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Santa Cruz County “4-H Club Notes”
1432 Freedom Blvd
Watsonville, CA 95076
4-H Telephone: (831) 763-8015
FAX:        (831) 763-8006
4-H E-Mail:                                         DECEMBER 2002/JANUARY 2003

 TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                             DEVELOPMENT
 Youth Development Corner .. 1
 Animal Science ...................... 2                            Directions for the Decade Ahead:
   Animal Science-Large Animals                                                  Core Values
   Horses and Ponies
   Sheep                                             The Core Values of the California 4-H Youth Development Program
 Engineering ............................ 2      provide the foundation for all educational programs, activities and events that
                                                 take place at the local, regional and state level. The Core Values are the
 Family & Consumer Science. 2                    basic underpinnings of the program that must be reflected and threaded
                                                 throughout all aspects of the 4-H Youth Development Program.
 Health & Leisure..................... 3             Listed below you will find two of the five Core Values of the California 4-H
   Camping & Outdoor Adventure                   Youth Development Program, and an explanation of what each means to us
   Photography                                   here at the local level.
 Plant Science.......................... 3           The California 4-H Youth Development Program will:
 Resource Science .................. 3               1. Support the University of California Division of Agriculture and
                                                 Natural Resources mission and strategic planning assumptions.
 Social Science........................ 4            The 4-H Youth Development Program is the University of California’s
   Japanese Exchange Program                     youth education program. To this end, our connection to the University will
   Leadership Development                        be enhanced through greater access to curriculum, training seminars and
   Scholarships and Awards                       educational tools. As a result, the California 4-H Youth Development
   Community Service                             Program will more fully incorporate University research and information into
   Scholarships & Awards                         the delivery of programs to reflect the direction and focus of the University.
 Adult Leadership Develop..... 6
   Council Minutes                                   2. Recognize that University of California Division of Agriculture
 Club Info ................................. 8   and Natural Resources professionals provide the youth development
                                                 framework for volunteers and other cooperators who bring the
 Incentives & Recognition ...... 8               knowledge, experience and passion to work with youth in their
 New Resources ...................... 8              The 4-H Youth Development program would not exist without the
 A Minute with Mary .............. 10            dedication of adult volunteers. Through the implementation of Core Value
                                                 number two, volunteer leaders will be provided with on-going and continuous
 Calendar- Dec., Jan.,Feb ..... 11               support to deliver and carry-out the 4-H Youth Development Program through
                                                 trainings, resources and materials.
 PDR Medal Interview Q&A... 12
                                                     Next month I will address the remaining three core values. In the mean
 Bronze Medal Applications . 13                  time, I would like to invite all of you to consider what opportunities the 4-H
                                                 Youth Development Program should explore as a result of the Core Values
 Snow Camp Registration .... 14                  and communicate your ideas with me.

                                                 Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty Youth Development Advisor

                        Mission Statement for the California 4-H Youth Development Program
      “The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program engages youth in reaching their fullest
                           potential while advancing the field of youth development”
                                                                                                        Page 2

                                                             Show 2 will be December 14, 200. at the
                                                         Rancho Murieta Equine Complex. Show 3 will be
                                                         March 30, 2003 at the Sacramento Horseman’s
                         ANIMAL SCIENCE                  Assoc. in conjunction with the 4-H County Fair and
                                                             Points for the Range View Saddle Series are
                                                         now posted on their website. Just click on the link
   Animal Science – Large Animals                        to the Range View Saddle Series and you will find a
                                                         link to the RSS Point Standings. Please note that
    Livestock Symposium (CalBoers) California-           these points are preliminary and subject to update
Field Day – December 7, 2002 at the San Joaquin          or revision.
Fairgrounds will be a HANDS-ON educational                   A reminder…riders must show in 2 out of the 3
livestock symposium. This event will be in the           shows in their series to qualify for the series division
Livestock Barns of the San Joaquin Fair, which is at     high points or the series all-around awards. Also,
Airport Way and Charter way between Interstate 5         awards will be given down to 6th place in each
and High 99 in Stockton. Be sure to dress warm and       division (walk-trot, novice, junior, and senior) and
be prepared to get up close and personal in your         include silver buckles, trophies, and more.
selected workshops. 1) Hands on species                      For information and entry packets contact
workshops, 2) Provides quality animal science            Jennifer Chan, Rangeview 4-H Horse Project Co-
curriculum & materials, 3) Market Livestock will be      Leader and Sacramento County 4-H Assistant
ultrasounded for carcass data, 4) Emphasizes             Horse Resource Leader at 916-687-7028 or 916-
education in the livestock programs at fairs and         202-7124 (cell) or by email at:
shows, 5) Satisfied CA Exposition and State Fair         Or you can download forms and the latest
Quality Assurance & Ethics Training. The San             information for Stalls, Lodging, Consignments, Meal
Joaquin Co. 4-H Council is one of the sponsors of        Tickets, etc. on the Range View Saddle Series, get
this event.     For more information contact Troy        the RSS premium book and other forms online. Visit
Bowers           at       1-209-466-5041           or and click on the link to or Chris Schallberger at 1-       the Range View Saddle Series.
209-333-0543 or email:
Registration begins at 8am, program begins at 9am.
    Cost for non-residents of San Joaquin County,           Sheep
late (after Dec. 1) and On-site Registration: $30 for
Adult Leaders and $10 for Youth.                             The Breeding Sheep Program will be
                                                         Wednesday, December 11, 2002, starting at 6:45
                                                         p.m. at the Roseville Auction Yard. Contact the
    Horses & Ponies Project                              California Wool Growers Association (CWGA) for
                                                         more information at: 1-916-444-8122.
    Attn: Horse Members – A call came into the 4-H
Office from Wayne and Pat Vanstory who recently
moved to Scotts Valley from Tucson. They have a
number of nice, usable, previously owned items they
want to make available to 4-H members at a very low                               ENGINEERING
price: boots, western shirts, various kinds of horse
equipment. Please call either Wayne or Pat at (831)
430-9687 to find out more information or to make
arrangements to see the items.
                                                         There is no report this month
SERIES SHOWS – The Range View 4-H Horse                                          FAMILY & CONSUMER
Project of Sacramento County announces the dates
for the shows. The classes and awards have been                                  SCIENCE
expanded & changes have been made to make the
shows run smoother. This year the series is open to
4-H horse members, leaders, and parents from all
counties                                                 There is no report this month

                 Mission Statement for the California 4-H Youth Development Program
   “The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program engages youth in reaching their fullest
                        potential while advancing the field of youth development”
                                                                                                       Page 3
                                                              1. Full name and age of person submitting
                 HEALTH & LEISURE                         photograph.
                                                              2. 4-H affiliation.
                                                              3. Complete return address (for UPS delivery.
                                                          No P.O. boxes are permitted.).
   Camping & Outdoor Adventure                                4. Telephone number.
    Snow Camp –2003 Join 4-H families from all                5. List of awards that submitted photographs
over the county on February 14-17, 2003, at Snow          have received (county, state, 4-H, or other).
Camp. Snow Camp is a semi-structured, family-                 6. The photographer's thoughts about the
oriented winter camp. Spend the weekend at Camp           photograph in 25 words or less.
Sylvester in Pinecrest, just three miles from Dodge           7. Photo submissions should in color, 8-inches
Ridge. Have breakfast and pack a lunch in the             by 10-inches in size, and in a horizontal format.
heated mess hall at camp before you take advantage        Vertical shots only will be accepted if they can be
of daytime activities on your own: ski and snowboard      cropped to fit the horizontal format of the calendar.
at Dodge Ridge; ice skate at Long Barn, sled at               Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2003. All
nearby hills or build the perfect snowman or sled run     submissions not selected will be returned in late
across the street from camp, play board games and         August 2003. Winning photographs will be returned
cards in the mess hall. Come back to camp for hot         no sooner than December 10, 2003. After final
cocoa, dinner and evening activities. Enjoy the           selection, National 4-H Council will notify the
heated cabins and hot showers, too! But wait! What        winners and ask them for a signed release to use
would camp be without chores??? Camp chores will          the photo in the 2005 4-H Calendar. Both the
include kitchen help, restroom, cabin and common          photographer and parent/guardian must sign the
area cleanup. Chores will be assigned by cabin.           release. We also will request a second photo to
    Cost of Snow Camp is $65 per person, 9 years          display at the National 4-H Conference Center.
and older, $50 per person under 9 if you register by      Please submit photos to:
February 1, 2003. Price goes up $5 on February 2.               2005 4-H Calendar
We encourage each person to bring a box of hot                  National 4-H Supply Service
cocoa or cider packets and a package of cookies to              7100 Connecticut Avenue
share. We’ll have hot water for beverages going all              Chevy Chase, MD 20815
day. Camp does not provide linens or bedding –
make sure to bring sleeping bags, pillows and towels.
    Fill out the registration form found at the end of
Club Notes and send it, with your registration fees, to
Snow Camp 2003, c/o Kathryn Hill, 429 Hillview                                      PLANT SCIENCE
Drive, Felton, CA 95018.
    Please call Kathryn Hill at 335-2219 for more
information. Directions to camp will be in February’s
Club Notes. See you there!                                There is no report this month

    National 4-H Photography Contest Search
Begins - National 4-H Council needs winning photos                                        SCIENCE
from your state and county fairs from the years 1996
to 2003 to create the 2005 4-H Calendar. Thirteen
photographs will be selected. The winning photos will
be on display at the National 4-H Conference Center           Oceanography/Other Resource Science
from September through November 2003. The
photographs will be gallery mounted and framed and            Whales ‘n Art! Fostering exciting, scientific
identified with a brass plate engraved with the title     understanding, and stewardship of our coasts and
and photographer's name. The photographs also will        oceans. - Join Camp SEA Lab for a special
be displayed on the National 4-H Council Web site.        workshop for children ages 8-13. Led by Maris
    Submitted photographs only will be considered if      Sidenstecker, found of Whales on Wheels "WOW",
they meet the following criteria and are accompanied      and local scientific illustrator Kirsten Carlson, this
by the following information:                             3.5 Hr. session will use whale artifacts, present fun

                 Mission Statement for the California 4-H Youth Development Program
   “The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program engages youth in reaching their fullest
                        potential while advancing the field of youth development”
                                                                                                          Page 4
facts about the sea, and introduce four basic drawing        they have in common? They all are willing to share
techniques to generate interest in science and the           their lives and their culture. Enthusiasm is the main
oceans.                                                      qualification. You don’t need a fancy home or a
     Camp SEA Lab recognizes that all children are           separate bedroom to host, just a desire to make
natural scientists and most kids love art. Science           room in your lives for a new family member. You
illustration   combines       both   disciplines    while    don’t need to spend a lot of money or time traveling
emphasizing the importance of accurately identifying         the U.S. — the students aren’t here as tourists.
and recording unique characteristics. This workshop          They are here to live with your family and participate
will expose SEA Campers to an important element of           in your normal summer activities. The youth come
scientific inquiry as well as increase their appreciation    with their own spending money and the costs to you
of the diversity and beauty of nature.                       are minimal.
     The second workshop date is Saturday, January               If you’re interested in getting involved or would
18, in Santa Cruz. All materials are provided and            like more information, contact Pat English at (530)
participants will receive a whale facts coloring sheet       754-8520 or She can put
and a scientific illustration they have created. Cost is     you in touch with a family that has hosted before
$25 per child. For more information and to register          and they can provide you with information about
for the Whales ’n Art workshop contact Jane De Lay           their real-life experience. Application forms and
at     (831)     582-3681       or   email     her     at:   brochures are also available in the 4-H Office

                                                                Leadership Development
                                                                 STATE AMBASSADOR APPLICATIONS -
                                                             2003-2004 4-H State Ambassador Information and
                   SOCIAL SCIENCE                            Application are now available and due back in the
                                                             County 4-H Office by March 27, ’03. They must be
                                                             sent from County Offices to the State 4-H
                                                                 The 4-H State Ambassador Program is a
      4-H Japanese Exchange Program -                 A      working honor that provides 4-H members
      Summer Adventure for Families                          expanded opportunities to serve the 4-H YD
     For one month during the summer of 2003,                program. 4-H State Ambassador is one of the
California will be welcoming Japanese students               highest service opportunities and recognition
through the 4-H Japanese Exchange Program. The               attainable in the California 4-H Youth Development
Statewide 4-H Office is currently looking for families       Program. 4-H State Ambassadors and 4-H State
who would like to act as host families. The focus of         Ambassador Advisors will be selected in order to:
the exchange is friendship, but lasting friendship and            - Support the Mission and Direction of the
warm memories aren’t the only results. Youth who             California 4-H YD Program
have the opportunity to host enjoy a priceless                    - Support various local, sectional and statewide
educational experience that better prepares them for         programs and activities;
life in a global society.                                    including     public    presentations,     leadership
     The tentative schedule has the Japanese youth,          development opportunities and community service.
ranging in age from 12 to 18, arriving in San                     - Assist in the introduction of innovative
Francisco on July 26, ‘03. After an orientation on the       programming through a Service Project
UC Davis campus conducted by the Statewide 4-H                    - Provide leadership in the development of the
Office, they meet their host families and begin their        Youth Leadership Summit and the 4-H State
one month visit. The students return to UC Davis on          Leadership Conference
August 22, ‘03. The Japanese teen is matched with                 - To recognize and reward outstanding
a family who shares similar interests and has a child        accomplishments within the area of leadership
of the same gender and close in age. The Japanese                The term is July 11-13, 2003 to August 31,
chaperone is placed with two different families for two      2004. Candidates must be at least 16 years of age
weeks each. Those two families do not need to have           by Jan 1, 2003 and no older than 18 as of
children in the household.                                   December 31, 2003. Adult applicants must be 25
     The families who host are as different as the           years of age or older.
young students they welcome. They live in the                    The application is posted on the web at
suburbs, in small towns, on farms, and in city     
apartments. They have a variety of interests and
come from different economic backgrounds. What do
                  Mission Statement for the California 4-H Youth Development Program
   “The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program engages youth in reaching their fullest
                        potential while advancing the field of youth development”
                                                                                                        Page 5
     SANTA CRUZ COUNTY 4-H LEADERSHIP                      Portland, Oregon. Adult Volunteers, Staff, and
DEVELOPMENT – On the Third Monday of every                 youth older then 16 are encouraged to attend.
month, from 7-8:30pm the All Star team is presenting       Early-bird registration ends December 2 and late
an ongoing Leadership Development process. All             registration ends February 2. Information may be
primary and intermediate members are especially            obtained at
invited to attend but all member and leaders are
welcome. For more information about topics,
activities, etc., contact Nichole Bonnema, All Star, at        2003 CITIZENSHIP FOCUS PROGRAM. The
722-9241 or Diane Haugen, All Star Advisor, at 724-        Citizenship/Service Learning Advisory Council is
3409.                                                      seeking teens (8th grade graduates or above) and
                                                           an adult chaperone with leadership skills to attend
                                                           the 200d California Focus conference in
    MONTEREY COUNTY 4-H LEADERSHIP “GET-                   Sacramento on June 20 – 24, ‘03. This conference
AWAY” –The October “Get Away” was cancelled.               focuses on teaching young people about the
The rescheduled date for this overnight training           government and history of California and requires a
weekend is Saturday and Sunday, December 28 &              commitment to carry out a community action plan
29, 2002. It will be held at the Extension Building in     the year following the conference.             Special
Salinas on Abbott Rd.                                      emphasis is being placed on reaching youth from a
    This is a fun-filled learning experience for 4-H       broad cross-section of 4-H delivery metho9ds,
members in the 7th grade and above. Santa Cruz             including SERIES, after-school, and agency
County members and their chaperones are                    collaboration with the intent of providing support for
encourage to attend. Activities will help members          low-income youth and adults who would not
learn to develop different skills in leadership,           otherwise be able to attend
communications, recreation, handling peer pressure,            Through a gift from the Ironstone Concourse
and much more. Call the 4-H if you have questions          d’Elegance board, partial financial assistance is
or want enrollment forms. Deadline for enrollments is      available to teens who would not otherwise be able
December 17 at 4pm in the Santa Cruz County 4-H            to attend the 2003 Washington or California
Office.                                                    Citizenship Program. Complete information and
                                                           registration forms are available in the County 4-H
                                                           Office. Registration fees for the conference are
    LCORT 2003 – Plans are well underway for               $515.00 for adults and $425.00 for teens. If you
(Leadership Conference Of Regional Teens) LCORT            need financial assistance the 4-H Youth
2003 which will be January 31 – February 2, 2003 at        Development Staff may request assistance for you
Wonder Valley in Sanger CA (a little south and east        up to $440 for an adult and $350 for teens whose
of Fresno). This leadership event is for all 7th, 8th, &   families are not able to afford the registration fees.
9th grade 4-H members. This year’s theme is “The           Financial assistance applications forms must be
Leading Role.” You are each encouraged to begin            completed and returned to the 4-H Office by
right now thinking and planning to attend especially if    December 9.
you want to have a great time, meet really interesting
4-H members from other counties, and develop your
leadership abilities.                                      COMMUNITY SERVICE
    The cost is $65.00 and includes 2 nights lodging,
4 meals, (starting Saturday morning), snacks, and all          Colgate Youth for America Campaign-4-H’ers
registration materials. The deadline for registrations     have the opportunity to win monetary grants for their
to be in the Fresno LCORT office is December 9,            clubs by submitting their most innovative and
2002 so begin now to talk it up in your club. We           successful community service projects to the
would like to have many of our clubs represented at        Colgate Youth for America campaign. Since 1972,
this worthwhile weekend. Registration forms and            Colgate has awarded nearly $6 million to local clubs
conference information are available in the 4-H            and troops of the six leading youth development
Office. One chaperone for every 10 youth of each           organizations for their outstanding community work.
gender will be needed. Registration forms are due              Winning projects have included teaching club
in the 4-H office by December 2, 2002.                     members skills needed to babysit special needs
                                                           children, training guide dog puppies, hosting
                                                           summer camp for mentally challenged children,
                                                           environmental recycling programs, and town summit
  2003 WESTERN REGIONAL 4-H LEADERS                        meetings where teens share common problems and
FORUM - will be held February 26-March 2, 2003 at          offer their successful solutions. Entry forms are
                  Mission Statement for the California 4-H Youth Development Program
   “The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program engages youth in reaching their fullest
                        potential while advancing the field of youth development”
                                                                                                          Page 6
available by sending a stamped self-addressed                 Complete rules and additional information can
envelope to Colgate Youth for America, P.O. Box            be found at      Direct
1058, FDR Station, New York, NY 10150, or by               questions to Diana Acevedo, Project Manager,
visiting Colgate’s web site at            Sales Support at 212-598-7881 or by e-mail to
     (Info from Clover Corner News 11/5/02)       (from Clover Corner
                                                           News 10/2502)

    The National Center for Learning Disabilities          ADULT LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT
(NCLD) is accepting applications for the Anne Ford
Scholarship, which provides $10,000 over four years            NEW LEADER ORIENTATIONS – During
to a promising high school senior with learning            December there will be two new leader orientations,
disabilities (LD) who plans to pursue a university         December 10 in Felton and December 11 in Santa
degree. Recognition of attainment is also given to a       Cruz near Scott’s Valley. Please call the 4-H Office
select number of other individuals. The deadline for       (831) 763-8015 to find out where and what time.
application is December 31, 2002.         Additional
information and application are available on-line at:
http://www/   Questions            THE 2002 CALIFORNIA 4-H LEADERS'
may be directed to (from           FORUM: "Power-Up with 4-H: A Century of
Clover Corner News 11/12/02)                               Stars" was held November 8-10, 2002 at the
                                                           Asilomar Conference Center by Monterey. Three
                                                           Community Club Leaders from Santa Cruz County
    Start Something Scholarship - Target Stores            were among the 100’s of leaders from all over
and the Tiger Woods Foundation have teamed up to           California who attended. The Saturday keynote
develop a program to help youth ages 8 to 17 identify      speaker was John Paul Murphy, 4-H Youth
and achieve their goals.        The Start Something        Development Specialist with Utah State University
Scholarship program outlines steps young people            Extension Service who gave a very energetic. funny
can take to plan, execute and report on a service          and inspirational talk. He laid out his 4 Step
project. At its completion, participants are eligible to   program for us: Step I ”Be a real person.” Step II
apply for $100 - $5,000 scholarships. Scholarships         “Strive to like all people. Step III “Set Goals High –
are awarded three times a year, and the next set of        Aim for the stars.” Step IV “Don’t take yourself too
applications are due Jan. 1, 2003. For additional          seriously!”
information,     visit    their     web     site     at:       The keynote was followed by Power Group (from      Sessions which helped us understand the new
Clover Corner News                                         mission statement, and two series of workshops
                                                           each on a variety of topics designed to provide
                                                           information and new skills to project and club
    Guardian Awards Scholarships to Girls Going            leaders. Be sure to ask Sarah Shaver ,Laurie
Places - Guardian Life Insurance Company                   Stanley, and Robin Turnquist what they learned and
announces its 2002-2003 Girls Going Places College         begin planning now to attend next year.
Scholarship Program, an annual initiative designed to
help women create, invest, and protect wealth by
rewarding the enterprising spirit of girls ages 12-16.
Guardian awards college scholarships to 15 girls who
demonstrate budding entrepreneurship; are taking                            Santa Cruz County 4-H Council
the first steps toward financial independence; and                               Unapproved Minutes
making a difference in their schools and                                          November 21, 2002
    Girls are nominated by an adult who must submit
                                                           Lisa Robinson called the meeting to order at 7:30.
a 1,000-word essay describing why she deserves the
                                                           Clubs present were: La Selva Beach, Felton, Green
scholarship. The nominee could be their daughter,
                                                           Valley, Corralitos, Boulder Creek, Redwood, Scotts
niece, neighbor, or student. Three top scholarship
                                                           Valley, Manzanita, Day Valley.
prizes of $10,000, $5,000 and $3,000 and 12 finalist
prizes of $1,000 will be awarded. Nominations for
                                                           Allison Hill led the pledge and flag salute.
the 2002-2003 Girls Going Places scholarship
competition must be received by February 28, 2003.
                  Mission Statement for the California 4-H Youth Development Program
   “The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program engages youth in reaching their fullest
                        potential while advancing the field of youth development”
                                                                                                        Page 7
Allison Hill made a motion, 2nd by Stephanie
Fontana, to approve the minutes, motion passed.           2003 WASHINGTON FOCUS
A motion was made to accept the Treasurers report              Mary Cross has a videotape clubs can use that
by Kathryn Hill, 2nd by Allison Hill, motion passed.      tells more about the focus. It is for 8th grade and
Sherri reported the Clover Deli netted $6,454.            above and will be June 20-24th. Their financial
                                                          assistance scholarships with a deadline of
SECTIONAL REP. REPORT                                     December 16th.
     Nichole Bonnema attended the meeting along
with Roy Avila. They went over goals for the year         COUNTY WIDE DEMONSTRATION PROJECT
and what they should be planning. The next meeting            Rachel Swan will have a County Wide
will be in January. Both Nichole and Roy plan on          Demonstration Project for those who want to do a
attending the State Board Meeting.                        demonstration. They need to call her and get on
                                                          the list so she can pick a date this project will start
ALL-STAR REPORT                                           that is good for everyone.
   Nichole Bonnema said their last leadership
meeting went well and they had several kids attend.       PROGRAM REP. REPORT
The next meeting will be at Roundtable Pizza on 41st         Mary Cross passed out information that clubs
on December 16th, Monday, from 7:00-8:30.                 were asking for and the deadline for the Green
                                                          Sheet will be Wednesday November 27th.
     Stephanie Fontana facilitated section 500 for the    YOUTH DEVELOPMENT REPORT
group and the meeting in January David Gallacinao            Lynn Schmitt-Mcquitty will have two training
will go over section 600 with us.                         sessions December 7th for Jr. Master Gardener's
                                                          and there will be a materials fee. Another session
LEADERS FORUM IN ASILOMAR                                 on February 15th on Youth Experience and Science
    Robin Turnquist said she had a positive               and there will also be a materials fee. A, motion
experience and plans to go again next year. She           was made by Sherri Bonnema to purchase the kits
brought back information on putting Citizenship into a    needed for the sessions by Lynn, 2nd by Laurie
project for anyone to use. Roy Avila also went and        Stanley, motion passed.
had a positive experience.
                                                          WESTERN REGIONAL CONFERENCE
SANTA CRUZ COUNTY LEADERSHIP TRAINING                         Robin Turnquist asked if ever there was a
   Laurie Stanley attended and she went over the          representative at this conference which is in Oregon
sessions that were covered that day. There were           in early 2003 and to everyone's knowledge there
about 9 in attendance.                                    wasn't. She asked if the Council would support her
                                                          going in February as our representative. A motion
MANDATORY MEDAL INTERVIEW MEETING                         was made by Sherri Bonnema to pay up to
    The meeting is Monday, November 25 at 7:00.           $1000.00 towards the cost, 2nd by Stephanie
There were only two applications turned in so Nichole     Fontana, motion passed. Roy Avila did put a
Bonnema made a motion to extend the deadline to           stipulation that she would have to come back with
November 25th at 4:00. 2nd by Stephanie Fontana,          information, ideas and knowledge on the
motion passed. Stephanie volunteered to do some           conference because we are to host it in 2005.
phone calling to get some more applications in.           Robin agreed.
Robin Turnquist would check with Stephanie and see
if any more came in and make a judgment call if the       Meeting adjourned at 9:00
mandatory meeting will happen.
                                                          Respectfully submitted,
PRESENTATION DAY                                          Robin Turnquist
    Presentation day is March 1st. We are on the          Secretary
look out for a location to have it. Several people said
they would do some phone calling for a location.

    The Regional Presentation day will be April 5th, in
Salinas. It is time to start planning the event. Roy
Avila, Stephanie Fontana, Diane Haugen and Nichole
Bonnema will work on it.
                 Mission Statement for the California 4-H Youth Development Program
   “The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program engages youth in reaching their fullest
                        potential while advancing the field of youth development”
                                                                                                            Page 8

                                                             Silver & Gold Project Medals and Academic
                                CLUB INFO                Scholarship       and     All-Star Interviews    –
                                                         Applications have been received and judges are
                                                         being selected for the annual Interview Day which
COMMUNITY CLUB LEADERS FOR SANTA CRUZ                    will be January 18 from 9am to 12 noon at the
COUNTY                                                   UCCE Auditorium.
Boulder Creek Sarah Shaver`        338-3835                  Members who would like to be interviewed for a
               Lisa Robinson       338-4152              Personal Development Report (PDR) pin and have
               Nancy Nolf          338-9051              been in 4-H no more than three years are
Corralitos     Sherri Bonnema      722-9241              encouraged to call the 4-H Office by January 9 to
Day Valley     Tamara Johnson      662-9334              get on the schedule. PDR Interviews will be
Felton         Kathryn & Fred Hill 335-2219              conducted by the older 4-H members. The Interview
Green Valley   John & Pam Anderson 728-5046              Questions and Answers form is included at the end
               Darlene Mora        761-2130              of the newsletter to help interested members
Larkin Valley  Inactive                                  prepare for this interview.
La Selva Beach Robin Turnquist     688-4750
Live Oak       Lorelie Smith`      475-5998                   Bronze Medals: Member applications for
                                                         Bronze Medals, which are evaluated at the Club
Manzanita        Laurie Stanley           439-3247       level, are available in this issue of the newsletter.
                 Cyndi Greco              479-3567       Applications must be completed and turned into the
Pinto Lake       Diane Haugen             724-3409       members Community Club Leader in early March.
Redwood          Jeanine McCrary          423-4774       Interviews will be completed at the club level in mid
                 Noel Bock                423-3033       to late March and turned in to the 4-H Office. Medal
Scotts Valley    David Gallacinao         458-1470       winners will be announced at the county awards
Soquel           Carolyn Newton           476-6987       night in June.

invited to send in a two paragraph report of current     NEW RESOURCES
activities from your club to put in this newsletter.
Deadline to submit your article is the 4th Thursday of
                                                              (NOTE FROM MARY – if you know of a good
the month by 1pm. You can mail it to the 4-H Office,     resource that might be of interest to or you think would
fax     it   to   763-8006,     or    email    it   to   help other project or club leaders, mail or email the info to                                     me by the 3rd Thursday of the month so it can be
                                                         included in the newsletter)

La Selva Beach Club – Congrats to member Kyra            COMMIUNITY CLUB LEADER RESOURCES
Anderson who, in response to seeing the information          The 4H-CCL list is the most happening 4-H
in the newsletter, applied to the 4-H Foundation for     email list that exists. is a
money from the Legacy Fund. She was awarded              discussion group for 4-H Club Community Leaders
$350. to pay for supplies and film. Kyra’s project,      and 4-H project leaders. It is a forum to discuss
called “Woven Stories-Woven Lives” is an                 issues such as membership, fundraising, project
intergenerational art project which involves youth and   leaders, mini-members and anything else that we,
seniors working together to create a 5’ x 17’ mosaic     as club leaders, have to deal with. To subscribe go
which will be displayed in a public place in Santa       to: The site
Cruz County. We’ll be looking forward to hearing         has an archive of 9470 messages of all discussions
about your progress Kyra.                                that have taken place on any subject pertinent to 4-
                                                         H volunteer leadership since the site was first set up
                                                         and is a treasure-trove of information for new and
                                                         old leaders alike.
                                                         4-H INFORMATION WEB SITES:
                                                             To join the California 4-H email list (if you are
                  INCENTIVES and                         not     already     a   member):    1)   Click     on:
                  RECOGNITION                   and then click

                 Mission Statement for the California 4-H Youth Development Program
   “The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program engages youth in reaching their fullest
                        potential while advancing the field of youth development”
                                                                                                         Page 9
on the "Join This Group" link or 2) Send an email to:      at 1-800-648-1479 or        go   to   their   website:                  

    4-H Precious Moments Figurine Now Available               Marketing – To find out about starting a 4-H
Precious Moments recently unveiled its exclusive           Marketing Project for your club go to 4-H Marketing
4-H ”The Power of Youth” figurine at the National          Project -- Or you can contact Tim
Association of Extension 4-H Agents Conference in          Oey, the Santa Clara County Marketing Project
Norfolk, VA. The figurine was created to                   Leader at
commemorate 4-H’s centennial and is a Chapel
Exclusive, so it is not available in stores.                   Resource Science - The November Issue of
    You can order the new 4-H figurine from Precious       the Environmental Toxicology Newsletter is now
Moments Chapel Center Mail Order for $30 each plus         online.topics this month include: DPR Reports
shipping and handling. For more information or to          Pesticide Use Dropped to Record Low in 2001
order       call,       800-445-2220         or   visit    Acrylamide Angst Bottled Water Regulations Do,889.          Iron Pots Enrich The Foods Cooked in Them?
html. A photo of the figurine is available on the Web      Alcohol, smoking, and breast cancer TOXICOLOGY
site or in an advertisement on Page 41 of your 2003        TIDBITS:     What’s     Cooking    with    Vinegar
4-H Source Book.                                           Recommendations? Dangerous Candy to be
                                                           Destroyed, US FDA Says Holiday Foods and
PROJECT RESOURCES & WEBSITES:                              Natural Carcinogens EPA releases guide to clean
    Search for information     up mold in homes FDA Issues Import Alert on
on a variety of topics including: agriculture, forestry,   Cantaloupes from Mexico Society of Toxicology
fishing, family/consumer issues, lawn and                  Backs GM Substantial Equivalence Where Should
garden,        child     development,       4-H/youth,     EPA Go? VETERINARY NOTES: Survey Shows
environment, public policy, economics, water               Decline in Antibiotic Use in Animals Material From
quality and communities.             E-answers is a        CWD-Positive Animals Should NOT Be Used For
searchable web site that provides reliable research-       Animal Feed
based information on a wide range of Extension or
Outreach-oriented subjects. You can access the             PARENTING
knowledge of Land Grant universities around the                **Violence Prevention: You Can Never Start Too
nation.                                                    Early. Research shows that violence is learned,
    Beef Cattle – 4-H “Skills for Life Animal Science      and often it's learned in the early stages of life. A
Series” Beef– Project Activity Guides, Youth               new program called ACT (Adults and Children
Leadership Guide, Project Helper’s Guide are               Together) Against Violence aims to help adults
available in the 4-H office to examine as well as 4-H      show kids through their own actions how to behave
“Skills for Life Animal Science Series” Dairy Project      positively        and         avoid        violence.
Activity Guides, Youth Leadership Guide & Project
Helper’s Guides                                            url1570/newsletter-url_show.htm?d oc_id=130860

     Veterinary Sciences - The Merck Veterinary                **Parent-Teen Intervention May Reduce Teen
Manual, a comprehensive reference on the                   Driving Risk: An NICHD program that teaches
diagnosis, treatment and prevention of animal              parents how to set limits on their teens' driving
disease, is now available on line at no cost:              greatly reduces the teens' chances of risky driving The purpose of the           behavior that could lead to accidents, according to a
Merck Veterinary Manual is to provide a concise and        recent study by researchers at the National Institute
reliable source of information for those interested in     of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD).
the health and welfare of animals.               

   Poultry    –   The    UC     Poultry   Website    is:
                                                               **Personal Safety for Children: A Guide for
    Clothing & Textiles – Coats & Clark Consumer           Parents This U.S. Department of Education booklet
Services Department has an educational newsletter          has tips for what parents can tell their children and
that includes patterns for projects as well as             what they can do to protect their children from
information pieces about sewing. The Fall/Winter           abduction              and               exploitation.
newsletter includes an article congratulating 4-H on
100 years. For copies or more info you may call them       x.html
                  Mission Statement for the California 4-H Youth Development Program
   “The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program engages youth in reaching their fullest
                        potential while advancing the field of youth development”
                                                                                               Page 10
                                                        children who grow exponentially
                                                        because of their involvement.
                                                          It   seems  hard   for   me  to
                                                        comprehend this, coming from the
                                                        perspective of my own history and
                                                        my life today, but youth today
         A MINUTE WITH MARY                             need to learn how to say “No” to
                                                        activities just like adults do
Greetings Fellow 4-Hers,                                today.    Setting priorities and
   This month I am aware of the                         saying “No” to some things is an
fact that we are being blest                            important lesson for all of us.
with many newcomers for the                             It does make sharing times with
2002-2003 program year.       I want                    youth easier and ever so much
to extend a special welcome to                          more productive if we are all not
you all.     From the enrollment                        quite so stressed by all the
forms and conversations I have                          “things” we have to do.
had with volunteer leaders, I                              I say that as I am actively
know that you each bring special                        involved in preparation for the
gifts (besides the gifts of                             holidays and know that I need to
yourselves and your child or                            take my own advice. I hope that
children) and I’m confident that                        we can all make progress in this
4-H in Santa Cruz County will                           area in the coming months as we
continue to grow and get even                           continue to work together to try
better because of your presence.                        to “Make the Best Better!”
  My quote for this month come                             Very warm holiday wishes to
from notes I took at the keynote                        you and your families.
speech by John Paul Murphy, 4-H
Youth Development Specialist with                       Sincerely,
Utah State University Extension                         Mary L. Cross, M.A.
Service, during the CA Leaders
                                                        4-H Program Representative.
Forum at Asilomar: “Kids’ don’t need more
things to do but adults with whom to do things.”
This really hit me since I hear so                      PHONE: 763-8015      or    Fax:-763-
many parents and kids talk about                        8006
all the “things” they have to do
and how many groups and sports and
other activities they are involved
in.   4-H provides youth with a
place to be, a place in which to
grow, a place to learn. But most
importantly these things are all
done with adults who care about
them. 4-H is not a place you can
drop off your kids and let someone
else be with them, ideally, it is
a place where caring parents share
learning experiences with their

              Mission Statement for the California 4-H Youth Development Program
  “The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program engages youth in reaching their fullest
                       potential while advancing the field of youth development”
                                                                                             Page 11

                      CALENDAR for
     Deadline to submit articles for the newsletter is
      normally the fourth Thursday of each month.

December 2002
1      Community Club & Leaders Council By-
       Laws & Constitutions, Club Budget,
       Fundraising, Work Plans Due
2      LCORT applications due in 4-H Office.
16     Leadership Development Process
24- 25 Holiday – Office Closed
31        Interview Post Cards to be mailed
January 2003
1      Holiday - Office Closed
15     So. Central Rgnl Council Mtg.
16     County Council Mtg
17     Livestock Symposium/CA-Field Day
18     Interview Day
20     Martin Luther King Day-Ofc Clsd
31-2/2 LCORT
       Pork Spectacular
February 2003
14-17 Winter Camp
15    So. Central Sectional Council Mtg
16    State Livestock Judging-Madera
17    Presidents Holiday-Office Closed
21    County Council Mtg
      Poultry Show 1st week of Feb.-UCDavis

                 Mission Statement for the California 4-H Youth Development Program
“The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program engages youth in reaching their fullest
                     potential while advancing the field of youth development”
                                                                                                           Page 12

                      Personal Development Medal Interview Questions and Answers

•         Eligibility: open to any 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year member.
•          Interviews: members will be interviewed in January during the medal interview day, with awards presented
      at the spring awards night or at the Spring Fair in May.

1.      Name of the Program: 4-H Youth Development

2.      Name of your Community 4-H club:

3.      Name of your Community Club Leader:

4.      Name of your Club President:

5.      Name of the Santa Cruz County Youth Development Advisor or 4-H Program Representative: Lynn Schmitt-
        McQuitty or Mary Cross.

6.      Number of 4-H clubs in the County: 12

7.      Under whose authority does the 4-H program operate: University of California, Division of Agriculture and
        Natural Resources.

8.       Name and identify the purpose of 4-H Projects: To learn Leadership and Life Skills and become better
        citizens while learning skills related to the projects - science, home economics, animals, etc.

9.      What does a project leader do? Leads/teaches the projects, guides the members.

10.     What are the project members’ responsibilities? To attend and participate in project activities.

11.     Name three County 4-H events and/or conferences you can attend: Presentation day, Spring fair, Interview
        Day, Awards Night, etc.

12.     What does it take to earn a year pin? The completion of a 4-H year.

13.     Explain the Personal Development Form and how to receive a bronze, silver and gold star.

14.     How can you obtain points towards medals? Hold an office, attend meetings, give a presentation, engage in
        community service.

15.     How do you earn stars? Participate and earn points in different categories. Add them up until you acquire
        the proper amount of points.

16.     What is the medalist program? You can earn bonze, silver or gold medals in a project, based on your work
        and knowledge in that project. There are also age and year requirements.

17.     How do you get a record book medal? Turn in a completed record book on time and in the correct form.

18.     Recite the 4-H Pledge: As a true 4-H member, I pledge my Head to clearer thinking, my Heart to greater
        loyalty, my Hands to greater service, and my Health to better living, for my club, my community, my
        country and my world.

19.     Recite the 4-H Motto: To make the best better.

               Mission Statement for the California 4-H Youth Development Program
     “The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program engages youth in reaching their
                    fullest potential while advancing the field of youth development”
                                                                                             Page 13

                                    Bronze Medal Application

Name:                                                               Age:

Address:                                                            Years in 4-H:

                                                                    Birth Date:

Phone :                           E-Mail:                           4-H Club:

     Project Area              Years in This Project            Judge Signature               Date

Applicant Signature:                                                              Date:

Parent/Guardian Signature:                                                        Date:

Community Club Leader Signature:                                                  Date:

Eligibility Requirements:
• Three years in a project, and has completed project materials or
• Thirteen years or older as of January 1 of the program year.
• Members should show growth in their project. This should be measured in part in
    relationship to 1) member's ability, 2) adult support, and 3) size or increase in the project
    over time.

Approved Categories are all projects in the following seven California 4-H Project Categories:
Animal Science                 Engineering                        Family & Consumer Science

Health and Leisure             Plant Science                      Resource Science

Social Science

           Community Club Leaders need to turn this form into the UCCE/4-H Office

            Mission Statement for the California 4-H Youth Development Program
 “The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program engages youth in reaching their
                fullest potential while advancing the field of youth development”

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