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									                                           Geology & Planetary Science
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          Mark Abbott
         Associate Professor
      Thomas Anderson
           Daniel Bain
          Assistant Professor
        Rosemary Capo
         Associate Professor
          Mark Collins
          Emily Elliott                     Bezymianny Volcano in Kamchatka, Russia, where PhD candidate Adam Carter uses thermal
          Assistant Professor
                                            infrared satellite data in combination with field-based methods to track thermal changes at the
        William Harbert                     volcano.
         Associate Professor
         Charles Jones
       Michael Ramsey                  Two New Faculty Join Geology & Planetary Science
         Associate Professor         In January 2007, the Depart-         noted for its research on the         trogen, and other coal combus-
     Michael Rosenmeier              ment of Geology and Planetary        Chesapeake Bay watershed.             tion by-products in the country.
          Assistant Professor        Science grew in number and in        Elliott and Bain bring a variety      Dr. Elliott’s research makes
           Ian Skilling              stature with the arrival of Drs.     of experiences and new exper-         her uniquely qualified to ad-
          Assistant Professor        Emily Elliott and Daniel Bain        tise in geological and environ-       dress this deposition, as she is
         Brian Stewart               from Menlo Park, California,         mental science, complement-           completing a national study of
     Chair and Associate Professor   where both had completed post-       ing the department’s existing         the isotopic concentration of
               Staff                 doctoral appointments with the       strengths and extending its           nitrate (nitrogen and oxygen) in
          Dolly Chavez               U.S. Geological Survey. Prior to     research focus to additional          precipitation. Characterization
        Receptionist/Secretary       working at USGS, Bain and            important contemporary is-            of these isotopic compositions
                                     Elliott received their doctorates    sues.                                 provides unprecedented infor-
      Deanna Hitchcock               from Johns Hopkins University
       Academic Administrator                                             Dr. Elliott, who grew up in           mation on the sources of air
                                     in the Department of Geography                                             pollution and the processes
        Lorrie Robbins               and Environmental Engineering.
                                                                          southern Maryland, is an
      Department Administrator                                            emerging national expert on           determining the fate of this
                                     There they worked in Dr. Grace                                             contamination in the atmos-
                                                                          the sources and fate of air
                                     Brush’s lab group, which is                                                phere.
                                                                                    pollution. Pittsburgh
 Department of Geology &                                                            is ground zero for          Dr. Bain, a native of southeast-
     Planetary Science                                                              atmospheric pollution       ern Ohio, brings a wealth of
                                                                                    as regional coal com-       research experience in geo-
  University of Pittsburgh                                                          bustion provides elec-      morphology, geochemistry,
    4107 O’Hara Street                                                              tric power for a signifi-   and hydrology to the Depart-
                                                                                    cant portion of the         ment. Dr. Bain’s postdoctoral
         200 SRCC                                                                   U.S. As a result, soils     work with the USGS focused
   Pittsburgh PA 15260                                                              in the Pittsburgh re-
                                                                                    gion receive some of
                                                                                                                on water-geochemical interac-
                                                                                                                tions in two very different set-
       412-624-8780                                                                 the highest loads of        tings. One aspect character-
    FAX: 412-624-3914                                                               atmospherically de-
                                                                                    posited mercury, ni-
                                                                                                                ized the isotopic systematics of
                                                                                                                the oxidation of chromium via
University of Pittsburgh                                                                                  Arts and Sciences
Page 2                                                                                          Geology & Planetary Science Newsletter

 Letter from the Chair
 Dear Alumni and Friends:            dergraduate students in faculty      number of tenured and ten-        strides in elevating the Geol-
                                     research programs — and these        ure-stream faculty in the         ogy and Planetary Science
 I’d like to take this opportunity   very often lead to exciting un-      department was cut from           research program toward
 on the Chair soapbox to high-       dergraduate research projects        twelve in the mid-1990s to        those of the upper tier of
 light one of the most significant   and honors theses, not to men-       eight for most of the new         geoscience departments,
 accomplishments of our de-          tion opportunities to carry out      century (we now have nine         commensurate with the Uni-
 partment in the past few years:     field work in remote and some-       full-time positions counting      versity of Pittsburgh’s stand-
 continued growth in research        times exotic locations through-      the one shared by Drs. Bain       ing as one of the nation’s top
 funding from external sources.      out the world. High levels of        and Elliott); and (2) federal     public research universities.
 Why is this important to the        funding result in more visits and    research funding in the earth
 mission of Geology and Plane-       seminars from external collabo-      sciences has taken a signifi-     With best wishes,
 tary Science? Certainly, in the     rators, and a generally more         cant hit over the past several
 research arena, more funding        vibrant and dynamic department       years. In other words, we’re
 from agencies such as the           atmosphere.                          doing more with less in
 National Science Foundation,                                             every way. Training the next      Brian Stewart
 NASA, DOE, and EPA is gen-          Now let’s look at the numbers.       genera-
 erally correlated with increased    The university likes to track re-    tion of
 publication output, greater         search expenditures as a meas-       geoscien-
 standing in the research com-       ure of research funding produc-      tists re-
 munity, and increased depart-       tivity — this is the actual amount   mains a
 ment visibility both within and     of external funds researchers        top prior-
 outside of Pitt. But research       spend on things like lab sup-        ity for us,
 funding also reverberates to        plies, field work, and student       but I
 other parts of our mission.         support. As you can see in the       thought
 More funding means greater          accompanying chart, our re-          you’d like
 graduate student support, al-       search expenditures have in-         to know
 lowing our students to focus on     creased fivefold since 1990,         that we
 their research projects and         with a nearly monotonic rise         are also
 high-quality scientific manu-       over the last ten or so years.       making
 scripts. External funding al-       This increase is particularly im-    great
 lows paid participation of un-      pressive considering that (1) the

                                                                                                             Announcing our new G&PS
 Two new faculty (cont.)                                                                                          Administrator
 manganese oxides. This re-          of a salary. However, they also      scheduled to be completed in The Geology and Planetary
 search will aid in understand-      have a great deal more time to       May 2008.                    Science Department Ad-
 ing and remediating of environ-     devote to research. In a market                                        ministrator of 4+ years, Mat
                                                                          Dr. Bain will be teaching
 mental contamination from           where dual-career couples and                                          Romick, left Geology in late
                                                                          Groundwater every spring
 metals, including local brown-      the “trailing spouse” are sources                                      2007 for another position
                                                                          and Soils every other year.
 field sites related to steel pro-   of consternation and bitterness,
                                                                          Dr. Elliott will teach a course   within the university. Mat
 duction. Another aspect of Dr.      this arrangement elegantly
 Bain’s postdoctoral research        solves many potential problems.
                                                                          in Watershed Biogeochemis-        was highly successful at
                                                                          try every spring and a course     keeping the department
 focused on chemical weather-
                                     As both professors have strong       on Applications of Stable         functioning smoothly and
 ing in the Santa Cruz terraces
                                     interests in geochemistry, their     Isotopes in Environmental         balancing grant budgets
 of California. His study is one
                                     arrival has resulted in enhanced     Systems in alternate years
 of the first to couple basin-                                                                              during his tenure at G&PS,
                                     analytical capability in depart-     beginning next fall. These
 scale chemical dynamics with                                                                               and he will be missed.
                                     ment laboratories. New analyti-      courses will not only
 extensive characterization of                                                                              However, the department
                                     cal equipment includes an ion        strengthen the graduate pro-
 soil chemical weathering rates.                                                                            was lucky to identify and
                                     chromatograph for the analysis       gram, but will also allow ad-
 The simultaneous arrival of         of major anionic species in wa-      vanced undergraduates addi-       hire a strongly qualified new
 Elliott and Bain is not simply a    ter and a gamma spectrometer         tional elective choices. The      administrator, Lorrie Rob-
 big coincidence. They have          for sediment dating (measures        arrival of these two dynamic      bins (formerly from the En-
 been working together since         concentrations of gamma de-          young researchers marks an        vironmental and Occupa-
 graduate school and were mar-       caying radio-isotopes), as well      exciting time for the teaching    tional Health Division of the
 ried in 2005. They join the         as an upgrade to the depart-         and research missions of the      Graduate School of Public
 department in a relatively novel    ment thermal ion mass spec-          Department of Geology and
 arrangement, by splitting a         trometer and an additional gas       Planetary Science.
                                                                                                            Health), and anticipates no
 faculty position. Both teach        isotope mass ratio mass spec-                                          reduction in the pace or
 half the load of a normal fac-      trometer. Laboratory renova-                                           quality of department op-
 ulty member and receive half        tions for Bain and Elliott are                                         erations.
  2006-2008                                                                                                                                Page 3
                                   to karst development,” Mary-        resources, such as offshore oil           Alaska and Pennsylvania after
Alumni updates                     land Geological Survey, Report
                                   of Investigation 75, 101 p.
                                                                       reserves and a successful fishing graduating with his BS in 1999.
                                                                       industry. I am also a regular             He writes, “Most recently I de-
                                   (2004).                             guest lecturer at Plymouth Uni-           cided to pursue my aspirations
John Boulanger (BS Environ-                                            versity (the place where the Pil-         of teaching and am working
mental Geology, 2002) at-          Elizabeth Bryant (MS 2002) is       grims left England!) in contami-          toward my Masters degree in
tended the New Mexico Insti-       living in Ventura, California.      nated land. I have remained an            education from Drexel Univer-
tute of Mining and Technology      She can be contacted at             active caver, and for two years           sity. I live in Philadelphia and
in Socorro, NM, where he re-       <>.           was the honorary secretary of the plan to teach high school earth
ceived a MS in Hydrology in                                            British Caving Association. I have and space science in the
2004. He writes, “I am cur-        Stefanie Dilts Bernosky (BS         continued to participate in inter-        School District of Philadelphia.”
rently employed with Klein-        Geology 2004) writes “I re-         national caving expeditions to
felder (http://                    ceived my MS in geology from        Mexico, and am hoping to go to            Erica Love (BS Geology, as a          UNC – Chapel Hill in 2006. As       Croatia soon to explore the most          2001; MS 2003) tells us “I'm
hydrogeologist supporting site     an indirect result of my MS         researched karst area in the              living in Pittsburgh and working
characterization and environ-      research, I published three         world. I’ve also been trained in          as an environmental consultant
mental modeling activities for     abstracts and have a peer-          cave diving and have taken my             for Camp, Dresser, and
petroleum storage tank release     reviewed paper submitted to         first tentative steps in that form of McKee, Inc. for clients across
sites, source water/wellhead       Gondwana Research. I at-            exploration.” She adds that living the country. My husband Tony
protection projects and in sup-    tended the University of Wis-       in the UK “gives me a unique              and I are approaching our one-
port of water appropriation        consin-Madison in pursuit of        perspective on geology, and I             year anniversary, October 14,
permits throughout the U.S.        my PhD, but left in 2007 to         have had an opportunity to see            we can't believe it's been a
After receiving my MS, my wife     begin my career at BP as a          the first replica of William Smith’s      whole year. Our wedding was a
and I, who were married in         geologist. I was married in         original (and the first) geologic         bit of a Pitt Geology alumni
September 2003, returned to        April 2007 to Mark Bernosky,        map and visited his grave. I’ve           party [see photo] and we were
Pittsburgh from NM. We are         who attended Pitt (non-G&PS)        stood on the international date           so happy that so many of our
now homeowners in McCan-           from 2000-2002. Erik Hoff-          line at
dless Township; however,           mann [BS 2002], a fellow Pitt       Greenwich
there are no little ones to        geology alumnus (and fellow         at mid-
speak of yet.” John recently       Wisconsin grad student) was in      night, and
had an abstract accepted for       attendance. We now reside in        nearly
presentation at the 2007 Inter-    Houston, TX.”                       every day
national Petroleum Environ-                                            for two
mental Conference in Houston,      Paula Grgich-Warke (MS              years I
Texas.                             2003) writes “I’ve been living in   walked
                                   the UK since 2003 when I mar-       along a
Dave Boyer (BS Geology,            ried my British husband, and        portion of
2005) is currently a geologist     working in the contaminated         the Juras-
for Texas Keystone, Inc. He is     land/brownfield remediation         sic Coast
Secretary and Webmaster for        sector since that time. I’m cur-    World
The Pittsburgh Association of      rently employed by a multina-       Heritage         Erica Love (center) and her Geology wedding guests
Petroleum Geologists, and          tional engineering firm, Hyder      Site. I live in                                                       great
recently purchased a house in      Consulting, Ltd, where I func-      Devon, so now I have lived in two Pitt geology family were able to
Pittsburgh. He can be con-         tion as a technical liaison with    places with geologic periods              attend. It wouldn't have been
tacted at                          the sales and marketing team. I     named after them!”                        the same without you.”
<>         am involved in exploring all
or <>.         aspects of industrial and com-      Lara Homsey (MS 2003) is an             Matt Maiers (BA Environ-
                                   mercial engineering projects        Assistant Professor in the Depart-      mental Studies, 2005) writes “I
David K. Brezinski (PhD            that have an environmental          ment of Geosciences, Murray             am currently a Project Manager
1984) was honored with the         facet to them. Our office spe-      State University, Kentucky. She         with Greensburg Environ-
2007 John C. Frye Memorial         cializes in geoenvironmental        can be contacted at                     mental Contracting Systems,
Environmental Geology Award        and groundwater projects and I      <>           Inc. in Greensburg, PA, but I
of the Geological Society of       am currently working on the         .                                       recently accepted a position
America. This Award is given       site investigations for large       Candace Kairies Beatty (PhD             with the Walsh Group in
each year to the best environ-     parcels of land that are being      2003) is currently an assistant         Canonsburg, PA as a Project
mental geology paper pub-          redeveloped for the 2012            professor at Winona State Uni-          Engineer. I am married to Mi-
lished either by the Geological    Olympic Games. I’m also in-         versity, Winona, MN and a Fac-          chel Pawlosky-Maiers who is
Society of America or by one       volved in an interdisciplinary      ulty Fellow with the                    an optometrist and we live in
of the state geological surveys.   consortia to examine the ef-        U.S. Department of Energy/              Greensburg, PA.” For those of
Papers published during the        fects of climate change on the      National Energy Technology              you who remember better
preceding three calendar years     British Isles. Our extensive        Laboratory.                             days, Mat was a member of the
are eligible. Brezinski was        coastlands are constantly                                                   2004 Big East Champion and
cited for his sole-authored pa-    threatened by climatic changes      Scott Knoflicek (BS Geology,            2005 Fiesta Bowl Pitt football
per “Stratigraphy of the Freder-   that enhance erosion, increase      1999) worked as an environ-             team. He can be contacted at
ick Valley and its relationship    flooding and damage economic        mental consultant in New Jersey,        <>.
Page 4                                                                                               Geology & Planetary Science Newsletter
                                       Oil and Gas Management; it           (slightly modified) with David      the tragic accidents occur-
Alumni updates (cont.)                 will be two years in Novem-          Crown in 2003.” Tim can be          ring in US coal mining indus-
                                       ber. There are two sections to       contacted at                        try over the past couple of
                                            the program, the permit-        <>.             years, several changes to
                                            ting section, which issues                                          the way coal is mined are
                                            permits for oil and gas         Jim Pottinger (MS 1996) is          coming and more may fol-
                                            well drilling, and the com-     currently employed at the           low. These challenges have
                                            pliance section, which          Gateway School District,            probably reached all who
                                            takes care of inspections       Monroeville, PA. He is the          work in activities related to
                                            and regulation of oil and       Department Chairperson for          this industry. My coworkers
                                            gas well activities. I work     the AIM Gifted and Talented         and I have some new publi-
                                            in the permitting section       Program, which is dedicated         cations coming out in 2008.
                                            as a Geologic Specialist        to teaching                                                There
                                            and perform the technical       the gifted                                                 will be a
                                            review on oil and gas well      and tal-                                                   NIOSH
                                            drilling applications.”         ented                                                      Informa-
                                            Aaron lives in Meadville,       through                                                    tion Cir-
         Matt Maiers and Michel        PA, and can be contacted at          innovative                                                 cular out
           Pawlosky-Maiers             <>.               technolo-                                                  at the
                                                                            gies and                                                   end of
                                      Tim Pierce (MS 2001) writes           methods.                                                   this year
Dan Nelson (MS 2005) is at
                                      “I currently live in Austin,          He works                                                   or early
the University of Washington in
                                      Texas with Lisa (my wife of 8         mostly with                                                next
Seattle where he has just
                                      years) and our two children           students in                                                year. . .
started a PhD in chemical
                                      Abigail (3 years) and Henry (6        grades 11-                                                 Also, my
oceanography with Dr. Julian
                                      weeks). I am in my 3rd year           12, and is                                                 part-time
Sachs. He is working with
                                      selling residential real estate       always in                                                  work on
hydrogen isotopes in lipid bio-
                                      in Austin, and Lisa has contin-       need of                                                    sources
markers. He can be contacted
at <>.
                                      ued her career in home mort-          guest                                                      for res-
                                      gage at Wells Fargo (What a           speakers                                                   pirable
Erin Nock (BA Environmental           way for two geologists to             (contact                                                   silica
Studies, 2002) writes “I am           make a living, eh?!). I meet          him at                                                     dust has
                                      up with the old Planetary Pitt                               Jim Pottinger and family         been docu-
currently living in Missoula,
Montana. I work for the United        crew each year at the LPSC                                                                    mented and
States Forest Service, North-         conference in Houston (Jeff           <> will be submitted to the Inter-
ern Region Headquarters, as a         Byrnes [PhD 2002], Scott              if you can help). Jim is mar-       national Journal of Coal Ge-
GIS Specialist in                                          Mest [PhD        ried to Mimi Suppes and has         ology shortly. . . . Lastly, we
the Wildlife, Wa-                                          2004], Jen       two young children: daughter will be presenting and pub-
tershed, Fisheries                                         Piatek           Riley (4) and son Torin (2).        lishing our findings from a
and Rare Plants                                            [PhD 2003],                                          field study in scenic south-
Unit. I am in my                                           and others       Brian Ruskin (BS Geology,           western Pennsylvania at the
last semester of                                           who at-          2001) completed his PhD in          12th North American/US
graduate school at                                         tended Pitt      Earth and Atmospheric Sci-          Mine Ventilation Symposium
the University of                                          after I left).   ences at Cornell University in      in Reno. That was a huge
Montana working                                            This past        2006. His research focused          field effort for us and docu-
toward my Mas-                                             year I also      on the genesis of nonmarine         ments changing reservoir
ters degree in                                             saw Joey         stratigraphic sequences and         conditions in longwall panel
GIS. After                                                 Minervini        utilizing paleosols as climatic     overburden in response to
graduation I will                                          [MS 2001]        indicators in foreland basins       mining.” Steve can be con-
continue to build                                          and Sherry       in Argentina and Utah. After        tacted at <>.
my career working                                          Stafford         graduation, Brian began his
for the Forest Ser-                                        [MS 1999,        current job as a regional ge-       Arthur C. Tarr (PhD 1968)
vice. I plan to stay                                       PhD 2007],       ologist for a new ventures          updated us on his profes-
in Montana as                                              both of          team at Shell International         sional career subsequent to
long as I's                                      whom are         Exploration and Production,         his doctoral work with Walter
so beautiful out                                           at Exxon-        Inc. in Houston, TX. He can         Pilant. He writes: “Following
here!!”                                                    Mobil in         be contacted at                     a National Research Council
                                                           Houston.         <>.           post-doc in 1968-1969 with
                                                           Lisa and I                                           ESSA, Coast and Geodetic
Aaron O’Hara (BS            Erin Nock in the Rockies       remember                                             Survey (ESSA was the im-
Environmental Geol-                                      Pittsburgh         Steve Schatzel (MS 1990,            mediate predecessor of
ogy, 2005) writes “I work for         and my time at Pitt (1999-            PhD 2001) writes “I am still        what became NOAA in
the PA Department of Environ-         2001) fondly. I published the         working at NIOSH in the Pitts- 1969), I was employed as a
mental Protection, Bureau of          results of my MS thesis               burgh area. In response to          research geophysicist with
2006-2008                                                                                                                             Page 5
                                  Lab and training program at           Residual and Municipal Wastes.”      Alumni Conference as one of
Alumni updates                    the Golden offices. As a result,                                           the co-chairs. We had a very
                                  GIS is now integrated into            Ann Vander Schrier (Pro-MS in        successful conference in
the National Earthquake           most research programs. My            GIS/RS, 2003) is the Manager of      September. This is a unique
Information Center (NEIC) at      current Scientist Emeritus pro-       GIS Systems and Numeric Data         event where alums return to
NOAA's headquarters in            ject is the creation of a large       Services at Case Western Re-         campus to connect with stu-
Rockville, MD. In 1972, the       wall map of global earthquakes        serve University's Kelvin Smith      dents and let them know the
NOAA earthquake program           for the period 1900-2005 and          Library in Cleveland, Ohio. She      type of things they can do
and personnel were trans-         the design of a comprehensive         recently started on a Masters        with their BS in geology and
ferred to Boulder, CO and         online seismicity atlas of Earth      degree in Library and Informa-       fill them in on things they
later merged with the earth-      using GIS.”                           tion Science degree at Kent          wish they had known as a
quake research programs of                                              State University.                    student. We had about 40
the U.S. Geological Survey        Andrew Vahey (BA Environ-                                                  alums return for two days of
in 1974. I retired from the       mental Studies, 2002) writes          Jessica Wade (BA Environ-            talks and panels with the
USGS in February 2006 but         “After graduating from Pitt in        mental Studies, 2002) writes, “I     students. During the confer-
now hold a Scientist Emeri-       '02 I moved to West Chester,          am currently employed at Digi-       ence I was honored with the
tus appointment with the          PA, and started working full          talGlobe and coming up to my         William T. Elberty Jr. Medal
NEIC in Golden, CO. The           time for a utility company in         five-year anniversary in Decem-      for service the to the Univer-
nearly 38 years of Federal        Delaware and Maryland where           ber. My experience earning the       sity through direct service
service with NOAA and             I've become a Senior Environ-         GIS certificate at Pitt really       and support of the Depart-
USGS provided me with             mental Scientist. I graduated         helped me in this industry. The      ment of Geology. . . . I am
many exciting research op-        from Saint Joseph's University        GIS certificate program provided     also continuing to maintain
portunities in observational      (Philadelphia, PA) in the spring      me with a background in rele-        the web site for the SLU Ge-
seismology and plate tecton-      of 2007 with a masters of sci-        vant software such as ENVI and       ology Alumni (http://
ics. Early in that period, the    ence degree in Environmental          ESRI packages as well as a 
plate tectonic revolution was     Management and Public                 basic understanding of remote        alumni/). That is the extent of
in full swing and I was able      Safety. The REALLY good               sensing and GIS. I have              my geology these days, as I
to use my dissertation work       news is that my fiance and I          evolved at DigitalGlobe from a       am spending time with my
to establish plate effects on     got engaged on 10/19/07.              Satellite Imagery Technician to a    family. Scott and I have two
body-wave magnitude deter-        We're planning a 2008 wed-            Satellite Production Systems         girls — Katie, now 4 and
minations. I was a member         ding in West Chester. My free         Engineer. My most recent en-         Eliza almost 2. The keep us
of a team analyzing data          time is filled with running,          deavor has taken me into a posi-     pretty busy with school, story
from a seismic network in         working on cars and cheering          tion as a Satellite Grounds Sys-     time at Phipps, and Kinder-
the Aleutian Islands prior to     on the Steelers.”                     tems Software Test Engineer. I       musik. As a family, music
and subsequent to two large                                             truly appreciate my experience       continues to be a high priority
underground nuclear explo-        Carey Vallor (BA Environ-             at Pitt in the Geology & Plane-      and Scott and I are busy with
sions, and later I was project    mental Studies, BS Psychol-           tary Science Department and          our community Band — the
leader of new seismic net-        ogy, 2004) writes that after          the journey of mine that it initi-   East Winds Symphonic
works in Puerto Rico and          graduating “. . . it took me          ated.” She notes that Digital-       Band. We were just selected
South Carolina established        some time to land the job that I      Globe has successfully launched      to perform at the National
to characterize seismic haz-      really wanted, to work with the       a second commercial remote           Convention of the Associa-
ard of those areas. Other         Department of Environmental           sensing satellite, and information   tion of Concert Bands in
project work included seis-       Protection (PA DEP)! I utilized       and pictures can be found at         Corning NY. It promises to
micity studies in southern        my psychology degree when I        be an exciting time. We also
Nevada in connection with         first graduated and worked at a       delta/d326/070918launch/.            continue to work on an or-
the Yucca Mountain nuclear        child and adolescent psychiat-                                             ganization that we created
waste storage facility, in        ric hospital and kept taking any      Katherine Walden Schmid (MS          with another area musician
southern Puget Sound de-          civil service test that I qualified   2005) writes “I've gotten married    — the Southwestern Penn-
termining seismic amplifica-      for. I was hired in October of        and have changed my name to          sylvania Band Partners. This
tion due to low-velocity surfi-   2005 at CYS (Children & Youth         Katherine Walden Schmid. I           organization serves to con-
cial deposits, and analyses       Services) of Washington               work for Equitable Production        nect regional community
of numerous U.S. and inter-       County through civil service          now and look for oil and gas         bands and to highlight and
national disasters such as        which placed me on a promo-           reserves in northern West Vir-       promote community music in
the 1994 Northridge and           tional list for other state jobs. I   ginia and Pennsylvania.” Kathe-      Southwestern PA.”
2004 Sumatra earthquakes.         was finally hired with the PA         rine’s work email is
I was intrigued to read the       DEP in 2006 and recently up-, and her ad-
discussion of the geographi-      graded my status from an envi-        dress is 12 Watson Blvd, Pitts-      Please use the enclosed
cal information systems           ronmental trainee to a full           burgh PA 15214.                      postage paid envelope to
(GIS) program in the Depart-      fledged Waste Management                                                   let us know how you're
ment. In 1987 I led a special     Specialist. I work out of the                                              doing. Plus, we'll include
project to expedite the incor-    Pittsburgh office located on          Sarah Zimmerman McElfresh
                                                                                                             your news in the next
poration of GIS into USGS         Washington's Landing and am           (MS 2000) writes “I have spent
earthquake research. I es-        under the Waste Program               the last year working on the St.     newsletter.
tablished a centralized GIS       which deals with Hazardous,           Lawrence University Geology
Page 6                                                                                                 Geology & Planetary Science Newsletter

 Isotope Study Links Nitrates to Power Plants
 Recently hired Assistant            sulfate, and pH in precipita-
 Professor Emily Elliott (see        tion for assessing the source
 cover story) has completed          of nitrate in rainwater.
 an unprecedented survey of          Based on these results, Dr.
 the isotopic composition of         Elliott suggests that isotopic
 nitrate in rainwater through-       monitoring of precipitation
 out the northeastern U.S.           may be an effective way to
 Atmospheric nitrate deposi-         monitoring long-term reduc-
 tion is a key contributor to        tions in power plant NOx
 acidification of streams and        pollution, as required by the
 soils, forest decline, coastal      Clean Air Act and the Clean
 water algal blooms, and             Air Interstate Rule. Addi-
 ozone and particulate matter        tional data from her study
 formation. The results, pub-        illustrate that monitoring
 lished in Environmental Sci-        networks need to be ex-
 ence & Technology (v. 41,           panded to incorporate sites
 pp. 7661-7667), demon-              in urban areas, to capture
 strate that the isotopic com-       the influence of roadway
 position of nitrate isotopes in     NOx pollution. As part of
 precipitation is directly re-       building her research pro-
 lated to contributions from         gram, Dr. Elliott is develop-
 power plants. In fact, her          ing plans to establish a pre-       Spatial distribution of nitrate isotopes in rain across the Northeastern U.S.
 results indicate that nitrogen      cipitation chemistry monitor-       Higher values (shown in red) indicate the influence of power plant NOx emis-
 isotopes may be a better            ing site in Pittsburgh, which       sions on nitrate formation. (adapted from Elliott, et al 2007).
 tool that commonly used             will be one of only several
 concentrations of nitrate,          urban precipitation monitor-

 Reflection Seismology Program Initiated
 Associate Professor Bill            initiated a seismic reflection      bert was awarded grants             will be tested in the NETL
 Harbert, working with re-           study to investigate the ef-        totaling nearly $1.4 million        core flow laboratory to deter-
 searchers at the Department         fectiveness of CO2 injection        from NETL during the past           mine acoustic velocities.
 of Energy/National Energy           as a means of carbon se-            year, in addition to an earlier     The lab study will employ
 Technology Laboratory               questration and enhanced oil        donation of a seismic truck         enhanced hardware and
 (NETL) in Pittsburgh, has           production. Professor Har-          from WesternGeco worth an           software for measuring
                                                                         additional ~$1 million.             acoustic velocities at in situ
                                                                                                             pressures and temperatures
                                                                                  In this project, reflec-   typical of sequestration con-
                                                                                  tion seismic meth-         ditions. These measure-
                                                                                  ods will be used to        ments will then be correlated
                                                                                  image CO2 migration        with the seismic reflection
                                                                                  at an injection site       survey, providing a direct
                                                                                  before and at six-         bridge between the geologi-
                                                                                  month intervals fol-       cal units and their represen-
                                                                                  lowing injection.          tation in the collected reflec-
                                                                                  Working with the           tion seismic datasets. Con-
                                                                                  Southwest Regional         tinued work will add subsur-
                                                                                  Partnership on Car-        face, reflection seismic, well
                                                                                  bon Sequestration,         lithology, wire line log, and
                                                                                  Professor Harbert          other information to the data-
                                                                                  and his team will          base.
                                                                                  construct geodata-         So far, this project has
                                                                                  bases related to risk      helped support PhD student
                                                                                  assessment of CO2          Vladislav Kaminskiy, for-
                                                                                  sequestration. Rock        mer PhD student (and now
                                                                                  core materials from        postdoc) Brian Lipinski,
 The WesternGECO-donated F700 seismic recording truck allows recording of previously inter-                  and early-career PhD stu-
 up to 3000 channels of 24-bit digital data simultaneously. It has a 24 kV or can preted oil field wells     dent Chris Purcell.
 be run via shore power.
2006-2008                                                                                                                           Page 7
                                 speculation that similar fault-   the graduate plate tectonics        something that will happen
Faculty updates                  ing may extend to Alaska!         course.                             every spring, come hell or high
                                 Lots of fun. Still working                                            water.
                                 upon refinements that fur-        Daniel Bain
Mark Abbott                                                                                            In addition, Dr. Elliott and I have
                                 ther support this idea. In the
                                                                   I’m very pleased to be joining      been repeatedly enchanted with
Field-based research contin-     meantime projects in Ne-
                                                                   the Geology and Planetary           Pittsburgh. Moving from (most
ued this year in remote parts    vada, New Mexico, Pennsyl-
                                                                   Science faculty at Pitt. While      recently) the San Francisco
of the Peruvian and Venezue-     vania and Puerto Rico pro-
                                                                   it’s only been a few short          area, I have to say SanFran
lan Andes and the Pacific        gressed. Patti Campbell, a
                                                                   months, things are going well.      topography is overhyped. Pitts-
Northwest. Fieldwork focused     former student, now a pro-
                                                                   Lab renovations are scheduled       burgh has plenty, and more
on collecting sediment cores     fessor at Slippery Rock, her
                                                                   to be complete soon. I’ve had       importantly, snow. And Pitts-
to study late Quaternary cli-    students and I are finishing
                                                                   the pleasure of working with        burgh has affordable housing.
mate change. The research        up work in the East Potrillo
                                                                   several Pitt undergrads, includ-    And the Steelers. And the
group includes 3 PhD stu-        Mountains of southern New
                                                                   ing Emily Broich, Amar Me-          friendliest people. Let’s stop
dents (Nathan Stansell,          Mexico. In Nevada, Damian
                                 Piaschyk completed his                                                there. I think I’m embarrassing
Broxton Bird and Byron
                                 thesis focused upon a large                                           the city.
                                 transpressional bend of the
                                 Las Vegas Valley shear                                                Rosemary Capo
                                 zone. Sarah Morealli has
                                 just started a new project to                                         Doctoral student Liz Chapman
                                 the west, among highly ex-                                            and new PhD student Tonya
                                                                                                       Brubaker are working on a col-
                                 tended rocks. Mary
                                                                                                       laborative DOE-NETL project
                                 McGuire is tackling the rela-
                                                                                                       with WVU that involves the use
                                 tion between iron ore depos-
                                                                                                       of mass spectrometry tech-
                                 its and fractures in southern
                                                                                                       niques to identify, quantify and
                                 PA. Daniel Lao-Davila is
                                                                                                       determine the mechanisms of
                                 back from Australia and writ-
                                                                                                       interactions of trace elements in
                                 ing his dissertation about
                                                                   hta, Michael Muder, and             coal utilization byproducts (e.g.,
Steinman) and 7 undergradu-      deformed ultramafic rocks in
                                                                   Marion Sikora, in conducting        fly ash) with natural waters.
ate research assistants.         southwest Puerto Rico. I am
                                                                   research on urban streams in        We’re also continuing to explore
Lindsey Witthaus, one of the     on my way to a Penrose
                                                                   Baltimore, MD and in Pitts-         the chemical and mineralogical
undergraduate researchers        Conference in Greece where
                                                                   burgh’s own Nine Mile Run. (If      characteristics of coal mine
who conducted fieldwork in       I hope to gain insights into
                                                                   you haven’t been to Frick Park      drainage iron oxides, which was
the Yukon and wrote an hon-                                        in the last three years, I highly   the subject of former PhD stu-
ors college thesis, also re-                                       recommend it. You won’t be-         dent Candace Kairies Beatty
ceived a Fulbright scholarship                                     lieve what they’ve done with        (now Assistant Professor of
to study in Brazil this year.                                      the place.) This year I hope to     Geoscience at Winona State
The goal of our research is to                                     continue and expand my re-          Univ.). Liz Chapman and un-
document drought and tem-                                          search program in urban fluvial     dergraduates Allie Ackerman
perature histories since the                                       systems, non-traditional stable     and Andrea Glassmire are
last ice age using finely lay-                                     isotope geochemistry, and           working on a new project, in
ered lake sediments. Methods                                       catchment hydrology, including
include stable isotope geo-                                        students drawn from both Pitt’s
chemistry, physical sedimen-                                       very capable undergraduate
tology, and geochemistry.                                          population and a grad student
Results of stable isotope                                          or two from this year’s recruit-
analysis of the sediment re-     plate coupling and core
                                                                   ment class (If you know some-
cord for the last 100 or so      complexes. I plan to incor-
years is calibrated using in-    porate the new knowledge
strumental climate data from     into a paper about extension      I taught a graduate course in
nearby meteorological sta-       in northwestern North Amer-       Soils this fall, and will teach
tions and then extended back     ica with Bert Struik and Jim      this course in alternating fall
in time using the geological     Ryan of the Canadian Geo-         semesters. The field compo-
archives.                        logical Survey. I continue to     nent of this class is character-
                                 teach the introductory geol-      izing soils and mass wasting in
Thomas Anderson                  ogy labs each semester. I         Schenley Park in cooperation
                                 enjoy the interactions with       with the Pittsburgh Park Con-       collaboration with adjunct fac-
Following the publication of     undergrads just entering the      servancy. This work is in sup-      ulty member Bob Hedin and
ideas about very large faults    geological and environ-           port of their long-term goal of     Hoover Color, Inc., which re-
in southwestern North Amer-      mental studies very much. I       restoring Panther Hollow            cently received funding from the
ica, Brian Mahoney (U. Wis-      also taught structure and         Creek and Lake. Things have         Green Building Alliance. The
consin, Eau Claire) and I pub-   had a stimulating introduc-       been fun so far. This spring I      goal is to find ways to optimize
lished an extended abstract in   tion to the western Pacific in    will be teaching Groundwater,       the recycling
which we supported the
Page 8                                                                                       Geology & Planetary Science Newsletter
                                    Studies Program. The ES          you’re doing.                        survey of water quality impair-
   Faculty updates (cont.)          major boasts 75 majors and       Finally, the department would        ment in Nine Mile Run, a highly
                                    roughly 250 graduates; in        grind to a miserable end if it       visible restored stream in Frick
                                    ten short years, the program     weren’t for the hard work of         Park. Marion will be using a
   Capo cont.
                                    has become one of the pre-       Lorrie Robbins, Mat Romick,          combination of nitrate isotopes
   of iron oxides deposited in
                                    mier multidisciplinary majors    Brian Stewart, Deanna Hitch-         and geochemical tracers to im-
   passive wetland treatment
                                    in the University, with half a   cock and Dolly Chavez. I am          prove our understanding of con-
   systems. Liz, working with
                                    dozen Morris Udall and           grateful for both their skills and   tamination sources to Nine Mile
   former MS student Ted
                                    Harry Truman Scholarship         their patience.                      Run and how they vary with
   Weaver (now a Project Ge-
                                    winners and runners-up.                                               discharge, especially during wet
   ologist with Hedin Environ-
                                    This year, 30 ES students        Emily Elliott                        weather. This work is being
   mental), has also been exam-
                                    worked in wide-ranging in-                                            conducted in collaboration with
   ining evidence that shallow                                       It’s hard to believe we’ve been      Dr. Bain and the Nine Mile Run
   coal mine discharges rather                                       in Pittsburgh now for nearly         Watershed Association. In the
   than deep oil and gas brines                                      one year. As time flies by,          coming months, I look forward
   are responsible for iron con-                                     progress continues to be made        to assuming teaching responsi-
   taminated waters seeping                                          in establishing our new re-          bilities, including a course this
   from some gas wells in Clar-                                      search labs and programs.            spring that will focus on the hy-
   ion County. Liz presented                                         Lab renovations are soon to be       drology, biogeochemistry, and
   preliminary results at GSA                                        underway and are scheduled           management of watersheds that
   and is extending this work                                        to be completed in late spring       will incorporate field work at the
   with the help of grad student                                     2008. A new Isoprime continu-        U.S. Forest Service Fernow
   Graeme Dodworth. Recent                                           ous flow mass spectrometer is        Experimental Forest in Parsons,
   PhD graduate Sherry Staf-                                         scheduled to be delivered this       West Virginia.
   ford (now a research geolo-                                       fall and will soon be keeping
   gist at ExxonMobil in Hous-                                       Rosenmeier’s instrument com-         It’s certainly been an exciting
   ton) was a coauthor on a re-                                      pany in SRCC 520-521. When
                                    ternships spanning five                                               year for us, and I’m looking for-
   lated paper. On a more exotic                                     all is said and done, we should
                                    states; another 11 students                                           ward to sharing my research
   topic, Sherry also has two                                        have some really nice working
                                    studied abroad in China,                                              interests, teaching, and the iso-
   revised journal manuscripts                                       space to accommodate our
                                    Costa Rica, France, Spain,                                            tope gospel with anyone who
   related to her dissertation                                       research for the coming years.
                                    Australia and Peru. Four of                                           will listen.
   work on Archean fossil soils
                                    our students earned
   in Finland and Canada near                                        In addition, I’m fortunate to be
                                    Brackenridge Summer Re-                                               William Harbert
   submission. Undergraduate
                                    search Scholarships, and 17
   James Gardiner is finishing                                                                            Sean Fulton and Jeff Mihalik
                                    students—an unprece-
   up work on a geoarcheology                                                                             have been successful and re-
                                    dented number—worked in
   project related to horse do-                                                                           ceived their Masters of Science
                                    research labs throughout the
   mestication in the Eurasian                                                                            in the Sloan Foundation Profes-
   steppes begun in collabora-                                                                            sional Masters program! They
   tion with Mike Rosenmeier                                                                              have done a great job. Brian
                                    Despite the complex nature
   and Sandra Olsen from the                                                                              Lipinski received his PhD de-
                                    of the major, our students
   Carnegie Museum of Natural                                                                             gree and is now a post-doctoral
                                    continue to do well academi-
   History; James will enter our                                                                          researcher at the University of
                                    cally. Of 12 students gradu-
   graduate program in the fall.                                                                          Pittsburgh and National Energy
                                    ating in April 2007, eight
   In teaching related news,                                                                              Technology Laboratory of the
                                    graduated with honors (three
   Environmental Studies pro-                                                                             United States Department of
                                    cum laude, three magna
   gram coordinator Mark Collins
                                    cum laude, two summa cum
   and I have begun work on a
                                    laude); the overall GPA for
   Heinz Foundations supported
                                    the entire major was above
   project that integrates sus-                                      advising two stellar MS candi-
                                    3.1. This spring, four Envi-
   tainability issues into under-                                    dates, Katie Middlecamp and
                                    ronmental Studies students
   graduate classes. Last spring                                     Marion Sikora, both of whom
                                    graduated Phi Beta Kappa.
   Brian Stewart and I took our                                      started their programs this fall.
   graduate seminar class out                                        Katie’s research focuses on
                                    On a personal note, it has
   on a field trip to the Owens                                      using carbon and nitrogen
                                    been enormously gratifying
   Valley region in California;                                      isotopes to assess uptake of
                                    to hear from so many alums.
   eighth grader Emma Capo                                           fossil-fuel derived CO2 and
                                    Although I am not always
   Stewart showed her four-                                          NOx to vegetation. Her work is
                                    able to respond immediately
   year-old brother, Owen, the                                       being conducted in conjunction
                                    to emails and letters, please
   ropes.                                                            with folks at the Baltimore Eco-     Energy. Vladislav Kaminski
                                    know such correspondence
                                    is very much welcomed.           system Study — a Long-Term           should be finished this term with
   Mark Collins                                                      Ecological Research Site.            his PhD degree and has begun
                                    Take advantage of the re-
                                    sponse card in this newslet-     Marion Sikora is embarking on        looking for employment in Can-
   It’s been another interesting
                                    ter and let us know how          an isotopic and geochemical          ada. New students Chris Pur-
   year for the Environmental
2006-2008                                                                                                                                Page 9
                                       either historical geology or         lengths?) The twins espe-         Anchorage, AK, in early May,
Faculty updates (cont.)                sedimentology/stratigraphy?          cially love princesses. The       where I spent the next four
                                       Or perhaps a great example           eldest especially loves to        months working with the
Harbert cont.                          illustrating the use of biostrati-   draw dragons incinerating         Alaska Volcano Observatory.
cell and Amanda Wasielewski            graphy or lithostratigraphy to       princesses. You can imag-         My time there continued a
have just started this term.           address an important geologic        ine the wailing and gnashing      decade-long collaboration
I have been working on research        question?                            of teeth that ensue. But at       researching new ways to bet-
in collaboration with the National                                          least I sleep at night!           ter monitor volcanoes in the
Energy Technology Laboratory in        On other matters, I get a lot of                                       northern Pacific region. Over
the areas of reflection seismic,       people bringing in samples that      If you are ever in the            the past five years, this work
rock physics and risk assess-          enter my office as valuable          neighborhood, I hope you’ll       has focused on using data
ment. This year I spent a pleas-                                            stop by! I’d like to hear         from the Advanced Space-
ant two weeks in Moscow and                                                 about what you are up to,         borne Thermal Emission and
London as part of a sabbatical,                                             and to see if you have any        Reflection Radiometer
completed two continuing educa-                                             suggestions about improving       (ASTER) satellite instrument.
tion courses (in 3D seismic ac-                                             what we do here.                  During the summer, I was
quisition design and AVO applied                                                                              awarded NASA funding for
to lithology determination) and                                             Michael Ramsey                    another three years to con-
have been working with col-                                                                                   tinue as a science team mem-
leagues and students. I am very                                             For all of 2007 I have been       ber on that mission. And fi-
grateful for the continued dona-                                            away from the Department          nally, for the remainder of
tions for software and equipment                                            on my sabbatical leave. I         2007, I headed to the Univer-
relevant to CO2 sequestration                                               was awarded tenure in the         sity of Hawaii in Honolulu. My
and geophysical studies. Stu-                                               spring of 2006 and started        research time there was
dents have become much better                                               my sabbatical this past           spent working with Mars data
than I am at utilizing the Kingdom                                          January.                          as well as looking at active
Suite of Seismic Micro Technolo-                                                                              volcanic processes at Kilauea
gies and interpreting 3D seismic                                            Unlike most sabbaticals           Volcano. Being away from
data sets.                                                                  where one goes to a single        Pittsburgh has not slowed my
                                       meteorites and leave as hunks        location, I opted for the more    research group at all. My sev-
Charles Jones                          of slag or industrial metal. Bill    costly and time-intensive         enth PhD student, Emily Mer-
                                       Cassidy’s been training me. It       option of relocating three        curio, just started and several
I really enjoy teaching historical     is always tough letting them         times! For the first four         papers were published this
geology. In recent years I’ve          down. One guy carried his 50-        months of the year I went         year, all first-authored by my
shifted my emphasis toward the         lb block of metal from base to                                         students. I am looking forward
practical, hands-on interpretation     base for the full 20-years of his                                      to a productive year of re-
of rocks, stratigraphic columns,       Air Force career! This is the                                          search and teaching!
cross-sections,and maps. I fig-        hazard of free shipping. But at
ure these skills will best serve       least he was philosophical                                             Michael Rosenmeier
students as they move into pro-        about his non-meteorite: He
fessions requiring the unraveling      dumped it in my office. An-                                            Greetings! It’s hard to be-
of the regional geology of an          other guy with a piece of chert                                        lieve, but I’m now settling into
area. I only wish that it were         was sure I was wrong, that Bill                                        my fifth year at the University
feasible to do more than one           Cassidy was wrong, and that                                            of Pittsburgh…and this last
weekend trip in the spring se-         the Carnegie Museum of Natu-                                           year has been particularly
mester. Finals week is upon us         ral History was wrong. I think                                         busy and productive. Un-
just as the weather gets nice!         he eventually turned his worth-
                                       less piece of chert into a valu-
I am currently writing a first draft   able meteorite using nothing
of a lab manual for historical ge-     but the power of his mind. Uri       back to work with my PhD
ology that is more challenging         Geller would have been im-           advisor (Dr. Phil Christen-
and I hope useful than traditional     pressed!                             sen) at Arizona State Uni-
manuals. I am hoping that these                                             versity. The focus of my time
labs will be a good preparation        If you graduated since I arrived     was new research involving
for jobs in especially the petro-      at Pitt, you may be interested       Mars. In 2006, I was named
leum industry. However, since I        to know that my oldest daugh-        as a participating scientist
have not personally worked in          ter is now seven and the             on the Thermal Emission
industry, I would appreciate hear-     younger identical twin clone         Imaging System (THEMIS),
ing about potential lab topics that    daughters are four. I am get-        which is currently collecting
you wish you or your employees         ting a lot more sleep compared       orbital infrared data of the
had been exposed to before             to a few years ago. The base-        Red Planet. I am looking at
coming to work. Perhaps you            ment is finished. A massive          new ways to improve the
have a set of well logs or seismic     swing set complex has been           data to detect smaller sur-
sections that could be donated to      erected (why use 8-foot 4x4s         face features including pos-
be used as the core of a lab in        when they come in 16-foot            sible hot spots. I relocated to
Page 10                                                                                         Geology & Planetary Science Newsletter

                                      Louis) is focused on human-           ish Columbia, namely Mount        different sedimentary rock
Faculty updates (cont.)               environment interactions in the       Edziza, to understand the         types so that she can con-
                                      steppes of Central Asia and the       interaction of volcanism and      tinue her iron isotope studies
                                      possible influence of climate         confining ice over the last       on pyrite formation and dis-
 Rosenmeier cont.                     change on the evolution of no-        2Ma.                              solution. She just had a
 dergraduate research advisees        madic pastoralism within the                                            paper published in Geo-
 Marion Sikora (now a MS stu-         region. During the field cam-         Kristen has been studying         chemical Transactions, and
 dent in the department) and          paign, we recovered sediment          trachytic lava flows and
 Sarah Strano completed their         cores from multiple lake basins       domes erupted under ice
 senior thesis projects over the      in the desert steppe south of         about 1Ma ago, and Jeff had
 summer. Their hard work will         Lake Balkash and explored             been focusing on basaltic
 culminate in a series of manu-       several high-elevation lake           lava flows emplaced be-
 scripts (to be submitted this fall   sites within the Dzhungar             neath ice. The focus of both
 for peer review) focused on cli-     Mountains. We also collected          of their project is to develop
 mate changes within Central          numerous water samples, as            methods of using these
 Asia over the last ~5000 years.      well as soils, grasses, and           rocks to infer the presence
 Graduate student Kevin Robin-        modern and fossil horse teeth         and thickness of former ice.
 son also successfully defended       for oxygen and carbon isotopic        We had a successful (and
 his Masters thesis this year.        analyses.                             last) field season at Edziza
 Kevin’s research, now in press,                                            this summer. Jeff also plans
 was aimed at reconstructing the      In other news…I continue to           to study sub-ice basaltic lavas   she is coauthor (along with
 environmental history of north-      manage and maintain the dedi-         in Iceland next summer. I         me and Dr. Capo) on several
 ern Mongolia using lake sedi-        cated stable isotope laboratory       was also an organizer for the     papers submitted by our
 ment cores. PhD student Ben-         facilities within the department.     2nd Volcano-Ice Interaction       colleagues at Carnegie Mel-
 jamin Cavallari also continues       Over the last year, between           on Earth and Mars confer-         lon who are carrying out
 to make progress on a National       electronic box soldering efforts      ence, held in Vancouver,          pyrite dissolution experi-
 Science Foundation-funded pro-       and cryogenic system replace-         Canada in June 2007. Both         ments. Undergraduate
 ject in northern Greece, and we      ments, we managed to com-             myself and Jeff presented         Justin Hynicka completed
 hope to publish the first results    plete over 6000 analyses! And         talks at the conference.          an exquisite set of leaching
 from this work in the coming         we’re now making preparations         Elizabeth has just begun a        experiments on soils from
 months!                              for the arrival of a second mass      project studying the textural     the Atacama Desert, Chile,
                                      spectrometer, an addition tied        changes during the transition     which is the driest desert on
 Fieldwork has also kept me busy      to the hiring of Dr. Emily Elliott.   from Surtseyan ("wet") to         Earth outside of Antarctica.
 over the last year. August 2006      So, it looks as if the upcoming       Strombolian ("dry") deposits      He has been investigating
 was spent in the Burgundy re-        academic year promises to be          at tuff cones or rings. She       the origin of unique salt de-
 gion of France, with PhD student     equally busy and, hopefully,          visited her field area of Koko    posits using strontium iso-
 Tamara Misner, undergraduate         even more productive!                 Crater in Hawaii in early         topes as a tracer for different
 Sarah Strano, geomorphologist                                              January 2008. The focus of        sources, and he presented
 Dr. Eric Straffin (Edinboro Uni-     Until next year… “be well, do         her research will be to try to    his work in an invited talk at
 versity of Pennsylvania) and         good work, and keep in touch.”        constrain the controls on such    the 2006 GSA Annual Meet-
 archaeologist and ethnographer                                             transitions.                      ing in Philadelphia. This
 Carole Crumley from the Univer-      Ian Skilling                                                            project is collaborative with
 sity of North Carolina at Chapel                                           Brian Stewart
                                                                                                              researchers at U.C. Berke-
 Hill. We spent several weeks         I currently have two Masters
                                                                            I have been very fortunate to     ley.
 collecting sediment cores from       students, Kristen LaMoreaux
 medieval-aged reservoirs, as         and Elizabeth Simoneau and            have a talented group of stu-
                                                                            dents working on a number of      Although my teaching load is
 part of an interdisciplinary re-                                                                             reduced as Department
 search project examining the                                               different (but always interest-
                                                                            ing) research projects. Lev       Chair, I continue to have the
 direct cause-and-effect relation-                                                                            pleasure of teaching Miner-
 ships between historic land use                                            Spivak-Birndorf completed
                                                                            his Masters in August 2007        alogy (GEOL 1001), and I
 changes and long-term water-                                                                                 am impressed, as always, by
 shed dynamics. Of course this                                              on the interaction of water
                                                                            with coal utilization byprod-     the ever-increasing talent
 study also provides a unique                                                                                 and dedication of our under-
 opportunity to sample the fine                                             ucts (e.g. fly ash) using boron
                                                                            and strontium isotopes, work-     graduates. I was also fortu-
 wines and cheeses of Burgundy!                                                                               nate to be able to participate
 On a less remarkable gastro-                                               ing in conjunction with Dr.
                                                                            Capo’s graduate students Liz      in a 2007 Spring Break field
 nomic note, Kevin Robinson                                                                                   trip to Owens Valley, Califor-
 and undergraduate Erin Stacy                                               Chapman and Tonya
                                                                            Brubaker. He will be writing      nia, which was part of a
 joined me for nearly five weeks                                                                              graduate seminar taught by
 of fieldwork in southeastern Ka-                                           up his results for publication
                                                                            as he begins in the PhD pro-      Dr. Capo. We expect more
 zakhstan in July of this year.       one PhD student, Jeff Hunger-                                           trips to follow as we further
 This research, collaborative with    ford. Kristen and Jeff are both       gram at Arizona State Univer-
                                                                            sity. Doctoral student Amy        develop our research pro-
 archaeologist Michael Frachetti      working on a long-lived vol-
                                                                            Wolfe has been working dili-      grams in that part of the
 (Washington University in St.        canic complex in northern Brit-
                                                                            gently to isolate pyrite from     world.
2006-2008                                                                                                                              Page 11

Emeritus faculty updates
                                   quires a test after a few years       York’s Devonian and the won-      was unable to get together
Michael Bikerman                   of practical experience — so          ders of two coastal plains (in    the big picture in the vicinity of
Last year I taught what likely     save your textbooks!                  Florida, we are slightly more     Harpers Ferry, WVA. I kept on
will be my last formal class at    When home I follow the old            than three hours away from        teaching the "Planet Earth"
Duquesne University with           saying — buy a house and              St. Catherines Island, Geor-      course for the next ten years.
graduate student Ben Caval-        make home maintenance your            gia and only 11 miles from        In 2006 (my 75th birthday) I de-
lari, who has taken over the       hobby, though mostly I try to         the Gulf). I have kept my hat     cided to "really" retire. Bryan,
class completely. However I        keep the garden from becom-           in the research ring, co-         Texas offered many nice advan-
am still teaching occasionally     ing a complete wasteland. The         editing a guidebook for the       tages for a "real" retirement. My
as an "edutainment" lecturer       deer eat anything Viola plants,       2007 Southeastern GSA St.         son is a professor (of Mathemat-
on cruise ships were I share       but none of the weeds! Power          Catherines Island field trip,     ics) at nearby Texas A&M, the
my interest and love of geol-      walking and swimming keep             co-authoring a sea level pres-    housing is even less expensive
ogy with adults. So far I have     some of the fat off and allow         entation at the same meeting      than in Pittsburgh, the houses
done this on an Alaskan            me to feel OK.                        and presenting an U.S. em-        are one-story (remember our
cruise and on a transatlantic      I hope to see some of you at          bassy-supported invited pa-       last Pgh house was three stories
crossing ending in Spain. In       the Pittsburgh Geological Soci-       per at an international meet-     with a full basement),
addition, I was on a ship          ety meetings — student dinner         ing in Venezuela, dealing with    the lots are "flat," and the
bound for the Panama Canal         for $5 and usually a good lec-        the Census of Marine Life,        weather is warm (too warm,
                                   ture.                                 Early Human Impact on Ma-         some would say).
                                                                         rine Mollusks. The latter is in   My days here are quite relaxed:
                                   William Cassidy                       press, to be published in a       keeping up with family and
                                   I got a late start for my project     special volume of British Ar-     friends (thanks to e-mail), keep-
                                   in Argentina this year, so I got      chaeological Research. In         ing up with science and politics
                                   here just when everyone is            addition, I have several pa-      (thanks to the web) and seeing a
                                   expecting the warm weather            pers in press, included in a      lot of movies and British detec-
                                   (late Spring in the southern          huge edited American Mu-          tive series (thanks to NetFlix).
                                   hemisphere) -- and "warm"             seum of Natural History Bulle-
                                   here is equal to hot as hell in       tin entitled “Native Land-        Bruce Hapke
                                   Pittsburgh, so it won’t be easy.      scapes of St. Catherines Is-      Even though I retired, I continue
                                   I’ll be excavating a couple           land”, also due out by the end    to be active in research, focus-
on a cruise which was can-         more craters in the Campo del         of the year. And, I have fi-      ing on trying to understand the
celled as the ship had             Cielo meteorite craterfield --        nally completed a book manu-      interaction of electromagnetic
scraped bottom prior               that is, I’ll be hiring the pickers   script dealing with “Nature’s     waves with planetary regoliths in
to docking in Acapulco where       and shovelers who will be do-         Proxies and the Global Prob-      support of spacecraft observa-
we boarded. That was quite         ing the excavating. This is part      lematique.” I started work on     tions of bodies of the solar sys-
an experience as the com-          of a long-term strategy to get        that book long ago with help      tem. In October I presented a
pany had to send some 2000         structural data on small impact       and encouragement from            paper at the annual meeting of
people home in a few days.         craters that can then be mod-         Jude, Mark Collins and Ed         the Division for Planetary Scien-
We ended up with a few extra       eled by hypervelocity impact          McCord, and over the last         tists of the American Astronomi-
days in Mexico in February,        people under known conditions         year it has taken me on some      cal Society that solved a nag-
which was not all that bad!        of velocity, mass, etc., and can      fascinating “excursions” into     ging problem in the reflection of
Other travels have been to         also be modeled theoretically         evolutionary biology, neural      light by powders and soils: that
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to        by people who love to do that         physiology, religion, and poli-   the reflectance increases as the
spend some time with my            sort of thing. The aim is to          tics.                             soil becomes more compressed.
wife's family and to Italy on a    reach convergence between             I hope that you have had a        This turns out to be due to the
land trip to see some fascinat-    field, experimental, and theo-        busy and productive year.         fact that present reflectance
ing historical, and incidentally   retical data that help us to in-      Jude and I would love to hear     models didn't take the fact that
geological, sites such as          terpret impact cratering effects      from you and catch up on the      particles cannot interpenetrate
Pompeii, Herculaneum, Mt.          on other planets, where we            last few years (email:            one another into account. Add-
Vesuvius, Florence, Lucca,         can never study impacts in   or har-     ing this requirement mathemati-
Pisa and Rome.                     detail.                                 cally solved the problem.
                                                                                                           I also continue to cooperate with
Otherwise I am still engaged       Harold “Bud” Rollins                  Walter Pilant                     former graduate student and
in mining geology working          Jude and I have been moder-           When I retired in 1996, it was    current senior scientist at the Jet
with my son on gold opera-         ately busy over the last couple       my first retirement. I man-       Propulsion Laboratory Bob Nel-
tions in Canada and copper in      years, splitting our time be-         aged, at a somewhat re-           son on studies of Saturn's rings.
Arizona making use of my           tween upstate New York and            duced level, to continue my       In September I had a pleasant
Pennsylvania Professional          west central Florida. Geologi-        work in Appalachian structural    lesson in field geology when my
Geologist [PG] registration.       cally, the annual sojourn be-         geology aided by my trusty        wife and I took a cruise up the
For students preparing for         tween our two places keeps us         magnetometer and a few            Columbia River on a stern-
consulting work, the PG is         in close proximity to the rich        helpful students. Found a few     wheeler river boat for a week.
essential and earning it re-       fossil-bearing strata of New          more interesting results but
Page 12                                                                                             Geology & Planetary Science Newsletter

       Students in the field — research and field trips!

                                           Maya Hunt discovers a clast
                                           dislodged from from Tertiary
                                           conglomerates in south-
                                           western Wyoming. She
                                           was part of a summer
                                           class investigating the geol-
                                           ogy and paleontology
                                           (including dinosaur                 Dr. Stewart’s students at Pine Creek in the Sierra Nevada
                                           bones) on the Cook Ranch.           Mountains, analyzing stream water chemistry to compare with
                                                                               the chemistry of the Owens Lake playa.

Students in Dr. Rosenmeier’s limnology course at Triangle Lake
Bog (Ohio) during a weekend field trip.
                                                                           Erin Stacy, currently an undergraduate in the Environmental Studies
                                                                           Program, and Kevin Robinson (MS, Geology, 2007) filtering water sam-
                                                                           ples from the Koksu River in southeastern Kazakhstan.

                                                                                                                    Environmental Studies
                                                                                                                    major Danielle Mullen col-
                                                                                                                    lecting water samples at
                                                                                                                    Jackson Bog, Ohio, during
 Dr. Rosenmeier explaining the mechanics of a water-quality meter                                                   a weekend fieldtrip with Dr.
 to geology undergraduate majors Carrie Stem and Abbie Sigmon                                                       Rosenmeier’s limnology
 (left and center) and graduate student Tamara Misner (right).                                                      course.
2006-2008                                                                                                                            Page 13

 Katie Middlecamp, Amar Mehta, Dan Bain, Emily Elliott, and Marion          Historical geology class enjoying the Tuscarora Formation near
 Sikora visit Baltimore's Inner Harbor following the 2007 Baltimore         Loysburgh, PA.
 Ecosystem Study Annual Meeting.

                                                                            Undergraduates Justin Hynicka and James Gardiner scale weathered
                                                                            granite in the Alabama Hills, eastern California.

G&PS students and faculty prepare themselves for sampling sulfurous
spring deposits in California's Owens Lake during a Spring Break
field excursion.

      Graduate student Sarah Morealli collecting a bedding orientation   Students from 2007 Yellowstone Field Course atop the Cathedral Cliffs
      of a Paleozoic quartzite near Death Valley, Nevada.                in northwest Wyoming.
Page 14                                                                                                  Geology & Planetary Science Newsletter

 Undergraduate Awards and Honors
 Fulbright Scholars                  Geology Field Camp and Sum-             Norman K. and Margaret Flint          Sikora (Louisiana State field
                                     mer Field Studies                       Field Scholarship                     camp), Thomas Stranko
 We are proud to announce that                                                                                     (University of Buffalo field
 this past year two of our under-    Emily Broich, a junior Environ-         Norm Flint was famous for his         camp), and Sarah Strano
 graduates received prestigious      mental Studies major from Lan-          field trips and teaching, and it is   (University of Buffalo field
 Fulbright Student Fellowships to    caster Country, PA, won a $2,000        therefore especially appropriate      camp).
 do research abroad. Lindsey         summer-study scholarship from           that the Norman K. and Marga-
 Witthaus (BA Environmental          the Garden Club of America.             ret Flint Memorial Field Schol-       Environmental Studies Field
 Studies 2007) won a fellowship      The scholarship—designed “to            arships give money to help sup-       Experience/ Study Abroad
 to conduct a baseline study of      encourage studies and careers in        port geology majors when they go      Scholarship
 the impact of bauxite mining on     the environmental field”—will go        to summer field camp. No doubt,
 a rural community in Minas          toward Ms. Broich’s field work in       many of you look back on your         Summer field experiences for
 Gerais, Brazil. Sarah Strano        South America. Her research will        summer field camp with excep-         Environmental Studies majors
 (BS Geology 2007) is conduct-       focus on the environmental im-          tional fondness and with a strong     are supported by the Heinz
 ing a 10-month research project     pact of the textile industry in         appreciation of the academic          Endowment. This fund allowed
 focused on land-use and climate     southern Peru. This is the sec-         value of the experience. We           us to give substantial support to
 changes within the Arroux Val-      ond time an Environmental Stud-         would like to be able to offer more   each of the following deserving
 ley in Burgundy, France. Kevin      ies major has won a GCA schol-          support to our majors, so please      students in 2007: Emily Broich
 Robinson (Geology BS 2004,          arship. Senior Megan Sharretts          consider contributing to this fund.   (Peru), Ann Cassidy
 MS 2007) was the first Pitt un-     of Danville, PA, won the award in                                             (Pittsburgh), Amber Hanna
 dergraduate ever to win a Ful-      2005.                                   The 2007 Flint Scholarship win-       (UM’s Alaska Camp), Theresa
 bright research award, so our                                               ners include: Bryan Friedrichs        Romanosky (Yellowstone Field
 undergraduates are forging an                                               (Peru), Justin Hynicka                Study), and Marion Sikora
 exceptional record of achieve-                                              (University of Oregon field camp),    (LSU geology summer field
 ment!                                                                       Joshua Riesthmiller (Lehigh           camp in Colorado Springs). We
                                                                             University field camp), Marion        are very pleased to be able to
                                                                                                                   help our students see the world.

 Geology Club and Sigma Gamma Epsilon
 Abby Lewis, Geology undergraduate

 The Geology Club has been quite active this year with membership increasing to 25 students. The club went on field trips to Ohiopyle, Linn
 Run, and Laurel Summit State Parks in the Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania. In the Laurel Highlands the group investigated the
 Devonian age Venango Group and discussed ways to recognize sedimentary structures, tectonic structures, minerals, and fossils in the field.
 The club also organizes a carpool to the monthly Pittsburgh Geological Society meetings. The club recently made available Geology
 Department t-shirts for undergraduates, graduates, and faculty. Ongoing social events include an undergraduate social where students gather
 in the petrology lab to enjoy pizza and geology movies. The current president of the Geology Club is Abby Lewis and the business manager is
 Konstantin Ginzburg.

 This is SGE’s first semester of new initiates and meeting after several semesters of inactivity. SGE holds their meetings with the Geology Club
 and has seven members including Luke Fidler, Katelin Fisher, Konstantin Ginzburg, Melissa Hill, Dave Kurimsky, Abby Lewis and Sean Polun.

    Sarah Strano at work in the stable isotope laboratory facilities main-           Ah, the endless structure labs! Here Alan Mur and Katelin
    tained by Dr. Rosenmeier.                                                        Fisher debate the finer points of structural geology in our Under-
                                                                                     graduate Resource Room for use outside of normal classroom
2006-2008                                                                                                                              Page 15

 GPS Graduate Students Around the World
 Europe                                                                                           North America

 Left: Tamara Misner (PhD student), assisted by Eric Straffin (University of Edinboro PA), digs   Broxton Bird (PhD candidate) at Summit
 a well to observe shallow groundwater near the Château de Lucenier, Burgundy, France.            Lake in the central Brooks Range of
 Center: Sarah Strano (BS ‘07), Tamara Misner and Michael Rosenmeier collect a sediment           Alaska during July 2006, preparing to
 core from the moat surrounding the 15th century chateau, currently occupied by the Marquis       collect varved lake sediments from
 de Montmorillon.                                                                                 proglacial Blue Lake.

 South America                                                                             Graduate Student Honors
                                                                National and University Graduate Fellowships:
                                                                Stephen P. Scheidt — NASA Earth System Science Graduate
                                                                                Student Fellowship
                                                                Amy L. Wolfe — Andrew Mellon Pre-doctoral Fellowship
                                                                Adam J. Carter — Andrew Mellon Pre-doctoral Fellowship
                                                                Benjamin Cavallari — Samuel T. Owens Jr. Fellowship
                                                                National and Departmental Competitive Research Grants:
                                                                Kevin D. Robinson — 2007 GSA Student Research Grant (Kevin
                                                                received an “Outstanding Mention” for the quality of his proposal)
                                                                Adam J. Carter — Henry Leighton Memorial Scholarship
                                                                Nathan A. Stansell — Henry Leighton Memorial Scholarship
                                                                Kevin D. Robinson — Henry Leighton Memorial Scholarship
                                                                Excellence in Presentation of Research:
 Nathan Stansell (PhD candidate) and team on their way to
 collect proglacial lake sediments in the Peruvian Andes        Adam J. Carter — 2007 Pitt Grad Expo Outstanding Paper
                                                                Vladislav Kaminiskiy — 2007 Pittsburgh Geological Society Student Night
                                                                Research Paper Presentation (granted by American Society of Civil Engi-
                                                                                                           Thanks to all who contrib-
                                                                                                           ute to the Henry Leighton
                                                                                                           Memorial Scholarship
                                                                                                           Fund. Your generous
                                                                                                           support helps make possi-
                                                                                                           ble the dynamic research
                                                                                                           our students pursue. The
                                                                                                           research shown on this
                                                                                                           page from Asia and South
                                                                                                           America are supported by
                                                                                                           Leighton funds. To find
                                                                                                           out more about supporting
                                                                                                           the Leighton Fund, please
 Left: Shellie Rose and Adam Carter (PhD candidates) in front of five-star accommodations on the           see page 17.
 Kamchatka Peninsula during their Summer 2007 study of Bezymianny and Klyuchevskoy volcanoes.
 Right: Adam stands in front of the helicopter used for aerial observation.
Page 16                                                                Geology & Planetary Science Newsletter

                                     Recent graduates
 August 2006— April 2007 Graduates                           Masters of Science Graduates
 Environmental Studies
 Bachelors of Arts                                                   Colin Cooke (08/06)
 Sandra Borbonus                                       Lake Sediment Archives of Atmospheric Pollution
 Tonya Brubaker                                             from the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes
 Carla Burkett
 Trevor Conlow                                                    Damian Piaschyk (08/07)
 Thomas Galligan                                     Detachment Faults Between the Specter Range and
 Gina Gelotti                                        Southern Spring Mountains: A Transpressional Fault
 Kyle Helal                                            Zone Along the Las Vegas Valley Shear Zone,
 Patrick Hilko                                                     Southeastern Nevada
 Christina Kittredge
 Patrick Kiprotich                                               Lev Spivak-Birndorf (08/07)
 Megan Landfried                                     Sequential Leaching Of Coal Utilization By-products:
 Luke Leiden                                          Geochemistry and Strontium Isotope Systematics
 Jacob Levine
 Caroline Matys                                                     Kevin Robinson (08/07)
 Grant Melville                                       A Holistic Paleolimnological Study of North-Central
 Liana Montes                                                           Mongolian Lakes
 Andrew Patari
 Mary Pfahler                                                         PhD Graduates
 Andrea Proie
 Nathan Sharpless                                                   Brian Lipinski (04/07)
 Lucas Slezak                                        Integrating Geophysics And Geochemistry To Evalu-
 Lauren Stanko                                        ate Coalbed Natural Gas Produced Water Disposal,
 John Vroom                                                      Powder River Basin, Wyoming

 Environmental Geology and Geology                               Sherry Stafford (08/07)
 Bachelors of Science                                      Precambrian Paleosols as Indicators of
 Gina Gelotti                                              Paleoenvironments on the Early Earth
 Nerissa Lindenfelser
 Nicholas Mongelluzzo
 Michael Moreland                                                    Pro-MS Graduates
 Akilah Prout
 Kevin Reath                                                        Emmett Rafferty (04/07)
 Thomas Stranko, Jr.                                                R. Sean Fulton (04/07)
 Elizabeth Wierdak

                                Geology 2007 graduation reception
2006-2008                                                                                                                 Page 17
                                                                                                          Why donate?
                          Thank you for your generous                                            Last year we were able to pro-
                                                                                                 vide ten grants averaging $900
                                contributions!                                                   to deserving and eager students.
                                                                                                 Your continued support allows
                                                                                                 us to sustain and expand this
                                                                                                 support, which is essential to a
   Contributions from our alumni are vital to the Department of Geology & Planetary Science.
  The individuals listed below have provided generous support during fiscal year 2007. If your
                                                                                                 strong department
  name is missing and you know you gave money last year, please accept our apology and let
                     us know. We want to be sure to recognize you next year.                         Where can I donate?
                             Anthracite Level (up to $10,000)                                    Discretionary Departmental
                                                                                                 Gifts Fund provide us with the
 Thomas W. Angerman *                            Geo-Mechanics, Inc.                             greatest flexibility in responding
 ExxonMobil Foundation *                                                                         to departmental needs and to
                             Bituminous Level (up to $1000)                                      take strategic steps toward the
 American Geosciences, Inc                       George F. Dellagiarino *
 Marshall Curtis Carothers, Ph.D *               William Clyde Heilman III *                     Norman K. Flint Memorial Field
 Clare Tate Carothers *                          Stuart Hirsch                                   Geology Fund commemorates
 Francesco Vincenzo Corona *                     J. Frederick Sarg *                             Dr. Flint’s devoted and inspiring
                                                 James Edward Werner *                           teaching by helping with summer
                                                                                                 field camp expenses. This me-
                                 Lignite Level (up to $100)                                      morial fund was initiated by fam-
                                                                                                 ily, friends, students and col-
 John Robert Anderson II, PhD *                  Sarah H. Millspaugh                             leagues of Dr. Flint.
 Richard Munroe Busch, PhD *                     Gregory Michael Molinda *
 Hugh Holt Doney *                               Phyllis Burger Myers *                          Francis Dilworth Lidiak
 Mary H. Flint *                                 Robert M. Nelson, PhD *                         Memorial Fund supports lecture
 Peter F. Flint *                                Michael Andrew Odasso *                         series and invited speaker costs.
 Susan M. Flint *                                Caron Elaine O'Neil *                           Henry Leighton Memorial
 Mary Garrow-Splittberger *                      Thomas C. Pollock *                             Scholarship Fund, established
 Donald William Groff, PhD *                     Jonathan B. Robinson, Esquire *                 by Dr. Helen Leighton Cannon,
 Mary E. Groff *                                 Mary Schlichte Robinson, PhD *                  provides a permanent graduate
 Gertrude C. Gebhardt                            SC Johnson Fund *                               scholarship awarded for merit
 Bruce W. Hapke *                                Steven Joseph Schatzel, PhD *                   and need.
 Joyce Z. Hapke *                                Inge F. Schmidt
 William Webb Johnson *                          Arthur Charles Tarr, PhD                        Samuel B. Frazier (BS, 1949)
 Christopher Matthew Kern *                      Suzanne Traub-Metlay, PhD *                     Student Resource Fund, estab-
 Edward Albert Klammer *                         Mark Steven Tucker                              lished by family and friends, pro-
 Richard Clinton Kilpatrick II                   Louis F. Vittorio, Jr. *                        vides educational expense sup-
 Clifford Allan McCartney *                      Jeffery Karl Wagner *                           port to undergraduates in honor
 Clifford McKee                                  David Lee Wallach, PhD                          of Samuel Frazier.
 Karen S. McKee                                  David Charles Williams *                        Harry J. Werner Oil Finder’s
 Michael Metlay                                  Michael Dermont Winters *                       Fund provides support for stu-
                                                 Robert William Zei, PhD *                       dents preparing themselves to
                                   * A special thanks to our continuing donors
                                                                                                 meet the diverse challenges in
                                                                                                 the search for energy re-
                                                                                                 sources.This fund was initiated
                                                                                                 by Francesco Corona (BS, 1977,
                              The Spectroscopy Society of Pitts-                                 MS, 1980).
                            burgh (SSP) donated $15,000 from
                            the SSP President’s Fund to endow                                    Alvin J. Cohen Memorial Fund
                       an annual seminar focused upon spec-                                      supports students conducting
                troscopy. Past president, Dean Tzeng (PhD,                                       basic research in meteorics, min-
           1976), who arranged the donation, directed that                                       eralogy, and geochemistry.
undergraduate students identify and host the speakers. We                                        Victor A. Schmidt Memorial
appreciate the generosity and look forward to years of exciting                                  Classroom Fund is a memorial
presentations resulting from this gift.                                                          classroom fund in honor of Pro-
                                                                                                 fessor Schmidt.
                            William Cassidy’s research inspires
                            commemorative stamp
                            Emeritus Professor of Geology
                            Bill Cassidy has returned to an
                            early fascination: the Campo del
                            Cielo meteorite crater field in the
                            Gran Chaco region of Argentina.
                            He has been studying the original
 Visit us on the web:       dimensions of some of these
                            small-impact craters and, in the        process, recover the meteorites
                            that created them. How big are
                            these meteorites? During the last
                            three field seasons, working at
                            three different craters, he has
                            recovered principal masses of
                            5,680, 9,213 and 14,850 kg.         The main illustration shows the infalling asteroid breaking into
                            These are now on display in the crater-forming chunks over Campo del Cielo. The inset shows
                            region, part of which has been      the stamp, which features the 37-ton El Chaco meteorite whose
                                                                impact caused Crater 10.
                            designated as a provincial park.
                            The centerpiece of the park is the 37,000 kg El Chaco meteorite that Cassidy discov-
                            ered in the late 1960s. This has become the subject of a newly issued Argentine post-
                            age stamp (see illustration). The 37,000 kg meteorite shown in the inset was photo-
                            graphed in 3-D, and each copy of the stamp comes with its own set of red and blue
                            3-D glasses!

                                                                                                            Nonprofit Org.
                                                                                                              US Postage
                                                                                                            Pittsburgh PA
                                                                                                            Permit No 511

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    Planetary Science
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