Multiple Federal Felonies in Aid to Racketeering Enterprise

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Investigators had the crimes, have crimes and to present

from 2000, Dorothy Arpino, operating in crimes with those listed, all
state employees sentenced nationwide with Genovese organized crime,
Meyers family members
threatens to carry out endless crime by lies, theft of all intellectual
work, the reports including to police, of violent crimes in aid of
racketeering, while using anyone as documented in their crimes, hiring
other people, firing people, transferring lies of which are federal
felonies to present, is witnessed, documented with the reports to FBI,
police, other agencies while some are still being used in crimes with
Meyers, Genovese crime, Clintons, organized crime.

Under Bushes (from 1920s, Clintons, Genovese biological weapons board and
all crime)

Meyers 'satanic' with Bushes, family members put in charge with Clintons
again of all HHS and every fraud under HHS
Meyers UHS/BHS Murders in DE, other states while carrying out all crimes
herein and HHS director under investigation for murders to present
Meyers family operating American Psychiatric Association
Meyers family operating all child trafficking with Genovese crime family,
Bushes, Clintons (judges sentenced as 'satanic' child trafficking all
states on public documents, and with all other crimes ran through the
court by obstructions of victims)
Meyers family operating Veterans Affairs and HealthNet, all insurance out
of Washington
Meyers family members operating as 'HHS' nationwide
Meyers family members operating through all courts, with Genovese family
members nationwide
Meyers family members on list operating all school districts, college
labs, weapons with Genovese family members
Meyers operating out of all University of Delaware labs to UK, Israel,
Iraq, Germany, France, Russian crime, with Genovese crime and Clintons

Energy Department, CDC operated by Robert Meyers and other Meyers, using
others as directors also (sentenced prior to 2000)

Richard Myers Air Force, with Genovese on weapons board, Cheney

Clintons with all organized crime to present, transfer of billions by
'Muslim Brotherhood' into their bank accounts
and sentencing of all agencies, directors, Energy, all loan fraud,
mortgage fraud, Genovese crime prior to threats to carry out multiple
federal felonies, slander, defamation and destruction for these reasons

Genovese on biological weapons board, with Boyden Gray, Meyers out of UD,
DE, NY, all states, swine flu, vaccine fraud, FBI, all crime through FBI
and attorney firms under Meyers all states as 'HHS'

Genovese "satanic" crime family:
with "satanic" (and using extremist Christians who are ignorant on "given
orders" at all places from hospitals to other agencies, and others by
ideological contexts for all agencies and groups); use of every other
religious and ideological group, including funding Muslim Brotherhood,'
and staging hate crimes, explosions across the country 'with' FBI.

w/ Rothschild in the courts in DE, Israel, England, international
on UN and warboard

Elena Meyers, illegally acting with over 500 Meyers family members as
"HHS" and through all agencies, Universities, hospitals, with all
Genovese crime

Elena Meyers, and on documents, with the threats, and crimes on over 15
different women, with Genovese crime family operating all crime, to labs,
weapons, psychiatry as 'satanic' with Elena Meyers, and biological
weapons as swine flu, medical fraud to extremes for violent crimes and
injury with all other fraud simultaneously
Illegal use of all state employees, and multiple racketeering, federal
felonies, threats in person to carry it out after ten years of already
carrying out crimes, to carry out violent crimes

Elena Meyers, with Genovese crime family, over 5,000 counts federal
racketeering, threats, criminal assaults, fabrications transferred which
are federal felonies, and records changes with Genovese crime family to
carry out violence

Judges in total racketeering nationwide, and operating all crimes, CEO's
in crime, HealthNet Federal fraud over 20 years, Lab Corp fraud for
violent crimes, with the attorneys out of Dover, and sentencing

with other charges:

U.S. Code collection ... 1959. Violent crimes in aid of racketeering
activity ... (4) for threatening to commit a crime of violence, by
imprisonment for not ...

conspiracy to commit racketeering (RICO) in violation of Title 18, United
States Code

Regulations - Title 31: Money and Finance: Treasury - TITLE 31 - MONEY

38 CFR 3.1 - Definitions. - Code of Federal Regulations - Title 38 ...
PURPOSE ... Other documents: 40 CFR 406.65

Title 18 US Code section 286 CONPSIRACY TO DEFRAUD the Government ...
Hospital Insurance T42CFR409.33 CLAIMS ) HEALTHCARE FRAUD AND ABUSE. ...

Elena Meyers carries out all crimes threatened, multiple federal felonies
to present, assaults with court cases already, and HHS Director under
investigation for murders in psychiatry and on other friends from 2000 to
present, all being multiple federal felonies and violence, injury
Genovese crime family operating all unions, FBI, DEA, with Genovese drug
Total Racketeering notices and which is only a continuation, from all top
agencies were noted again.

From the judges to the attorneys, all crime carried out with Elena
Meyers, Meyers family members operating American Psychiatric Association,
(from 1920's in crime with Genovese crime family and Clintons, with
trauma centers, porn families as top psychiatry and Genovese "illuminati"
herein, private psychiatry with Meyers); all healthcare fraud and other
fraud illegallly through the line of judges, DA's, all fraud, and
agencies used, through attorneys (sentenced for all crime again to
present) under "Health Human Services." Under each administration,
senators, DA's, judges, in child trafficking sentenced with Genovese

Elena Meyers DE, nationwide crime with Genovese crime family, over 500
family members with porn families used around to the courts, hospitals,
colleges, DA's above all state agencies for carrying out the crimes with
attorneys over 45 years as in this case Arpino, and others including Frey
porn family in weapons, pyschiatry, schools, nationwide and other cases.

Elena Meyers with Genovese crime family in multiple federal felonies

All crimes herein, for Genovese, Meyers, Clintons, private crime money
and illegal, threats to carry it out, with state employees already
sentenced along with all labs prior, health insurance, to all other
agencies again.


Elena Meyers carries out, as "HHS" employee assaults on over 15 other
witnesses and victims from prior to 2000, and all crimes with Genovese
crime family, Clintons

Elena Meyers, Genovese crime family, Clintons to present; through
attorney firms, nationwide, with all crimes in racketeering:

(all sentencing of fraud, and all agencies from 1990 and under Clintons,
while carrying out violent crimes for that reason)

Genovese, Elena Meyers and their family members, under Bushes, Clintons;
acting as all oversight, all agencies as employees, as "HHS" (over 20
years for carrying out multiple violent crimes, fraud, noncare,
nondisclosure for mutliple federal felonies, injury, assault, pyschiatry
fraud threatened and blatant crime)

HealthNet fraud over 20 years for violent crimes over 10 years

Lab Corp fraud over 20 years for violent crime by Elena Meyers, with
Genovese crime, Clintons, then taking Johns blood weekly while carrying
out crimes on myself by Elena Meyers with Genovese crime daily
transferring lies, changing records
Doctors (over 20,000 sentenced, including neurology with Genovese family
members operating nationwide in neurology depts)

Elena Meyers carries out over 20 years, violent crimes with Genovese, on
myself, Arpino still operating with Meyers; hernia from 1995, and X-rays,
while carrying out violent crime to present and injury
non-disclosure of Johns emergency visits, putting him into weekly visits
through her crimes with Clintons, Genovese crime family and paying his
doctor himself for this reason; racketeering and crimes with the fraud
unit divisions of HealthNet from 1990 to present

Dr. Hill, over 20 years to use in part in fraud, seeing John Honaker
prior to 1994 and throughout, each time being tested for chemical damage,
passing out, memory lapses with Genovese crime

All privately owned investments and businesses of their own aligned with
each agency and illegal use of state employees, sentenced another 4
Meyers family members operating Veterans Care, Emploment, and all under
HHS, with attorneys and Genovese crime family;
All labs, and Meyers family op Lab Corp
Genovese family members all colleges, labs with Meyers family members,
porn criminals in weapons, surveillance, GPS tracking, cell towers, wire
tap fraud
Genovese loan fraud, mortgage fraud thru DE, every state
Genovese gangs in loan fraud
Genovese accident fraud rings on witnesses and throughout, over 35
ambulances a day
Genovese collections
Genovese Drug stores, with DEA, FBI, trafficking
Genovese terrorism, threats, explosives with FBI nationwide
Genovese operating FBI, DEA, in drug trafficking, child trafficking, with
Meyers, Clintons all other crime (on "FBI" sentencing), obstructions of
justice with all others listed on sentencing

Genovese operating all business crime, with FBI, Chamber Commerce, as
"infraguard" as "CIA" with state employees as "CIA" to bankers,
incorporated in DE, with all crime, Chamber of Commerce, CEOs (sentenced)
and in part racketeering, bribery, lies given to them, with Elena Meyers
drug gangs as DEA, FBI, and as 'agents'
Genovese car accident fraud rings

Chamber Commerce being used by Genovese crime, all businesses
Genovese, Boeing,

in activity to present, with BFI Trash corporation, with FBI, DEA, and
drug racketeering, from prior to 2000 with FBI and drug racketeering

Real estate fraud, and business racketeering in multi-part racketeering
enterprise and crimes documented in this case and others

Wire tap fraud, mail fraud with attorneys, including covering up phone
calls, and with Verizon, ATT
Google and all internet being ran by Genovese crime family friends in
porn along with all psychiatry; including but not limited to Nguyen.

Their porn families not only used as psychiatry, out of the colleges,
weapons, cell towers, GPS, with all attorneys in all crimes, but slander
on all victims, not those they can and are operating in crime, easily
recognizable and surround all victims with propganda and lies of 'human
study,' and 'cia torture is allowed' and 'police state' and 'pyschiatry
rights,' or deflate violent crimes in racketeering to 'stalking' alone,
other deflationary techniques, or split piecing the crimes; Never
propaganda or slander directed at those used in murder, sexual crimes
because they are using porn criminal murderers to control the media and
in the media, propaganda and all crime with them. No slander on anyone
who is convicted of murder they are running or the millions in sexual
crime, just slander on the victims.

Genovese Real Estate fraud and using them as "CIA"
     Bob Lilley, and others in Newark, and around them for crimes of
canceling building contracts, home contracts illegally; business
racketeering and crime thru Chamber Commerce, all incorp in DE used
     Top most realtor Newark, and others used with Dorothy Arpino,
Genovese who threatened me to carry out violent crimes

Genovese, Meyers, Clintons, with Bush using businesses as 'CIA' some with
over 22, while sentencing others with Genovese crime thru FBI to

Genovese crime with bankers, banks (sentencing nationwide and employees)

Genovese biological weapons, as Swine Flu, with Boyden Gray "satanic"
biological weapons scientist, and under Clintons, with all given tainted
vaccines, needles used including in direct targeting of individuals

Hospital CEO's (sentenced) in fraud with Elena Meyers, Genovese crime and
fake nurses in crime and on elderly, Meyers family members operating all
agencies and with Clintons, under Bushes to present, in all states and

Dupont Hospital (Elena Meyers, Genovese crime family, including tainted
vaccines with another doctors office; over 15 years and federal felonies
of hiring someone to delete records, fabricate records)
Criminal families used as psychs at the hospital for crimes, nationwide
and sentenced hospital employees
Meyers UHS/BHS facitlies, private with Commissioner Freud, in multiple
federal felonies knowingly and other states in murders, all psychiatry
murders in DE, and other states

Genovese Drug Stores

Genovese owned BFI Trash

Bush Citi Corp Employees (sentenced with attorneys in mortgage fraud

Genovese, Meyers private elderly homes, psychiatry on elderly and all
crimes on them including tainted vaccines, sentencing of all CEO's,
nurses, elder care increased under Clintons to present, 2010 and use of
'HHS' employees for it

Meyers, Genovese 'psych' facilities, including UHS/BHS Dover, with Elena
Meyers, over 5,000 counts federal felonies of transfer of falsifed
information and threats to carry out crimes and on biological weapons
scientist, Genovese drug store pharmacist, victims of drug racketeering,
murders out of UHS/BHS already
     (on forms with federal felonies, St. Jones, Genovese 'transferred'
lies on forms with all other multiple records changes, transfer of lies
to all agencies, businesses, medical, and non-disclosure of pertinent
information, with Elena Meyers)
     From St. Jones, with over 500 counts prior 'anonymous' calls by
Elena Meyers and changes to mortgage, notary, Dupont hospital records,
with reports to Dr. montone of their racketeering and fraud, calls to Dr.
montone to call her, lies with nutritionist then fired after telling her
of the crimes
    Transfer of these lies by Elena Meyers, her own crimes with Genovese
crime, Clintons, and phone calls to 'myself' then lies on both, with
additional federal felonies daily by transferred lies to present, 2010
and crimes with all agencies listed, witness tampering

Genovese and Meyers aviation, and out of Cheswold, other DE areas,
Diamond with Russian organized crime and others, nationwide

Genovese aerospace, and in military weapons with Meyers (all others

Genovese "collections" firms operated with attorneys as all other crime,
and with Bruno crime family, Arpino, Frey, other criminal porn families
as all other crime

On court dockets in DE, all states, and NY, NJ, PA; all Genovese crime
sentencing prior to 2000; with FBI, attorneys, loan fraud, all other
fraud and throughout their violent crimes.

AGAIN, KNOWINGLY CARRYING OUT CRIME; the whole time and knowingly, with
"satanic" judges, and child trafficking sentenced nationwide with Elena
Meyers, Genovese crime and to Jeff Meyers U.S. District Court, Clintons:
     With police affidavits DE State Police, reports from 2000;
Prosecutor Speed with Mayor Speed, Dover, carrying out all crimes, with
Genovese crime family, Elena Meyers as "HHS" with other Meyers family
    Prosecutor Speed, while all other crime is being carried out, and
while on the phone with him at U.S. District Court, 07, prior to over 3
more years violent crimes by Elena Meyers with Genovese, Clintons and in
her own handwriting;p sends an "FBI" white van to the airport, Cheswold,
blocking it off, other car accident rings, and brings in a helicopter and
carries out all Genovese crimes as they are in all other states sentenced
(or murdered, NY, MO, WA, PA, other states)

Judges (sentenced nationwide for child trafficking and as "illuminati"
satanic all states, some in NY, others here used in crime with Genovese,
Elena Meyers while obstructing court process and carrying out crime) to
use in all obsructions of justice, all crime.

w all attorneys under one adminsitration, and obstructions

Cubbage Brown, other attorney firms, in 2006 used in Meyers crime, others
DE bar in this instance, Elena Meyers with documents with police, from
both of us, affidavits, she carries out over 50 counts additional crimes
to witness tampering, fraud in Wilmington court with criminals and
attorneys all fraud to present for violent crimes, with those listed
including Meyers UHS/BHS and continued crimes with commissioner Freud,
all others listed

Threats at attorneys offices in Smyrna while blocking attorneys, civil
rights attorneys, using only 'criminal defense' attorneys (senteced also)
  while Elena Meyers carries out crimes with Genovese crime family,
CLintons in all organized crime to present, with attorneys including
witness tampering and all fraud in multiple

Genovese crime family - FOX, television outlets, and attorneys all under
'one roof' in crime, used in cover ups, sexual crimes with District
Attorneys, attorneys, judges, to fire chiefs (sentenced nationwide in
child trafficking and sexual crimes)

Judges sentenced nationwide with
   District Attorneys, Fire Chiefs, media outlets, Prosecutors (murdered
with investigators including NY with Genovese crime, Clintons), Public
Defenders, Senators, Mayors, Chiefs of Police

Those under all Racketeering crimes in DE, throughout, all fraud, crimes
listed herein sentenced:

Judges, DA's, prosecutors, Public Defenders, Police Chiefs, linked to
Media outlets, Fire Chiefs (documented crimes with Genovese organized
crimes) sentenced nationwide in child crimes trafficking to murder, with
the attorneys, homeland security directors, agents of all agencies and
FBI; while hiring others in the racketeering ring as documented ran by
their smaller crime families with the attorneys.
U.S. Attorney General operating under U.S. Racketeering all Genovese
crime and other porn families used, including Frey nationwide and in DE,
other victims of them

U.S. Attorney General Gonzales (indictment in 08 while carrying out all
violent crimes) and the present Attorney General under Racketeering with
Genovese crime, Clintons, Meyers in violent crimes

Biden and nepotism, as Attorney General (all others sentenced nationwide
and "former"), bribed, on Air Force Board with Genovese crime, weapons,
Richard Meyers op Air Force, weapons and other investments, and promised

Carl Danberg, DA (others in DE, use of Carl Danberg with Assistant
Taggart by Elena Meyers with Jeff Meyers, other Meyers, Rothschilds,
Genovese and Clintons organized crime), with Elena Meyers, Genovese
"satanic" crime, Rothschild in the court


Porn families used around to all crime ran through the attorneys,
agencies, court, collections, attorneys, with police, to District Courts
with Meyers and Genovese crime, all crime out of attorney firms.

Dorothy Arpino, and other family members with Genovese crime, who
threatened myself in person over two hours, to set up lies with Elena
Meyers, Genovese already in racketeering, to carry out violent crimes

In this case; from 1990-2000, prior to violent crimes and threats to
obstruct all rights because of it, and by use of all in crime, to steal
all patent rights, intellectual work, all plans, educational plans, and
carry out violent crimes by lies, slander, over 500 counts alone, of
transfer of lies which are federal felonies by Elena Meyers, Arpino,
Genovese and to Clintons (on documents)

Under attorneys with court cases, also while taking all evidence and
discussions of their crimes, computer tampering, carrying out
obstructions to reports of their crimes to present, and witness
Witness tampering, 2000 to present currently in witness tampering

Commissioners sentenced (lists of sentencing with Meyers, Genovese,
Clintons org crime nationwide)

Commissioner Freud (Freudian sexual psychiatry) in this case, knowingly
criminal and thousands of other victims, ran thousands of deaths and
under bribery, money laundering

Records changes by firing people throughout and transferring what is
federal felonies 'by phone' which one cannot even carry out more crimes
Biological weapons, (Boyden Gray creator of Bird/swine Flu, counsel to
Bush, under Clintons and Genovese carrying out the crimes)

Russian gangs and out of University for organized crime; Russian
organized crime over 70 years with Genovese, and Clintons under FBI
director Freah and to present with all other crime

Genovese uses Dover police, with Prosecutor Speed, Elena Meyers in drug
racketeering, all crime herein, all racketeering, Mayor speed, all crime,
biological weapons and fraud herein in racketeering; while DE state
police have affidavits on the threats and criminals acts

Police being ordered by some judges and Genovese crime family with
Meyers, along with Mayors (sentenced prior and nationwide); with
affidavits and reports, on each occasion, they fire those with the
reports and transfer lies, change documents to the notary and mortgage
fraud, and taking myself off death benefits to the fraud with HealthNet
all other multiple federal felonies carried out by Genovese, Clintons,
Elena Meyers, and their other family members on the lists

Attorneys with all business crime with Genovese, CEOs' (sentenced) using
them in bribery, part of the crimes and with Genovese crime operating the
"FBI" Labor and unions in drug racketeering as "Infraguard" and
"security" with drug gangs and out of hotels, homes
Genovese Drug Stores with DEA (sentenced DEA, FBI again and Pharmacists,
along with being victims), Genovese psychiatry (transferred lies with
Elena Meyers on forms, for violent crimes)

Genovese on weapons board under Clintons and Bushes adminstrations

Biden, Attorney General in Delaware op w Genovese crime over 25 years and
on Air Force Board under Richard Meyers, and during all Genovese crime
with Clintons, bribery for higher office with Obama

FBI sentenced prior under Clintons, and to present in crimes and aiding

Employer fraud through attorneys and keeping innocent unemployed, using
fake felonies on some who are sick and those with felonies hired by the
attorneys, death benefits on employees, firing by slander, bribery of
employers in part' of the crimes, giving employers false information with
other big bribery

Meyers, with Frey porn family, other crime families operating all school
districts, psychiatry on children with judges in child trafficking;
sentencing of school directors, mass firings of teachers not in crime and
sentencing of teachers used in crime; daycares including our own in DE
while threatening myself with Genovese and other Meyers family members,
Arpino in person to carry out every type of fabrication and theft of
everything from myself and family, violent crimes, all boyscouts, to
other crimes sentenced in DE from that time

Elena Meyers, with Other Meyers family membes op Boys and Girls club,
while firinig John Honaker in
2005-6 as "FBI" phone call with Genovese crime, prior to another 4 years
of violent crimes on myself, taking all income from him having dimentia,
vomitting up blood, and Lab Corp by this time taking tests weekly with
Elena Meyers transferring over 50 counts of lies on myself, slander by
phone, illegally changing records as 'HHS' John as witness, on tapes,
videos, and with other witnesses, and witnesses threatened, witness
tampering to present for theft, destruction financially and targeting
myself having all plans, and my Cash flow book, threatened for that
reason and crimes on myself, and then lies about both by Elena Meyers
prior to 2000 with Genovese crime, Meyers family members, Arpino, to
present, including all of Johns symptoms, inabilities, and every single
medical symptom, of lies on myself by Genovese, Elena Meyers to carry out
violent crimes and non-disclosure over 20 years of Johns medical
condition, fraud with HealthNet for violent crimes threatened

Use of everyone as "CIA," from banking to boating, with all DE
incorporations, with Genovese crime, Meyers (sentencing of all agencies,

Employees including union members, with "FBI" "Infraguard" used in part
crimes, to larger stores)

with sentencing of all CEO's, all crime in DE, to NY, nationwide with
Genovese crime and Meyers while carrying out violent crimes to present

Chertoff, investments with Genovese crime, Energy, weapons, other bribery
and through the courts
Homeland Security under Chertoff, total racketeering, all directors and
employees, sentenced and used from obstructions to other crimes, under
racketeering, and used in crimes on innocent persons

Cheney (used with operations, miltiary, Genovese and Richard meyers,
under Bushes, Clintons) who got crime money, and indicted in TX under
Meyers family members in the courts, not yet sentenced
Attorney General Gonzales, current under Racketeering, bribery by the
same; indicted also with Cheney
Genovese orders crimes, using police, making phone calls to carry out
crimes, while there are police reports from 2000, and with Elena Meyers
carries out violent crimes

Genovese using their porn and drug criminals in drug surveillance and
crime, multi-depectpion and taking 'parts' of evidence, hiding evidence,
carrying out crimes to present, and fabricating lies to get persons in
crime to present; GPS tracking, surveillance in multi-part for deception,
while blocking out any conversations of their crimes and with lawsuits
including by Drug users for surveillance by "FBI" Genovese drug

Child trafficking, and day cares in DE, NY, Natiowide, with Elena Meyers,
Meyers and Genovese other states, using their porn criminal families for
all other crime with agencies, and Frey porn family nationwide, in
psychiatry, to schools, to the courts for crime bribery, to attorney

Elena Meyers, after many other crimes, and with witnesses, on documents,
uses Rhonda Gill, porn criminal at Bay Health and racketeering with
BayHealth attorneys, illegally later taking BayHealth as others off the
court documents while carrying out over 500 more crimes and witness
tampering, slander to present

All crimes with Clintons, Hillary clinton with Meyers family members all
HHS, fraud, tainted vaccines nationwide and HealthCare fraud to Energy
fraud (Enron sentenced prior and used for weapons, drug racketeering,
with iee, earthquake and weather weapons, same as used on persons, and
biological weapons, deals also thru attorneys, to many other frauds)

Judges, attorneys, District Attorneys, sentenced in child trafficking,
and sex crimes, used with their porn criminals as "satanic" like the
Frey family or Arpino, as "psychiatry" at the top of crimes and with
their trauma centers, at the colleges with Meyers family members and
Genovese crime,
Judges, and all state employees, with attorneys, District Attorneys, to
Public Defenders, Fire Chiefs, and media on sentencing lists

While operating everyone in crime, near-retardation, part crimes by
'orders' and bribery; already sentencing every single person and agency;
the set up 9-11 and terrorism, by total racketeering and threaten me in
person to carry out endless crime without rights, and lies, slander for

Genovese crime family operating attorneys in crime with police, while
from 2000 police have Elena Meyers, Arpino acting with Genvoese crime
family and Meyers family members out of University of Delaware and all
sentencing under Meyers in the DE courts, to Jeff Meyers U.S. District

To present, Elena Meyers operating all crime in DE and with the courts,
including biological weapons with Genovese crime family and violence on
myself threatened to be carried out by Dorothy Arpino, she taking
everyone she is racketeering with off the court case, "after" carrying
out all crimes, but Arpino with Jeff Meyers in the U.S. District Court
and racketeering and while carrying out another 500 counts federal

Genovese setting up 9-11 cleanup crews (sentenced) and threats on myself
for violent crimes and total racketeering for the reason of total
racketeering prior with Meyers family and CLintons in office with all
organized crime money

Genovese-FOX television outlets, with all others, including judges,
attorney firms,
Bush, Citi Corp, drug racketeering and business, CIA, other money in
with Fire Chiefs sentenced nationwide for sexual crimes with judges for
Genovese crime, Meyers family in crime, and Clintons

All crime to present, including court crimes, and tampering, witness
tampering by Elena Meyers, with Genovese crime family, Clintons getting
all healthcare fraud, weapons, and other fraud, to the drug racketeering

Violent crimes in aid of racketeering, is using all in ideological,
religous states, all public officials in sexual crimes, crime in multi-
parts using each person in crime, for violent crimes and war crimes, the
sentencing of all state agencies, those in the crimes listed again while
carrying out violent crimes, and all obstructions to the law.

War crimes are carried out, serious violent crimes, by obsstructions to
law to begin with and in this case threatened to be carried out without
law and documented to present.


While Clinton was put on war crimes for Bosnia, with Genovese crime
family, and every single agency was sentenced in crime, as noted, being
total racketeering with Energy, weapons, radiation, surveillance, to top
chief of police in crimes, murders, terrorism, fraud, medical fraud,
theft, mortgage fraud, police murders in bosnia, the same in every
country and now Clintons up for war crimes in Iraq, Spain, it is the same
as noted on UN documents in U.S. and notices were disseminated each day
of the crimes of surveillance, crimes on citizens and National Security
Agents fired for speaking up about it, all crimes in the news.


Genovese-FOX, Meyers operating all media outlets by which they perform
daily pieces to the brainless of murders, sentencing, explosions,
terrorism, propagation of the most petty hate crimes and using the media
as sexual crimnals with their porn and pedophiles as psychiatrists also
with the cover up of any story of what really happened but details on
sentencing of every fraud scheme already noted daily

(documents on Genovese setting up militants with them at media centers
and other crimes at media centers, along with sentencing of media

All businesses privately owned by Genovese crime family, Meyers family
and investments used illegally with state employees:

Energy, weapons, Genovese on biolgical and all weapons boards with them
under all Whitehouse presidencies
Meyers, Genovese private psychiatry all states
Meyers owned UHS/BHS Behavioral Health systems and victims in all states,
NY, all sentencing of state employees
Health Human Services Director(s) sentenced) with Meyers out of all HHS,
all crimes as "human study"
Oversight sentenced

Lab Corp sentenced and used again for enforcement of violent crimes with
HealtNet Fraud under Meyers family operating it all states under HHS,
listed under one database and computer site

HealthNet Federal, service provider fraud, on all sentencing lists

Genovese, Meyers attorney firms and with other attorneys blocking rights,
serious victims, and threats at the attorneys offices also

Genovese operating with friends as Rights Groups including ACLU Director
throughout the crimes, with Mike German, former FBI murderer

Genovese crime family on weapons boards, military and chemical,
biological, bird flu, swine flu frauds, tainted vaccines, hospitals,
under Bushes, Clintons and to present

Genovese with FBI all unions, Labor, construction crime, bridges,
construction contracts with infrastucture damage, with Clintons.

FOX-Genovese, Meyers family members, all states, international propagate
crimes of all religions, hate crimes on each group, and campus hate
crimes, terrorism, all groups from Muslim brotherhood, to Jewish groups,
Christians, to satanic, all funded and on each other, using FBI with
Iranian weapons deals, explosions, and with Clintons, as in this case

Energy Department, and labs, radiation labs, nationwide, and Los Alamos,
with chinese, foreigners, espionage and in National Security, Director of
Energy, as in other countries using foreign criminals (sentenced with
Cinton organized crime prior to 2000)
In 2006, while sending notice to Los Alamos FL, Washington D.C., shut
them down, weeks and fired National Security, stole FBI office computers
in DE)

Genovese, all weapons, ports, port authority and smaller airports right
near homes in DE, with Summit as "CIA" stricly, and Genovese aviation,
Diamond Aviation and to NY, NJ, port authority, with chemical spraying
and the weapons, microwave weapons along with direct weaponry, GPS
tracking by towers and assault, surveillance for operating all violent
crime organized crime.

On all occasions, daily, from March 04, after carrying out another two
years of crime with Genovese, Clintons, DEA, FBI, Drug racketeering, and
federal crimes, fraud; illegally using real estate to move me, canceling
home contract.

Setting off Dried Uranium explosions, and massive fires deliberately set
on homes with all other fraud, medical fraud, using agencies to
disseminate personal information, with changes to records, including in
Hollywood is on sentencing lists while carrying out massive crimes by it
as in this case and millions of other victims.

Genovese, Clintons, Meyers, in addition to many Rothschild family
members, each operating all groups, ideological in the top-most ponzi
scheme with Frey family, porn families of over 500 over 45 years,
including Arpino who they had threaten me after sentencing again. The
same racketeering through the 1970's, bank, loan fraud, hate crimes,
riots, tainted vaccines, but using "new" weapons and all groups illegally
within agencies of every ideological and reliigous nature to sexual
crimes and bribery again each time thereby carrying out more violent
crimes on those who are already victims of fraud and not used in crime or
brainwashed or ignorant.

DISASTER FRAUD, using Army Corp Engineers (sentenced also for these
crimes), chemicals on populations, while putting people out of work,
movign them out of homes, setting up trailers, then destroying the
trailers, killing them, using hospitals psychiatry, enmassed on people,

Meyers, Genovese and their porn criminals operating all school districts
with Frey crime porn family, other porn families, as psychiatry,
including Arpino, Frey family members, and Nguyen, many others as porn
and satanic; with judges sentenced in child trafficking, and psychiatry
fraud, already, murders on children and in DE, all states, firing
teachers by the millions and then sentencing teachers and school
directors in crime purposely using them.

Use of Nguyen pedophiles to cover psychiatry fraud as 'specialists,'
child trafficking, media, Google headquarters, with Frey porn family and
out of all college labs, psychiatry, Kaufman family, also with BP oil and
to cover all other crimes at the top
(UN set up on 9-11 in 1800's) Planned disasters, terrorism, as in all
other countries continued and war crimes.

Over 450,000 scientists, physicists, biological weapons scientists killed
while operating chemicals, dumping, spraying in the air, and all reports
are on it under "Health Human Services" with Meyers family members,
Genovese crime family while carrying out the crimes on video, and Elena
Meyers in crime, Clintons operating with HHS and healthcare, weapons

Genovese, Meyers, Clintons in organized crime
Making blatant claims on Energy workers, national security workers, Five
star generals, FBI, analysts, Marshalls, others; firing them and claiming
they have 'schizophrenia" for speaking out about the crimes operating
under one umbrella and asked to commit crimes on citizens.

With all judges sentenced nationwide, but a few more murderous promoted,
still in use, in child trafficking and holding up all crimes, throwing
out court cases, even for mortgage theft, to more violent crimes, Elena
Meyers is shown carrying out all violent crimes with Genovese to the
court in racketeering, multiple federal felonies and violent assault to
Kaufman, Genovese, Frey family, Meyers in porn, Arpino who threatened me
to carry out endless violent crimes, multiple racketeering, with Carl
Danberg, other and assistant to DA, all agencies, while firing witnesses
and transferring shear slander by phone by Elena Meyers to carry out
crime, daily, with John Honaker put into weekly emergencies, slander of
his condition on myself as a 'mental illness" and her making phone calls
including to our home, then 50 more fabrications with crimes daily using
criminals and firing others to present is on video.

Just as they made phone calls to police to raid homes, places, or to
shoot a CIA agent with lies that his suit case is a nuclear bomb, and
while watching my neibhor argue with the guy feeding her horses, firing
him, they call to have state workers come take her horses, they carry out
all crimes, by listening to Johns symptoms, daily from 1990, that he has
no memory of what he did, and all on documents, video, Elena meyers
carries out multiple violent crimes on myself, by 2008, over 300 days
without money, multiple violent crimes and lies by phone to carry out
over 50 counts daily fraud, medical fraud, with john honaker vomitting up
blood, she makes phone calls that John Honaker is helping her (to the
court, with Jeff Meyers) and lies by phone of over 500 counts to security
with Genovese crime family, psychiatric lies, assaults also on video,
lies of ill health, smoking and put on 'study,' lists, changes to medical
records of our son, then 50 more crimes each day, after calling us that
she got another "anonymous" call, using criminal porn member, Rhonda
Gill, criminally threatens me to the hospital, claims again, while on
video, that John Honaker is helping her, threatens John behind closed
doors to take 'you wife," with Gill, fabricates lies of both, with
witnesses also to present, witness tampering, carries out over 50 counts
daily violent crimes, putting John Honaker into worse states, with Dr.
Hill, Meyers operating Lab Corp taking his blood, a loss over 1,000 a
month, John with no memory of loans 'at work' called and timed taken from
him without anyone else knowing, over 5,000 days, with john stating he
cannot plan his money and has no idea of his loans from 1990, not any of
my own but all crimes by Genovese crime family with Meyers, with Clintons
in organized crime, and with Bushes.

From prior to the threats and threats over what crime they already
committed, threats to carry out terrorism, theft of all intellectual work
and my Cash Flow Book, patent rights already having and discussing it
with John at all times, they planned to carry out violent crimes and
threatened endless crimes without rights, all documented including Elena
Meyers with all state employees, firing those working their and carrying
out crimes anyway, transferring lies to carry out more crimes daily.

Threats over their own trafficking, with Elena Meyers in the child
trafficking nationwide, by Dorothy Arpino, operating with Frey Family and
other porn family members, out of all labs with Meyers family, porn
families as top psychiatry, weapons labs, with them and Genovese family
members in all military areas, weapons, FBI, colleges, neurology,
attorney firms, mortgage fraud, private satanic psychiatry, trauma
centers, and medical fraud with Meyers family members.
Each day, they listen to John discussing his medical condition, memory
loss, his inabilty to follow any plans, financially or other, created
with Dr. Hill, and over 15 years HealthNet Fraud with Elena Meyers,
Genovese crime family and threats to use it for their psychiatric lies,
fraud, to take all from us, to lock me up. Elena Meyers, with Genovese on
documents, transfers every kind of lie of our discussions of Johns
condition (on documents) to carry out violent crimes by putting him into
weekly emergencies and over 15 years of him paying for his own care
including to Dr. Hill, with the exception of some bills for Lab paid in

Genovese gangs, drug gangs, brought in, South Americans in trafficking,
drug trafficking and with FBI (on sentencing list while propagating lies
each day they can use FBI in crimes, gangs in hotel rooms a 'fusion
centers' on citizens with 'spying' again) while all state agencies were
sentenced and while carrying out crime.

Genovese was using BFI trash, FBI, DEA, with the drug dealers and
ambulance service, police, to present, Fire house, and the criminals with
handicap bus service;

(Throughout 70's with all other crime to present)

All schools operated by Meyers, with firing of teachers and use of
teachers with their porn criminals includng Frey family and in DE, on
school boards, judges in child porn and trafficking, HHS, and porn
families as school pyschiatry with Meyers and Genovese crime family
members. Anyone with high scores, who will not conform to ideological
elementary ideals and programming or fit right into being used in crime
later, as is the case, total crime, is assaulted. They fabricate HDHD,
all sorts of things and carry out even toddler 'hate crimes.'

Meyers and Rothschilds, also overseeing home schooling of Roman
Catholics, to "pagan homeschoolers" while fabricating lies every single
day regardless of 'what' as threatened on myself, and wi and carrying out
all racketeering, with Terry Newman in 2001, in home school groups just
for activity, intercepting me and slandering with Genovese crime family
continued to present.

Terry Newman moves to "Ohio" claiming she just move to DE, right before
'9-11.' Her husband supposedly works for the 'government' and they came
from North Carolina.

All other state agencies including postal workers used and sentenced in
crime, and transfer of falsified records and information; from Energy, to
information centers, medical, Energy Department, to Department Motor
Vehicle, to colleges, labs, as in this case.

Violent crimes in multiple, with obstructions, witness tampering,
assault, by surveillance, all terrorism, trafficking, murders carried out
under National Security, while Genovese crime family is op as NSA, mass
firings of National Security agents, and all other agencies arrested in
part of war crimes, in multiple violent crimes on ourselves and millions
of other people

Over 15,000 a month fired by defamation in files put in work files while
using people in crimes as CEO's and employees with FBI and "infraguard"
Genovese, with Clintons, FBI explosions nationwide including World Trade
Towers and the cleanup jobs by Genovese crime

Over 150,000 apartments emptied by crime, plants explosions, sugar
plants, other plants, oil, natural gas explosions, all states, and
emptying, attorneys with landlord fraud, evictions and on our own
witnesses; Over ten cities unlivable.

Genovese with FBI, increasing each five years, with Genovese drug stores,
Genovese surveillance, crime, all fraud, multiple violent crimes,
threats, with the ambulance department, fire house, certain police (while
having police reports on their crimes and affidavits)

Chemical weapons, throwing out lawsuits of weapons and chemical weapons
while 'discriminatingly' having a few court cases who are not that
victimized or who have no clue of anything else; (including in DE, on
myself, documented, and in louisiana presently, spraying overhead for it,
with witnesses, threatened to be carried out all crimes in multi-part on
us without rights)

All attorney generals (but Biden on weapons board and promised a higher
position) with Genovese crime in DE over 25 years, with all Genovese
crime, including with trash, gangs, unions, mortgage fraud, weapons,
biological weapons, bird flu, all other, trafficking on court dockets.

Total health insurance Fraud under "HHS" with Meyers family as all HHS
nationwide (over 15 years for violent crimes on us and John Honaker,
having his damage increased each month with Dr. Hill knowinlyg and taking
his blood via Lab Corp to do it)

Genovese Meyers attorney firms, with over 500 billion frauds and crimes
ran through the attorney firms, courts, and on sentencing lists

family all states, Genovese family members, Clintons in all fraud,
medical, murders out of hospitals, with mortgage fraud, all other crime

Genovese crime family, under Clintons, and with Hillary Clinton to
present; operating with FBI, FBI with unions, chamber of commerce, all
labor, all fraud including medical through commerce and attorney firms,
sentenced, all state employees including judges sentenced again in crime,
drug trafficking and drug criminals in all agencies, with certain police
in drug trafficking, Genovese on surveillance, weapons boards, biological
weapons, Energy, military companies and aviation, Midland Mortgage fraud,
on John Honaker, and through the attorney firms under Genovese crime
family, with Clintons, carries out drug trafficking, and using them with
ambulance, the drug criminals driving the ambulance, as in all crime to
Genovese, with Clintons, bring in Mexicans, all drug gangs, used in part
of the crimes, and notices again of using South American gangs with
"fusion" centers, and "FBI spying," of which is only part of the crimes
on citizens and war crimes.


With Elena Meyers in Delaware, Meyers operating Lab Corp, Veterans
Affairs, pornography criminals out of all labs, and Arpino who they had
threaten after sentencing all state agencies, Lab corp, and their crime
for ten years, including FBI, police, during drug trafficking, and
setting up criminals with them, FBI, drug trafficking two doors down from
us during the threats and crimes.

Child trafficking and drug trafficking with all state personnel connected
(on sentencing, and at the time of the threats to carry out total violent
crimes, and fraud on us, myself)

Hillary Clinton, organized crime with Bill Clinton, Genovese crime
family, Meyers as "HHS" all states, crime ran through attorneys, all
fraud, (on sentencing dockets again) to the banks without protection of
rights for victims, and killing bankers for the money:

The war crimes board, G-8, with Warbergs, Rothschilds, with Genovese
crime family operating all crime in Israel, U.S., all states, by
racketeeering (and all sentenced in every state department, judges,
nationwide, with homeland security, FBI agents, CIA to CIA 'ethics,"
District Atottorneys, senators, all public officials, psychiatry,
hospital directors, hospital CEOs,' in sexual crimes and child
trafficiking, all other crimes through attorney firms of mortgage,
medical fraud, murders, wire and mail fraud, fixing cases in multiple
crime, crimes with chamber commerce and CEO's, while carrying out the
crimes to present and all documented, while carrying out the crimes right
in front of witnesses and on documents, video to present.

War crimes under UN, the Hague, within Iraq, Spain, notified now, are the
same in U.S.

With the UN, Genovese, also has connected to HHS, weapons, as on
documents, and other families operating UN at the Hague, (other directors
resigned), FOX, Wolf family, Newman, other families on the UN, courts,
weapons, with Moon assigned in 2008 as Director. Letters of weapons and
crimes to the UN on documents.

DE, to NY, all states, listed with Meyers as all agencies, including
Healthcare fraud, with total sentencing of all agencies, miltiary,
generals, judges, state employees, FBI agents, with Genovese crime, while
still using smaller criminal families to cover all agencies, porn,
psychiatry with Meyers family, Genovese, and all schools, college labs,
weapons, with Meyers to the hospitals, Meyers owned psychiatry, with
Genvoese and their private businesses in crime, including Arpino family
and Frey nationwide, in DE, and operating with Meyers out of colleges;
Genovese, Clintons, and in all colleges, labs under Meyers, Genovese

Genovese crime with loans, Midland Mortgage, acting with FBI, DEA,
Genovese drug stores, attorney firms, collections in medical and all
other loan fraud;

With FBI and certain police used, the drug criminals two doors down from
us, set up also acting with Genovese BFI Trash, and driving ambulance,
also operating with criminals on the handicap city bus, under Chaffinch
as Chief of Poice, and Kaganovich who was called regarding the crimes,
threats, attempted kidnapping also reported to newark police, later
fired, as in other agencies, and FBI with files deleted by Elena Meyers,
Genovese crime family.
Meyers operating APA, Veterans care, healthNet Federal, with Genovese
crime family.

As in Iraq, and all countries, war crimes international, same herein
including microwave weapons, and thousands of notices, threats to carry
out assault and on video, while carrying out all crimes to present.

Genovese, with Meyers family members, Clintons, Iranian weapons deals
including out of Air Force base (sentenced) while getting weapons money
in all countries using foreigners.

Germans used with the Air Force for spraying, and weapons, in U.S.
publicly noted and documented with Richard Meyers, Cheney, and threats by
Dorothy Arpino over spraying, to continue all crimes to violent crimes
with Genovese crime family, Elena Meyers, those noted to carry it out.

Over 50,000 weapons on the public, out of labs with Meyers in all labs,
as "nanotechnology" and University of Delaware, nano-crap dumped all over
every city, with Genovese crime family, micro level pollutants, with over
450,000 weapons scientists sentenced, murdered, just to run fraud, and
with Clintons, using porn criminals, with cell towers, radiology weapons
high powered, Radio towers as weapons, GPS tracking, chemicals and in all
bodies all documents public, along with weapons on dolphins. They carry
out multiple weapons, microwave, on us and planes going down, and medical
fraud increasing along with the weapons each month, with public notices,
while carrying out the crimes.

With grants to their own pockets for labs, military weapons, the endless
pit of grants illegally to carry out murder on everyone else:

They award themselves "grants" for weapons, aerospace, cell towers,
communications, psychiatry fraud in their own name, porn criminals as
nurses, psychiatry and weapons out of all labs, college labs, with Meyers
family, Genovese, with everyone else used sentenced.

Over 50 billion a year and over three times the amount the whole country
has by crime, racketeering.

Over 45 trillion in medicare alone, with all other fraud on elderly,
sentenced, in organized crime taking the money through the courts.
As in New Orleans, also in every state; NY, NJ, PA, DE.

Under attorney firms all racketeering and with judges (sentenced again)

HealthNet, and all insurance under one umbrella with HHS, as all crime
illegally, with Meyers family members, Genovese all states operating the
Genovese, Meyers, with all attorney firms under one umbrella for all
crime, fraud, medical fraud, every other agency fraud, business fraud out
of the attorney firms to illegal collections for their fraud and
obtstructions, witness tampering out of attorneys offices

Genovese accident fraud rings with Elena Meyers DE, throughout and on
Genovese on biological and weapons boards with Meyers, Clintons and their
own investments
Tainted vaccines
Elderly home murders, fake psychiatry, fraud on Elderly every state and
sentencing of directors of the homes and doctors, with Genovese, Meyers
family crime, Clintons
Over 20 yrs HealthNet Fraud
Lab Corp fraud and sentencing through the courts

Elena Meyers over 15 years, with other Meyers, and Genovese crime family,
hospital fraud, tainted vaccines (sentenced), Dupont Hospital for
children murders, ethics director tied to mortality and murders,
insurance with Meyers, Genovese crime, tainted vaccines they threaten me
over with Arpino with all other crime, Elena Meyers having records erased
and fabricating records documented to carry out crimes on us, violent
crimes, firing employees, transferring the fraud for her over 500
"anonymous" phone calls and carries out additional 50 counts daily of
crime just by lies of which one cannot carry out anyway. This is
increased each month from 1920's, with the same, Genovese and Meyers
operating all hospitals, labs, nanocrap with millions of notices out of
HHS, Bethesda, they are also operating and on us, every state with
violent crimes.

Elena Meyers, with Genovese, premeditates all crimes, even while
documenting it to present, over 5,000 counts, threats with Genovese and
violent crimes carried out to present, over 500 different lies by phone
documented, and on forms by her, over 50 other criminal acts daily,
simply by a lie by phone and "anonymous" phone calls with all sentencing
of nationwide crime, with Genovese again on court dockets, records.

Bird Flu Genovese crime family, DE, nationwide, with Elena Meyers, in
biological weapons

Elena Meyers, Genovese crime family with Dupont Hospital from 1995, all
tainted vaccines under HHS

Genovese hired Mexican criminals while op drug racketeering in South
America, used here as "Crypts" and "Fusion centers" (again disseminating
news) that they are operating with "FBI" in surveillance, weapons, crime
on citizens with FBI agents sentenced under Clintons, to present in
Genovese organized crime
FBI Genovese, with unions, chamber commerce, as "infraguard" notices to
CEO's to carry out crimes on victims with employees (including calling
them, putting defamation in employees files for firings, to carry out
crimes, using CEOs in other fraud with multiple-organized crime, death
benfits also, sentenced nationwide also)

Hiring Iranians in weapons and on DE Air Force base with Biden

Premeditates crimes, which continued from Genovese crime with Hitler,
Meyers family the same, the "Cold War" all crimes in racketeering, and

Russian agents, the very same sentenced during the cold war, used with
Meyers owned UHS/BHS, out of UD, weapons with Richard Myers, Cheney,
Clintons, Genovese crime, with their porn crime as 'psychiatry'
English "CIA" also used in DE, all states.

After sentencing them, all chinese used, with FBI in 2000, they set up
terrorism and threats to carry out all crimes on us and millions of
victims nationwide, multiple crimes herein.

Sentencing of those used for transferring falsified documents, over 50
counts daily, by Genovese crime family, Elena Meyers to carry out the
crimes of which cannot be carried out by such slander; transferring
falsified medical documents, license plate daily with lies, millions of
victims and court cases, using GPS tracking, and with all agencies in
racketeering and bribery (sentenced again along with homeland security
directors, while carrying out multiple crimes), passing on faslified
information to carry out crimes all documented in this case and
threatened to be carried out for the very reason of former racketeering
and continued racketeering.

All crimes operating through the attorney firms in DE, nationwide, as in
Iraq, with Iranian weapons deals, continuous violent crimes by HealthNet
Federal under Meyers family and all agencies with Genovese crime family,
Hillary Clinton(s), Elena Meyers in DE, nationwide.

All state agencies, including FBI with Genovese crime, drug trafficking,
and around to DA's office

Mortgage fraud from 1990 and criminal loan fraud, loan gang rings in DE,
all states, nationwide

Genovese with unions linked in database, with Chamber Commerce, FBI, DEA,
Genovese using DEA, FBI with Genovese crime and Genovese drug stores

Governors used including Kristeen Whitman in Jersey, with thousands of
complaints just from teachers fired and being surveillance, stalked
(former governors sentenced, asked to use GPS tracking, bribery, other
crimes, with violent crimes in multipart carried out on citizens).
Prosecutor Speed with Mayor Speed in Dover; multiple federal felonies
(other Prosecutors murdered in all states including MO, also where crime
by Meyers, Genovese, and to NY, all states, carried out)

Prosecutor Speed, on video, while calling the court, is given to me in

They illegally cancel home contracts, with John over 15 years, and again,
having a chemical problem, diagnoses increased each month from 1990, with
Dr. Hill; by real estate and used as "CIA" simply by a phone call, having
Bob Lilley only speak to John Honaker, telling him they are no longer
building, while then telling the builder to send a letter "sorry you're
not interested."

Elena Meyers, in crime with other Meyers family members, Genovese
operating through all college labs, to hospital, and with Clintons, as
"Health Human Services."

Elena Meyers, knowingly in all crimes, multiple crimes of loan fraud,
drug racketeering, biological weapons, bird flu, and carrying out the
racketeering by violent crimes on myself, theft of my patented cash flow
book, all other educational material, while she places knowingly, Meyers
family operating Lab Corp, with sentencing prior to the threats in 2000;

To present over 15 years, and threatened myself, by thier insurance fraud
division, operating in crime with Genovese crime family, Clintons (fraud
on sentencing lists of Lab Corp, Veterans providers, doctors, all
relative to and linked to HealthNet).

Elena Meyers with Genovese crime family, carries out to present, over 15
years, to present, eye damage, more chemical damage, from 1990 increasing
on John Honaker, to carry out violent crimes on myself, and us, to
present, his dental not covered, paying all care for himself and to Dr.
Hill from 1990.

Elena Meyers carries out the threats to fabricate "every type" of lie,
and violent crimes on myself, theft of all intellectual work, education,
by putting John into weekly damage increased each time, memory lapses, no
memory of anything, no plans, and she fabricates, over 500 phone calls
of "anonymous" nature as threatened, transferring lies to carry out the
crimes, including changes to medical, phone calls with psychiatry lies of
every type, documented, prior to 2004, and to present, with Genovese
crime family, lies to carry out crimes, including all threats to both of
us, fabricated calls to myself, wihtout disclosure of anything, carries
out more crimes by phone daily, and to the court with Jeff meyers,
another 500 counts federal felonies in 2008, 2010, threats knowingly and

Elena Meyers carries out all crimes, with Genovese crime family,
Clintons, the threats to carry out endless crime since all are being
sentenced and on sentencing in their crimes. (Every state agency, and
prior to 9-11, of which Genovese is set up with all crime from 9-11
cleanup crew, explosives, EMP weapons, on biological weapons, disaster
fraud, FEMA fraud, contrstruction fraud, unions with FBI, medical fraud
and Genovese as neurology, doctors, while sentening all others, Genovese
crime family as judges with Meyers family members while sentencing all
other judges for the crimes and child trafficking, Genovese attorney
firms, with Meyers under one nationwide database with all fraud and
crime, murders, and out of DE, NY, NJ, all airport and drug trafficking,
using FBI in threats, drug trafficking).

Documents on Meyers hiring CIA agent after firing them and they take it
to court not knowing who Meyers family is and fired because Clintons
passed bills to fire "Jews," while they get crime on all, Meyers famikly
members in porn murder, out of all college labs, UD, as 'psychiatry,"
with Clintons, Genovese crime. Meyers puts in all college labs manuals
their crimes as "human study" under HHS, and that they can use FBI, CIA,
police to assault the "subject." While they are simply operating crime,
weapons, medical fraud, pedophiles as their psychiatry fraud.

To present, with court cases, prior to and from 2001; Elena Meyers, with
Meyers family members and porn crimnals, Genovese crime famikly, on all
cell towers in very town and city, to Germany, UK, Israel, all states,
with Genovese crime, GPS tracking, body and car, radiation surveillance
and on body, injury (as with Genovese crime and gangsters from 1920's
used with court cases), theft, carries out assault. Millions of others,
and National Security, DEA, FBI as victims, along with police, teachers,
all career areas themselves and who had my case while carrying out these
crimes, witnesses to present as well.

Taking Johns blood weekly to force him into emergencies, every single
week, from 04, throughout 08, by that time, John Honaker vomitting up
blood, passing out increasingly, and Elena Meyers threatens me (on video)
with criminals, with Genovese, to our home, and over 300 days kept
without money, while John could not rememer any loans from 05, nor count
his money, or follow any plans, remember any, while she carries out
violent crimes, (with testing back to 1990, with Dr. Hill, and claiming
it was "instantly fixed" each time). dr. Hill puts JOhn on Cumadin
throughout, having my X-rays in 2000, and intercepted by Arpino with
phone calls, Genovese crime family. John having over 15 visits and again
in 2003 in rental during move while increasing crimes each week.

while Elena Meyers, to present, continues and carries out multiple
federal felonies threatened with total obstructions in multipel
racketeering, bribery, crime, and deletion of our sons medical records,
with hired miltiary doctor, over 50 counts fabricated "anonymous phone
calls" with witnesses and John Honaker as witness to present and claiming
by threatening both, lies on both that John is helping her by phone, with
Genovese crime family to present, to carry out crimes.

Elena Meyers, with Genovese all crime, prior to the time of threats, and
while working at University of Delaware, makes phone calls daily of lies,
slander, transfer of falsified records, and that "her husband is helping
us" to 2010, over 15 years, violent crimes, in use of HealthNet Fraud,
for ordering people in crimes by lies, and firing them, transferring
lies, with Genovese, Clintons, slander alone, federal felonies, and her
crimes to the court, with judges, Jeff Meyers in 2009-2010 to present.
and psychiatry lies, al threatened to be carried out and witnessed, on
documents, including phone calls back to University of Delaware, with
Genovese crime family as "St. Jones" psychiatry, "satanic" with Elena

Over 15 years (on sentencing lists) with HealthNet Federal fraud, forcing
John Honaker to pay for his own doctors visits, using Dr. Hill to
increase what is already diagnosed as damage, chemical damage, lack of
vitamin B absorption for memory, Elena Meyers knowingly in the crimes to
carry out violent crimes by multiple racketeering, threats to carry it
out to present, including teeth amalgams "taken by FBI" and John Honaker
having no coverage while using HealthNet in fraud by Elena Meyers, over
15 years, and threats to carry out psychiatry fraud using it and maxing
it out on myself with violent crimes and with Meyers owned UHS/BHS Dover
and in other states.

Elena Meyers nationwide trafficking, as HHS, operating porn families as
psychiatry out of UD, all colleges, with Meyers family, Genovese crime
family, to officials, NY, DE, NJ, FL, nationwide with Genovese crime
family; with
judges sentenced all states, District Attorneys, Prosecutors, media
outlets, with Catholic Charities and herein this case, with their
contractors in sexual fraud, psychiatry fraud with Meyers UHS/BHS, and
the HHS director already under investigation for psychiatry fraud and
murders on children and others and out of Meyers owned UHS/BHS.

Elena Meyers makes phone calls, changes to records, medical, on documents
including photos of phone calls, and on video with John Honaker noting
their crimes and letters, daily, to attorneys, mail fraud, while keeping
me broke over 300 days, and while she carries out (on DE, NY, nationwide)
multiple federal feolonies including threats from downtown with women
where she is operating all crime, with attorneys, Healthnet Fraud, and
trafficking on court dockets, state employees as pedophiles, with all
Genovese crime, including bird flu out of DE, NY, NJ, Dan Genovese and
other Genovese members in FBI, military and porn pedophiles, criminals as
state employees, and psychiatry with Elena Meyers and Meyers owned
UHS/BHS with Meyers and Clintons operating American Psychiatric
Association, along with threats from the Healthnet Fraud unit, who were
informed of fraud from 1995, in 2007, and threats from other agencies
when called.

Over 365 days of John Honaker, discussing their crimes, threats,
reporting the crimes, of theft of all my intellectual work, Cash Flow
book, and taking each day plans "given"

Ruth Chapman, "working" also in MO, has no memory from one minute to the
next and is injured prior to threatening myself, from 1995 to 2000, under
Meyers operating with Genovese crime, Veterans Affairs as on John
Honaker, with HealthNet and her brain injury; like John, and on tape,
video, that John has no plans, no past, no future, but whatever next,
talks in circles, around and around, cannot follow any plans, while
keeping me in Dover, illegally moving me, broke each day, to present, now
over 5 years with Elena Meyers, Clintons, Genovese crime family carrying
out the over 5,000 counts violent crimes on myself and son.
John on tape, video, from the time of the move, being "given" ten years,
my cash flow book annual plans, monthly income and expense, and losing
over 1,000 a month, making only sporadic transactions, claiming each day,
"I'll look at it," on no day able to look at, follow, make any financial
plans, and while they take loans from him 'at work,' to carry out their
crimes on myself of violent crimes, over 5 billion in fraud medical
fraud, psychiatry fraud, attorneys with all fraud, Citi Corp fraud,
Genvoese using unions in threats, weapons deals, with Elena Meyers, HHS
fraud, trafficking as nationwide, Employer fraud, insurance fraud, drug
trafficking used in violent crimes, violent crimes with Lab Corp taking
Johns blood, weekly, vomitting up blood, while they carry out these
violent crimes and fabricate every "opposite" lie of intelligence on
msyelf, including "vomitting" and "memory loss" of which John has to
carry out their crimes. This is all the same each day, on video, John
discussing their crimes on myself, and opposite statements 'when asked,'
not disclosing any loans, his transactions, and with no money, no
knowledge of what he is doing, leaving it up to us for all household
expenses and only spending himself. He is on tape discussing his memory
lapses, they time all crimes over 50 counts assaults and lies on myself
daily and serious crime each time he has another emergency visti with
more loans not known, crimes by Elena Meyers, with Genovese crime herein,
all accounts of fraud simulataneously on myself and him by his medical
condtion and then her lies on 'both.' While my son and I still ride
bikes, Elena Meyers with Genovese crime, Clntons, fabricate lies at the
doctors office to every other federal felony of transferred lies herself,
of 'inactivity' to 'memory loss,' to 'vomitting' and every kind of
nonsense, while only reporting to all persons their racketeering and
transferring these lies, many lies to other places for crime, including
'formerly had depression,' to 'seeing someone' to 'her husband is
helping,' even to the court in 2009, while attempting to keep us broke
using john in timing all loans, keeping us waiting over a week even for
groceries, while timing all her crimes targeted daily at myself from the
time of the threats on myself for this reason.

Elena Meyers over 5,000 counts, with Meyers UD, Arpino, Genovese crime
family fabrications and transferring their own fabrications on forms,
even hiring people to transfer fabricated documents for violent crime in
multi-part, while carrying out multiple violent crimes, fraud with those
listed herein and documents to present, use of all state agencies
illegally, state employees, medical and pedophiles in pscyhiatry, all
state agencies sentenced with witnesses to present, and witness tampering
is on documents and videos.

Over 5,000 counts multiple violent crimes, threats after illegally moving
me temporarily, and keeping myself without money while taking over 400K
in cash advances monthly no one knows about, on video, tapes, from John
Honaker at work, near retared, on video each day, cannot count, add,
follow plans, and while threatening to and stealing my patented Cash Flow

Throughout the "cold war" all crimes in each state, with Russians used
out of UD, colleges, criminals are the same, state agencies setenced, in
racketeering, drug operations, businesses, CEO's, using porn families in
weapons, surveillance, "black ops" to colleges, psychiatry with Genovese
crime, Meyers family, while those not used in crime become more
victimized. All crime is the same down to the gangs, mortgage fraud, all
being a continuous "war."

Lawsuits including in DE, of radiation crimes and limiting movement from
the 1970's is on court dockets.

Lawsuits on Clintons in organized crime and violent crimes prior to 2000.

Lawsuits and murders of persons working for Pentagon under Clintons, to
present including others who worked with John Honaker

Lawsuits by National Security and under Jimmy Carter as John Honaker has
prior to even carrying out multiple, multiple threats and crimes by
putting John Honaker into worse states each month medical condition

Clinton sets up laws to "discriminate" by religion and to use religion in

Clinton sets up, with Genovese crime family, all weapons, Meyers in HHS,
again, has Energy Department sentenced, all other sentencing under
Clintons in organized crime

Clintons sets up other state crimes (again) including setting up drug
gangs near us with Genovese crime family operating drug operations to
Washington, and laws to "connect" anyone victimized by them to their drug
racketeering also

Genovese uses attorneys, collections for John Honaker, and Midland
Mortgage, (with Genovese gangs, drug operations on court dockets)

Elena Meyers, as "HHS" with Clintons, Porn crime families out of the
colleges, including Arpino, Frey also with Clintons, Genovese crime, all
fraud, and crime, psychiatry labs, wepaons labs, with Meyers operating
all labs, all agencies, intend with all racketeering listed, to carry out
violent crimes, while using all in partial crimes on victims and threaten
me in person with Dorothy Arpino while "questions" to set up total lies
and fraud to start serious multiple assault with those listed herein
(sentencing enclosed); Genovese with chamber commerce, FBI, drug
criminals, aviation, helicopter aviaion, militants and criminals used
within police force, (others taking the reports and others police fired,
assaulted), with Genovese attorney firms, crime families like Arpino
operating with them over all agencies, attorney firms, crime, Meyers and
Genovese as private pscyhiatry, HealthNet Fraud for violent crimes, and
while John Honaker has another diagnoses supposedly "fixed" each time, of
chemical damage, total non-absorption of vitamin B, diagnosed by his
dentist also with chemical damage on teeth, they carry out threats with
DEA, Genovese and DEA, FBI to present in organized crime, trafficking
with Elena Meyers and all other violent crime by multiple racketeering
and threats to carry it out with total obstructions and to carry it out
endlessly with fabrications and lies.

Lawsuits prior to threatening myself to carry out multiple racketeering
and violent crimes, radiation, surveillance, chemicals of which Genovese
operates from the 1920's with Rockefeller, Rothschild in DE, Meyers
family, Bushes, and has Arpino threaten to carry out these crimes in

On video, each day is the discussion, reports of carrying out the crimes,
my documents, they already take through computer tampering, and
surveillance, witness tampering to the court and throwing out documents
by Genovese crime family, Clintons, with Elena Meyers as "HHS."

Donovan Vs. CIA, U.S
In this case, it is worse than the Donovan case, whereas he is
threatened, they use aviation in crime and this too is on video all
throughout, daily, while carrying out the crimes threatened in person to
carry out violent crimes. Because Donovan had mathematics for use of cell
towers, lasers, weapons used by Genvoese crime family with Frey porn
family, over 50 years, they stole the weapons back from him, threatened
him in person and carried out over 15 years racketeering, threats, crime,
financial degredation of him, using FBI, chamber commerce, attorneys, as
in this case, all through attorney firms, with Genoese crime and crime

Many other lawsuits, including James Walbert to present, for stalking,
(on "FBI" reports, again by discrimination, Genovese crime of
obstructions with FBI, on all victims that are serious violent crimes).
Whoever James Walbert is willing to point the finger at next, now police,
having no idea who carries out the crimes on him, he gets lawsuits since
Genovese, Meyers operating all crime including with police, FBI and we
know they are carrying out the threats on myself, crime, and in the
courts, and sentencing everyone else for it.

Genovese heads toward Ground Zero on 9-11, crime families used in
contstruction cleanup and then sentenced. Genovese operating biological
weapons, all crime herein and inciting violence, with Clintons to
present, Elena Meyers, Meyers family members out of UD, Arpino and over
500 other criminal families used for their crime. Genovese plans 9-11
with Clintons, and by that time, all sentenced again, setting up
nationwide crime, racketeering, massive mortgage, business fraud,
biological weapons, disaster fraud, medical fraud, loan fraud,
trafficking, drug trafficking, use of gangs as "fusion centers," weapons,
hiring everyone in crime, state representatives to media under Genovese-
FOX, meyers one roof, under attorneys with all crime deals and "HHS," as
"CIA," of which were sentenced again. Documents on Clintons in organized
crime with Genovese, and "HHS," all crimes under "HHS" with all agencies,
in multiple violent crimes carried out, using over 5,000 counts, persons
in crime in multi-part to carry out the violent crimes is on documents
and on video, photos, including with Elena Meyers own handwriting, all
federal felonies, with Genovese as "illuminati" and "satanic."

Multiple counts federal felonies and violent crime, threats to carry it
out and documented, with state employees for Genovese, Clinton organized
crime, Meyers, private businesses.
Genovese crime, with Meyers prior to 1990, right before John honakers
retirement, all documented and documents, loans, over 300,000 he could
not remember, Lab Corp (sentenced)

With Meyers family, FBI, puts my own businesses into chapter 12, buys
them out, on each occasion, john honaker, hired for what was his 'side'
job over 25 years, shipping and orders to shippers, on submarines, in
addition to command work, and navigation, work at Pentagon, other
military work and CIA. Each nine months, while paying down Johns loans
owned by Genovese crime, Bushes, not my own, John has more loans and
emergencies each time, my own businesses just then bought out, incuding
and FBI investigtion and fraud brought on the Times Herald, bought out
nationwide and with Meyers family who is operating with Genovese crime
all agencies, media, commerce, fraud with FBI, racketeering, trafficking.

1989, Genovese takes, operating hospitals (sentenced) at Norfolk
hospital, upon instant visit and MRIs, brain scan, when called to come
back in, the doctor then gone, with all records, and my MRI's, which is
why Elena Meyers, along with operating all crime purposely denies medical
care, carries out violent crimes, microwave on investigations and lies
about it and over 50 counts daily federal felonies witnessed with
"anonymous" calls and adds to the federal felonies threatened to be
carried out daily. That is with each "anonymous" phone call, on
documents, she carries out additional 50 counts criminal acts which one
cannot do and with the Director HHS, and a miltary personnel with her,
also sentenced under Meyers in trafficking, with Richard Myers Air Force

With Richard Meyers as Air Force operations (and Cheney later), under
Clintons, Bush, presidency, from 1990, Genovese incites more crime, with
Meyers family members as "HHS" in the crimes, operating Lab Corp,
hospital directors (sentenced twice again).

Lab Corp fraud and HealthNet Federal never used by John Honaker until
after 2000, some lab corp paid, billed himself including by Dr. Hill who
took chemical tests each time, passing out, emergency visits, prior to
increasing it to weekly with all violent crimes by Genovese and Elena
Meyers, with Clintons.

Picked up crime racketeering with Clintons in office and to present 2010,
Hillary in health care crimes, Energy all other crime, (in racketeering,
drug racketeering, all other crime from 1960's with Genovese crime family
through all agencies, FBI).

Meyers operating with Dorothy Arpino who threatens me out of Univeristy
of Delaware, and while working there myself, at the time, weapons,
tracking, stalking, with Genovese crime, surveillance, weapons, and in
all military, with Richard Myers, Clintons, as HHS, all fraud, medical
fraud, tainted vaccines on our son, and sentencing of every agency,
Energy, Lab Corp, HealthNet fraud.

Since they are operating religious and hate crime fronts, including in
the news each day, piece mealed as whatever hate crimes, terrorism the
can get, with total crime, racketeering all state agencies, illegally,
war crimes, with all agencies aligned with their own businesses, pockets;

Public defenders, Prosecutors as herein, judges, Senators, District
Attorneys, used in fixing cases, all crimes with the attorneys, to Fired
Chiefs, with media in child crimes and fronts with Meyers, Genovese
organized crime and Clintons.

Violent crimes board, of which I worked at in 1997, racketeering and
notified of the crimes. Violent crimes board covers up many crimes,
includng influential people, violent doctors, including these crime
families on their own kids, around to their trafficking and racketeering,
violent crimes board linked to Meyers in colleges, hospitals, other

of multiple federal felonies and obstructions, threats, terrorist and
violent crimes carried out by obstructions threatened.

Multiple assault, criminal fabrications carried out and Obstructions
threatened to be done, with witnesses, including firing people who took
reports and transferring lies to present, threatened to be done,
witnessed, on documents, and with violent crimes

Also from 2000, reports to police
2003, again by John Honaker and to former national security
Police reports in 2007 of the crimes
2006, online with photos
(all documents and with investigators also)
International Criminal Court, case by 2007

Racketeering and terrorism carried out and by threats in person and to
present (others in racketeering listed on other pages).

While John Honaker is on tapes, videos, discussing their crimes,
including Elena Meyers, and there is affidavits on her, letters on her
crimes, with Genovese crime family, Bush Citi Corp she knowingly carries
out all crimes from University of Delaware, meeyrs in all crime, Dorothy
Arpino, to all other crime with Genovese crime family, Meyers as HHS,
American psychiatric Association, to all other state crimes with federal
witnesses to present and all witnessed, and then lies about "both," along
with threats to John Honaker.

With police reports, and reports by both of us, documents, documentation
daily and on video, Elena Meyers carries out violent crimes with Genovese
crime family, including in front of witnesses.

While sentencing persons nationwide, in all companies, state agencies
with Genovese crime, those who are most murderous and near-retarded, are
promoted, herein, while operating with Genovese crime over 40 years (on
court dockets), Biden was offered and bribed with weapons deals, on Air
Force Board, along with the rest listed in bribery, by Genovese organized
crime to carry out violent crimes.
While the sentencing of the crimes, including Iranian weapons deals,
those in the U.S. under International Electrical board and weapons,
Robert meyers and Richard Myers, Cheney (indicted for the prison camps,
linked to other blackwater mercenaries still used also in U.S.), Iranians
in DE, Air Base, Russian gangs and out of UD, with Meyers in labs,
weapons, hospital, healthcare fraud, HHS, Genovese weapons, on weapons
board, and crime, fake psychiatry, pedophiles as psychiatry with porn
criminals on the cell towers, GPS tracking, stalking with them.

Michael Chertoff, while all state workers were sentenced including
homeland security directors in crime, and judges in child trafficking,
having investments offshore, and out of Delaware

Michael Hayden, National Security head and then CIA transferred to later
Panetta as head of CIA, Goss during the time of crimes continued, also
criminal and fired all NSA agents who would not carry out crime

Elena Meyers, as HHS, with Meyers family members in all HHS nationwide
and in all other countries, including Germany, Israel, UK, Russia,
operating with military, Richard Meyers Air Force operating child
trafficking and pornography, all fake privately owned psychiatry and on
children, elderly in homes, including Meyers UHS/BHS Dover, biological
weapons with Genovese crime family.

Robert Meyers, Energy, EPA, CDC, with Richard Meyers, Elena Meyers in
trafficking, and with Jeff Meyers, Wilmington District Court, Richard
Meyers Air Force (to present, retired) other Meyers in attorney firms,
out of Labs, University of De, all labs, Lab Corp, in Hospitals and
internationally, nationwide crime with Genovese crime family, Clintons in
organized crime, Bushes, trafficking, porn.

With Genovese crime family in DOD, FBI, drug trafficking with them, DEA,
Genovese Drug Stores, "satanic" St. Johns and St. Jones Psychiatry,

Clintons in pornography, trafficking, drug trafficking, murders, weapons,
Energy investments, and all other crime investments
Hillary Clinton to present, with HHS, biolgoical weapons, diseases, with
Robert Meyers, Meyers family membes, Genovese crime family on biological
weapons and board with Dupont Hospital, Elena Meyers, Meyers out of HHS,
all agencies, HealtNet Federal
Hillary Clinton, with Schumer, awarding a "victim" of surveillance no
     and all other investments in crime
Illegally using all state employees including Judges, DOD, FBI, CIA, with
their pornography, child trafficking, and assaults on victims,
racketeering and (all sentenced nationwide again)

Senator Kauffman, DE, all in porn, satanic
     Kauffman, also out of NY, with Genovese, also used with BP oil
wreckage, and family in NY with Genovese, Bushes, Clinton crime

Carl Danberg, DE, Assistant DA Taggart (thousands of cases and in child
trafficking with Elena Meyers, over 500 counts addiational criminal acts
and court procedure obstructions, with Bushes, Genovese crime family) and
in NJ, NY, LA, all other states with Genoese and Meyers in porn, crime
nationwide, internationally

Bush, Genovese crime family out of Cheswold Airport, (all airport
employees, CIA, FBI sentenced and using private aviation) for their
trafficking, spraying and weapons, drug gangs, crimnials (changed over
two times) and around to downtown

Genovese attorney firms, with Meyers, in all fraud, including with
business, real estate fraud, mortgage and loan fraud, and blocking bar
from victims

Genovese using FBI, during threats and to carry it out, obstructions, and
with all other crime, obstructions of millions of victims.

Genovese crime family with Meyers out of all HHS, Meyers family members
DOD, courts and Genovese in the courts as judges, national trafficking,
with Governor of DE and Attorney General, (others all states sentenced or
being sentenced and in DE for Genovese "gangs" crime, trafficking with
Elena Meyes as HHS, and other Meyers family membes, Clintons, Bushes)

Genovese using DOD, with their own weapons, weapons contractors, (as on
documents) with Elena Meyers out of HHS all states and with Bushes,
Clintons, using many in weapons, including porn families out of MIT,
University of Delaware, all other colleges, military

Genovese using FBI, with Meyers family members, Bushes, aligned with
their own DOD grants, weapons, child trafficking, pornogprahy with all
state employees, attorney firms, Energy investments, funerl homes, and
acting as judges themselves, fake psychiatry including Meyers owned
UHS/BHS in Dover, DE, and other states.

Biden Nepotism, as Attorney General, on Air Force weapons board with
Katz, and Richard Meyers, promised to be moved higher as Vice President
by Genovese crime family, Bushes

Elena Meyers, HHS, with all judiciary and senators in trafficking, with
Bushes, GEnovese crime family and out of Cheswold AIrport, with the
Prosecutors, weapons, and other airports including Summit (CIA) to
Cheswold and others with drug gangs, DE prosecutors, and Genovese gangs,
Clintons, Bushes in drug trafficking and other.

Using "static" radiation, along with weapons, chemical weapons; they turn
off the static weapons directed at the body, when discussing their
crimes, from 2000, for blocking out all that they do not want seen,
including when gormet cooking, because Elena Meyers, with Bush, Genovese
fabricate big lies including with medical records, fabrications of
"driking coke" and "needing a nutritionist" to every other petty lie of
which are federal felonies and which federal felonies are committed of
ALL lies of John Honaker on myself to steal all from myself and son and
carry out assault and over 500 counts of racketeering, fraud, theft of my
own cash flow patented rights, educational material.
Daily, with discussions of their crime, they use witness tampering.

All crimes carried out by surveillance from 1990 to 2000, prior to the
threats and carrying out violent crimes, with Elena Meyers, Genovese
crime family, Dorothy Arpino, who threatens me overy spraying,
surveillance, computer documents (which to present, all crime and
documents I have).

Wire Tap fraud to cover up phone conversations and phone calls regarding
their crimes, and (mail fraud to 2005), records tampering with FBI.
Genovese crime family, Meyers family all HHS, Bush family:
Illegally operating with and through FBI over 70 yrs, with Chamber
Commerce, all justice department workers (sentenced in child trafficking,
porn and child crimes, including public defenders) all facilities private
for carrying out their crimes, with CEO's, hospitals, doctors, in
pornography, crime, (also sentencing of all CEO's, managers, with
Genovese crime on lists)

Mike Castle, while sentencing Genovese gangs, crime, construction crime,
including explosions and cleanup using Genovese construction families and
after 9-11 at "ground zero"

Genovese fake psychiatry, St. Jones, St. JOhns (on forms) with Elena
Meyers to carry out fabrications, and passing along lies, firing
witnesses and by obstructions of police reports and other reports from

Klein family used out of Washington, in police, out of colleges, and with
Genovese on weapons
Klein, acting as police officer in 2007, used and attempted murder by
Genovese throughout by obstructions, and assault, with Elena Meyers, over
5,000 counts, criminal phone calls, illegal fabrications, transferring
fabrications made to documents by fabrications and threatened to be
carried out

Meyers family acting out of all courts, HHS, and University of Delaware,
DOD, with Genovese crime family, weapons, trafficking, and out of airport
with Richard Meyers throughout 2004 to 2008, and DOD with Elena Meyers,
in nationwide trafficking, as in other countries also, out of HHS

HHS Director under "investigation" for murders and prior to carrying out
the crimes and with Meyers facilities and deaths by psychiatry; operating
with Clintons in crime, Hillary as Secretary currently.

Dorothy Arpino who they have threaten me and over 500 more smaller crime
families being used, including Frey

Judges, Senators, DA's, Police Chiefs, FBI, DEA, Fire Chiefs, with Meyers
pornography, and media under Meyers one umbrella nationwide sentenced
together (on documents).

Sentencing of all state employees, Judges, Senators, DA's, Police Chiefs,
Fire and Chiefs, Attorneys, and private industries, blood labs,
hospitals, CEO's, information agencies, to DMV, FBI, CIA, Department
Defense, Homeland Security, again to present all under Meyers family
members operating Health Human Services, with Genovese crime family.

Rothscild is on G-8, in Delaware, and family members, also through
colleges, Israel, in judiciary in Delaware and also operating with Gray
family, Boyden Gray, operating with Genovese crime family, Bushes,
Clintons in biological weapons, all Genovese crime.

Each month, Meyers family, Genovese-FOX, media and propaganda sites under
one roof; continue disseminating "news" that the CIA can carry out
"torture programs" and every other lie from police state, to "human
study" all directed at millions of those fired, kept from workk not used
in crimes underr Meyers family, Genovese, with Clintons in organized
crime. While there are other world leaders and a war going on, economic
war through racketeering and fraud. And while there may be some people
only partially cognizant of not getting good medical care, or problems
with their bank, or having a car accident fraud, serious illness at a
young age, some bits of news, it does not negate their serious multiple,
targeted, federal felonies in totality and threatened to be carried out
and all sentencing of those used in the crimes including CIA again, FBI,
all others listed within, and crimes on us. These crimes go beyond war

Multiple violent crimes to present, threatened and for the purpose of
crime, racketeering money, fraud, and threats because of former crime,
racketeering, to carry out theft, and over 50 counts additional crimes
daily purposely for financial destruction, theft, assault, to obstruct
all justice, to present, all documented and taken daily by surveillance
to carry out more crimes while taking over 400k in 'cash advances' and
illegally moving me, keeping me broke to carry out crimes on myself with
John Honaker having weeekly blood tests, by Meyers in crime, carrying out
all multiple federal felonies, with Clintons, Genovese crime family.

All Genovese crime, drug gangs, Genovese "crime family members,"
trafficking, weapons contractors, and all other racketeering sentenced
with "FBI" and herein is on court dockets, while they block victims using
all state persons in bribery, racketeering and chamber of commerce with
FBI, all CEO's in bribery with attorneys; with Meyers family nationwide,
Bushes, Clintons organized crime and terrorism.
My page:

Elena Meyers, acting as HHS, with Genovese crime family, operating
through all agencies, courts, with private businesses in their own name;
had myself purposely and directing all crimes for the reasons herein that
John Honaker to present had chemical damage, memory loss, emergency
visits, and I the only one in any activity and with educational material,
plans, intellectual information they threatened to carry out all crimes
to get the crimes with John Honaker unable to even count his money and
knowingly threatened me in person over two hours by Dorothy Arpino, with
Genovese gangs, drug gangs; to carry out total surveillance, attempted
murder, to take everything from me and have me locked up, and carried out
all crimes to commit terrorism believing she has immunity and because
Meyers family is in all HHS agencies, and courts, attorney firms
nationwide, and carrying out all crime as "human study." As shown on
accompanying documents as "allowed surveillance" (again under every
administration) and yet, all crime hidden as "human study." These crimes
were already indicted, sentenced under Meyers and throughout, including
Genovese gangs, to judges nationwide, District attorneys, FBI agents
sentenced, to police chiefs, Homeland security directors, and those used
in crime everywhere including in hospitals and HHS, changing records. She
knowingly to present, continues these crimes, taking over 400,000 during
attempted murder by John Honaker, already for over 10 years having
serious chemical damage, while Elena Meyers purposely carried out
criminal acts and with John in emergency, taking these loans, while
keeping me broke, from John at work, while carrying out attempted murder,
criminal acts, and John having no memory from 1991, nor of these loans.
Elena Meyers was already in crime with Genovese gangs, racketeering
prior to the threats and to present continues assault, battery, and
continued criminal racketeering, lies, surveillance to time all criminal
acts, fabrications of every type threatened illegally to be done. They
are getting more crime money, including employee death benefits, multiple
medical fraud, and all other fraud, loan fraud, and threatened to carry
it out, racketeering with attorneys with the CEOs' of corporations, and
after taking all Johns income hire him at a Meyers invested company,
while carrying out over 5,000 counts threats, criminal racketeering, and
leaving me waiting over three weks and only for $90, taking over 400,000
from John Honaker "at work," throughout their crimes to carry out all
racketeering and assault on myself and son. They have me threatened over
their day care murders, priests in crime, satanic ritual, by Dorothy
Arpino. Elena Meyers, with Meyers in all states, operating trafficking of
children and with all judges sentenced, Meyers operating all school
districts and sentencing all state employees, with Genovese crime family,
purposely threatens me to steal everything and carry out these crimes. To
the present all crimes witnessed, on documents, including in her own
handwriting with Genovese crime family on documents, over 5,000 counts,
assaults, threats, injury, fraud, all at the same time carried out. Elena
Meyers, with Genovese crime family, to present with all documents,
including her going to the court, with Genovese crime family and Jeff
Meyers, while carrying out these crimes and to present, threats to carry
out all crimes by obstructions is documented along with the over 500
counts additional crimes again by 2009, while from 2001, John Honaker
stated "sue them," and made police reports. Elena Meyers carries out all
crimes with Genovese crime family including a "mental commitment" with
COmmissioner Freud for "suing" and based on other lies transferred,
threatened to be carried out. The court documents of Elena Meyers, with
Jeff Meyers, Richard Meyers, Robert Meyers, with Genovese crime family,
more federal felonies are all on documents.

(2001 Health and Human Services Report)

Attorney Generals other case on Frey family, also used with Meyers
operating all school districts, trafficking nationwide, internationally
with judges, Commissioners (setencing) while she threatens me in person,
with Genovese set up two doors down (on court dockets in 2001) to carry
out terrorism, assaults, to have me locked up, to fabricate lies on
msyelf and the family, to fabricate evey lie there is, and carry it out
with obstructions to the court.

Documents on all crimes, reports and carrying out the multiple federal
felonies threatened to be carried out are on all documents with witnesses
to crimes to present.

Genovese operating around UN, through UN, with others, around Rothschild,
with Bushes, Clintons, and Meyers family, many other families.

Genovese family operates from 1920's, chemical weapons, satellites, cell
towers, with drug operations and "FBI," with Meyers family in all HHS,
operating all miltiary weapons, chemical weapons, Radiological weapons,
and military with Bushes, (then Clintons) as on public documents,
including in Iraq, Iran, Tyre using Israel, on Israel using Iran, in U.S.
using Russian and Chinese, in China using U.S. CIA, and others, UK using
foreign Indian and other people also in the U.S., and worldwide, in
Russia using FBI and CIA, and foreigners, sentencing, killing all persons
used with Energy, IEEE, Engineers, and using criminals, including porn
families as documents shown the Frey family, retared criminals, including
Arpino who they ahve threaten me. They use V2K, and signals to the brain
from this time, including out of MIT to present, all other colleges, and
all radio implants in babies, kids, adults, to use signals to the brain,
including the publicly documented, weapons in Iraq, used to "study" by
weapons and create mass dimentia. Genovese and Meyers family mutilate
every bit of science there is as "crime" calling it "study," while
dividing it into millions more weapons and crime from 1920's. Their
writings in mathematics, neurology, weapons, signals, have thousands of
ilogical components only for crime. Genovese operates military weapons
themselves, with Meyers family, and sentencing ALL other persons or
killing them later. They used Ewan Cameron, in Delaware at University of
DE, and at Edgewood Arsenal (on documents with Genovese family still
operating out of all states, areas, weapons as in this case),
internationally as CIA, Chemical and weapons warfare, and head of
American Psychiatric Association but Meyers family operating the APA.
Throughout, they never stop in racketeering and looting all government
agencies by sentencing everyone else and taking the money without any
victims rights, from all crime, agencies, weapons grants, grants for
college "study," hospitals, neurology, and so forth, and operating
through the courts, sentencing all other judges or killing them. Then
killing bankers who are holding the money. Genovese family operating
through FBI, DOD, with Elena Meyers family illegally operating all HHS,
through courts, DOD, FBI, DEA, with Genovese, Bushes, drug trafficking,
child trafficking, with and Meyers, Genovese, Bushes, Clintons
pornography, human trafficking, DOD and HHS, Richard Meyers as Air Force,
Robert Meyers Energy, and many Genovese family members, Clintons, Bushes,
all states in child trafficking, and with all public officials, District
Attorneys, judges, Senators, hospital directors, doctors, nurses, fake
psychiatry with their own businesses illegaly, and all those used
sentenced again throughout, and to media under Genovese and Meyers under
one umbrella. Using over 3 billion at a time in crimes on the rest. Five
Star Generals, National Security agents, to all other career areas fired
and assaulted, with Genovese, Bushes, using Chamber of Commerce and
unions with the FBI in drug trafficking and child trafficking, while they
carry out these crimes to present, multiple assault, threats to carry out
terrorism because of their child trafficking, and in person, federal
felonies carried out in multiple and assault at the same time.

Elena Meyers, as HHS (Meyers family in all states, countries) in child
trafficking, with DA's, judges, commissioners (sentenced under Meyers,
Bush, Genovese nationwide and out of PA)

Carries out threats in person, with Genovese, Arpino who she has threaten
me knowingly already locking up Andrea Henderson, carries out all crimes
herein as threatened and in her own phone calls, handwriting with

Genovese using porn psychos and equal to being retarded, witches, porn
families, those in child trafficking, on towers in all states, U.S., NY,
NJ, DE, LA, OH, on all not used in porn and crime; including five star
generals fired, National Security agents, DEA agents, police themselves,
and all career feilds victims. In Israel, Germany, UK, Russia, and all
others used in the other countries as well. (Towers, radiation levels,
assaults, burns, and in all communities)

(Judges, commissioners, with socail workers, UHS Meyers ownd facilities,
and other Meyers owned facilities sentencing under Meyers, Bush,

Victims, court cases, and notices from HHS while she carries out all
crimes to present, still assaulting and in racketeering
with witnesses and on photos, documents, video.

Elena Meyers, as HHS, carries out threats to carry out religious
terrorism, assaults, to take everything, fabricate phone calls and lies,
to have me locked up in Meyers owned UHS Dover
Elena Myers with UHS Behavioral Health Systems already sentenced prior,
in all states, for murders, and in DE, with Genovese, Meyers owned
private psyhiatry firms and Meyers owned UHS

Elena Meyers uses the HHS Director (while under investigation for murders
as she carries out the crimes to present)
Elene Meyers uses Genovese, Richard Meyers Air FOrce, Robert Meyers,
Energy (on case she knowingly threatens to carry out all crimes with
Genovese family and have dismissed, including making a 'Mental
commitment' for 'suing' to every other lie threatened to be done for
carrying out the crimes.

Meyers family members with Genovese crime family, smaller criminal
families operate the schools, trafficking, racketeering, drug operations,
all througout the 1960's and 1970's, fake psychiatry; "police states"
with riots, busing, hate crimes, murders, "movements" and bank failures,
Russian gangs as weapons agents, these same criminal families, tainted
vaccines, flus, the very same as now; and with Clintons on the scene in
organized crime with Genovese to present.

Genovese, with Meyers family; having no hospital visits myself, stop our
car on one occasion, no one having any idea what happend, and near
Dorothy Arpino's home, (knowing this, and threatening me over her own
attempts at "mind control" and weapons, threats over their past crimes),
they implanted me at that time and based on just having educational CAT
scores of 10th grade in the fourth grade. This is why she states, "I've
been in 'research' over 28 years!" Genovese in the crimes sets up Arpino
since they run the same repetetive crimes over and again and on other
victims who are blocked from justice, it is the same case, whereas they
ran attempted kidnapping, noticeable crime from early on. At this time
Genovese still using Cameron as head of APA, as CIA, in chemical warfare,
with Meyers family members in total racketeering. Cameron family members
still in other college areas and BP oil management, and UK, where meyers
family and Genovese carry out crime also with every other family line and
assault those not used in crime also assaulting those used in the crimes

In 1974 to 1980; Genovese, Meyers family operating all agencies, through
FBI, school districts, carry out attempted kidnapping, helicopter
aviation, drug racketeering, police and dogs chasing drug dealers, phone
calls on my parents while driving to my grandmothers home after attempted
kidnapping, describing their car and that they kidnapped three blonde
girls, and they do the same lying throughout their racketeering. My
mother has continuous passing out, falling over, including at work, like
John HOnkaer, and Genovese loans. My father works for Boeing and finally
laid off a year and then works at GM, both with Genovese crime involved
and owned to his death while carrying out crimes on him increasing from
1995, while staying with us. Every kid met in school, and even in
college, and those I meet at all times, either kills himself/herself or
has a serious car accident on more than a few occasions, just as our
neighbor in the rental who "hangs himself," so that Genovese can carry
out the crimes by getting rid of others. M.M. and to present, witnesses,
who blocks the kidnappers and calls police, kills himself later, fails at
his business, and has constant home invaders prior and helivac to
hospital for a man coming up and breaking his jaw.

Yet, with witnesses, to present, Genovese crime family operating with FBI
in trafficking, drugs, with Bushes, Clintons, Meyers family in all
agencies, carries out phone calls, and uses stalkers on me in high
school, college, even while driving home, with Meyers family, and hate
crimes on campus. They also continue stalking me constantly with
"Christians" who always add UFO questions in there with the same "Christ"
messages, in Norolk womens workout center and only days later at school,
and while working at UD, a "new student" (and while carrying out more
racketeering prior to threats), without reason sent to use my office and
tells me, questioning me at the same time, about "UFO's." --Since Meyers
family, with Genovese operate military, black ops, aviation, and secret
aviation, along with all hate crimes, to KKK, and every group perpetrated
on every other group, along with John HOnkaer being in top secret areas
of work prior.

Other cases and victims, including lawsuits against "Energy" and killing
of Energy people, firings throughout, under Robert Meyers as Energy, with
Genovese, Meyers family and HHS.
Background on Genovese, criminal acts to 1920's with Hoover, family
associated, with Genovese.

Meyers family operating all terrorism with judges, uner HHS; Documents on
arrests, sentencing of judges under Meyers in the courts, for child
trafficking with Meyers, in all courts, school districts, teachers
indicted for helping, Meyers in all school districts; documents on CIA,
FBI, National Security, Energy, Park Service, School teachers, boy
scouts, District Attorneys used in child crimes with Meyers, Genovese,
and blocking all victims rights, attorneys all attached to Meyers,
Genovse attorney firms, court reporters, juries, Attorney Generals
nationwide again while carrying out these crimes.

Genovese family, with Meyers family, uses over 500 scum retarded porn
families on weapons, cell towers, such as the Frey family also used
through school boards, Arpino, and others, and has to because they're
assaulting and mass firing anyone they can't use in crime from every
agency and National Security, and there is no science or "study," they
hide their violent weapons crimes and fraud, racketeering behind, but
only weapons and fraud, mass mutilation of science by crime. She
threatens me over tainted vaccines they gave our son, sentencing others
in 1996 and all other, including while having X-rays and a hernia neeing
surgery and John Honaker already having teeth damage and testing for
chemical damage. While operating even schools that teach the Pope is
"anti-Christ" of which private schools we sought out, they threaten and
carry out all crimes because of the daycare indictments, including our
own, to present, crimes while home schooling our son and with logical
teaching. Over 5,000 counts, threats, religious threats, by Meyers,
Genovese crime families, who use every lie, religion assault on anyone.
Arpino, operating with Genovese crime family threatens me over religion
and because they are trafficking of children with Genovese, FBI, and drug
trafficking also, and operating day cares in rituals, with Elena Meyers
at the time.

(witnesses and documenation also on attempted and failed kidnapping on
myself, on family, after moving to Delaware, Genovese in Crime linked to
Ewan Cameron, relative, in Delaware and internationally)

Background on and documents, of Elena Meyers, Meyers family, in
premediation, Meyers operating all agencies, Richard Meyers Air Force,
and Meyers in all labs, use of Dupont Hospital, APA, UHS Dover, in
premeditation, in the courts processing those used in the crimes,
attorney firms, with Genovese companies, chamber of commerce, and Meyers
attorney manipulation, all linked together each attorney firm; Meyers in
trafficking in Delaware, kidnappings, day care indictments, Boy Scout
indictments, other indictments, Meyers racketeereing with judges in all
courts, and PA indicted judges, using satanic assaults, threats over
'satanism,' all threats by Elena Meyers, threats over chemical
corporations, and all threats pertain to her criminal actions to present
and injury with Mike Genovese, Genovese, Illuminati "Satanic" Inc., while
continuing in crimes, and then threats to carry out terrrorism which she
does to the court in Wilmington and to present. All of whom Elena Meyers
used in the crimes to present.
Millions of murders took place just from 2000 in planned racketeering and
terrorism continued, increasing crime by over 500% for "terrorism" by
rackeeering and using weapons on people. Over 40 million killed sent to
Israel and in NY, all other states by fraud and killings, disaster fraud,
medical and mortgage, business fraud, and using people who are in crime
by ideological brainwashing, explosions nationwide at plants, homes,
assaults on NASA workers, propagated murders and hate crimes on campus,
using police illegally in crime and murders of police also, to scientists
used, to every other agency.

Each month, while carrying out their crimes threatened to be done, all
weapons contracts, crime of which was committed was reported by "news,"
and on sentencing and indictments; they disseminated propaganda on
weapons, and every other fraud while using everyone in crime and blocking
victims rights purposely and especially for those on who they carry out
such extreme crimes.

Weapons and Cell Tower, military contractors are on the list of
indictments, sentencing, and deaths of communications owners, including
in UK, while they continue violent crimes. The weapons contractors, being
many under Genovese crime, with Meyers family members operating it all
under Health Human Services, with all other fraud and crime, including
use of Iranians in U.S., Russian agents, with their crime is on documents
in the same time, with others from india linked to Engineering, weapons,
MIT, and their porn crime families on weapons, along with "witches," and
every other ideological group, including in military and those at homes
encourgage to "build" their own microwave weapons even putting nostices
out by National Security" while firing all agents who will not commit
crimes, that there are criminals using them out of homes. They carry out
threats to carry out these crimes and violent crimes, injury with over
5,000 counts criminal federal felonies one after the other to present.

Meyers operating VA Services, over 15 Meyers family members, with all
hospitals, and HealthNet federal in their crimes; with all agenices,
military, Energy department, Dover Air Force base, and with Genovese;
keeping Johns condition off records, threatening to keep John in more
severe states, and having him pay directly for his visits with Dr. Hill,
using Dr. Hill throughout and blocking John from getting any care;
fabricating even Johns condition on myself on forms, documents, by Elena
Meyers, and by phone calls, with Genovese as a 'Mental' health condition,
including John in non-activity, severe memory loss, only glaring at the
television when home while having him take loans at work he doesnt
remember, in hundreds of circles, memory lossses, transactions, service
cut offs, and only mowing the lawn, or responding to services cut of,
i.e., taking loads of trash left behind, after march or spending, unable
to even write down what he spend, make, or follow any kind of plans or
activity at all or remember even navigation he spent over 25 years doing
with his other work at Pentagon , simple things, things people remember.
They've run nothing but retarded criminals in weapons over 70 years,
Russian gangs as well, giving these weapons to all agencies, and
sentencing them as well. (The sentencing lists, along with court
obstructions is on documents, and the notices of their very own crimes
with UD, Meyers, Genovese and with Richard Meyers as Air Force,
threatened to be done without rights, violent crimes with racketeering
over 5,000 counts).

They disseminate propaganda each month on prison camps, terrorism, end
times, police state, and that they are "Elite" and "Illuminati"
(satanic), and every other lie for crime monthly to get people and groups
illegally to carry out crime.

VA records notices on VA computers and records destroyed by Genovese, and
Meyers, also using FBI gangs, with Genovese in drug activity, to destroy
FBI office records, (FBI agents indicted while Elena Meyers obstructs
evidence, notices to FBI, and carries ouf multiple criminal acts,
including phone calls and change to records, erasure of medical records
and all other criminal acts to present)

Midland Mortgage
Every nine months emergency visits, passing out, vomitting up blood,
seeing Dr. Hill
Genovese in surveillance

Genovese, Meyers, with Dupont Hospital, emergency visits for son along
with all other normal visits, phone calls, sudden oncoming vomitting
caused by Genovese, on myself and son, and hernias to present, while
Elena Meyers had a mlitary doctor intercept his appointment, knowinigly
to continue serious assaults and erase his files, threatened me to carry
out all crimes, and while taking over 50,000 John does not remember,
Elena Meyers fabricates lies on msyelf and over 500 anonymous phone calls
including to me after reporring her crimes again, carries out all

Genovese and all crimes, senttencing again of FBI agents in Genovese
crime, CIA, with Elena Meyers carrying out all crimes in Delaware and at
the time of the threats to present are on court dockets, Genovese crime
gangs, and all other crime sentencing.

Federal felonies are federal felonies, including transfer of information,
fabrications, changing records, carry out threats, transfer of falsified
information to carry out crime,terrorism as in this case. All federal
felonies and charges listed were stolen weekly while carrying out the
federal felonies by Elena Meyers, Genovese crime family members to
present, as listed.

(arrest dockets, with Prosecutor, while carrying out all crimes, and from
1990, violent crimes to present from 2000)

Attempted kidnapping and threats

Witness tampering and crimes on witnesses from 2000 to present in witness

Our day care and other day cares, indicted under Meyers with Prosecutor
for murders, crimes on children
(they have me threatened over)
Other arrests
Midland Mortgage indictments

Dupont Hospital ethics director, violations
indicted under Meyers and in Delaware, with the Attorney General, Biden,
and during Genovese racketeering, Clintons, Bushes, drug racketeering,
Genovese BFI with drug court cases, Genovese drug stores, Bush Bank
America, Genovese collections, all other racketeering

for ethics related to death and insurance companies for Meyers

While Elena Meyers carries out the threats to destroy me as a mother, and
our son throughout vomitting, as myself, and changing his records, along
with John Honakers, and illegally using HealthNet Federal and attorneys
to present, to the court with District Attorney, Prosecutor

Over 5000 counts racketeering, 1989 to 2000, prior to the threats to
carry out terrorism, assault, surveillance to carry it out, fabrications,
holding up my "file" by Dorothy Arpino, acting to present with Elena
Meyers, Genovese crime family, Bushes, Clintons, and out of University of
Delware (see UD, Meyers in all labs, weapons, with Richard Meyers Air
Force, Genovese, and microwave weapons, Russian Air Force deals, MIT and
criminal families used on cell towers, weapons)

Racketeering from 1989 to 2000 with:

Meyers family operating Health Human Services, with Genovese crime
Richard Meyers Air Force, and Genovese in military
Genovese and Bush loans; loans including Bank America, Bush owned,
Genoese owned loans; listed with John Honaker having no memory of them
and emergency visits and to Dr. Hill each time, paying for his own
emergencies and Dr. visits
Midland Mortgage, in John Honakers name
Dr. Hill
HealthNet Federal Fraud
Meyers operating American Psychiatric Association
Meyers operating Lab Corp
Genoves drug stores,
with FBI, DEA, police, drug aviation, drug racketeering
Genovese collection firms and attorneys for collections for John Honaker
Clintons and Bushes presidencies and after
Trafficking, drug racketeering
Racketeering with medical, tainted vaccines on son

Dorothy Arpino, living at Dayette Mills, with helipad in rear of home and
Energy; acting with Genovese, over 30 years, and Meyers family in crime,
with Bushes.


in 1989, I am hit head on by racketeering gang just prior to marrying and
while working for Alan Greenberg, then indicted, along with employees.
Greenberg family members are also associated with attorneys with Bushes,
while Genovese crime continued. John is hit in the rearend by an
"uninsured drive." John begins a sudden "depressed" like state and
emergency visits, suddenly has over $50,000 in loans while claiming he
had no debt. The doctor who treated me for pain was also sentenced.

My businesses are put out of business, some sentenced, and owners linked
to Genovese crime, Bushes.

1992, Meyers, Genovese buy out Times Herald, first with a 6M$ fraud on
the owner, then paint is poured on my car, the editor fired by a
"security" phone call and calls after that.

John Honaker is kept "working" after his sudden "end" to his career of
which he complained about, while having emergency visits and suddenly
more loans "at work," he cannot remember, and specifically always mailed
to John or "called" to him to take the loans "at work," with all other
racketeering. He has no other activity but "working" on cars and
lawnmowers as to 2010 and sitting in front of the television but
complaining about his whole condition of which is non-absorption of
vitamin B, and dizziness throughout, while seeing Dr. Hill each time. At
all times he is billed directly without HealthNet paying for Johns
visits. John has constant service disruptions, sporadic transactions,
overdraft fees, "While working." And while only working on the cars and
lawnmowers until they are dead very quickly. Over ten cars he goes
through from 1990 and each car given to him to drive in just two years.

Over 5,000 counts, from 2000, wire tap fraud with all other crimes.
     Genovese carries out with attorneys, other criminals (calls by phone
of their crimes) by JOhn, to John, to FBI, to police, with Meyers family
members, Genovese familiy members. Makes phone calls to me up to 2005,
and thereafter by and with Elena Meyers of which are on photos of
continous calls and lies transferred during their crimes.

Those at the Pentagon, and those John worked with were killed with others
in the administration under Clintons, Bushes, with Genovese, Meyers

1995, tainted vaccines on son who passes out, then constantly turns pale,
has sudden oncoming headaches, vomitting

They set up drug gangs, racketeering, surveillance, in the area and
continue in crime.

Genovese sets up more drug operations, with Clintons, (Bushes),

Assaults on Ruth Chapman from 1996, and to present, under brain care,
severe memory loss, under Veterans Care, and witness to other crimes.

Knowingly threatening me for being "intellectual" because of running
total racketeering, terrorism under surveillance, and because John
Honaker already has memory lapses, no ability to plan, follow any plans,
and racketeering from 1989.
She threatens me over being with my son, and other threats as to
"intellectualism" and to carry out these crimes, and states, "I know a
woman who spent so much time with her son, he is still with her now at
age 65." She turns my son around, just as they assault me all thoroughout
and carry out these crimes on myself with my son, and she has him face a
window and then places a chair facing her to "question" me and is nice to
rude, and has a woman bringing in my folder.

Dorothy Arpino questions me also on Ruth, Johns discussions, prior work,
University of Delaware where I worked and Arpino acting out of UD, with
Elena Meyers, Meyers family members, and with Genovese crime family to
present, 2010, in racketeering, Arpino family.

     Other people were threatened, put on fake court "dockets" and
"surveillance" in multiple-part crimes, at this time, and court cases
came about. Including the case of Donovan and other couples who sued for
surveillance while they picked up violent threats to me.

Dorothy Arpino, was purposely set up to assault myself to present, with
Genovese crime family because of my having paid down Johns debts by
working, the only one having plans, a Cash Flow patented book they stole
and weekly re-given to John and discussed, and threats to steal all from
me to get the crime, with John "sitting" daily, taking over 400,000 from
him "at worK" along with 7,000 overdraft fees and service disruptions,
total financial chaos himself all "at work," no long term memory, and put
into worse emergency states and chemical damage purposely for it.

They set up drug dealers and continue with DEA, helicopter aviation
outside every night, criminal gangs, theft of property in developement,
use of police, DEA, FBI with Genovese, Clintons, Meyers in all
racketeering at the same time.

Sudden oncoming vomitting, headaches, suddenly falling on the floor near
unconscious, unable to get up, and while using some type of electronic
buzzing on and around the body. John also heard loud noises and suddenly
was awakened at night.

John and I hear two men at the bedroom window late at night. Figuring
they lost a dog or something we went back to bed.

At this time, there was more music interference, and some type of
electric to the head and body at night, with loud jolts and we discussed

John asks me, because of his mother, to have our son baptised and to go
to church so he will "socialize" and at the same time, again, that he
will finally follow some financial plan. He doesn't go but on a few
occasions, while I have to look for a church. While going to church,
Genovese makes phone calls and uses police to pull up quickly and slam on
their brakes. At one place, I also use the daycare. Later, a worker is
beating a child when I come in, and there are two kids missing, my son
off in a corner outside.
When I call about our daycare for state references, (the daycare later
indicted), under Meyers family, and acting through state agencies, with
all other daycare ritual, crime, trafficking, Genovese, Bushes, Meyers
are in crime already, and make phone calls on me, never calling back from
the state. I am working at University of Delaware by 1998.

When John Honaker, while at work, calls me that he cannot count his blood
pressure medicine right and doesn't know if our son took one and that he
went to the hospital, he calls me at work. I go to the hospital and only
when I arrive, does Meyers acting through the agencies, UD, illegally
call the hospital and has a woman "acting as police" then come in eyeing
myself, walking around the bed at all times only staring at me. On all
days and occasions, after threatenign me, Genovese crime family, with
Elena Meyers, while trafficking, sentencing everyone including daycares
under DE, NY, NJ, and international crime; over 50 counts daily of phone
calls including using DEA, Drug gangs, businesses, they continue this
daily with the transfer of lies as documented and to present.

At Goddard School, where I then took our son for a summer program;
Genovese while in drug racketeering, continued having cars pull up and
slamming on their brakes; calling police used in drug racketeering to
follow me out of the development and to activity places.

At all times, they assault myself, including the threats to steal all
intellectual work and because John Honaker has a serious chemical
problem, to take all from us as threatened and carry out total terrorism
and racketeering.

Arpino, with Genovese, begin assaulting me more with surveillance and
weapons of which she questions me over, including CIA, spraying, spraying
for weapons, Chemical corporations in Delaware.

to 2000 (end) 2001, when threatening me in person, by Dorothy Arpino, to
set up endless racketeering, terrorism crimes by fabrications, phone
calls of which Genovese is behind from 1990, with Elena Meyers, including
while I work at UD;

Meyers family members in all departments with Genovese, labs

Meyers, Gill crime family used later, with others, Genovese, in all
racketeering, from my work, to Johns work

Assaults on those around John Honaker, to keep him in worse states
already diagnosed prior to premediation of assaulting myself for carrying
out all racketeering by Elena Meyers, Genovese, Mike Genovese,

(court dockets on all racketeering, and District Attorney, Prosecutor,
and while Elena Meyers carries out these crimes)

Meyers carries out with Genovese organized crime, Bushes, Clintons and
Meyers family members over 50 counts additional racketeering, assaults,
phone calls daily; with bodily injury, continued on John to increase,
injuries internally to myself throughout increasing, and denial of our
health Care, used by Genovese, Meyers in their crimes instead

Documents on every nine months, see Dr. Hill, emergency visits from 1989,
memory lapses, known by Dr. Hill he had chemical damage each visit which
they increase purposely to extreme levels of dimentia, while (after his
hiring in 2006, all income already taken, and they tell him what to do
all day long)

From 1989, with each emergency visit, John has more loans by Genovese
owned loan companies "at work." He no longer has long-term or complex
memory and sits in "depressed states" of which he speaks of while seeing
Dr. Hill, and which is a symptom, of total non-absorption of vitamin B,
no ability at all for the body to absorb vitamin B and chemical damage,
chemical diagnoses.

He has no ability to remember what he did at any time or memory lapses,
or plan any of his money, has service cut offs and overlapping
transactions he does not remember, through racketeering, attempted
mortgage fraud, and Genovese, and Meyers in crime from 1989 increasing
each five years, with Bush loans, Genovese loans, Drug racketeering and
surveillance for it, as those noted. This, with increase and chemical
testing by Dr. Hill, knowingly, is increased to weekly emergency for
their crimes and while taking his blood, vomitting up blood during and
after illegally moving me based on the same and threats, canceling home
contracts illegally by fraud with John in worse states and tested again
by Dr. Hill.

While paying off Johns loans by working and readjusting the income to
expense of which he cannot follow, he has "new" loans with emergency
visits each nine months from prior to marriage in 1989, and throughout to
2000; in racketeering, Genovese, with Meyers family, Elena Meyers
threatens me with Arpino and to increase a most serious weekly memory
lapses to extreme, chemical damage already tested and tested weekly,
vomitting up blood, to carry out their crimes and atttempted murder on
myself with over 5,000 counts phone calls transferring fabrications,
changing records and transferring lies, fabrications, assaults, threats
to present, by Genovese crime family threatened to be done and with Elena

Johns mortgage under Meyers operating VA, and Midland Mortgage attempts
at default, even when paid on time by certified mail, and later indicted
under Meyers in U.S. District Court, with the same she operates in crime
to present, with Genovese

Genovese drug gangs, hired "genovese crime families" indicted in Delaware
under Meyers in the courts, with police firings and police arrested while
carrying out all threats, terrorirsm, with all other indictments under
Elena Meyers, as HHS

(all documents on arrests prior to the threats, indictments, including
HHS director under investigation for murders by psychiatry and out of
Meyers owned "mental Health" facilities and child murders)
Household Finance, other companies, suddenly send John Honaker checks for
cashing "at work" from 1990 after each emergency visit, finding out he
has more loans each time from 1989-1990.

Genovese collections throughout, and lawsuits, on John Honaker, by 2000
by Genovese, Fox, other lawyers relative to Genovese and other crime
families operating their attorney firms and collections, when paying off
all Genovese loans of Johns by myself re-making and adjusting plans he
cannot follow, nor even write anything down.

Lab corp, under Meyers and Health and Human Services alogn with Veterans
Administration, records, John under VA and carrying out all crimes by
Elena Meyers, with Genovese family listed, along with Ruths brain injury
under Meyers, brain care, later moving to Missouri, where Genovese,
Meyers are in neurocare, VA services, and her brain injury to present and
failing at present, to send her papers or release information, when
taking her for emergency to VA care in Wilmington, while Genovese, with
drug gangs, continued overhead with helicopter aviation; Bush family
member in charge of VA drug administration at the VA. Genovese continued
the whole time at the VA, with aviation overhead, and drug gang activity,
and then ambulances, with St. Johns "satanic" sect in ambulance
departments as throughout from prior to 2000 and to present, and on

Injury to Ruth Chapman, friend over 30 years, and witness, brain injury
to her, and other acts on her, to present, under Meyers, VA brain injury
while carrying out crimes in front of her to present, including with
state employees by Elena Meyers, and threats by Arpino in 2000 over what
Ruth stated in our home, along with John Honaker, threats to carry out
terrorism and by surveillance timing; Ruth was accosted, assaulted when
setting up drug dealers and through the racketeering and assaults to
2000, to present, while having severe brain injury symptoms, as well as
John Honaker from no vitamin B absorption over 20 years required for
memory, Elena Meyers behind threats, carrying out all threats, other
witnesses locked up and women in Delaware with all listed. Elena Meyers,
again, carries out crimes in front of Ruth, and with Commissioner Freud,
while Ruth is sitting there, with police, with Genovese, in Meyers owned
UHS Dover, and with state employees, Dr. Sibley, knowing she is a victim
and this is a racketeering case, Genovese to present, aviation by
helicopter, assaults on witnesses, and in front of this injured witness,
and in front of John HOnaker and other witnesses.

(John shown on video making hundreds of opposite statements to even more
absurd, dimentia, as they fabricate lies, carry out all crimes, with Dr.
Hill knowing of Johns emergency visits, chemical damage, as Elena Meyers
with mike Genovese, other Meyers and Genovese listed, carry out
terrorism, all threats herein)

Omega (his teeth dental surgery, also linked to Meyers, Genovese in Omega
Psychiatry, indicted, where again, like his doctor, they blocked me and
continued crimes for asking questions on Johns condition).

End of 2000:
Planned assault, terrorism, threats to carry it out, total racketeering,
and by sheer crime, to carry out surveilance, to fabricate lies, with
Genoese in drug operations, Elena Meyers, and other Meyers family members
to present, with Clintons at the time; Arpino operating with Meyers to
present, and Genovese crime family.

Elena Meyers, with Genovese, Arpino, makes phone calls "anonymously"
including to terrorist phone centers, and with each report of their
crimes to police, they use police criminals operating wtih them for
threats, DEA in drug racketeering for threats.

When phoning about our daycare, which is sentenced later, and one who
loses kids also; Elena Meyers, with Genovese, Arpino, make phone calls on
us, myself, and when John takes our son to the hospital, while working at
UD, because he can't count his blood pressure medicine even though our
son would not take any, she makes phone calls on me there in 1999, and
continues this daily to present with Genovese because of operating all in
child crimes and under HHS with Elena Meyers, and Meyers in all states
with Genovese and all other organized fraud.

Elena Meyers operating all trafficking nationwide, all child crimes,
murders and with psychiatry under the HHS director who is up for
investigation, with over 50 other Meyers family members, Frey porn
family, Arpino who threatens me, Clintons, Bushes, all state employees in
child crimes for it to media. The boyscouts in DE, all trafficking and
under Biden as Attorney General, bribed to be vice president.

Arpino threatens me when threatening me in person, that "they" (being
them) "ran Bidens wife off the road,!" when they use him as "Zionist"
against Israel, to present, and she sets up Jewish lies, as they run all
religious crime also with all state agencies. she sets up all crimes with
Elena meyers in these crimes to present, violent crimes, with Cilntons,
Genovese crime family and operating with Meyers family members, along
with Frey crime family, others in weapos, psychiatry, as porn criminals,
crime families, to present out of University of Delaware.

Over 5,000 counts, criminal racketeering using surveillance and all
crimes carried out by it, DE, and NY, NJ, nationwide with Elena Meyers,
Genovese crime family:

Arpino threatens me over their operations, spraying, questions me over
it, and chemical corporations, and threats that "they will be taking
people after questioning to prison camps" (Private prisons, Elena Meyers,
Meyers in all states, with Genovese crime family and Cheney indicted for
in TX, with Genovese crime, Meyers family in the courts). Genovese crime
famil is shown, with the weapons, and carrying out all crime in Delaware,
daily spraying over from Cheswold, which she threatens they will continue
and carry out all crimes by continued surveillance, as on documents,
videos, daily carrying out all crime in DE, and on us, these crimes,
while reporting their crimes, and discussing it, and discussing Johns
memory loss, emergency visits, all crime on us. To 2010, Genoese in
crime, with Elena Meyers, is shown using "FBI" and operating all crime
while spraying over for surveillance and to carry out the crimes and
assaults on witnesses.
Arpino approaches, me after paying off Johns debts, and having more
emergency visits, Genvoese with Clintons in drug racketeering, at the
time with FBI, DEA, Genovese drug stores, psychiatry fraud, Genovese with
collections firms for Johns loans, Midland Mortgage fraud in John
Honakers name and uncer VA care, which Meyers family is also operating
along with Lab corp fraud, HealthNet Fraud, Dupont Hospital with Genovese
meyers, and Boyden Gray, Genovese as biological weapons and tainted
vaccines, all sentencing including FBI, with Arpino out of UD, Meyers
and Genovese all surveillance, weapons; and John is told by his dentist,
he has signs of serious chemical damage (to present, major teeth damage
and chemical damage) on his teeth, and another visit with Dr. Hill, from
work after passing out again, and seeing Dr. Hill for chemical mixup in
the blood and no ability to absorb vitamin B, required for memory, and
other bodily ailments and behaviors, including depression by it.

She threatens me over what is stated in the home, CIA, plans, organized
crime plans, "racketeering and conspiracy" on the phone, while setting up
lies of every type to carry out assault of which crimes are documented to
present, carrying out assault, lies with Elena Meyers to present and
crimes by lies alone daily. she threatens me over their prior crimes
including tainted vaccines claiming she hates "Jews," because they "don't
get vaccines," to add their hate crimes, using satanists as judges, neo-
nazis in police force, other ideological groups and simply lies of any
type. Clintons kill millions of Jews while claiming they are Jewish and
friends with fake rabbis. And all other groups of relious nature are used
and crimes committed on them for multiple racketeering. She threatens me
over Islamic also, and they stage Islamic assaults on me with persons,
use criminals as Islamic when they aren't throughout all other multiple
federal felonies. they plan at this time, of threats to carry out extreme
violence with the same racketeering and multiple violent crimes.

Genovese, with Clintons in drug and all organized crime to present, with
Elena Meyers, all crime carried out under HHS, mortgage and loan fraud,
violent crimes by racketeering, Healthnet Fraud operated by Meyers.

Uses DEA, FBI, as at the time, drug gangs, throughout, while keeping me
broke, carrying out crimes to illegally move me, as on documents, with
John Honaker in more emergencies, weekly Lab Corp taking blood, Dr. Hill
seeing him more each week with testing prior and chemical damage, while
Elena Meyers carries out crimes daily and "anomymous calls" with Genovese
crime family.

Other court cases including by National Security, many others for the
same crimes came about, illegal firings and assault by lies, while they
carried out violent crimes.

Elena Meyers over 15 years with Healthnet federal fraud, Genovese crime,
forcing John into emergencies even while she carries out additional
crimes just by lies, with each phone call, changing records.

Over 5,000 counts threats, and criminal acts by Elena Meyers, Genovese
crime family, with Clintons, threats in person, and crimes on me
purposely directed in front of our son on myself with witnesses to
present and on tape, after threatening me in person with my son to

Genovese family, Elena Meyers, Meyers family operating all terrorism, and
hate crimes, campus crime, religious assaults, and with all religious
groups, and illegally using religious groups as state employees for
assaulting anyone regardless of what religion they are. Meyers family
members, with criminal families, operating all school districts also, all
agencies under HHS, and religous assaults on Jewish sects or any other
group, and use of pedophiles, religionists in the schools whereas
millions complained accross the country also and in DE of forcing
"prayer" and other in schools, and throughout they assault and threaten
me daily from the time of the threats, and in front of our son, and use
more weapons when speaking of any logical conclusion about religions
being manipulated.

Over 5,000 counts Elena Meyers, Meyers family, with Genovese, religious
assaults, weapons when discussing illogics of religions, and threats on
myself and using uneducated people to enforce Christianity heresy on our
son, while using other forms of religious assaults. This includes
feigning to be Islamists and threatening and back to 1995 on campus.
Other documents, including defamation on Clintons website and more fake
Jews he feigns to be friends with on there at the same time.

I called Dr. Hill at the time, and knows that he is seeing him weekly by
2006 in serious memory losses, emergency visits, with Elena Meyers,
Genovese, carrying out the crimes.

Genovese crime family, operates all crime listed, with Hitler,
Rockefellers, Rothschild, Bushes from 1920s' and Meyers family as "HHS"
and organized crime;

Ewan Cameron as "American Psychiatric Association" throughout their
racketeering and crime, in the 1970's, the very same; Ewan Cameron out of
University of Delaware with Meyers family members, Genovese, chemical
warfare, psychiatry fraud, to Germany, Israel, all states, and Edgewood

Grandfather, J. Cameron, R. Cameron father, worked at Boeing, and
Genovese has continued crimes with Arpino since, Meyers family to
Clintons in organized violent crimes and sexual crimes

Granmother to Cameron, Davis, and others relative to Rockfeller, his
aunts, other family lines

Meyers, great grandmother and grandmother

Arpino operating with Genovese crime family and Meyers, over 25 years, is
used to set up lies, with police taping" for deception, while threatening
me to carry out all crimes herein with Elena Meyers to present, behind
the crimes and with Cintons to present.
Arpino meets me in the park, a small playground, already in crime prior,
and with Genovese, with aviation, and realtor in Newark, all linked to
Genovese, to other smaller crime families, Arpino in police, with the
drug activity.

Elena Meyers, operating with Meyers on weapons, all Meyers listed, prior
to 2000, and to present, carries out all crimes with Genovese crime
family, all crimes in Delaware, including biological weapons, murders of
others out of UHS/BHS Dover, with the HHS director under investigation
for murders, and all Genovese crime, while on myself violent crimes, with
Clintons, Meyers family members, Genovese to present and those listed
herein, believing she is above the law with the others.

Elena Meyers, threatens to carry out all crimes, with Arpino, and while
to present, carrying out the crimes, takes everyone she is racketeering
with, with other attorneys, and the court, off the court case, but Arpino
and then sends a "dismissal of court case" timing all criminal acts.

She questions me over Johns doctor and myself and who I see as in general

She again, asks me if I know about spraying over in the skies, and then
makes a statement regarding that she got Rickles, Shingles and Lime
Disease from a mosquito.
She asks me to cover over as a neighbor.

in 2000, October, to 2001; in the park, with my son.
She questions me over the spraying in aviation (threatens to continue all
crimes herein)

She is operating with Genovese, Meyers in the racketeering, increased,
and moved in drug gangs two doors down, at 19 South Kingston Road, with

Elena Meyers, has all crimes, and myself threatened daily in front of my
son, threatens him in person, ignoring his statements later, is behind
all crimes with Genovese and on children, women, racketeering,
trafficking, all indictments, under HHS in Delaware including Boy Scouts,
with Meyers, nationwide, with Genovese

They are already in surveillance, and use of radio surveillance; my son
vomitting and being taken to the hospital, along with myself and JOhn in
worse states of circles, dimentia type activiy and only sitting. They
know all stated in the home, including about their crimes discussed
throughout, by John Honaker.

When I get to her home, she turns our son towards a window going to her
inside and myself, pulss up a chair facing her, opposite to my son
(Documented, all arrrests and indictments under Meyers, HHS, in the
courts in DE, in racketeering from 1990 for premeditation of assaulting
myself and by that way, with John having chemical damage to more severe
Meyers is operating all terrorism, indictments, child trafficking,
synagogues, Jewish lies, hate crimes, crimes on campus; processing
throughout all racketeering in the courts under Elena Meyers
She says, "How do you think Islamists are saved?" (Knowing that Meyers,
and she, with Genovese are already behind campus assaults, religious
assaullts, and to set up terrorism they plan after 9-11, using Islamists
throughout with their lies, for creating terrorism)
She asks questions regarding what I "see on my computer"
(papers, I still have, and computer tampering to present)

She has throughout each time, a lady rush her papers, and folders which
she uses as "my folders" to be used in fabrications as if she is legal
She says, "I've been in research in this "Stuff" for over 25 years"

(Arpino was in crime with Genovese, Bruno crime family, Frey family with
the U.S. Attorney General has, and lived nearby, associated with their
attempted kidnapping and other racketeeering crimes to present)
She says, (nothing that Ruth has a brain injury and her father was a
satanic mason in black ops, aviation, engineering, and her discussion
with all other discussions in the home)

Genovese, Boeing and hover craft as "UFO's" from 1920's and prior with
Hitler, others for war.

Genovese and Meyers are operating 'good' vs. 'evil' and hover crafts,
they in Norfolk Va, to my work at University of DE, carry out all fraud,
loans in Johns name, medical fraud, and aviation, aerospace as 'UFO's'
and have PTL and fake Christians set up to asked about "UFO"S and claim
they are 'evil' and Christ is coming setting up with Col. Alexander
Chrsitian programming, 'end times,' as their propganda and fronts to
crime and war. In Norfolk, they take my MRI's and hospital, Norfolk Naval
Hospital records, and John Honaker continues having emergencies suddenly
prior to his retirement, his career short cut, taken off submarines and
sent to Bethesda Naval Hospital in OSHA management, as a last job. They
shut down Norfolk Naval Hospital at the time in 1991. John worked in
special operations, Vietnam, Panama wars, worldwide, North Pole, on
submarines, at the Pentagon, with top most clearances to present under
jimmy Carter for "national security," (all NSA agents assaulted, Pentagon
employees killed under Clintons with Genovese crime). John worked out of
hover craft areas and on hovercraft in secret areas. Throughout their
crimes targeting myslef violently and putting him into weekly emergencies
after 2001, already from 1990, they take all my plans, as threatened, my
work, money via John, using HealtNet fraud and Lab corp for violent
crimes; daily while being the one with our son, threatened to target
myself, lies on myself transferred daily for that reason, my plans,
annual, monthly, weekly with John having dimentia symptoms, non-vitamin B
absorption and chemical damage prior to 1990 purposely increased for
violent crimes because of all racketeering cirme already carried out.

While we report their crimes and they are documented, they carry out over
50 counts lies, transfer of lies daily for this reason, on myself and
take all evidence at the same time of all crimes herein carried out in
multiple parts, for violent crimes to serioud injury.
"What do you have against Masons?" "nothing"

She asks me about hover crafts, "UFOS'" and basically states, "you're
going to believe in 'UFOS' and to present, including at the time,
computer tampering by Genovese, Arpino, Elena Meyers
(aliens downloaded along with reports on the computer attacks by provider
by a "Witch out of PA on one instance). She tells me they are 'no longer'
on the IBM, patent website. (as when John mentioned them in the home, and
his activity in hover crafts, while I worked at UD, I looked up the

Genovese, Boeing, aviation, erospace and weapons with Meyers in these

In Norfolk, nearly daily and on campus, they continue having me
questioned after marrying John about "UFO's" and by "PTL" Christians at
the womens work out center, all 'out of the blue' people, and then to my
office at University of Delaware, all based on our conversations. Arpino
threatens me over not believing in aliens since they use many 'alien'

To present, they are using fake Christians to go around claiming, hover
crafts seen all over including in DE, are 'UFOS' and 'evil.' and all
sorts of other Christ and new wave groups mixed within all their war
groups and crime cover ups; the reason for threatening to steal all
patented material, intellectual work, threatening myself in perons, and
to present, daily having to document their crimes in multple for that
reason, while taking over 400K John cannot on any day, plan, follow plans
even from 1990, with over 20 years non-absorption vitamin B required for
memory and over 25 emergency visits, and Dr. Hill testing him from that
time with chemical damage.

Premeditated war crimes threatened and all crimes to present, documented,
including the threats to carry out the violent crimes in multi-part
(already sentenced) with obwstructions to law by Elena Meyers, HHS, all
other Meyers family members, Genovese crime family through attorneys,
with all businesses, fraud, violent crimes through Healthnet fraud with
Elena Meyers, Clintons in the front of Rothschilds in DE, nationwide,
international and Rockefeller, Bushes operating "war" and "police states"
and every other propaganda to the Vatican with retardation crimes,
trafficking, religious crimes in front of the multiple fraud and weapons,
war crimes.

Arpino threatens myself, with Genovese crime family, Clintons in all
crime under 'HHS" with attorney firms, all with their own investments and
businesses by crime to carry out violent crimes and endless assault in
multiple counts for that very reason of planning 9-11 with Genovese crime
family and Clintons (also war crimes in Iraq, Spain, Bosnia, Russia,
Germany, Israel, on all sides of the weapons and deals the same)

Arpino purposely makes statements over the phone to use for wire tap
fraud, that are out of the blue, such as "how many books do you have" (as
part of their crimes and theft of all intellectual work) and "What do you
know about racketeering, conspiracy?" and "Wow, you really shouldn't
teach your son that" (this after all threats and attempted kidnapping)
asking me to call her before coming over, without any reason for making
the statements.

I ask Arpino if those in those in the helicopters behind her home (in
Dayette Mills Farm, with Energy behind her, power station, helicopter pad
and other facilities) are coming to her home. She stated, "they come in
once in a while" to present, and from out of the Dayette Mill area, to
present in Dover, with Genovese in drug activity. Throughout, and prior
to the threats, Genovese is shown, with drug trafficking, FBI, child
trafficking with Elena Meyers, on video, even diving at my car with
aviation, while Elena Meyers carries out all crimes with Genovese, Bush
Citi Corp, Clintons, and even raids the FBI offices, while carrying out
all crimes.

HealthNet Fraud for violent crimes over 20 years

FBI, DEA, with Genovese drug racketeering, threats, criminals used for
threats by lies, even while John Honaker is having weekly lab corp,
serious passing out, forced into it by Lab Corp, operated by Meyers
family taking blood to increase his condition
Over 5,000 counts transfer of personal information, with lies for assault
including use of DEA, FBI, gang members in drug racketeering

Over 5,000 counts phone calls (on documents, photos, witnessed to present
while firing those used and transferring lies), with Genovese in crime,
prior to and during 2001, 2003, to present, with lies for carrying out
crime in multiple part

Phone calls to agencies to block investigation, all those used in crime
to present, child trafficking, and pornogprahers as psychiatry, crime, to
carry it out
Day care and child ritual, porn with state agencies, linked to Meyers
owned UHS/BHS Dover
Over 500 counts in 2004 alone phone calls of "anonymous" calls

HealthNet was informed of fraud in 1995, 2007, 2008, and by John Honaker,
while Elena Meyers used attorneys for all agencies, in Wilmington, with
her other violent crimes, Genovese crime family, Clintons, Danberg, in
bribery and took them off the case, filing false motions and lies again
illegally with over 500 counts more crimnal acts in front of witnesses

Over 500 counts alone, in 2005, increasing John Honakers emergencies,
with Lab Corp, while carrying out crimes on myself, threats with drug
gangs and with police reports on their crimes

Over 500 counts in 2006 on documents, videos, photos, tapes, with
reports, documents sent to police, FBI, Elena Meyers with Genovese crime
family, Clintons, Bushes Citi Corp, raiding FBI offices, taking
documents, firing FBI, and carrying out over 50 counts crimes, medical
fraud, racketeering, with Meyers owned UHS/BHS, and psychiatry lies while
with Richard Myers, Air Force, Genovese, operating FBI, DEA, drug
trafficking, all crime, fraud, attorneys in fraud, mail fraud, loan
fraud, surveillance, assault she knowingly carrying out the crimes to
enforce myself in Dover, non-movement by her crimes, taking all John
Honakers medical condition, making phone calls on myself daily, changes
to records, deleting records, license plates, having people pull up, slam
on their brakes, including women from downtown used in crime with her,
and as "CIA," (later fired), on video including while John is having
near-stokes--all while she's transferring lies and carrying over 50
counts additional crimes you can't carry out by lies anyway.

Serious activity and assaults by helicopter aviation, increasing after
moving to rental, and again throughout, on video, going over to
witnesses, in front of witnesses, staying right outside my home, and back
to Dover, to carry out threats and more crime, assaults on witnesses.
They would then go back to downtown Dover, from my home, up to where I am
going, back to home,and again to downtown, Genovese with drug gangs, and
then assault witnesses. During 1995 to 2000, while Genoevese had drug
activity set up two doors down, they stayed hovering non-stop outside,
and are used in all Genovese racketeering. John Honaker, husband,
witnessed them coming out of Dayette Mills, shaking our windows in the
rental after moving, following over us with DEA in cars to Kung Fu, and
called for more National Security, former employees help.

Genovese crime family with Clintons in porn, trafficking, nationwide and
all crime, with all agencies, attorney firims, judges, FBI, CIA, Bush
Citi Corp, district Attorneys sentenced all for child trafficking, and
during drug trafficking, has me threatened with Elena Meyers as "HHS"
operating with all Meyers family members as Health Human Services and all
state employees used in trafficking includng judges; threatens and does
carry out over 500 counts criminal changes to records, lies transferred
for assault, threats, crime, to carry out total racketeering, threatened
in person and all documented to present, federal felonies of transfer of
lies, including Johns medical condition over 20 times on paper alone in
2008, and to present, as my own condition to carry out their crimes on
msyelf, and while taking an additional 25,000 from him hearing by
surveillance while listening to him (and on tape) that he cannot remember
anything or the loans, while carrying out the crimes on myself to
present, multiple federal felonies of transfer of lies and crimes of
medical fraud to put John Honaker into more frquent emergencies. Over 500
counts alone by Elena Meyers operating child trafficking and porn, with
other porn families in Delaware, Genovese crime family, in 2006 alone to
carry out assaults, including with Chertoff, head of homeland security in
child porn, child trafficking, bribery with Genovesae crime family,
Bushes, Clintons, operating all terrorism and benefits off shore, all HLS
directors sentenced, used as threats to me while threatening me with drug
gangs, Genovese, Elena Meyers transferring daily lies by phone to present
and documented, on tape, on video, documents. Changes to mortgage while
Elena Meyers carried out with Bush, who has investments in Meyers owned
UHS/BHS Dover, and in other states, and other facilities also, along with
nationwide child trafficking, international already sentenced all state
employees but for Chertoff, Hayden, and the new U.S. Attorney General.
Over 500 counts of racketeering added to the lies, crimes of racketeering
with those listed herein, and transerring lies by phone to paper and on

Not only do they threaten me in person to carry out terrorism by use of
crimnal groups, assault, total racketeering by lies but it is all
witnessed and on documents, transerring lies daily as to present, over
200 more federal felonies added to the other crimes, and carried out by
phone lies, then written down on paper, federal felonies in 2010 alone.

(on video)


Arpino asks me why I don't go to the "unitarian" Church (witches in the
churches and synagogues that are not Jewish which Genovese, Meyers are
operating along with crimes on real Hebrew, Jewish schools).

She tells me that Bidens "Wife" was run off the road, insinuating that
they were going to be assaulting me along with all other threats
She mentions Caldors, where they took my cart out the back door, now an
empty store, stating, "they will be taking people through empty stores,
on trains, to prison camps, and [you] will be questioned by the CIA

(Meyers to present, behind all religous assaults including on our son)
"That's heresey" when asked about satanism, Masonic ritual and satanic
priests, priests, and about the Vatican and "Pipelines of UFO's to the
She holds up my folder and asks if "you think you are intellectual?"
and "Awww you must have had a b..a..d....p...a...s..t.!"
She asks me about what pages I saw on the computer.
She asks me about CIA activity, and about bringing about "end times" and
a "new Christ" by illusions given to the public.
She asks me about Priests, and child mollestation
She asks me again about "spraying overhead" by Airplanes

(at this time tankers, with Meyers op military, and for surveillance,
threatens over what I saw on the computer, and to carry out continued
surveillance and activity)

She threatens me over "Jews" getting forms for school for their kids to
not get vaccinations or other.

She tells me, "They ran Bidens wife off the road." While the "they" is
Genovese crime of which Arpino is operating with and they are setting up
"Jewish" lies and every other lie through taping, with a police, Arpino
illegally holding up "files" of my own given to her by a woman who
continues coming in, and being a crime family member with Genovese and
Meyers over 30 years, and acting to present, out of UD, other Arpino
family members with Genovese to present in Delaware.

She questions me over schools, knowing that Meyers is operating through
all school districts, judges and all others in child trafficking, and
arrests of teachers as well).

She knows that we discussed, and went to one school where the head of the
private school, announced that the "pope was the antichrist" a child
brainwasher, and who stated they spanked kids for not getting their
writing correct, which we discussed as very odd.

Meyers is operating over all schools, private schools and religious
terrorism, and processing it through the courts.

Meyers family member in charge of the Brookside community school, we
discussed, their drug gang member, and their kids carrying guns

(While Elena Meyers carries out the crimes to terrorize, religious
assaults, defamation throughout documented, and phone calls, under
Meyers, priests, boy scouts, judges in child trafficking in the courts
with Meyers and our own day care is indicted)

She sees my writing, giving me a book and instead, the next day I give it
back with notes on what libraries of books and philosophies are online.
She states, "Your handwriting shows you have really good balance in
thought and analyzing."

"what, do you think you are a Florence Nightingale?" and she holds up a
folder, again brought by the other woman, operating in crime with them to
her door. She intimates more again on religious assaults and that I will
be assaulted, locked up and discredited and that she has folders, with
information, and threats over being "intellectual."

to steal all intellectual work.

Arpino thinks she is a witch (documented to present by service provider,
and on video, direct to desktop tampering, along with Genovese in St.
Johns fire house and rescue crew, on computer tampering with Arpino,
Meyers knowingly) and patriot and kids, and uses her son also in crimes.

She asks about UFO's again, because of Genovese operating aerospace, and
Meyers, with statements John made in the home of "hover crafts" in his
work under verty "Top Secret" areas and Area 51, after his CIA, Vietnam,
and top clearance with only one other person for "national security"
under Jimmy Carter, open to present, and hidden

She continues insinuations, of the prison camps, and psychiatric fraud,
discrediting, that they will have me locked up, fabricate every type of
lie. She continues then being more rude, to regular questioning and
threats that they will be discrediting and carrry out locking me up. She
states they'll be taking [me] on trains to prison camps after questioning
and interrogating.
Knowing that Meyers is behind all the crimes, with Genovese, and prior
"satanic' assaults, and other religious assaults, she yells, "What do you
think satan has a red tail?!"
"I hate Jews!"

When asked why, she stated, "Because they don't get vaccines!"

Knowing that Meyers, to present, carries out the crimes, was at the time,
with Arpino, Genovese, and our sons tainted vaccines, taken off vaccines
by his doctor)

She makes statements on me being with my son and makes insinuations such
as "I know a woman who spent all her time with her son, and he's 65 and
still with her at all times!"

She asks me if I "speak out" and that "well, I sometimes speak at
University of Delaware" Knowing she is operating with Meyers out of UD
even prior

She asks me about all things they did prior, satanic assaults, religious
assaults, and knowingly using John in their crimes, asks about Johns
statements in the home while threatening to carry out terrorism,
racketeering, premeditated by Elena Meyers, in terrorism and Genovese,
Mike Genovese as head of Genvoese, Illuminati, Inc. family and Meyers
family with them

Knowing that Meyers, Genovese (satanic) is behind all terrorism and
criminal acts, threats to continue the surveillance, terrorism, hate
crimes, use of religious assaults for terrorism for 9-11 that Meyers
carries out.

(while Meyers arrests, with Genovese, trafficking of children, child
ritual, day cares at this time)

They have my uncles sheep farm, suddenly, without any interference for
years; Mexicans driving up stealing sheep, and send Islamic people to buy
sheep to slaughter and do ritual right there after paying for it, while
Meyers writes up "Sheep attack" in the papers, by orders to the paper and
has his sheep attacked by loose dogs, as she carries out the crimes on
myself and family, with every other type of religious assaults to present
in addition to theft of all intellectual work, income, Elena Meyers,
carries out all crimes threatened.

Over 5,000 counts, Elena Meyers, other meyers listed, and on pub
documents, with Genovese crime family, illegally using state employees,
using "satanists" for their crimes as judges, corrupt judges and
employees for their private businesses and fraud, racketeering including
attorneys, and assaults by Christianity, and Islamic staged assaults
also. All agencies listed used illegally, and weapons, based on neo-nazi
crap, threats over "Jews" while they go around pretending to be
Christian, Satanists, Jews themselves (also on Clintons page where he
defames me with a fake person).
Arpino threatens me to carry out over 5,000 counts religious assaults, to
present, with Elena Meyers, Genovese crime famly with Clintons and was
carrying out crimes prior to extreme gross crimes after the threats to

Over 5,000 counts carried out continued crime as threatened to be done by
illegal propagation using ignorant people and ordering them to commit
crimes by propaganda:

while sentencing all agencies that they ordered to carry out crime, prior
to carrying out another three years of multiple, over 500 counts federal
felonies, over 5,000 counts from the time of threats to do it, using and
having sentenced state employees again from 2001, with Genovese crime, of
propaganda for hate crimes, weapons, disseminated monthyly while
carrying out fraud, over 5,000 counts, criminal acts, assaults by
continued media propaganda and for use with police, criminals on weapons,
state employees, use of all and in drugs, hospitals as "CIA" for their
crimes, disseminating monthly that these agencies "can" commit crimes,
after sentencing the FBI, CIA, HOmeland Security, Attorneys, Judges in
trafficking and crime, Commissioners, CEO,s' Genovese drug gangs, police
Chiefs, Fire Chiefs, District Attorneys, National Security agents,
Prosecutors (killed) all states, social workers, all state information
agencies, bankers and employees, business mangagers nearly all
businsesses used with Genovese acting through FBI with Chamber of
Commerce as "infraguard," Airport employees and Port Authority directors,
weapons contractors, military and generals, Energy Department and
employees, Post office workers used in their crimes of lies, mail fraud
and tampering, all others used with their personal crime. This includes
Genovese gangs, drug gangs, those ignorant used illegally as "agents"
when they are not.

Meyers, Genovese, Clintons, kill over 7,000 Jews just from 2001, in NY,
and over 40 million in their frauds, using satanists as ambulatory,
hospital workers, explosions, car accident fraud rings, perpetrating hate
crimes, using criminals in police force ordered to lock people up,
Christians, in Israel, crime, medical fraud, just as in all other states;
as in this case. While Clintons, disseminate lies of being Jewish,
Hillary with Bill, had assaulted all Jewish schools also with threats,
hate crimes, and in Israel, school kids to older Jewish "sects" (all
being different like Christians doctrines) were shot. This took place on
those sent from NY, other states to Israel and those in NY, emptying
whole apartment buildings. They hang around fake Rabbis and manipulate
all religions with Genovese crime family and Meyers family doing all
religious assaults, media hate propganda, as in this case.

Meyers, throughout, attempts, with Genovese, controlling chamber of
commerce, while John like Ruth has brain damage, can work in "shipping
and handling as warehouse manager" even though he has serious memory
lapses and total non-activity, though attempts activity prior to the
carried out terrorism, threats, increased emergency visits to weekly lab
corp, and seeing Dr. Hill by 2006, and injury.
At this time, in 2001, just as the 9-11 thing happens, they have Terry
Newman inerrupt public access to groups, shout me down, make up religious
statements, claim that the "jews" are responsible for the World Trade
Tower, as to present, Meyers blaming "Jews" for their kidnappings in
Delaware in the media while none were Jewish at all in crimes.

(My grandmother directly relative to Queen Elizabeth the first, and back
to King David directly, her name Mary Elizabeth Davis, and all presidents
came off her line, while these satanic people took over all money, and
they all are married into my familiy lines, i.e., Davis, Meyers,
Rothschild, Davis-Gray, Tobacco Heirs, all married in Delaware to her
line later, Hoover directly into the family, but for Genovese).

Ewan Cameron linked to APA, head of APA with Genovese, Meyers intl, and
in DE. on my fathers side, as on other documents. My fathers aunt(s), one
being Leoffel, also relative to John D. Rockefeller. Tobacco Heirs, Sir
Reighley, Meyers great grandmother, all out of Virginias on that side.
All worked together from the 1900s, with presidents, Hoover married into
Davis, grandmothers family line in PA.

They continue threats and attempted kidnapping reported with teh crimes
and drug racketeering, the threats to carry out crime, with Newark
police, under and to Kaganovich at the time; other agents, FBI, NSA, DEA
are victims and have reports of the crimes while carrying out violent
crimes on us, myself directly and both. They kidnap agents kids and
including radiation labs specialist Loren Moret who takes radiation
levels in NY, NJ, Washington, nationwide and near world trade towers now
because of actual use of small nuclear bombs.

John Honaker had/has top secret clearances, but by inury they carry out
these crimes while all around him including those he worked with were
killed. He worked in black ops in "UFO" area and Area 51. He makes
bragging remarks while they put him in worse states, though he calls
police, and reports their crimes to other former National Security. He
calls out someone to check for "surveillance" possibly using something

Federal felonies of threats with DEA, helicopter, assaults, surveillance,
over 50 more counts and police reports while in 2003, rental, illegal
notices that "Your bank account is linked to terrrorism" Genovese crime
family operating "NSA letters" and crimes with the bank, also used DEA to
threaten me at the bank, with Clintons in these crimes, and Bushes.

John, while from 2000 to 2002, watches them with helicopters, and their
crimes and states that "we'll be moving." and "sue them." while he is in
worse memory lapses again and tested each time by Dr. Hill, and Genvese,
with Clintons, in crime, drug racketeering, continue assaults. While John
Honaker watches television only, and some shows over three times a year,
stating, "I never saw it," they threatened me after his watching of some
shows and brief mention of it, including "Bush Baal worshipping"
propaganda shows, and New World Order, of which I was not even fully
aware of. Genovese targets myself all throughout including to present, by
propaganda for all their crimes and the threats to carry it out, with
Clintons, Bushes, Elena Meyers, and Meyers family members, who also
assaulted all CIA, firing them and all by "religion" whether "Jewish" or
"catholic" (they brought lawsuits) at the time with Clintons along with
mass firings later. They have Johns records, and continue extreme threats
to myself. John again by 2003 while illegally moving me states, "they're
probably just doing this locally and will stop," and "I called more
people about the crimes," while they put him into worse states for their
blatant crimes in front of witnesses and on film, documents, video to

I go to Johns work and to present, along with going to his current work,
Genovese crime family used helicopters to assault me, fly over, down and
up, while standing there talking to John Honaker in 2001. Genvoese did
this in all public places and using weapons, extreme after moving me. And
on witnesses other crime around from downtown to our home and places
where I am talking to people, in drug activity throughout all crimes in
DE, shown even with aviation diving at my car, and in front of witnesses.
Using aviation daily throughout all bird flu, accident fraud rings, all
other Genvoese crime and with "FBI."

They put my brain into shock by 2001 with surveillance and electrical
devices used to the body and brain, along with injuring Ruth Chapman by
electomagnetic brain injury, also using a "witch" to fake "bringing up
her dead grandmother," at the time, phone calls to her, threats, people
following and suddenly "befriending" her and being rude, now with severe
memory loss daily and Genovese, Meyers in racketeering, with these
crimes, the Veterans Affairs, Missiouri brain care, Genovese as Neurology
also, keeping Ruth "working" like John to carry out total racketeering
and fraud. At the time of the threats she was witness and to reports of
the crimes. Arpino who threatens me knows they injured Ruth, and
threatens me over what she states in the home regarding her father in
black ops, and Masonic Ritual, Elena Meyers in trafficking, with Genovese
crime family members, Clintons, Bushes, behind it to present, with other
Meyers family members, Richard Meyers Air Force, also operating with
Elena Meyers as HHS, the trafficking nationwide and in all states,

I contnued telling John Honaker, at the same time we discussed the
threats and reported it, that it was like my brain was being "fried" by
something and at night they were directing sound to both of us, while
operating this drug dealer, Fred, with Brookside police, DEA, other
criminals as police, FBI, with Genovese crime family, Clntons, who then
passed laws to allow for more crimes on people, including firing by
"religion" and "using radiation on money with drug dealers,' and "you can
commit crimes on those who live near drug dealers."

Court cases were brought at the time on using surveillance, drug
operations to carry out crimes, while we discussed it, and they picked up
fabrications, witness tampering, locking up Andrea Henderson under Meyers
as "HHS" over three times for reporting threats by "FBI" or those gangs
used in white vans, Genovese used in crime to present, with Elena Meyers.

Genovese makes phone calls and with realty, to have our home contracts
cancelled, claiming with the realtor that they are "not building"
anymore, while moving people from Jersey, and NY, into the one
development they illegally cancelled. We had check down, payment, and to
build. They then have sent because of their fraud, mail fraud taking
place at the time also with threats, surveillance to time it, in 2003, a
letter stating from the builder "Sorry you're not interested any more."
Genoese manipulated this, just as Genovese was acting with Newark
Realtor, with Arpino, parking his car at her home at the time she
threatened me.

Meyers behind campus assaults in 1995, coaxing an Iraqi guy with a bus
driver and some others, buying out businesses (has me threatened later to
carry out religious, Islamic terrorism when in person threatened by

They buy out and keep investments in all of John Honakers work, while
taking loans from him and increased memory loss, Dr. visits to 2000,
prior to extreme terrorism

Genovese, with real estate, Meyers, Chamber of Commerce:

have John hired, and bought out where he worked throughout their
increased crimes

Porn crime families, criminals used with Elena Meyers, murders already
and while in there, comitting crimes on victims; she carries out
additional 50 counts daily federal felonies and assault as "HHS" from
2000 and prior to present, with Hillary Clinton also linked to Meyers
family members, Healthcare fraud, vaccines, weapons, trafficking, as on

Uses Rhonda Gill, (from where I worked at TriMark in 1991 to 1993) of the
Gill crime family, associated with Meyers, and Genovese, Rhonda Gill,
with Elena Meyers in 2007 used as "Psychiatrist" with all psychiatry
owned by Satanic Genovese and Meyers in the state, all states.

While having another emergency visit, vomitting up blood, using Lab Corp
to take his blood throughout; Elena Meyers carries out additional 50
counts crimes daily on myself, ELena Meyers

Meyers brings, with Genvoese, and FBI in 1992, during racketeering with
John and in emergnency, seeing Dr. Hill, More loans; an investigation"
and 6 million dollar charge on the owner of the Times Herald where I
work. They suddenly call security and have the editor fired. They attempt
and do buy him out, but they spill paint all over my car, leaving the two
cans fully dumped right there.

Elena Meyers, with Genovese threaten to and steal my business I create
(2003) with the patented Cash Flow book after paying off Johns Debts by
Genovese by my working and re-making, readjusting to his severe memory
loss, inability to make any arrangements to have living expenses or pay
anything in any particular order, only spending and having severe
Meyers, with Genovese, through all places, real estate, chamber of
Commerce, Meyers buys out all media:

To Other places I worked, Meyers using criminal acts, with Genovese
To University of Delaware, making phone calls, by Elena Meyers,
assaulting Andrea Henderson, friend and honors grad in Social Services,
locking her up, by Elena Meyers, to present carrying out all criminal
acts, and other women I know locked up under "Her." With the HHS Director
under investigation, and continuing to use illegal, fake spychiatrists
out of UHS Meyers owned Dover Behavioral Health, illegally with state
employees brought in there.

Elena Meyers, with Genovese, Arpino, threatens to and carries out
terrorism, to fabricate psychiatry lies, while carrying out racketeering
in multiple increased counts, adding to other crimes, by her other phone
calls to present, making phone calls while carrying out the terrorism,
surveillance, spraying over and has me threatened to carry out these
crimes along with the fabrications and to have me locked up in Meyerss
owned UHS, already doing it three times to Andrea Henderson, and lying
about John Honaker to present, using John Honaker in chemical damage and
carrying out the crimes in front of Ruth Chapman, injured as well to
present, all crimes in front of witnesses with documentation to present.

(other witnesses, injured witnesses throughout, and documenation on
video, photo, with witnesses present of carrying out their crimes, with
Elena Meyers behind all obstructions with Mike Genovese)

Arpino threatens me by Elena Meyers, to carry out terrorism while
fabricating lies:

Elena Meyers has myself assaulted non-stop, including threats to blow me
up, while calling others with fabrications

Elena Meyers makes hundreds of phone calls, with Genovese; in threatened
criminal assaults, terrorism, threatened fabrications, threatened to
carry out religious assaults and to present, (other phone calls linked
all documneted includnig on forms):

Caldors Store (shut down and threatened me over it by Arpino)
Operating through all businesses, with Chamber of Commerce, Genovese,
their businesses, and Genvoese in drug activity, with Meyers in all areas
connected, with "TIPS" through the FBI:

Sends in "satanist" (which she has me threatened over in person) to Johns
work when I am at UD, he can't function at home, is out of his other job,
on only one day he is on the cash register to ask for $6.66

Calls Hospital, when John can't count his blood pressure medicine and he
takes our son to hospital while I am at UD and only when I arrive having
a 'security' guard walk around me nonstop and around the bed; Elena
Meyers already assaulting witness Andrea Henderson, and having her locked
Day Cares, including Goddard assaults by car, Rainbow indicted under
Meyers in District Court, while threatening me, which Meyers indicts,
including our own day care, Rainbow. She makes phone calls on me when I
call the state, (at the same time assaulting Andrea Henderson under Elena
Meyers) and while at UD, I call the state for reference on the day care
because they did not even change his diappers and on some days it
appeared he wasn't even moved, while they had many kids in there. Elena
Meyers continued with women "pulling up and taking notes." and all other
fraud with Midland Mortgage also coming to the door, later indicted and
owned by Genovese, with police activity, Genovese in drug gangs two doors

Elena Meyers, with Arpino, Genovese call White Clay Creek state park and
have them shut and lock the door in our face.

Over 500 continued counts criminal acts, surveillance to time all
criminal acts, threats, and listening to all conversations to plan their
next crime. They listen to us discuss Johns inactivity but constant
"working" on the car if anything at all (and bringing them dead while
losing money, no following any plans). They see all homes printed out and
make sure that none I print out do we see, over 200 homes. They listen to
our discussions of John not being able to stay on track of plans, and
what type of area and home we are looking for. Bob Lilley, the realtor
who intercepts for Genovese manipulation of him, and by calling others to
call Bob during this time; Bob states to me, "I bet you like an area you
can be active and the beach." While telling myself that "you need to buy
new." John continues to be led to old, needy homes, low space with over
five acres, and Bob discusses throughout, plans with him to develop and
work with him. John has memory loss and cannot follow plans as it is even
prior. Bob only calls John "at work," regarding home sales, and while
Genovese continues assaulting me.

They continued shaking our windows to 2006 with helicopters and dipping
down on top of myself when in my car or walking and while making hundreds
of phone calls.

They continued this to 2008 on my father, who complained also of the
helicppters in drug and crime activity above the car, persons taking
photos of him on the bridge while commuting, and finally putting him into
"daily strokes" and memory loss without any memory of how to get home on
some days. Even while with my father, driving him, they used helicopter
aviation and he mentioned it.

Because Genovese, Bushes, Clintons, with Meyers carried out such violent
threats, crime, and assaults and threats to carry it out by obstructions,
and massive lies, using all others in crime, they believe the more lies
and crimes on top of crimes will help them and others are stupid just
because they say so. They believe since they are operating in organized
crime and the media (all senteced, killed in UK, Russia, other countries,
but a few they are still using and new ones) that they can fool people
while the whole country knows that these crimes are taking place. Because
they set up extremely violent and gross crimes, multiple federal felonies
on top of others, and assault, including others with Elena Meyers in
crime with Meyers owned UHS/BHS Dover, and all their other crime, that
they are going to obstruct justice for that reason on anyone who is a
serious victim.

When John sees more activity and states, "I already called someone."

They hang our neighor by a belt.

Over 15 years, and 5,000 counts criminal racketeering with Dr. Hill
He has another (over 15 chemical diagnoses right before canceling our
home contract again and running us out of time moving purposely).

With Genovese, Elena Meyers calls women to pull up outside our residence
taking "notes" while Genovese uses DEA gangs in drug operations, and
aviation out of the pad behind Arpinos home (as to present) in drug
operations, large white cars, cigar smoking criminals to threaten us at
Kung Fu, the bank.

Through the Chamber of Commerce, Genovese crime family operates all areas
and with "FBI" as infraguard; they put out of business my businesses, and
while John begins having emergency visits, and retires, they keep him
"hired" only to have all his income going to loans, and new loans each
nine months in their racketeering from 1990 to 2000, with all other
racketeering listed, including Genovese operating Midland Mortgage
racketeering fraud, and Johns loans, with Bush Bank America, collections,
all other. Working in "shipping" is nothing for JOhn and does not take
complicated, multiple, long-term memory and they keep him in meetings all
day. Genovese buys out his other businesses, including in 2005, after
moving us, from NY, to carry out these crimes. Dorothy Arpino, who
threatens me, asks me about my work and "Do you speak out?" as part of
setting up propaganda and hate crimes, lies, of every type for assault
and crime. Meyers, with Genovese, operate racketeering, business
racketeering, including with my other businesses, buyout during 1990 to
2000 racketeering, of Times Herald and fraud on the owner with "FBI"
investigation, and throughout, putting businesses into Chapter 12, and
pick up crimes while working at University of Delaware, the fact being
that as well as John cannot follow any plans, financial plans, or plan
himself, that each nine months John made "new plans" and was going to
follow plans that he never could follow, for over 10 years while they
carried out this racketeering, premeditating the threats on myself to
carry out total fraud, and billions in fraud and theft by keeping him in
worse states each month, knowingly and threatening myself in person to
carry out the crimes. They carried out their crimes by shear threat and
lies, while John had no activity from 1990 and a worse pattern each nine
months with their racketeering of emergency visits, passing out, chemical
damage, more loans, all timed with the other racketeering.

In rental from March 2003 to 2004 March:
Elena Meyers, with Genovese continued threats of carrying out crimes by
computer (as documented even by service provider) and threatened; send
letters "you better call the Federal Bureau of Investigation or they will
be at your door on *** date." "Your bank account is linked to terrorism"
after selling our home, finally, and moving into the rental and again,
throughout, and threatened me with DEA, drug gang member, when I went to
the bank prior to moving in March 2004.
Elena Meyers, calls YMCA, "security" while my son and I are the only ones
in the whole pool room, knowingly at different YMCA's

Has, with witnesses, woman, over three times and another in 2009 come up
to my mothesr home, while using surveillance, with "notes" on one
occasion, and then stealing lights my son (only touched) put in for my
mother in SUV

Has a guy (with tags) go to Lums Pond state park, prior to moving in
March 11, 2003, pulling out quickly in front of me, waiting until I left
my sisters home, knowing we were going there, and drives quickly ahead of
us, to the park office, having a woman come running down the parking lot,
screaming at us, waving her arms, yelling.

Genovese and Meyers continued using PA tags, as if they were using
"homeland security" with big lies, to pull up suddenly, to threats to us,
by fabricating big lies while assaulting us at the same time and carrying
out racketeering crimes on us.

They assault my son and I attempting to keep us broke throughout, taking
over 400,000 without any debts prior from 03 to present, while keeping us
broke as part of all Elena Meyers, Genovese, crimes to present, taking it
from John without memory "at work" and assault myself and son, attempting
to take all activity, to injure us as threatened to be carried out; theft
of all intellectual work and to destroy, and to keep us broke, inactivty
as Elena Meyers fabricates these lies on myself and son and family, and
all illeally documented defamation to present, terrorism by fabricated
phone calls.

From 2004, March, supposedly temporary home because of Johns chemical
problem and memory loss, even while broke and going for bicycle rides at
the Smyrna Beach, off Route nine, near us, Meyers, Richard Meyers,
Genovese in airplanes.

Uses SUV's throughout, including when attempting to go on trips with my
son, for threats to us, as lies made by Elena Meyers with Genovese.

Over 5,000 counts illegally canceling home contract, threats with DEA,
criminals in drug racketeering while carrying out mortgage, loan fraud,
HealthNet fraud over 15 years for violent crimes, and denial of care on
myself, threats to carry out total fraud, psychiatry fraud, and after
illegally moving me, carrying out all crime, by Elena Meyers by lies each
day, with John in emergencies, passing out, taking over 400K while being
broke not known even by himself becuase of his medical condition, to
present, Limiting movement, threats in public, by Elena Meyers even while
John is having near-emergencies, carries out additional 50 counts daily
crime, fraud, threats, and by phone callls additional 50 counts of crime
by fabricated phone calls herself. While carrying out the crimes daily
and with Bush Citi Corp, drug gangs, Genovese crime, all fraud, HealthNet
fraud for violence, taking all money in advance while keeping us broke to
present, she threatens us in public, Elena Meyers knowingly carrying out
these crimes with Genovese.
Elena meyers, with Genovese put these crimes, including using gangs,
people as "CIA," all fraud, drug gangs, with all their crime, to cover it
up, as human study" all fraud under HHS. All weapons, Meyers out of all
HHS, labs, drug and child trafficking, with Genovese, all fraud, mortgage
to medical and hospital deaths, biological weapons, stalking, crimes,
murders, are put on "human study" while they take all crime money under
HHS with Clintons, Genovese crime family and Meyers family operating all

They use total surveillance, and realtor, Bob Lilley, with Genovese,
intercepting my original realtor call, along with the Brookside realtor,
friends with Arpino, Genovese, who threatened me, after moving into the
rental, John again, sitting daily while knowing they are threatening and
seeing it

Genovese linked to Bob Lilley and realty, chamber commerce, has Bob ask
John "are you anti-government John?" and questions realtors do not ask,
makes statemnts over what John says in the home directly to him, is rude
while claiming to be helping and only calls John Honaker "at work" never
seeing ove 200 homes printed out, by surveillance crimes (documents,
theft of my business, computer tampering)

They cancel over 5 home contracts, and one illegally, having Bob ask John
to return the check, claiming they aren't biulding, while the letter from
the builder states, "sorry, you are not interested anymore."

Genovese makes phone calls and with realty, to have our home contracts
cancelled, claiming with the realtor that they are "not building"
anymore, while moving people from Jersey, and NY, into the one
development they illegally cancelled. We had check down, payment, and to
build. They then have sent because of their fraud, mail fraud taking
place at the time also with threats, surveillance to time it, in 2003, a
letter stating from the builder "Sorry you're not interested any more."
Genoese manipulated this, just as Genovese was acting with Newark
Realtor, with Arpino, parking his car at her home at the time she
threatened me.

John states over 500 times, "Sue them." and "You're not going to get
anything done about it." while disccussing their crimes, and he makes
phone calls throughout. John states in the rental "I called someone" when
seeing the crimes for himself, and back to "you wait, they haven't begun
to work on you," and "I am men in black, just wait," and he made other
phone calls on their crimes while carrying them out and on Elena Meyers
who carries out additional 50 counts of crimes to present, including the
threats to carry out all crimes and obstructions with the court.

Genovese then lies about "both," with Elena Meyers, targeting myself all
throughout, while taking money from a person who has injury from 1990
increasing this purposely for that to carry out their crimes.

They built for these homes, never stopped building in this development
for the next five years.
Purposely, attempting to isolate my son and I where there is no ability
to use bikes or anyone around us, Bob calls John, again more emergency
visits, chemical damage diagnosese and sitting all year long, Dr. Hill
seeing JOhn, taking the chemical diagnoses and (during all other
racketeering crimes, threats carried out and phone calls by Genovese,
Elena Meyers, to Kung Fu, threats)

March 2004, in rental, held up from March 2003 to March 2004, settlement:

With letters from John Honaker, and noting all through the year, that he
cannot follow plans and only sits, he has another "chemical mixup," test
with Dr. Hill, by December, timing all crimes including cancelation at
the time of another home contract, and using Bob Lilley as Realtor, only
calling John 'at work.'

John is told no one is moving with him, because of non-activity, circles
with money, and while they threatened me (to 2010) with FBI, as on Andrea
Henderson, witness, with Elena meyers in violent crimes with Genovese
drug racketeering and all crime. John states again, as each month from
1990, that Dr. Hill stated (and was called regarding JOhns condition and
X-rays for myself in 1999-2000 prior to blocking care with Dr. Hill on
myself, and threats days later by Dorothy Arpino acting to present with
ELena Meyers, Meyers family members, Genovese in all racketeering and
violent crimes)

Letter from John stating that he has no activty, no involvement, no
plans, and that this will be a "temporary" move given to him at "last
minute" by Bob Lilley realtor 'at work,' and that he has a total chemical
mixup, again, in the blood, no vitamin B absorption from 1990, and that
Dr. Hill fixed it, he will not have opposite statements, circles, only
sitting in front of television, and he will be involved. He is told we
are not moving to a place where there is not many neighbors because of
this and even calls someone in former national security regarding the
threats by DEA. Again, they threaten me at the bank prior to moving with
DEA and in front of John Honaker, while at Kung Fu. Cheney, Rumsfeld,
operating with Genovese crime, drug racketeering, Clintons in organized
crime set up after 9-11 again.

While John is on tape making hundreds of circular statements, opposite
statements weekly, and taking loans from him 'in advance' they carry out
these crimes. He has Lab Corp, from the time of moving, March 04, taking
blood, with Dr. Hill, while carrying out violent crimes on myself and he
sitting daily to present on video, tapes, that he has no idea what he is
doing, service cut offs (and back to 1990 to 2000 with Genovese loans,
all fraud), daily to 2010, they take cash advances from John who can only
make hundreds of opposite statements and sit at home, and is in weekly
emergencies by 2006, with Dr. Hill again throughout. Johns memory lapses
from Lack of vitamin B, is on tape, video, as they carry out violent
crimes on myself, keeping me broke over 300 days by 2008 alone and
attempted murder with Elena Meyers operating all crime, Meyers owned
UHS/BHS Dover, all crimes under HHS.

Helicopters with Genovese in drug activity, out of the heli-pad, DEA,
with Genovese drug gangs, and John calls someone to stake out the home to
see if there are any bugs, surveillance, and in 1999 also, calling a
friend who is former military, knowing that they are carrying out crimes
and discusses all crimes.

Bob tells John he can go to settlement immediately and "temporarily" to
this home outside of the town of Cheswold, between Cheswold and Dover.

I only see the home at night and there is no agreement, but to live there
temporarily and I paint, carpet prior to moving.

Genovese, and Meyers, (on photo, with Richard Meyers, as threatened by
Arpino, who threatened me over surveillance, to carry out the crimes, and
photos, video, public documentation, witnesses) begin with miliatry
planes going around and only around to present, over my home, spraying
heavily and using chemicals, high powered radio frequency, as threatened
by Arpino, and on all evidence)

They fly non-stop, early morning, noon, and night, spraying heavily, with
the spray saturating the air and flowing down. they continue using
military people, along with Elena Meyers as a doctor to change our sons
medical records, in shooting, across from the airport in a rental even at
3 am in the morning if I get up. They threaten Amy Reed Moore, who asks
them to stop shooting at 3 am, attempt to run her off the road, and bring
a car accident fraud ring by Genovese, during carrying out their crimes
with Elena Meyers, knowingly, while she is in a restaurant. Genovese,
with Meyers family, Private avitaion, using white vans, FBI, blocking
obstructions, is shown daily, in drug trafficking, spraying over as
threatened by Dorothy Arpino, to carry out all crimes in DE, and on us by
surveillance, to present in 2010, shown operating out of the Airport in
Cheswold, spraying over and carrying out all crime with Elena Meyers,
Meyers family members and on video, witnesses, all documents including
weapons, microwave level with all racketeering, crime, mortgage thefts,
fraud, and all documented, including discusssions of their crimes, while
carrying it out and witness tampering, threats and in front of witnesses.

March 2004

See Donovan Vs. U.S. CIA

Through senate, Genovese crime through port authority, with ELena Meyers
HHS, other Meyers family members, buys out airport, under Port Authority
with lawsuit on owner for air acccident.

Elena meyers in conjunction with Genovese crime, all racketeering,
multiple racketeering, with Clintons, Bush, all under military, and with
FBI, in drug racketeering, DEA, continue daily threats, while making
phone calls and keeping us broke to carry out violent crime by 2006,
attempted murder, lies of myself inactivey with john Honaker simply
sitting at home.

Genovese crime family with Meyers use real estate out of NY, buy out
Johns business, Flapdoodles.
They call dollar store while threatening me with DEA, drug gangs, using
DEA agents marked on the car to downtown Dover from Cheswold, drug gangs,
corrupt police used only for crime with Genovese in crime and threats in

On each given day, with all plans, my intellectual work, ten year plans,
my cash flow book patent rights, all activity plans; Elena Meyers carries
out violent crimes (as on video tapes with John and documents), with
Clntons, slander daily and information, falsified information as
threatened to steal everything, with john Honaker having a severe medical
condition, federal felonies, Elena Meyers claims John Honaker is
'helping' her at all times and then threatens and liesi about 'both,'
taking all plans 'given' to John and fabricating 'opposite' lies with
Genovese in surveillance of his condition including 'drinks coke'
illegally with Dupont Hospital, taking all money from John 'at work,' and
criminal defamation 'her husband works,' without his memory of these cash
advances, to keep myself and son to present, 2010, without money for
weeks on end, from March 04, during their violent crimes, John in
emergency weekly, and fabrications on myself, everything from
'inactivity' while carrying out violent crimes keeping us broke,
listening to all plans, taking them, all annual and ten year plans to
monthly, and lies of 'memory loss' all illegally on documents,
transferred, to over 500 psychiatry lies threatened and illegal 'by
phone' from one to the next to Clintons with all organized crime
slanderin myself with lies that they are "Jewsish," on their website,
while killing millions of Jews and all other groups used in organized
crime and terrorism, racketeering.

While going for pencils and notebooks at the Atlantic Book store, they
are still using "national security letters and criminals as 'seucurity'
in crime, all homeland agents used sentenced, and homeland security
directors under Townsend who is operating with Joint Terrorism Task Force
and FBI (and who is sent serious crimes and documents from myself). They
call for one women, also used in Cheswold temporarily, to walk around the
whole store, getting everyones attention and only staring me down while
at the cash register. Finally when she gets everyones attention, she goes
back out into her car and sits there until I come out. Elena meyers, with
Genovese, FBI, "infraguard" using employers in crime is doing this, with
"security" calls. she does this at Walmarts, with Genovese crime family,
calling "security" (and to 2010) with managers as witness and documented.
The Walmarts owners is killed and at that time, they stop using it there
but for a couple times. Walmarts employees are also arrested for 'gang
initiation' used for crimes on victims by making phone calls to Walmarts.
Genovese and Elena Meyers, other Meyers family membes using businesses in
crime, CEO's, and with FBI, Genovese crime, drug racketeering, as
"Infraguard," and "security" on even National Security Agents fired.

At this time, I send other documents to a friend, and National Security
Agents are fired with "schizophrenic" evaluations, along with Five Star
General for "whistleblower" reasons.

They have ambulances running day and night out of Cheswold, and Genovese
car accident fraud rings including on witnesses and around myself. They
have more air accidents. They run biological weapons, swine flue, crimes
with Elena Meyers all crime under HHS and courts.

They bring in dead bodies each day by helicopter to Cheswold and take by
amublance to downtown.

With each fly over with military planes and Richard Myers also as Air
Force out of Cheswold, (and on video) they pick up radar to body,
assaults with weapons, Genovese crime and shown spraying morning noon to
night from 2004, March to 2008, changing over airport workers, actually
flying to Cheswold from the other airports.

Meyers use of FBI, with chamber of commerce all linked to their activity
in crime, their business associations, and with "TIPS" lines while
carrying out terrorism, and unions, which Director of FBI, with Genovese;
has all businesses (others put out of business by their attorneys for
bankruptcies) has their businesses set up for making "security" phone
calls while actually calling with big lies, and having us threatened
throghout, slamming on their brakes, attempting to shoot.

John is fired by "FBI" phone call with Elena Meyers in these crimes,
racketeering with all agencies, chamber commerce, medical fraud, Lab
Corp, with over 50 counts fabrications of the opposite nature on myself
daily, carrying out all violent crimes threatened, and daily given John
Honaker schedule, my cash flow book plans, ten year plans, monthly income
and expense stolen, annual plans on education, while he has no plans from
one day to the next.

John came home, and also having weekly doctors visits to Dr. Hill, he was
fired at Boys and Girls Club, prior to taking all income with no one
knowing, in 'cash advances' while Elena meyers, with Bush Citi Corp,
Clintons, Genovese carry out over 50 counts additional assault, threats,
theft by surveillance, timing the phone calls to John Honaker 'at work,'
crimnal federal felonies on myself and by violent crimes on both.

The phone call to his work, was by "FBI" that he had a "felony charge" in
the 1980's. Then, John sets up a loan already planned, with Citi Corp,
given to him already, only telling me about it, while being kept broke,
they just bought his other business, Flapdoodles out through NY, real
estate, Genovese crime in transactions also and in NY, real estate,
judiciary as judge, all other crime to present, and everyone sentenced,
crime from NY, victims also to DE.

They continue surveillance to time all crimes daily, keeping me broke,
running me in circles as on videos, with John Honaker, and he having
blood testing, circles, transactions, cannot follow any plans, making
opposite statements on any given subject weekly.

They continue threatening me as to present, and witnessed, while keeping
me broke, John sitting daily, taking over 400K in cash advances, and
carrying out multiple crimes for the purpose of threats to financially
destroy, take all from myself, all plans, my Cash Flow book, to carry out
racketeering, fraud, violent crimes and obstructions by multiple crime.
While documenting all crime to present, they carry out additional crime
daily, with all other fraud, medical, Lab Corp, HealthNet Federal over 15
years increased, with Dr. Hill on John Honaker, with Elena Meyers behind
all crimes, and out of Univerity of Delaware, with Genovese crime, total
racketeering, all listed involved with Genovese crime.

To present, witnesses to chemicals and on video, being sprayed and used
for "symptomatic" on John already having chemical damage (Pueroto Rico,
Vietnam, used on military) and threatened to be carried out by Dorothy
Arpino. They continue spraying and using serious chemicals on myself,
felt to extremes, like having all blood replaced with bug spray, and to
present, GPS to body weapons, with multiple robotic implants which Elena
Meyers knows, with Genovese, they have done from 1920's, and sentenced
all others for the crimes, and she is behind all threats, and to present
out of UD, with Arpino who threatened to carry out the crimes, with
Clintons, Elena Meyers, Genovese crime family (other victims in NY, by
MIT criminals linked to Meyers, Genovese, Clintons)


By the end of 2005, John Honaker has more emergency visits, Lab Corp
taking blood (sentenced from 1990 to 2000, with meyers family op Lab
Corp, HealthNet and VA fraud all sentenced). Dr. Hill puts him on
medicine for thinning blood, yet his chemical condition is made worse
each month.

April, John is working at ACE Milford, they take loans from him weekly,
while making circular statements, watching television daily, all
transactions "at work," and keeping us broke

Over 500 counts, Elena Meyers federal felonies and violent crimes with
Genovese crime, Clintons, Bush Citi Corp

They take "cash advances" no one knows about weekly to present, John only
taking cash advances on pay while "given" my cash flow book they stole,
all plans, and remaed each month for adjustments from his circles, while
not knowing of any cash advances and kept broke to 2010 from 04 March,
over 400k he cannot remember, account for, and over 10,000 depreciation,
all income to loans

Elena Meyers carries out over 50 counts daily by phone,
They then cause a chemical leak, at the DOW chemical plant, only 3/4 mile
away, overtaking myself, without calling us, all others called by police,
and John vomitting up blood, while I left the next day, August, 2006.

2006 August while carrying out multiple federal felonies daily, taking
over 50K from john 'at work,' and my plans given to him weekly, monthly,
and having ten year plans, they take all educational work, as threatened,
fabricate evey petty lie, with Elena Meyers.

I have a hernia, other x-rays with Dr. Hill in 2000, along with John
having continuous chemical testing, and each time supposedly 'fixed,' by
Dr. Hill, with Lab Corp, under Meyers crime, Genovese, already sentenced
for fraud prior to the threats, taking his blood weekly by 2006, and to
present with all other federal multiple crimes for violence

John again, had seen Dr. Hill, over 25 times, for passing out, tested
with chemical damage to 2003 December when Dr. Hill tested him again,
having a year of only sitting, depression like states, memory loss, no
plans, no ability to follow plans as over 15 years and while fixed each
time, this increasing with other symptoms, total non-absortpion vitamin
B, with it supposedly fixed 'each time,' for moving me temporarily to
Dover, having another testing with Dr. Hill.

(At the time, Genovese, through real estate, Bob Lilley, has the home
contract, in December 2003, running out of time to move, with our money
in the bank which we would have to pay taxes on by March 2004.)

Dr. Hill, letter from John Honaker to me again, after, takes chemical
testing with Lab Corp offices again, having a total blood mixup, and it
is supposedly 'fixed' for temporarily moving me to Dover (letter)

In 2005, John then, after his business is bought out by Genovese deals,
attorney deals out of New York; with Elena Meyers as "HHS" in HealthNet
fraud over 20 years, Lab Corp fraud ran by Meyers family members,
psychiatry, American Psychiatric Association with Genovese crime family
under HHS, and Veterans Affairs (all sentencing prior to the threats in
2000 to carry out violent crimes on me in aid to racketeering with
Genovese, FBI, DEA, Genovese psychiatry, meyers UHS/BHS, all other
racketeering for violent crimes)

John goes to Boys and Girls Club in Dover for a job. He is two weeks
later, fired by "FBI" phone call, the FBI having the documents along with
police reports on Elena Meyers, with Genovese crime family, and threats
to myself in person to carry out all theft of My Cash Flow Book, all
plans, all educational material and to carry out total crime, fraud, and
to lock me up, fabrications on myself.

He is fired with a "phone call," that he has a "felony," in 1980's, which
later find, was a misdemeanor for getting between a fight on the street.
(using attorneys to hire those with felonies with Genovese crime all
sentencing in racketeering, and employee death benefits, with all other

Judge Murrays horse is at our home, his fathers girlfriend working at the
police station. The background check goes through her, later while near
death, my body shutting down, officer "Klein" (Klein family operating out
of Washington with Genovese crime, weapons, and Meyers out of University
of Delaware) pulls me over, with a fire house dept employee yelling at
me, running down the road, pointing his fingers at me in 2007 and gives
me a "instant ticket."

WHen Johns Flapdoodles is put out of business and he has no money, he
suddenly gets "calls" for collections on a hidden loan he had and makes
100.00 a month payment arrangements.
John has "loans" no one elses, at work," from prior to marriage and
undisclosed, with all other racketeering being Genovese crime from 1990,
and total non-absorption vitamin B, forced to extreme chemical and
dimentia type symptoms, vomitting up blood by 2006, while Elena meyers to
present, with Genovese carries out multiple racketeering, threats,
violent criems, and lies on myself as 'psychiatric' as threatened for the
fraud and through it violent crimes racketeering.

2005; Racketeering with HHS, attorneys, Lab Corp, HealthNet Federal
continued, Meyers owned UHS/BHS Dover, and other states, witness
tampering, multiple racketeering for violent crimes and theft

John comes to me, telling me he has a "loan" already set up, since he has
no money, for $10,000, with Citi Corp. He discusses again, that "I will
be able to follow a plan." I state that because of their crimes on me,
and his inability to follow plans, over and over again, his verbal
circles, memory lapses, that I will not sign any loan.

John states he will be seeing someone about his memory loss and circles

With Dr. Hill seeing John Honaker, over and over having chemical damage,
serious memory loss by this time, and then weekly, with Lab Corp taking
his blood by 2006 January.

Without notice, at this time, in 2005, he then comes home and tells me
that he made this "appointment" through VA, HealthNet Federal and he was
'sent' to a "psychiatrist," and that the psychiatrist told him, "You're
just a liar," and "you'd make a great spy," knowingly in the crimes, with
Elena Meyers, HealthNet Federal to present with sentencing prior to 2000
threats in person, Elena Meyers as HHS, in all crimes violent crimes by
multiple part.

This guy has no idea about Johns past, nothing, and is in crime with
Genovese crime family, Elena Meyers

The Health Human Services director in Delaware (all judges, state
workers, DA's, sentenced nationwide with Meyers and their other
facilities again, and judges in child trafficking under "HHS" with Meyers
family members, Genovese crime family) is under investigation, as other
murders are taking place by Meyers out of HHS and psychiatry murders on
children in DE, along with her trafficking, murders out of UHS/BHS Dover
Behavioral health and Genovese crime family on biological weapons board,
Swine Flu, all other crime and with FBI in trafficking, drug trafficking
even prior to 2000 threats.

Elena Meyers in racketeering, over 5,000 counts taking cameras with
Genovese crime family, notices to FBI and documents on the crimes.

They raid FBI offiices and special counsel, fire FBI agents, sentence
many again and obstruct all reports
They attempt to run me off the road with another one of Meyers, Gill
family criminals in a truck, through Middle Town with my son, pulling
over into my lane three times, while I did not move.

Elena Meyers, knowingly behind purposely keeping John in chemical damage,
lying about John Honaker, the whole family, myself, fabricating daily
phone calls to present, John having no actiity, sitting in front of the
television, and keeping us broke, fabricating lies, all lies of Johns
discussion of his condition on myself to keep him in that state and get
the crimes done;

Documents of crimes on our son, including Arpino, Elena Meyers I have to
present on tape, photos, of which they and she even threatens him, and
threats on myself each day to carry out their crimes.

Prior to threats with Arpino in person on myself, Elena Meyers was in
these crimes, with Genovese, and she threatened me that one store closed
where they used it in crime, like others documented, and that was put out
of business, would be used to take people to 'prison camps" meaning
myself, and with the other threats to carry out fabricated lies, phone
calls, to present, Arpino acting with Elena Meyers, Meyers family members
to the court with Jeff Meyers, Genovese crime. At Caldors, where she
mentioned, they came in, took my cart out the back door and later shut it

Throughout the crimes, they went into places where their crimes were
discussed, and discusssions by John Honaker of their crimes, including
CIA owned, and shut them down, took cameras on documents.

Elena Meyers hires a military doctor, crimes from 1995 with Dupont
Hospital, biological weapons also through Dupont on children, ethics
director sentenced; has his records deleted even while my son stated
himself that can't be correct. She has the doctor state he hasn't been to
the doctor at all, that he is overweight from age three. She carries out
additional 50 counts daily phone calls, with Genovese crime family as to
present to carry out the violent crimes in this same order. Threats in
public, including at the roller rink, while bike riding, and she knows
the criminals are with her in crime, including two women in a white van,
and threats while John is having near-stroke state in the car by their
violent crimes. These same people are used with Elena Meyers in other
places and Genovese criminals as union members.

She makes over 500 "anonymous" phone calls a year, and on millions of
Americans this is taking place by the same, with Genovese crime family in
surveillance doing it, GPS tracking for violent crimes. All calls
documented and assaults, additional 50 counts criminal acts with each
additional call, and fabrications to carry out crime.

during the week after carrying out federal felonies of records changes
with our sons doctor, his other doctor he saw is notified; she makes over
50 phone calls in one week, with Genovese in crime, Meyers in all
agencies, and threats at his other doctors office, John having another
emergency, she carries out 50 counts criminal acts with porn criminal
Rhonda Gill, hospital, phone calls to police, with police reports,
reports of the crimes to FBI, taking of Johns dental records by "FBI,"
FBI firings, accident fraud threats and attempts to run us off the road,
with Genovese crime family, threats to myself, phone calls to myself to
present, witnessed and then more crimes. This is while john Honaker has
another 50,000 in loans he has no memory of, no one told, "at work" and a
new mortgage then set up all timed, with Citi Corp, another emergency
visit, and violent crimes carried out on myself all threatened, Elena
Meyers knowingly carrying out these crimes. Elena Meyers, with Bush,
Clintons, Genovese crime while John is having emergencies, at this time,
carries out additional 50 counts assault, phone calls by her other crimes
each week just by lies and threatened to carry them out, all additional
crimes to present, and with Meyers UHS/BHS, firing anyone who states
otherwise, or that it is racketeering, and transferring lies to carry out
more crimes.

Witnesses to present, including those fired, taking and transferring lies
made up all documents, including mortgage fraud, with Elena Meyers in
multiple violent crimes, to the court, adding over 50 counts daily of
assault by 2009, attempted murder to carry out the crimes and multiple
racketeering to present, with Jeff Meyers in U.S. District Court, Meyers
out of all labs, operating Lab Corp, college labs, meyers owned UHS/BHS,
with Elena meyers, Genovese multiple crime.

Carl Danberg with Elena Meyers, Rothschild in DE courts and Danberg with
other cases, murders

Prosecutor, Speed and at the court, and in Dover Mayor Speed with police
used in crime while others have reports used by Genovese crime and Elena
Meyers including threats at attorneys offices throughout, and the doctors
office, and in drug racketeering

She calls stores, with those used in crime, Genovese and criminals; all
documented with managers, Genovese using stores as "infraguared" for
terrorism with "FBI" while operating all crime and sentencing of CEO's,
transferring lies while carrying out violent crimes.

Again, while John Honaker is having emergency, Elena Meyers carries out
additional 50 counts federal felonies, and as threats, daily.

Creating injury, keeping us broke, while taking over 400,000 from him "at
work," knowingly fabricates all lies as threatened herself, including
passing on these lies from one place to the next, causing myself injury,
by 2008, daily doing this, over 300 days with service cut offs, without
water, without food for days.

Throughout, the threats to carry out fraud, racketeering, psychiatry
fraud, all crime was mentioned and Elena Meyers with Genovese, and st.
jones on hospital forms, all lies by phone Elena Meyers with them carries
out is on documents

She knowingly deletes our sons records (changes records and deletes
records throughout) to fabricate "nutrition" and "inactivity" with John
Honaker sitting daily, non-responsive, using surveillance and keeping us
broke, taking over 50,000 while changing records, making phone calls,
assaulting my son and I in public, throughout 2004 August, and throughout
all her crimes with the doctors, and phone calls, to injure myself,
internally, attempted murder and on our son while fabricating lies on us
as threatened. They keep us broke, while taking "advance loans" from him
at work, he doenst mention, has no memory of, to injure us, and threaten
us, keeping us broke, Genovese, with gangs, Elena Meyers, Richard Meyers
out of Cheswold with military planes and military gangs, witnesses asked
them to quit shooting and were threatened.

(all documents and photos, including legs falling over to the side,
photos of Richard Meyers, with Elena Meyers in the crimes, Genovese, all
other documents, spraying overhead and assaulting witnesses)

Our son is well taken care of and Elena Meyers, knowingly, with her
criminals (as documented and on court dockets) with Genovese taking over
400,000 and 7,000 in overdraft fees from John, continued daily throughout
with affidavits and information to the FBI.

By 2008, because my father was victim, and terminally ill, our son was
with him and his school work, activity with my mother, while they picked
up attempted murder; weeks without food, over 7,000 in overdraft fees and
emergency visits by John, while on photo, with witnesses, video,
Genovese, Elena Meyers, continued serious assaults, taking off daily from
Cheswold airport.

They fire the town manager in Cheswold, Jan, the Chief of Police by 07 as
Elena Meyers carries out records changes, deletes our sons records, and
all other crimes, including sending the "FBI" in for Johns damaged teeth
with chemicals from priro to 2000. Attorney General Gonzales fired at the
time and the FBI offices raided, with the VA records offices and
computers. This is at the she already premeditated hundreds of anonymous
phone calls and sets up lies to call me to carry out more crimes and a
new mortgage with Genovese to cover over 50K in cash advances, during the
carrying out of their crimes, taken from him at work, 2006 April to
December. She ignores reports to the FBI, and threatens me at the
attorneys and takes papers from another attorney Cubbage Brown and
fabricates phone calls, lies, calls me anyway with her lies of another
anonymous phone call.

All offices at Cheswold airport, hire others listed, including Klein and
Chief of police out of NY, Condon, who states, "your out of my
jurisdiction" as they continue in crimes out of Cheswold with Genovese,
and Elena Meyers, with Arpino family member across from Cheswold.

They fire the town manager, and use the Chief of police in crime, firing
the 2006 Chief of police also, setting fire to the Television station
managers home and putting him up in the fire house, (nationwide under
Meyers and Genovese umbrella).

They have a "chemical leak" and put the CEO in Homeland Security when
sentencing all homeland Security Directors.
Elena Meyers, knowingly mentions her crimes also. She fabricates over 50
lies a day to present, to continue assaults, racketeering, while keeping
me broke daily, hundreds of opposite statements by john Honaker.

Violent federal felonies in multiple daily by Elena Meyers, as HHS to
present, from prior to threats in 2000 in multiple racketeering and
violent crimes

They hire him at Emile Henry, just as all income is taken to "cash
advance" loans, but another over 25,000 to be taken while carrying out
more violent crimes on myself by lies alone.

Loans in 'cash adances' timed while carrying out over 50 counts
additional daily changes to records by Elena Meyers, on myself, already
reported by John Honaker on video throughout

Elena Meyers with Bush Citi Corp, Genovese in violent crimes, using
everyone in crime and sentenced nationwide including judges;

makes changes to our sons medical records, waiting for me to 'take him
in,' with several months of John called at work for "loans" no one knows
about with Bush, Genovese crime, Clintons, in racketeering still with
FBI, DEA, chamber commerce, Lab corp, Healthnet Federal fraud

She fabricates inactivity, drinking coke, all that they see John has a
problem with and memory lapses, asked each week to follow plans, stop
giving our son coke, and while vomitting up blood, Lab Corp taking his
blood, with a chemical leak in cheswold, DOW, Elena Meyers carries out
violent crimes with Genovese, Bush, Clintons to present

His blood taken weekly and increased
He vommits up blood for days
We get to go to the beach with my sister to a rental home

They threaten to run myself and son off the road through Middle Town with
a woman, pulling all the way over three times in her truck, while I
remained going straight, finally her not wanting to hurt herself, use of
criminals in business. Driving a red work truck with letters on side.

Elena Meyers has delete by miltiary doctor, specifically hired and timed,
calling out Dr Montone, he deletes all of our sons records, draws up a
chart that he was 'overweight' from age three, and has no doctors
visitis. he states "we have preventive medicine," and other lies. our son
makes comments about his lies.

Elena Meyers continues daily, along with threats, phone calls, Genovese
crime, accident fraud rings, threats with drug gangs, FBI, DEA, and
assault, GPS tracking for it
They take daily thousands from John Honaker not known

Elena Meyers uses this for daily phone calls and lies, with Bush,
Clintons, Genovese operating all crime, along with psychiatric, and
"security" phone calls
They change my name on Citi Corp documents, set up a new mortgage 'at
work,' by John Honaker while he has no memory of these loans to 2010 and
cannot follow, make plans, write down transactions at all and makes
hundreds opposite statements a month only sitting, or running out to the
store, forcing circles, in verbal circles.

As on video, they continue assaults, while I have my plans, annual plans,
on myself daily, all witnessed, documented and threatened to be carried
out because they are operating nothing but crime. They go off each
morning, then again later, and assault with microwave weapons, Genovese
operating with meyers family, Bush over 70 years radiological, microwave,
robotics, GPS weaponry--with John Honaker having no plans from one day to
the next, for their fraud, loan fraud, medical fraud, violent crime
fraud, drug trafficking and Elena Meyers in nationwide child trafficking,
with judges sentenced, and lies on us, violent crimes by serious mutliple

Weekly, Lab Corp is taking his blood

From January 2006, John honaker is vomitting up blood
Lab Corp, under Meyers, taken weekly
Citi Corp, Bush owned, calls him even on a phone not used prior, all day
long, he tells us only later, no one knowing still, on each given day to
2010, John only takes 'cash advances,' and is 'asked' each day to follow
any kind of plan, while making opposite statements, including 'you're not
getting any money,' with "I'll look at the plan," to "What happened to
the plan?" to "go get what you need," to "I'm not writing anything down,"
over and over again on tape as they carry out these crimes, and while
discussing their crimes on myself on video and tape, then making other
statements to present daily, weekly, and only 'sitting' at home.

He is weekly seeing Dr. Hill, loses his information, wallet, changing
bank account, having service changees, overdraft fees, service

     Over 50 times, while John Honaker calls someone about their crimes,
and threats to myself, and seeing it, Genovese continues all of these
things together, with threats and then calling people with PA tags as if
"homeland Security" and making phone calls to have certain police, not
all since reports were with police, to pull up and slam on their brakes
thorughout to present in 2010, even when in pain and going to the store
because of being denied care for stomach, and with witnesses to present.

     Genovese crime family with Elena Meyers, uses whatever stores they
can, others with threats outside, since they can't use all stores with
their crime through FBI and drug racketeering.

From (all Fire Chiefs sentenced nationwide in child criems with Meyers,
and media stations, and other crimes) they use the fire house, with
Prosecutor Speed, Mayor Speed of Dover, with Genovese crime, accident
fraud rings, biological weapons, swine flu, Elena Meyers under and as
"HHS," murders in DE in the psychiatric units already and HHS director
under "investigation," for it.

2006 April, to December, each month, day John is getting phone calls "at
work," by Citi Corp, given loans they time, and know to present, he
cannot follow any plans, remember them, on any given day all on video,
tapes from 2006 again to present.

Lab Corp continues taking his blood. He passes out backwards on the
floor, sits in totally depressed states each day glaring at the
television, of which Dr. Hill, knowing over 15 years, seeing John, but
not knowing of all the crimes, that he was called because of this. They
spray right before John comes in from work also each day for radiological
control while assaulitng msyelf and which is on video.

My son and I are riding bikes, while they continue serious assault,
keeping us broke using John Honaker weekly making opposite statements,
memory lapses, thousands in cash advances, no ability to follow plans,
circles, service distruptions, sporadic transactions all 'at work,'
threatening us in public.

Elena Meyers carries out additional 50 counts daily for financial
destruction, theft of all intellectual work as threatened to be carried
out, all plans, educational, with Genovese crime family, while seeing the
discussions with John, and taking video cameras from the doctors office.

I go in to see Dr. Montone and Elena Meyers, in crimes from 1995 when son
is born, tainted vaccines, with Boyden Gray, Genovese operating the
crimes, with Clintons in violent crimes; already has records changed.

Elena Meyers, with Genovese, prior to her phone call with Genovese and
other crimes from St. Jones, and her links to all other Meyers UHS/BHS,
threats to carry out these crimes, fraud, psychiatric lies;

She continues threats with women from downtown, witnessed to present even
while John is sitting in his car, glaring at the television having
emergency visits, and Lab Corp taking blood weekly, with loans by Citi
Corp, Bush being called to him daily, hundreds of circles each week.

She then sets up lies with Dr. montone and to call her, with Bush Citi
Corp, Genovese, her operating the crime. Dr. Montone is told that there
is racketeering, surveillance and threats to carr it out, and in front of
cameras, with FBI below the Dr.'s office informed already of the crimes.
Genovese, Bush, use witness tamperin and when documents are sent to FBI,
including by Email, another ambulance goes by and with discussions of
their crimes.

Dr. Montone goes out of the room and calls Elena Meyers, or someone in
crime with him. He is told of the racketeering by surveillance again,
keeping us broke, spraying over, and drug gangs. He then goes out and
makes another call. he then comes back in and says, "let me see your
documents." I show them to him of spraying over and tell him they are
racketeering in drug racketeering and carrying out fraud on us, serious
He then sets up 'nutrition' sessions. The nutritionist is purposely
fired, and in front of cameras, they attempt to have her put us on a

The nutrtionist is told and by our son, that I don't drink coke, I eat
salad most of the time.

John Honaker tells our son, while I am given a "nutrition" folder, that,
"you can drink coke whenever you want."

Elena Meyers fabricates every retarded lie to present, documented and on
documents with over 400 psychiatric lies by phone with Genovese crime
family as threatened to be carried out for the crimes and theft of
everything from me, because Elena Meyers is operating with Genovese
crime family nothing but crime and fraud in every area including
psychiatry, weapons, labs, biology, science, physics, "nanotechnology,"
implants, tracking, black ops, all in crime and military on the public,
on sentencing lists, and prior to the threats.

While each day her lies are discussed and John Honaker writes also about
her crimes, stating, "I've not seen Sue drink coke in years," she
continues transferring multiple lies after lies on myself daily, federal
felonies to carry out advanced crimes throughout, while keeping me broke,
violent crimes, and timed to present, including all court obstructions,
taking videos down, firing witnesses with Genovese crime family.

On tape is our son stating that they made up lies of me eating burgers.
on one given day, starving, by 2007, I am given money by my neighbor to
go to McDonalds, and at one place in smyrna, a diner John Honaker took
him to weekly while running off, when aksed to look at his money, and
Elena Meyers, with Genovese crime family, has a same union member, pulls
up, slam on his brakes, while using radiation surveillance on me,
weapons, and threatens me by motions, until backing out and driving away,
the same used out of cheswold yards, union member (reported by a neighor

Elena meyers, with Genovese crimes, Bushes, Citi Corp continue monthly
loans, knowingly and calling John.

She then fabricates lies that John is "helping" her to carry out violent
crimes to present, keeping me broke from 2004 to 2010 daily and John
'borrowing' weekly, "asked to follow plans of any type."

WIth Genovese crime, drug gang threats daily, Bush Citi Corp, Clintons in
organized crime, Elena Meyers carries out additional 50 counts daily
phone calls from her lies with the nutritionsist and crimes.

They fire the nutritionist, and she is also told in front of cameras,
while firing FBI agents, and they having the threats, crimes, documents;

They illegally set up "bowling" and "exercise" for ignorant women, with
lies of inactivity on myself, keeping me broke, dehydrated, ran in
circles, taking thousands from John Honaker only 'sitting," take all our
money, my own business, attempt to take our sons planned activity, and
still in horse riding lesssons, simply by Elena Meyers violent multiple
crimes on each day by lies.

Citi Corp has no phone calls to our home, that John Honaker has loans,
can't pay them, while they set up new loans each time without knowing to
cover the others, until 2010, sending triple mortgage payments, and
calling myself at present in 2010 three times a day for his payments.
(all crime back to 1990 is documented, loans, Dr. Hill, Genovese crime,
Lab Corp, with John unable to plan, even know about his own loans and not
my own).

Elena Meyers, Bush citi corp, Genovese in drug traficking, all other
racketeering, all sentenced nationwide with Elena Meyers, includign in
porn for psychiatry, murders, Meyers UHS/BHS and other facilities;
trafficking with judges, all states; continues daily violent threats,
assault, transfer of every type of lie to carry out crime like this.

She then transfers lies just by her doctors lies, federal felonies, and
calls my home as on all occasions targeted to myself being the one with
plans, intellectual theft, with retarded lies on myself.

She carries out violent crimes, threats with Genovese, witnessed, on
video to present, photos, by her lies alone and slander of which crimes
cannot even be carried out.

She threatens me at the court house again, and in Wilmington, with
Genovese crime and white vans with Genovese crime faily op through FBI to

Shown on vodeo, they continue also in front of John, and witnesses,
injured witnesses, with helicopter aviation, over my car, to downtown,
around to my home, to other witnesses, and back to downtown with drug
gangs, drug agents.

At the same time of being threatened by drug gangs, Elena Meyers
throughout, uses criminal women, to pull up, even while John is having
emergencies, and while keeping me broke, without gas, John having serious
medical condition purposely enforced for their crimes, forecd with the
chemical leak also, she has women come up, slam on their brakes, 'taking
notes,' as from the time of the sale of the home, with FBI, Genovese and
Bush drug operations at the same time and all other racketeering crime
for violent crimes on myself, theft, destruction financially, theft of
all my own work, lies to carry it out.

Elena Meyers knows she is behind doing this to thousands of women,
including when carrying out four more years assaults to present, just by
,lies, crimes, theft of all money, timing all crimes on myself as she is
operating UHS/BHS with all other crime, Commissioners, trafficking
nationwide and Commissioners sentenced, deaths prior to continuing these

Daily, they continue having John Honaker do hundreds of retarded things,
and no memory, because of his medical condition increased, and while they
fabricate every retarded type of lie and illegqally, and illegally
transfer it to carry out crime.

Elena Meyers knowingly, while discussing her crimes when she calls me,"
John makes notice of the crimes again, reports them, writes a letter,
that he cannot remember his loans, that Elena Meyers continues with
Arpino, Genovese, and crime targeted at myself at all times from the
threats to begin with to carry out intellectual theft, my cash flow book,
that they would be having prison camps (Cheney indicted for), to lock me
up, to fabricate every kind of lie because of only operating organized

Elena Meyers after calling me, carries out additional 50 counts of
federal felonies for hundreds of other illegal crimes with Bush Citi
corp, having a new loan set up for mortgage, my name supposedly changed
on it, forced to sign "AKA," and moving the notary office from Cheswold
and others.

About two days after the nutritionist, I stop by the roller rink to see
their hours, and they pull up with a drug gang member in a black car used
throughout including through Cheswold, pulling up into nearby driveway as
threats, and he pulls into the adjacent lot this time to the roller rink
to get away, and while I am at the door looking at the sign, threatened
by him.

Genovese and Bush, Clintons drug gangs same crime as in newar, to violent
crime by this time with Elena meyers operating it and on court dockets
with all Genovese crime, drug racketeering.

Elena Meyers with Bush, continue this when out while attempting to keep
us without money, John having loans during this, weekly 'at work,'
without anyone knowing by Citi Corp.

Elena Meyers calls "me," with reports of her crimes, with Genovese crime
family, Arpino by John knowingly

Shes asks, "what do you do?" when getting us there, ignores my son
telling her I was threatened, and attempts just days before of running me
off the raod with him, along with helicopter avaiation only ten feet
above my car; knowing that she is the perpetrator of all crime, violent
crimes and on women, Andrea henderson, locking her up three times, with
Other meyers as is the case, and Genoovese crime family.

She then states to our son, while keeping him in the hallway, "do you
have guns?" and she states immediately to me, refusing to have any reason
but to carry out more crimes to present, lies and crimes daily; "Does
anyone in your family have a psychiatric condition?" She then goes on to
carry out 50 counts more federal felonies as to present, failure to
disclose and while using criminals to present with Bush, Clintons (on
documents slander of over 400 counts of every type illegally, and
transferred, as she threatened to do, with Arpino to present with Meyers,
Genovese in crime, along with Genovese crime family members, Meyers
Elena Meyers threatens me with Genovese knowingly, Bush Citi Corp,
Genovese operating all Crime, FBI, unions, at the attorneys office in
April again to December, blocks me from Genovese friends attorneys under
Meyers family, Genovese, threats at attorneys in Smyrna during April
again, and the DE Bar.

Elena meyers continues transferring myself to 'studies,' with all other
crimes and on photos, with Genovese crime family, Clintons in violent
crimes, Meyers all labs out of UD.

My son sends soil samples which goes to UD from Ag Center, and Meyers
carries out threats by lies, operating out of UD soil labs, and all
departments, using threats with Genovese drug gangs, and UD linked Oil
company and others out to the home. They have University of Delaware,
linked to CIA, all businesses, Chamber commerce, all Meyers crimes,
hospital, porn riminals as psychiatry, and all the way around with
Genovese crime and Meyers, Elena Meyers and HHS.

They continue daily racketeering by use of all agents, FBI, DEA, drug
gangs, with the medical fraud for violent crimes, all other agencies used
in crime.

Elena Meyers makes over 500 fabricated "anonymous" calls as from prior to
2000 increasing to present for the multiple racketeering crimes.

By this time, they keep us hundreds of days in circles, John Honaker
running out to get coke for our son, asked to follow plans of any type,
financially, or other and he can't.

They fire all departments (2007, and now, 2010, and change over employees
in Cheswold Airport, with photos of the gangs used, at each interval). I
call the port authority, now in charge of the Airport, Stevens and he
says there is nothing he can do. I go to the airport, they fire all of
them in 2006, again, in 2007, and the guy says he has no idea what they
are doing in those planes.

(Genovese, Meyers, Richard Meyers, Air Force, photos, and Diamond
Aviation, other aviation linked to Genovese; public documents and on

On photos, while John sits in stroke-like states, throughout 2008, over
7,000 overdraft fees, hundreds of memory lapses, only sitting, they
attempt murder, no dish soap, no food, no toilet paper, running hundreds
of circles a week, taking over another 50,000 in loans, spraying over,
using surveillance, with witnesses, and on video, Elena Meyers in the
crimes, having women pull up in cars, on photos, even while John is asked
what is wrong and is sitting in his car outside. Genovese, Elena Meyers,
pass on their fabrications, from Elena Meyers, from her other crimes,
uses drug gangs in dark cars.
At my home, pulling in to neighbors homes, threats; they tamper around
and pull into Bobby Englishs driveway

They break in her home, and while carrying out the rest of the crimes to
present, she is told of their crimes on us, and that the break-ins at her
home are related; while officer Klein moves in with her later.

They cut off, and turn over the vehicle of the Coroner into the corner of
our property, with massive car crashes, ambulances running.

Uses police with Condon (Chief hired in Cheswold after firing Jan, COP,
and town mgr.), while claiming I am out of his jurisdiction
Meyers using media station on Route 8, with FIre House and in child
trafficking cover ups, used them daily setting off sirens, explosions on
property next to us with dirty bombs, chemicals on photos while
threatening to blow me up and while I called Mike Castles office, while
Elena Meyers is carrying out crimes in 2006

They set the media station directors home on fire in 2006, and then give
him a place to stay in cheswold Fire Department, while he normally lives
in Milford, over 30 min away.

Fire House directors (Cheswold, to Kenton Road, our road, state fire, Dir
from New England who set off explosions on DeSabatinos property next to
us) They arrested DeSabatino several times

Coker, acting in drugs, with Officer Klein (hired only at the time Meyers
wanted to have me pulled over and fire all other police), and CIA, family
owns chemical waste site in cheswold, he pulls up next to me, with a
stalker witnesses, have currently called police on again, Alberta as she
then states, "you know you won't be doing anything with these judges in
DE." and she threatens neighbors, while acting "nice" gets in their mail,
refuses to leave witnesses alone, (2008) threatens Elizabeth, one witness
that she was "at the attorneys office with your landlord, and you will
not be selling any yard sale items for money." (Elizabeth is on small
retired income).

Elena Meyers, while carrying out other crimes, perpetrates another
"skinhead" to assault Elizabeth for hours, claiming he "knew she took his
mothers purse," and that he was with skinhead groups and would harm her
if she doesn't give it up, later stating he was wrong

Officer Klein who   shows up in 2007, moves in with neighbor (after being
hired and used by   Condon, chief of police in Cheswold, ordered by
Genovese, Meyers,   having a fire house employee yell at me and then pulls
me over, moves in   with witness, nextdoor to present,

Bobby English, who knows of her own break-ins and is told of their crimes
through Cheswold. Her former boyfriend was a Dover police officer.

At the roller rink, they threaten me as throughout, with one guy linked
to Genovese, in black, unmarked old beat up police-like car with their
drug gangs and while Elena Meyers continues making phone calls, and
taking records, changing records, to othe places (documented)
(on video, photos)

Fire House directors used with Meyers in all states indicted for Child
pornogprahy with them, and Meyers media fronts for welfare groups for

Throughout from 04 to 09, the firehouse director, is in crimes with
Genovese, and using the bell, all ambulance accident crews, including for
the Coroner, housing the media station director from Channel (12?) Route
8, with Meyers in media and child trafficking; air crashes also around us
and on our road, they keep me internally injured, dehydrated, bone
injuries, use of radio surveillance, spraying over, direct over 500 phone
calls and assaults, racketeering acts each week, calling John at work
from Citi Corp, using white vans, assaults at stores based on Genovese
and Meyers fabricating "big lies" for commerce and FBI acting with
Genoese in "tips"

They attempt to get John Honaker in a brain dead state, while he
discusses and reports their crimes to present on tape.

Genovese, Genovese St Johns satanic ambulance crews
Takes out witnesses daily, over 35 car accidents daily around us, every
where we go, accidents by purposefully done, especially if John Honaker
is discussing their crimes, his activity in CIA. and other witnesses to
present, while they normally have only 1 ambulance if at all.

Klein shows up after 07 as police officer, they fire others who the
crimes were reported to; acting with Coker, builder, drug dealer
After, two more years of criminal nonstop activity, still using
surveillance timing multiple criminal assaults daily, already without any
money, in 2008, I have one day with gas, and I am called by the tax
agency, that John Honaker left taxes and never remembered to pick them
up, never called back; after leaving; while I am having bodily internal
injury, dehydration from nonstop crimes, my feet hanging over, no muscle
feelings, from leaving me broke, John having hundreds of memory lapses a
day, taking over 50,000 during 2008 again, illegally while carrying out
these crimes, and knowing he had no idea of the other loans or new
mortgage to cover the other loans, they are carrying out injury on me,
Elizabeth, Jan and others as witnesses, Amy, many other witnesses to
present. I go to get the taxes, and upon going back and through Cheswold,
town, passed airport, pass post office, Klein is sitting there with
another who is told to come running out pointing and yelling.

While they bring a dead body in off a helicopter to Cheswold firehouse
and amublance, on one day, I leave Elizabeths house, and Coker, who had
pulled up to me, with Alberta, was sitting next to Klein, now living with
my neighor, and talking with Coker who also was at the chemical waste
site almost daily with Coker family. The other Coker family members, son
in police, lives across from Bobby, who officer Klein moves in with,
while she wouldn't open the door at Cheswold police station, pulled me
over with a guy from the firehouse running and yelling and pointing at my
car, given information about me while I had to go get taxes John left.
Uses fire house guy to come out pointing the finger at me, yelling, and
running after my vehicle, with Klein at this time, put in as police just
for Elena Meyers crimes, later acting from Cheswold to downtown and Elena
Meyers carrying out the crimes, has her pull me over, later supposedly
fired; Klein family used from Washington, to UD, with Meyers, and

Managers at Superfresh, Walmarts, are called for "security" at all times
to after 2007, when Elena Meyers, deletes records, and already sets up
criminal acts to be continued and another fabricated anonymous phone
call, fires police, town managers, FBI, raids the offices; with Meyers
family and Genovese:

Use of Fire house Director and employees, (With Genovese, and St. Johns
satanic ambulance crew members)

Fire House, state training center director used on other property with
explosives of (chemicals next to us several times for direct warfare as

Same fire house called again and again, by Elena Meyers, using
surveillance, GPS tracking, and knowing we were going by

Dollar Tree Stores to present called by Elena Meyers and Genovese, while
shutting down other dollar stores where they knew me and knew of the
crimes, including while carrying out crimes throughout 2009 and present,
with known managers called and verified

Fire House throughout, called, with witnesses, continued by Genovese, and
Meyers, 2009, continued with firehouse, flashing lights, pulling up right
in front of a large building for taking a computer to ask if somone
wanted to buy it.

They continued having union people come to my home, including to present,
to deliver a lawsuit on Ruth Chapman, stating they are union members, and
then having another serve her a lawsuit while not working and causing us
more financial drain, linked to Genovese collections, while also calling
me and hanging up daily, with Bruno crime family (documents) in charge of
the woman calling me and hanging up

When calling Mike Castle in March 2006, representative, and speaking to
his attorney, throughout, they used a guy in a white van to put his hands
in the mailbox, while on the phone using surveillance, outside
They used two men, in identical cars, with two in each car, before
calling Mike Castl, around March, 2006, dressed alike, outside this small
store in cheswold, but one car parked along the road, facing the store in
the opposite direction, all with ear devices in their ears, and devices
on their laps.

For over 6 months, Meyers, along with using the Fire Department director
in explosions on the property next to us, continued threats to blow me
up, while making phone calls, including:
Phone call to state department linked to UD and chamber commerce,
environmental to run out at another dollar store and jump out, looking
all over, get on her cell phone, staring at us the whole time

They call oil company union members, using "TIPS' and unions with Meyers,
linked to UD, and a guy out of Camden to drive very slowly all the way
down our road slowly and stop and stare at us, while threatening to blow
me up, fabricating lies on us.

(documenation back around from Elena Meyers, Genovese, to gangs, to
businsses, with their attorney firms, all businesses, spraying over,
surveillance, gangs)

GENOVESE, WITH AVIATION (Diamond, Meyers aviation, Richard Meyers, and


Genovese uses a guy out of Cheswold yards for stalking, with Elena Meyers
from January 2005, to 2008, first throwing ice on purpose, scraping it up
all the way down the road and then turning the shovel on the tractor and
purposely throwing it at the front window, to stalking while Elena Meyers
is fabricating lies with our sons doctor
Use of employees, including Cheswold Yards, (this guy reported by another

(all documents I still have, including service disruptions)

Acts at the time of working at UD, in surveillance, drug gangs, mortgage
fraud, collections by Genovese, using Dr. Hill, John Honaker having
chemical damage diagnoses, memory lapses, Arpino threatens me over UD and
"speaking out."
(Documented phone calls, acts during working at UD)
Documentation on John making hundreds of opposite, circular statements
and not remembering anything or any loans, or anything of any

Dr. Hill, used throughout, knowingly by Elena Meyers, with Mike Genovese

Reports to police on Elena Meyers while carrying out the crimes
Elena Meyers, Genovese, Mike Genovese, continued threats with Genovese
acting with FBI, Elena Meyers, drug gangs, police, with the DEA and
Genovese drug operations as on video and with witnesses

(all other evidence around from Genovese, Elena Meyers to be submitted)
Background on Elena Meyers, with Genovese, premediation for threats
(to the court)

Genovese, Elena Meyers out of UD, DOW, Chemical, those used and evidence
with weapons

Known by Attorney General, evidence of Elena Meyers, with Genovese, out
the crimes, and investigators, evidence

Threats carried out exactly by Elena Meyers, first and throughout,
witness tampering and in front of witnesses, with Genovese
Threats to carry out terrorism, religious terrorism, threats over day
cares and schools, threats to steal all intellectual information, threats
to have me locked up in Meyers owned UHS, already Elena Meyers in witness

Threats to have me put away, to continue carrying out every type of
fabrication, and every type of psychiatric lie while other employees know
of their crimes, threats to carry out the crimes, to take all from us,
and myself, to defame, destroy, threats over Elena Meyers, with Genovese
as "satanic," and child trafficking, threats over school, threats to
fabricate lies, defamation, to use John Honaker in their crimes with
chemical damage, threats to use information fabricated with folders and
files, to continue making phone calls, threats to carry out racketeering,
terrorism, and to fabricate psychiartry lies with it, threats to carry
out all criminal acts without rights, without law, to the court, of which
Elena Meyers, with those listed and Genovese are documented in doing to
(all stolen throughout, including my patented cash flow program, and by
sureillance while carrying out crimes, educational material)
ELena Meyers sets up, and acts in all crimes threatened to be carried out
Others at the time, Terry Newman, phone calls (throughout as photoed and

(documents on Elena Meyers in crime, 2002, 2003, papers, papers on move,
illegal move, Canceling a home contract, use of real estate with Arpino
and prior to the move, Bob Lilley, John having more chemical damage
Use of Dr. Hill and Meyers, Genovese, attorrey firms linked to Dr. Hills
attorneys in Wilmington
Computer tampering (threats over computer by Arpino, and to continue all
criminal acts to extreme, and documentation linked back to Genovese,
Elena Meyers)
(Provider, PA, companies, on computer, using computer for taking
evidence, using computer for crimes)
Attorney General having the awareness while Elena Meyers carries out
these crimes with Genovese
Eleana Meyers behind witness tampering with Genovese (throughout and
Attorney, while carrying out the crimes, Elena Meyers with state

Elena Meyers, as HHS, behind trafficking in Delaware, with Genovese,
carries out threats over "satanism" and to destroy me as a mother, to
fabricate every kind of lie, to use folders, information, to steal my
intellectual work to 2010, with Mike Genovese, Genovese
Relevant to Elena Meyers carrying out all crimes as threatened, and
assaults on witnesses, including other women, use of state employees,
with Mike Genovese, Genovese family and Meyers in businesses, Chamber of

District Atttorney, Prosecutor, from 2004, March, with Elena Meyers,
Genovese; and prior

(directly relative with witnesses)

Prosecutor, throughout, with Elena Meyers, including in 2007, 2008, to
present, with Genovese, Elena Meyers, while reporting their crimes
Other reports on their continued crimes

Phone calls instead, made by Elena Meyers, with Genovese, and criminal
(other info)

Elena Meyers, premeditation by threats for UHS Dover and continued
crimes, with Genovese, Mike Genovese

(documentation of illegalities and going around those who knew it was
racketeering, obstructions, Elena Meyers passing on fabrications to
present to carry out damage, 2010)

Elena Meyers, with Commissioner Freud, even throughout and the court,
Meyers USH Dover, and attorney firms

Elena Meyers, with Richard Meyers, (witnesses) out of Cheswold Airport,

While doing this, Elena Meyers makes phone calls with Genovese with big
lies, assaulting us, having people pull up, slamming on their brakes
(Companies and employees)

Elena Meyers, Mike Genovese, (documents on radio weapons and DOW tower,
assaults, spraying around daily for it)

Attorney General, other investigations while continuing serious assaults
threatened to be committed

At the same time, those used as drug gangs and criminals with Elena
Meyers from downtown, and Genovese

Elena Meyers, with Robert Meyers, throughout, and to Wilmington (papers
and documents)

Genovese, Elena Meyers use Chamber of Commerce with, Meyers in labs
linked to UD, and Genovese in FBI, just as when they called police to
rush and shoot a man with a computer lap top in a mall, claiming he had a
Elena Meyers phone calls while carrying out daily crimes, assaults,
threats, deleting and changing records

(papers on Meyers, Chamber of commerce, with those used, and use of
certain businesses directly to Elena Meyers, with Genovese, for
"terrorism" and changing records, phone calls)

Elena Meyers continues with passing on phone calls, lies, anonymous phone
calls, in aviation with Richard Meyers, Genovese
(Witness tampering)

Elena Meyers continued phone calls, anonymous calls, with Genovese, while
going around in aviation using surveillance

Genovese times, with Elena Meyers, phone calls even on a new phone for
loans to John Honaker not remembered, even from 1990, to present
Threats by Elena Meyers, continued premeditation, to sign a new mortgage
set up

Obstructions with Cubbage Brown, and attorneys in Dover, and the attorney
referral service

Threats at attorneys offices in Smyrna and other places

Obstructions to FBI, police, FBI under Doctors office
Obstructions with witnesses, Amy Gotee-Ash
With Dr. Montone, changing records with a military interim, for
premeditating other criminal acts to continue assaults

Federal felonies of hiring a military doctor to change and delete sons
records, to fabricate lies on myself of "nutritional needs" while using
neighbor, and John Honaker who each week could not remember anything,
gave our son coke and was asked not to, and gave him tons of candy from
neighbor just during these few months, keeping us broke, taking over
another 50,000 from him and weekly in emergency while "at work" and
making over 50 phone calls, lies, threats each week with drug gangs and
businesses, documented

Elena Meyers, with Genovese crime family continued Racketeering of
multiplied criminal acts over top the others and by the other crimes:
Federal felonies of crimes by Elena Meyers continue for and threatened to
be carried out
Over 500 criminal accounts of obstructions by Elena Meyers with Genovese
crime family and "anonymous" phone calls, transfer of illegal
information, falsifying records
Obstructions over 50 counts of racketeering and assault, transfer of
criminal lies, phone calls, anonymous phone calls with Genovese crime
family, Bushes, Clintons in crime
Elena Meyers makes a fabricated "anonymous" phone call again, with
Genovese in crime throughout, for telling the doctor, and planned with
Dr. Montone, prior, about the racketeering, surveillance, and crimes
Bush, Citi Corp, Drug Trafficking
Richard Meyers, out of Cheswold Airport
Genovese, with FBI, using them with drug racketeering, illegal acts over
500 counts with businesses, "infraguard," phone calls, transfer of lies,
fabrications, and assaults by drug gang members.

In February, Genovese, Bushes, Elena Meyers, continue, with Other Meyers
family members, using drug gangs, FBI, with "infraguard" and Homeland
Security (sentenced);

   Called Walmarts for "security," all places while keeping us more broke
to carry out their lies and crimes
   Federal felonies with Airport, Port Authority, use of drug gangs, and
aviation, crimnal agents (all sentenced nationwide and prior)
   While at the park riding bicycles, they used cars to come in, with the
planes above spraying over there, (dodging at my vehicle on video) used
cars to pull up and continue stalking at this time
   Called to Dover Mall while there
   Called to use a State Environmental person in truck while at a Dollar
Store to get notebooks, to drive up, get out of her vehicle, while
threatening to blow us up with other criminals, and assaulting, and to go
up to near the door of the store, on her phone staring back the whole
time at us, and looking all around (see state employees used and
    Used (PA, HLS) to threaten me on all occasions while reporting their
    Used gang members in a car, while threatening to blow me up, to act
as "fire" department, laughing, carrying on

By April, John is getting worse, and the discussions of him not being
able to follow any plans from one day to the next continue along with
giving him plans and re-adjusting the income to expense.

By April, they are taking loans from him, already Elena Meyers in crime,
with Bush Citi Corp, drug racketeering, all racketeering, Genovese crime
family, and Genovese continues with Elena Meyers "opposite" lies of Johns
Condition on myslelf to carry out the crimes, and illegal use of
"satanists" with Genovese and then assaults with Christians they are
using "given" falsified information. To carry out the crimes, taking over
400K and over 500 counts of racketeering including with businesses,
loans, collections, fraud, all health fraud, maxing out Johns insurance
never used for himself, and with Meyers owned UHS Dover, all agencies,
they are getting more money. They plan to take all his income and while
doing so, keeping me broke and threatened while in public.

My son and I go to the park, and Genovese, Bushes in crime to present,
fly over to where we are, or to the store five miles away, using
radiation while shopping, and at ATMS.

While talking on the phone to Mike Castles office, and his attorney
regarding surveillance and weapons and racketeering, they pull up again
in a "white van" a guy staring at me while on the phone and reaching into
the mailbox.
They continued threats of blowing me up and using one guy from out of
Camden business.

Genovese continued using one guy from the Cheswold quarry.

Other drug gang members through Cheswold used to threaten.

Continued spraying non-stop for other weaponry, surveillance, multiple
surveillance being used to create lies and get rid of real discussions of
their crimes and for crime, obstructions of all discussions of evidence,
reports of their crimes, and to carry out other crime.

Other criminal acts and evidence in addition to what is stated herein
Elena Meyers, used chamber of commerce, to have John called for a job,
just after she changes all medical records, they take his income from him
"at work" keeps us another 6 months without money, Genovese calling John
for loans no one knows about, given cash advances, while Genovese, Elena
Meyers, purposely fabricate "inactivity" on myself, (documents) delete
sons records, with John Honker "sitting" daily at home, and no money to
carry out all threatened crimes and injury. She calls with another
"anonymous" call knowing she is behind all criminal acts and prior to the
threats and carrying out all criminal acts threatened.

She has the nutritionist fired and has Dr. Montone ask, "Does your
husband work?" seeing that my ankles are swollen and our sons, and he is
told that they are carrying out crimes threatened, racketeering, spraying
over, using surveillance for the crimes. Dr. Montone asks if I have the
photos and to show him.

(again the FBI and under the Doctors office was given records and they
were fired, and Elena Meyers carried out crimes, with Genovese, Richard
Meyers documented out of Cheswold, aviation, surveillance, drug gangs
with her, and the military doctor used to change, delete all of sons
prior records of which Elena Meyers was behind from 1995, tainted
vaccines, vomitting, and emergency visits) Along with John at this time
in worse condition and being seen each week for lab corp, chemical blood
work, passing out, vomitting up blood, seeing Dr. Hill, of which Elena
Meyers knew and she and Genovese continued in daily crimes.

Elena Meyers, with Meyers attorney firms, Genovese, with FBI, fires them,
deletes sons medical records to continue injury with Mike Genovese;
knowingly to injury us, to leave us broke to present, to carry out all
injury and criminal acts threatened, to fabricate lies with John Honaker
in emergency again at this time.

She sets up the lies, commits federal felonies all throughout, calls me
claiming she got an "anonymous phone call" (by this time making over 500
anonymous phone calls)

She calls not for the family, or John, but for "Me" as all assaults to
present, knowingly keeping John in dimentia like states, and all her
crimes, including the threats, as threaetened targeted at myself, while
she then has all kinds of lies of every type documented on myself and the
family. Later, as in all cases, she then fabricates lies on "both" with
John having another emergency visit, and to 2010, as Elena Meyers,
carries out all these crimes, with all on court dockets under Meyers, and
the District Attorney, she does this to present while going to the court
and filing false motions, hiring an appeals judge, out of state judge,
immediately for her crimes.

Elena Meyers threatens me, puts John and my son outside the room, while
telling her this is racketeering, and threats and surveillance, trackign
and crimes being carried out; I have dhyeradtion at the time, and injury.
She lies, she lies to my husband in the hall, me you can go get totally
checked at the hospital.

As in all cases with Meyers in trafficking, she uses a military director
with her as Director in HHS there to "shake" Johns hand as a "military
Person" knowing that John is in serious condition, and he even reports
her crimes, with Arpino again; as with Richard Meyers, Genovese in
racketeering, taking the loans, Elena Meyers timing all criminal acts,
John sitting all year long and
Has another emergency visit at this time, as they set up the crimes and a
"new mortgage" at work, with John, for over 50K not known by John
himself, taken in cash advances, nor by us, while keeping us broke, and
injury, attempting to keep us out of any activity; while Elena Meyers
sets up, premeditates another year of keeping us broke, taking over
50,000 American General, Genovese owned Citi Corp, erasing our sons
records, and fabricating anonymous calls throughout.

Elena Meyers, knowingly, as she committed all criminal acts to 2010 with
Genovese crime family and to the court with Jeff Meyers, Genovese crime,
phone calls, lies, carried out all terrorism, directly to present, asks,
"And you just got that off the computer didn't you?" and asks our son
when he tells her of the aviation above my car, attempts at running us
off the road, and questioning by Arpino, "do you have guns?"

She then calls Rhonda Gill at Bay Health, threatens me that I have to go
there to be checked out anyway; with Genovese St. Jones, fake
phsychiatry, and the Gill crime family, Elena Meyers, with criminals,
meets me there, and immediately writes down on the form, "think she has
government chip in her head" which no one told her and which words I do
not use. She has Genovese, from Satanic St. Jones, Genovese "psychiatry
associates" call Rhonda Gill to write down, while they set up a new
mortgage with Genovese for John and myself to sign without my knowledge,
"formerly had depression" Rhonda Gill, is knowingly in the crimes, writes
down "sitting quietly" never to be checked out, physically or other
exams, or for dehydration, injury, or MRI, as Elena Meyers lies.

She later continues, with police at all areas, including the doctors,
with Genovese, while the FBI underneath and police were given their
crimes; and takes papers, even while employees were tolf of their crimes
from Amy-gotee Ash (fired) at sons doctors office, to those acting around
Elena Meyers, for Elena Meyers in car threats by lies, to police at
Everettes, linked to Meyers in psychiatric fraud, show up taking papers
and firing employees, to fabricate lies, of which continues the crimes to
present. (while I have papers on the firings, Cindrich resigning from
psychiatry) Elena Meyers, behidn the phone calls. The same police follow
me to downtown, ordered by Genovese, back to Everettes, moved into Roman
Catholic Charities as they erase records, make phone calls with
fabrications to present, all other crimes based on their chaning of

Just as John discusses their crimes, along with Rhonda Gill.

Genovese, Elena Meyers, racketeering with chamber commerce, unions,
gangs, drug gangs, FBI and with Genovese drug stores, all other
racketeering counts and assaults:

Used two women in a white van, impersonating "FBI" with Elena Meyers, and
Genovese in crime, Bushes, drug trafficking, all other racketeering at
same time, "waving papers" at me in Parking lot in smyrna, women in
organized crime with Elena Meyers and Genovese.

Again, Genovese crime used same guy from Cheswold, and other union
members, and on one given day, while I had no choice but a few dollars to
go to lunch and no groceries yet at home, I stopped for lunch and they
used the same guy to pull up after leaving, slamming on his breaks,
waiting for us to leave and following us, the guy from Cheswold yards.

They assaulted my son and I at "any time" when going out and by lies and
use of criminals, while also calling stores by Genovese crime family,
Bushes, Elena Meyers to present.

Carrying out over 50 counts additional crimes daily by surveillance, with
John Honaker having thousands in overdrafts and another emergency visit,
passing out, service cut offs and timing all crimes on msyelf and son,
continued calling John Honaker "at work" for loans while lying about
myself and transferring lies, making phone calls.

Genovese crime family with Elena Meyers, DE (nationwide in all courts and
states) operating
Mortgage fraud, loan fraud, biological weapons with surveillance
Racketeering over 50 counts, threatened and carried out by surveillance,
assault by EMP high powered microwave radiation, electrocution, phone
calls and by tracking by towers in each city (international crime)
Racketeering with FBI, FBI in Genovese drug racketeering, with Genovese
DEA, Drug stores, chamber of commerce
Elena Meyers, as HHS, in court with Jeff Meyers

Over 50 counts additional, daily
Surveillance for timing all crimes and tracking
Transfer over 500 counts criminal falsifying of records, lies and by
phone, to businesses, agencies
Criminal hiring of persons to change records, theft of records,
fabricating changes to records, falsifying transferred information
Use of multiple criminal acts, deception, deletion of crimes, witness
tampering while discussing their crimes, and using mutliple types of
surveillance, at all times, use of weapons on the body, and
"transforming" lies used with criminals while getting rid of any other
discussions, or anything they cannot use as lies or for crimes from prior
to 2000.

(Photos of their crimes, threats, discussions, 2008)

John goes weeks of sitting daily, then suddenly while not able to write
down his transactions, making sporadic transactions (using my list of
bills and paying them with his loans, when all his income is gone to
loans by 2008 with no income for anything but groceries and waiting weeks
for that) and John states he "must follow a plan" each month, not able to
from 1989, to extremes, he is then "asked" to look at his money and walks
off pouting like a five year old, during having over 7,000 in overdraft
fees by the bank, and another 50,000 by himself, "at work." During this
time, Genovese, with Elena Meyers, transfers daily phone calls, lies,
uses criminals and gangs, for threats even while speaking to John
outside, and they assault me with weapons, electrocuting me to present,
used extreme chemical warfare, while threatening and while asking" John
daily to look at his money. They transferred lie after lie of which is
documented and on documents, federal felonies, fabrications of "every
type" documented by Elena Meyers, Genovese, Clintons, Busehs, to present,
as threatened to be carried out with the assaults, with weapons assaults,
and to do it by fabrications.

2006-7; They go to our dentist with the "FBI" Johns teeth, chemical
damage to extremes and take amalgams. I tell my dentist of their crimes
and he acknowledges the "FBI" (Genovese takes Johns records and my own)
while they fire the FBI agents, all of them, and raid the offices, and
raid all Veterans offices computers, with letters sent to us all records
were stolen; all FBI notices of their crimes with documents are purposely
ignored by Genovese, Dan Genovese, Mike Genovese, and Elena Meyers
knowingly continuing in phone calls, and lies, fabrications, fabricating
lies from nothing on any documents, and their own lies on forms of petty
and illeagal type, Elena Meyers, criminal acts alone.

John sees his doctor, loses his bank information, weekly, by 2006, Lab
Corp taking blood weekly, with the lab corp truck sitting at the post
office, during this time, as they carry out terrrorism, and threaten me
Knowing that John is still stating that his chemical problem, and only
watching television is a type of depression.

Carl Danberg is used to block thousands a year other victims of mortgage
theft, racketeering, trafficking, bird flu, weapons, medical fraud,
psychiatry fraud, the HHS director up for 'investigation' while Genoese
and Elena Meyers continue over 50 counts addiational daily in crime, and
with Genovese crime family and Elena Meyers to present.

Another case, Nollmeyer was blocked in 2006 of the same nature along with
thousands of court caSes for weapons, chemicals, and fraud under Genoese
organized crime and Meyers family members op HHS, agencies, crime in NY,
NJ, PA, DE and all other states.
Genovese, with organized crime (listed on forms, public documents and on
videos, photos, investigations) picks up high Microwave cooking thorugh
the body, with High powered EMP hits to the body, spiraling through to
make the energies way out until the last energy coil, like a slinky, went
out the feet, continued weapons to the groin, cooking by microwave
affecting that area on victims and by such high radiation, and using
chemicals spraying over nonstop, with Russian organized crime, with
Richard Meyers Air Force, Elena Meyers, Robert Meyers Energy. They used
this while in public also, hitting me while in the store and to present,
alternating weapons and turnign on a static radiation for fabricating
pictures and lies of the "opposite" nature and any lie and to take all
evidence, and reports which were weekly. Genovese used over 50 different
weapons users a week on me.

Daily they got rid of many victims and witnesses, including those in

They use helicopters over me, spurting up and down diagonally at me from
Chewold area over home and back to downtown, and John witnesses it,
outside the window, and like vietnam, over the home, and then taking dead
bodies off and to downtown later. They use aviation, and surveillance for
witness tampering, including at nighttime, as on videos, and over
witnesses, back to downtown, and to our home.

On video and witnesses to present
(Elena Meyers, Richard Meyers, Meyers aviation, Diamond Aviation with CIA
out of Summit Airport, Meyers out of UD, Genovese aviation, all
documented and on video, and in front of witnesses)

(Documentation, on threats to carry out these crimes by Investigator,
taken microphone, diaphrams as microphones by Meyers out of University of
Delaware, with crime families all through the body and chest, head,
groin, radiation, to present, with meter readings, radiation movement).

Elena Meyers, sets up more criminal acts, knowingly threatening myself
and son while John is inactive, taking over 50K in advance, threatening
us in public, attempting to keep us broke hundreds of days, and
fabricates these lies on myself to carry out the crimes threatened and
injury, with Genovese, then has criminal, Rhonda Gill, of the Gill crime
family, as psychiatrist nurse, pull John Honaker, aside, illegally and
knowingly, with over 50K in advance loans he doesn't remember and sitting
all year long, setting up this loan for a new mortage to cover his loans
in advance, by Genovese, Citi corp, who makes the call to Gill; with
Elena Meyers, and while he reported their crimes, pulled aside and tells
him "we'll take your wife" (Federal felony)

(documents and forms, including indictments under Meyers of hospital
contractors, CEO's directors, and other Bay Health in othe states). She
then illegally tells John, that if you're not going to lock up your wife
(in Meyers UHS Dover where Elena Meyers is committing murders, criminal
acts and carrying out all crimes on me with Genovese); tells John to make
an appointment, through HealthNet, Elena Meyers operating HealthNet with
Genovese in their fraud, and denial of my medical care, fraud with UHS
Dover, while John pays for his emergency, and Dr. Hill, seeing him weekly
by check all throughout.

They have him, through his call, make an appointment, without telling me
this, with Everettes Associates, also linked to Meyers crimes, with
Genovese, St. Jones, and Bay Health contractors.

Over 500 counts additional criminal acts by Elena Meyers, with Bushes,
Genovese crime family, racketeering with those listed herein, and then
additions throughout 2006.

Multiple federal felonies, including threatening myself as part of the
crimes, fabricated phone calls, changes to records, by Elena Meyers to
present, and with Bushes, Clintons, Genovese crime family; Threatens John
with Rhonda Gill giving her a "phone call" from Genovese, Bush, St. Jones
and writes down "formerly had depression," behind closed walls to make an
appointment for "your wife" at Everettes without notice to myself, after
thretening us with another fabricated "anonymous" phone call, all of
which crimes from 2000, are carried out by "anonmyous" phone calls and to
present, documented, on papers, witnessed, and on tapes. Criminal Rhonda
Gill, acting with Elena Meyers and in other murders, knew that she was
carrying out crimes. At all times, it was simply stated, that
racketeering, threats were taking place.

To 2010, Genovese, Meyers transfer the lie for over 500 counts additional
assaults, aggravated assault, federal felonies with the racketeering of
all state agencies, hospital, Meyers owned UHS Dover and all others
listed herein; with John Honaker having memory lapses at the time and
another emergency visit, including lying on documents that I have "memory
loss" to cause extreme bodily injury, by 2008, enforcing John Honaker
into even more emergency visits, with medical fraud, porn and traficking
criminals in Psychiatry with Meyers familky members, including Frey porn
family, and Genovese crime family, Bushes Citi Corp, and while
transferring big lies daily.

A Dr. Cindrich is seen since I only find out the day before of the
appointment, of all crimes, including threats to carry them out, and use
of surveillance, racketeering, and John having memory loss, making
hundreds of opposite statements, memory lapses, Elena Meyers crimes. They
send police in after Cindrich quits, knowing they are running crime, and
he says nothing about me on forms; while to present, Elena Meyers carries
out all phone calls, and other crimninal acts, continued by these crimes
and her other crimes, and sends police in to Everettes, taking papers to
change for lies, passes on these lies to Meyers owned UHS Dover.

He, along with other APA members, sub-directors of the American
Pschiatric Association resigns.
The Health and Human Services Director is already under investigation of
Meyers UHS and (in other states, all other facilities and psychiatrists
linked to murders, and on children arrested) while Elena Meyers, with
Genovese, continue daily to present, in crmiinal assaults from their
other crimes, injury to present, Elena Meyers carrying out the crimes
with Genovese, threatened to do it wihtout rights.
Meyers family is operating the American Psychiatric Association with all
other insurance, and their crimes connected to UD, hospital, Elena
Meyers, businesses, phone calls.

Federal felonies of changes to mortgage documents with the Notary, moving
the Notary, and these threats to have me sign a new loan to cover what
they already knew while carrying out these crimes are loans, purposely
using citi Corp employees, attorneys, collections, in crime and calling
John timed by surveillance for the loans he had no memory of even before
carrying out daily crimes from 2006 to present, 2010, by daily transfer,
and over 500 counts transferred lies by phone illegally, including
"seeing someone," at Everettes and big lies each day, along with drug
gangs as threats, and Elena Meyers in nationwide porn, making phone calls
daily with women coming from downtown and pulling into parking lots next
to us, while John is having near-strokes, emergencies, and is asked to
"remember," each day, his loans, and budget. Elena Meyers carries out
over 500 counts, additional bodily assault, with Bush, Genovese crime
family, and racketeering, leaving me with no money to present, while
taking an additional over 25,000 just in 2008, from John Honaker "at
work" knowing they carried out additionqal 50 counts daily of assaults,
racketeering with all herein, to carry out the assaults and theft from
mtself and all his income while carrying out the crimes.

They force me to sign a new mortgage (from 795, to now over 1600 a month,
with over 1200 in interest) by injury and threats to extremes in this
manner, phone calls, by February, John has another emergency visit, and
this loan not known for a new mortage, Genovese sets up with him "at
work," just as all other loans at work, and daily criminal injury on
myself. By threats, and keeping myself injured and broke, I find out
about having to sign this loan, while John has another emergency visit
and no memory of anything the last year, as they tell me I have to sign
"AKA" because my name was not on the loan as Susan Honaker or Susan
Cameron or Susan at all: The original mortgage company stated my name was
on the original loan correctly. during this time, Elena Meyers conitinues
with phone calls, and her fabrications for having committed the crimes at
the hospital with Genovese and illegally deleting sons records, all other
criminal acts. They have police go in and get records to change, seen
when going to places to get records myself, as I have copies of all their

They move the notary, and take the woman by ambulance, move all boxes out
of Cheswold, for carrying out other criminal acts with the loans and

They continue daily phone calls, based on their other criminal acts, and
lies, going from the airport as on video and photos, investigations,
continue in witness tampering and threats (all documenation)

Elena Meyers continues calls (Robert Meyers, in charge of biological
weapons, CDC, Energy Department, with Elena Meyers to the court in
Wilmington and racketeering with the District Attorney, all others
They arrest and sentence, CIA agents, in DE., by 2007 when firing all FBI
and raiding the offices, carrying out the crimes on us; fire them, under
this district Attorney, and Meyers, all trafficking, Genovese gangs, drug
gangs, police in drug and aviation, Employees at Citi Financial, others
while continuing the crimes, with Elena Meyers, and Genovese acting with
the Prosecutor, and continue assaults in front of witnesses and on
witnesses to present, including our son, my husband, John Honaker, Ruth
Chapman, Jan, Elizabeth, Heidi who worked at the store discussed the Air
Force operations then locked up, and others.

Calls me from UD put on "study" list (photos over and again based on lies
Elena Meyers put on hospital forms)
Calls from CDC, Elena Meyers, with Robert Meyers, while my father is
being tortured as well, supposedly having memory loss, strokes daily over
15 years, claims of being assaulted by helicopters (he lives with us from
1995 to 2005, visiting after retirement, and we stay with him in Maryland
most of the time until his death but in 2008, they injure me and over 300
days no money, internal injuries)

She is knowingly injurying myself and son, and ELena Meyers ignored my
sons notices on aviation, attempts at being run off the road, and calls
me to come to downtown, causing internal and injury.
Again, with Genovese, she premeditates as on forms and all throughout,
fabricating these things, on myself, while keeping us broke and John in
total non-activity, taking all income from him, prior to hiring him
through the chamber of commerce, Meyers having investments in his
company, at this time, when she carries out direct assaults on myself and
son, and fabrications, injury, internal injury to present, all threatened
to be carried out
Swollen ankles, shoes fallin. g over, dehydration

Elena Meyers, while John Honaker sat all year long in 2006, Elena Meyers
sets up all criminal changes to sons records, lies on myself of
"inactivity" lies of our son not seeing a doctor, erasure with the
military doctor of his records, claiming he was never at the doctors,
glaring at the television from the time of moving, and her crimes with
Dupont Hospital. To present, Elena Meyers continues crimes by multiple
lies spread, and transferred to present, for all other criminal acts and
extends any types of lies with them including having people pull up
slamming on their brakes as if to kill, bugging out their eyes.

They use police out of Route 40 Corridor, while Route 40, again at
present, were informed of their crimes, including byNewark Police. One
black woman police officer, then used in her private car to attempt to
run us over before getting to a curb, purposely speeding up to us outside
a business, and then bugging out her eyes sitting staring.

Elena Meyers used a fake security guard, to go into Borders Books, walk
all the way around the store, just as I get to the counter, being sure
not to take one eye off of us, and being sure to get everyones attention,
with Genovese, Mike Genovese, as all the way back to prior to 1995 in
crimes but in extreme daily assaults. She then gets everyone stopped in
the whole store, staring, and goes back out to her beaten up car that is
fake security acting as police security. Elena Meyers, again, big lies
all throughout and during this time continued explosions on the property
next door, and threats of blowing us up.

Other doctor, notified, and Elena Meyers called for someone from (co) for
stalking and phone activity

Genovse picks up planes, aviation spraying over (as in New Zealand,
Israel, Germany, UK, and using criminals in the courts, to Military
Directors who are not military at all); picks up radiation through the
body, with hardly a breath, nerve agents making the eyes click, and
robotic actions of the body, high radiation, bubbles coming out of the
mouth, like water bubbles by nerve agents used and high radiation, with
EMP hits to the body, and chemical assault to the body like bug spray
filling the body and replacing all blood and liquids, literally as if
filling it with bug spray.

Genovese makes phone calls, with Elena Meyers daily, transferring lies,
and illegally to carry out assaults and while carrying out assaults in
any place, of which one cannot transfer anything to carry out crimes.
Genovese crime family to present, calling places with GPS tracking,
continued, along with big lies to carry out threats, and with drug gangs

I filed a report, and affidavit, and another conversation with Mr.
Bishop, POlice officer at Camden State police department, again, by
November, 2007, after Elena Meyers personally carries out over 500 counts
daily of criminal acts, changes to records, firing of witnesses, with
Genovese, taking over 50,000 from John, spraying over, usign aviation out
of Cheswold, with witnesses, helicopter aviation above my car, and to
downtown, Elena Meyers making phone calls, Arpino, with Genovese, in
these threats, racketeering, and carrying out the crimes

Elena Meyers, criminal acts continued with "anonymous" phone calls and
changing all medical and other records.

Genovese's phone calls, with Elena Meyers on hospital forms, loans and
timing, with St. Jones and Elena
Elena Meyers, Genovese with Everettes Associates and passing on lies
Elena Meyers, with Genovese


over 300 days without money, dehydrated, swollen legs, photos, photos of
Elena Meyers on computer tampering,while John sat daily glaring at the
Hospital visit by JOhn increasing throughout, weekly lab corp taking
blood with him having chemical damage
Daily aviation
Elena Meyers in criminal acts to carry out the crimes, with an affidavit
on her, Arpino, Genovese
Firing of police they use in their crimes
Elena Meyers, as on Andrea Henderson and other women throughout, with
Commmissioner Freud, and state employees in racketeering and bribery
Commissioner Freud crimes, knowing it is racketeering and bribery, and
misappropriation of state money
Elena Meyers, with Genovese in drug activity, cars, using gangss as "FBI"
while obstructing all reports of their racketeering
(photos, documentation on who, and from prior to 2000 throughout their
criminal acts)

Murders, fake psychiatry, under Elena Meyers, with the District Attorney,
and with the Director Health and Human services
Elena Meyers with Commissioner freud, on other women, children, money,
racketeering and bribery
Elena Meyers with UD, (photo of one phone call back from her lies on
hospital forms); other with businesses, using Genovese, Chamber of
Commerce with FBI "Tips" lines
Other documentary evidence
Genovese with companies in Dover with Elena Meyers
Genovese, Elena Meyers with Fire Department
Aviation on video by Elena Meyers committing crimes at the same time with
(with witnesses)
Witness tampering
UHS Dover Behavoiral Health

Elena Meyers, with Genovese, carries out the crimes threatened to
fabricate evey kind of lie there is, alogn with the illegal phone calls,
passing on information, from "nuttition" to


More reports and police reports on their crimes, racketeering
Over 50 counts additional crimes daily, obstructions, threats, assaults,
and over 500 phone calls by Genovese, with Elena Meyers, Robert Meyers
Energy CDC EPA, with use of all weapons with Genovese:

Genovese crime family, Bushes, Meyers, continue transferring what is
their crime, changes to medical records, and move Everettes and
Associates in crime with them, contracts with the hospital director,
contractors, taking records, and transferring lies

In 2007, March, Cindrich was told of their racketeering, surveillance,
taking loans from John and the threats to carry out fabrications, and
crime, assaults on me and I got a copy of the documents, as he quit
working there and state he "wouldn't like it either."

Over 50 counts criminal assaults with JOhn who cannot remember any other
loans throughout all crimes:

Genovese, with Elena Meyers (to 2010) carry out additional 50 counts
criminal acts daily, with John Honaker falling over, passing out,
emergency visits, calling him "at work" for loans and over 7,000
overdraft fees, all of his income going to loans "at work," and his
transactions not known to himself, nor known by anyone else, of what he
is doing, leaving me over 300 days also without gas or money, and
assaulting me to near death, the body shutting down at night by this time
to carry out and while carrying out the crimes threatened.

Elena Meyers, with Bush, Genovese in drug trafficking, and as on photos,
with aviation, helicopter aviation, and with witnesses, continue timing
all crimes through surveillance, assaults, lies, weapons, implants and
tracking, maing phone calls using FBI with Genovese, drug gangs, use of
"Infraguard" to businesses transferring falisfied lies, fabricated
information, cell towers to 2010.

Genovese crime family, with Elena Meyers in nationwide child trafficking,
with Bush Citi Corp, Meyers owned UHS Dover Behavioral Health;

Over 500 counts lies, federal felonies of transfer of lies to carry out
assault, and over 500 more counts of racketeering with Meyers owned UHS,
Attorneys, Medical fraud on both of us, used for fraud with Meyers owned
UHS in the crimes, threats carried out by phone calls and by drug gangs,
transferring big lies.

(Documents from 2008 and photos)

Through surveillance and weapons, they spray over at all times right
before John Honaker comes home; as on spraying over neighbors home, when
just getting company for a dinner (on photos and video). And while using
the "FBI" and in threats, crime, assaults, obstructions, and with
businesses by Genoese crime, with Elena Meyers throughout.

John is put into worse and worse memory lapses purposely as threatened
and as planned, increased to extremes and with Dr. Hill, Genovese in
crime. Through surveillance, they take each month, from 2004, plans re-
given to John and readjustments to the total annual income to expense
stolen from me and discussed monthly with him along with the theft, and
his memory loss. These plans re-given to John from 2004, to 2010, when he
states over 500 times he cannot remember his loans or transactions, or
what happened to the budget, and by 2008, hundreds of opposite statements
and activity from what he states each week by memory lapses with another
emergency visit, eye damage, lung collapse, and only sitting daily with
no ability to follow any plans. WOrking on the lawnmower on some days,
throughout 2008, while having 7,000 overdraft fees, unable to even write
down his transactions.

Over 500 counts theft from an individual who could not remember loans,
plan, follow any plans, like Ruth Chapman, with hundreds of memory losses
each day, while she is "working" under VA, Meyers in Missour and Genovese
crime; to carry out terrorism, assault, theft of intellectual work,
racketeering on myself and family.

Over 500 crimnal counts, additional, Elena Meyers, Genovese claiming that
"John Honaker" is helping them and transferring lies that "John Honaker"
locked her up when reporting serious injury and assault and racketeering
They call each day, while also using drug gangs to threaten myself, use
criminals from downtown Dover, to pull up in driveways, slamming on their
brakes, and make phone calls, with lies from "Everettes" to 2010 to carry
out all other crimes, along with multiple, multiple lies threatened to be
done and on documents, witnessed, on tape, photos of the phone calls and
witnesses to the phone calls.
Continued terrorism all by Elena Meyers, Genovese on video, photo,

Genovese criminals, with Elena Meyers, continues daily transferring lies
to "carry out crime," goes to all offices, continues transferring
fabrications, over 50 counts additional criminal lies, by phone calls,
then changing records by phone calls, transferring these criminal acts.
Genovese picks up assaults with Elena Meyers also on weapons, towers, to
the hospitals, UD, in Genovese crime to present, and acting with Arpino
family, other crime families, Frey crime family, nationwide.

Elena Meyers continues to present, transferring lies, to carry out
violent crimes daily, and on video, tapes, with threats all racketeeing,
HealthNet fraud on John Honaker, paying for all his visits, except for
some Lab Corp, while she carries out violent crimes, with Bushes Citi
Corp, Genovese crime all agencies, FBI, drug gangs, threats, lies
transferred daily and with "infraguard," using all business with Genovese
crime, and FBI she knows she is doing it, with notices also from
rothschild in DE, other states, and Meyers family operating all HHS and
violent crimes, with psychiatry fraud, porn criminals as psychiatry and
in all college depts, with meyers, as "human study," for their violent
crimes in racketeering and medical fraud, while at all times having
people pull up as if to shoot throughout.

Injury, shoes leaning over, radiation levels, from towers by Meyers,
genovese going over and back to downtown with aviation, aviation out of

300 days without any money, services continued interruptions
Elena Meyers, with Genovese, timing loans for John in "Cash Advances"
still "at work," without anyone nor himself knowing, having any memory,
serious memory lapses

Another emergency visit in August, for John which they know and to
present, continue using radio weapons, surveillance, that John on not any
given day looks at, can manage anything or money, and at work they are
having him "told" even in meetings half the day, what to tell the other
employees, and what is coming in, waiting for trucks, unapacking, simple
things for him, from his career, just as Ruth can work and is having
serious memoyr lapses, and near-retarded behavior by it, a brain injury
by the same, just went through tolls three times on one day without
paying not understanding she had to pay tolls. Both have brain injuries
while Elena Meyers, Genovese continue in crime.

(photos, cars pulling up by Elena Meyers)
Elena Meyers continued in criminal assaults with Genovese to carry out
threats and ignore

Photos, radiation, from DOW towers by weapons by Genovese (Genovese owned
weapons, with Meyers in all areas, and miltiary to towers)
Over 300 days, without money, without gas by this time, John Honker in
serious condition, and using more chemical damage on him, lab corp taking
his blood, hundreds of circles, service cut offs of all services to
injure me

(All documents, over 50,000 in loans taken, which he cannot even look at,
pay bills right, write down transactions, 7,000 overdraft fees while "At
work" again and while they carried out daily terrorist acts by Elena
Meyers, to present, with Genovese timed by surveillance, spraying
overhead, with witnesses, helicopter aviation back to downtown, photos of
Meyers having cars pull up and with witnesses to present)

Elena Meyers, with Genovese crime family members, other Meyers in all
agencies; continues daily making phone calls, lies, fabrications, and
passes on (what is on hospital forms as lies, with Genovese, and
fabrications of 'seeing someone" to "formerly had depression" they
fabricated, and "her husband sent her in" to UHS Dover Behavioral Health.

Another report to Cheswold police, and Genovese has two gang members,
instead, take me to Bay Health
He tells me he knows of what crimes I am speaking of (an affidavit there)
but he was ordered to do so anyway
the staff is told of the crimes, that this is a racketeering case,
threatenend to be carried out and by Elena Meyers, with Genovese

They "remove" the staff members who are told of the crimes and the police
who know of the crimes; hold me until 5 Am and illegally with a hospital
contractor, Meyers in racketeering with all hospital CEO's, contractors
for Meyers owned UHS Dover, then smuggle me, without any phone calls to
John, claiming they called him, take me to Meyers owned UHS Dover, with
lies that John Honaker "brought her in and to hold her," for over 21
days, bringing in Commissioner Freud, who also ignores the psychiatrist
who states, "this is a racketeering case" They illegally drug me, with
the real psychiatrist making statements that this is a racketeering case,
illegally use criminals, and to present, a former Genovese criminal
police, as Meyers UHS Dover director who carried out crimes recently on
me also, using fake employees as if they were legible to be used for
state, Commissioner Freud with their private business in crimes and

They lie about John Honaker helping them and bringing me in. And pass on
Genovese, St. JOnes lies, with criminal Elena Meyers, as HHS, and Rhonda
Gill from Bay Health and other lies.

John again, sits all year long, has hundreds of memory lapses a week to
present, only glaring at the televiion, as they carry out these crimes
"at work" taking over 50,000 from him, and 7,000 in overdraft fees at the
bank alone, hundreds of overlapping transactions, circles, loss of his
infomration and another emergency visit by John in near-brain dead
states; glaring at the television daily, in hundreds of verbal circles,
opposite statements, memory loss, over 20 years, more chemical damage and
no vitamin B required for memory can be absorbed by the body. He falls
over backwards, down the stairs, has his lungs collapses, has another
emergency visit as they carry out these loans "at work" calling him
weekly, while carrying out the injury and crimes on myself.

(documents on the whole facility, Meyers UHS Dover, in other states,
criminality and all noted words when they bring in Commissioner Freud)

I am near death, have internal injury, severe dehydration; all photos and
documents, I have a "shattering" of the brain by trauma, subconscious
trauma and even over sounds of trains going by, from severe assaults, and
daily threats, and crimes; I have post traumatic stress, my feet hanging
over, swollen ankles, including witnesses, and having to ask neighbors
for lunch only on some days, for money, gas money, dish liquid soap,
being put into hundreds of circles, and near death. After releasing me, I
have to go to another outpatient emergency room, cannot stand up, have
internal injury, freezing, dehydration, cannot feel my muscles, legs,
feet, have extreme dizziness.

(documents and medical documents, I had to go to emergency outpatient at
another place)

Photos, loans, Elena Meyers in all crimes to present with Mike Genovese
and their family members


Meyers in child trafficking, throwing out court cases, including in PA,
while by 2009, carrying out all crimes threatened by herself, with
Genovese, Mike Genovese, Richard Meyers, Robert Meyers, Meyers in all
agencies, she hires a PA judge immediately, filing false motions, with
Genovese, in racketeering with all other criminal acts and carries out
another year of criminal acts to present, with commissioner Freud, who
was told by a psychiatrist that this case is based on racketeering, going
around that pyschiatrist to begin with by Elena Meyers.
Elena Meyers, criminal acts with managers, businesses, with Genovese

Aviation, on video, photo, witnesses
(other ev)

Assaults on witnesses
Continued acts with Commissioner Freud
Elena Meyers continued criminal acts throughout, with Commissioner Freud,
Dr. Sibley

knowing it is racketeering, and asking questions irrelevant and writing
down anything, then making other forms of statements, requested by Elena
Meyers and passed on by Elena Meyers
Elena Meyers, with Jeff Meyers in the court while carrying out the other
crimes with Genovese
Collections firms, phone calls, by Genovese, with Bruno, (other) in
charge of collections, collections for multiple mortgage (and now ove
three times the amount by threats and criminal acts)
Timed, illegal filings by surveillance, and obstructions, tampering with
state employees by Elena Meyers
other attorney firms, and with the District Attorney, Assisant District
Attorney, Jeff Meyers, other Meyers
(Other acts and evidence)

Witnesses, witness tampering, crimes in front of an on witnesses
Elena Meyers continued crimes while John Honaker has serious dimentia,
chemical problems documented throughout

Elena Meyers, with District Attorney, Jeff Meyers, in criminal acts with
Genovese, still fabricating lies of John "helping them" and sending the
court case in his name while he cannot even write down what transactions
he makes, or remember anything from 1990, and throughout
Sent notices and collections at the same time

(Photos, documents on Genovese, Elena Meyers, witness tampering, timing
all criminal acts, on video)

Carrying out criminal acts, phone calls, lies, illegal acts with state
employees during 2009

Phone calls, by Elena Meyers, with Genovese while carrying out continued
racketeering and terrorism
Elena Meyers injury, from 1995, hernia myself, not taken care of while
illegally using HealtheNet Federal already premedited

(Dr. Hill, while threatening me had X-rays, to present, threats by
Genovese, using police, with witnesses, including at the healthfood
store, while carrying out fraud, calling me with Bruno, (other
documentation) in collections for their other fraud with Bay Health,
HealthNet Federal.

2010, continued crimes daily
Notices again were sent to the Attorney General, U.S. and with documents
and photos, criminal federal felonies of Elena Meyers, with Genovese and
threats to carry out all crimes; letters sent to HHS, to not contact me,
and with the crimes listed, federal felonies, illgeal racketeering with
state employees.

Elena Meyers, with Genovese continue extending every type of irrelevant
information, passing on their other lies, phone calls, even while
employees are aware of their crimes.

Documented again on Elena Meyers, with Mike Meyers continuous crimes
having state employees, who know of their crimes, and the court case, ask
questions irrelevant to anything to do with mental health, discuss their
crimes, while knowing of the crimes and writing down questions irrelevant
to any mental health, and with witnesses, then making other statements,
including the words "delusional for suing a crime family" and
"delusional, crime doesn't happen" and "What happened to your court case
anyway" and another "mental Commitment" with Commissioner Freud, threats
to sign a piece of paper that is illegal to "end the commitment" and
Elena Meyers continues with Commissioner freud in racketeering, bribery,
an illegal "mental Commitment" on suing, while extending every type of
"words" and knowing this is a racketeering case. Elena Meyers, continues
using Commissioner Freud, with Meyers owned UHS Dover Behavioral Health,
illegally with murders at the time of locking me up, including on a boy,
and a pharmacist and many others, all throughout, including when locking
up Andrea Henderson, victim to present.

Elena Meyers, with Mike Genovese, Genovese in the crimes, collections,
Citi Corp, continues defamation on John Honaker, myself, lies,

including defamation while John has had a serious chemical problem,
dimentia throughout.

In 2009, Genovese called all Dollar Stores, including at my mothers home,
carrying out over 50 counts additional criminal acts, lies, fabrications
passed on to Dr. Sibley, Commissioner Freud "by phone call" refusing to
submit, valid, legal claims and documentation, carrying out all crimes as
threatened by shear phone calls, anonymous calls, and lies (all
documented, on forms, phone calls, and witnessed to present) with
discussions throughout of their obstructions, criminal acts on us,

Commissioner Freud makes a commitment on "shes suing a crime family." to
"her husband brought her in," and lies of "seeing someone" without this
being disclosed or any phone calls to John Honaker, holding me over 21
days for reporting their crimes and racketeering again which had police
reports on Elena Meyers with Arpino, Genovese, Bushes in crime, and by
JOhn HOnaker.

She then makes a commitment based on "crime doesn't happen" and
"delusional for suing," in 2009 again, while Genovese continues in crime,
to fabricate any kind of lie, continuing over 500 counts with Elena
Meyers, federal felonies and racketeering, crime, assaults, tracking by
GPS, with witnesses as documented and transferring lies.

Federal felonies again of Elena Meyers, with Bushes, Clintons, Genovese
crime family
they transfer" to Dr. Sibley, "she told her neighbor of the crimes."

and he is told that they obstructed my court case. They continued
transferring lies to begin with to UHS, with UHS/BHS Meyers owned Dover
and prior for their crimes of which are illegal.

Over 5,000 counts federal felonies of changes to records, deletion of
record, fabrications by phone by Elena Meyers, and Genovese crime family
with all other racketeering threatened to be carried out by lies and

Dr. Sibley knows of the crimes and is given statements, including
racketeering in every other state, and notes the crimes in front of
witnesses, while they carry out an additional 50 counts daily criminal
acts and all other racketeering listed, crime, all witnessed, and
documented, throughout 2009 to present, all being compounded multiple
federal felonies and aggravated assault, theft, violent crimes.

(Witnesses with me at all times and on tape)

Genovese, and Elena Meyers continue transferring "Every" type of lie as
on documents and on tapes, to carry out more crime and refusal to submit
valid, legal documents, including lies to Commissioner Freud, via UHS,
Meyers owned facility and from former lies on documents with Genovese
crime family; including "her husband" this and that, to carry out their
crimes, and "delusional" and "she was seeing someone in 2006," while
carrying out racketeering with Carl Danberg (thousands of other cases,
including Nollmeyer in 2006), and Taggart, to every other fabrication "by
phone," to people. Genvoese and with Elena Meyers carry out all crimes by
fabrications by phone prior to and after 2000 daily.

(witneseses and documents, witness tampering and blatant acts)
Elena Meyers, out of Cheswold, with Genovese, continued assaults,
surveillance, criminal acts

(Other cases with Elena Meyers and Genovese and on documented evidence of
my own with witnesses, documented photos)

Elena Meyers, continues in illegal racketeering, to present, carrying out
crimes daily, timing all phone calls, lies, illegal use of state
employees in their racketeering, commissioner Freud (all commissioners
sentenced nationwide under Meyers in the courts, with judges) and with
their own UHS Dover, continues with illegal "commitment" and "visits"
with state employees for "mental health" who know of their crimes

They eliminate those who see me but Dr. Sibley, the Drug dispenser

(all documentation, including in front of witnesses, with Commissioner
freud, illegal acts, asking "any" type of question on whether I use the
computer, how long I use the computer, what I do with my son, what
activities he does, and discuss the racketeering, while in front of
witneses, and on video tape, Dr. Sibley, Commissioner Freud are carrying
out crimes by Genovese, Elena Meyers, with their private businesses and
racketeering, while they carry out daily fabrications, phone calls, lies
from their activtiy and falsified lies from their criminal acts.

(witnesses, documents, letters to not call me, dr. Sibley lying by Elena
Meyers passed on lies, and acts on video and with injured, witnesses
still to present with me, from prior to the threats and to present from
2000, with me on the video).

They carry out crimes again, when Dr. sibley is told and with the crimes
prior, in writing to not contact me; they put out an illegal capeas
return and while all police in Dover and in Cheswold (coming up to me on
one day, but then not arresting me because the crimes were reported to
Condon in 2006, 2007 and 2008); they wait until I go to the beach, and
with Ruth as witness to present, use a corrupt and unoffical judge, Body
(sp?), have me told there is a warrant when pulled over, and told that I
have to wait for the judge, and without having the judge, he tells the
police to take me back to Meyers owned UHS/BHS, and they carry out more
crime, including again with Commissioenr Freud, now making up more lies.

The Dr. Mirza (documented at the time and witnessed) tells me, "I've had
crime committed on me." and "I have to get this capeas return handled to
get you back to Dr. Sibley, and "you have to brown nose them." He then
gets up in front of Ruth, here and injured witness throughout, to
present, and says, "she just keeps talking about Genvoese and Bushes and
their crimes." and again, Commissioner Freud, knowing she is in
racketeering, bribery, fraud with funds, and with Meyers private crime on
others, states, "well what do you think it is?" he laughs, and they have
a fake defender sitting next to me laughing, who is sent in to represent
me again not doing so and knowingly helping them. Dr. Mirza then states
over reporting racketeering discussed and as "brown nosing,"
"Schizophrenia." When no one every mentioned anything but that these are
crimes carried out and on millions around the country.

Investigators already took all radiation, implants of radio conducting
material all through the body, radiation by microwave and vommitting by
high powered assaults, all documentation on video and radiation levels,
reports from prior to and online by 2006, and all crimes discussed,
reported, carried out as threatened to begin with being such violent,
criminals that they are, with BUshes, Meyers family, that they threatened
to carry out such assaults and crimes by lies without rights.

Elena Meyers carries out daily crimes, three years of continuous
assaults, by phone lies transferred, while keeping me broke, no water, no
toilet paper, and 7,000 overdraft fees alone while taking another 25,000
cash advances from John Honaker to carry out financial destruction, theft
of all intellectual work, my plans, all schedules.

She transfers lies of "memory loss" (on documents) while reporting their
crimes and having police affidavits, with John discussing the police
reports and with Camden police station, DE state police, and other police

She transfers lies daily of a psychiatric nature throughout and other
lies, as threatened, and then with Genovese crime, Bushes, Cintons, has
another idiot police officer lock me up when reporting by December 2008
that I am being violently assaulted by these crimes, and documents shown
to another police officer, including Johns medical, loss each month,
keeping me broke, while she transfers lies and I am threatened by Bush,
Genovese, FBI drug gangs, kept broke, threatened to lock me up. He tells
me that he was ordered to do so, which is by Camden Mayor and Genovese
crime with Elena Meyers ordering judges to send out police ignoring
victims. Again, he was told of the crimes, and it is written on hospital
forms that of "racketeering" which they were told. Near death, my body
shutting down throughout 2009 and other emergency visits because of it,
Elena meyres with Genovese violent crimes, has another nurse write down
all sorts of idiotic things on the forms, hires a contractor (with
Hospital directors, contractors all sentenced, along with Commissioners
in Meyers federal felonies under HHS nationwide), and orders the hospital
personnel to carry out crimes, the contractor to illegally hold me,
claiming they called John Honkaer throughout, he never got any call at
all and he had another emerency visit, with over 25,000 in loans in 'cash
advances,' not known and daily, weekly, only hundreds of opposite
statements, verbal circles, by Citi Corp taking loans "at work," all
timed with Elena Meyers operating all crimes from HHS to present, GPS
tracking, assault with Genovese and Meyers family members, Clintons
organized crime.

Teh hospital (on forms) is told of Elena Meyers, as HHS, trafficking,
violent crimes, threats, racketeering with Arpino, drug trafficking,
fraud, and there is already reports on it, with Genovese crime family,
like all other reports.

They order the hospital (all other hospital directors sentenced) to carry
out crimes.

Federal felonies of multiple counts by Elena Meyers, Genovese crime
family, Clintons, Bush invested, Citi Corp, over 5,000 counts violent
crimes, threats, lies, slander to carry out assault, federal felonies

She maxes out to present, HealthNet Federal
Sends collections, and over 500 counts additional crimes and fraud, by
lies on myself, with John Honaker stating he never got a phone call or
anything, did not have me locked up, and they transfer lies of 'seeing
someone' all secretly as all other lies crimes from 2000 and "anonymous"
phone calls

Federal felonies over 50 counts daily, transfer of illegal files,
criminals lies, slander by phone, failure to present from 2000, and
prior, threats to carry it out with all other theft, intellectual theft,
slander, theft of financial patented book, plans

Transfer lies from Genovese "satanic" St. Jones, on Elena Meyers federal
felonies prior, over 500 counts additional annually of federal felonies
by fabricationes alone, failure to disclose valid proof of anything and
carrying out additional 50 counts daily of criminal acts by each lie,
changes to records by 'phone,' leaving out any vital information for
crimes and lies by phone to carry out multiple federal felonies to
present on all documents and with Hillary Clinton also in organized

Elena Meyers carries out 50 counts, additional crimes daily;

They hold me sending me to Meyers UHS/BHS, and to present, daily lies
transferred, including "hold her," and "her husband brought her in." They
continue transferring these lies to present to carry out even more

They purposely make a commitment for 'suing' because they carried out all
theft, financial theft, destruction, my body shutting down, attempted
murder, with Elena meyers to present, other Meyers family members, with
Bushes, Genovese crime family, CLintons, carrying out all crimes.

Federal felonies and failure to disclose with witnesses, slander, violent
crimes, multiple racketeering and HealthNet Fraud
Again, Commissioner Freud makes a commitment for "suing a crime family,"
with witnesses and in front of our son, while Elena Meyers carries out
with Genovese, another year of timing, timing filings in the court, as
threatened all crimes to be carried out and assault, theft of everything,
financially destroyed, multiple federal felonies, with Carl Danberg
having other cases, murders ouf of UHS/BHS and at each time.

Racketeering with Attoneys, attorneys for HealtNet, health fraud, all
other and Carl Danberg, Assistant Taggart and shear slander, filing false
court documents timed, with triple mortgage collections for "John
Honaker," and continued keeping me broke, John each week making opposite,
circualar statements, unable to make plans, follow anything to present
financially or other because of a medical condition increased to that
from 1990.

Throughout 2009, John assks, "where is your cash flow book?" and hundreds
of opposite statements, 'when asked' to follow any plans, continues
taking cash advances only, and making all circular transactions, having
no plans on any given day.

They time other passing out, his teeth damage to the bone, and keeping me
broke, with collections, then phone calls to myself over three times a
day timed, with Elena Meyers filings in court, along with a 1,200 fraud
check given to John Honaker.

Elena Meyers, with Genovese to present, from the time of threats,
continue violent crimes with use of John Honaker for their crimes, taking
over 400K, all income to present, and carrying out all crimes by basic
lies by phone, over 50 counts daily after the threats, with affidavits
and all reports of carry out the crimes and by shear claims John Honaker
is helping them and lies on both for violent crimes by HealtNet fraud,
Genovese crime family Meyers in psychiatry lies, and serious condition of
John Honaker from 1990.

All billing to "John Honaker," and court documents sent to "John
Honaker," while carring out illegal court obsructions due process and
over 500 counts additional medical fraud, HeatlhNEt fraud, violence on
myself, is documented, on video and witnessed.

They hold me injuring me over 21 days, near death, unable to move, I have
to go to emergency, falling over, internal injury, illegally put me on
drugs, with Genovese drug stores, DEA, FBI in crimes with Elena Meyers in
all fraud, biological weapons, crimes of multiple violent crimes to

While, again, Commissioner Freud is told that it is about "racketeering,"
and "suing a crime family," she makes a commitment for "suing," and Elena
Meyers, with Bush Citi Corp, Clintons in the crimes to present, Genovese
transfers lies of her other crimes with Rhonda Gill, threats to John
Honaker, over 500 counts lies of seeing Dr. Cindrich, and other crimes to
this time by it, and to Meyres UHS/BHS, illegally holding me and called
by witnesses, federal witnesses, while not calling John Honaker,
Commissioner freud knowingly in crimes with others and Meyers, Elena
Meyers throughout, and at the time, makes a commitment on anything, and
from "suing," to lies transferred secretly that she was 'seeing someone."
and from St. Jones on hospital documents, with her over 50 counts federal
felonies daily from Rhonda Gill at the time of federal felonies in 2006,
to 'seeing someone."

With John having serioud memory lapses, over 7,000 of overdraft fees
taken alone by the bank, each day, Genoese crime family, with Bushes,
also make other phone calls

They lock up another witness, who gives me a phone number, while John is
even using my card, lost his information again, and I am wihtout money
over 300 days, no gas.

Genovese later puts out a warrant on police cars, and to Condon, who the
crimes were reported to in Cheswold, and who pulls up in May 2010, but
leaves. They illegally arrest me later with a fake capeas return for what
is violent crimes and slander.

With all plans daily, financial, schedules, daily plans, weekly, Elena
Meyers has the hospital, write down, "memory loss," with violent crimes
and John Honaker havign serious memory lapses, another 25,000 and all his
income going to loans.

John has on one day, no idea when he saw doctor Hill, to where my
financial plans went from 2001, no memory of his navigation he did for
over 25 years throughout this, hundreds memory lapses purposely with all
other fraud by Elena Meyers in violent crimes and racketeering.

They deliver multiple home payments, services cut off, John in hundreds
of circles, weekly verbal circles, memory lapses, and emergency again in
August 2008, and teeth damage to present to the bones, serious Vitamin B
total lack of absorption required for memory and only in three years
having dimentia symptoms from it.

While the fraud with HealtNet( is on sentencing lists along with Lab Corp
sentencing in fraud), Elena Meyers knowingly while obstructing the court
case, and carrying out over 500 counts additional fraud, threats, lies,
slander, by phone, illegal transfer of falsified documents, to present,
has me threatend by the HealtNet crimina used in the fraud division, "I
don't care if he never got any care!"

They continue taking records, transferring falsified records for crime.

Over 500 counts in 2007 alone, firing persons at Everettes psychiatry
where Elena meyers, with St. Jones (on hospital forms) at hospital
fabricates, "formerly had depression," hearing John from 1990, claim that
his lack of vitamin B, suddenly having loans, emergencies, and doctors
visits each nine months, memory lapses cause depression and on documents
to 2008.

Elena Meyers (and with cell towers in Israel, each community and
lawsuits, continues hitting me by weapons, towers, with each
documentation of the crimes, and by GPS, tracking, for violent crimes)

On video is over one hour of radiation and while delivering chemicals,
biometric implants all through the body; Rothschild, DE, Genovese, Elena
meyers, Meyers family carrying out all crime, racketeering and violence
threatened on me to present, with lawsuits, so long as they are not so
victimized, millions murdered.

They are going by intellectual theft, discussions of what crimes are
taking place in our home, from 2000, and Johs connection to Pentagon,
murders, and what we know about what crimes are taking place, and threats
to carry out all crimes by 2000 without rights because of it.

By this time, carrying out extreme violent crimes with John in serious
condtion, with opposite lies throughout on myself, to carry out all theft
and multiple federal felonies in fraud, racketeering, using all
businesses, health fraud, agencies in crime.

Elena meyers goes to Danberg, as with other cases, and with Rothschild,
Genovese operating crimes, with Carl Danberg, she purposely tells Danberg
and assistant to use the word, "delusional" and then transferring this
daily, and back to Dr. Sibley at the state, and all other continue crimes
daily with John Honaker in severe memory lapses, while carrying out these
violent crimes and lies on myself is on tape, video, to present, of Elena
Meyers, Genovese, Clintons, and federal felonies by over 50 counts
slander, crimes daily by slander alone.

Over 500 counts additional federal felonies, racketeering by Elena Meyers
throughout 2009, while keeping myself broke, daily, timing court
obstructions, illegal filings, while transferring more lies 'by phone.'

Elena Meyers goes to the attorney firm in Wilmington, with Meyers, Jeff
meyers in the court, and Genovese crime, all under HHS, as sentencing
nationwide, and prior to the violent crimes, and uses attorneys for
HealtNet in fraud.

They set up illegal "appointments," with Commissioner freud, federal
felonies of over 500 counts while keeping me broke daily, taking more
loans from John Honaker to present unable to even plan prior to 2004
March, to have any plans, for their crimes to be carried out to present
of financial theft, my cash flow book, all intellectual work, lies,
slander of every type and multiple crimes to destroy by lies, slander
alone, taking all plans daily.

Elena meyers carries out addtional attemtped murder, with Genovese,
Clintons, to present, multiple federal felonies and continues
transferring any lies
Over two more years, to present, multiple federal felonies daily by Elena
Meyers of psychiatric lies and federal felonies.

They continue this violently daily, no money, running me in circles,
service cut offs, by John, keeping me broke, taking over 400k throughout,
daily lies transferred, federal felonies of phone calls to present, by
Elena meyers, with Bushes, Clntons, Genovese crime family.

Meyers owned UHS/BHS DOver, using a former Genovese crime family and to
present criminal police as head of their operations.

Other crimes on victims again at the time of locking me up take place,
including weapons used on a biologist handling Genovese and Meyers Swine
Flu and other biological weapons, and a woman traumatized by "satanists"
and crime, and other people they made with Commissioner Freud, already
having thousands of deaths with Genovese and Meyers spychiatry fraud in
Delaware under the HHS Director. they came up with every bit of the same
lies with Commissioner Freud on victims of crime. Every other state,
including their crimes in Pennsylvania, are sentenced and Commissioners
with meyers facilities and Genovese crime family faclities, with Bushes,
Clintons, getting investments.

Genovese crime family to present on video, all threats carried out,
documented, and discussions of their crimes, reports of their violent
crimes, immediately continues assaults, threats, phone calls an with
their retarded selves owning wepaons with Meyers family and their
criminal retarded used, and with Ruth as witness, others, and on video
with Elena Meyers in crime, Clintons, Bushes.

They illegally continue transferring lies secretly and illegally refusing
to show valid, legal documentary proof of their lies; over 5,000 counts
phone calls, lies by Elena Meyers witnessed and on documents, tapes,
photos and with those they called.

Elena Meyers, Other Meyers   family members, with Genovese crime continued,
while the public defender,   Distict Attorney has all their crimes, are
told to not contact me and   Dr. Sibley with Commissioner Freud in crimes
for, by Elena Meyers, with   Genovese;

Genovese shows up with witness, injured witness, Ruth, with all
documents, in May, 2010, and immediately disseminates to police to form
an arrest operation, and a police officer with aviation above my car for
an illegal arrest warrant for not seeing Dr. Sibley; illegallly while the
police were told that I have all racketeeering documents, Genovese in
Rehoboth Beach, uses a judge Boady (Boadie? sp), has Ruth told to leave
instead of hearing what the issue is, and then sends me to Meyers owned
UHS Dover.

Notices sent certified mail to end their criminal acts and to not contact
me by January 2010, again (with mail receipts)
UHS, Meyers owned Dover, again while Commissioner Freud and the fake
psychiatrist, Mirza, knows of the racketeering, he claims I have to
"brown nose" these people to get you back to seeing Dr. Sible, and not
stay locked up, and gets up in front of Commissioner Freud, and states,
"She keeps speaking of Genovese and this racketeering," Commissioner
Freud: "and what do you think her general condition is?" Mirza
Genovese again, with UHS Meyers, and using criminal, Fake Psyhciatrist,
with commissioner Freud.

All throughout, Meyers has used every type of word, including having the
Distric Attorney Taggart, knowingly illegally blocking the court case,
timing it, with witnesses to aviation and surveillance; has the Assistant
District Attorney use wording according to Meyers, defamation and lies,
continues passing on all other criminal defamation, lies, illegal lies,
fabrications from her forms, hospital forms, changes to records, lies
about seeing someone, lies and criminal acts while illegally using state
employees in her crimes, and with Meyers owned UHS Dover, with Bay
Health, with Genovese.

To present Elena Meyers, as in this case, goes around any real people
including employees are aware of the racketeering, and continues in
illegal acts.

All firings of those around their crimes, including a psychiatrist
stating that this is about "racketeering" and suing a crime family, to
all others fired, while transferring lies to carry out violent crimes
daily by Elena Meyers as HHS, in trafficking and all crimes, porn
families, pedophiles in every state agency, and psycyhiatry listed in
sentencing files.

Again with Dr. Sibley, they have him ask, "what is your son doing?" and
discusses their crimes, know they are in racketeeering, and writing down
other things. He states if I cooperate and see them, they will not have
me. He tells the other psychiartist, he knows of the crimes, she does
well with her son, did all sorts of things with her son, and that they
will have Commissioner Freud end the Commitment.

On the next visit, he begins writing down other questions other than what
he knows and writes down whatever he wants to later use.


Illegally moving me, theft of all intellectual work, my Cash Flow,
Patented book, all income, injury by keeping me broke and assaults
Theft of all educational material, education while causing and still
making defamation of every type as threatened, as a mother, and on the
family, transferring lies daily from 2000 throughout for her crimes, and
to UHS, to all others, and taking her other lies and making phone calls
with them

Over 500 counts additional criminal acts, racketeering, bribery, federal
felonies, and carrying out threatened "every type" of fabrications by
criminal acts, to 2010:

(documented throughout, on forms, on photos, on tape, and with witnesses)
Over 400,000 taken by injury, threats while to present, carrying out more
injury, criminal lies, defamation, while keeping us broke for over week
at at time with John already injured prior to 2000 and crimes in front of
witnesses and Ruth, injured witness to present
Threatening and carrying out crimes while taking a new mortgage and
carring out terrorism to present, carrying out all criminal acts, taking
over 450,000 plus interest for a 125,000 home, over 1600 a month, from
795 a month original mortgage

Over 15,000 loss of property damage, depreciation, from the crimes
Over 25,000 in the renatl in cash by criminal acts and illegal
cancellation of homes, illegal intererence.

Over 25,000 taken in insurance fraud for their crimes and psychiatric
fraud threatened and carried out by Genovese, Genovese Citi Corp, St.
Jones, with Elena Meyers throughout, while denying medical care by it,
and a hernia, injury, colon injury by preventing care and still using it
in fraud

Over 5,000 in illegal medical billing, including to John, paying his
doctor himself

Injury to colon, already on X-rays, while carrying out terrorism and
continued assaults including when going to get something for the colon
Continued medical fraud
Defamation shown on all documents, and of every single type carried out
as threatened and by Elena Meyers while taking all income, purposely from
John planned and causing injury while keeping me broke as planned and

Genovese crime family
Elena Meyers as HHS

Genvovese, Elena Meyers, over 5,000 counts, over 15 years of fraud.

15 years FBI fraud, in drug racketeering with Genovese, Elena Meyers,
trafficking, obstructions
Elena Meyers carries out the violent criems and to the court
Over 5,000 counts slander to carry out crime by phone, federal felonies,
violent crimes from 2000, and all crimes to present from the time of
threats to carry out theft of all rights, intellectual work, to fabricate
slander, total fraud, psychiatry fraud, theft of my own work

HealtNet woman is told that John paid for all his visits, and that I have
a hernia and they threatened to carry out fraud, and these crimes.
HealthNet Federal was called in 1995 regarding fraud when going to see
someone for John HOnaker, and the suddenly I felt bad about the guy that
he was in fraud and wasn't feeling good, wanted to get out of there, and
he sent in to HealthNet that I had "agoraphobia," never having it; the
same sentenced in Genovese crime for teeth amalgams in the same doctors
office. Genovese continues throughout, lies on myself, as to present,
with Bushes, in crime to take all money, carry out total racketeering,
and fabricate the lies of John Honaker on myself to do it.
Elena Meyers, with Genovese crime family carry out additional 50 counts
daily criminal acts, racketeering, and with attorneys, medical fraud,
injury, HealthNet frad maxing it out with "state employees" with their
crime, assault, threats, racketeering with commissioner Freud, and
compounded racketeering crimes, lies, transfer of falsified information,
fabrications, threatened obstructions with the court. (all on
documentation, tapes, photos, videos and witnessed)

The illegal court "process" carried out all documented and enclosed while
continuing to carry out threats, racketeering over 500 counts, criminal
acts to present, of the very same, while keeping me broke, having taken
all income from John Honaker via "cash advance" loans and unable to make
or follow any plans from 1990, forcing him into, while reporting their
crimes, no money and inability to do anything about it while carrying out
their crimes anyway.
     Obstructing pre-hearing and evidence or any valid court procedures
     Obstructing evidence, tampering with evidence, hiring a ficticious
judge, using former felons and unqualified judges, hiring a ficticious
judge "out of state" claiming there is no judge in DE., timing all
filings, motions, and with Carl Danberg in racketeering, Taggart, while
also using a fraud over 1,500 on JOhn at one time, timing the filing, and
a false "appeal" already hiring out of state for an appeals judge, and
other court crimes to throw out the case. Timing more emergency visits,
with "cash adavances" of which is all JOhn can do, and already taking all
his income to Citi Corp, committing federal felonies on myself over 5,000
counts as threatened.

    Throughout, Elena Meyers, while her crimes, were reported and weekly
by John Honaker himself, and to police again; with Genovese crime family,
Clintons, Bushes, lie about John Honaker "helping" them throughout while
he cannot even add up his money and during their court obstructions, and
over 50 counts additional crimes daily to present by the transfer of lies
and criminal acts.
     (All discussions, reports of their crimes, are on video and all
other documented, witnessed).

Explosions to the head all throughout 2008 to 2009, took all coloring,
color dreams, any dreams, and picturing of memory, color, as a person
would have pictures of memory. Radiation burns also are permanent.

Johns chemical damage is increased five-fold, already prior to the
threats in 2000, having dental office showing his chemical damage and
testing with Dr. Hill, in addition no vitamin B absorption over 15 years,
and dimentia type symptoms, and because of it, in 2000, with all other
emergencies increased, memory lapses, during their crimes, and with no
HealthNet Federal coverage of it; while they carry out these crimes to
extreme for this reason prior to 2000.

Federal felonies of Genovese family members, Elena Meyers, with attorney
firms, Meyers family in Wilmington, DE, attorney firms, Jeff Meyers in
the court, Genovese family crimes; in racketeering with HealthNet Federal
and operating the agencies on documents, with phone calls, fraud sent to
HealthNet and Genovese, Meyers using criminals, all sentenced prior for
fraud, to threaten me on the phone with fraud complaints sent and back to
1995, in 2007, 2008; threatens she'll call someone and they will not do
anything about it.

Burns that are permanent from electrocution by towers, electromagentic
radiation, are on film along with all other radiation levels and
documentation. Internal injury by non-stop assaults, bones, feet, leg
bones, severe hernia pain.

Other victims are "assisted" with Genovese crime through the "FBI."

While other serious victims are purposely denied rights (also on
documents), threatened to carry out these crimes to take all.

(Sentencing of all government workers, racketeering prior and to present,
with Businesses used, and FBI agents by Genovese crime, and those used
nationwide in their same crimes with Meyers family members).

Genovese, with witnesses, threatens me again, using police with their
criminals (certain police in drug crimes) threatens me at the store with
witnesses, aviation all on video, with Elena Meyers to present.

Elena Meyers, with Genovese, those in racketeering with her, with
attorneys to present, all crime, obstructions and crime with the
attorneys and including witness tampering, obstructions.

to present, 2010, with Alberta Schmidt who shows up to slander witnesses
in 2008 and tells one witness, "you won't be selling anything in front of
your home, I was at the attorneys office with your landlord."
(Commissioners report on tenant attorney fraud in racketeering, 2008).
Alberta first asks, "Do you hear a cow?" and "Does Jan drink?" speaking
of Jan having Amy Reeds cow, she goes to the vet and asks them to put it
down while she states this to me at the other witnesses home, to present
having her evicted, while Genovese, Elena Meyers carries out another 500
counts criminal acts, court tampering, federal felonies, and court
obstructions, crimes, transfer of falsified information and crime by it
with Commissioner Freud, Meyers owned UHS/BHS, Health Human Services
director already up for murders while carrying out all these crimes,
Elena Meyers in crime with attorneys with Hospital, Bay Health, HealthNet
Federal with Genovese crime and Clintons, and more shear slander.

All other fraud to present, including Genovese "collections" with
Genvoese crime is documented, timing phone calls and all crimes by
surveillance, and multiple violent assault, theft, carrying out all
crimes threatened to be carried out with Elena Meyers just by lies, phone
calls alone and criminal acts of illegally moving me and keeping me here
broke and threatening me that I will not work by their lies either,
threatening me and assaulting me when working. They continued assault
even while working on jobs I got myself, and during 2006, threatening me
with helicopters and increasing weapons assaults while working because
they had John fired by "FBI" phone call claiming he had a "felony."

Shared By:
Description: Over 5,000 counts multiple racketeering, violent crime, to present, by Threats to carry out total theft (under Clintons also in organized crime with Genovese crime to present), slander, defamtion, illegal acts daily added, theft of all plans, opposite lies on myself 'by phone' since Meyers, Genovese, Clintons are running all U.S. crime, fraud, and trafficking Elena Meyers, Meyres all HHS nationwide Meyers operating American Psychiatric Association Meyers family membes operating Veterans Care All health insurance fraud Meyers family members operating with all hospitals, CEO's (sentenced natiowide) with Genovese 'satanic' psychiatry All attorney firms racketeering with: Genovese accident fraud fake psychiatry of Meyers, Genovese Bush Citi Corp, Genovese loan fraud Genovese on biological weapons board to present, swine flu, tainted vaccines with Genovese as 'satanic' psychiatry, St. Jones, St. Johns 'satanic' knigths miltiary, ambulance, and out of Jerusalem, to Canada operating miltiary with Richard Myers under Bushes, Clintons to present Genvoese accident fraud out of attorneys Genovese with FBI, and Genovese DEA, with Genovese drug stores CEOs' sentenced nationwide and used as "Infraguard" with Genovese crime thru FBI Bankers, Energy, mortgage fraud, loan fraud, sentenced with Genovese crime Bankruptcy fraud, employer fraud through attorney firms Genovese out of all college labs, military deals, weapons, biological weapons Genovese crime family all states, all countries, with Clintons, Meyers family members Genovese collection firms and witness tampering, all other crimes through attorneys (sentenced also nationwide with judges) Bush Citi Corp, all other racketeering and investments in Meyers UHS (DE and other states) All state agencies sentenced in part of racketeering including FBI, DEA, state workers with Meyers and Genovese fraud, Homeland Security Directors sentenced Fire Chiefs, DA's, senators, former governors, public defenders,