
followers attempted to meet poor                            1 videodisc (34 min.) + 1 study guide
productivity, rapid technological change and                (2 p.)
heightened competition through "scientific                  HV3006.N7 C64 2005
management", a radical program to organize
every aspect of production under a regime            Color Adjustment.
of quantitative measures and systematic                  California Newsreel (1991)
planning.                                                   Traces 40 years of turbulent race
       Video Cassette (25 min.)                      relations through the lens of prime time
       HD 51 C56                                     entertainment. Reveals how prime time was
                                                     "integrated" and how bitter racial conflicts
Cocaine & Crack.                                     were absorbed into non-controversial
    Schlessinger Media (2004)                        formats of the prime time series.
       Discusses the cycle of tolerance,                    Video Cassette (1 hr. 27 min.)
physical dependence and addiction that                      E 185.61 C65
many users of cocaine and crack face and
shows the physical and psychological                 The Color of Fear.
damage that occurs as cocaine changes the               Stir-Fry Prod. (1994)
brain's chemistry. Contains a mix of expert                 Shows the pain and anguish that
interviews and first-person testimonies.             racism has caused in the lives of eight North
       videodisc (23 min.) + 1 teacher's             American men of Asian, European, Latino,
guide (5 p.)                                         and African descent.
       HV5810 .C647 2004                                    Video Cassette (1 hr. 30 min.)
                                                            HT 1521 C64
Collective Behavior and Social
Movement.                                            The Color of Fear. 1.
    RMI Media (1991)                                    StirFry Seminars & Consulting, [200-?]
      Shows that significant social change                  Eight North American men of different
is capable of occurring and has taken place          races continue to talk together about how
through collective behavior and social               racism affects them and how their time
movements. Shows different types of social           together has changed their initial anger and
movements: revolution, reform movement,              racial perspectives.
and conservative movement.                                  1 videodisc (90 min.)
      Video Cassette (30 min.)                              HT1521 .C64 2000z
      HM 281 C53

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 18

The Color of Fear. 1: Film Guides.                    De Colores: Lesbianas y Gays Latinos:
     StirFry Seminars & Consulting, [200-?]           Historias de Fuerza, Familia y Amor =
         This program provides study guides           Lesbian & Gay Latinos: Stories of
to The color of fear. Eight North American            Strength, Family and Love.
men of different races continue to talk                  EyeBite Productions (2001)
together about how racism affects them and                   Examines the struggles of Hispanic
how their time together has changed their             gays and lesbians coming out to their
initial anger and racial perspectives.                parents, especially in a culture that places
         1 videodisc (90 min.)                        value on "family tradition" above all else.
         HT1521 .C6415 2000z                          Through interviews and commentaries, the
                                                      stories of this largely ignored community are
The Color of Fear 2: Walking Each Other               contrasted against similar experiences by
Home.                                                 Anglo-Americans.
    StirFry Seminars & Consulting (1998)                     1 Video Cassette (28 min.)
        Eight North American men                             HQ76.3.U5 D4 2001
of different races continue to talk together
about how racism affects them and how                 The Colors Between Black and White.
their time together has changed their initial             Films for the Humanities (1994)
anger and racial perspectives.                               Dutch biologist Ninian Hubert van
        1 videocassette (55 min.)                     Blijenburgh is working to update ideas about
        HT1521 .C642 1998                             human diversity that are based on out-of-
                                                      date classifications. Most people distinguish
The Color of Fear 3: Four Little Beds.                between black, yellow, and white skins --- an
    Stir Fry Seminars & Consulting (2005)             idea that dates back to the 19th century.
        A film about the struggle of the gay,                Video Cassette (14 min.)
lesbian and transgender community to be                      HT 1523 C64
seen and understood in a predominantly
heterosexist society. From the original               Combatting Childhood Poverty.
seminar, the cast of "The color of fear", an              The Video Project (1995)
ethnically diverse group of eight North                      Discusses how childhood poverty can
American men, discuss the feelings and                be reduced, what role the federal
prejudices they felt during the weekend               government should play in the reduction,
about the sexual orientations of other group          and community programs developed to help
members. They discuss what it is to be gay            children.
in this society and the impact it has on                     Video Cassette (26 min.)
senses of safety and identity. Through                       HQ 792 U6 C64
personal stories and interactions, we have a
glimpse into the fears, the stereotypes, and          Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked.
moral issues that are dividing and                        A&E Home Video 2003
confronting us today. A ten-year                             This special shows how comic book
retrospective has been added, with Roberto            superheroes reflect their times-- from the
Almanzan and David Lee talking about the              1930s to the 21st century-- and how these
original discussion, and other issues.                wish-fulfillment figures became role models
        1 videodisc (43 min.)                         for generations of children.
        HQ76.3.U5 C635 2005                                  1 videodisc (ca. 100 min.)
                                                             PN6710 .C645 2003

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 19

Coming & Going.                                       Conformity and Independence.
    Films for the Humanities (1994)                       Penn State Media Sales (2004)
       Coast to Coast: looks at America’s                    Presents social psychology's
wanderlust. Boards Amtrak’s Coast                     main findings and principles in the areas of
Starlight for a look at rail travel. On the           conformity and independence, using both
highways, viewers see the development of              field and laboratory settings to reinforce the
the interstate system. The travels of a               interplay between experience and
frequent flyer set the stage for a look at the        experiment. Includes findings by Sherif,
role of air travel in the U.S.                        Asch, Milgram, Kelman, and others.
       1 Video Cassette (58 min.)                            1 videodisc (23 min.)
       HE 151 C62                                            HM1246 .C65 2004

Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt.               Conformity, Obedience, and Dissent.
    HBO Video (1989)                                     Insight Media (1990)
        Tells of the lives and deaths of five               Social psychologists discuss the
people who had Aids. Tells the story of the           reasons of conformity, obedience and
first decade of AIDS in America. Shows the            dissent and illustrates examples in real life.
human face behind the cold statistics of the                Video Cassette (30 min.)
epidemic.                                                   HM 251 C73
        Video Cassette (1 hr 19 min.)
        RC 607 A26 C66                                Consuming Kids: The Commercialization
                                                      of Childhood.
Community.                                                 Media Education Foundation, c2008
    RMI Media (1991)                                          This DVD throws desperately needed
       Examines the nature of community,              light on the practices of a relentless multi-
including small and large territorial                 billion dollar marketing machine that now
communities and non-territorial                       sells kids and their parents everything from
communities.                                          junk food and violent video games to bogus
       Video Cassette (30 min.)                       educational products and the family car.
       HM 131 C7398                                   Drawing on the insights of health care
                                                      professionals, children's advocates, and
The Complete Blue Eyed.                               industry insiders, the film focuses on the
    Admire Productions (2004)                         explosive growth of child marketing in the
       Jane Elliott, an elementary school             wake of deregulation, showing how youth
teacher, did an exercise with her class in            marketers have used the latest advances in
which the children with one eye color were            psychology, anthropology, and neuroscience
discriminated against so that the children            to transform American children into one of
could see what being a victim of racism felt          the most powerful and profitable consumer
like. The original record of this technique           demographics in the world. It raises
has been made into three separate versions            questions about the ethics of children's
so it can be used in different settings.              marketing and its impact on the health and
       Blue Eyed. (the most concise                   well-being of kids.
       version) 30min                                         1 videodisc (67 min.)
       Essential Blue Eyed. (trainer's ed.,                   HF5415.33.U6 C665 2008
       with debriefing with Jane Elliott) 90
       Blue Eyed (original version) 93 min
       Blue Eyed Trainer's Manual.
       (suggestions for using "blue eyed" in
       diversity training programs)
       1 videodisc (213 min) + guide
       BF575.P9 C64 2004

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 20

The Cosmic Joke.                                      Crypts, Coffins and Corpses.
   Ambrose (1993)                                         A&E Television Networks : Distributed by
       Program One: The Other Side of                     New Video, (2000)
Paradise. In Indonesia the average family                    There is much to be learned
size has been reduced from 6.7 to 3.2. In             about the way societies view life from how
Mexico the government promoted caution in             they handle their dead. This program takes
sexual relations through soap operas, discos          a journey through the history of death.
and popular songs.                                           1 Video Cassette (50 min.)
       Program 2: A Matter of Choice. Dr.                    GT3150 .C78 2000
Goodfield continues to spread the word that
"two is enough". Studies the social chaos of          The Cult of the Beautiful Body.
Morocco and Ghana. In Morocco family                      Films for the Humanities & Sciences
planning was introduced as a health                   (2005)
measure to protect the quality of life. In                   "Extreme body consciousness has
Ghana the average family has remained at              taken youthful narcissism to new heights,
6.7 for the past 30 years.                            making 'boy meets girl' a ruthless physical
       2 Video Cassettes (47 min. ea)                 selection process. This program examines
       HE 151 C62                                     the cult of the body in Western society and
                                                      how it has reduced today's courtship ritual to
Country Boys.                                         a one-dimensional experience based
    PBS Home Video (2006)                             primarily on physical attraction. Beginning
        Portrait of Chris Johnson and Cody            with the pressure that men currently feel to
Perkins, two teenaged boys who attend an              conform to an abstract physical ideal, the
alternative high school in eastern Kentucky's         role of the media is scrutinized, along with
Appalachian hills. Cody is an orphan who              the culture that from Munich to Los Angeles
lives with his former step-grandmother and            excludes all who do not espouse the ideals
has a heavy metal Christian band. Chris               of bodily perfection at the expense of all
lives in a rundown trailer with his family and        else"—Container.
desperately tries to get an education while                  1 videodisc (30 min.)
maintaining his responsibilities to his family.              BF697.5.B63 C86 2005
        2 videodiscs (335 min.)
        HQ797 .C68 2006                               Culture.
                                                         Insight Media (1991)
A Cow at My Table.                                           Portrays cultural diversity in the U.S.,
    Filmwest Associates (2001)                        showing that different subcultures address
       Exposes the conditions and factory             human needs in different ways. Investigates
farming methods that animals are raised               the development of culture and the role of
under by the animal industries, and                   language in a culture. Profiles Cajun
examines the social forces in society that            society, the Cherokee Indians, and Chinese
conceal and legitimize the abuses that                settlements in the South.
animals suffer.                                              Video Cassette (30 min.)
       1 Video Cassette (90 min.)                            HM 101 C8953
       HD9415 .C68 2001
                                                      The Culture of Poverty.
Crime Control in Urban Environments                      Films for the Humanities (1992)
Through Physical Planning and Design.                       Explores strategies for meeting the
   University of Wisconsin (1994)                     needs of Latino children, and profiles an
       Presents case studies in creating and          independent effort to keep kids off the street
maintaining safe urban environments and a             and instill in them a sense of pride.
panel of experts analyzes actual urban                      Video Cassette (26 min.)
building projects.                                          E 184 S75 C84
       Video Cassette (4 hr. 30 min.)
       HV 7431 C72

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 21

Daddy & Me.                                           Dawn's Early Light.
    Aquarius Health Care Videos, c2001                   New Day Films
       Currently 27 million children are living             This is the story of Ralph McGill, who
apart from their father. A father leaves an           emerged during the 1950s and '60s as the
indelible mark on his children, whether he is         most prominent and influential Southern
present or not. Children and adults across            white opponent of racial segregation, and
the country share their relationship with their       one of America's most revered journalists.
dad both good and bad. Experts in the field                 Video Cassette (57 min.)
offer advice on the father's role in the family             Viewer Guide (38 p.)
and shed light on the issue of father                       E 185.61 D35
       Video Cassette (27 min)                        A Day's Work, A Day's Pay.
       BF723.F35 D33 2001                                 Mint Leaf Productions, c2001
                                                              Examines the Work Experience
Dancing With Darkness.                                Program (WEP) instituted in New York City
    Security on Campus, Inc. [distributor],           to require welfare recipients to work for the
c2003                                                 city for one-fourth of union pay. Follows
       Interviews with parents who have lost          three New Yorkers and their attempt to
children, young adults whose lives have               organize workers for equal pay.
been disastrously changed as a result of                      Video Cassette (56 min.)
using Ecstasy and party drugs, and                            HV99.N59 D38 2001
counselors and law enforcement officials.
Some interviews shot in Philadelphia clubs.           Deadheads: An American Subculture.
       1 videocassette (20 min.)                          Films for the Humanities (1991)
       HV5822.M38 D35 2003                                   Examines the Deadhead culture and
                                                      the workings of a subculture from within.
A Dangerous Business.                                 What kinds of people are attracted to this
    WGBH Educational Foundation:                      culture? What attracts them to it? What
distributed by PBS Video (2003) "An                   social forms do Deadheads resist? What
investigation of the McWane corporation,              forms shape their behavior? What
identified as one of the most dangerous               separates them from the mainstream?
companies in America in terms of health and                  Video Cassette (28 min.)
safety violations, employee accidents and                    HM 131 D42
deaths. Over the last seven years the
corporation has amassed more safety                   Dealing With Drugs: Re-evaluating the
violations than all its major competitors             War on Drugs.
combined                                                 Filmakers Library
        Video Cassette (57 min.)                            Questions what we know about illegal
        HD7654 .D35 2003                              drugs and how to contain their use. Travels
                                                      to New York, Toronto, Amsterdam, and
Dark Days.                                            Liverpool to look at liberal and hard line
    Palm Pictures (2001)                              approaches to the problem.
        Documentary about a community of                    2 Video Cassettes (1 hr. 34 min.)
homeless people living in a train tunnel                    HV 5801 D42 pt. 1-2
beneath Manhattan. Depicts a way of life
that is unimaginable to most of those who
walk the streets above: in the pitch black of
the tunnel, rats swarm through piles of
garbage as high-speed trains leaving Penn
station tear through the darkness. For some
of those who have gone underground, it has
been home for as long as 25 years.
        1 videodisc (84 min.)
        HV4506.N7 D37 2001

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                                                                                     SOCIOLOGY 22

Dear Dr. Spencer: Abortion in a Small                A Death of One's Own.
Town                                                     Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
    First Run/Icarus Films                           [2005]
        From the early 1920s until his death                 More and more Americans are
in 1969, Dr. Robert Douglas Spencer                  looking for opportunities to exert some
practiced medicine in a small town in the            measure of control over where and how they
anthracite coal region of Pennsylvania. After        die. In this program, Bill Moyers unravels the
he did his first abortion in 1923 for a poor         complexities underlying the many choices at
coal miner's wife, the doctor's reputation           the end of life, including the bitter debate
spread. Soon he was receiving letters from           over physician-assisted suicide. Three
women across the country, asking for his             patients, their families and their doctors
help. This tape features interviews with the         discuss some of the hardest decisions,
doctor's wife, local townspeople, and women          including how to pay for care, what
who traveled from all over seeking help.             constitutes humane treatment, and how to
        Video Cassette (24 min.)                     balance dying and dignity. In addition, this
        HQ767.5.U5 D42 1997                          disc includes a special video introduction
                                                     aspects to facilitate instruction and
Death: An Overview.                                  discussion.
   Films for the Humanities & Sciences                       1 videodisc (87 min.)
(1998)                                                       R726 .D447 2005
      Shows the process of death of a
terminally ill patient and shows the                 [Dubois] W.E.B. Dubois of Great
commercial and scientific aspects of burial          Barrington.
by showing body preparation in a mortuary,              PBS (1992)
embalming, and cremation.                                   Chronicles his life and
      Video Cassette (49 min.)                       accomplishments as a pioneer in American
      HQ1073 .D37 1998                               sociology.
                                                            Video Cassette (1 hr.)
Death In the West.                                          E 185.97 D73 W56
    Pyramid Film & Video (1983)
       Repeat of the documentary Death in            Demography.
the West : The Marlboro man, originally                  Films for the Humanities (1995)
broadcast by Thames Television in 1976 as                   Explains how demography works,
well as a follow-up of the six cowboys               how it predicts population movement and
characterized in the film as the Marlboro            future growth, and how survey techniques
man who are all dying of smoking-induced             work and are used.
illnesses.                                                  Video Cassette (23 min.)
       1 Video Cassette (32 min.)                           HB 881 D44
       HV5740 .D42 1983
                                                     Desounen - Dialogue with Death.
Death of a Porn Queen.                                   Bullfrog Films (1994)
   PBS (1989)                                               Years of economic and political chaos
       The short, tragic odyssey of Colleen          in Haiti have led to environmental
Applegate, who left Minnesota at 18,                 devastation, crushing poverty and a mass
became porn star Shauna Grant, and killed            exodus of Haitians trying to reach the U.S.
herself at age 20.                                   The islanders who realize this dream are
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                        those with the energy needed to rebuild their
       HQ 471 D42                                    homeland's economy.
                                                            Video Cassette (50 min.)
                                                            HV 640.5 H2 D47

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 23

The Developing City.                                  Dirty Money: The Business of High-end
    Films for the Humanities (1992)                   Prostitution.
       How a town becomes a city, how the                 CNBC, c2008
plans of dreamers are foiled by the repetition               "In every city in America sex is for
of human patterns, how growth takes place             sale and much of it operates in plain view.
and can be challenged productively. The               But, there's one corner of the trade
relationship between jobs; housing, and               protected like none other... the business of
transportation, center city housing, suburbia,        high-end prostitution where clients can
and exurbia; relocating business, industry,           spend hundred of thousands of dollars each
and people.                                           year. It's a secret world with rules and
       Video Cassette (20 min.)                       practices that will change everything you
       HT 371 D48                                     think you know about the buying and selling
                                                      of sex"--Publisher's website.
A Different Kind of Care.                                    1 videodisc (43 min.)
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences,                     HQ144 .D545 2008
        At the end of life, what many                 Discounted Lives.
Americans want is physical and spiritual                  We Do The Work (199?)
comfort in a home setting. Bill Moyers                       Looks at K-Mart management's use of
presents the important strides being made in          company spies and a union sit-in. Workers
the area of palliative care at pioneering             at K-Mart's high tech warehouses organized
institutions such as New York's Mt. Sinai             to improve rock bottom wages and working
Medical Center and Memorial Sloan-                    conditions.
Kettering Cancer Center. These advances                      Video Cassette (30 min.)
are bringing peace to those who fear that                    HF 5429.215 U6 D57
they will be a burden to loved ones, will
suffer needlessly, or will be abandoned in            DiversityInc Roundtable: Frank Talk
their hour of greatest need.                          From Leading Women of Color: Is it
        1 videodisc (87 min.)                         Race, Gender, Class or Everything?
        R726.8 .D54 2005                                 DiversityInc (2006)
                                                             In January 2006, DiversityInc
Dirty Business.                                       convened a roundtable of eight women of
   Films for the Humanities & Sciences,               color, who candidly discussed race, gender
   (2002)                                             and class in the United States. Three
         Discusses the growth of the porn             employees from DiversityInc facilitated.
industry and its movement into web sites                     1 videodisc (44 min.)
and cable channels. "Koppel interviews                       HF5549.5.M5 D578 2006
entrepreneurs and CEOs who are some of
the biggest players in the market and tracks          Divided Highways.
the profits to a number of the most firmly               Films for the Humanities (1997)
established companies in America."--                        Describes the impact of the Interstate
Container                                             Highway System on our economy, city
       1 Video Cassette (23 min.)                     neighborhoods, and sense of space.
       HQ471 .D565 2002                               Considers the Interstate's effect on
                                                      community, culture, regionalism, and
                                                            Video Cassette (1 hr. 25 min.)
                                                            HE 355 D57

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 24

Do Unto Others. Ethics in America.                    Down and Out in America.
   PBS (1989)                                            MPI Home Video (1985)
      Addresses questions involving                          Takes a look at suffering farmers in
community and personal ethics. What                   debt who can't hold on to their land, the poor
responsibility do people have if they know a          who fill the shelters and are then thrown out,
neighbor's child is being beaten?                     and the 20 million Americans who still don't
      Video Cassette (1 hr.)                          have enough to eat.
      HM 216 D62                                             Video Cassette (57 min.)
                                                             HD 1765 D68
Does America Still Work?
   PBS (1992)                                         Down and Out With Flip the Frog.
       Travels to Milwaukee to look behind                King Video (1993)
the heated political rhetoric to see how                     The films collected on this tape are
companies, workers, and civic leaders are             fables of urban survival in the Great
wrestling with global competition and the             Depression and daring in their depiction of
end of an era of industrial affluence. What           unemployment, pawnshops, panhandling,
do corporations owe their employees and               and cop dodging. Aside from the socio-
their communities?                                    historical significance, these cartoons
       Video Cassette (57 min.)                       combine creative animation with inventive
       HD 60.5 U6 D64                                 comedy.
                                                             Video Cassette (1 hr 16 min.)
Door of Hope.                                                PN 1997.5 D68
     Filmakers Library (1992)
        Shows a successful residence                  Dreams of a City: Creating East Palo
program on New York's Upper West Side                 Alto.
where intergenerational cooperation has                  U of CA Extension, Center for Media and
allowed residents to improve their quality of         Independent Learning (1996)
life.                                                       Looks at the rebuilding of the East
        Video Cassette (28 min.)                      Palo Alto community by its citizens.
        HV 1447 N48 D65                                     Video Cassette (56 min.)
                                                            HT 168 E37 D47
Dosvedanya Means Good-Bye.
   Ergo Media Inc. (1991)                             Dreamworlds: Desire/Sex/Power in Rock
       Follows a family's journey from                Video.
Leningrad to Vienna to their new home in                  Sut Jhally (1990)
Washington D.C. Tamara Okun waited 8                         A collection of 165 MTV clips, along
years to receive her exit visa from the Soviet        with an MTV commercial that indicate that
Union and her departure was bittersweet.              MTV blatantly uses sex to sell its products.
       Video Cassette (30 min.)                       Professor Jhally says that these images
       DS 135 R95 O38                                 create systemized dream worlds based on
                                                      male adolescent fantasies which foster
Double Burden: Three Generations of                   attitudes towards women that can lead to
Working Mothers.                                      rape.
    New Day Films (1993)                                     Video Cassette (55 min.)
        Filmmaker Marlene Booth describes                    PN 1992.8 M87 D74
her own experiences as a working mother
as well as the experiences of three families          Dreamworlds II: Desire, Sex, and Power
for whom working outside of the home was a            in Music Video.
tradition for several generations of women.              Media Education Foundation (1991)
        Video Cassette (56 min.)                             Illustrates the systematic
        HQ 759.48 D68                                 representations of women in music video,
                                                      and how the representations tell a narrow
                                                      set of stories about what it means to be
                                                      female or male.
                                                             Video Cassette (56 min.)
                                                              P96.S5 D74 1995

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 25

Dreamworlds 3: Desire, Sex & Power in                    PBS Video (1976)
Music Video.                                                 Provides insight into the experience of
   Media Education Foundation (2007)                  dying through interviews with individuals
     1 videodisc (54 min.)                            with terminal diseases and their survivors.
     P96.S5 D74 2007                                  Also discusses resources dying people draw
                                                      on such as religious faith, music, and poetry.
Drink, Drank, Drunk.                                         2 videodiscs (97 min.)
    PBS (1975)                                               BD444 .D93 1976 pts.1 – 2
       Carol Burnett hosts this program
about alcoholism and its treatment,                   Dying to Leave: The Dark Business of
designed to provide help and hope for                 Human Trafficking.
alcoholics, their employees, families, and                 Films for the Humanities & Science
friends.                                              (2006)
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                                   Explores the current worldwide boom
       HV 5275 D67                                    in illicit migration and human trafficking and
                                                      looks at the dire circumstances that drive
Drinking and Driving.                                 desperate people from their homes.
   PBS (1986)                                                   1 videodisc (60 min.)
       Interviews with accident victims, their                  JV6201 .D85 2006
families and drunk drivers themselves
provide a clear human message about the               Dying To Win.
tragedy of this social problem.                          Filmwest Associates (2000)
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                               Winning a major athletic competition
       HE 5620 D7 D753                                   can mean millions of dollars for the
                                                         athlete. As a result, some are giving in to
Drug Education for Teens Series.                         the pressure to use a growing
   See full entry by title                               storehouse of drugs and medical tricks to
   Alcohol & Alcoholism.                                 improve their performance. "This
   Alcohol: Teenage Drinking.                            documentary examines the lengths some
   Club Drugs.                                           athletes and coaches will take to cheat
   Cocaine & Crack.                                      the system, and what officials do to catch
   Hallucinogens.                                        them"--Container.
   Heroin & Other Opiates.                                  1 Video Cassette (46 min.)
   Inhalants.                                               RC1230 .D85 2000
   Methamphetamine & Other                            Ecstasy: Happiness in a Pill?
   Stimulants.                                            Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
   Steroids.                                          (2004)
   Teenage Depression & Suicide.                             Discusses Ecstasy's role as a
   Tranquilizers & Other Depressants.                 gateway drug using case studies, the spread
                                                      of copycat drugs and how the group
Drug Wars.                                            DanceSafe helps users tell the difference,
   PBS Video                                          law enforcement's crackdown on dealers,
       Examines America's 30-year effort to           and its use in coping with emotional trauma.
stop the flow of illegal drugs into this                     1 videodisc (45 min.)
country. Program has four major themes:                      HV5822.M38 E37 2004
Treatment and education versus prohibition
and punishment; social justice; international
war on drugs; multibillion dollar illegal drug
       2 Video Cassettes (120 min ea)
       HV5825 .D7779 2000

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 26

The Education of Shelby Knox.                         The Emperor's New Clothes.
    InCite Pictures, [2005]                              Bullfrog Films (1997)
        Documentary which presents the                       Filmed over a 3 year period, looks at
political activism of high school student             the reality of life before, during and after the
Shelby Knox. The film begins in 2001 when             signing of NAFTA. Examines the effects
Shelby Knox, a 15-year-old high school                that economic agreements between big
sophomore, joins the Lubbock Youth                    business and government can have on
Commission, a group of high school                    human lives, including increased cuts to
students empowered by the mayor to give               social programs, massive unemployment,
Lubbock's youth a voice in city government.           environmental damage and demoralization.
Knowing that Lubbock, Tex. had one of the                    Video Cassette (53 min.)
highest rates of teen pregnancy and                          HF 1766 E46
sexually transmitted disease in the nation,
the Youth Commission questioned                       Empowering Workers.
Lubbock's abstinence-only sex education                  PBS (1993)
policy. Shelby, a politically conservative                  Shows how companies that have
Southern Baptist who had pledged                      empowered workers save more than money.
abstinence until marriage, became the                 They save time, reduce absenteeism, and
group's most vocal proponent of                       boost quality.
comprehensive sex education. The                            Video Cassette (30 min.)
documentary explores other issues beyond                    HD 5650 E47
the debate over abstinence-only versus
comprehensive sex education. It portrays              The End of Suburbia.
Shelby's family's struggle with teen                     Electric Wallpaper (2004)
independence; Shelby's struggle with her                       Through interviews with scientists
Christian faith; Shelby's widening activism           and policy makers this documentary
into other issues, such as the creation of a          explores the premise that American
Gay/Straight Alliance at her high school;             suburbs, built on the easy availability of
issues of tolerance; and the power of                 fossil fuels, may become untenable.
political activism.                                            1 videodisc (78 min.)
        1 videodisc (76 min.) + 1 discussion                   HT352.U6 E53 2004 + booklet
guide (17 p)
        HQ35 .E38 2005                                Equal but Separate.
                                                          Ambrose Video (1993)
Emergence of Modern America.                                Discusses the fact that on some
    Goldhil Educational (2003)                        college campuses Afro-Americans are
       A series containing historical footage         staking out their own territory with their own
of six decades of America.                            dorms, buses, yearbooks, etc.
       [pt.1] The gilded age                                Video Cassette (14 min.)
       [pt.2] The progressive era                           E 185.61 E547
       [pt.3] The roaring twenties
       [pt.4] The great depression                    Equality and the Individual.
       4 videocassettes (ca. 120 min.) + 4               PBS (1994)
       study guides                                          Explores the problems of racial
       E741 .E44 2003 pt.1-4 + 4 study                imbalances in public institutions, the
       guides                                         constitutionality of all-black-male public
                                                      schools, and other issues straight from the
                                                      current political debate.
                                                             Video Cassette (1 hr.)
                                                             KF 4749 E68

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 27

Escape from Affluenza.                                Evolving Concern.
   Bullfrog Films (1998)                                 National Institutes of Health (198?)
      People from many walks of life show                   Traces the development of today's
how they're living better on less and                 comprehensive program to protect human
escaping an epidemic of stress, overwork              subjects of research out of earlier ethical
and debt that affects Americans in record             codes and societal concerns. Uses historic
numbers.                                              events in behavioral and biomedical
      Video Cassette (56 min.)                        research to show why protection is needed
      Guide (18 p.)                                   and how it came about.
      HF 5415.33 U6 E73                                     Video Cassette (23 min.)
                                                            R 853 H8 E86
Ethics and Work with Joanne Ciulla.
   PBS (1990)                                         Evolving Transportation Systems.
      Ciulla talks about ethics in business              Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
and the meaning of work in our culture.               [2005]
      Video Cassette (30 min.)                               This program examines
      HF 5387 E84                                     developments in road building and the
                                                      revolutionary impact of canals, and charts
Ethnic Notions.                                       the rise and subsequent decline of canals as
   California Newsreel (1987)                         a good example of social and technological
        Covering more than one hundred                change.
years of United States history, traces the                   1 videodisc (20 min.)
evolution of Black American caricatures and                  HC255 .E86 2005
their role in political and social conflicts
concerning race.                                      Faces of the Enemy.
        Video Cassette (57 min.)                         Insight Media (1987)
        E 185.61 E842                                       Investigates how individuals and
                                                      nations dehumanize their enemies.
Eugene Debs & the American Movement.                  Analyzes the psychological roots of enmity
    Cambridge Films (1977)                            and the universal images used in mass
       A biographical documentary about the           persuasion.
struggle of working people during the rise of               Video Cassette (58 min.)
capitalism in the U.S. Presents a portrait of               BF 575 H6 F32
Debs and tells the story of the bloody strikes
and brutal government reaction to the                 Facing Evil.
American workers' attempts to organize.                   PBS (1987)
       Video Cassette (43 min.)                               Bill Moyers joins the participants of a
       HX 84 D3 E83                                   three-day symposium entitled
                                                      "Understanding Evil". Delves into the origins
Everyone Pays : Teenage Drinking and                  of evil and new strategies to disarm
Driving.                                              violence.
    Pyramid Media (1999)                                      Video Cassette (1 hr. 30 min.)
       Explores the aftermath of alcohol-                     BJ 1401 F362
related auto accidents in order to try to make
teenagers understand that drinking and                Fade to Black.
driving destroys lives.                                  Video Data Bank, [2006?]
       1 Video Cassette (35 min.) + manual                   Re-examines racism in everyday life.
       HE5620.D7 E84 1999                             Juxtaposing archival movie footage with
                                                      quotations in the form of texts and voice-
                                                      overs, this work explores the ideological
                                                      implications of the rhetoric between blacks
                                                      and whites.
                                                             1 videodisc (33 min.)
                                                             E185.61 .F13 2006

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 28

Families Matter.                                      A Family Gathering.
    PBS (1993)                                           NAATA (1998)
       Examines why America has become                       Tells the story of the consequences of
an unfriendly culture for families and                the U.S. internment policy and the Yasui
children. Explores ways to rebuild a web of           family's long battle to reclaim their place as
support for families.                                 Americans. A tale of family survival and the
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                         need to understand one's own connections
       HQ 536 F3337                                   with the past.
                                                             Video Cassette (1 hr.)
Family and Survival. The Human Animal.                       D 769.8 A6 F35 1998
   Films for the Humanities (1988)
       Phil Donahue looks at our most basic           Family in Crisis.
social unit, the family. Presents a                      Films for the Humanities (1988)
stereotypical nuclear family and then goes                  Centers on the plight of poor children
on to examine some of the stresses and                growing up in single-parent households.
destructive forces which the modern family            Examines the seemingly irreversible cycle of
faces.                                                poverty that affects minority families.
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                         Possible solutions are discussed.
       HQ 734 P55                                           Video Cassette (28 min.)
                                                            HQ 759.915 F34
The Family Caring.
   AGFA Video (1985)                                  The Family Meal.
       Presents a portrait of three families              Fanlight Productions (2005)
each of which has a chronically ill relative                  "Obesity is second only to smoking as
whose care at home requires commitment of             the leading cause of preventable deaths in
time, energy, and emotion. Shows how they             the United States. Ironically, in the midst of
cope with the stresses and strains of long-           this epidemic, American families are
term home care. The illnesses discussed               chronically under-nourished. It has been
are Alzheimer's disease, Multiple Sclerosis,          suggested that one cause of today's obesity
and Cerebral Palsy.                                   crisis is the decline of the family meal. Under
       Video Cassette (3/4", 29 min.)                 ever-increasing time and financial
       RC 108 F35                                     pressures, parents may be spending less
                                                      time with their children, who may in turn feel
Family Fuel: A Coal Strike Story.                     isolated and depressed, and use food to
   We Do the Work (1990)                              make up for the vital nurturing connection
       This film is about the Pittston coal           that occurs when families eat together. This
miners strike of September, 1989 in West              short documentary is a companion film to
Virginia. These coal miners worked for                The weight of obesity, by the same
eighteen months without a contract, but               producer"—Container.
when the company cut off the medical                          1 videodisc (ca. 19 min.)
benefits for retired and disabled miners, the                 RJ399.C6 F36 2005
miners decided to go on strike.
       Video Cassette (30 min.)                       Family Styles in the U.S.
       HD 8039 M615 F34                                  National Public Radio
                                                              Presents sound portraits of 2
Family Fundamentals.                                  American families, one a contemporary
    DeepFocus (2003)                                  extended family and the other a more
       Arthur Dong interviews families where          traditional nuclear family.
religiously conservative parents oppose                       Cassette
homosexuality despite having homosexual                       HQ 734 F24
       1 videodisc (155 min.)
       BR115.H6 F34 2003

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 29

A Family to Me.                                       F.A.S.T.: Financial Abuse Specialist
   New Day Films (199?)                               Team.
       Moves beyond the stereotypes of                     Santa Clara County Social Services
family to unveil positive portraits of four           Agency (2002)
unique families: two brothers as                               Elder financial abuse is becoming
househusbands, a black single parent, a               more and more prevalent as the population
lesbian couple and their experiences                  ages and there is a greater concentration of
mothering twins, and a divorced couple who            wealth among older people. The crime
have a joint custody arrangement.                     encompasses all socioeconomic groups and
       Video Cassette (28 min.)                       cultures. Mortality rates for victims of
       HQ 536 F377                                    financial abuse are three times higher than
                                                      non-victims. The elderly victims do not
Farming The Seas.                                     report the crime out of fear of losing what
   Bullfrog Films, c2004                              little support they have and because the
       This is the sequel to the award-               perpetrator may have control and power
winning PBS special Empty oceans, empty               over the victim. A rapid response to
nets. "As the aquaculture industry explodes           suspected cases of elder financial abuse is
across the globe, a growing number of                 important. In Santa Clara County, there has
communities and fisheries experts are                 been an exponential growth of seniors. Elder
engaged in and intense debate over its                financial abuse is on the rise. The Financial
environmental, socio-economic, and health             Abuse Specialist Team was initiated to
and food safety consequences"--Container              provide the rapid response that is essential
       1 videodisc (56 min.)                          before the victim's assets are depleted. The
       HD9450.5 .F37 2004                             F.A.S.T. team is a multi-disciplinary team
                                                      comprised of Adult Protective Services,
Fast Food.                                            County Counsel, Public Guardian, and
    Landmark Media (1999)                             District Attorney personnel. The team
        Discusses the socio-economic origins          assesses reports of financial abuse and
of food to go, or fast food, and its impact on        decides if there is imminent danger to the
lifestyles.                                           victim. There is a coordinated effort and
        Video Cassette (23 min.)                      results can occur within hours. Sources of
        TP451.C6 F37 1999                             reports include law enforcement, health care
                                                      professionals, family members, and financial
Fast Food Women.                                      institutions. The team looks for a perceived
   Appalshop Film & Video (1991)                      degree of severity of abuse. Some risk
      Examines the working conditions of              factors are the limited ability for victims to
women employed in fast food restaurants in            advocate for themselves, limited mobility,
eastern Kentucky.                                     and the recent loss of a spouse that took
      Video Cassette (29 min.)                        care of financial matters. Financial elder
      TX 945 F37                                      abuse is usually perpetrated by family
                                                      members or relatives. Because of this, the
Fast Track.                                           victim may deny abuse and feel shame. Red
    Cinema Guild (1991)                               flags for elder financial abuse include the
       Examines the hectic lifestyles of Baby         inability to pay bills, confusion about
Boom generation parents whose desire for              financial affairs, and a decreasing bank
success leads to living in a state of chronic         account. If the facts of an investigation meet
stress and psychologically damaging                   legal criteria, the team will obtain emergency
consequences for their children.                      conservatorship in order to secure the
       Video Cassette (59 min.)                       assets of the victim, continue the
       HQ 535 F37                                     investigation, and pursue criminal
                                                               1 videocassette (33 min.)
                                                               HV6250.4.A34 F37 2002

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 30

Fatherless in America.                                Final Offer.
    Films for the Humanities (1994)                      California Newsreel (1985?)
       Because of divorce, single-                          Tapes made just before and during
parenthood, incarceration, and welfare rules,         the 1984 strike against General Motors by
nearly 40% of American children sleep in              the United Auto Workers, Canadian Section,
homes where their fathers do not live.                show union leader Bob White as he fights
Looks at the problem, its causes, and the             with both the company and the United
effects from poverty to violence.                     States union leadership to retain traditional
       Video Cassette (26 min.)                       wage increases in the Canadian contract.
       HQ 777.4 F37                                         Video Cassettes (1 hr 28 min)
                                                            HD8039.A82 C33 1985
Fences and Neighborhoods.
   U of CA , Extension Center for Media               The Fire This Time.
and Independent Learning (1996)                           Rhino Home Video (1995)
      Discusses the demolition and                            Examines conditions in inner city Los
construction frenzy leading up to the olympic         Angeles which have led to violence and
Games in Atlanta in 1997 and whether this             rioting in the past.
was a good or bad thing for the city.                         Video Cassette (1 hr. 30 min.)
      Video Cassette (60 min.)                                F 869 L8 F57 1995
      HT 168 A7 F46
                                                      5 girls.
The Fight in the Fields.                                  Women Make Movies (2001)
    Paradigm Prod (1997)                                     Follows five young teenage girls
       The story of Cesar Chavez, founder             going to schools in Chicago. Looks at their
of the United Farmworkers Union, and the              family life, their behavior at home and
movement he inspired.                                 school, and their friendships and other
       Video Cassette (1 hr. 55 min.))                relationships.
       HD 6509 C48 F53                                       1 Video Cassette (113 min.)
                                                             1 guide (34 p.)
Fighting for the Future: 1936-1941.                          HQ798 .A2 2001
   Coronet (1989)
      Chian Kai-shek was forced to ally with          Flight From Death: The Quest for
the Communists to fight Japan. In 1941,               Immortality.
America entered the war and for four years                Koch Entertainment (2005)
they supported the Nationalists against                      Through stunning visuals and
Japan. By 1945, corruption and inflation              insightful interviews, this multiple award-
were rampant in China and despite                     winning film explores human beings' innate
mediation efforts by the U.S. the country             and subconscious fear of death and portrays
exploded in civil war.                                the impacts of that fear on our behavior,
      Video Cassette (58 min.)                        specifically in regard to violence.
      DS 777.518 C45                                         1 videodisc (85 min.)
                                                              RC552.F42 F55 2005
Filipino Americans: Discovering Their
Past for the Future.                                  Following Sean.
     FilipinoAmerican National Historical                 Docurama (2007)
Society (1994)                                               Filmmaker Ralph Arlyck
         The story of Filipino Americans and          tracks down Sean, the boy who grew up
their contributions to the American way of            running barefoot on the streets of 1960s San
life for the past 400 years.                          Francisco and who had been the subject of
         Video Cassette (54 min.)                     his controversy-sparking documentary in
         E 184 F4 F38                                 1969, to see what he is like 30 years later.
                                                             1 videodisc (ca. 87 min.)
                                                             BF710 .F64 2007

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                                                                                     SOCIOLOGY 31

Food & Intimacy.                                     Forever
    Landmark Media (1999)                                First Run/Icarus Films, [2007]
       Examines how food plays a large role                    "Through a visit to the world-famous
in the most intimate and profound human              Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris, the final
experiences, from courtship to weddings              resting place for legendary artists from
and funerals.                                        around the world, [the film] provides an
       1 videodisc (23 min.)                         unusually poignant, emotionally powerful
       GT2860 .F63 1999b                             meditation on relations between the living
                                                     and the dead, and the immortal power of
Food Fight : Childhood Obesity and the               art"—Container.
Food Industry.                                                 1 videodisc (95 min.)
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences                        DC755 .F67 2007
       "The food industry's marketing                Formal Organizations.
strategies are examined to try to determine              RMI Media
to what extent they are responsible for                     Shows how we are engulfed by
America's epidemic of childhood obesity.             bureaucracies throughout our lives,
Industry initiatives to make and offer               examining the value and functions of formal
healthier foods are also presented.                  organizations and their dysfunctions. Shows
Afterward, Chris Bury speaks with Kelly              alternative forms of formal organizations.
Brownell, director of the Yale Center for                   Video Cassette (30 min.)
Eating and Weight Disorders, and Gene                       HM 131 F67
Grabowski, of the Grocery Manufacturers of
America."--Container.                                48 Hours on Crack Street.
        1 videodisc (23 min.)                            CBS Interact Learning (1986)
        RJ399.C6 F65 2003                                    CBS News documentary on the use
                                                     of illegal drugs in America.
For Angela--.                                                Video Cassette (2 hr.)
   National Film Board of Canada (1993)                      HV 5810 F67
       Story about racism inspired by the
true story of Rhonda Gordon and her                  42 Up.
daughter Angela, who are Canadian Native                 First Run/Icarus Films (1998)
Americans and who were racially harassed                     Another revisit with the British
by three boys on a trip to a bus stop.               children who have been interviewed at ages
Includes an interview with Rhonda Gordon             7, 14, 21, 28, and 35 now presented at age
and Angela.                                          42. Events in their lives and their thoughts
       1 Video Cassette (22 min.)                    are seen in each period of life. The
       E78.C2 F67 1993                               interviews create a sociological document of
                                                     postwar Britain and a moving portrait of the
For Man Must Work, or, The End of Work.              mystery, surprises and disappointments of
   First Run/Icarus Films (2000)                     growing up.
       Discusses how in the global                           Video Cassette (2 hrs 10 min.)
economy, human resources are being                           HQ 772 A22
replaced by technology, ending the mass
labor force era and moving toward creating
an elite corps of workers in the knowledge
       1 Video Cassette (25 min.)
       HD6331 .F67 2000

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 32

Freedom Writers.                                      Further Off the Straight & Narrow: New
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences               Gay Visibility on Television, 1998-2006.
       Teacher Erin Gruwell inspires her                  Media Education Foundation (2006)
high school students to confront intolerance                  "Surveys network dramas, sitcoms,
and violence in their own lives by reading            reality shows, and premium cable
about war, atrocities, and human rights               programming to show how the portrayal of
abuses. As a result of this project, her              GLBT characters is often marked by
students have taken a journey which                   ambivalence and tension. The film cautions
included meeting with Holocaust survivors,            that although GLBT characters and plotlines
Japanese internment camp victims, famous              have become more prevalent and complex
writers and filmmakers, as well as writing            in recent years, the images and stories
about how violence and intolerance have               portrayed continue to be shaped by narrow
touched their own lives.                              commercial imperatives. The film argues
       Video Cassette (15 min.)                       that the evolution of GLBT representations
       LB1631 .F74 2000                               should be seen as a recognition of GLBT
                                                      consumers and gay taste by advertisers
From Beginner to Expert: Clinical                     rather than as a sign that the struggle for
Knowledge in Critical Care Nursing.                   gay equality has been won"—Container.
    Fuld Institute for Technology in Nursing                  1 videodisc (61 min.)
Education                                                     PN1992.8.H55 F87 2006
       Explores clinical learning and skilled
clinical judgment useful in basic nursing             The Future of Work.
education and staff development programs.                 Filmakers Library
Presents the major findings of a four-year                   Economist Jeremy Rifkin foresees a
research project led by Dr. Patricia Benner.          calamity of global proportions as 80% of the
Three clinical vignettes re-enact actual              workforce is marginalized. He predicts that
clinical episodes, and the Dreyfus Model of           society will become more polarized between
Skill Acquisition, as refined and extended by         rich and poor, the standard of living will slip
this research, is illustrated and explicated by       away, and the psychological trauma of
he researcher's commentary.                           unemployment will have far reaching effects
       Video Cassette (46 min.)                       on society.
       RT120.I5 F76 1992                                     Video Cassette (28 min.)
                                                             HD 6331 F87
From Cradle to Grave.
       Video Sig (1980)                               Gang Terror.
       Economist Milton Friedman examines                 Films for the Humanities & Sciences
the welfare system in the United States, its          (2003)
history and its effects. After he presents his               Explores "America's gangland
views, a group of experts discusses them              subculture, where belonging means power
with him.                                             and status, and disloyalty means death.
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                         Looks at the lethal struggle between the
       HV 51 .F76                                     Crips and the Bloods for a nationwide multi-
                                                      million-dollar drug trade, the plight of
Frosh: Student Identity on a Changing                 residents of Chicago's gang-infested
Campus.                                               projects, the experiences of female gang
    California Newsreel (1993)                        members out to build their reputations, and
        A look inside today’s freshman world          the fight between police and gangs in
of scary freedoms and challenging new                 Hartford for the hearts and minds of inner-
lifestyles. Follows a new group of students           city youths"—Container.
from move-in day to spring finals. Captures                  1 videodisc (45 min.)
university life and student problems: alcohol,               HV6439.U6 G35 2003
drugs, dating, grade anxiety, work overload.
        Video Cassette (1 hr. 28 min.)
        Guide (5 p.)
        LB 3607 F76

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                                                                                     SOCIOLOGY 33

Garbage---Another Way of Seeing.                     Gender and Relationships: Male-Female
   PBS (1989)                                        Differences in Love and Marriage.
      Moyers meets and talks with some of                University of California Extension Center
the unusual people whose life work is                    for Media and Independent Learning
centered on what we throw away.                          (2002)
      Video Cassette (1 hr.)                                    Explores the differences in the
      TD 791 G37                                     ways that men and women experience the
                                                     love relationship. Examines ways to make a
Gates of Heaven.                                     relationship work better for both men and
     RCA Columbia Pictures Home Video                women. Features men and women from a
(1987)                                               variety of cultural and social backgrounds
        The celebrated pet cemeteries                who provide testimony on how gender
"documentary" that is in reality an                  differences affect their relationships.
unorthodox look at life. Disclosures about                   1 Video Cassette (43 min., 30 sec.)
life, work and feelings transcend its surface                HQ801 .G44 2002
subject to make a statement about American
dreams and values.                                   The Gender Tango.
        Video Cassette (1 hr. 25 min.)                   Films for the Humanities & Sciences
        SF 414.5 C37                                     (1997)
                                                            This program looks at the
Gender: The Enduring Paradox.                        different ways women define themselves
    PBS (1991)                                       and are defined by others in diverse
      Explores the subject of gender in              cultures.
American society, from the formation of                     1 Video Cassette (48 min.)
childhood gender roles to socially-                         HQ1154 .G465 1997
constructed notions of masculinity and
femininity.                                          Generation at Risk.
      Video Cassette (1 hr.)                            Corp. for Public Broadcasting (1987)
      HQ 1075 S63                                          Looks at the problems confronting
                                                     today's young people including teen
Gender and Diversity: Female and Male                pregnancy, suicide, high school dropout,
Perspective.                                         drug abuse, and alcohol abuse.
   Microtraining Associates (2001)                         Video Cassette (1 hr.)
      Two keynote presentations on                         HQ 796 G46
multiculturalism and gender given at the
National Multicultural Conference and                Generation Next: Speak Up, Be Heard.
Summit II of the American Psychological                  Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
Association in Santa Barbara, California,            c2007
January 2001.                                               Judy Woodruff takes viewers across
      1 videodisc (75 min.)                          the United States to examine the lives of 16-
      HM1271 .G45 2001                               to 25-year-olds. The program demystifies an
                                                     age group that is hooked on technology,
                                                     generally supportive of gay rights and racial
                                                     differences, but also swamped in debt and
                                                     facing uncertain career paths. Traveling
                                                     through the Northeast, the South, the Great
                                                     Plains, and the West, the program combines
                                                     the candor of face-to-face conversations
                                                     with the findings of an extensive Pew
                                                     Research Center survey conducted among
                                                     the Generation Nexters.
                                                            1 videodisc (58 min.)
                                                            HQ796 .G4653 2007

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 34

Generation Next 2.0: Speak Up, Be Heard.              Girls Like Us.
   Films for the Humanities & Sciences,                  Women Make Movies (1997)
c2007                                                        Examines the impact of class, sexism,
       Judy Woodruff guides viewers across            and violence on the dreams and
the United States to gain insight into the            expectations of young women. A portrait of
beliefs of young adult America.                       teenage girls' experiences of sexuality.
       1 videodisc (58 min.)                                 Video Cassette (1 hr.)
       HQ796 .G4654 2007                                     HQ798 .G54 1997

Genocide: From Biblical Times through                 The Global Assembly Line.
the Ages.                                                 New Day Films (198?)
    Films for the Humanities and Sciences                    Takes viewers inside our new global
(2002)                                                economy. A portrayal of the lives of working
       A variety of experts analyze Biblical          women and men in the "free trade zones" of
accounts and some of the earliest                     developing countries and North America, as
documented examples of genocide, as in                U.S. industries close their factories to search
the Athenian siege of Melos in 416 BC, to             the globe for lower-wage workforces. Takes
explore the psychology that motivates such            a look at the people who make the clothing
violence. This grim survey looks at the               we wear and the electronic goods we use,
extermination of Tasmanians, Native                   as well as, the business decisions behind
Americans, Namibia's Herero tribe, and the            manufacturing.
Armenians.                                                   Video Cassette (58 min.)
       Video Cassette (57 min.)                              HD 6336 G56
       HV6322.7 G453 2002
                                                      Global Television Programs for Children.
Ghosts Along the Freeway.                                Insight Media
   Video Project (1992)                                      "... examines the variations in quality,
      In the 1950s new freeways gave                  sources of financing, and broadcast
Americans increased mobility but they also            scheduling of childrens television
became instruments of destruction. Shows              programming around the world and within
what effects the coming of the "super                 the U.S. and compares U.S. programming
highways" had on established                          with that of other countries. The DVD
neighborhoods in the Minneapolis area.                addresses televisions power as an
      Video Cassette (10 min.)                        educational and marketing tool"--Publisher's
      HE 356 M6 G46                                   website.
                                                             1 videodisc (14 min.)
Gimme Green.                                                 HQ784.T4 G56 2000z
    Cinema Guild, 2008
         "A social history of one of our most         God's Country.
recognizable national symbols - the                       Criterion Collection (2007)
residential lawn. Humorous, but thought-                         "In 1979, Louis Malle
provoking, Gimme Green considers the                  traveled into the heart of Minnesota to
impact of this uniquely American obsession            capture the everyday lives of the men and
on the environment, our health, and our way           women of a prosperous farming community.
of life. Employing an engaging blend of               He returned six years later, during Ronald
gravity and levity, this documentary follows a        Reagan's second term, to find drastic
lawn of the month contest in a small suburb           economic decline. Free of stereotypes about
and a city code enforcement officer as he             .America's heartland, God's Country,
writes citations for unkempt lawns. It                commissioned for American public
examines the inner-workings of a desert sod           television, is a stunning work of emotional
farm as well as an artificial turf factory. It        and political clarity"—Container.
questions how lawn pesticides are applied                     1 videodisc (89 min.)
and what their affects may be on our                          F610 .G63 2007
         1 videodisc (28 min.)
         SB433.15 .G55 2006

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 35

Goin' Back to T-Town.                                  The Great Divide.
   PBS (1992)                                             Films for the Humanities & Sciences
      Describes the history of the all-black              (2000)
community of Greenwood in Tulsa,                             As the American economy surges
Oklahoma.                                              ahead, the gap between rich and poor
      Video Cassette (1 hr.)                           continues to widen. This program examines
      F 704 T92 G63                                    the moral and ethical questions that
                                                       accompany national prosperity.
Going My Way?: Transportation in Las                         Video Cassette (29 min.)
Vegas.                                                       HC106.82 .G74 2000
   KLVX TV (1983)
        Discusses mass transit-buses and               Growing Old in a New Age.
taxis in Las Vegas, and their problems.                     Annenberg/CPB (1993)
        Video Cassette (29 min.)                               Looks at the emotional and physical
        HE 310 L35 G63                                 processes of aging, old age as a stage of
                                                       life, and the impact of aging on society.
Going Too Far.                                                 1: Myths & Realities of Aging
   CBS News (1990)                                             HQ 1064 U5 M88
      Discusses obscenity laws in the U.S.,                    2: How the Body Ages QP 86 H68
campaigns against obscenity and                                3: Maximizing Physical Potential of
pornography, and campaigns against                             Older Adults GV 447 M384
censorship.                                                    4: Love, Intimacy & Sexuality
      Video Cassette (47 min.)                                 BF 724.85 S48 L68
      HQ 471 G58                                               5: Learning, Memory & Speed of
                                                               Behavior BF 724.85 C64 L42
Graffiti Wars: A Matter of Pride.                              6: Intellect, Personality & Mental
    USC School of Journalism (1991)                            Health
         Pride is the central issue of both sides              BF 724.85 P47 I57
of the controversy over graffiti. The artists                  7: Social Roles & Relationships
take pride in their creations; the residents                   HQ 1061 S56
take pride in a clean neighborhood, free of                    8: Family & Intergenerational
graffiti.                                                      Relationships HQ 1063.6 F34
         Video Cassette (30 min.)                              9: Work, Retirement & Economic
         GT 3912 G73                                           Status     HD 6279 W67
                                                               10: Illness & Disability RA 564.8 I44
Grappling with Gridlock.                                       11: Dying, Death & Bereavement
   The Office (1993)                                           BF 724.85 D43 D85
      Interviews designers and county                          12: Societal & Political Aspects of
planners who answer viewer questions on                        Aging
the beltway project that will create a loop                    HV 1461 S563
around the Las Vegas Valley.                                   13: The Future of Aging
   Tape 1. Program 1 - Beltway                                 HV 1461 F87
             Program 2.- Resort corridor                       13 Video Cassettes (1 hr. each)
   Tape 2. Program 3 - CAT
             (Citizen's Area Transit)                  Growing Old Something to Live For.
             Program 4- ] Interstate 15                   McGraw Hill (198?)
      2 Videocassettes (4                           Reviews the facts and myths about
      HE 356.5 L35 G73                                 aging. Considers how the elderly view
                                                       themselves and how they are regarded by
                                                       the rest of the population.
                                                              Video Cassette (16 min.)
                                                              HQ 1061 G76

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 36

Growing up Female: A Film.                            The Growth of Towns and Cities.
    New Day Films/Heartland                               Films for the Humanities (1992)
       Describes the socialization of the                    This program examines how
American woman through a personal look                industrialization led to urbanization, which
into the lives of six females ranging from            led to higher rents and overcrowding, which
kindergarten age to middle age. Shows the             in turn led to governmental controls; it also
influence of such forces as parents,                  shows how railways and improved
teachers, guidance counselors, the media,             transportation opened up cities, and led to
advertising, pop music, and marriage.                 the growth of suburbs.
       Video Cassette (50 min.)                              Video Cassette (20 min.)
       HQ1206 .G83 1990                                      HC 255 G76

Growing Up in the City.                               Gun Society.
   PBS (1999)                                             Video Project (199?)
       1. Growing Up in the City -- tackles                  Takes an even-handed look at the
the pressures and fears that adolescents              historical and psychological roots of
face.                                                 America's love affair with guns, and the
       2. Growing up in the City: Discovering         tragic consequences. Lets a wide range of
Race -- deals with the ways in which race             gun lovers speak for themselves. Police
becomes an issue in the lives of four                 and victims of gun violence present their
adolescents.                                          experiences. Illuminates the role and impact
       3. Growing Up in the City: Family              of guns and the power of the multi-billion
Portraits -- accompanies five adolescents             dollar gun industry.
home to meet the adults who are raising                      Video Cassette (22 min.)
them.                                                        HV 8059 G87
       3 Video Cassettes
       Booklet (10 p.)                                Guns, Germs, and Steel.
       HQ 796 G76 pts 1-3                                National Geographic (2005)
                                                             Discusses early social and
Growing Up in Video World: Media & the                agricultural innovations, the role of weapons
Developing Child.                                     and disease in human development, and the
   Learning Seed, c2001                               modern interplay of geography and
       This program explores the key role             resources.
that electronic media play in the lives of                   2 videodiscs (165 min.)
American children and argues that TV and                     HM626 .G85 2005
video games pose dangers to the
developing child.                                     Halftime.
       1 videodisc (24 min.)                              Cinema Guild (1989)
       HQ784.M3 G77 2001                                      Probes the fears and frustrations of
                                                      five Yale men at mid-life, as they confront
The Growth of Towns and Cities.                       issues such as infidelity, virility, career
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences,              failure, and homosexuality.
[2005]                                                        Video Cassette (1 hr. 27 min.)
       This program examines how                              HQ 1059.4 H34
industrialization led to urbanization, which
led to higher rents and overcrowding, which
in turn led to governmental controls; it also
shows how railways and improved
transportation opened up cities, and led to
the growth of suburbs.
       1 videodisc (19 min.)
       HC255 .G76 2005

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 37

Hallucinogens.                                        The Hate Conspiracy: The Rise and Fall
    Schlessinger Media (2004)                         of The Order.
       Discusses the fact that mind-altering              Films for the Humanities & Sciences
drugs known as hallucinogens can cause                (2000)
long-lasting changes in perception. Looks at                 Hugh Downs and Meredith Vieira
drugs like LSD and points out a frightening           document the history of the white
link between drug use and mental illness.             supremacist group The Order, led by Robert
Shows the immediate physiological effects             J. Matthews. The Order was allegedly
of abuse, and contains a mix of expert                responsible for the assassination of Alan
interviews and first-person testimonies.              Berg, for killing Jewish children at a day care
       1 videodisc (23 min.) + 1 teacher's            center, among other crimes. Disaffected
       guide (5 p.)                                   members, federal agents, and others are
       HV5822.H25 H34 2004                            interviewed.
                                                             Video Cassette (40 min.)
Hamster Cocktails.                                           HS2330.O73 H37 2000
    Security on Campus, c2004
        In our society, hazing is a problem           Hate Mail.
that is out of control. Without intervention,            Media Projects (1992)
the vicious cycle of hazing will continue, and              Discussion of racism on a talk show
innocent people will continue to be                   on KLIF talk radio in Dallas. Includes people
physically and emotionally hurt or killed.            and members of the KKK discussing racism
Hamster Cocktails was designed to shock               and prejudice.
high school and college students into                       Video Cassette (29 min.)
thinking twice before they allow themselves                 E 185.615 H33
to be put in a hazing situation. The
documentary crew traveled to two towns                Heartbreak.
where horrific hazing incidents occurred. By              Films for the Humanities & Sciences
revisiting the scenes of the crimes and               (2007)
talking with the people involved, the                        This program investigates the
documentary reveals how seemingly                     devastating effect that social and romantic
innocent decisions can lead to tragedy and            rejection can have on the brain, the body,
death.                                                and human behavior.
        1 videocassette (20 min.)                            1 videodisc (57 min.)
        LA229 .H33 2004                                      HM1106 .H43 2007

Harnessing Steam.                                     The Heart Broken in Half.
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences,                  Siegel Prod. (1991)
c1992                                                        A face-to-face encounter with gang
       "This program looks at the role of             members in Chicago. They guide the viewer
water power, examines Newcomen's and                  through their "hood" and offer a sobering
Watt's machines, looks at the                         critique of gang life.
interdependence of steam, coal, and iron                     Video Cassette (57 min.)
and at the new demand for coal, and                          HV 6439 U5 H42
examines the growth of electric energy."—
       1 videocassette (20 min.)
       TJ461 .H37 1992 Extremists on the Internet.
   Films for the Humanities (2000)
      Addresses the use of the Internet to
spread messages of hate and violence.
      Video Cassette (42 min)
      HV6773.5 .H37 2000

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 38

Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl.                 High Stakes in Morenci.
    American Social History Film Library                 We Do the Work (1984)
(1993)                                                      Summary of protracted strike by
        Period still and motion pictures and          copper mine workers at Phelps-Dodge in
words derived from interviews, memoirs,               Morenci, AZ. during the early 1980s.
newspapers and other sources are                      Focuses on allegations of police and
assembled to show the life of immigrant               company violence against the strikers.
shirtwaist makers in New York City during                   Video Cassette (30 min.)
the first decade of the 20th century.                       HD 5325 M73 1983 H53
Illustrates the strike movement and their
arrests.                                              Historic Counterculture Films.
        Video Cassette (28 min.)                          Quality Information Publishers, c2006
        HD 6073 C62 U65                                      "Brink of disaster: this film aims to put
                                                      a stop to activism in America because it
Heroin & Other Opiates.                               "threatens" the American way of life. The
    Schlessinger Media (2004)                         video promotes the idea that every
       Discusses how highly effective pain            American should embrace capitalism and
relievers such as morphine and codeine                democracy and join the fight against the real
work in the brain and body, and shows the             enemy--communists. Coffee house
immediate physiological effects of abuse of           rendezvous: this film shows that by the late
heroin. Contains a mix of expert interviews           1960s, conservative social organizations
and first-person testimonies.                         such as churches and community youth
       videodisc (23 min.) + 1 teacher's              groups had already accepted the 'Coffee
guide (5 p.)                                          House,' once a cool, hip meeting spot for
       HV 5822.H4 H46 2004                            subversive counter culturists, as an
                                                      acceptable recreation place for wholesome
Heroes and Strangers.                                 teenagers. As the beatnik hangouts were
    New Day Films (1987)                              commercialized, spending time in the coffee
       Explores a father/daughter and a               house suddenly became a normal activity for
father/son relationship, revealing the                teens, and they were even encouraged to
complex social and economic forces                    start coffee houses in their own basements!
affecting the role of men in the family.              Drug abuse : the chemical tomb: this is a
Raises questions about love, work, and                propaganda film about the growing drug
gender roles.                                         abuse problem in the United States.
       Video Cassette (29 min.)                       Columbia riots: video footage from the 1969
       HQ 756 H47                                     Columbia University riots from before,
                                                      during, and after. Greenwich Village
The Hidden City.                                      Sunday: in this flick, a young hipster female
     Coronet (1989)                                   explores Greenwich Village one Sunday and
         A look at New York city's four vital         takes in the counterculture sites and sounds
utility systems -- power, water, sewage, and          from some of the most unique clusters of
trash. Looks at their growth over time and            people in the scene"—Container.
plans to adapt them to the city's future                     disc 1. Brink of disaster (1972, 29
needs.                                                min.) ; Coffee house rendezvous (1969, 25
         Video Cassette (57 min.)                     min.) ; Drug abuse : the chemical tomb
         HD 2767 N75 N54                              (1969, 18 min.)
                                                             disc 2. Columbia riots (1969, 50 min.)
High Tech Families.                                   ; Greenwich Village Sunday (1960s, 13 min.)
    We Do the Work                                           2 videodiscs (ca. 135 min.)
        Focuses on families who live and                     HM647 .H57 2006
work in California's Silicon Valley. Workers
try to come to grips with low pay, job
insecurity and lack of governmental support.
        Video Cassette (30 min.)
        HD 6331 H44

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                                                                                     SOCIOLOGY 39

Hollywood's Favorite Heavy.                          Homeless in America.
    HFH Film Library (1988)                              Downtown Community TV Center
        Discusses the usually negative image                 Looks at the problems and solutions
of businessmen on prime time TV and what             that affect the growing number of people
effect that portrayal may have on real-live          forced to live in the streets of our cities.
business ethics of today and the future.             Examines some of the organizations that are
        Video Cassette (28 min.)                     trying to help the homeless.
        PN 1992.8 B87 H65                                    Video Cassette (20 min.)
                                                             HV 4505 H652
Home Economics: A Documentary of
Suburbia.                                            Homeless in Paradise.
   New Day Films (1994)                                  New Day Films (2006)
      Documents the American dream of                       Looks at some of the harder
home ownership via portraits from a Los              questions surrounding homelessness in
Angeles suburb. Three women and a                    Santa Monica, California (where the
teenage girl speak of their struggles to             homeless make up 2-5% of the total
sustain family and community connections             population) by focusing on the stories of four
amid current socio-economic conditions.              affected people. As they survive on the
      Video Cassette (47 min.)                       streets, Rick, Donna, Simon, and Faye
      HD 7287.82 U6 H64                              struggle with addiction and mental illness,
                                                     while receiving support from a city in crisis.
Home Less Home.                                      Experiencing homelessness through their
   Bill Brand Prod. (1990)                           eyes, we will come to understand a political
       People who are homeless in New                and social system that draws controversy
York City reveal their own experiences,              from all sides of the political arena.
dispelling common misconceptions and                        1 videodisc (50 min.)
prejudices.                                                 HV4506.S367 H65 2006
       1 videocassette (ca. 75 min.)
       HV4506.N7 H64 1990                            Homes and Hands: Community land
                                                     trusts in action
Home: The Langston Terrace Dwellings.                   New Day Films, 1998
  PBS (1989)                                                Shows how communities nationwide
    See summary in Architecture section.             are organizing to gain control of their local
    Video Cassette (57 min.)                         land and resources, using the community
    HD 7288.78 U52 W35                               land trust model to create a stock of
                                                     permanently affordable housing.
The Homeless Home Movie.                                    Video Cassette (37 min.)
    U of CA Extension Center for Media and                  Guide (23 p.)
Independent Learning (1996)                                 HN90.C6 H67 1998 guide
       "For years we've been hearing about
the homeless. Now we can hear from them."            Hooked: From Hollywood to Main Street.
Also compares the style of representing the             Films for the Humanities (1994)
poor and homeless by Mary Jo Copeland of                     Examines why some of the most
Sharing and Caring Hands and the militant            unlikely people have become heroin junkies.
in-your-face style of Up & Out of Poverty in         The addicts in this program explain heroin's
St. Paul.                                            popularity, control over them, and effect on
       Video Cassette (85 min.)                      their lives.
       HV 4505 H6517                                         Video Cassette (44 min.)
                                                             HV 5822 H4 H66

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 40

Housing in America.                                  The Human Race.
    DCTV Center                                          Bullfrog Films (1994)
       Deals with two women's solutions to                   Pt. 1: The Bomb Under the World.
the right to decent shelter. In New Jersey,          What are the broader consequences of
Ms. Maldonado refused to leave her                   Western-style consumerism taking hold in
apartment when the landlord began to                 large developing countries?
demolish the building around her. In                 (52 min.) GF 47 B64
Philadelphia, Mahasan decided to join a                      Pt. 2: The Tribal Mind. Initiatives in
large squatter movement which claims                 South Africa may provide models to the
abandoned houses and fixes them up.                  larger world where old tribal politics of
       Video Cassette (25 min.)                      narrow self-interests continue to wreak
       HD 7287.96 U6 H68                             havoc. Is there enough time for the rest of
                                                     the world to relinquish its own tribes?
How to Get Fat Without Really Trying.                (52 min.) GF 47 T75
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences                      Pt. 3: The Gods of Our Fathers.
(2005)                                               Explores the evolution of patriarchy as one
       In this ABC News special, Peter               effective way of organizing mass societies.
Jennings reveals how government policies             The world is different now, and it's time to
and food industry practices are helping to           find alternatives to hierarchies and
make Americans fat. Mr. Jennings' report             militarization. (51 min.) GF 47 G63
begins in the farmlands of America and                       Pt. 4: Escaping from History. Looks
includes government agencies and                     at the effects of industrialization on Mexico,
representatives from the food industry. He           and the impact of its development on the
examines how the type of government                  rest of the world. (53 min.) GF 47 E72
subsidies provided to farmers influences                     4 Video Cassettes
which food are marketed or emphasized as
part of healthy eating standards.                    Human Relations in Japan.
       1 videodisc (44 min.)                             Japanese Information Service, Consulate
       RA645.O23 H68 2005                            General of Japan (1978)
                                                             Introduces the concept of "uchi", the
Human Behavior: Is It Really Getting                 structure of Japanese companies and the
Worse?                                               role of the Japanese family. A portion of the
  National Public Radio                              film is devoted to the experiences of an
     Cassette                                        American on a business trip to Japan.
     HM 101 H85                                              Video Cassette (3/4", 28 min.)
                                                             HN 110 Z9 I57

                                                          Cine Fête, 2006
                                                             Examines the appeal of the Hummer
                                                     all terrain vehicle.
                                                             1 videodisc (52 min.)
                                                             TL235.65.H86 H85 2006

                                                     The Hutterites: To Care and Not to Care.
                                                        Shanachie (1993)
                                                            Explores many facets of life in North
                                                     American Hutterite communities, from work
                                                     to worship, from living space to spiritual life,
                                                     from infancy to old age.
                                                            Video Cassette (58 min.)
                                                            E 184 H97 H87

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 41

I Wanna Be Adored.                                    In the Street: On the ground
    Filmwest Associates (1998)                            On the Ground (1995)
        Young people in British Columbia who                 Examines city planning initiatives in
live alternative lifestyles discuss their             Toronto, Canada focusing on traffic calming
philosophies of life and the reasons why              in residential neighborhoods, a street
they shun traditional modes of dress,                 enhancement controversy, and bicycle
corporate structures, mass media, and                 infrastructure in the city.
consumerism.                                                 Video Cassette (15 min.)
        1 Video Cassette (48 min.)                           Arch NA 9130 T6 I52
        HM646 .I2 1998
                                                      India Inhales.
The Idea Makers: The Women of Hull                        Bullfrog Films (2000)
House.                                                        Part 12 of a series on how they
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences,              globalized world economy affects ordinary
[2004]                                                people. Every day in India, another 55,000
        Looks at the history of Hull House,           children start smoking. This film explores the
opened by Jane Addams in 1889 as a place              cynicism of the major global tobacco
where she, Julia Lathrop, and other activists         companies' campaigns in India with
could provide outreach services to the poor           particular reference to the largest firm in
and uneducated people of the surrounding              India, ITC Limited. It also looks at the work
Chicago neighborhood. Examines how the                of activists who have pledged to try to stop
reformers applied statistical analysis to real-       them -- and to halt the soaring increase in
world problems, particularly infant and               cancer cases in India that result from
maternal mortality, thereby paving the way            smoking.
for far-reaching social reform. Looks at the                  Video Cassette (1/2 “, 24 min)
relationship between social statistics and                    HV5770.I4 I53 2000
their objectivity and social policy.
        1 videodisc (18 min.)                         Individualism in America: The Self-Made
        HV4196.C4 I33 2004                            Society.
                                                         Films for the Humanities (1996)
Immigration and Labor.                                       Examines the shift toward cultural and
   Pacific Tape Library (1982)                        social isolation, particularly as it relates to
       A panel discussion on undocumented             major national problems such as crime,
workers in the American labor force by                national debt, environmental issues, and
Joaquin Avila, Elizabeth Martinez, Ignatius           welfare reform.
de la Fuente, and Armando Valdez.                            Video Cassette (29 min.)
       Cassette (57 min.)                                    HM 136 I45
       HD 8081 M6 I45
In My Country...An International                          Schlessinger Media, c2004
Perspective on Gender.                                       Discusses the lethal potential of
   Utah Valley State College (1993)                   sniffing common household products.
       Documentary designed to illustrate             Shows what happens to the brain and the
the extent of worldwide cultural diversity and        body when they are exposed to poisons.
how gender paradigms shape experience.                Also discusses the dangers of abusing
       Pt. 1: Daily Life                              gases like nitrous oxide.
       Pt. 2: Social Issues                                  1 videodisc (23 min.) + 1 teacher's
       2 Video Cassettes                              guide (5 p.)
       Booklet (12 p.)                                       HV5822.S65 I54 2004
       HQ 1075 I52 pt. 1-2

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 42

Insecurity State and the New Relevance                Interracial Marriage: Blending the Races
of Karl Marx.                                         in America.
   Radio Free Maine (1996)                               Films for the Humanities (1992)
       Edward Herman discusses how                           Describes the gradual growth in
worker security was greater when we faced             acceptance of interracial marriage, but
the Soviet security threat because workers            shows that some couples still sometimes
were needed due to the overseas thrust and            face prejudice.
the rapid growth in the economy.                             Video Cassette (48 min.)
       Video Cassette (2 hr.)                                HQ 1031 I57
       HD 60.5 U6 I57
                                                      The Issue is Race.
Inside Out: Stories of Bulimia.                          WGBH (1992)
    Fanlight Productions (2002)                              Combines a town hall format with
       "Bulimia is on the rise, yet it is often       documentary video segments to explore the
portrayed in the media as a kind of                   policy choices facing the nation on what may
"extreme" dieting practiced by models,                be our most persistent domestic problem.
socialites and others obsessed with their             Activists, professors, and gang members
appearance. In reality, this eating disorder          turned entrepreneurs discuss the issue.
can be as hard to overcome as any                            Video Cassette (2 hr.)
addiction and affects both men and women                     E 184 A1 I82
from all walks of life. This documentary
takes the viewer into the lives of women and          It Was a Wonderful Life.
men who are struggling to cope with bulimia               Docurama (2003)
and its consequences. It combines                            Meet Josephine, Reena, Marie,
interviews and observational footage of each          Jeanette, Lou, and Terry. These intelligent
of them and their family members                      and articulate women once had secure,
illuminating the feelings of compulsion,              active and fulfilling lives. That is until one
confusion and desperation endemic to the              day when everything unraveled. Now living
disorder ... but also the hope of recovery"—          out of their cars or in cheap hotels, they
Container.                                            exist entirely under the radar, too proud to
       1 videocassette (56 min.)                      go to shelter or to even receive public
       RC552.B84 I57 2002                             assistance.
                                                             1 videodisc (ca. 82 min.)
Inside the Soviet Circus.                                    HV4505 .I7 2003
    National Geographic (1988)
       Shows the many faces of the people             It's About Respect.
of the Soviet Union.                                      Coastal AMI, c2004
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                                 This program uses dramatization to
       G3 N37 A37                                     illustrate various definitions of workplace
                                                      harassment and how it can be prevented.
Inspirations.                                         DVD-ROM capabilities are necessary to
   Films for the Humanities (1991)                    access the added features.
       In low income neighborhoods                            1 videodisc (21 min.) +1 guide (16 p.)
throughout the nation, local leaders are                      HF5549.5.M5 I87 2004
pulling together to improve the quality of life
by addressing issues such as child care,              Jane Jacobs.
urban violence, black-on-black crime,                     Films for the Humanities, c2003
housing, teenage pregnancy, economic                         Jane Jacobs, who has influenced
inequities, and community development.                urban planning with her "web way of
       Video Cassette (52 min.)                       thinking", talks about the progression of
       E 185.86 I57                                   ideas in her books. Includes scenes from
                                                      various North American cities and footage of
                                                      her 1997 seminar Ideas that matter.
                                                             1 videodisc (44 min.)
                                                             HT166 .J35 2003

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 43

The Japan They Don't Talk About.                      Just Black?
    Films Inc.                                          Filmakers Library
       The popular perception of Japan's                    Summary in Ethnic Studies section.
economic miracle is contrasted with                         Video Cassette (57 min.)
sobering facts about how workers cope with                  HQ 777.9 J87
this seeming Utopia. Americans have an
image of Japan's economic and                         Just Mom and Me: Single Motherhood.
manufacturing system as the ideal worker-                 Filmakers Library (1998)
employer relationship. Explores the reality of               The stories of five women who are
conditions in Japan today.                            raising their children on their own and the
       Video Cassette (55 min.)                       opinions of some of their children regarding
       HD 8726.5 J36                                  growing up without a father in their home.
                                                             Video Cassette (1 hr.)
Juggling Family and Work.                                    HQ 759.45 J87
    Films for the Humanities
    & Sciences (2003)                                 Justice in the Coalfields.
       "Traditional role models of men                    Appalshop (1995)
portray them as providers, while women                       Focuses on the United Mine Workers
have historically been expected to attend to          strike against the Pittston Coal Co., its
all domestic matters. This program features           effects on the people and communities
three men who, when forced to choose                  involved, and the unresolved issues left in its
between family and career, chose their                wake.
families. They discuss the implications of                   Video Cassette (57 min.)
that choice, the impact it has had on their                  HD 5325 M62 1989 W47
careers and conceptions of themselves as
fathers, and the new opportunities that their         Katie Roiphe on Pornography,
non-traditional paths have afforded them"—            Censorship, and Feminism.
Container.                                                Films for the Humanities & Sciences
       1 videodisc (57 min.)                          (2004)
       HQ756.6 .F37 2003                                     "How damaging to society, and
                                                      women in particular, is the proliferation of
A Journey in the History of Water.                    pornography? And how is the tension
    University of Bergen, Centre for                  resolved between community standards and
Development Studies, c2001                            First Amendment rights? Bill Moyers talks to
       Tells the dramatic story of how the            Katie Roiphe, feminist critic and author of
struggle for fresh water has shaped human             The morning after: sex, fear, and feminism.
society to a remarkable extent, bringing the          Expanding on may of the ideas in her book,
viewer to about 20 countries all over the             Roiphe discusses how restrictions on
world and showing in fascinating variety how          pornography could lead to more general
people have coped with what is societies'             censorship, while widespread access
lifeblood – water.                                    actually undermines pornography's
       1 videodisc (180 min.)                         fascination"—Container
       TD345 .J68 2001                                       1 videodisc (22 min.)
                                                             HQ472.U6 K37 2004
Jonestown: The Life and Death of
Peoples Temple.
   PBS Home Video (2007)
      A startling look at preacher Jim
Jones, his life prior to the mass-suicides in
Guyana, and the event that took place
leading up to that fateful day in 1978.
      1 videodisc (ca. 90 min.)
      BP605.P46 J66 2007

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                                                                                     SOCIOLOGY 44

Keeping it Real.                                     The Killing Screens.
    First Run/Icarus Film (2004)                         Media Education Foundation (1994)
        This documentary investigates why                    Explores why there is so much
an increasing number of people in our                violence on television and its effects on
modern, highly developed societies, are              viewers.
eagerly seeking "authentic," real-life                   1. Stories of power
experiences, while at the same time trying to            2. Happy violence
fathom the meaning of the concept itself.                3. Accelerating violence
"Keeping it Real" profiles a sailor and world            4. Violence is a social relationship
adventurer whose exploits are marketed in                5. Lessons of violence
books, photos and videos to fascinated,                  6. Citizenship in the cultural environment
wannabe adventurers; goes behind-the-                    7. What parents, teachers, and schools
scenes of a city tour with a real-life                   can do
"homeless" person; interviews an African                     Video Cassette (41 min.)
immigrant whose life experience fulfills a                   P 96 V5 K54
Western fantasy of being more connected to
nature; follows an office worker who takes a         Killing Us Softly: Advertising's Image of
year off to sail alone around the world; and         Women : A Film.
questions pop-music stars how they                       Cambridge Documentary Film (1979)
distinguish between their public personas                   Explores the image of women
and real lives. The idealized representations        presented by modern advertising. Illustrates
of 'authenticity' being promoted or pursued          the use of women as sex objects.
are shown to be inherently inauthentic or at                1 Video Cassette (30 min.)
least illusory. –Container.                                 HF5827.85 .K54 1979
        1 videocassette (51 min.)
        GT76 .K44 2004                               Killing Us Softly III.
                                                         Media Education Foundation (2000)
Kid Shields.                                                Discusses the manner in which
    We Do the Work (1991?)                           women continue to be portrayed by
       Child abuse has become a national             advertising and the effects this has on their
emergency. Follow overburdened case                  images of themselves.
workers as they visit abused and neglected                  Video Cassette (34 min.)
children and dysfunctional families.                        HF 5827.85 K542
       Video Cassette (30 min.)
       HV6626.52 .K53                                Kinsey.
                                                         Paramount Home Entertainment (2005)
Kids in the Crossfire: Violence in                          "Kinsey was a scientist whose
America.                                             repressed childhood, personal struggles and
    ABC News (1993)                                  obsessive nature would propel him to
       Peter Jennings and a cross-section of         conduct the first full-scale study of sexual
adolescents from different environments              behavior, and break through America's
discuss the reality of living every day with         silence on human sexuality"—Container.
violence and the threat of violence.                        1 videodisc (90 min.)
       Video Cassette (1 hr. 10 min.)                       HQ18.32.K56 K566 2005
    HQ 784 U55 K53

                                                     The Klan: A Legacy of Hate in America.
                                                        Films Inc. (1989)
                                                           Shows the 120 year infamy of the Ku
                                                     Klux Klan's reign of terror. Exposes the
                                                     spread of the Klan's influence, membership,
                                                     and savagery today.
                                                           Video Cassette ( 30 min.)
                                                           HS 2330 K63 K53

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 45

The Laramie Project.                                   Leaving Home.
     HBO Home Video (2002)                                  We Do the Work (1993)
         In October 1998, 21 year-old                          Examines the real cost of the Mexico-
Matthew Shepard was found savagely                     U.S. Free Trade Agreement. Looks at how
beaten, tied to a fence and left to die in             workers on both sides of the border have
Laramie, Wyoming. This film is a                       been affected by a free trade policy -- the
dramatization of a town forced to confront             Mexico-U.S. maquiladora program. Plant
itself in the reflective glare of the national         closings have devastated communities in
spotlight, responding with love, anger,                Illinois and Indiana while Mexicans in Juarez
sympathy, support, and defiance.                       and Reynosa now work for Fortune 500
         1 Video Cassette (20 min.)                    companies.
         PR6061.A83 L372 2002                                  Video Cassette (1 hr.)
                                                               HF 3211 L42
Last Chance For Eden: A Film.
   Stir-Fry Productions (2002)                         The Left and the Job Agenda in the U.S.
         A film about nine women and men                  Radio Free Maine (1996)
who "begin an honest and emotionally                         Discusses the history of the opinion of
charged conversation about how racism and              the Left on wage work, the possibility of no
sexism have affected their lives and                   unemployment, the birth of the U.S. labor
families."--Container                                  movement, and tactics used by the
       1 Video Cassette (88 min.)                      government to restrain strikes and walkouts.
       HT1521 .L27 2002                                      Video Cassette
                                                             HD 8072.5 L43
Last Rites: Death Ceremonies.
    New York : History Channel (1997)                  Legacy: A Film.
       Last rites is a look at the ways                   California Newsreel (2000)
different societies around the world and                      Chronicles the struggle of three
throughout history have dealt with death.              generations of African American women in
Shows the range of humanity's attempts to              Chicago to free themselves from welfare
come to terms with death, and interviews               and poverty. Also discusses the death of a
with leading historians shed light on ancient          fourteen-year-old boy who was a member of
practices such as mummification.                       the family and was shot by a classmate.
       1 Video Cassette (50 min.)                             1 Video Cassette (90 min.)
       GT3150 .L37 1997                                       F548.9.N4 L43 2000

The Last to Know.                                      The Legacy of Malthus.
    New Day Films (1981)                                   Bullfrog Films (1994)
       A documentary about four women of                       In India, peasant farmers are being
different backgrounds who are similarly                evicted from their land and then accused of
dependent upon alcohol or prescribed                   being poor, irresponsible and unable to feed
drugs. Describes the nature of their                   their families. The film takes on the
addiction and how it is possibly perpetuated           international population "establishment",
by the medical establishment and other                 challenging the view that overpopulation
societal forces                                        alone is responsible for poverty and
       Video Cassette (40 min.)                        environmental destruction.
       HV 5137 L38 1981                                        Video Cassette (50 min.)
                                                               HB 863 L43
Leather Soul: Working for a Life in a
Factory Town.                                          Letter to the Next Generation.
   Filmakers (1993)                                       New Day Films (1990)
       An oral history of the Peabody,                        Set at Kent State, evaluates the
Massachusetts leather industry. Discusses              feelings of today's students about activism,
the industry's demise, which reflects                  success, racism, getting ahead, and having
changes in American life.                              a good time.
       Video Cassette (43 min.)                               Video Cassette (1 hr. 8 min.)
       HD 9780 U63 P42                                        LD 4191 L47

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                                                                                     SOCIOLOGY 46

Let's Own It! The Struggle of the Lincoln            Life and Debt.
Place Tenants Association.                              First Run/Icarus Films (2000)
    U of CA Extension Center for Media and                  Set in Jamaica, this film is a case
Independent Learning (1998)                          study of how contemporary free trade
       TransAction Corporation decided to            policies and global financial institutions such
demolish the Lincoln Place apartment                 as the International Monetary Fund, World
complex, which has 700 units and is                  Bank and World Trade Organization affect
affordable housing, to replace it with a             the economies of developing nations.
smaller number of luxury condos and a few            Includes interviews with IMF Deputy Director
low-income units. This is the story of how           Stanley Fischer, Haitian president Jean-
the Lincoln Place Tenants Association                Bertrand Aristide, Jamaica's former Prime
fought to save their homes.                          Minister Michael Manley as well as tourists,
       Video Cassette (50 min.)                      farmers, Rastafarians, factory workers and
       HD 7287.6 U62 L67                             others.
                                                            1 Video Cassette (86 min.)
Liars.                                                      HC154 .L54 2001
   Films for the Humanities & Sciences
(2007)                                               Life and Debt.
       In this program,                                  Bullfrog Films (1992)
psychologist John Marsden attempts to                       Examines the links between Brazil's
unravel the mysteries surrounding deception          economic crisis and its tragic social and
and identify its cues in body language and           ecological plight following 500 years of
facial expression. Donald Bickerstaff and            domination and exploitation by Europeans,
Beth Shannon are featured.                           Americans, and now Japanese. Argues that
       1 videodisc (56 min.)                         Brazil's massive $130 billion debt is the
       BJ1421 .L53 2007                              ultimate cause of the shocking assassination
                                                     of 500 street children a year in Rio de
The Libido.                                          Janeiro.
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences,                    Video Cassette (47 min.)
2004                                                        HC 187 L53
       "This program examines the intimate
physiological, societal, and evolutionary            Life on the Beam & Men Who Built the
forces that have shaped the human sex                Golden Gate Bridge.
drive over time and continue to regulate it.            We Do the Work (199?)
Topics covered include the differences                      Life on the Beam is a memorial to
between male and female sexuality,                   Harry Bridges, the controversial labor leader
hormones, puberty, restrictive versus                and first president of the International
permissive societies, the hidden ovulation           Longshoremen and Warehousemans'
theory of pair-bonding, and menopause and            Union.
andropause"—Container.                                      Men Who Built the Golden Gate
       1 videodisc (45 min.)                         Bridge features archival footage of the men
       HQ21 .L53 2004                                who risked their lives in 1935-37 to build this
                                                     monumental structure.
Life and Choice After Roe v. Wade.                          Video Cassette (19 min.)
   PBS (1993)                                               HD 8083 C2 L53
       Discusses the nature and limits of
abortion prosecution, regulation of speech
and advertising about abortion, state
regulation of abortions, and other
hypothetical choices women would face in a
post-Roe world.
       Video Cassette (1 hr. 30 min.)
       KF 4750 L53

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 47

Life Sentences: Confessions About                     Living Below the Line.
Smoking.                                                  PBS (1984)
    Pyramid Media (2001)                                     Presents an in-depth study of the
         Presents two generations of                  United States welfare state, where over 15%
smokers discussing when and why they                  of the American population is trying to
started to smoke, why they continued, and             survive with some form of government
how the habit has affected their health.              assistance. Documents daily life on welfare
Provides insights into the nature and                 of several people in Chester, Pennsylvania.
consequences of tobacco addiction with                       Video Cassette (1 hr.)
interviews with elderly long-term smokers                    HV 99 C37 L58
and young adults who smoke
       1 Video Cassette (19 min.)                     Living Broke in Boom Times.
       HV5740 .L54 2000                                  Skylight Pictures, c2007
                                                             A condensation of three
Lightning Over Braddock: A Rustbowl                   documentaries on poor Americans
Fantasy.                                              organizing to end poverty: Takeover,
    Zeitgeist Films (19??)                            Poverty outlaw, and Outriders. The films
       Buba's documentaries chronicle the             were produced between 1989-1999. This
decline of Braddock, once known as                    condensation includes commentaries from
Pittsburgh's shopping center. A story about           activists Willie Baptist, Liz Theoharis, and
the people in the Rust Bowl and the                   Cheri Honkala, who were involved in the
precarious link between individual and                movement.
community in an America captivated by                        1 videodisc (ca. 114 min.)
media images and fame.                                       HC110.P6 L58 2007
       Video Cassette (1 hr. 20 min.)
       F 159 B73 L54                                  Living Free: Inspiring Ex-Offenders to
                                                      Overcome Career and Life Barriers and
Livable Landscapes By Chance or by                    Find Success.
Choice?                                                   Jist Works (2006)
    Bullfrog Films, (2002)                                    Featuring four ex-offenders who have
       "Explores the connection between               made great strides in their personal lives,
landscape and community in northern New               they share their stories about their first
England, focusing on how growth and                   experiences after release, how they
sprawl affect quality of life. By examining the       overcame barriers such as transportation,
history of land use and the changes that              finding employment, and more.
have hit working forests, farms, village                      1 videodisc
centers and urban downtowns, the video                        HV9288 .L58 2006
looks at how communities have tried to
preserve the qualities that make them                 Living Longer-- Aging Well.
unique."--Container .                                    Films for the Humanities and Sciences
       1 videodisc (57 min.)                          (2000)
       HC107.A11 L58 2002                                    Discusses the lack of respect for
                                                      elders in the United States compared to
Livelyhood.                                           other cultures and examines ways in which
   The Working Group                                  Americans can age well despite the lack of
       Shift Change: looks at how working             societal support. Features stories of
Americans are adapting to changes in the              exemplary individuals who are growing older
workplace due to downsizing, the effects of           with courage and dignity.
the global economy, temporary jobs, and                      Video Cassette (29 min.)
new technology.(1 hr.) HD 58.8 S543                          HQ1064.U6 L58 2000
       Working Family Values: explores
the impact of work on families and the
impact of families on work. (57 min.)
HD 4904.25 W82
       2 Video Cassettes

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 48

Living Longer-- Living Better?                         Living Past a Hundred.
     Films for the Humanities and Sciences                Films for the Humanities and Sciences
(2000)                                                 (1999)
        Discusses the problems and                            Discusses elements that influence life
challenges associated with the increasing              expectancy--diet, fitness, physical and
percentage of older people in the United               mental health, sexuality, and even plastic
States. Covers topics such as the quality of           surgery--and considers the long-term
life that will be experienced by older                 implications of increased longevity.
Americans, the relationship between                           Video Cassette (57 min.)
America's youth-oriented society and its                      HQ1061 .L58 1999
elders, the ability of Medicare and Social
Security to meet the needs of the aging                Living With Dying.
baby boomers, and the increasing financial                  Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
burden on younger Americans.                           [2005]
        Video Cassette (29 min.)                               Death, which inevitably comes to all,
        HQ1064.U5 L582 2000                            is nonetheless treated as a taboo subject in
                                                       America. In this program, Bill Moyers
Living on the Edge.                                    describes the search for new ways of
    PBS (1995)                                         thinking -- and talking -- about dying.
       Tells the story of several hardworking          Forgoing the usual reluctance that most
Milwaukee families struggling with low                 Americans show toward speaking about
paying jobs after their employers downsized.           death, patients and medical professionals
Chronicles the families' emotional and                 alike come forward to examine the end of
financial strains and their search for better          life with honesty, courage, and even humor,
jobs.                                                  demonstrating that dying can be an
       Video Cassette (57 min.)                        incredibly rich experience for both the
       HD 5709.2 U6 L58                                terminally ill and their loved ones.
                                                               1 videodisc (87 min.)
Living Old: The Modern Realities of                            BF789.D4 L58 2005
Aging in America.
    PBS Home Video (2006)                              Locked Out in America.
        For the first time in American history,           We Do the Work (1992)
"the old old"--Those over 85 -- are now the                  Discusses the confrontation between
fastest growing segment of the U.S.                    union and management at the Ravenwsood
population. Medical advances have enabled              Aluminum Company, West Va., in 1992.
an unprecedented number of Americans to                The union workers lost their jobs to
live longer, healthier lives. But for millions of      permanent replacements.
elderly, living longer can also mean a                       Video Cassette
debilitating physical decline that often                     HD 5325 A492 1992 R38
requires an immense amount of care. And
just as more care is needed, fewer                     The Longest Hatred: The History of Anti-
caregivers are available to provide it. In             Semitism.
"Living Old," FRONTLINE investigates this                 Films for the Humanities (1993)
national crisis and explores the new realities               Traces anti-Semitism from its earliest
of aging in America.                                   manifestations in antiquity to the recent
        1 videodisc (ca. 60 min.)                      ominous outbreaks in Germany, Russia, and
        HQ1064.U5 L58 2006                             elsewhere.
                                                             Video Cassette (2 hr. 30 min.)
                                                             DS 145 L65

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 49

Looking For an Icon                                   Losing It: A Film.
    First Run/Icarus Films, c2005                         Cinema Guild (2000)
        For the last fifty years, a professional              Disabled from childhood, Sharon
jury of the World Press Photo Foundation              Greytak travels from Russia to Hong Kong,
has selected one photograph as the "World             to Italy, to Brazil--finally ending up in New
Press Photo of the Year". Some of these               York City. Throughout, she interviews
images have had such an impact on society             people with disabilities in an effort to see
that they have become symbols of their time           firsthand how other societies deal with
- true historical icons. This documentary             people with disabilities. In many instances
examines the process by which photos                  society is caught off guard by people with
become icons, revealing that once a photo is          disabilities and doesn't know what to make
published, social forces beyond the                   of them.
photographer's control are at work. The film                  1 Video Cassette (90 min.)
focuses on four World Press Photo winners:                    HV1568 .L67 2000
Eddie Adams' 1968 photo of the public
execution of a Viet Cong prisoner, an                 The Lost Children of Rockdale County.
anonymous photographer's last image of                    PBS Video
Salvador Allende during the 1973 coup,                       In 1996, a syphilis outbreak struck
Charlie Cole's 1989 photo of a lone student           teenagers in the prosperous community of
confronting tanks in Tiananmen Square, and            Conyers, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.
David Turnley's 1991 photo of a grieving              When epidemiologists interviewed the
soldier during the first Gulf War.                    victims, they were shocked by what they
        1 videodisc (55 min.)                         heard: 14-year-old children told of scores of
        TR820 .L66 2005                               sexual partners, all-night orgies and sex
                                                      parties. This program uncovers the roots of
Looking Out for Number One.                           the Conyers epidemic and reveals a
   Films for the Humanities (1988)                    community struggling with teenage drug
      Examines the ethics of our time,                use, sex and cynicism.
looking at the signs of self-indulgence and                  Video Cassette (1 hr. 30 min.)
unanswered pleas for help from the poor.                     HQ27 .L67 2000
      Video Cassette (52 min.)
      HN 59.2 L66                                     The Lost City of New Orleans: A Case
Lord of the Flies.                                        Films for the Humanities & Sciences
    Diamond Video                                     (2006)
       Portrays the descent into savagery of                  Filmed six months after Hurricane
a group of British schoolboys who revert to           Katrina and its accompanying flood waters
brutal, primitive tribalism when they are cut-        hit New Orleans, this film analyzes why the
off from society.                                     city flooded and asks the question: should
       Video Cassette (1 hr. 40 min.)                 the city should be rebuilt on the steadily
       PR 6013 035 L612                               subsiding floodplain. Experts in various
                                                      fields look at the situation from several
Los Angeles: City of the Future?                      points of view.
  Annenberg/CPB Collection (1993)                             1 videodisc (50 mn.)
      Shows the confusions, tensions, and                     TC425.M67 L67 2006
new forms of social control in a "post-
modern city, Los Angeles.
      Video Cassette (49 min.)
      HN 80 L7 L67

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                                                                                     SOCIOLOGY 50

Lost Generations.                                    Love, Culture & the Kitchen Sink.
    Bullfrog Films (2000)                                Filmwest Associates (2001)
        Part 24 of a series on how the                      Four couples, each at a different
globalized world economy affects ordinary            stage of their lives, discuss their
people. Maternal poverty and malnutrition            backgrounds, and how their cultural
have increased dramatically in India since           differences affect them and their children.
the early '90's. Low birth weight babies from        Ben, an English Canadian, and Janet, a
malnourished mothers grow up to become               Chinese Canadian, are just married. Alex,
malnourished themselves and in turn give             an East Indian from South Africa, and Maria,
birth to more low birth weight babies. This          a Portuguese, have been married many
film explores what can be done to break the          years, and their children are now married.
cycle of poverty and ill-health that condemns        Mariko, the daughter of a Canadian mother
whole populations to sub-standard lives.             and Japanese father, has made two
        Video Cassette (24 min.)                     marriages, one to a Japanese, the second to
        RJ281 L67 2000                               a Canadian Indian. Shireen, the daughter of
                                                     Alex and Maria, and her husband, Jason,
Louis Rukeyser Looks at the Nineties.                the son of a Polish Canadian mother and an
    Maryland Public Television (1989)                African American father, discuss the
       Conversations by satellite with nine          possibilities of heritage for their new son,
authorities on everything from what we               Jamal.
Americans can expect from foreigners in the                 1 Video Cassette (48 min.)
90s, to what we can expect in the social                    HQ1031 .L68 2001
trends that affect our own most personal
lives.                                               Love Stories: Women, Men, & Romance.
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                            Cine Research Assoc. (1991)
       Script (23 p.)                                    Pt. 1 - Women: documents the growth of
       HC 106.8 L68                                  feminist values as experienced by 8 women
                                                     of different ages and from different
Love.                                                parts of our society.
   Milk Bottle Productions, c2002                        Pt. 2 - Men: shows male reactions to a
       Philosopher Ken Knisely and guests,           changing world.
Verna Gehring, Jack Loughney, and Bob                    Pt. 3 - Romance: portrays a new
Solomon, author of About love, discuss               dynamic of male/female relations.
romantic love.                                               2 Video Cassettes (1 hr. 25 min.)
       Originally broadcast on WNVT as an                    BF 575 L69 Pt. 1-3
episode of the television program, No dogs
or philosophers allowed                              Maid in America.
       1 videodisc (60 min.)                             Impacto Film (2004)
       BD436 .L675 2002                                      This documentary explores the lives
                                                     of three Latina immigrant women who work
                                                     as nannies and housekeepers in Los
                                                     Angeles, California. Through these women's
                                                     lives, this documentary explores the
                                                     globalization of motherhood, the challenges
                                                     these women face while pursuing the
                                                     American dream and the significant role they
                                                     play in American households today.
                                                             1 videodisc (58 min.)
                                                             HD6072.2.U52 L676 2004

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 51

Making Better Babies.                                 Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences,              and the Media.
    (2003)                                              Zeitgrist
       "How far should people be                            Pt. 1: Thought Control in a
allowed to go in trying to have better                Democratic Society
babies? And whose definition of "better"                    Pt. 2: Activating Dissent
should prevail? This Fred Friendly Seminar                  2 Video Cassettes (1 hr. 36 min.)
moderated by Dateline NBC correspondent                     P 96 C76 M35 pt. 1-2
John Hockenberry considers the ethical
dilemmas facing individuals and society that          Marijuana.
grow out of prenatal testing and genetic                  Schlessinger Media (2004)
options that may be available in the future --               Discusses the physical consequences
such as cloning."—Container                           of abuse of marijuana as well as the
       1 videodisc (57 min)                           controversy surrounding marijuana's
       RB155 .M33 2003                                medicinal uses. Looks at the short- and
                                                      long-term impact that marijuana has on the
Making Sense of the Sixties.                          brain. Interviews with users and experts
   PBS (1990)                                         explain the effect that marijuana can have
        Examines the meaning behind the               on the motivation, memory and well-being of
events and changes of the 1960s. The                  even the most casual user.
political, social, and cultural movements of                 1 videodisc (23 min.) + 1 teacher's
the decade are explored through the eyes of                   guide (5 p.)
extraordinary and ordinary people.                           HV5822.M3 M37 2004
   1. Seeds of the Sixties HN 59 S43
   2. We Can Change the World                         The Marriage Partnership.
   HN 59 W34                                              South Charleston, WV : Meridian
   3. Breaking Boundaries, Testing                    Education Corp., c2000
   Limits HN 59 B722                                         Explores elements of a successful
   4. In a Dark Time HN 59 I52                        marriage. Offers advice from four couples
   5. Picking Up the Pieces HN 59 P42                 who have different but successful marriages.
   6. Legacies of the Sixties HN 59 L43               Provides information about marriage
        6 Video Cassettes (1 hr. each)                situations through vignettes of fictional
        Discussion Guide                              couples.
                                                             Video Cassette (19 min., 18 sec.)
Man Oh Man.                                                  Guide (7 p.)
    New Day Films (199?)                                     HQ734 .M3878 2000
        Takes a look at some of the social
forces that mold young boys into men.                 Mass Media in Society.
Offers a cross-gender insight into gender                 Insight Media (1997)
roles, stereotyping, self-worth and personal                 Discusses how the emergence of
definitions of masculinity.                           mass communication in a non-print way
        Video Cassette (18 min.)                      affected society.
        HQ 1090.3 M35                                        1 videocassette (28 min.)
                                                             HM1206 .M375 1997
Man's Search for Identity.
   The Center for Humanities, Inc. (1972)
       Refers to a wide variety of novels and
plays revolving around the theme of identity,
from which the student can be guided in the
process of defining his own values, goals,
and needs.
       Teacher's Guide (40 p.)
       2 Cassettes
       2 Discs
       160 Slides
       BF 697 M36

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                                                                                     SOCIOLOGY 52

Matters of Race.                                     Meeting, Dating, and Maintaining
    PBS DVD Video (2003)                             Relationships.
       "Explores the complex demands of                  Films for the Humanities &
the country's rapidly changing multiracial           Sciences (2006)
and multicultural society and shows how                      "This program looks at
American citizens imagine the new America            aspects of how relationships are formed and
of the 21st century"—Container                       sustained. Interview segments include a
       disc 1. part 1. The divide.                   couple who talk about connecting online
              part 2. Race is/race ain't             through; a diverse group of
       disc 2. part 3. We're still here.             young Muslim women who discuss the
               part 4. Tomorrow's America            liberating effects of physical modesty and
       2 videodiscs (240 min.)                       Islamic approaches to courtship and
       E184.A1 M356 2003                             marriage; and a couple who describe how
                                                     they met and demonstrate how PREP
Maxed out                                            relationship enhancement classes have
    Magnolia Home Entertainment, [2007]              strengthened their marriage"—Container.
       Take a journey deep inside the                        1 videodisc (36 min.)
American style of debt, where things seem                    HQ801.A3 M44 2006
fine as long as the minimum monthly
payment arrives on time. Shocking and                Mega-Cities: Innovation for Urban Life.
incisive, it paints a picture of a national              The Video Project
nightmare, which is all too real for most                   Illustrates nine creative solutions for
       1 videodisc (ca. 87 min.)                     urban problems, led by the Planning Group
       HG3755.8.U6 M39 2007                          of the Los Angeles Mega-Cities Project.
                                                            Video Cassette (56 min.)
Media Interrupted: The Dissection of                        HT 371 M42
Media in American Culture.
    Cambridge Educational (2001)                     Men & Women: Talking Together.
       Philosophers, communication                       Mystic Fire Video (1993)
professors, and advertising executives                     Presents two of the most popular
discuss various aspects of the media's               people at the forefront of men’s and
influence on American society.                       women’s issues, talking to each other about
       [pt. 1]. Why we do what we do (22             gender styles. Bly and Tannen bring an
min.)                                                informed perspective on how men and
       [pt. 2]. Why we buy what we buy (18           women approach each other and
min.)                                                conversation.
       [pt. 3]. Sexual stereotypes in the                  Video Cassette (1 hr. 2 min.)
media (19 min.)                                            BF 637 C45 M45
       3 videodiscs (59 min.)
       P94.65.U6 M43 2001 pts. 1-3                   Men Like my Father, Families Like My
                                                         Filmakers Library (1999)
                                                            "This is a sensitive portrait of men
                                                     who had each lost a dearly loved wife at an
                                                     early age, through illness or sudden act of
                                                     fate. We learn how they fare bringing up
                                                     their children, housekeeping, dealing with
                                                     their emotions, and sometimes, finding new
                                                            1 videodisc (27 min.)
                                                            HQ1058 .M46 1999

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 53

Men's Lives.                                          Metropolis.
   New Day Films                                           Films for the Humanities (1995)
      Deals with the pressures and                            This series explores the technology
competition of being male in America. A               and engineering which have shaped today’s
microcosm of masculine attitudes.                     large cities --- skyscrapers, underground
      Video Cassette (43 min.)                        trains, sewer systems, traffic control,
      HQ 1090.3 M66                                   lighting, and surveillance --- and their social
The Merchants of Cool.                                        The Tower Without Ends: looks at a
   PBS Video                                          glittering new tower in Paris. Traces the
       Explores the culture in which today's          history of skyscrapers. NA 6234 F82 P377
American teenager is growing up and how                       Someone to Watch Over Us: looks
they've come to view themselves and their             at the implications of the rise of surveillance
parents.                                              cameras in our communities.
       Video Cassette (60 min.) or                    TK 7882 E2 S64
       1 videodisc (ca. 60 min.)                              A Big Stink: City Sewer Systems.
       HQ796 .M42 2001 (VHS)                          Looks at the history of the city and its
       HQ796 .M42 2003 (DVD)                          sewage. Discusses the effect of indoor
                                                      bathrooms on cities and the sewers built to
The Merchants of Cool: A Report on the                cope with them. TD 648 B53
Creators & Marketers of Popular Culture                       Lights, Lines, and Heavy Fines:
for Teenagers.                                        looks at the age-old battle between city and
   PBS Home Video (2005)                              traffic. TA 1006 G72 L65
      The world of advertising has become                     Going Underground: examines the
inundated with marketing for teenagers. This          history of subways. TF 845 G63
episode of Frontline explores the pop culture                 Bright Lights, Big City: examines
manipulated and created by corporate                  the strong effect of street lighting on cities.
America for the American youth.                       TP 741 B75
      1 videocdisc (60 min.)                                  6 Video Cassettes (1 hr. each)
      HQ799.2.M35 M46 2005
                                                      Metropolitan Avenue.
Metamorphosis: Man into Woman.                           New Day Films (1985)
   Filmakers Library (1990)                                  Focuses on a lively Brooklyn
      Follows one person's transformation             neighborhood which faces problems caused
from man to woman as he tries to prove he             by racial tensions and cutbacks in municipal
can successfully live and work as a woman,            services. A group of homemakers from
24 hours a day, for at least one year, so he          varied ethnic backgrounds rise to the
can be accepted for sex-reassignment                  challenge and form coalitions to fight for the
surgery. Also raises questions about                  community's survival.
contemporary gender roles.                                   Video Cassette (3/4", 58 min.)
      Video Cassette (57 min.)                               F 129 B7 M47
      RC 560 C4 M47
                                                      Michael Harrington and Today's Other
The Meth Epidemic.                                    America.
   PBS Home Video (2006)                                 New York, N.Y. : Filmakers Library
       Investigates the meth rampage in               (1999)
America: the appalling impact on individuals,               Discusses the essence of the ideas of
families and communities, and the difficult of        Michael Harrington, social scientist,
controlling an essential ingredient in meth -         spokesman for socialism in America, and
ephedrine and pseudoephedrine - sold                  author of the book The Other America.
legally in over-the-counter cold remedies.                  1 Video Cassette (1/2 in 84 min)
       1 videodisc (60 min.)                                H59.H36 M53 1999
       HV5822.A5 M42 2006

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 54

Mickey Mouse Monopoly.                                The Mommy Mystique.
    Media Education Foundation, c2002                     Films for the Humanities & Sciences
        This program takes a close and                (2006)
critical look at the world Disney films create                "Featuring an interview with
and reaches disturbing conclusions about              acclaimed author and cultural observer
the values propagated under the guise of              Judith Warner, this ABC News program
innocence and fun.                                    conveys the perspective of an American
        1 videodisc (52 min.)                         mother who has done much of her parenting
        PN1995.9.C45 M53 2002                         outside the United States. Warner discusses
                                                      her book Perfect madness and its
Minimum Wages: The New Economy.                       observations about the hectic, competitive
   WNET (1992)                                        lifestyle embraced by many American moms
      Despite a low unemployment rate, the            - a lifestyle increasingly fraught with anger
working class of Milwaukee is not earning a           and depression. While the author and three
wage adequate to support itself.                      other mothers provide insight on a personal,
      Video Cassette (58 min.)                        emotional level, Warner's analysis of women
      HD 4976 W6 M55                                  on the edge raises political and cultural
Miss America.                                                 1 videodisc (20 min.)
    PBS Home Video (2002)                                     HQ759 .M66 2006
       Tracks the country's oldest beauty
contest - from its inception in 1921 as a             The Motherhood Manifesto.
local seaside pageant to its heyday as one               Bullfrog Films, c2006
of the country's most popular events. Using                  "Moving personal stories combined
interviews with former contestants, and               with humorous animation, expert
behind-the-scenes footage and                         commentary and hilarious old film clips tell
photographs, the video reveals why some               the tale of what happens to working mothers
women took part in the fledgling event and            and families in America. See how
how the pageant became a battle ground                enlightened employers and public policy can
and a barometer for the changing position of          make paid family leave, flexible working
women in society.                                     hours, part-time parity, universal health care,
       1 Video Cassette (ca. 96 min.)                 excellent childcare, after-school programs
       HQ1220.U6 M57 2002                             and realistic living wages a reality for
                                                      American families"--Container
Mob Psychology and Crowd Control:                            Introduction (10 min.)
Disaster at Hillsborough.                                    Maternity, paternity leave (7 min.)
   Films for the Humanities (1993)                           Open flexible work (10 min.)
       This program documents the tragic                     Television we choose & other after-
results when mobs go wild and police make             school
the wrong guesses.                                           programs (5 min.)
       Video Cassette (52 min.)                              Health care for all kids (9 min.)
       GV 715 M62                                             Excellent childcare (7 min.)
                                                             Realistic and fair wages (2 min.)
Un Monde Sans Fil = A Mobile World.                          Conclusion (6 min.)
   First Run/Icarus Films                                    1 videodisc (57 min.)
       Examines the impact the cellular                      HQ759 .M67 2006
phone is having on society and technology.
       Video Cassette (50 min.)                       Moveable Feast.
       HE9713 .M65 2000                                   PBS (1991)
                                                             Examines the historical and cultural
                                                      role of food in American society, from the
                                                      Pilgrim feast to the fast food restaurant.
                                                      Explores America's eating habits as they
                                                      relate to our transportation system.
                                                             Video Cassette (58 min.)
                                                             GT 2853 U5 S65

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 55

Mr. Sears' Catalogue.                                 The New Heroes : Their Bottom Line is
   PBS (1989)                                         Lives.
       Explores how the Sears catalogue                   Oregon Public Broadcasting (2005)
contributed to the development of the                        Stories of 14 people from all corners
American consumer, how it reflected                   of the globe who, against all odds, are
changes in American life, and how it                  successfully alleviating poverty and illness,
became a symbol for the dreams of a                   combating unemployment and violence, and
sprawling country.                                    bringing education, light, opportunity and
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                         freedom to poor and marginalized people
       HF 5467 S4 M72                                 around the world.
                                                          Disc 1.
Mystery of the Senses.                                       Episode 1. Dreams of sanctuary.
   WGBH Educational Foundation, (2007)                       Kailash Satyarthi, Mimi Sibert, Moses
      Discusses each of the five senses,                     Zulu
hearing, smell, taste, touch and vision,                     Episode 2. Technology of freedom.
through Diane Ackerman's perspective                         Dr. V & David Green, Nick Moon,
      [Pt. 1.] Hearing                                       Martin Fisher. Fabio Rosa –
      [pt. 2.] Smell                                      Disc 2.
      [pt. 3.] Taste                                         Episode 3. Power of enterprise.
      [pt. 4.] Touch                                         Albina Ruiz, María Teresa Leal,
      [pt. 5.] Vision                                        Muhammad Yunus
      5 videodiscs (55 min. each)                            Episode 4. Power of knowledge.
      BF233 .M87 2007 1-5                                    Inderjit Khurana, Dina Abdel Wahab,
                                                             Sompop Jantraka
The Need to Know.                                            2 videodiscs (ca. 240 min.)
    Filmwest Associates (2002)                               HD60 .N48 2005
        "Through the Paul Bernardo case,
this video explores the role of the media in          A New Look at Love and the Family.
creating, directing, editing and also                    National Public Radio (1981)
ultimately limiting the details delivered to the             Elaine Hatfield discusses human love
public about horrendous acts of violence.             and intimacy.
Under pressure to perform and create the                     Cassette
top sellling story of the day, journalists                   HQ 734 N4
wrestle with the morality and their own
personal revulsion of human behavior.                 The New Urban Renewal: Reclaiming our
Interviews with top journalists and TV                Neighborhoods.
anchor people from both Canada and the                    PBS (1997)
United States reveal some of the deeper                      Rebuilding Neighborhoods from
issues of giving the 'news' to the public"—           the Ground Up: focuses on community
Container                                             development corporations that weave a web
        1 Video Cassette (45 min.)                    of physical and human support, from new
        PN4784.C88 N43 2002                           housing to business and social services.
                                                             Investing in the Next Generation:
The New Face of Work in America.                      profiles innovative programs that help at-risk
   Films for the Humanities (1996)                    youth succeed in school, avoid gangs and
      Examines some fundamental                       drugs, and learn entrepreneurial and
changes occurring with jobs and work in               business skills. (1 hr.)
America. Looks at Johnson Controls,                          No Place Like Home: examines
Konica, BMW, Home Depot and IDEO --                   resident management of public housing,
businesses that stress teamwork, high                 through which tenants gain control from
technology, and inventive ways of                     overburdened or mismanaged
organizing their business.                            bureaucracies to revitalize their
      Video Cassette (57 min.)                        environment. (1 hr.)
      HD 5701.55 J62                                         3 Video Cassettes
                                                             HN 90 C6 N48 pt. 1-3

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 56

Night Shift.                                          No Place to Hide.
   The Working Group, c2000                               FilmWest Asso.
      Who works the dawn to dusk jobs that                    Reveals the intricate web of
make our round-the-clock economy                      information that police, government
possible?                                             agencies and private corporations have
      Video Cassette (57 min.)                        collected on individuals.
      HD5113.2.U6 N53 2000                                Pt. 1: Big Brother: shows how
                                                      governments and law enforcement agencies
No Dumb Questions.                                    capture and catalog details of our lives.
   New Day Films (2001)                                   Pt. 2: Little Brother: details how we are
       The program follows three sisters as           no longer in control of our privacy.
they struggle to understand why and how                       2 Video Cassettes (48 min. ea)
Uncle Bill is becoming Aunt Barbara.                          K 3264 C65 N62 pt. 1-2
       1 videocassette (24 min.)
       HQ77.9 .N6 2001                                No Sad Songs.
                                                         AGFA Video (1986)
No Logo.                                                    Presents the social and psychological
   Media Education Foundation (2003)                  aspects of AIDS.
      "Using hundreds of media examples,                    Video Cassette (3/4" 1 hr.)
No logo shows how the commercial                            RC 607 A26 N6
takeover of public space, destruction of
consumer choice, and replacement of real              Not a Love Story: A Film about
jobs with temporary work (the dynamics of             Pornography.
corporate globalization) impact everyone,                 National Film Board of Canada
everywhere. It also draws attention to the                    Explores why pornography exists, the
democratic resistance arising globally to             forms it takes, and how it affects relations
challenge the hegemony of brands."—                   between men and women. Offers insights
Container                                             and perspectives from men and women who
      Video Cassette (42 min.)                        earn their living from the porn trade and from
      HD69.B7 K542 2003                               critics of pornography.
                                                              Video Cassette (69 min.)
No Place Like Home.                                           HQ471 .N67 1991
   University of California (1993)                    No Loitering.
       Features the daily life of a young girl            New Day Films (2001)
who resides with her family in homeless                       "... portrait of teenagers trying to find
shelters and inexpensive motels. Examines                 their
a cycle of domestic violence, poverty, and            way and make sense of the world around
abandonment which is transmitted from one             them. The film interweaves video shot by
generation to the next.                               teens and by the filmmaker, as they work
       Video Cassette (25 min.)                       together to create expressive outlets ... Set
       HV 4505 N62                                    in the small town of Sitka, Alaska, home to a
                                                      large Alaska Native population, the video
No Place to Go.                                       chronicles the creativity, concerns, and
    National Public Radio (1981)                      dreams of youth growing up today."--
        Explores the housing shortage in              container
cities for people with low and moderate                       1 Video Cassette (ca. 57 min.)
incomes. Examines the causes and                              HQ796 .N55 2001
proposed solutions. Subjects include
rehabilitation of older neighborhoods,
redlining, and government rent-subsidy.
Speakers range from community residents
to government specialists.
        HD 7293 N66

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 57

No Safe Place: Violence Against Women.                On Hostile Ground.
   KUED (1996)                                           Indirect Productions (2000)
       Stories of women who have been                        Enters the lives of three abortion
assaulted and interviews with men who have            providers to reveal the obstacles (practical,
assaulted women. Gloria Steinem, Robert               legal, and emotional) that they face every
Bly, and other experts look at the causes             day, and shows them struggle with the
and solutions to violence against women.              decision to perform this procedure.
       1 Video Cassette (57 min.)                            1 videodisc (73 min.)
       HV6250.4.W65 N58 1996                                 HQ767.5.U5 O5 2000

No Vacancy: Global Responses to the                   On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying.
Human Population Explosion                                 Films for the Humanities & Sciences
   Films for the Humanities & Sciences                (2000)
(2006)                                                        Discusses the search for new ways of
       An examination of strategies to deal           thinking and talking about dying, important
with human overpopulation in the U.S.,                strides being made in the area of palliative
Europe, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Indonesia,             care at pioneering institutions, the choices at
Iran, and Mexico.                                     the end of life, including the bitter debate
       1 videodisc (92 min.)                          over physician-assisted suicide, and how
       HQ766 .N6 2006                                 crusading medical professionals have
                                                      dedicated themselves to improving end-of-
Nonverbal Communication and Culture.                  life care by changing America's
    Insight Media, [2005]                             overburdened health system.
       This program examines nonverbal                        Pt.1 Living with dying
communication in different cultures. It looks                 Pt.2 Different kind of care
at personal space; body language including                    Pt.3 Death of one's own
gestures, inflection, eye contact, smiling and                Pt.4 Time to change
other facial expressions; and posture. It                     4 Videocassettes (90 min ea)
demonstrates how the same gesture can be                      R726.8 .O5 2000
interpreted in different ways.                                Also Available on DVD. See
       1 videodisc (22 min.)                          individual titles in additions section for
       BF637.N66 N645 2005                            call numbers.

Not in Our Town.                                      On Television - The Violence Factor.
    We Do the Work (1994)                                 Films Inc. (1985)
       A story about the people of Billings,                 Host Edwin Newman explores the
Montana, who joined together to stand up              impact of television violence on viewers,
for Native American, Afro-American and                especially young children, through
Jewish neighbors who were under attack by             interviews with actors, network executives,
white supremacists.                                   media analysts, mental health researchers,
       Video Cassette (30 min.)                       children, and interested adults.
       E 184 A1 N67                                          Video Cassette (58 min.)
                                                             HQ 784 T4 O53
Not in Our Town II.
   We Do the Work (1996)                              On the Edge: America's Working Poor
       Profiles communities across the                   Films for the Humanities & Sciences
country from Ohio to California and Indiana           (2004)
to South Carolina, where ordinary citizens                   Presents an examination of the
are standing up to church burnings, hate              working poor in the United States. Several
crime and everyday intolerance in their own           families describe their lives as members of
workplaces and communities.                           the working poor community where one
       Video Cassette (54 min.)                       unexpected expense, sudden illness, or a
       E 184 A1 N672                                  missed payment could mean financial ruin.
                                                             1 videorecording (22 min.)
                                                             HC110.P6 O47 2004

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 58

The Order of Myths                                    The Other Drug War.
    Cinema Guild 2008                                     PBS Home Video (2003)
        "The first Mardi Gras in America was                 "FRONTLINE examines the battle
celebrated in Mobile, Alabama in 1703. In             between major pharmaceutical companies
2008, the celebration is still racially               and American consumers fed up with paying
segregated. Go into the parallel hearts of the        the highest drug prices in the world. Through
city's two carnivals. With unprecedented              interviews with consumers, legislators,
access, the director traces the exotic world          scientists, top industry leaders and analysts,
of secret mystic societies and centuries-old          "The Other Drug War" examines the efforts
traditions and pageantry. From the crowns,            of states like Maine [Maine Rx] and Oregon
the gowns, the surreal masks, to the                  to control escalating drug costs in the face of
enormous paper mache floats. Uncover a                strong opposition from the pharmaceutical
tangled web of historical violence and power          industry. The program also explores the
dynamics, both of which are elusive forces            tension between the high cost of scientific
that keep this hallowed tradition organized           innovation and society's need to keep drugs
along color lines"—Container.                         and health care affordable."—PBS
        1 videodisc (80 min.)                                1 Video Cassette (60 min.)
        GT4210.A2 O73 2008                                   HD9666.4 .O74 2003

Organizing America: A History of Trade                The Other Half Revisited: The Legacy of
Unions.                                               Jacob Riis.
    Cambridge Educational (1994)                          Cinema Guild (1996)
       Incorporates interviews, personal                     Provides a historical perspective on
accounts, and archival footage to tell about          the plight of America's "other half" today.
the struggles and triumphs of American                Combines Riis' original photographs with the
workers. Explores the combination of                  social vision of contemporary photographers
individualism and cooperation that                    to portray homelessness, poverty, crime,
characterizes the American workplace.                 public health, and race relations in America.
Covers minimum wage, health and safety                       Video Cassette (59 min.)
conditions, discrimination, job security, and                TR 820.5 O74
       Video Cassette (42 min.)                       Our Families, Our Futures.
       HD 6508 O75                                        Filmakers Library (1994)
                                                              A portrait of the American family in
Origins.                                              crisis. Highlights successful programs
   Films for the Humanities (1991)                    across the country that address the multiple
       History of the Afro-American                   stresses of family life. Reveals how
experience from slavery at Jamestown                  supporting and strengthening families is the
through stereotypes to how African cultural           key to solving many of the nation's serious
heritage is manifested in American life.              social problems.
       Video Cassette (46 min.)                               Video Cassette (58 min.)
       E 185 O75                                              HV 699 O87

Origins of Human Aggression.                          Our Towns.
    National Film Board of Canada (2005)                 Working Group (1999)
        ..."Examines the complex interactions              Explores the impact of workplace
of factors that affect the socialization of           change as felt by communities.
human aggressive behaviour. ...Discusses                   Video Cassette (57 min.)
the biological, environmental and                          HM761 .O87 1999
psychological reasons behind human
violence and provides guidelines on dealing
with its prevention"—Container.
        1 videodisc (50 min., 13 sec.)
        HM1116 .O75 2005

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 59

Out at Work: America Undercover.                      Packrat.
   Filmakers Library                                      Fanlight Productions (2004)
        Case studies of two gay men and one                  "Compulsive hoarding may be linked
lesbian worker, who are exposed to job                to obsessive compulsive disorder, or to
discrimination and take action to fight for           Alzheimer's and other dementias. This ...
their rights.                                         personal documentary profiles the families
        Video Cassette (58 min.)                      of the filmmaker and her cinematographer,
        HF 5549.5 S47 O87                             whose lives have been shaped by the
                                                      "packrat" behavior of a family member"—
Out of Work.                                          Container.
  Films for the Humanities (1992)                            1 videodisc (ca. 80 min.)
      Summary in Business section.                           RC533 .P22 2004
      Video Cassette (58 min.)
      HD 5724 O87                                     Paragraph 175.
                                                         New Yorker Video (2002)
Outriders.                                                  Historian Klaus Müller interviews
    Skylight Pictures                                 survivors of the Nazi persecution of
       Beginning in June 1998, members of             homosexuals because of the German Penal
the Philadelphia-based Kensington Welfare             Code of 1871, Paragraph 175.
Rights Union take a bus trip across country                 1 videodisc (81 min.)
to collect stories of the poor, homeless, and               D804.5.G38 P37 2002
unemployed to be presented as evidence to
the United Nations of economic human                  Patently Offensive: Porn Under Siege.
rights violations by the U.S. government.                 Filmakers Library
       Video Cassette (60 min.)                               Examines pornography in its social
       HC110.P6 O87 1999                              and historical context. Is the tension
                                                      between freedom of expression and the
Ouvrières du monde = Working Women                    preservation of values which define a
of the World.                                         civilized society irreconcilable? Whose
    First Run/Icarus Films (2002)                     interests shall prevail in the debate which
        Focuses on Levi Strauss & Co. and             over pornography's contribution to criminal
follows the relocation of garment production          behavior, its First Amendment status, its use
from Western countries to nations such as             and depiction of women and children?
Indonesia, the Philippines, and Turkey                Interviews with principals on all sides of the
where low wages are the rule and employee             porn wars.
rights are nonexistent.                                       Video Cassette (58 min.)
        1 Video Cassette (53 min.)                            HQ 472 U6 P27
        HD8039.C6 O88 2000
                                                      Paul Ehrlich and the Population Bomb.
Overcoming Prejudice.                                    Films for the Humanities (1996)
   Ron Hammond, UVSC (1996)                                 Discusses how continued and
       Attempts to answer questions about             unchecked population growth will upset the
the origin, consequences, and definition of           balance of nature and further widen the gap
prejudice.                                            between developed and developing nations.
       Video Cassette (59 min.)                             Video Cassette (1 hr.)
       BF 575 P9 O84                                        HB 871 P38

Packing Heat.
   National Film Board of Canada, c1996
       "...Looks at why women
want to carry firearms, and at the ethical and
practical implications of a gun in every
       1 videodisc (49 min., 58 sec)
       HV6250.4.W65 P32 1996b

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 60

The People Bomb.                                      Persuaders.
    CNN Video (1992)                                      Films for the Humanities & Sciences
        Overpopulation and its rampant,               (2007)
unchecked growth is perhaps the greatest                     This program illustrates how experts
threat to our survival. CNN travels to 13             in the art of persuasion think and operate,
countries to look at the personal, national           and how their goals can become
and global efforts to diffuse an explosive            transparent.
crisis before it's too late.                                 1 videodisc (57 min.)
        Video Cassette (, 1 hr. 45 min.)                     BF637.P4 P417 2007
        HB 871 P46
                                                      Philippines: Angels of the Night.
People Like Us: Social Class in America.                  Films for the Humanities & Sciences
   Center for New American Media                          (2000)
Distributed in the USA by CNAM Film                          "Prostitution is the occupation of
Library (2001)                                        necessity for supporting impoverished
       Discusses how social class has as              millions residing in the slums of Manila. This
much influence as race or ethnicity in                program tracks the lives of three girl
determining what kind of opportunities a              prostitutes, ages 11 to 13, over a five-year
person has in life.                                   period, during which one becomes a pimp,
       1 Video Cassette (124 min.) + 1 guide          another a drug addict, and the third
       (75 p.)                                        vanishes, presumed dead. Efforts by family
       HN57 .P37 2001 + guide                         planning organizations such as UNICEF
                                                      sponsored Reach Out and the Apelo
Personal Space: Exploring Human                       Women's Health clinic are described, as well
Proxemics.                                            as the Roman Catholic point of view."--
    University of California Extension Center         Container
    for Media and Independent Learning                       1 Video Cassette (45 min.)
    (1999)                                                   HQ245.A5 P45 2000
          Discusses the concept of
personal space and the interpersonal and              The Pill.
cultural issues that define it.                           PBS Home Video (2006)
        1 Video Cassette (28 min.) + guide                    "Featuring personal accounts from the
        BF469 .P47 1999                               first generation of women to have access to
                                                      the Pill, this film shows how harnessing
The Persuaders.                                       female hormones into a little pill unleashed a
    PBS Home Video (2004)                             social revolution unlike any other in our
       Examines the "persuasion                       history"—Container.
industries" of advertising and public                         1 videodisc (ca. 60 min.)
relations. Shows how marketers have                           RG137.5 .P55 2006
developed new ways of integrating their
message into the fabric of our lives.                 Pills, Profits, Protest: Chronicle of the
Explores how the culture of marketing has             Global AIDS Movement.
come to shape the way Americans                           Outcast Films (2005)
understand the world and themselves and                      A documentary about the global
how the techniques of the persuasion                  activist movement to improve access to
industries have migrated to politics.                 AIDS treatment. This program examines the
       1 videodisc (ca. 90 min.)                      national and international grassroots
       HF5813.U6 P47 2004                             responses to the AIDS epidemic, depicting
                                                      activists' successes in bringing affordable
                                                      treatment to the poor.
                                                             1 videodisc (60 min.)
                                                             RA643.8 .P55 2005

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 61

The Pinks & the Blues.                                Playing Unfair: The Media Image of the
    Time-Life Video (1981)                            Female Athlete.
       Discusses the stereotypes that are                Media Education Foundation (2002)
applied to the sexes. Examines the historical                  "It has been 30 years since Title IX
development of these attitudes starting at            legislation granted women equal playing
birth and continuing through adulthood.               time, but the male-dominated world of sports
       1 videodisc (57 min.)                          journalism has yet to catch up with the law.
       BF723.S42 P56 1981                             Coverage of women's sport lags far behind
                                                      men's, and focuses on female athletes
A Place Called Home.                                  femininity and sexuality over their
    Virginia Wolf Prod. (1989)                        achievements on the court and field."--
       Social worker Ella McCall and a local          Container
children's theater director used children from               1 Videocassette (30 min.)
a homeless shelter to produce a play that                    GV709 .P54 2002
gave the children a chance to be somebody.
       Video Cassette (28 min.)                       Poletown Lives.
       Guide                                             Information Factory (1982)
       HV 4506 W2 P53                                        Tells what happened when Detroit
                                                      and General Motors bulldozed its Poletown
A Place to Call Home.                                 neighborhood to clear a site for a new
   Clark County Community Resources                   factory. In the largest forced removal of
Mgt. (1993)                                           people in recent U.S. history, 144 local
       Discusses the problem of people not            businesses, 16 churches, 2 schools, and a
being able to afford to own their own homes,          hospital were destroyed. Tells the story of
possible solutions, and ways affordable               the resident Poles and blacks who fought
housing can be incorporated into the                  side-by-side to save their neighborhood.
community in an acceptable manner.                           Video Cassette (52 min.)
       Video Cassette (22 min.)                              Packet (18 p.)
       HD 7287.96 U62 L35                                    HD 9710 U63 D65

Playing the News.                                     Politics and Warriors : Women in the Military.
   First Run/Icarus Films (2005)                          PBS Home Video (1999)
       In 2004, television, radio and print                  Laura Ingraham visits with active and retired
media covered the U.S.-led attack on                  members of the military, politicians, educators, authors
Fallujah. So did one video game. But can              and others in this program. This segment offers some
video games do journalism? This                       surprising views of the effect that the increased numbers
documentary examines the role played by               and growing presence of women in the military
New York based reality games company                  is having on their male counterparts, on the
Kuma Reality Games in connecting young                military culture as a whole and on the nation's
people to current events. After designing a           military readiness.
video game called Kuma/War based on the                      Video Cassette (57 min)
November 2004 siege of Fallujah, Kuma                        UB 418 W65 P64
Reality began to think of itself as a news
organization. But war reporting has certainly         The Politics of Love - In Black and White.
never looked like this before.                            California Newsreel (1993)
       1 videodisc (22 min.)                                 Confronts the issue of interracial
       U310.2 .P53 2005                               romance on America’s campuses. Mixed
                                                      couples talk about pressures from both
                                                      races. Students opposed to interracial
                                                      dating argue about its implications for race
                                                      relations today.
                                                             Video Cassette (33 min.)
                                                             HQ 801.8 P64

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 62

Pornography.                                          Prejudice: Answering Children's
   Films for the Humanities (1995)                    Questions.
       An exposé of the pornography                       ABC News (1992)
industry and its implications for wider                      Peter Jennings leads an investigation
questions of sexuality and violence--not so           of prejudice.
much a portrait of Andrea Dworkin, as an                     Video Cassette (, 1 hr. 15 min.)
account of the struggle she and other                        BF 723 P75 P72
women are waging against what they
perceive as a radical social evil.                    Prescription for Trouble: Use and Abuse.
       Video Cassette (52 min.)                          Films for the Humanities & Sciences
       HQ 472 U6 P67                                  (2004)
                                                             The difficulties caused in the lives of
Postville: When Cultures Collide.                     young people by drugs are compounded by
    PBS Video (2001)                                  a culture that subtly advocates medication
       This IPTV broadcast tells the story of         as the answer to many different problems.
how a small Iowa town is dealing with                 Experts put forth explanations for the
multiculturalism. Postville, Iowa is where            explosion in the abuse of legal drugs, and
more than 300 Hasidic Jews, plus hundreds             demonstrate how the abuse is addictive and
of Mexicans, Guatelmalans, Ukrainians and             dangerous.
Russians have taken up residence in the                      1 videodisc (25 min., 40 sec.)
last decade. This program explores the                       HV5824.Y68 P74 2004
struggles and rewards of the social and
economic changes.                                     The Price of Ecstasy.
       1 Video Cassette (60 min.)                         Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
       F630.A1 P67 2001                               (2004)
                                                              Takes a "look at the
The Power of Nightmares.                              pleasures and dangers of party drugs
    BBC (2004)                                        through the eyes of abusers and the medical
       Explores the nature and                        practitioners and social workers who engage
origins of terrorism. Argues that the idea of a       with them. Footage of consenting abusers
global network of organized terrorism has             taking and tripping on ecstasy, ketamine,
been greatly exaggerated and the resulting            and GHB shows club drug highs, while
climate of fear exploited by Western                  interviews with doctors, researchers, and
governments.                                          addiction counselors outline possible
       1 videodisc (60 min.)                          ramifications of substance abuse, including
       HV6431 .P6695 2004                             date rape, addiction, and death" --
Power of Place: World Regional                                1 videodisc (51 min.)
Geography.                                                    HV5822.M38 P75 2004
     Annenberg/CPB Project (1996)
         Explains the modern world's great            The Price of Wealth.
geographic realms and their assets and                   Films for the Humanities & Sciences
liabilities, links and barriers, potentials and       (2000)
prospects. Examines the eleven regions of                   The dawning of the 21st century was
the world and their interconnections. See             a milestone in the longest and strongest
list of 26 titles on NEON.                            economic expansion in America's history.
         13 Video Cassettes (,1 hr. each)             But as a nation's fortunes continue to rise,
         Guide                                        the emphasis on wealth-building has left
         G 128 P 68 cassette 1-13                     many feeling psychologically overdrawn.
                                                      This program explores the hidden emotional
                                                      costs associated with living during a boom
                                                            Video Cassette (29 min.)
                                                            HC106.82 .P75 2000

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 63

Prison Labor/Prison Blues.                             Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind.
    We Do the Work                                         Cinema Guild, 2008
         Looks at the controversy over the                     Filmed across the United States over
increasing use of prison labor in the U.S.             three summers, between 2004-2006, this
Asks the question: does prison labor provide           film is visual meditation on the progressive
rehabilitation and a way to finance prisons,           history of the country as seen through its
or is it a cheap source of labor for private           cemeteries, historical markers and
companies?                                             landscape. Gianvito captures this history in
         Video Cassette (30 min.)                      the hope that it will help us as a society to
         HV 8925 P75                                   understand where we are today, and,
                                                       hopefully be a moral guide toward our
Prisons.                                               future.
    A&E Television Networks 2008                               1 videodisc (57 min.)
       Technology is the key to the future of                  E178 .P76 2008
prisons. Incarceration is how society deals
with crime and punishment.                             The Promise of Play.
       1 videodisc (ca. 50 min.)                           Direct Cinema, c2000
       HV8805 .P735 2008                                       Discusses the insecurities of women
                                                       of all ages who learn to place their self-worth
Prisoners of Age.                                      in the measure of their beauty. Also offers a
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences                model for how to reclaim the media and find
(2004)                                                 one's true self through one's own voice.
       "Raising ... questions about the                assessed the physical beauty of a
warehousing of America's prison population,            woman."—Publisher
this program accompanies photographer                          episode 1. The mother of invention
Ron Levine on his mission to depict the                        episode 2. A world of your own
physical, emotional, and psychological                         episode 3. The heart of the matter
conditions of aging inmates--including those                   3 videocassettes (57 min. each)
near death. Levine focuses his work on                         BF717 .P76 2000
Alabama's Hamilton Institute for the Age and
Infirm, the first prison created specifically for      The Psychology of Criminal Behavior.
elderly convicts"—Container.                               Insight Media (2005)
       1 videodisc (50 min)                                   Examines criminal behavior and
       HV9469 .P748 2004                               traces societal views on crime. Addresses
                                                       biological theories, environmental and
Profit and Nothing But!, Or, Impolite                  sociological factors, and such psychological
Thoughts on the Class Struggle.                        considerations as maladjustment, psychosis,
    First Run/Icarus Films (2001)                      and developmental trauma. Also reviews
        The filmmaker contrasts the rhetoric           typologies of criminal acts and discusses
of capitalism with the reality of his native           whether criminals can be rehabilitated.
land, Haiti. Explores the profit motive and its               1 videodisc (30 min.)
consequences on people's day-to-day lives,                    HV6080 .P829 2004
their history and their outlook for the future.
        1 Video Cassette (52 min.)                     The Question of Equality.
        HB501 .P76 2001                                   KQED Video (1995)
                                                              Documents the struggle for gay and
                                                       lesbian equality.
                                                          Pt. 1: Outrage '69
                                                          Pt. 2: Culture Wars
                                                          Pt. 3: Hollow Liberty
                                                          Pt. 4: Generation "Q"
                                                              4 Video Cassettes
                                                              HQ 76.8 U5 Q48 pt. 1-4

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 64

Race and Class in Black America.                      Radiant City.
   National Public Radio (1979)                          Alliance Atlantis, c2006
      Debates the relative importance of                     A Canadian family struggles with
race and class distinctions in affecting black        existential despair, exacerbated by the
people's futures. Excerpts from a                     drabness of their suburban locale
conference at the University of Pennsylvania                 1 videodisc (85 min.)
on "The declining significance of race".                     PN1995.9.S74 R33 2006
      E 185.86 R22                                    The Railway Age.
                                                          Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
Race and Ethnicity.                                   [2005]
    RMI Media                                                 "This program examines the
       Shows the difference between                   enormous impact of the introduction of
prejudice, discrimination, and racism using           railways, covering the technological
historical and current examples. Explores             revolution, the commercial and human
the effects of prejudice and discrimination           reactions that culminated in Railway Mania,
through the eyes of Asian, Hispanic and               and the economic and social results: the
African American families.                            increased demand for coal and iron, the
       Video Cassette (30 min.)                       delivery of fresh food and milk in cities, the
       E 184 A1 R233                                  reduction of local isolation and differences,
                                                      the requirement of new management skills,
Race, Hatred, and Violence: Searching                 the landscape changes created by viaducts,
for Solutions.                                        bridges, and tunnels, and the establishment
    Human Relations Media (1991)                      of railway towns and entire new
        Examines some of the complex                  industries"—Container.
issues behind racism. Events surrounding                      1 videodisc (20 min.)
two examples of racial violence are                           HC255 .R34 2005
explored. Provides some concrete ways to
lessen racial tensions.                               Raising Grandkids.
        Video Cassette (22 min.)                          Lincoln, NE : Distributed by Great Plains
        Guide (14 p.)                                 National (1997)
        E 185.61 R232                                        Shows the unique situations and
Race: The Power of an Illusion.                       special needs of grandparents raising their
    California Newsreel (2003)                        grandchildren. Profiles five families and
        Episode one explores how recent               includes interviews with adults who were
scientific discoveries have toppled the               raised by their grandparents and with
concept of biological race. Episode two               national experts in the fields of aging, child
questions the belief that race has always             psychology, and social work.
been with us. It traces the race concept to                  Video Cassette (56 min.)
the European conquest of the Americas.                       HQ759.9 .R33 1997
Episode three focuses on how our
institutions shape and create race.                   Rape Is--.
        1 videodisc (168 min.)                           Cambridge Documentary Films (2005)
        GN269 .R327 2003                                     "This documentary looks at rape from
                                                      a global and historical perspective, but
Racism 101.                                           focuses mainly on the domestic cultural
    PBS (1988)                                        conditions that make this human rights
       Tracks an increase of racism and               outrage the most under-reported crime in
violence on America's campuses.                       America."--Container
Columbia, Smith, Swarthmore, Purdue,                         1 videodisc (32 min.) + 1 guide
Dartmouth, and Harvard are among the                         HV6558 .R36 2005
troubled institutions.
       Video Cassette (58 min.)
       LC 2781.7 R33

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 65

Rebels: A Journey Underground.                        Reefer Madness II.
    Carson City, NV : Distributed by Filmwest            Filmakers Library
Associates (1998)                                            Shows that marijuana reduces the
       Discusses social change, social                pain and suffering associated with cancer,
movements, and subcultures in our society.            epilepsy, arthritis, glaucoma and AIDS.
       pt. 1. Society's shadow : the origins of       Spouses and parents tell how they are torn
cultural rebellion                                    between defying the law and alleviating the
       pt. 2. A new kind of Bohemian : the            suffering of their loved ones.
Beat Generation gets "hip"                                   Video Cassette (48 min.)
       pt. 3. Turn on the revolution :                       RM 666 C266 R43
counterculture and the psychedelic
revolution                                            The Reel World of News.
       pt. 4. A riot of my own : the punk                 PBS (1982)
rebellion of the 1970s                                       Takes you through a lively
       pt. 5. Earth trauma : radical                  examination of newsreels and the people
environmentalism of the New Age                       who made them. As one of America's chief
       pt. 6. Welcome to Cyberia :                    sources of information before television,
Cyberpunk and the "new edge" underground              newsreel subjects ranged from politics to
       6 videocassettes (47 min. each)                pretty girls, from disasters to recipes.
        HM831 .R42 1998 pts. 1 - 6                    Presents controversial films of the times and
                                                      includes an interview with George Bernard
The Rebuilding of Mascot Flats.                       Shaw.
    Filmakers Library (1990)                                 Video Cassette (58 min.)
       Story of a group of homeless New                      PN 4888 M6 R44
Yorkers who set out to renovate an
abandoned tenement building. Overcoming               Remember Africville.
bureaucracy, skepticism and a lack of                     Indiana University (1991)
money, this group attains a decent,                          In the early 1960s, City Council
affordable place to live.                             authorized the demolition of Africville and
       Video Cassette (59 min.)                       the relocation and dispersal of its residents.
       HD 7293 R42                                    Through interviews with former residents
                                                      and excerpts from a 1989 conference that
Ready or Not, Here I Come.                            reevaluated the relocation decisions, this
   Films Inc. (1985)                                  film asks hard questions about urban
       This documentary probes the                    renewal.
psychological and physical abuse of the                      Video Cassette (35 min.)
elderly. The first part profiles the elderly                 F 1039.5 H17 R44
through four tragic cases; the second part is
a panel discussion by several experts on              Representation & the Media.
aging.                                                    Media Education Foundation (2002)
       Video Cassette (52 min.)                              Stuart Hall, a renowned public
       HV 1465 R42                                    speaker and teacher, lectures on the central
                                                      ideas of cultural studies-- that reality is not
Recording the American Experience.                    experienced directly, but through the lens of
    We Do the Work (199?)                             culture, through the way that human beings
      Gives insights on the changing nature           represent and tell stories about the world in
of work and a look at why Chicago is still a          which they live. Using visual examples, Hall
working-class town. Filmmaker Barbara                 shows how the media-- and especially the
Kopple talks about her films and the                  visual media-- have become the key players
impossible decisions working Americans are            in the process of modern story.
forced to make.                                              1 videodisc (55 min.)
      Video Cassette (25 min.)                               HM621 .R46 2002
      HD 8066 R42

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 66

Research Methods for the Social                       The River Ran Red.
Sciences.                                                 WQED Prod. (1993)
   Horizon Film and Video (1996)                             In the summer of 1892, a bitter
     1. Introduction                                  conflict erupted at the Carnegie Works in
     2. Scientific method                             Homestead, Pennsylvania. The nation's
     3. Research ethics                               largest steel maker took on its most militant
     Video Cassette (33 min.)                         labor union, with devastating consequences
     H 62 R457                                        for American workers.
                                                             Video Cassette (58 min.)
Retooling America.                                           HD 5325 I5 1982 H752
   Moving Images Video Project (1993)
      Provides the first in-depth look at the         Robert Bellah: In Search of the American
impact of defense spending cuts.                      Character.
Addresses job loss, social dislocation, and               Films for the Humanities (1994)
the challenge to our nation's economy.                        Bellah raises questions about the very
      Video Cassette (56 min.)                        nature of American character. He talks
      HC 106.8 R47                                    about the relationships between religion,
                                                      politics and society and asserts that
Rich Kids on Drugs.                                   technological advances must meet a moral
    Films for the Humanities (1991)                   criteria in order for our society to create
       Shane Salerno, an 18-year old                  priorities for the common good.
student, made his own documentary                             Video Cassette (30 min.)
showing how well-to-do young teens with                       E 169.12 R56
promising futures turn to drugs. This
adapted Donahue program tells the stories             Rocking the Boat: You Can Fight City
of some teens from his film.                          Hall.
       Video Cassette (28 min.)                           WGBH (1993)
       RJ 506 D78 R52                                         Through the stories of ordinary
                                                      citizens, shows that many seemingly
The Rich in America: 150 Years of Town                disenfranchised communities are proving to
& Country Magazine.                                   be models of how effective environmental
   A&E Home Video (1996)                              coalitions can be created.
       Reveals a portrait of the debutantes                   Video Cassette (57 min.)
and trendsetters who have defined "the                        HC 110 E5 R635
good life" in America.
       Video Cassette (1 hr. 40 min.)                 Roger & Me.
       HT 653 U6 R53                                     Warner Bros. (1989)
                                                            Michael Moore lampoons corporate
Rights and Wrongs in America.                         America as he shows how the working men
    The Video Project (1996)                          and women of Flint, Michigan coped with
        1. Building Tolerance: Examines the           economic setbacks. Moore doggedly tried
rising tide of intolerance in America, the            to meet General Motors Chairman Roger
impact of recent campaigns opposing illegal           Smith to persuade him to visit Flint to
immigrants and affirmative action, and                witness the hard times of the working
profiles community activists and programs             people.
which promote tolerance. E 184 A1 B88                       Video Cassette (1 hr. 31 min.)
        2. Combatting Childhood Poverty:                    PN 1997.85 R64
Amidst the poverty of Appalachia, the life of
a "skinhead" was turned around by his
involvement in Appalshop. HQ 792 U6 C64
        3. Creating Peace: Professor Cornel
West discusses the origins and meaning of
today's intolerance. JX 1952 C74
        3 Video Cassettes (26 min.)

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 67

The Roots of Prejudice and Intolerance.               Rural Communities: Legacy & Change.
    Jaguar Educational (2002)                             Annenberg/CPB (1993)
        "Examines the historical roots of                     Explores the economic base, history,
prejudice, the different forms it takes, the          culture and social class differences found in
psychology behind prejudicial thinking, and           16 diverse rural communities.
the difference between prejudice and                      1. Who Cares
intolerance" – Container.                                 2. Economic Base
        1 videodisc (30 min.)                             3. Just Folks
        BF575.P9 R66 2002                                 4. Legacy
                                                          5. Act Locally...and Invest
Route 40.                                                 6. Think Globally
   James Agee Film Project (1992)                         7. The Town That's Been Through the
       Explores the heart and soul of a                   Mill
particular place and time in America. Visits              8. Hereby Notified and Called to Meet
those whose lives revolve around Route 40                 9. The Basics
capturing their memories, hopes and                       10. The Will to Grow
regrets: a truck driver, a gas station owner, a           11. Capacity to Care
paramedic, exotic dancers, a waitress,                    12. Communities on the Move
mobile home residents, roller rink teens.                 13. What Next?
       Video Cassette (58 min.)                               13 Video Cassettes (1 hr. each)
       HE 356 C8 R68                                          HT 421 R78 pt. 1-13

Run Like a Girl.                                      Rushing, Crashing, Dying: The Meth
    Films for the Humanities (1999)                   Epidemic.
        " ... The unconventional yet extremely           Human Relations Media, c2007
demanding sports of rugby, synchronized                     Real people share their experiences
swimming, and double-Dutch jumping                    with methamphetamine and what it has
provide the context for teenage girls from a          done to their lives. The teacher's resource
cross-section of ethnic backgrounds to                book (PDF file) includes a program
probe the issues of adolescence. They                 summary, student activities and fact sheets.
discuss their feelings of liberation within the             1 videodisc (25 min.)
strict regimentation of competitive sports,                 HV5822.A5 R87 2007
their search for identity and self-esteem
while revolting against the stereotyped               Salesman.
expectations of others, body image, dating,                Criterion Collection, c2001
and the importance of mothers and coaches                      "A landmark documentary ... Captures
as mentors. They also tackle social                   in vivid detail the bygone era of the door-to-
concerns, including bulimia, self-injury,             door salesman. While laboring to sell a gold-
suicide, broken homes, teenage                        embossed version of the Holy Word, Paul
pregnancies, and crime ..."--Container label          Brennan and his colleagues target the
        1 Video Cassette (57 min.)                    beleaguered masses, then face the
        GV709.18.U6 R85 1999                          demands of quotas and the frustrations of
                                                      life on the road. Following Brennan on his
Running Out of Time: Pressure,                        daily rounds, the Maysles discover a real-life
Overtime, and Overwork.                               Willy Loman, walking the line from hype to
   Films for the Humanities (1994)                    despair"--Promotional materials.
       Explores the social impact of time                      1 videodisc (91 min.) + 1 leaflet
pressure and overwork on American society.                     HF5444.B37 S34 2001+ 1 leaflet
Contrasts expectations about saving time
with reality; compares conditions in other
countries and at other times, and examines
solutions to overwork.
       Video Cassette (52 min.)
       HD 4904.6 R85

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                                                                                     SOCIOLOGY 68

Salesman.                                            Science of the Sexes.
   Maysles Films (1968)                                  Discovery Channel, [2003?]
       Focuses on a quartet of Bible                        "Growing up" episode explores the
salesmen and their quest for American                issue of nature versus nurture through a
success. Tracks the men through the heart,           cross-cultural study of two teenagers on
soul, and living rooms of America.                   different continents. "Different by design"
       Video Cassette (1 hr. 30 min.)                episode explores the physical and mental
       HF 5444 B37 S34                               aspects of human sexuality from adulthood
                                                     to old age.
Save Our Land, Save Our Towns.                              [pt.1]: Growing up
    Bullfrog Films (2000)                                   [pt.2]: Different by design
        Explores how America can save its                   HQ21 .S33 2003 1-2
cities, towns, and countryside and enhance
the quality of life for all. Filmed in               Scouts Honor: A Film.
Pennsylvania, England, Oregon and North                  New Day Films (2001)
Carolina, this program shows how America's                  Documentary examining the Boy
towns can be rebuilt and its countryside             Scouts of America policy against gays in the
preserved from strip malls and subdivisions.         organization. Focuses on Steve Cozza, boy
        Video Cassette (57 min.)                     scout and activist against the policy, and
        HT392 .S28 2000                              relates the stories of others removed from
                                                     the Boy Scout organization for being gay or
Save the Males: An Endangered Species.               for working to have the policy eliminated.
   PBS (1993)                                               1 videocassette (60 min.)
        Follow three men as they search for                 HS3313 .S36 2001
answers to the questions they and other
men ask about themselves and their place in          Search for a Safe Cigarette.
a culture which has cast aside many of its               WGBH Boston Video, c2001
traditional male rituals.                                   Discusses tobacco's role in U.S.
        Video Cassette (1 hr.)                       history, cigarette marketing, how tobacco
        HQ 1090.3 S28                                damages DNA, the impact of the Surgeon
                                                     General's warning, and if science help
Scared Sacred.                                       create a safer cigarette.
     National Film Board of Canada (2006)                   Video Cassette (1 hr)
        Documents the five-year journey                     HD9149.C42 S43 2001
initiated by filmmaker Velcrow Ripper in
order to document humanity's ability to              Secret Daughter.
transform crisis into possibility. Ripper                PBS (1992)
travels to the "ground zero's" of the world:                Journeys into a hidden world and the
Bhopal, India; the minefields of Cambodia;           complicated relationship between a
Bosnia; Hiroshima; Afghanistan; post 9/11            daughter and the mother who gave her
New York City; Israel and Palestine,                 away. June Cross, born to a white mother
documenting stories of survival and hope in          and an African-American father in the early
the wake of disaster.                                1950s, was given away by her mother to live
        1 videodisc (105 min.)                       with a black family when she was four.
        BF698.35.R47 S33 2006                        Examines the challenging face of race
                                                     relations in America.
                                                            Video Cassette (, 1 hr.57 min.)
                                                            HQ 777.9 S42

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 69

The Secret Life of Boys.                              7 Up in the Soviet Union.
   Films for the Humanities (2000)                       Shanachie (1993)
        Explores why boys tend to repress                   A portrait of 20 children who are wise
their feelings. Experts demonstrate how to            beyond their years. They talk about God,
help boys express their feelings before they          the political scene, kindness, school, their
begin to act them out in antisocial behavior.         dreams and wishes.
        Video Cassette (24 min.)                            Video Cassette (1 hr. 8 min.)
        BF 724.3 S4 S43                                     HQ 792 S65 A34

Secret of the Wild Child.                             Sex and Gender.
    WGBH Boston Video (2006)                              Insight Media (1991)
        Examines the case of "Genie," a girl                  Explores the changing sex roles and
whose parents kept her locked in a bedroom            the changing views of gender in the lives of
in total isolation, until she was discovered in       three generations of women in one family
1970 at age 13. At first, her rehabilitation          living near the Guadalupe River in Texas.
seemed to be an opportunity to test                   The effects of sex ratios and gender-related
hypotheses of language acquisition, but               norms are analyzed. Investigates
disputes about the nature of her disabilities,        perspectives on gender-based social
the intensity of her therapy, and the                 stratification, as well as, social changes that
progress of government funded research                have occurred as a result of the women's
turned Genie's case into a sad example of             movement.
the ethical quandaries of research on human                   Video Cassette (30 min.)
subjects.                                                     HQ 1410 S387
        1 videodisc (ca. 56 min.)
        RJ507.A29 S43 2006                            Sex and Other Matters of Life and Death.
                                                          Cinema Guild (1996)
See Dick and Jane Lie, Cheat, and Steal:                     Chronicles a year in the life of a
Teaching Morality to Kids.                            teenage theater company which performs
   Pyramid (1989)                                     for adolescents to raise awareness about
       Program on children being taught               the risks of AIDS for young people.
basic caring, decency, and the difference                    Video Cassette (56 min.)
between right and wrong.                                     RC 607 A26 S45
       Video Cassette (45 min.)
       LC 268 S44                                     Sexual Harassment: Building Awareness
                                                      on Campus.
Selling Our Jobs.                                        MEF (1995)
   Center for Defense Information (1996)                     Educates men and women with
       Explores the costs and the                     specific reference to campus relations.
devastation to the U.S. economy caused by             Divided into five sections: Sexual
lucrative contracts to sell U.S. made                 Harassment Defined, Intent vs. Impact,
weapons.                                              Dealing With Unwanted Attention,
       Video Cassette (29 min.)                       Consensual Relations, Looking Forward.
       Guide (7 p.)                                          Video Cassette
       HD 9743 U62 S44                                       LC 212.862 S49

7 Up in South Africa.                                 Sexuality and Aging.
   Shanachie (1993)                                      Nebraska ETV Network (1987)
       The portraits of the bright and                       Explores the attitudes, myths, and
charming children are strikingly contrasted           facts concerning the role of sexuality for
with the social turbulence that surrounds             older adults.
them. The innocence that defines them is                     Video Cassette (1 hr.)
sadly compromised by the intolerance of                      HQ 30 S47
their communities. All the children are well
versed on the subject of guns.
       Video Cassette (1 hr. 23 min.)
       HQ 792 S6 S22

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 70

Sexy Inc.: Our Children Under Influence.              Showdown on Tobacco Road.
    National Film Board of Canada, c2007                  Varied Directions (1988)
        "Analyzes the hypersexualization of                  Demonstrates the difficulty
our environment and its noxious effects on            policymakers face in trying to resolve the
young people. Experts criticize an unhealthy          problem of smoking and health. The views
culture created by advertising and the                of pro and antismoking activists are
media, and the many examples shown                    presented.
illustrate how children are reduced to                       Video Cassette (57 min.)
consumers bombarded with images of girls                     HV 5760 S56
treated as purely sexual objects"—
Container.                                            Shredded.
        1 videodisc (36 min.) + 1 guide (17 p)           Fanlight Productions (2005)
        HQ784.M3 S49 2007+ 1 guide                           Explores the damaging lengths to
                                                      which teenage boys will go to achieve the
Shots Fired: When Lightning Strikes.                  ideal male body as portrayed by the media.
    Center for Personal Protection and                       1 videodisc (ca. 21 min.)
Safety], c2007                                               BF697.5.B63 S545 2005
       Gives strategies for surviving an
active shooter situation in the workplace.            Sicko.
Emphasizes the importance of possessing a                 Weinstein Co. Home Entertainment
survival mindset.                                     (2007)
       Instructional DVD (17:32);                            Filmmaker Michael Moore critiques
       Training materials (Course training            the American health care system, focusing
plan (10 p.)                                          especially on the HMOs, drug companies,
       Survival mindset and courses of                and congressmen who profit from the status
       action                                         quo. Also includes an analysis of the health
(44 p.)                                               care systems in Canada, England, France,
        Student notetaker (20 p.)                     and Cuba, where free universal health care
       Pre-incident indicators : behaviors of         is the norm.
       concern in the workplace (Jan. 08 v.2)                1 videodisc (123 min.)
       (22                                                   RA395.A3 S515 2007
slides) -- Survival mindset and courses of
action (Jan. 08 v.2) (20 slides)                      Silent Epidemic.
       Distinctions between an active                     PBS Video (2001)
       shooter                                               Presents the potential signs and
and a hostage situation (Jan. 08 v.2) (17             causes of teen suicide as discussed by
slides)                                               parents, teens, and experts within the dual
       List of the shooters as they appear in         formats of talk show and docudrama.
       the                                            Contains interviews with teens who
video (3 p.))                                         attempted suicide and discusses options
       2 videodiscs                                   available to such individuals or their parents.
       HF5549.5.E43 S56 2007                                 Video Cassette (30 min.)
                                                             HV6546 .S54
Showdown at Century City.
    We Do the Work (199-?)                            Skin Deep.
       Low-paid janitors among the highrises             Iris Films (1995)
of Los Angeles fight for decent wages,                       (Producer) Filmmaker
health care and respect from their                    Frances Reid follows students from the
employers.                                            University of Massachusetts, Texas A&M,
       Video Cassette (15 min.)                       Chico State and U.C. Berkeley to a
       HD5325.C44 S56 1990z                           challenging racial awareness workshop
                                                      where they confront each other's innermost
                                                      feelings about race and ethnicity.
                                                             1 videodisc (53 min.)
                                                             E184.A1 S613 1995

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 71

Skinheads: The Pathology of Hate :                    Slippin': Ten Years With the Bloods
Soldiers of the Race War.                                 Kino International (2007)
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences,                     Documents the exploits of a group of
2004                                                  African-American gang members through
       A film crew follows the U.S. white             the mean streets of South Central LA for ten
supremacist skinhead group The Aryan                  years after the 1992 LA race riots. Delves
National Front over a two-month period.               into the ongoing Blood/Crip gang war to
Marches, demonstrating against non-whites,            reveal the short and brutal lives of LA street
meeting with the Ku Klux Klan, and                    gangstas and the tragic personal toll that the
interviews with the group's leader, Bill              gang life takes on families and friends. As
Riccio, explain the Nazi-inspired group's             the years and the bodies pile up, the boys
motivation                                            grow into men and the high-wire allure of
       1 videodisc (54 min.)                          street life gives way to the harsh realities of
       HV6439.U5 S55 2004                             survival.
                                                             1 videodisc (84 min.)
Skinheads USA.                                               HV6439.U7 S54 2007
    Films for the Humanities (1996)
       Looks inside a neo-Nazi Skinhead               Smart Growth.
organization, its operations, and its                    Video Project ([199-)
personalities. Covers the group's day-to-                   Smart growth is a community
day activities at its headquarters, White             planning strategy to preserve community
Power rallies, recruitment drives, and inside         character, protect open and the
prison. Captures the neo-Nazi idealism.               environment, strengthen the local economy
       Video Cassette (54 min.)                       and use tax dollars efficiently.
       HV 6439 U5 S55                                       Video Cassette (17 min.)
                                                            HT 167 S63
Skokie: Rights or Wrong.
   New Day Films (1978)                               Smile Pretty.
       Documents the conflict that erupted                Films for the Humanities (1999)
when the American Nazi Party attempted to                     " ... Teenage girls from a cross-
march in 1978, in Skokie, Illinois --- a              section of ethnic backgrounds open their
community where many Holocaust survivors              hearts about life as a beauty queen,
now live. Presents a wide range of views on           discussing the pressure to fulfill a societal
the Nazis' right to march in Skokie.                  ideal, the allure of celebrity, and the
       Video Cassette (27 min.)                       artificiality of the modeling trade. In addition,
       JK 2391 N36 S56                                they share incidents of heroism and
                                                      sacrifice, feelings about their struggle for
Slim Hopes.                                           personal identity, and insights into the
    Media Education Foundation (1995)                 mother/daughter relationship ..."--Container
       Using examples of over 120 ads from            label.
magazines and TV, offers a new way to                         1 Video Cassette (57 min.)
think about demoralizing and life-threatening                 HQ1220.U6 S55 1999
eating disorders such as anorexia and
bulimia.                                              The Smith Family.
       Video Cassette (30 min.)                            New Day Films, c2002
       BF 697.5 B63 S54                                          In this poignant and intimate
                                                      documentary of the Smiths, a Mormon
                                                      family living in Salt Lake City, the family is
                                                      initially shattered, then ultimately
                                                      strengthened by their love for each other
                                                      following Steve's admission of multiple
                                                      sexual encounters with other men, and his
                                                      subsequent death from AIDS.
                                                                 1 videodisc (79 min.)
                                                                 RC606.54 .S64 2002

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 72

Smoke and Mirrors: A History of Denial.               Societies Under the Influence.
    Pyramid Media, [2000?] (1999)                        First Run/Icarus Films (1997)
       Documents the rise of the U.S.                        Sheds light on several unusual people
tobacco industry beginning with the                   who are fighting to expose the epidemic
development of mass-produced cigarettes in            repression surrounding drugs and the drug
the late 1800s. Describes tobacco                     trade. Colombian field workers, a hitman,
companies' increasingly sophisticated                 and a retired U.S. federal government agent
marketing efforts, which attempted to ignore          discuss the drug war fraud.
and suppress the accumulating evidence of                    Video Cassette (52 min.)
the harmful effects of smoking on health.                    HV 5801 S63
Also discusses the implications for the future
of the tobacco industry when this attempted           Society and Social Science.
deception became public knowledge.                       Annenberg/CPB Collection (1994)
       1 Video Cassette (75 min.)                           Lifestyles, Work and the Family.
       HD9135 .S66 2000                               Demonstrates the historical context of
                                                      everyday life in the UK today.
Social Change.                                        HN 385.5 L53
    RMI Media (1991)                                        Women, Children and Work
       Shows the inevitability of change and          Examines where child care fits in the
presents social change as a historical                marketplace and its economic impact.
process and an ongoing process affecting              HQ 778.7 G7 W64
our lives now and in the future. Examines                   2 Video Cassettes (49 min. ea)
social changes occurring in different levels
of social organization.                               Solving Black Inner-City Poverty: William
       Video Cassette (30 min.)                       Julius Wilson.
       HM 101 S68                                        Films for the Humanities (1994)
                                                             The problems of our inner cities have
Social Class Issues in the U.S.A.                     grown worse each year. Some policy
   Insight Media (1993)                               makers and scholars question whether
      Discusses the role of family and                these problems can be solved. Argues that
what's happening to families in terms of              the time for despair has not yet arrived. He
economics by ethnic group, the effects of             believes that most inner-city blacks stay
poverty on children, and the increase of              poor, not because they are black, but
homelessness in the U.S.                              because they live in the wasteland of the
      Video Cassette (1 hr.)                          inner city.
      HN 59.2 S62                                            Video Cassette (30 min.)
                                                             HV 4045 W54
The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces.
   Direct Cinema Ltd. (1990)                          Some Babies Die.
       Looks at the open spaces of cities                University of California Extension Media
and why some of them work for people,                 Center (1986)
while others do not. Begins at New York's                    A powerful and moving Australian
Seagram Plaza, analyzes why this space is             documentary on the grief of stillbirth and
so popular, and looks at how other urban              neonatal death. Focuses on a family coping
oases measure up.                                     with the death of a newborn and undergoing
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                         a unique counseling process in which they
       HT 153 S62                                     are encouraged to create memories of the
                                                      baby and work through their grief.
Social Stratification.                                       Video Cassette (55 min.)
    RMI Media (1991)                                         BF 789 D4 S66
        Explains the stratified nature of social
structure and examines different types of
stratification systems throughout the world
and how they developed.
        Video Cassette (30 min.)
        HM 131 S588

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 73

Some Call It Greed.                                   Steroids.
   Learning Corp. of America (1977)                      Schlessinger Media (2004)
      Beginning with agrarian America's                      Examines the use of illegal anabolic
entrance into World War I, follows the                steroids and steroidal supplements, profiling
country's economic history through today's            case studies that provide an overview of the
computerized, fast-food service lifestyle.            detrimental effects these drugs can have on
      Video Cassette (51 min.)                        the user.
      HC 106 S68                                             1 videodisc (23 min.) + 1 teacher's
                                                             guide (5 p.)
Song of the Canary.                                          HV5822.S68 S74 2004
    New Day Films (197?)
        A story of work-related diseases              Still Killing Us Softly.
which kill 100,000 people every year. The                 Cambridge Documentary (198?)
filmmakers uncover a scandal at a California              A film about advertising's continued
chemical plant where workers have become              assault on the self images of women, men
sterile and then tell the story of cotton mill        and children. Jean Kilbourne explores the
workers who are battling bureaucracies                relationship of media images to actual
for safer conditions and better                       problems in society, such as the channeling
compensation.                                         of men and women into traditional roles and
        Video Cassette (57 min. )                     occupations, economic discrimination
        RC 965 P48 S65                                against women, the sexual abuse of
                                                      children, rape and other forms of violence,
Southern Comfort.                                     pornography, sexual harassment, teenage
    Docurama 2003                                     pregnancy and eating disorders.
        Toccoa, Georgia. Robert Eads is a                     Video Cassette (30 min.)
52-year-old wise-cracking cowboy who was                      HF 5827.85 S77 c. 1-2
born female and transitioned into living as a
man after bearing two sons. Fifteen years             Stopping Drugs. Pt. 1.
later, he has fallen in love with Lola Cola, a           PBS (1989)
vivacious and magnetic woman who was                     Part 1 follows 6 addicts through a
born male. Together they are coping with              federally funded detoxification unit.
Robert's terminal case of ovarian cancer.                   Video Cassette (58 min.)
        1 videodisc (90 min.)                               HV 5801 S76
        HQ1075 .S68 2003
                                                      Stolen Childhoods.
Stale Roles and Tight Buns.                               Galen Films (2003)
    O.A.S.I.S. ( 1988)                                          "Stolen Childhood is a feature length
        Presents a selection of images of             documentary on child labor. The story is told
men found in consumer advertising. These              in the words of laboring children, their
images reflect the myths used to define and           parents, and the people working daily to
limit the American man. Generates new                 help them. Children share their experiences
insights and a refreshed view of men and              of exploitation and their hopes for a better
advertising.                                          life and future ... Filmed in seven countries:
        Video Cassette (3/4", 29 min.)                Brazil, India, the United States, Mexico,
        HF 5822 S185                                  Indonesia, Kenya and Nepal, stolen
                                                      childhoods examines the cost of child labor
Stephanie.                                            to the global community, probes the causes
    Women Make Movies ( 1986 )                        of this complex phenomenon and
       Documentary about an American                  recommends actions that can be taken to
teenager's difficult transition from childhood        eliminate this gross human rights violation in
to adolescence to adulthood. Examines                 our lifetime"—Container.
problems of young people who rebel against                      1 videodisc (1 hr, 26 min.)
the traditional educational experience, often                   HD6231 .S76 2003
dropping out of school.
       Video Cassette (57 min.)
       HQ 798 S74

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 74

The Stolen Eye.                                       Strangers in the House: Television & Our
   California Newsreel (2004)                         Children.
       Jane Elliott conducted her                         Filmwest Asso. (1997)
famous blue-eyed/brown-eyed exercise in                      Examines the controversial issues
discrimination in Australia with the whites           surrounding television today and its impact
and Aborigines.                                       on children and families. Explores ways of
       videodisc (52 min.)                            controlling the influence of television. How
       BF575.P9 S76 2004                              does licensing and merchandising impact
                                                      the quality of programming and the minds of
Stolen ground.                                        children?
    StirFry Seminars & Consulting, 2008                      Video Cassette (52 min.)
        A human face is put on the lingering                 HQ 784 T4 S87
effects of racism and a rare view of Asian-
American men directly and openly                      Street Talk and Tuxes.
addressing racism's impacts is given when 6              Susan Shadburne Prod (1998)
Asian-American men meet over dinner and                      Reveals the lives of street kids and
share their experiences and perspectives of           their histories and dreams. Follows them to
racism and what it has taken from their               the only annual Prom for homeless youth in
generation. During dinner, and in their               the country.
reflections afterward, a seldom- seen portrait               Video Cassette (55 min.)
of the so-called "model minority's" pain,                    Guide (4 p.)
anger, and anguish is revealed.                              HV 4505 S777
        1 videodisc (44 min.)
        HT1521 .S716 2008                             The Streets Aren't Paved With Gold.
                                                         Real to Reel Series (1984)
Stopwatch.                                                  Hundreds of homeless and hungry
    Kikim Media, (1999)                               Las Vegans offer a stark contrast to
       Gives a detailed description of                thousands of affluent tourists who travel
Frederick Winslow Taylor's time-study                 here each year. Explores life as a transient.
approach to efficient work/production and                   Video Cassette (30 min.)
how this approach has influenced modern                     HV 4506 N3 S77
work practices and other aspects of our
lives.                                                Streetwise in Seattle.
       1 Video Cassette (57 min.)                        ABC News (1993)
       T55.9 .K372 1999                                     Follow-up ten years later on a
                                                      documentary about a street child in Seattle.
Stopwatch.                                            Includes excerpts from original program.
    Kikim Media, c1999                                      2 Video Cassettes (30 min.)
       Gives a detailed description of                      HV 4505 S78 pt. 1-2
Frederick Winslow Taylor's time-study
approach to efficient work/production and             Strikestory.
how this approach has influenced modern                   We Do The Work (199?)
work practices and other aspects of our                      Chronicles the events of the "big
lives.                                                strike" in the summer of 1934 when dock
       1 videodisc (57 min.)                          workers and seamen shut down every West
       T55.9 .K372 1999b                              coast port from San Diego to Seattle.
                                                             Video Cassette (1 hr.)
Straight From the Heart.                                     HD 8039 L82 U67
       Presents accounts of parents'
struggles with homophobia upon learning               Stripped and Teased.
that their children are lesbian or gay.                   Cinema Guild (1998)
    Video Cassette (24 min.)                                  Presents portraits of various women
       HQ 76.25 S77                                   living and working in Las Vegas.
                                                              Video Cassette (62 min.)
                                                              HQ 1439 L3 S77

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 75

Style Wars.                                           Survival of a Small City.
    Public Art Films (1987)                               Filmakers Library (1987)
       A documentary exploration of the                       Explores the pros and cons of the
subculture of New York's young graffiti               revitalization of the decaying urban
writers, breakdancers, and rappers, showing           community of South Norwalk, Connecticut.
their activities and aspirations and the social       Discusses the impact of urban renewal
and aesthetic controversies surounding New            through interviews with former residents
York graffiti.                                        forced out by the renovation, residents who
       Video Cassette (59 min.)                       stayed, new residents, developers, the
       GT 3913 N72 N447                               mayor and others. Covers the time period
                                                      from 1984 to 1986.
Subway: The Empire Beneath New York's                         Video Cassette (65 min.)
Streets.                                                      HT 177 S727 S87
   A & E Home Entertainment (1994)
      Descends into the labyrinth below               Surviving Friendly Fire.
New York City to reveal a subterranean                    Frameline (1997)
control tower, the mysterious "money train",                 A documentary about ten teenagers
experimental cars, subway disasters,                  in LA and the hardships they endured.
construction miracles and greedy financiers.                 Video Cassette (1 hr.)
      Video Cassette (50 min.)                               HV 4506 L67 S87
      TF 847 N5 S82
                                                      Tale of Two Hotels.
Super Size Me.                                           California Working Group (199?)
    Hart Sharp Video (2004)                                 Compares non-union and union labor
       Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock embarks              as two luxury hotels are built.
on a journey to find out if fast food is making             Video Cassette (15 min.)
Americans fat. For 30 days he can't eat or                  HD 6515 B9 T34
drink anything that isn't on McDonald's
menu; he must eat three square meals a                Takeover.
day, he must eat everything on the menu at               First Run Icarus Films (1991)
least once and supersize his meal if asked.                  A documentary about groups of
He treks across the country interviewing a            homeless people in 8 U.S. cities who took
host of experts on fast food and a number of          over empty, government-owned housing on
regular folk while downing McDonald's to try          May 1, 1990.
and find out why 37% of Americans are now                    Video Cassette (58 min.)
overweight. Spurlock's grueling diet spirals                 HV 4505 T35
him into a metamorphosis that will make you
think twice about picking up another Big              Tao of the Dumpster.
Mac.                                                     Carousel Film (1996)
       1 videodisc (100 min.)                                Examines the meaning of success
       RA645.O23 S87 2004                             and freedom, as defined by a man who gave
                                                      up working as a contractor to spend his time
Super High Me.                                        gathering food from dumpsters.
   Screen Media Films, c2008                                 Video Cassette (30 min.)
      Determined to find out the true effects                BJ 1581.2 T36
of marijuana on the human body, stand-up
comedian and former Stoner of the Year                Teen Pregnancy.
Doug Benson documents his experience                     Schlessinger (1994)
avoiding pot for 30 days and then                            Discusses the biological and
consuming massive amounts of the drug for             psychological realities of teen pregnancy.
30 days.                                              Talks to doctors, counselors, teens, and
      1 videodisc (90 min.)                           teen mothers.
      HV5822.M3 S87 2008                                     Video Cassette (36 min.)
                                                             HQ 35 T43

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 76

Teens at Risk. Addiction & Depression.                Teen Sex.
    TMW Media Group (2005)                               Films for the Humanities & Sciences
       "Many depressed people, especially             (2004)
teenager, also have problems with alcohol                    This program seeks to understand
or other drugs. Sometimes the depression              how and why teens are rewriting the book
comes first and people try using drugs as a           on sexual mores. Adolescents ages 13 to 19
way to escape. Other times, the alcohol or            share their intimate views and concerns as
other drug use come first and depression is           they talk about peer pressure, double
caused by the drug itself, the withdrawal             standards, the influence of the media,
from it or the problems that substance abuse          having intercourse, whether oral sex is sex,
causes. obviously, in the long run drug or            STDs, birth control, pregnancy, and whether
alcohol use just makes things worse.                  they and their families are emotionally
Although it is often difficult to distinguish         prepared to deal with all of this. Interviews
which came first, the important point is that if      with parents are included as well, and
someone has one or both of these                      commentary by Tamara Kreinin, president
problems, the sooner they get help the                and CEO of the Sexuality Information and
better, as doing nothing is a recipe for bigger       Education Council of the United States;
trouble, like serious addiction of failing in         Sarah Brown, executive director of the
school or in life. Teens at risk, teaches how         National Campaign to Prevent Teen
to be honest about both issues - showing              Pregnancy; Michael Basso, author of The
how depressed teens can deal effectively              Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality;
with their illness without substance abuse            Seventeen editor-in-chief Atoosa
and how to communicate with people who                Rubenstein; Leslee Unruh, president of the
can help them get into treatment - proven to          National Abstinence Clearinghouse; and
be the only way to really get better and stay         adolescent medicine specialist Gale
better"—Container.                                    Burstein, M.D., M.P.H., is featured.
       1 videodisc (23 min.)                          Onscreen statistics from the Kaiser Family
       RJ506.D78 T44 2005                             Foundation emphasize important trends.
                                                      Contains mature themes and explicit
                                                      language an d imagery.
                                                             1 videodisc (45 min.)
                                                             HQ27 .T45 2004

                                                      Teen Sexuality in a Culture of
                                                          Knox Truner Asso. (1995)
                                                             Profiles eight young people of diverse
                                                      ethnicity, socio-economic level, geographic
                                                      locale, and sexual orientation. They share
                                                      outlooks on body-image, gender identity,
                                                      peer pressure, family, religion and their
                                                      decisions about sexuality. Examines the
                                                      messages and standards our popular culture
                                                      communicates about sex, love, beauty, and
                                                      the body.
                                                             Video Cassette (45 min.)
                                                             HQ 27 T38

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 77

Teens Hooked on Porn.                                 Teens at Risk. Addiction & Depression.
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences                   TMW Media Group (2005)
(2007)                                                    "Many depressed people, especially
        The Internet has radically escalated          teenager, also have problems with alcohol
exposure to pornography, to the point at              or other drugs. Sometimes the depression
which many adolescents are addicted.                  comes first and people try using drugs as a
Presents three teenage boys, tied together            way to escape. Other times, the alcohol or
by issues of anger, aggression, and                   other drug use come first and depression is
inhibition, and raises questions about the            caused by the drug itself, the withdrawal
role of parents.                                      from it or the problems that substance abuse
        1 videodisc (57 min.)                         causes. obviously, in the long run drug or
        HQ471 .T44 2007                               alcohol use just makes things worse.
                                                      Although it is often difficult to distinguish
Teenage Depression & Suicide.                         which came first, the important point is that if
   Schlessinger Media (2004)                          someone has one or both of these
      Discusses the causes, symptoms and              problems, the sooner they get help the
treatments available for teenagers suffering          better, as doing nothing is a recipe for bigger
from depression.                                      trouble, like serious addiction of failing in
      1 videodisc (23 min.) + 1 teacher's             school or in life. Teens at risk, teaches how
guide (5 p.)                                          to be honest about both issues - showing
      RJ506.D4 T46 2004                               how depressed teens can deal effectively
                                                      with their illness without substance abuse
Teenage Suicide.                                      and how to communicate with people who
   Films for the Humanities (1987)                    can help them get into treatment - proven to
       Explores some of the reasons why               be the only way to really get better and stay
teens commit suicide and some of the                  better"—Container.
factors behind the increase in suicide rates.                1 videodisc (23 min.)
Describes characteristic behavior patterns                   RJ506.D78 T44 2005
which family and friends should heed.
       Video Cassette (19 min.)                       Terrorism: Instrument of Fear.
       HQ 796 T42                                         Lucerne Media, (2001?)
                                                             Questions raised about terrorism by a
                                                      panel of high school students are answered
                                                      by a clinical psychologist, an Islamic cleric,
                                                      and a terrorism expert. Includes historical
                                                      background for the events leading up to and
                                                      including the September 11, 2001 attack on
                                                      the World Trade Center and Pentagon.
                                                             1 Video Cassette (20 min.)
                                                             HV6432 .T4485 2001

                                                      That's a Family!
                                                         Women's Educational Media (2000)
                                                            Designed for children in elementary
                                                      school, this film shows the many different
                                                      shapes that families take today. Children
                                                      describe their own families and explain
                                                      concepts like "birth mom", "mixed race",
                                                      "gay and lesbian", and "stepdad."
                                                            Video Cassette (35 min.)
                                                            Guide (53 p.)
                                                            HQ744 .T43 2000

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                                                                                        SOCIOLOGY 78

Theme: Murder.                                         They Made America.
    New Day Films (1998)                                  WGBH Boston Video (2004)
       The filmmaker was nine years old                      ..."Examines innovation in
when her father, the Boston art dealer                 America through the stories of some
Hyman Swetzoff, was beaten and left to die             resourceful men and women whose ideas
in his home. Martha's search to make sense             and inventions have transformed the
of her father's unsolved murder uncovers               world"—Container.
the price of homophobia and also reveals                     disc 1. Rebels ; Revolutionaries (120
many of the subtle attitudes that accompany                  minutes)
murder. Includes interviews of family,                       disc 2. Newcomers ; Gamblers (120
friends, local artists, police investigations,               minutes
and others with an assortment of family                      2 videodiscs (240 min.)
photos, newspaper clippings of the murder                    T39 .T44 2004
and fragments from Hyman's poetry,
journals, and letters.                                 They Never Call it Rape.
       1 Video Cassette (54 min.)                          MTI Film & Video (1990)
       HV6534.B6 T44                                         Explores campus rape, with particular
                                                       focus on gang rape. Provides analysis of
There But for the Grace.                               the behaviors that lead to gang rape. One
   Northern Light Prod. (1991)                         incident is described by the victim of a gang
       Goes behind the battle lines of the             rape at a fraternity house.
farm debt crisis to chronicle four farm                      Video Cassette (21 min.)
families' efforts to save their farms, families,             HV 6561 T44
and dignity.
       Video Cassette (59 min.)                        Third World Village Life.
       HD 1476 U6 T44                                     National Public Radio (1981)
                                                             See summary in Political Science.
There's No Such Thing as Women's                             Cassette (30 min.)
Work.                                                        HT 431 T44
   National Audiovisual Center (1987)
       Takes a look at the effect of different         Thirst.
legislation on women in the workplace from                Bullfrog Films, (2004)
1900 into the 1980's and the role of the                      The survival of communities is
Women's Bureau of the U.S. Department of               threatened when big business buys the
Labor in the labor force.                              water supply.
       Video Cassette (30 min.)                               1 videodisc (62 min.)
       HD 6095 T483                                           HD1691 .T45 2004

They Hit Me.                                           This Far By Faith.
    Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities             Cinema Guild (1991)
& Sciences (2000)                                             The story of courageous Mississippi
       Discusses the work of a Los Angeles             Delta catfish processing workers, mostly
County emergency social worker as she                  African American women, who won one of
attempts to establish whether children have            the most significant civil rights labor victories
been abused. Also presents the case of a               of the 80s.
two-year-old, allegedly beaten to death by                    Video Cassette (29 min.)
his father's girlfriend.                                      HD 5325 F6752 1990 I53
       Video Cassette (1/2 “ 43 min.)
       HV715 .T44 2000

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 79

This is Nowhere.                                      Throw Away People.
    High Plains Films, 2006                              PBS (1990)
        Nearly three million Americans live                  President Bush deemed January,
full-time in motor homes, campers and                 1990, the "month of murder" in D.C. During
trailers. Millions more spend significant             the last 2 years inner city neighborhoods
portions of each year wandering America in            have changed from African-American culture
their homes on wheels. Taking advantage of            centers to killing fields for single parent
the modern American landscape, tens of                families, high school dropouts, and crack
thousands of vacation and full-time travelers         dealers. Frontline examines a once proud
"camp" in Wal-Mart parking lots each year.            black neighborhood's descent into drugs
The travelers share a common bond of                  and death.
loving to travel in RVs, and loving Wal-Mart.                Video Cassette (1 hr.)
This documentary records the stories of                      HV 5833 W3 T57
these nomadic Americans who provide a
portrait of American attitudes toward nature,         Ties That Bind.
equality, liberty, and civic values.                     We Do The Work
        1 videodisc (87 min.)                                Efforts at union organizing in the
        TX1110 .T45 2006                              United States and efforts by management to
                                                      disrupt union organizing are examined.
Those Who Know Don't Tell.                                   Video Cassette
    Filmakers Library (1990)                                 HD6490.O72 U6497 1995
       Traces the history of the struggle to
rid the workplace of occupational hazards.            A Time to Change.
With archival footage, union songs, and                    Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
interviews, tells the story from the point of         [2005]
view of the labor activists and those within                  Whether they want to or not, four out
the medical profession who became                     of five Americans will likely die in hospitals
their advocates.                                      or nursing homes and the care they get will
       Video Cassette (29 min.)                       depend on who is providing it and who is
       RC 967 T56                                     footing the bill. Bill Moyers introduces
                                                      crusading medical professionals such as
Through a Blue Lens.                                  staff members of the Balm of Gilead Project
    National Film Board of Canada (1999)              in Birmingham, Alabama, who have
       Examines the life of addicts on the            dedicated themselves to improving end-of-
east side of downtown Vancouver.                      life care by changing America's
Constable Al Arsenault, along with 6 other            overburdened health system. In addition,
policemen, have formed a non-profit group             this disc includes a special video
dubbed the Odd Squad. They have                       introduction by Mr. Moyers and a menu of
videotaped the stories of addicts who tell            chapters, segments derived from the
who they are and how they got to the                  program that single out important aspects to
streets. Intended to help prevent drug use            facilitate instruction and discussion
among young people. Contains coarse                           1 videodisc (87 min.)
language and graphic scenes.                                  R726.8 .T565 2005
       Video Cassette (52 min.)
       HV 5840 C22 V37                                To be Old, Black, and Poor.
                                                           Films for the Humanities (1994)
                                                              Shows what it means to be black,
                                                      poor, and elderly in the U.S. Documents the
                                                      life of Leonard and Sarah Bass, an elderly
                                                      black couple. Records their struggle to
                                                      survive, as well-meaning neighbors and
                                                      opportunities come and go.
                                                              Video Cassette (58 min.)
                                                              HQ1064.U5 T58 1994

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 80

To Render a Life.                                     Toward a Livable City.
   James Agee Film Project (1992)                         Films for the Humanities (1991)
        A portrait of a contemporary poor,                   Looks at Barcelona and shows how
rural family living under conditions which            the results of research can be applied to
parallel those of the sharecroppers during            improve the allocation of scarce resources in
the Depression.                                       housing, transportation, fuel consumption,
        Video Cassette (1 hr. 30 min.)                air quality control, and waste disposal.
        F 326 T63                                            Video Cassette (27 min.)
                                                             DP 402 B27 T68
Tobacco Blues.
   Filmakers Library (1998)                           Los Trabajadores = The Workers.
       Takes viewers into the homes of four               New Day Films (2001)
tobacco farm families in Kentucky, to                        "Tells the story of immigrant day
provide a picture of a culture and way of life        laborers, placing their struggles and
that has existed for generations and is now           contributions in the context of the economic
threatened with extinction.                           development of Austin, Texas. Through the
       Video Cassette (58 min.)                       stories of Juan from Nicaragua and Ramon
       SB 273 T62                                     from Mexico, and through the controversy
                                                      surrounding the relocation of a day labor site
Tongues Untied.                                       from downtown to a residential
   Frameline (1989)                                   neighborhood, the film examines the
      Derogatory accusations, judgments,              misconceptions and contradictions inherent
and jokes in our culture about black, male,           in America's dependence on and
and gay identity are met head-on. Poetry,             discrimination against immigrant labor."--
personal testimony, and drama unite to                Container.
oppose the homophobia and racism.                            1 Video Cassette (48 min.)
      Video Cassette (55 min.)                               HD8081.H7 T73 2001
      E 185.625 T65
                                                      Traffic in Las Vegas: Paving the Way.
Tough Guise: Violence, Media and the                      KLVX Television (1986)
Crisis in Masculinity.                                        Discusses how the state and local
   Media Education Foundation (2002)                  officials deal with traffic problems in Las
        Looks at the "relationship between            Vegas.
the images of popular culture and the social                  Video Cassette (28 min.)
construction of masculine identities in the                   HE 356.5 L35 T73
U.S. at the dawm of the 21st century"--
Container. Jackson Katz argues that there is          Transportation 2000.
a crisis in masculinity and that some of the              IRT Environment (1991)
guises offered to men as a solution (e.g.,                   Questions America's automobile
rugged individualism, violence) come loaded           dependence and offers concrete examples
with attendant dangers to women, as well as           of transportation systems for the future to
other men.                                            enhance the quality of our lives.
        1 videodisc (ca. 105 min.)                           Video Cassette (29 min.)
        BF692.5 .T68 2002                                    HE 308 T72

Tough Times/Resilient Kids.                           Tranquilizers & Other Depressants.
    Insight Media (2003)                                  Schlessinger Media (2004)
        A documentary based in the work of                   Discusses drugs such as barbiturates,
Drs. Robert Brooks and Sam Goldstein                  benzodiazepines and other substances such
"follows the lives of American families in an         as "date rape drugs." Animations show the
effort to discover the sources of problems            effects these substances have on the
facing today's youth"—Container.                      chemistry of the brain and the body.
        1 videodisc (59 min.)                                1 videodisc (23 min.) + 1 teacher's
        HQ769 .T68 2003                               guide (5 p.)
                                                             HV5822.B3 T73 2004

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 81

Treasures III: Social Issues in American              Treasures III: Social Issues in American
Film, 1900-1934. Program 1, The City                  Film, 1900-1934. Program 2, New Women.
Reformed.                                                 National Film Preservation Foundation
    National Film Preservation Foundation             (2007)
(2007)                                                    The second program in a series of 48
        The first program in a series of 48           movies that helped change America. During
movies that helped change America. During             the first decades of the 20th century no
the first decades of the 20th century no              issue was too controversial for movies ...
issue was too controversial for movies ...            from prohibition to abortion, unions, atheism,
from prohibition to abortion, unions, atheism,        the vote for women, worker safety, juvenile
the vote for women, worker safety, juvenile           justice, homelessness and immigration,
justice, homelessness and immigration,                these films became the catalyst for social
these films became the catalyst for social            change.
change.                                                       Kansas saloon smashers / directors,
        The black hand / producer, Francis J.         George S. Fleming, Edwin S. Porter (1901,
Marion ; director, Wallace McCutcheon                 1 min.)
(1906, 11 min.)                                               Why Mr. Nation wants a divorce /
        How they rob men in Chicago /                 directors, George S. Fleming, Edwin S.
producer and director, Wallace McCutcheon             Porter (1901, 2 min.)
(1900, 25 sec.)                                               Trial marriages / producer and
        The voice of the violin / director, D.W.      director, Francis J. Marion (1907, 12 min.)
Griffith (1909, 16 min.)                                      Manhattan trade school for girls /
        The usurer's grip / director, Bannister               George Eastman House (1911, 16
Merwin ; writers, Theodora Huntington,                min.) The strong arm squad of the future /
Arthur H. Ham (1912, 15 min.)                         Mutual Film Corp. (ca. 1912, 1 min.)
        From the submerged / director and                     A lively affair / cast, Mabel Van Buren
writer, Theodore Wharton (1912, 11 min.)              (ca. 1912, 7 min.)
         Hope : a Red Cross seal story /                      A suffragette in spite of himself /
director, Charles J. Brabin ; writer, James           director and writer, Bannister Merwin (1912,
Oppenheim (1912, 14 min.)                             8 min.)
        The cost of carelessness / writer,                    On to Washington (1913, 80 sec.)
Eugene C. Clarke (1913, 13 min.)                              The hazards of Helen: Episode 13:
        Lights and shadows in a city of a             Escape on the fast freight / producer, Paul
million / produced by the Ford Motor                  C. Hurst ; directors, Helen Holmes, Leo
Company (1920, 7 min.)                                Maloney ; writer, Edward Matlack (1915,13
        6,000,000 American children ... are           min.) -- Where are my children? / producers
not in school / producer, Lewis J. Selznick           and directors, Lois Weber, Phillips Smalley ;
(1922, 2 min.)                                        writer, Lois Weber (1916, 65 min.)
        The soul of youth / director, William                 Courage of the commonplace /
Desmond Taylor ; writer, Julia Crawford               directors, Rollin S. Sturgeon ; writer, William
Ivers (1920, 80 min.)                                 E. Wing (1919, 13 min.)
        Excerpts from "Saved by the Juvenile                  Poor Mrs. Jones! / director, Raymond
Court" / writer, George Creel (1919, 4 min.) -        Evans (1926, 46 min.)
- A call for help from Sing Sing! / producer,                 Offers herself as a bride for $10,000
William Randolph Hearst (1934, 3 min.)                [newsreel] / producer, William Randolph
        1 videodisc (177 min.) + 1 book (173          Hearst (1931, 2 min.)
p.)                                                           1 videodisc (188 min.)
        PN1995.9.S62 T733 2007                                PN1995.9.S62 T734 2007

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 82

Treasures III: Social Issues in American              Treasures III: Social Issues in American
film, 1900-1934. Program 3, Toil and                  Film, 1900-1934. Program 4, Americans in
Tyranny                                               the Making.
    National Film Preservation Foundation                 National Film Preservation Foundation
(2007)                                                (2007)
    The third program in a series of 48                       The fourth and final program in a
movies that helped change America. During             series of 48 movies that helped change
the first decades of the 20th century no              America. During the first decades of the 20th
issue was too controversial for movies ...            century no issue was too controversial for
from prohibition to abortion, unions, atheism,        movies ... from prohibition to abortion,
the vote for women, worker safety, juvenile           unions, atheism, the vote for women, worker
justice, homelessness and immigration,                safety, juvenile justice, homelessness and
these films became the catalyst for social            immigration, these films became the catalyst
change.                                               for social change.
        Uncle Sam and the Bolsheviki-I.W.W.                   Emigrants landing at Ellis Island
rat / Ford Motor Comp. [political cartoon]            (1903, 2 min.)
(ca. 1919, 40 seconds)                                        An American in the making / director
        The crime of carelessness / director,         and photographer, Carl L. Gregory ; cast,
Harold M. Shaw ; writer, James Oppenheim              Harry Benham, Ethyle Cooke (1913, 15 min)
; cast, Mabel Trunnelle, Barry O'Moore,                       Ramona: a story of the white man's
Bigelow Cooper (1912, 14 min.)                        injustice to the Indian / director, D.W. Griffith
        Who pays? : Episode 12: Toil and              ; photographer, G. W. Bitzer ; adapted from
tyranny / director, Harry Harvey ; writers,           the novel by Helen Hunt Jackson ; cast,
William Ritchey, Henry King (1915, 35 min.)           Mary Pickford, Henry B. Walthall (1910, 16
         Labor's reward (surviving reel) /            min.)
American Federation of Labor ; producer,                      Redskin / director, Victor Schertzinger
John J. Manning (1925, 13 min.)                       ; writer, Elizabeth Pickett ; cast, Richard Dix,
        Listen to some words of wisdom /              Gladys Belmont, Tully Marshall (1929, 82
Hearst Metrotone News (1930, 2 min.)                  min.)
        The godless girl / director, Cecil                    The united snakes of America
B.DeMille ; writer, Jeanie Macpherson ; cast,         [animated] / Ford Motor Co. (ca. 1917, 80
Lina Basquette, George Duryea, Marie                  sec.) -- Uncle Sam donates for liberty loans
Prevost, Noah Berry, Eddie Quillian, Mary             [animated] / Ford Motor Co. (1919, 75 sec.)
Jane Irving (1928, 128 min.)                                  100% American / director, Arthur
        1 videodisc (193 min.)                        Rosson ; cast, Mary Pickford, Loretta Blake,
        PN1995.9.S62 T735 2007                        Monte Blue (1918, 14 min.)
                                                              Bud's recruit / producer and writer,
                                                      Judge Willis Brown ; director, King Vidor ;
                                                      cast, Wallis Brennan, Robert Gordon (1918,
                                                      25 min.) -- The reawakening / Ford Motor
                                                      Co. (1919, 10 min.)
                                                              Eight Prohibition newsreels /
                                                      producer, William Randolph Hearst: Capital
                                                      stirred by biggest hooch raid (1923) ;
                                                               Behind the scenes with the
                                                      bootleggers (1926) ;
                                                              More bad news for the thirsty (1930) ;
                                                      Hoover Board's Dry Law report stirs nation
                                                      (1931) ;
                                                              Some opinions on Hoover Board's
                                                      Dry Law report (1931) ; Dry agents still on
                                                      the job (1932) ;
                                                              First repeal gin shipped (1933) ;
                                                      Repeal brings wet flood! (1933) (13 min.)
                                                              1 videodisc (182 min.)
                                                              PN1995.9.S62 T736 2007

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 83

The Tree of Our Forefathers.                          The Truth About Lies: The Tube is
    Bullfrog Films (1994)                             Reality.
        During the 15 year civil war in                   First Run/Icarus Films.
Mozambique, one and a half million people                     Examines the utopia presented via
fled to seek refuge in neighboring countries.         television and its influence on viewers.
In 1993, with the war over, the refugees              Finds a world which has little to do with
began to return home to seek the                      reality and perhaps more to do with the
forefathers' atonement under the village              dispensation of comforting ideological lies ---
tree.                                                 a tactic often employed in totalitarian
        Video Cassette (50 min.)                      societies.
        HV 640.5 M85 T74                                      Video Cassette (52 min.)
                                                              PN 1992.6 T78
Trouble Behind.
   California Newsreel (1990)                         Truth Be Told.
      Searches for the origins and confronts             Intelecom (2005)
the persistence of racism by looking at a                    "Sociological research and
seemingly typical American small town,                methodology is often the subject of debate
Corbin, Kentucky. Explores its present day            among sociologists. The pursuit of
"whites only" reputation.                             objectivity in sociological research, critical
      Video Cassette (56 min.)                        sociology, and the idea of sociology as a
      E 185.61 T76                                    science ... each has transformed the way
                                                      sociologists approach sociological research.
Troublesome Creek.                                    This lesson also includes discussion of
    Genius Products (2006)                            quantitative and qualitative methodologies,
       The Jordan family has farmed in Iowa           and features a segment on sociologist
for generations. Due to the crisis of the '80s        Mitchell Duneier and his research on New
and '90s, they are in danger of losing the            York City homeless populations"—
farm. One of the daughters comes back                 Container.
home to document the extraordinary efforts                   1 videodisc (27 min.)
the family makes to keep their farm.                         HM586 .T78 2005
       1 videodisc (ca. 88 min.)
       HD1773.A3 T76 2006                             Turn Here Sweet Corn.
                                                          Bullfrog Films (1990)
True Colors.                                                 A documentary on the ecological,
    Coronet (1991)                                    cultural and historical consequences when
        Follows two college educated men,             farmland, farm people and their way of life
one black and one white, as they involve              give way to urban sprawl.
themselves in a variety of everyday situation                Video Cassette (58 min.)
to test levels of prejudice based on skin                    HN 80 E23 T97
colors. Discusses the social and economic
consequences of race in America.                      Twenty Something: What Happened to
        Video Cassette (27 min.)                      the American Dream?
        Guide                                             ABC News (1992)
        E 185.61 T78                                          Eight people in their 20s speak about
                                                      growing up, sex, romance, quality time,
                                                      family, friends, the American Dream and
                                                      living on their own terms.
                                                              Video Cassette (50 min.)
                                                              HQ 799.7 T84

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 84

28 Up.                                                Understanding Cities.
   Icarus Films (19??)                                       Summary and Call Numbers in
       By interviewing the same children at           Architecture section.
ages 7, 14, 21, & 28. Apted created a                        5 Video Cassettes
sociological document and cultural history of                Primer (63 p.)
postwar Britain, as well as, a portrait of the
mystery, surprises and disappointments of             Understanding Our Biases and
growing up. The subjects range from a                 Assumptions.
London cabdriver to three smug prep                      Films for the Humanities (1990)
students.                                                   Deals with the nature of biases and
       Video Cassette (2 hr. 20 min.)                 preconceptions. Stresses the need to
       HQ 772 T84                                     examine one's own thinking about "us" and
                                                      "them". Covers the role of peer groups,
Ultimate Athlete: Pushing the Limit.                  community institutions, schools, and the
    Discovery Channel Education (1997)                media in determining what is good and bad.
        Examines the lives of young people                  Video Cassette (14 min.)
trying to become the ultimate athlete.                      HD 4903 U53
Coaches and competitors are interviewed to
find out what it takes to succeed.                    Understanding Prejudice: Gripes and
        Video Cassette (51 min)                       Common Ground.
        GV342.22 .U47 1997                               Cambridge Educational (1996)
                                                             Discusses the nature of prejudice and
An Unauthorized history of the NFL [with              the effect it has on individuals and society.
Jessica Savitch.                                      Topics include multi-culturalism,
   WGBH Educational Foundation (1983)                 homosexuality, politically correct language,
       Discusses illegal betting on football,         the role of the media, and religion.
the role of the mob in football betting, and                 Video Cassette (48 min.)
connections between football players,                        E 184 A1 U53
coaches, and owners and organized crime.
Includes information on Alan Glick, owner of          Understanding Race.
several Las Vegas casinos.                                 Films for the Humanities
       Video Cassette (1 hr)                                  Examines the history and power of
       HV 6715 U5                                     the artificial distinction called "race", viewing
                                                      it within historical, scientific, and cultural
Uncle Tom's Cabin.                                    contexts. Topics include the anthropological
   Films for the Humanities (1988)                    unity of Homo sapiens; sanctioned
      Abridged version of the George Aiken            discrimination, such as segregation; cultural
dramatization. Some background on the                 biases based on racial stereotypes; and the
book-turned-play.                                     underlying humanity that inextricably links us
      Video Cassette (57 min.)                        all.
      PS 2954 U52                                             Video Cassette (52 min.)
                                                              GN269 .U53 1999
Uncovering America: Race, Gender &
Politics.                                             Understanding the Japanese.
   CNN 2008                                               Japanese Information Service, Consulate
       In this program, Anderson Cooper               General of Japan (1977)
discusses about race and gender issues on                    Centered around a discussion by
the campaigns of senators Clinton and                 Westerners living in Japan, explores aspects
Obama.                                                of Japanese social relationships.
       1 videodisc (120 min.)                                Video Cassette (3/4", 35 min.)
       JK526 2008 .A53 2008                                  HN 110 Z9 I57

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 85

Understanding Violence.                               Union Maids.
   Cambridge Educational (2002)                          New Day Films, [198-?]
       Defines the types of violence affecting               The story of three women who were
teenagers. Teens from a variety of cultural           part of the Rank and File Labor Movement
and ethnic backgrounds tell how violence              during the tumultuous 1930's. Their lives
has impacted and reshaped their lives.                were like many other young working women.
Includes commentary from experts who                  But all three rose to the demands of their
explain the roots of violent behavior and tell        time and became militant organizers for their
how to detect warning signs. Topics include           class.
bullying, gangs, sexual assault, and hate                    1 videocassette (50 min.)
crimes.                                                      HD6079.2.U62 C45 1980z
       1 videodisc (29 min.) + 1 guide (1
       sheet)                                         The Unknown Generation X.
       HQ799.2.V56 U53 2002                              Films for the Humanities (1995)
                                                             The generation of young adults born
The Unforeseen.                                       between 1965 and 1980 faces challenges
    Cinema Guild 2008                                 that no other generation has had to deal
        "The American dream of owning a               with. Examines some of the stereotypes
house with white picket fence goes head-to-           and issues that society has created for
head with environmental sustainability...             Generation X.
When an ambitious real estate developer                      Video Cassette (28 min.)
sets out to transform thousands of acres of                  HQ 799.7 U55
pristine hill country in Austin, Texas into a
suburban development - threatening a                  Unnatural causes
nearby natural spring - the community fights             California Newsreel, c2008
back. In the conflict that ensues, we see in                 "Unnatural causes sounds the alarm
miniature a struggle that is playing out in           about the extent of our alarming socio-
cities and towns across the country"—                 economic and racial inequities in health-and
Container.                                            searches for their root causes. But those
        1 videodisc (93 min.) + 1 leaflet             causes are not what we might expect... It
        GE198.T4 U54 2008                             turns out there's much more to our health
                                                      than bad habits, health care or unlucky
Unforgotten: Twenty-Five Years After                  genes. The social conditions in which we are
Willowbrook.                                          born, live and work profoundly affect our
   Distributed by Program Development                 well-being and longevity"--Producer's
   Associates (2002)                                  website.
        Examines the impact on patients and                  1 videodisc (ca. 236 min.)
their families of Geraldo Rivera's expose in                 RA448.4 .U56 2008
1972 of conditions at the Willowbrook State
School (now the Staten Island                         The Uprising of ‘34.
Developmental Center) for people with                     First Run/Icarus Films (1995)
developmental disabilities. Also discusses                    Tells the story of the General Strike of
how much things have progressed since the             1934, a massive but little-known strike by
Willowbrook scandal.                                  hundreds of thousands of southern cotton
        1 videodisc (56 min.)                         mill workers during the Depression. Sixty
        HV1570.5.U652 S73 2002                        years later, a dark cloud still hangs over the
                                                              Video Cassette (1 hr. 27 min.)
                                                              HD 5325 T42 1934

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                                                                                       SOCIOLOGY 86

Urban Ecology.                                         The Vanishing Family: Crisis in Black
    Films for the Humanities (1991)                    America.
        Looks at the city of Abidjan, capital of           Carousel (1986)
the Ivory Coast. As the city became more                      Focuses on the problems of Black
and more crowded the results were denser               single-parent families in Newark, N.J.
housing, fewer amenities, and less public              Moyers talks about teenage pregnancy, the
effort to control the problems.                        role of welfare, and the changes in values
        Video Cassette (24 min.)                       among Black families.
        HT 243 I92 A25                                        Video Cassette (1 hr. 4 min.)
                                                              E 185.86 V37
Urban Survival.
    Films for the Humanities &                         The Vanishing Father.
Sciences (2007)                                           WGBH (1995)
        In this program,                                      Explores the change in the American
psychologist John Marsden dissects the                 family and recent findings by sociologists,
behavior of city dwellers, analyzing why               that children from single parent homes are
some people are capable of living in large             twice as likely to drop out of school, become
cities and some people are not. Urban                  teenage mothers, and or spend time in jail.
etiquette, urban anonymity, sensory                           Video Cassette (57 min.)
overload, and the dangers of urban life are                   HQ 777.4 V35
        1 videodisc (57 min.)                          Vietnam: Unfinished Business.
        HT151 .U683 2007                                  WTVI Video (1984)
                                                              Does not emphasize a historical
Urbanism, Suburbanism, and the Good                    perspective. Develops as 12 interviewed
Life.                                                  people struggle to understand the war
    PBS Video                                          through an examination of their personal
       Examines the 'new urbanists' and the            experiences. Their stories reveal
push to use government at all levels to                the personal, moral, and social questions
restore an urban landscape that quite                  that the war created for them.
possibly only exists in nostalgic memories. It                Video Cassette (1 hr.)
also questions the role of government in                      DS 559.72 V54
deciding how families should organize their
lives.                                                 Violence: An American Tradition.
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                              Films for the Humanities (1995)
       HT123 .U77 2000                                        Explores the recurring patterns of
                                                       violence that have emerged in our society as
Values Matter Most.                                    a result of insurrection, anger, prejudice, and
    Films for the Humanities (1993)                    ignorance.
       Examines the values issue --- crime,                   Video Cassette (, 55 min.)
welfare, race, discipline, drugs prayer, etc. --              HN 90 V5 V47
- in American politics. Travels around the
country speaking to a wide range of average            Violence and Sex on TV.
Americans.                                                 Films for the Humanities (1993)
       Video Cassette (54 min.)                               A specially adapted Phil Donahue
       HN59.2 V35                                      program which explores the effect on young
                                                       people raised on a diet of on-screen
                                                       violence. Has it altered the view of reality,
                                                       should there be government restrictions, and
                                                       determined by whom?
                                                              Video Cassette (28 min.)
                                                              PN 1992.6 V56

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 87

Violence in Folklore.                                 Voices.
    National Public Radio (1975)                          Colorado State University(1991)
       Folklorist, Barre Tolkien, explains how               Discusses how people develop self
folklore reflects our cultural attitudes and          images and beliefs about others, and how
allows us to express violence vicariously.            they can learn to relate to people of other
Songs, stories, and jokes run through the             cultures.
dialogue.                                                    1 videocassette (35 min.)
       Cassette (l hr.)                                      BF697.5.S43 V65 1991
       GR 950 V5 V56
                                                      Voices of Leningrad.
Violence in the Family.                                  National Geographic (1990)
   Human Relations Media (1978)                             Citizens of Leningrad taste new
       A four part program designed to                freedom in business, religion and the arts.
increase viewer's awareness of and                          Video Cassette (1 hr.)
sensitivity to family violence.                             DK 557 V65
   Pt. 1 The Dynamics of Family Violence
   Pt. 2 Child Abuse and Neglect                      Waco: The Rules of Engagement.
   Pt. 3 Battered Wives                                  Distributed by Somford Entertainment
   Pt. 4 Adolescent Abuse                             (2003)
       Video Cassette (44 min.)                              A documentary film about the tragic
       Guide (66 p.)                                  series of events that occurred outside Waco,
       HQ 809.3 U6 V56                                Texas in April 1993 in which four federal
                                                      agents were killed along with eighty-six men,
The Violent Mind.                                     women and children of the Branch Davidian
    PBS (1988)                                        compound.
       Examines physical changes, heredity,                  1 videodisc (136 min.)
and environment as possible causes of                        BP605.B72 W34 2003
violent behavior, and raises the question of
to what degree humans are responsible for             Wal*Mart: The High Cost of Low Price.
and in control of their actions.                         Retail Project L.L.C. (2005)
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                               Shows the real lives of Wal-mart
       RC 569.5 V55 V57                               workers and their families, business owners,
                                                      and their communities.
The Voice of Yellow Ribbon Patriotism.                      1 videodisc (97 min.)
    University of California Extension Center               HF5429.215.U6 W353 2005
for Media and Independent Learning (1997)
       Patriotic parades, speeches and                War & Violence. The Human Animal.
songs demonstrate American patriotism.                    Films for the Humanities (1988)
       1 videocassette (34 min.)                             Phil Donahue takes the viewer
       JK1759 .V65 1997                               through what he calls "the dark side of the
                                                      human animal". In this examination of
Voices From a Steeltown.                              fighting, war, and murder, he examines the
    New Day Films (1985)                              physiological and psychological causes for
        Focuses on Braddock, Pa., a once              violent behavior and the societal support
prosperous steel-producing town. Through              that such behavior receives.
personal and family recollections, interviews                Video Cassette (52 min.)
with residents, old photographs, etc., recalls               Discussion Guide
Braddock's heyday and suggests reasons                       BF 575 A3 P48
for its demise.
        1 videocassette (29 min.)
        guide ([4] p.)
        F159.B73 V64 1985

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 88

The War at Home.                                      Water For the Cities.
    First Run Features (1984)                            Films for the Humanities &
        An historical case study in which             Sciences (2004)
events taking place at the University of                     "This program takes a
Wisconsin, in Madison, are used as a                  hard look at the mounting challenge of
microcosm of the national protest movement            providing millions of people in urban areas
throughout the 60's and early 70's. The War           with potable water and adequate disposal of
at Home touches on many issues: the moral             waste water. To highlight the difficulties,
climate o the time, individual responsibility,        segments focus on the water problems of
citizen/government interaction on foreign             the megalopolis, cities with populations over
policy issues, options available in a free            10 million people such as Lagos, Jakarta
society.                                              and Mexico City. The massive logistics that
        Video Cassette (1 hr. 40 min.)                enable Las Vegas, Nevada to prosper in the
        DS 559.62 U6 W37                              middle of a desert are also explored"—
The War on Boys.                                             1 videodisc (27 min.)
  Whidbey Films (1999)                                       TD365 .W355 2004
     Investigates the changed concept of
how boys should be raised.                            The Way We Eat: What Food Means.
     Video Cassette (57 min.)                             Learning Seed (2001)
     HQ 775 W37 1999                                         Explores what role food plays in our
                                                      lives. Discusses food as fuel, convenience,
Wasted Youth.                                         medicine, and social bond. Also looks at
   Security on Campus, c2000                          food and moods, food alienation, and future
        Interviews with parents who have lost         food.
a child, and young adults whose lives have                   Video Cassette (19 min.)
been irrevocably damaged, as a result of                     Guide (16 p.)
binge drinking. A rape crisis counselor and a                TX355 .W38 2001
physician are also featured. Includes
statistics demonstrating the pervasive                We Are Family: Parenting & Foster
problem of alcohol abuse among American               Parenting in Gay Families.
youth on college and university campuses.                Filmakers Library (1987)
        1 videodisc (17 min.)                               Looks at one foster, one adoptive,
        HV5135 .W37 2000                              and one biological family.
                                                            Video Cassette (57 min.)
Water Crisis in the United States.                          HQ 777.8 W42
    National Public Radio
        People from three areas of the                The Weather Underground: A
country describe how they are dealing with            Documentary.
their individual water problems. Roles                    Docurama, (2004)
played by weather, industry and politics in                  In the early '70s, the radically
this crisis are also explored.                        enraged, bomb-planting fringe group call
        Cassette                                      Weathermen had the distinction of being as
        QH 541.5 W3 W37                               alienated from the anti-war counterculture as
                                                      the counterculture movement was from the
                                                      rest of America. The group planned to blow
                                                      up an empty building, but on March 6, 1970,
                                                      an explosive accidentally went off in the
                                                      New York Greenwich Village area, killing
                                                      three of its own members and turning the
                                                      rest of its members into outlaws on the run.
                                                             1 videodisc (90 min.)
                                                             HN90.R3 W43 2004 1997

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                                                                                     SOCIOLOGY 89

Wedding Advice.                                      What About Mom and Dad?
   Berkeley Media LLC,(2002)                            PBS (1985)
       Examines social                                      Depicts the problems and choices
conventions relating to weddings and                 involved in caring for ailing, aged relatives in
marriage in contemporary American society.           the U.S., and how they effect the lives of
       part 1 Ana and Sarah:                         several middle-class families.
women choosing                                              Video Cassette (3/4", 58 min.)
       Jealous eyes: God & the                              HV 1461 W38
       In a nutshell: Grandma's                      What Are We Going to do About the
wedding story                                        Cities?
       Sean & Alane in the public                       National Public Radio (1981)
eye                                                        Discussion on the future of the cities
       part 2                                        and possible programs to alleviate their
       The ceremony                                  problems and reverse their decline.
       The advice                                          Cassette
       1 videodisc (59 min.)                               HT 151 W42
       GT2703 .W43 2003
                                                     What Does it Mean to Be White?
Weddings Las Vegas Style.                               Distirbuted by Microtraining Associates
   KLVX TV (1982)                                    (2004)
   Looks at the marriage business both on                   Through a series of interviews, Dr.
and off the strip.                                   Sue defines white privilege and uses
      Video Cassette (29 min.)                       examples to indicate how white privilege
      HD 9999 W373 L37                               serves to keep Whites relatively oblivious to
                                                     the opposite effect this has on persons of
Welfare Reform.                                      color.
   Films for the Humanities & Sciences                      1 videodisc (50 min.)
(1998)                                                      HT1575 .W43 2004
       Traces the history of welfare in the
United States from the Depression to the             What is the Limit?
present, then examines the complex issues               Northern Light Prod (199?)
involved in reforming it.                                  Probes into the issues surrounding
       1 videocassette (29 min.)                     overpopulation. Cites the damaging effects
       HV95 .W4542 1998                              overpopulation has on our environment,
                                                     resources, habitats, health, housing and
Western eyes                                         employment.
    First Run/Icarus Films, (2000)                         Video Cassette (23 min.)
        Examines the search for                            GF 50 W43
beauty and self-acceptance through the
experiences of a young Filipino and Korean           What's Good for GM...
woman living in Canada who both believe                California Newsreel (1981)
their appearance, specifically their eyes,                Summary in Business section.
affect the way they are perceived. Both feel              Video Cassette (45 min.)
unsettled in Western society and are                      HD 9710 U63 D653
contemplating cosmetic surgery on their
eyes. Layering interviews with references to
super models and other pop-culture icons of
beauty, the filmmaker captures the pain that
almost always lies behind the desire for
plastic surgery
        1 videocassette (40 min.)
        RD119.5.E94 W47 2000

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                                                                                     SOCIOLOGY 90

What's Race Got to Do With it?                       When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in
    California Newsreel (2006)                       Four Acts.
       This program "chronicles the                      HBO Home Box Office (2006)
experiences of a new generation of college                    The world watched in horror as
students, in this case over the course of 16         Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on
weeks of intergroup dialogue on the U.C.             August 29, 2005. Many were shocked, not
Berkeley campus. As they confront                    only by the scale of the disaster, but the
themselves and each other about race, they           slow, inept and disorganized response of the
discover they often lack awareness of how            emergency and recovery efforts. Structured
different their experience of campus life is         into four acts, each dealing with a different
from their peers, to the detriment of an             aspect of the events that preceded and
inclusive campus climate" – Container.               followed Katrina's catastrophic passage
       1 videodisc (49 min.)                         through New Orleans. Tells the
       LC1099.3 .W45 2006                            heartbreaking personal stories of those who
                                                     endured this harrowing ordeal and survived
What would Jesus buy?                                to tell the tale.
    Arts Alliance America, c2007                              disc 1.
        Bill Talen (aka Reverend Billy) was a                 Act I (65 min.) ;
lost idealist who hitchhiked to New York City                 Act II (62 min.)
only to find that Times Square was                            disc 2.
becoming a mall. Spurred on by the loss of                    Act III (58 min.) ; Act IV
his neighborhood and inspired by the                          (70 min.)
sidewalk preachers around him, Bill bought                    disc 3. Next movement
a collar to match his white caterer's jacket,                 Act V (105 min.) ; Water is
bleached his hair and became the Reverend                     rising (8 min.)
Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping.                         3 videodiscs (ca. 256 min.)
Follows Reverend Billy and the Stop                           HV636 2005.L8 W43 2006
Shopping Gospel Choir (a changing group of
volunteers) as they go on a cross-country            When Women Go Through Menopause,
mission to save Christmas from the                   Where Do Men Go?: The Other Side of
Shopocalypse.                                        the Moon.
        1 videodisc (ca. 91 min.)                        Fanlight Productions (1996)
        HF5415.33.U6 W43 2008                               Men "talk back" about how
                                                     menopause affects them, and air concerns
When Children Do the Work.                           about their own aging: sexuality, retirement,
   We Do the Work                                    empty nest syndrome--and why some men
       Shows 15 year old Honduran girls              find the discussion so embarrassing. Man-
who support their families by sewing                 on-the-street interviewer Mal Sharpe asks a
designer clothing for U.S. stores, six year          host of men and health professionals to
old Pakistani children chained to carpet             explore the effects of menopause and aging
looms, and a women's group protesting the            on all of us.
use of Bangladesh child labor for Wal Mart                  1 Video Cassette (56 min.)
products.                                                   HQ28 .W45 1996
       Video Cassette (30 min.)
       HD 6231 W44                                   Where did You Sleep Last Night?
                                                         NIMCO (2001)
                                                            Illustrates how sex trade recruiters
                                                     lure teens away from friends and family,
                                                     gain their trust, then force them into an often
                                                     violent life on the streets -- sometimes in
                                                     only 24 devastating hours.
                                                            1 videodisc (22 min., 16 sec.)
                                                            HQ118 .W44 2001

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                                                                                      SOCIOLOGY 91

While Soldiers Fought: War and                        Who's Raising Our Children?
American Society.                                       Films for the Humanities (1996)
   Penn State AV Services (1990)                           Examines changes in parental roles.
      Examines the impact of war on                        Video Cassette (29 min.)
American society from historical, artistic, and            HQ 755.8 P3787
philosophical perspectives.
   The Artist at War N 8260 A77                       Why is Everyone so Cranky?
   Private Yankee Doodle E 255 P75                      HUMOR Project, [2005]
   Winning the War on Film D 743.23 W55                     On label: 20th Annual International
   A Hometown at War D 769.85 M31 D85                 Conference on "The Positive Power of
   Soldiers' Stories PN 56 W3 S58                     Humor & Creativity" / sponsored by The
   Coming Home DS 559.72 C64                          HUMOR Project, Inc.
   For God and Country BL 65 W2 F67                         1 videocassette (70 min.)
      7 Video Cassettes (28 min. ea)                        BF575.L3 W48 2005

Who Killed Vincent Chin?                              Why Riots Happen.
   New York : Filmakers Library (1988)                    Films for the Humanities & Sciences
       Documentary on racism in working-                  (2002)
class America focuses on the murder of                        Discusses the psychology and causes
Vincent Chin, a Chinese-American, by Ron              of riots and offers insights into the mindset
Ebens, a Chrysler motors foreman, in a                of violent crowds. Focuses on the Rodney
Detroit bar. Interweaves the story of the             King riots in Los Angeles in 1992 but also
murder with social concerns and questions             discusses riots around the world.
about justice.                                                1 videodisc (51 min.)
       1 Video Cassette (83 min.)                             HV6084 .W48 2002
       E184.A1 W453 1988
                                                      Why Work?
Who Lives, Who Dies?                                      Journal Films, Inc. (1983) British
(1987)                                                Production
       James Earl Jones narrates this                        Today there is no longer a religious
documentary about the current state of                reason or a national ethic for work, yet there
health care in America.                               is a work ethic. The idea that work is good
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                         for us developed with the Industrial
       RA 418.3 U6 W45                                Revolution. By the 1960s, prosperity and
                                                      affluence caused a rebellion. How can this
Who Pays for Mom and Dad?                             work ethic survive?
   WGBH (1991)                                               Video Cassette (27 min.)
       Examines how lawyers help middle                      HD 4905 W49
class seniors avoid bankruptcy due to high
medical costs for long-term care. Examines            The Willmar 8.
such issues as when to put a loved one in a             California Newsreel
nursing home and how to pay for it.                         Tells about the eight women who
       Video Cassette (58 min.)                       went on strike in Willmar, Minn., due to
       HQ 1061 W46                                    employment discrimination.
                                                            Video Cassette (50 min.)
Who's Getting Rich and Why Aren't You?                      HD 6060.5 U62 M68
   CBS News (1996)
       Discusses how corporations
maximize profits at the expense of workers
by cutting wages, downsizing, etc.
       Video Cassette (47 min.)
       HD 60.5 U6 W46

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                                                                                     SOCIOLOGY 92

The Witness.                                         Women and Men Unglued.
    Tribe of Heart Productions, ( 2000)                  Films for the Humanities & Sciences
       Documentary that tells the story of           (2004)
Eddie Lama, a construction contractor from                  Many men and women of
a violent neighborhood in Brooklyn who               marriageable age are now staying single,
grew up in a family that disliked and avoided        rather than forming the traditional family.
animals. Includes shocking undercover                Could the 21st century be the era when the
video footage that shows animal cruelty and          sexes go their separate ways? Through a
the injustice of animal exploitation.                series of filmed portraits and candid
Describes how individuals can help animals           interviews, looks at changing contemporary
in unique and inspiring ways, how one                gender relations and expectations, exploring
person can make a difference, and how                how men and women feel about issues such
each of us can play a role in creating a             as dating, marriage, money, parenting,
kinder world for both animals and people.            romantic love, feminism, and commitment.
       1 Video Cassette (43 min.)                           1 videodisc (87 min.)
       HV4708 .W58 2000                                     HQ801 .W64 2004

The Wobblies.                                        Women and Minorities.
    First Run/Icarus Films (1979)                       Insight Media (1989)
        From 1905 to WWI, members of the                    Discusses the struggle by minorities
Industrial Workers of the World, The                 and women in the United States to achieve
Wobblies, travelled from coast to coast with         equality and to struggle against
"Solidarity" as their slogan. Integrates the         discrimination.
songs of the period with photographs,                       Video Cassette (30 min.)
newsreel footage, and contemporary                          HN 57 W65
interviews with remaining members.
        Video Cassette (1 hr. 29 min.)               Women -- For America, For the World.
        HD 8055 I56 W62                                 The Educational Film & Video Project
Woman and Man. The Human Animal.                           Notable women in various fields
    Films for the Humanities (1988)                  speak out on current American issues, world
       Phil Donahue attempts to examine              needs, peace, nuclear disarmament,
who we are as women and men. He looks                environmental concerns, etc.
at the innate biological differences between               Video Cassette (29 min.)
men and women, the ways that our society                   HN 49 W6 W65
emphasizes and reinforces these
differences, and the ways in which these             Women Organize!
differences are breaking down.                          Women Make Movies (2000)
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                               This film follows five women
       BF 692.2 P45                                  organizers across the United States of
                                                     various backgrounds who are involved in the
                                                     global struggles for racial, social, and
                                                     economic justice
                                                            1 Video Cassette (32 min.)
                                                            HQ1421 .W656 2000

                                                     Work vs. the Family.
                                                       PBS (1993)
                                                           Takes you to companies that develop
                                                     ways to help employees balance the
                                                     demands of work and family.
                                                           Video Cassette (30 min.)
                                                           HD 4904.25 W78

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                                                                                     SOCIOLOGY 93

Work, Work, Work.                                    Working Lives.
   PBS (1977)                                            Films for the Humanities (1992)
        A documentary examining the                           Concentrates on the crucial century of
concept of work from ancient times to the            radical change between 1750 and 1850,
present. Explores the academic and                   when large numbers of people began for the
philosophical questions surrounding the              first time to work in factories rather than on
"work ethic" and introduces individual               the land. Covers the drift to towns, the
workers who discuss their feelings about             factory and apprentice systems, early
their jobs.                                          conditions in the mines, and the reactions to
        Video Cassette (59 min.)                     working conditions as frustration led to
        HD 4904 W65                                  rebellion and trade-unionism developed.
                                                              Video Cassette (, 20 min.)
Workfare, Welfare: What's Fair?                               HC 254.5 W67
    Films for the Humanities (1993)
       Some states are experimenting with            Working Women: The Problems.
workfare programs designed to get people                Films for the Humanities (1993)
off welfare rolls. Focuses on one such                      Charlayne Hunter-Gault interviews
program, its costs, prospects, and problems.         single, working women and discusses their
       Video Cassette (26 min.)                      problems such as salaries too low to pay for
       HV 95 W68                                     proper care and supervision of their children
                                                     during the workday, inadequate or
Working: The American Worker.                        unavailable child care facilities, and
    Films for the Humanities (1995)                  inadequate or absent help with household
       In an era of downsizing, shrinking            maintenance, with congresswoman Patricia
benefits, and growing underemployment,               Schroeder and Shirley Dennis from the
how will America’s workers be affected?              Dept. of Labor Women's Bureau.
Provides insights into the changing work                    Video Cassette (24 min.)
environment. Examines how the American                      HD 6055 W65
worker struggles to maintain dignity, hope,
self-worth, and a steady income.                     Workplace Beat.
       Video Cassette (29 min.)                         We Do the Work
       HD 6975 U6 W67                                      As large corporations buy up
                                                     newspapers, questions are raised about
Working Lives.                                       which stories are reported. Interviews with
   Films for the Humanities & Sciences,              journalists and producers of TV programs
[2003]                                               about working people.
       This program concentrates on the                    Video Cassette (30 min.)
crucial century of radical change between                  PN 4739 D47 W67
1750 and 1850, when large numbers of
people began to work for the first time in           World War III: The Population Explosion
factories rather than on the land, and when          and Our Planet.
agriculture had to adapt to provide for an              The Video Project (1994)
expanding population.                                        A comprehensive global look at the
       1 videodiscs (20 min.)                        warlike impact of the explosive growth in
       HC254.5 .W67 2003                             human population. Analyzes potential
                                                     solution to control population and the many
                                                     political, cultural obstacles these solutions
                                                             Video Cassette (50 min.)
                                                             HB 871 W77

                                                     Yes, Ma’am.
                                                       Filmakers Library (1982)
                                                           Summary in Ethnic Studies section.
                                                           Video Cassette (48 min.)
                                                           F 379 N59 N4

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                                                                                     SOCIOLOGY 94

Your Loan Is Denied.
   PBS (1992)
       Examines how the discriminatory
lending patterns of a generation ago still
persist. Documents their devastating effects
on racially mixed neighborhoods fighting for
economic survival.
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)
       HG 3755 Y68

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