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					                               Adreana Langston

                                                   Run And Watch These
                                                                                My top Bed Intruder Song cover videos

          Culturally                  I must
                                      h a v e
been under a rock during the summer of 2010
                                                         The attacker had the gumption to climb
                                                   into a second story window of the Dodson
                                                   home and attack Dodson’s sister. The reason for
because somehow I just discovered the Antoine      his rage is that when he first called the police
Dodson video. The Dodson phenomenon has            to report the incident they laughed at him. It’s
been a viral sensation since August when the       the flamboyancy and the passion that is funny,
Gregory Brothers mixed Mr. Dodson’s interview      not the content or the context. The videos that
audio with synthesized music to make the           made it on to my list all share the quality that
Bed Intruder Song. I’m not going to explain or     they do not appear to be making fun of Mr.
apologize for why I can be empathetic with         Dodson or of the attack on his sister.
and respectful of Mr. Dodson (who I think is the        NUMBER 3) ShinobiNinjaMusic
living embodiment of “It Gets Better”) while            I LOVE how a story about what happened               Antoine Dodson’s news interview
                                                                                                             went viral and became an online
laughing my behind off at his interview video      to a gay Black man and his sister in the South                     phenomenon.
and subsequent Bed Intruder Song at the same       gets made into a punk/funk hybrid song sung
time.                                              by an urban Black woman and a backwards-
           What I am going to explain is why       baseball-cap-wearing white punk rapper in a
the following seven YouTube videos made my         East Coast band. Only in the United States! I             Black marching bands are the shizzle!
cut as the top Bed Intruder Song covers. Before    love the creativity of my nation.                   Black Eyed Peas with the Bed Intruder Song –
getting to my favorite covers, let me touch on          NUMBER 2) VektorMusic                          brilliant! Plus, for you hetero men out there,
the original. The Gregory Brothers put the Bed          I just like the jazzy, soulful hipness of      the “dancers” in the marching band look like
Intruder Song up for sale on Itunes and split      their interpretation of the tune. I also like the   the kind you see at “the club”.
                                                   sweetness of the singer’s voice.                         NUMBER 4) BearAPalooza
the profits with Mr. Dodson. With that money
                                                        NUMBER 5) Anatnavarro                               Dodson and his family live in Louisiana.
Dodson was able to move his family out of
                                                        Ms. Navarro’s version of the song sounds       So I like the fact that this cover is bluegrass
the Louisiana public housing project where
                                                   kinda creepy. I like this. I mean some man          style, which is a style that originated in the
his sister was attacked. Even though Dodson
                                                   climbed in the sister’s window and tried to         South. I also like the solidarity of two gay
and his family benefited from the Bed Intruder
                                                   rape her. I think creepy music is appropriate.      white Southern men (or at least the one with
Song I don’t think the Gregory Brothers pimped
                                                   Ms. Navarro does this with a good melody, a         the bead covered gourd is gay) covering a
Dodson in the song. The song, in my reading,
                                                   smooth voice and without making the song            song about an incident that happened to a gay
did not appear as if it was making fun of
                                                   gimmicky.                                           Black Southern man. I also just personally like
Dodson due to his Southernness, his gayness,            NUMBER 8) Victor Kim and Dumbfounded           bluegrass music and I think this is a really well
his race, or his socioeconomic class. I laughed         Asian soulful hipster Victor Kim and Asian     done song, even if gourd man is a tiny bit off
during the interview and I cracked up during       rapper Dumbfounded. Dumbfounded actually            key. But what makes this video is how deeply
the song but I never felt like Dodson was a        drops some pretty funny original raps on this       gourd man is “feeling it”. That part of the video
buffoon or a fool. He was just a guy who was       version.                                            cracks me up.
flamboyantly and passionately letting some            NUMBER 6) A&T State University                        NUMBER 1) BenBaMusic
attacker out there know how much rage he felt.     Marching Band
                                                                                                            There’s nothing to say about this video
                       Swearing muppets, a harmonica and a ukulele – ‘nuff said.


other than the fact that these dudes turned
this into a really good song, “fo’ real”. They put
a bridge on it for heaven’s sake. The piano is
great. Their voices work great together. Their
theatricality is funny. This is just the best cover
of the Bed Intruder Song ever! I was singing
that “so dumb” build up ending in my head
for hours after watching this video. At the very
end when they realize they just created a really
good performance they crack themselves up.
That part is just delightful.

      ShatteredPersona -I don’t expect you to
get all the way through this video because it is
so awful. But please make it to at least 00:24.
At first I thought these guys were making fun
of Dodson but when I watched the whole thing
I realized that they were awful and earnest,
which makes this video hilarious. The DJ on
bongo drums in the back had me cracking up
just as much as those cute non-singing boys in
the front
      PineappleSodomy – Swearing muppets, a
harmonica and a ukulele – ‘nuff said.
      TzitzimitChanson - Guy with Mohawk and
thick Slavic accent does the song reggae style
– again, ‘nuff said.

                              Adreana Langston
     has been a resident of Long Beach, CA since sixth
    grade at Longfellow Elementary. She now resides
    in downtown Long Beach where she freelances in
           Graphic Art, Web Design and Photography.

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