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					Valid Reasons To Quit Teaching

                            At the back of your mind as a teacher, I bet you have piled up countless
                            reasons to quit teaching. But usually, upon assessment, these reasons are so
                            minor that they can be easily resolved. Additionally there are also many
                            teachers - possibly colleagues of yours - who have also experienced the
                            same teaching issues, yet still decided to remain with the profession.

Quitting teaching means cutting off your earnings. Thus, before putting an end to such a noble job, think
things through. Are your reasons valid enough for you to quit? In line with that, if you have been
rethinking of the possibility of leaving, here are some suitable reasons that mean you probably should

Reason # 1: Working is being a chore. If you constantly drag yourself to school on weekday mornings, it
is a clear sign your heart no longer belongs in the profession. Education requires hard work, patience
and effort. On the other hand, it can be very rewarding and satisfying to see a student grow more
intelligently with you. However, if you no longer have a spark of love or passion in it, then it is a fixed
time for you to quit. This in turn will only produce low outputs on your end and uninspired student as
well. So if you feel sad and disappointed every day, this is reason enough to quit teaching.

Reason # 2: Physical and mental inadequacies. As humans, we know how brittle our physiques will be
when we grow and age. There are many reasons for this change such as age factor and sudden sickness.
If you happen to be already on the edge of your retirement as a teacher, the school can still give you a
part-time work. But if you think such fragility can hinder your work and your competencies as a teacher,
better think again. Always consider yourself first. Listen to your body and it is time for you to take care
of it rather than lecturing a class of forty. This is a good reason for you to stop. Learn to prioritize.

Reason # 3: Looking for more. We can not deny that at some point in our lives we wish for something
better. It is our knowledge that a teacher is really paid low. Therefore, if you believe that being an
educator is not enough to keep your finances - especially your household expenses, looking for another
job is indeed a valid reason to quit. I know that deep inside you really would want a better life for your
family and children that you know teaching can’t give. Thus, if there is a better chance of employment
that goes beyond educating, by all means grab it. It would be hard for you to stay and you know in the
long run you would be regretting it.

If you have been destined for other reasons such as having a noisy class and tons of daily workload,
these are minimal and can be resolved immediately and effectively. But if you had any of the reasons
stated, then it may be time to put your place out in order for you not to affect more lives in a negative
way. As mentioned above, these are indeed valid reasons to quit teaching.

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