The-Adoption-Process by SonjaHelga


									The Adoption Process “Bringing home a friend “fur” life”…. http:/ Your family has decided to add an animal in need to your family and it’s a noble; and it’s a great thing to do. You may or may not know however, some of the things required to make your adoption a success, not only for you, but for your new friend too. Since many of these animals have come from situations they’d soon forget, many adoption centres have instituted a list of requirements you should be prepared for in order to adopt. They aren’t being unfair to you, but rather ensuring that both you and your pet are properly matched. They thing to do is first attend your local shelter. Be prepared to choose wisely, not just with your heart. A warm pair of loving eyes is always nice, but he or she may not be right for you. Be sincere and open minded in your search. Things you will have to consider is if you have children will be home a lot or not, if you have other pets, and can you afford his or her needs. Knowing these things is a great start. Once you have chosen the right pet, let the staff know your intention. They will want to share anything relative to the pet of your choice. As with people, your new pet may have needs special just for him. You will be informed if this pet has had issues with children, neglect, or abuse, which may be valuable information for your household. If this pet isn’t good with children, then it would be wise to consider further options. When you are sure this is the pet for your family you may be required to fill out a form and/or questionnaire regarding your needs, living situation, experience, and so forth. This will allow them to assess your suitability for the pet you desire. They aren’t doing this to be mean to you, but rather to ensure this little one doesn’t have to return. You may be asked to have an interview with one of the adoption agents. He or she will want to know why you want this pet, any history or experience you have that will help this pet in your home, and it will allow them to ensure you are prepared for this pets needs. Being honest is your best option; this will ensure you don’t have problems you are prepared for either. Once you are matched and approved for adoption, you will have the opportunity in many cases to allow your family to meet the new pet before taking him home; just to make sure all are comfortable with this adoption. The next thing is introducing your new pet to any family dogs you may have. Keeping in mind that there will be a period of adjustment, it is still in the best interest of all involved to ensure your current pet will be safe with the new addition and vise versa.

Finally, when you are ready to take your pet home, the shelter will likely encourage or mandate micro-chipping your pet; this is to ensure he or she is returned to you properly if he or she goes astray. This doesn’t hurt the animal in any way. When you get him home be patient, your pet will need time to adjust to his new surroundings. Give him love without conditions, be willing to help him learn right from wrong without inflicting harm, and you will find the rewards returning to you with great affection and gratitude. http:/

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