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How To Quit Teaching


How To Quit Teaching

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									How To Quit Teaching: The Decent Way

                              How to quit teaching is a dilemma that every teacher has to address at
                              some point, whether that's a few years in, or after 30 years of service.
                              Perhaps anything that involves withdrawing from a profession is really a
                              difficult process. But regardless, you must be able to do your graceful exit
whenever you can. This is in fact preferable and suggested to any teachers who are thinking of resigning
from teaching.

There are actually easy ways and methodologies to have a proper procedure to quit teaching. In order to
avoid bad rumors and issues on your end, it is suggested you follow it accordingly. Much more, you will
be given nice recommendations and feedback from your former principal given the proper way of
quitting. This in turn can eventually boost your credentials.

Step 1: Follow the procedure of the school. Each school has always a process in regard to teaching who
decides to quit. Upon deciding to retire on the said profession, you must follow the appropriate process
in accordance with school policies. If there are forms or interviews to do, do it quickly. Have all control
requirements and comply with all the paperwork. This will ensure that your resignation is made official.
You will also receive your final salary as well.

Step 2: Inform others that you are quitting. This is essentially not broadcasting your decision. This is just
a matter of sharing the information with those who need to know about your departure. And who might
these people be? The school principal, the director and your close associates. You can also add your
reasons for leaving so they can’t generate issues and complaints about you leaving them.

Step 3: Finish your work accordingly. If you have already decided to quit teaching, it is a must to
complete all the tasks you have started. For instance are the student’s grades and lesson plans. Thus, it
is always advisable to leave the profession after the school year. In this case, the school and students
can be assured that you will not leave them in the middle of the course or semester.

These are the basic tasks that you can embed if you ever decide to leave teaching as a profession. There
are still many steps that you can add before this event. How to quit teaching is not really difficult, you
only simply follow the steps and finish all possible tasks in time before you leave.

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