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									Honda Professional Automotive
Career Training

The Career
Dunwoody’s Honda PACT graduates are able to enter the industry as
automotive service and diagnostic technicians. Today’s automobiles are
complex machines run by sophisticated computer systems. Specialized
training prepares students for positions with Honda/Acura dealerships and                     A.A.S. Degree Requirements
can lead to a lifelong, well-paying career. American Honda is dedicated                  AUTO171    Electrical & Electronic Principles
to developing world-class technicians who can provide the expertise and                  AUTO172    Starting & Charging Systems
customer service need to retain loyal Honda customers.                                   AUTO173    Intro to Ignition & Computer Systems
                                                                                         AUTO174    Computer Controls & Testing
                                Entry-level                 Experienced
                                                                                         AUTO124    Engine Fundamentals
Service Technician salary:      $31,717 - $32,653           $45,758 - $55,654            AUTO125    Brake Operation and Repair

                                                    Source: AASP-MN 2007 Salary Survey   AUTO126    General Skills
                                                                                         AUTO127    Wheel Alignment and Suspension
                                                                                         AUTO128    Drive Train Operation and Repair
The Program
                                                                                         PACT101    Intro to Honda Dealership Experience
All Dunwoody Honda PACT instructors are certified as Master Technicians by
                                                                                         PACT102    Intro to Honda/Acura Scan Tools
the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). The program              PACT131    Accessories & Electrical Ckt Diagnosis
trains students in all areas of repair outlined by ASE’s National Automotive             PACT132    Honda/Acura Engine Performance
Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). Dunwoody is one of the schools                 PACT141    Honda/Acura Engine Repair & Diagnostics
handpicked by American Honda and provided with its state-of-the-art training             PACT142    Honda/Acura Advance Braking Systems
materials and custom curriculum. The program is designed to provide                      PACT143    Honda/Acura Suspension & Steering
students with hands-on experience with Honda’s advanced technology and                   PACT151    Honda/Acura Manual Drive Systems
service procedures. Students in this program can expect to intern at a Honda             PACT152    Honda/Acura Automatic Transmissions
dealership.                                                                              PACT161    Honda/Acura Heating & Air Conditioning

Program Length                                                                           PACT162    Honda Advanced Engine Performance
                                                                                         PACT153    Honda Hybrids & New Technology
This is a seven-quarter program, each lasting 12 weeks. With 118 credits,
                                                                                         PACT211    Internship 1A
students graduate with an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree.
                                                                                         PACT212    Internship 1B
                                                                                         PACT213    Internship 1C
                                                                                         PACT221    Internship 2A
                                                                                         PACT222    Internship 2B
                                                                                         PACT223    Internship 2C
Applying to                   Dunwoody’s Admissions team is committed
                                                                                         MATH103    Applications for Automotive
                              to working with you to ease and simplify
Dunwoody is easy                                                                         COMM101    Electronic Communications
                              the admissions process and provide all the
To apply online,              necessary information regarding our academic               ENGL101    Composition
visit           programs, degree opportunities, financial aid,             RSCH100    Research Strategies
Or, to speak with a           expectations and everything else that enters into          COMM150    Communication: Interaction and Process
Dunwoody Admissions           such an important decision.                                COMM100    Communication Theory and Practice
representative, call          Other exciting Dunwoody Automotive Technology                         Arts/Humanities Electives
612-374-5800 or               programs and degree options are available. Visit                      Diversity Electives
800-292-4652.        for complete details.                                    Science Electives
                                                                                                    Social/Behavioral Science Electives

                                              818 Dunwoody Boulevard                                Dunwoody’s 2+2 concept means every graduate
                                              Minneapolis, MN 55403                                 of a Dunwoody two-year associate’s degree
                                              612-374-5800 • 800-292-4625                           program is qualified to be admitted into one of
                                                                              our breakthrough bachelor’s degree programs
                                                                                                    if they would like to continue their education.

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