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					                           Apparatus Replacement Analysis
Current Truck              Year                                    Potential Truck          Year

                           Model                                                            Model

                           Price                                                            Budget Price

                                                                                            Truck Inflation                 0%

                                                      Analysis Details
         What does it cost to own and operate the current truck versus the cost of replacement?

Current Truck                                                      Potential Truck
Operational Costs:                                                 Operational Costs:
Repairs & Parts                    $                               Repairs & Parts                         $
Fuel                               $                               Fuel                                    $
Insurance                          $                               Insurance                               $
Out of service costs               $
Other operational costs            $
Other operational costs            $

Intangible Costs:                                                  Financial Costs:
Safety costs                       $                               Loan payments                           $                   0
Recruitment                        $                               Lost interest earnings                  $
Morale                             $

Financial Costs:
Loan payments (if any)             $
Lost buying power                  $                   0

TOTAL                              $                   0           TOTAL                                   $                   0

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