APARTMENT RENTAL AGREEMENT

THIS AGREEMENT made the day of , [year], is between (hereinafter called
“Management”) and (hereinafter called “Resident”). Management leases to Resident,
and Resident rents from Management, apartment no. , located at , , Georgia
(hereinafter called “apartment”) at Apartments, located at , , Georgia (hereinafter called
“premises”) under the following conditions:
1. TERM: The initial term of this lease shall be year(s), beginning at 12 noon, , [year],
and ending at 12 noon, , [year].

2. POSSESSION: If there is a delay in delivery of possession by Management, rent shall
be abated on a daily basis until possession is granted. If possession is not granted
within seven (7) days after the beginning day of initial term, then Resident may void
this agreement and have full refund of any deposit. Management shall not be liable for
damages for delay in possession.

3. RENT: Rent is payable monthly to Management in the sum of and no/100 Dollars ($ )
per month on the first day of each month during the initial or extended term of this
agreement at the office of Management or such other place as Management may
designate. All rent shall be paid by cash, personal check, cashier's check, certified funds
or money order. Management shall have the right to refuse any tender of payment in
cash. As a convenience to Resident, payments may be made or tendered by personal
check issued and drawn on Resident's personal account, and at Management's option,
no third party checks will be accepted or considered a proper tender or payment of rent.
Only after total rent is received will rent payments be accepted. Any additional sums or
charges due from Resident because of a breach or violation of this rental agreement
shall be due as additional rent. Such additional sums or charges shall include, but are
not limited to, damages exceeding normal wear and tear to apartment or to apartment
community property when such damages are caused by Resident or Resident's family,
occupants, guests or invitees.

4. LATE PAYMENTS AND RETURNED CHECKS: Time is of the essence of this agreement.
After the third day of the month rent shall be late, and a late charge of Dollars ($ ) shall
be due as additional rent. If Management elects to accept late rent, Resident shall
tender all late rents, dispossessory warrant costs, and administrative filing fees to
Management only by cashier's check, certified check or money order. In the event
Resident's rent check is dishonored by the bank, Resident shall pay Management Dollars
($ ) as a handling charge in addition to rent and late charges. Returned checks (NSFs)
shall be redeemed by cash or cashier's check, certified check or money order. After any
rent check is dishonored, Resident shall pay all future rents and charges only by
cashier's check, certified check or money order.

5. SECURITY DEPOSIT: Resident agrees to deposit Dollars ($ ) with Management before
taking possession of apartment as security for Resident's fulfillment of the conditions of
this agreement. Deposit will be returned to Resident within thirty (30) days after
apartment is vacated if:

(a) Lease term has expired or this agreement has been terminated by both parties; and

(b) Resident satisfies a sixty (60) day written notice to vacate; and

(c) All monies due Management by Resident have been paid; and

(d) Apartment is not damaged and is left in its original condition, normal wear and tear

Deposit may be applied by Management to satisfy all or part of Resident's obligations,
and such act shall not prevent Management from claiming damages in excess of the
deposit. Resident agrees not to apply the deposit to any rent payment, and also agrees
to pay Dollars ($ ) for re-keying locks if all keys are not returned. Resident's security
deposit will either be protected by a surety bond on file with the clerk of the Superior
Court of the County in which the property is located or be deposited by Management in
Escrow Account No. at . In the event that Management elects to deposit Resident's
security deposit in an interest-bearing account, Resident acknowledges that any interest
earned on such deposit shall belong to Management. Resident acknowledges that
Management has complied with the Georgia Security Deposit Law, and that Resident
has been given a properly signed list of any existing damages to apartment, given the
right to inspect the same, and has approved said list, except as previously specified in
writing to Management.

6. RENEWAL TERM: Either party may terminate this agreement at the end of the initial
term by giving the other sixty (60) days written notice prior to the end of the term. If
notice is not given, then this agreement will be extended on a sixty (60) day basis with
all terms remaining the same until terminated, as of the last day of a calendar month,
by either party upon sixty (60) days written notice. Resident agrees that at the end of
the initial term of this rental agreement (as specified in Paragraph 1), or at any time
thereafter, Management shall have the right to increase the rent due under Paragraph 3
by giving the Resident seventy-five (75) days written notice, and such increase shall not
terminate this rental agreement.

7. EARLY TERMINATION: Provided Resident is not in default hereunder at the time of
giving the notice and strictly complies with all the provisions of this paragraph, Resident
may terminate this agreement before the expiration of the initial term by:

(a) Giving Management thirty (30) days written notice on or before the day rent is due
as shown in Paragraph 3 above; and

(b) Paying all monies due through date of termination; and

(c) Paying a cancellation fee equal to Dollars ($ ); and

(d) Forfeiting the security deposit (if any).

Resident's election for early termination shall not relieve Resident of his/her
responsibilities and obligations regarding any damage to apartment.

8. NO ASSIGNMENT OR SUBLETTING: Resident may not sublet apartment or assign this
rental agreement without prior written consent of Management.

9. DISCLOSURE: , whose address is , is authorized to act on behalf of Management with
respect to this agreement, to manage apartment and premises and is Management's
duly designated agent for service of process with respect to any matter arising under
this agreement.

10. UTILITIES: Resident is responsible for the payment of all utility charges for
apartment, including but not limited to, electricity, natural gas, water and sewer, cable
TV, and telephone. Resident agrees to put all utilities in his/her name immediately upon
signing this agreement and promptly pay same when due. Resident acknowledges that
continued occupancy of apartment in which any utility services have been cut off is
hazardous. Resident agrees not to terminate, cut off, interrupt, or discontinue any
utility services to apartment including, but not limited to, electricity, natural gas, sewer,
sanitation or water. Resident agrees to pay for water and wastewater, which includes,
where applicable, a one (1) time deposit, flat fees, and increases as determined and
billed by the local bulk supplier. Resident agrees that these charges and late fees
associated with the utility billing will be charged as additional rent. Breach of this
provision shall constitute a default by Resident, and Management shall have the right to
terminate this agreement immediately and to obtain possession of apartment. Any
charges billed to Management for utilities due to Resident's breach of this provision
shall be due as additional rent.

11. FIRE: If apartment is made uninhabitable by fire not the fault of Resident, this
agreement shall be terminated.

12. HOLD OVER: Resident shall remove all of Resident's property and deliver possession
of apartment in a clean condition and good order and repair to Management upon
termination or expiration of this agreement. In the event the Resident fails to vacate
premises after termination, non-renewal, or expiration of this rental agreement, then
Resident shall pay Management an amount equal to two (2) times the existing rental
rate, prorated by the day for each day held over and beyond the term or expiration of
this agreement in addition to the other damages provided for under this agreement.
After termination or expiration of this agreement, Resident shall be deemed to be a
tenant at sufferance.

13. RIGHT OF ACCESS: Management shall have the right of access to apartment,
without notice, for inspection and maintenance during reasonable hours. In case of
emergency, Management may enter at any time to protect life and prevent damage to
the property. Resident authorizes Management to show apartment to prospective
renters after Resident has given notice of termination.

14. USE: Apartment shall be used for residential purposes only and shall be occupied
only by the person(s) named in Resident's application to lease. Substitution or addition
of any occupants will be allowable only with prior written consent of Management.
Apartment shall be used so as to comply with all state, county and municipal laws and
ordinances. Resident shall not use apartment or permit it to be used for any disorderly
or unlawful purpose or in any manner so as to interfere with other Residents' quiet
enjoyment of their apartments.

15. PROPERTY LOSS: Management shall not be liable for damage, theft, vandalism,
breakage of glass, or other loss of any kind to Resident's personal property or to the
personal property of Resident's family members or guests, except where such damage
is due to Management's gross negligence or intentional misconduct. It is understood
and agreed that Management shall not be responsible or liable to Resident or to those
claiming by, through or under Resident for any loss or damage to either person or
property that may be occasioned by or through the acts or omissions of persons
occupying adjacent connecting or adjoining premises, or by or through the acts or
omissions of third parties. Resident agrees to maintain comprehensive insurance

covering loss or damage to person or property, including, but not limited to, insurance
on personal property or property of other persons from protection of loss due to or
caused by theft, vandalism, damage to vehicles, bursting or breaking pipes, fire,
windstorm, hail, flooding, leakage, steam, snow, or ice, running water, backing up of
drainage pipes, seepage or the overflow of water or sewage on the property of which
Resident's apartment is a part. Resident agrees to look only to his/her insurance for any
loss or damage to Resident's property or person. Such insurance shall be maintained by
Resident for Resident's benefit as well as for the benefit of Management. Management
shall not be responsible or liable for any injury, loss or damage to any Resident or
person or any property of Resident or other person caused by or resulting from the
aforementioned occurrences.

16. PETS: No animals, birds or pets of any kind shall be permitted in apartment without
prior written consent of Management.

17. INDEMNIFICATION: Resident releases Management from liability for and agrees to
indemnify Management against all losses incurred by Management as a result of (a)
Resident's failure to fulfill any condition of this agreement; (b) any damage or injury
happening in or about apartment or premises to Resident's invitees or licensees or such
person's property unconnected with Management's negligence; (c) Resident's failure to
comply with any requirements imposed by any governmental authority; and (d) any
judgment, lien or other encumbrance filed against apartment as a result of Resident's

18. FAILURE OF MANAGEMENT TO ACT: Failure of Management to insist upon strict
compliance with the terms of this agreement shall not constitute any waiver of
Management's right to act on any violation.

19. REMEDIES CUMULATIVE: All remedies under this agreement or by law or in equity
shall be cumulative. In a civil suit or dispossessory warrant for any breach of this
agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to attorneys' fees in the amount of
fifteen percent (15%) of principal and interest owing and all expenses of litigation,
including but not limited to court costs, dispossessory warrant costs and administrative
filing fees.

20. NOTICES: Any notice required by this agreement, except as otherwise set forth in
Paragraph 6, shall be in writing and shall be deemed to be given if delivered personally
or mailed by registered or certified mail (a) if to Resident, to the apartment or the last
known address of Resident; (b) if to Management, to the address for premises listed in
the opening paragraph of this agreement.

21. REPAIRS: Resident accepts apartment in “as is” condition as suited for the use
intended. Resident understands and agrees that apartment, equipment and fixtures will
be under the control of Resident and agrees to keep said apartment, together with the
fixtures therein, in a clean, sightly and sanitary condition. Management will make
necessary repairs to apartment with reasonable promptness after receipt of written
notice from Resident. If any damage, beyond normal wear and tear, is caused by
Resident or Resident's family, guests or invitees, Resident agrees to pay Management
the cost of repair with the next rent payment. Resident may not remodel or structurally
change apartment nor remove any fixture therefrom without prior written consent of

22. ABANDONMENT: If Resident removes or attempts to remove personal property from
premises other than in the usual course of continuing occupancy, without first having
paid Management all monies due, apartment may be considered abandoned, and
Management shall have the right, without notice, to store and dispose of any property
left on premises by Resident. Management shall also have the right to store or dispose
of any Resident's property remaining on premises after termination of this agreement.
Any such property shall considered Management's property, and title shall vest in
Management. Management shall also have the right to re-rent apartment after Resident
abandons the same.

Management, in its sole discretion, shall have the right to determine those other
circumstances under which it considers apartment to be abandoned. Resident agrees
that such circumstances as evidence of his/her abandonment of premises include, but
are not limited to, the failure to pay rent or other charges, discontinuance of any utility
service, failure to respond to any notices, phone calls or correspondence from
Management, or removal of Resident's personal property from apartment. Any one of
the foregoing circumstances or other circumstances shall be sufficient to evidence an
abandonment. In the event apartment is abandoned, Management shall have the right,
without notice, to secure apartment with new locks, to store or dispose of any property
or personal possessions left on premises by Resident or Resident's family, occupants,
guests or invitees, or to re-rent apartment for new occupancy.

Resident agrees that Management shall have no liability for any actions taken to secure
apartment, obtain possession of apartment, or store or dispose of any personal property
or possessions found in apartment when Management deems apartment to have been
abandoned. Resident acknowledges and agrees that Management's acts or failure to act
with regard to securing apartment, obtaining possession of apartment or storing or
disposing of any personal property or possessions found in apartment under
circumstances which are or may indicate abandonment are a contractual matter to
which Resident has given his/her consent, and any alleged breach shall not give rise to
a claim in tort nor to a claim for punitive damages.

23. MORTGAGEE'S RIGHTS: Resident's rights under this agreement shall at all times be
automatically junior and subject to any deed to secure debt, mortgage, or any other
security instrument which is now or shall hereafter be placed on premises of which
apartment is a part; if requested, Resident shall execute promptly any certificate that
Management may request specifically to implement the subordination of this paragraph.
Resident's rent and other obligations under this agreement shall be payable to and
enforceable by any person acquiring premises, if such person instead elects in writing to
waive the benefit of the foregoing subordination provision.

24. DEFAULT BY RESIDENT: If Resident fails to pay any rent or other charges as and
when due hereunder, or if Resident abandons apartment or fails to perform any of
his/her obligations hereunder, or if any facts contained in Resident's rental application
are untrue or misleading, then, upon the happening of any said events, Resident shall
be in default hereunder and Management may at its option terminate this agreement by
written notice to Resident. Resident shall surrender possession of apartment to
Management upon the effective date of such termination notice and Resident shall be
liable to Management for, and shall indemnify Management against, all rent loss and
other expenses (for re-letting, refurbishing, cleaning or otherwise making apartment
suitable for re-letting) suffered or incurred by Management as a result of Resident's
default and the termination of the agreement. Management's application of the security
deposit (if any) shall not relieve Resident of liability for any other rent, charges,
damages or other costs which may be due. Notwithstanding the commencement of a

dispossessory proceeding and the issuance and execution of a writ of possession on
account of any default by Resident, Resident shall remain liable to Management for all
rent and other charges accrued through the date on which possession is obtained by
Management and shall continue to be liable for any rent accruing thereafter until the
earlier of (a) the expiration of the term of this lease; or (b) the re-rental of apartment.

25. MANAGEMENT'S PERMISSION OR CONSENT: If any provision of this agreement
requires the written permission or consent of Management as a condition to any act of
Resident, such written permission or consent may be granted or withheld in the sole
discretion of Management, may contain such conditions as Management deems
appropriate and shall be effective only so long as Resident complies with such
conditions. Moreover, any written permission or consent given by Management to
Resident may be modified, revoked or withdrawn by Management at any time, at
Management's sole discretion, upon written notice to Resident.

26. PACKAGE RELEASE: Resident hereby authorizes Management and its agents,
officers and employees to take and accept packages or goods which are addressed to
Resident and delivered to Resident's apartment, by mail, United Parcel Service, Federal
Express or otherwise. Resident understands that Management will not accept delivery of
packages or goods shipped C.O.D. or having postage due. Resident recognizes and
agrees that Management will be accepting delivery of packages or goods solely as a
favor to Resident, without reward, compensation or any consideration, and Resident
expressly and unconditionally releases Management from any claim or cause of action
Resident might otherwise have for loss or damage suffered as a result of Management's
collecting, holding, storing or otherwise handling or disposing of any such packages or
goods even if such loss or damage is due to the negligence, lack of care, or other acts
or omissions of Management, its agents, clients or employees. Resident further agrees
that Management will have no responsibility at all for examining the condition of or
determining the existence of any damage to or for taking any precautions in the
handling and storage of any such packages or goods, notwithstanding that as a result
Resident may end up paying for lost, damaged, or unsatisfactory goods without
recovery against seller, the carrier or Management. Resident absolutely assumes all
risks of damage to and theft, destruction and loss of such packages and goods.

27. APARTMENT SECURITY ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Resident agrees to inspect apartment
and will determine to Resident's satisfaction that the smoke detector, fire extinguisher,
and door and window locks in apartment are adequate and in good working order.
Resident agrees to inspect and test each of these items monthly, and to give
Management prompt written notice if Resident determines that any of these items need
repair or replacement. Resident further acknowledges that Management is under no
obligation or duty to inspect, test, or repair any of these items unless and until
Management has received written notice from Resident specifically requesting repair or
replacement. Resident is prohibited from adding locks to, changing or in any way
altering locks installed on the doors of apartment, without the prior written permission
of Management.

Resident is aware that Management does not provide security for the personal safety or
property of the Residents on premises. Resident agrees that Management has no
obligation or liability to Resident for bodily injury or damage to or loss of property as a
result of a criminal act against Resident or Resident's property. Resident agrees to hold
harmless Management and its employees from any claim or cause of action for bodily or
personal injury and/or property damage arising from any crime on premises. Resident
agrees that Management shall not be liable to Resident, Resident's guests or invitees for
any bodily injuries or property damages arising from a criminal act when such criminal

act is caused or carried out in any part by the act of a person or entity other than

Resident recognizes that Management does not guarantee or insure Resident's personal
security and safety, and Resident is aware that Resident's personal security and safety
will be Resident's individual responsibility. Resident recognizes that Management is not
obliged to provide security or to reduce the risk of crime on premises. Resident
understands that Management does not provide any regular guard patrol of premises
although it may, from time to time, arrange for such. Resident acknowledges and
agrees that Management has no obligation or liability to Resident for the acts or
omission, whether negligent or intentional, of any security patrol service employee
which may be engaged by Management. Management may, from time to time, place
devices in, on, or near premises, including, but not limited to, fences, alarms, lights, or
controlled access gates. The provision of such devices or patrol does not create any
obligation on the part of Management to provide for Resident's personal security or
safety or the security of Resident's property. The provision of any such devices or
services does not impose any obligation on Management to Resident. Resident agrees
that the furnishing of locks or safety devices or any other such measure will not
constitute a guarantee of their effectiveness or impose any obligations on Management
to foresee and/or prevent crime.

Resident understands that, from time to time, there may be police officers or courtesy
officers residing on premises. Resident understands and agrees that these officers do
not have responsibility for Resident's personal safety and security, and that the
presence of such officers as residents on premises does not create any obligation on
their part, or the part of Management, to provide security for Resident's personal safety
and property. Resident acknowledges and agrees that Management has no obligation or
liability to Resident for the acts or omission, whether negligent or intentional, of any
police officer or courtesy officers. Resident understands and agrees that although such
resident officers or courtesy officers may, from time to time, assist Management or
other Residents, such assistance does not constitute security for Resident's personal
safety and does not impose any obligation on Management to provide for Resident's
safety or security and/or to reduce the risk of crime against Resident's person or
property. Resident understands that residency of such officers may end at any time
without any obligation on the part of Management to Resident.

Resident agrees that no representation or promise has been made concerning crime on
premises or obligations of Management to prevent crime or to protect Resident's person
or property on premises.

(a) Signs: Resident shall not display any signs, exterior lights or markings on
apartment. No awnings or other projections shall be attached to the outside of the
building of which apartment is a part.

(b) Entrances, Hallways, Breezeways, Walks, and Lawns: Entrances, hallways,
breezeways, walks, lawns and other public areas shall not be obstructed or used for any
purpose other than ingress and egress.

(c) Antennas: Radio or television aerials or satellite dishes shall not be placed or
erected on the roof or exterior of buildings.

(d) Parking: Resident agrees to abide by all parking regulations established by
Management. No motorcycles, trucks, vans, campers, recreational vehicles, boats,

trailers, mobile homes, buses, commercial vehicles or mechanized equipment may be
allowed on premises without Management's prior approval. If Management has
designated spaces for Resident to park or areas for boats, trailers, campers or other
vehicles, Resident agrees to park only in those spaces so designated. Non-operable,
abandoned or unauthorized vehicles are not permitted on premises. Any such non-
operable, abandoned or unauthorized vehicle may be removed by Management at the
expense of Resident or other person owning same, for storage or private sale, at
Management's option, and the Resident or person owning same shall have no right of
recourse against Management therefor. The definition of non-operable, abandoned or
unauthorized vehicles shall be liberally construed in favor of Management. In addition,
but not limited to, their generally accepted definitions, “unauthorized” and “non-
operable” shall also mean vehicles which:

1. Are noxious, offensive, unsightly, unpleasant, or unkempt such as could reasonably
affect the appearance or rental marketability of premises or such as could reasonably
cause embarrassment, discomfort, annoyance, or nuisance to Management, owners or
other Residents;

2. Are causing damage to the apartment complex or the parking lot, including but not
limited to, oil or gas leaks, seepage or spills and motorcycles' kickstands which sink into
the pavement;

3. Are not previously approved and registered with Management as required;

4. Are not properly parked between parallel lines or other lines marking spaces for

5. Are blocking access to any prohibited areas, designated “no parking” areas, fire
lanes, fire hydrants, ingress and egress travel lanes, entrances, exits, trash dumpsters
or compaction, carwash bays or maintenance or service areas;

6. Are on blocks or on jack stands;

7. Appear to be in a state of disrepair;

8. Appear to be incapable of self-propelled movement;

9. Do not have a proper license tag, current license decal validation, sticker, current
state emissions inspection sticker or minimum applicable motor vehicle insurance.

Unauthorized, non-operable or abandoned vehicles shall not be kept, placed, stored,
parked, maintained or operated in any area of premises. The term “vehicle” includes,
but is not limited to, both motorized and non-motorized vehicles such as automobiles,
trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats, trailers, campers, mobile homes, motor homes,
commercial trucks, buses and heavy motorized or mechanized equipment or vehicles.
An “abandoned motor vehicle” shall include, but is not limited to, any vehicle, motor
vehicle or trailer which has been left unattended on premises for a period of not less
than thirty (30) days without anyone having made a claim thereto.

(e) Storage: No goods or materials of any kind or description which are combustible or
would increase fire risk shall be kept or stored in apartment, nor shall such items be

taken to or placed in storage areas. Management shall not be responsible for any loss or
damage due to the storage or keeping of such materials.

(f) Balcony or Patio: Balcony or patio shall be kept neat and clean at all times. No rugs,
towels, laundry, clothing, appliances or other items shall be stored, hung or draped on
railings or other portions of balcony or patio. Use of grills is not permitted on balconies.

(g) Recreation and Service Areas: Resident agrees to abide by rules and regulations
established for use of recreational and service facilities provided by Management.

(h) Resident Liable for Actions of Family, Occupants, Guests and Invitees: Resident shall
be responsible and liable for the conduct of his/her family, occupants, guests and
invitees. Acts or failure to act of Resident's family, occupants, guests and invitees in
violation of this agreement, any addenda, or Management's rules and regulations may
be deemed by Management to be a breach by Resident. Resident acknowledges and
agrees to communicate and explain all addenda, rules and regulations, and the terms of
this rental agreement to his/her family, occupants, guests and invitees.

(i) Drapes and Shades: All drapes and shades installed by Resident must be lined in
white to present a uniform exterior appearance.

(j) Water Beds: Resident shall not have or keep any water beds in apartment without
prior written permission of Management.

(k) Conduct: Resident acknowledges that all notices required to be given shall be given
in writing. Resident agrees to handle his/her communications and conduct with
Management, including, but not limited to, leasing agents, on-site staff, maintenance
personnel, or independent contractors and vendors hired by Management, and with all
other residents, occupants, guests or invitees in a lawful, courteous and reasonable
manner. Resident shall not engage in any abusive behavior, either verbal or physical, or
any form of intimidation or aggression, directed at Management, its agents, its
employees or vendors or directed at any other residents, occupants, guests, invitees, or
any other person on premises. If requested by Management, Resident agrees to
conduct all further business in writing. Any acts of abusive behavior, whether verbal or
physical, by Resident or Resident's family, guests or invitees shall be grounds for
termination of this rental agreement.

Resident agrees not to damage apartment or any other portion of premises, including,
but not limited to, the physical facilities, buildings, trees or landscape. Resident shall be
liable for all acts or failure to act of his family, occupants, guests or invitees which
result in damages to apartment or premises. Resident shall remain liable to
Management for any damages which exceed normal wear and tear and agrees to pay
Management promptly upon notice of such damages, notwithstanding whether the
repairs have actually been made. Further, Resident's acts or failure to act which result
in damages to apartment or premises shall constitute grounds for termination of this
rental agreement. Any amounts due from Resident because of damage exceeding
normal wear and tear shall constitute additional rent which is due upon invoicing.

28. RESIDENT DIRECTORY: Resident also acknowledges receipt of a Resident Directory
which becomes a part of this rental agreement. The policies set forth in the Resident
Directory are in addition to the policies outlined in this rental agreement and are
binding on all Residents, occupants, and guests.

29. ADDITIONAL RULES AND REGULATIONS: Resident agrees and understands that
additional rules and regulations may be established by Management during Resident's
possession. Resident agrees to be bound by such additional rules and regulations.
Resident further understands that notification of such additional rules and regulations
shall be given pursuant to Paragraph 20 of this agreement and shall be effective five (5)
days after personally being delivered or mailed by registered or certified mail.

30. GENDER: In all references herein to Resident, the use of the singular number is
intended to include the appropriate number as the text of this agreement may require,
and all gender references to male or female are intended to be gender neutral.

31. NO ESTATE IN LAND: This agreement creates only the relationship of landlord and
tenant between Management and Resident; Resident has a usufruct only and not an
estate for years; and no estate shall pass out of Management.

32. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This agreement and any attached addenda, including, without
limitation, rules and regulations, constitute the entire agreement between the parties
and no oral statements shall be binding.

33. JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITY: Each person who signs this agreement as a
Resident understands and agrees that their liability hereunder is both joint and several.

34. SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS: Subject to Paragraph 23, all provisions contained in
this agreement shall be binding upon, inure to the benefit of, and be enforceable by the
successors and assigns of Management.

35. SPECIAL STIPULATIONS: The following stipulations shall control in the event of
conflict with any of the foregoing:


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused these presents to be signed in
person or by a person duly authorized the day and year above written.


By: (SEAL)




By: (SEAL)




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