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					A Teacher and Business: What They Have In Common

                             A Teacher and business are truly interconnected in so many ways. Even if
                             you are under the teaching profession, little did you know that you are
                             actually doing business at the same time. On the other hand,
                             entrepreneurship in one way or another incorporates mentoring.

                              Thus, it should not surprise you that when teachers transition to have a
business of their own, they often find it easy. They can easily grasp the basics and elaborate them
further in building a truly successful venture. In reality, 'teacher' and 'business' can truly intertwine
together because they complement each other. Here are some things they have in common.

1. Service oriented. Teachers are there to teach and give lectures to students on a particular subject.
After all that is the core of their profession. In business, on the other hand, is present to serve the needs
of their target market. It can intercept a particular product or a service. The bottom line is they both
want to serve something or someone. They are there intended for students and consumers. And they
are there because of how important their role is.

2. Discipline backbone. Both a teacher and business are based on their merit. When we talk about
education, it taps patience as one primary value. Students can be noisy and irritating sometimes they
could end up creating a bad atmosphere in the classroom. As a teacher, you must have the
perseverance to not scold them but instead be mature in dealing with them. Like education, businesses
and enterprises also tap the same factor. Sales may be low or perhaps the products are not loved by all.
Thus, you need to remodel and research on the right business approach.

3. Management. A teacher does not only play the roles as one but also as a class manager.
Entrepreneurs are also in the same ladder as the teachers since they also manage the business, their
personnel and various resources. They both may draw on different aspects and areas, but they are
based on the same ground. In fact this is one very important skill, because these two areas are both
directing something into somewhere positive. Teaching, for example, points to the direction of
knowledge while the latter points to business success.

No matter how we perceive it, both teaching and business are connected with each other. We can not
appreciate it, but if you're hoping to build one in the future, you would see how similar they both really
are. Thus, if a teacher and business are somehow related, then creating a company would truly be easy
for them.

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