; Violent Crimes in Aid to Racketeering
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Violent Crimes in Aid to Racketeering


Crimes with Charges on Violent Crimes in Aid to Racketeering Elena Meyers, Meyers family operating under Bushes, Clintons, Genovese crime family all agencies American Psychiatric Association All fraud, Genovese crime with them out of attorneys offices (sentenced with judges nationwide) all U.S. under Racketeering All agencies under "meyers" with Genovese crime

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Legal files at box.net and Docstoc.com; all arrests, all agencies,
attorneys used in Genovese mortgage, medical, fraud, assaults, Genovese
psychiatry as 'satanic' and all judges sentenced nationwide with labs,
healthcare fraud again and with Meyers psych facilities including in DE
while carrying out the crimes threatened and blatant criminal acts in
front of witnesses to present, transferring lies for carrying out federal
felonies in multiple.

ohns notices of crimes on myself daily added by Elena Meyers in
violations of law, non-disclosure, transferring lies form changing
doctors records, fabrications, with Dupont, to calling me and threatening
John Honaker behind closed doors with Rhonda Gill, lies with Rhonda Gill
on the hospital form with St. Jones psychiatry of 'formerly had
depression,', racketeering at hospital, racketering with Everettes,
claims I was seeing someone at Everettes to carry out another two years
of crimes by phone, of 'seeing someone' to carry out crimes for the next
two years

All, in fact, of Johns discussions, his medical symptoms, including his
nutrition, non-excerise, Elena Meyers carries out for crimes on myself
and lies of myself for theft of all from us, to carry out the crimes on
myself, and theft of every plan, my Cash Flow Book, and all intellectual
work with Arpino to present, who threatened me and signatures, police
reports by John Honaker himself, while he is put into more emergencies
each week, and with other witnesses to present, including from 2000,
Elena Meyers with Clintons, Genovese lock up, assault in Meyers
facilities also, Ruth Chapman injured and witness to present
Under all presidencies:
Clintons in total racketeering to present, slander, threats in person
with Dorothy Arpino, all fraud with Genovese crime family
   All countries, Clintons with Meyers family members, Genovese organized
crime getting healthcare fraud, Meyers Genovese fake psychiatry and
murders, over 20 years injury and violent crimes by use of Healthcare for
fraud, threats to carry out total theft; Genovese drug trafficking,
Genovese Swine flu and biological weapons, tainted vaccines, all crimes
(senenced of all agencies and judges again). Energy department money,
weapons, Clintons linked to weapons porn users on towers, GPS weapons out
of labs with Genovese crime family and Meyers family members, child
trafficking with all judges, state personnel (all sentenced again)
   Genovese crime through attorneys to presnt, and Clintons in the crimes
with Meyers family members, attorney firms under the administrations, to
Genovese gangs, Genovese contstruction crimes, organized crime with
Russian agents with Clintons
   Genovese "9-11" construction cleanup
   All sentencing under Meyers in the state of DE, NY, NJ, PA, all
states, and Health Human Services Director up for investigation as Elena
Meyers, with other Meyers family members to Jeff Meyers in U.S. District
Court, with Genovese crime family, Clintons and with Rothschilds, they
carry out all violent crimes and slander for the crimes to present;
Clintons, Elena Meyers with Arpino who they had threaten myself in person
to destroy in all ways, to carry out total racketeering, lies, slander to
present, while documented and witnessed.
Elena Meyers as 'HHS' DE, and Meyers as all HHS nationwide with Clintons,
Genovese crime family
   Meyers all labs, operating VA care, American Psychiatry Association,
Attorney firms, Meyers UHS/BHS Dover and other states, illegally
operating all agencies to Robert Meyers Energy under Clintons, college
labs to the hospital fraud, medical fraud, weapons, towers, GPS tracking
for fraud and the crimes.

(on lists and docstoc.com)

Meyers family actually operated American Psychiatric Association,
trafficking, all fraud, nazi' crime with Hitler, Genovese crime family,
Bushes and Ewan Cameron head of APA, from 1920's to 1970s' out of
University of Delaware, Edgewood Arsenal, to present Genovese crime
family members and Meyers
Meyers UHS/BHS Murders in DE, other states while carrying out all crimes
herein and HHS director under investigation for murders to present
Meyers family operating American Psychiatric Association
Meyers family operating all child trafficking with Genovese crime family,
Bushes, Clintons (judges sentenced as 'satanic' child trafficking all
states on public documents, and with all other crimes ran through the
court by obstructions of victims)
Meyers family operating Veterans Affairs and HealthNet, all insurance out
of Washington
Meyers family members operating as 'HHS' nationwide
Meyers family members operating through all courts, with Genovese family
members nationwide
Meyers family members on list operating all school districts, college
labs, weapons with Genovese family members
Meyers operating out of all University of Delaware labs to UK, Israel,
Iraq, Germany, France, Russian crime, with Genovese crime and Clintons

Energy Department, CDC operated by Robert Meyers and other Meyers, using
others as directors also (sentenced prior to 2000)

Richard Myers Air Force, with Genovese on weapons board, Cheney

Clintons with all organized crime to present, transfer of billions by
'Muslim Brotherhood' into their bank accounts
and sentencing of all agencies, directors, Energy, all loan fraud,
mortgage fraud, Genovese crime prior to threats to carry out multiple
federal felonies, slander, defamation and destruction for these reasons

Elena Meyers, with Arpino, while connected to UD computers, threatens me
in person, sentencing all agencies again for crimes, and Clintons killing
from travel office, to Pentagon workers and those who work for John
Honaker, Vietnam-Pentagon linked, to their secret service, and
investigators; with Clinton sexual murders
Senator Kaufman, DE, and Kaufman family members (documents of getting on
my website by Maurice Genovese and Kaufman); Nguyen, operating with
Genovese crime family
     with Frey Crime family, others nationwide as porn,trafficking, top
psychiatry, and Google Headquarters operation, total computer tampering
Elena Meyers as "HHS" all states with Genovese crime and Clintons to
present, and operating all agencies, including Veterans Care, nationwide
with Clintons, Genovese organized crime
knowingly carries out all crimes, daily to present, while John discusses
her crimes in 2006 of deletion of medical records, while taking over
50,000 at that time from John Honaker by Citi Corp without anyone
knowing, and from 1990 John having medical condition, memory loss, she
purposely never discloses this, and another 50 visits to Dr. Hill,
passing out, with chemical damage from prior to 1995, supposedly 'fixed'
each time.
Elena Meyers transfers lies daily, while keeping me broke, claiming to
Dr. Montone to call her (for reporting racketeering at all times), and
all throughout that 'her husband works,' while having 7,000 overdraft
fees by himself with memory loss by 2008, and attempting murder on me, by
transfer of lies daily on myself, fabricating nutrional to 'inactivte'
lies herself, and all other lies documented, with over 5,000 counts
federal felonnies of racketeering.
Over 300 days without gas by 2008, or any money, to present, to carry out
her threats, and crimes as threats, from the time of locking up the first
witness, Andrea Henderson, to present, Elena Meyers in organized crime
with Clintons, all biolgoical weapons, medical fraud for extreme direct
assault, and with Meyers UHS/BHS Dover, to present fabricating lies on
myself. In 2008, again I had to go to the emergency near death by her
crimes, while she transferred with Genovese crime family, Bush Citi Corp,
organized crime lies to present, over 50 counts additional crime each
Judges (sentenced nationwide in Meyers, Genovese crime with Clintons
organized crime)
All of this is right in front of witnesses, on tpaes, video, documents.
Elena Meyers, with Genovese crime, goes to Carl Danberg, again sending
documents to "john Honaker" and witness tampering to present, all crimes
out of the attorney firms to Meyers collections with Genovese crime
family, and to the court for court obstructions, carries out another year
and to present, medical fraud, injury, over 400 counts of threatened
'psychiatric' lies while operating murder, medicla fraud, biological
weapons with Genovese crime family, and all fraud through attorneys.

Jeff Meyers, U.S. District Court; Meyers out of UD labs, psychiatry with
Genovese crime family and Meyers owned UHS/BHS and operating American
Psychiatry Association under and as "HHS"
Robert Meyers, Energy
Richard Myers AIr Force and weapons with Genovese crime family, and
Cheney (cheney indicted for prison camps, and investments still in crime)
Meyers family members, with Genovese on all GPS towers to car, body,
surveillance for carrying out deceptive lies, crime, violent crimes

Genovese, "illuminati," Satanic, organized crime and trafficking:
    Genovese family members acting also in the courts as judges with
Meyers family members, put again as operations of all agencies above
"HHS" and nationwide child trafficking with judges to all other crimes
for obstructions in the court and crime ran through attorneys, to Meyers
in collections firms, with Genovese crime

All Genovese crime sentenced in Delaware, NY, NJ, to FBI, drug
racketeering, construction, doctors, Genovese in neurology, total
insurance fraud all out of their attorney firms to collections and
witness tampering and Clintons in the organized crime, all under "health
Human services" illegally with their private businesses and investments.

Out of all attorney firms, and from 1990, prior to setting up organized
terrorism and total racketeering for 9-11 by Genovese crime family, with

Clintons, with Meyers family operating all agencies, including Healthcare
fraud, all crime under HHS nationwide prior to 1990 (Genovese crime over
70 yrs)

War crimes in U.S., same as Clintons, Genovese crime family, all other
countries under UN War Crimes, including Iraq

Over 150,000 apartment buildings emptied
Genovee, with FBI explosives aired all arrests in organized crime and FBI
sentenced for involvement with Genovese crime family, from 9-11 to all
other explosions, weapons using Army Corps Engineers
Organized hate crimes, petty news of the lowest, including to senators,
those with patents and intellecuals to present slandered, assaulted by
10 cities totally unlivable
Mass murders of bankers after taking all money in crime
Msss murders to present, daily increasing with the fraud
FBI, police, DEA, teachers,
Genovese, Clintons, Meyers, massive bankruptcy fraud through attorneys
Economic destruction bringing all states broke with all other fraud on
those fired
FEMA Fraud, organized fires and disasters while moving people out into
unemployment, home theft
All pensions stolen nationwide
Employment defamation in files of millions while using and sentencing
anyone in crime, all agencies, all businesses, all healthcare and
psychiatry fraud, murders including on elderly in all elderly homes, to
present under Clintons
Murders of those from Hollywood, to Citi Corp CEO recently, CEO's,
Embassadors, business owners, agents, bankers, billionaires,
Communications owners, to the murders by mutalatory crime of fraud
Murders as NASA, to every agency itself, media, police, DEA, FBI agents
used around racketeering
The highest level of ecological destruction worldwide, dumping, wrecking,
oil spills, for the 'satanic' evil vs. "Christian Good' and religious
fronts as over 7,000 years, repression of anyone not stupid and used in
crimes or hate crimes, fraud with less than 1% brain state usage

The sentencing, again, of every single agency and employees from 2001
again, along with the judges, over 65 judges as 'satanic' in child
trafficking with them, all other crime and obstructions to the law,
taking all money through the courts without victims rights, already
threatened in this case to carry out violent crimes and terrorism by it,
in 2001, since that's all they run and retardation as in their very own
news reports daily

Millions of victims each month aren't fooled, and while we have many
victims around us, they believe their continued petty news reports of
every petty, split piece of news, murders, fraud itself operated by them,
hate crimes, will cover that up, along with slander of anyone with more
than two brain links

Genovese crime family, FOX-Genovese, Meyers with media in crime and porn,
under one roof, notices each day of the sentencing, crimes, explosions of
sugar plants, to other plants, to massive air crashes of CEO's, senators,

Clintons have billions put into their accounts from "Muslim Brotherhood"
fronts for the organized crime money

National Security Agents fired, along with Two Star Generals as
'schizophrenic' by Clintons, Genvoese crime fmaily operating National
Security, also for all crime and linked to the attorneys, and with the
'business unit' of NSA with attorney firms as well as all businesses
hired in part as 'CIA' only for their usage in crime (sentenced again,
every type of business nationwide)

By Total Racketeeering, Fraud with the hate groups used, ignorance, and
total sentencing of agencies to business CEOs, hospitals

Genovese mortgage fraud, loan gangs fraud, theft by dockets each state

Genovese crime family operating all fraud and through attorneys firms
under one umbrella, national attorneys guild, under Clinton crime, and
Bush administrations, Clintons in all war crimes including Iraq by
racketeering, fraud, gangs, and CIA, mercenaries, to prison camps, all
medical fraud
Attorney firms under Clintons administration and in organized crime to
present; all fraud, over 5,000 counts carried out thru attorney firms
Genovese crime family with FBI, DEA, with ambulance, fire (70 yrs with
Meyers family in crime, Clintons over 25 years) and business crime
through it

Genovese crime of swine flu, DE, nationwide, using Boyden Gray,
biological weapons scientist out of DE, nationwide, and counsel to
Bushes, and under Clintons administration
Genovese crime with Meyers over 15 years through Dupont Hospital
Genovese 'gangs' hired crime families including Arpino family members,
and Dorothy Arpino to present, operating with Meyers, Elena Meyers in all
crime, DE, nationwide
Genovese accident fraud rings DE, nationwide, all crime, and on
witnesses, bringing accidents while not even in their car for witness
tampering and attempts at running myself and them off the road

Genovese operating "black ops" and aviation, aerospace, Boeing, weapons
(sentencing of all other persons)

Genovese crime family, many family members, all labs, with Meyers family
members, UD, Edgewood Arsenal, military with chemical weapons from
1920's, to present, and all crime by surveillance including to drug
trafficking, weapons, tracking by GPS satellite and towers all cities,
international, Germany, U.S., Israel, Iran, Bosnia, with Clintons in
organized crime

Elena Meyers as "HHS" operates all swine flu with Genovese crime family
and under clintons in organized crime, Genovese crime family on
biological weapons board, all crime including FDA, Energy, weapons,
vaccine taintings, Swine flu, trafficking, medical fraud, to all agencies
used including FBI and sentenced again, while carrying out all crimes
Neurology, doctors in crime (all hospital CEO's, nurses, fake psych
nurses, sentenced nationwide under Genovese crime, along with
neurologists and doctors, pharmacists for Genovese drug stores, all

Genovese crime from DE, NY, NJ, LA, FL, all states with Cintons, Meyers
family members
Crimes, documents all from 1990, records, photos, witnesses, and violent
threats, crimes carried out on all documents. All documents, all
witnesses, all real evidence, tapes, videos, witnesses, crimes in violent
racketeering, attempted murder by obstructions and obstructions evidence,
fraud to the court, is obtainable and legal for use in violent assault to
the body by serious criminal activity.

Genovese crime out of port authority, shown each day, while carrying out
blatant crimes, by lies, by phone, with Elena Meyers to present, violent
crimes in aid to racketeering; shown (with sentencing of port authority,
gangs at the airport in Genovese crime also under Elena Meyers) spraying
(with court cases on spraying and surveillance even by drug dealers and
court judgements, while carrying out the crimes of total 'spying' while
carrying out all crime, and while carrying out violent crimes on myself,
judgement from the 'courts' that it is illegal to use surveillance for a
drug user. And while Elena Meyers, with Clintons, carry oug additional 50
counts slander by phone, asault, federal felonies of crimes by shear
slander by phone to present, and witness tampering out of the attorneys
offices, illegal court obstructions, injury to present, over 20 years
medical fraud for violent crimes and non-disclosure of John Honakers
medical condition. John Honaker is on video discussing their crimes from
2006, while daily Elena Meyers with Genovese crime family carry out
violence on myself, and as family, to present by transferred 'slander'
alone and witnessed.
Clintons, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton
With Elena Meyers, other Meyers family members
Genovese crime family listed

Elena Meyers, carrying out violent crimes with Arpino, Genovese crime
family to present, over 50 counts additional daily; deletion of doctors
records, fabrications at Dupont Hospital, to calls the next week, to over
50 counts 'anonymous phone calls throughout after the threats in person
and total sentencing under Clintons of all agencies, healthcare fraud,
with Genovese crime family
to present, with all violent crimes with Healthcare fraud for violent
crimes and injury over 20 years, to transerring illegal changes to
records by phone to all agencies, medical, to Meyers USH/BHS for the
crimes, to lies of anonymous phone calls the next week while fabricating
"nutrition" lies wth Dr. Montone, using a miltiary doctor to fabricate
records on our son, with Genovese crime family, to her phone call to 'me'
with John Honaker forced weekly into more emergencies, over 20 years of
emergencies, and non-disclosed for her crimes on myelf ad whole family,
violence threatened to be carried out on myslelf; to her lies of her own
'anonymous' calls to 'me' and then crimnial acts with Rhonda gill, on to
criminal acts with hospital CEO, to her fabrications with Genovese St.
Jones on the hospital forms, and to present, her lies by phone of
'formerly had depression,' to calls from the hospital forms back to other
agencies, for crimes of 'seeing someone,' to present, these lies
transferred, to "her husband is helping us," and lies on both, to Meyers
UHS/BHS Dover, to other secret lies to Dr. Sibley, and Commissioner
Freud, she tells UHS/BHS, with Genovese crime family, Meyers owned, to
"holder her" and "her husband brought her in," over 50 counts added lies
for violent crimes and attempted murder by this time, making over 500
lies with Commissioner Freud while they know its racketeering, attempted
murder throughout 2008, by this time, John Honaker having another 50
emergency visits, vomitting up blood, Elena Meyers carrying out all
crimes with Clintons by slander alone transferred by phone. With Bush,
Citi Corp, Genovese crime family, Clntons in organized crime; by this
time, John Honaker, as from 1990, in emergency, as they knew prior
throughout their other criems and John as witness to it, reported, of
racketeering that John had at the time another emergency and over 25,000
more in 'cash advances' taken from him with no ability to remember them,
to make on any given day any plans or follow any. Elena Meyers carries
out daily over 50 counts additional lies transferred, of which one cannot
carry out such crimes as she adds with the lies each day. BUsh Citi Corp
at the time takes changes my name at 'their office' forcing me to sign
for Johns loans, two days after Elena Meyers knowingly in the crimes
carries out all federal felonies documented on forms to present, video,
as all witnesses, and to the court obstructions while carrying out
additional 500 counts federal felonies and assaults with Meyers owned
UHS/BHS, and all crimes listed in fraud.
Injury to myself, over 15 years, using HealthNet Federal for violent
crimes in part, hernia and internal injury, while Clintons add to over
400 counts shear slander with Elena Meyers, Genovese crime family, being
in crimes with them over 25 years.

Violent crimes in aid to racketeering
All crimes and noted by John Honaker, reported to police, with police
reports and affidavits, and on video and documents, with witnesses with
me; while Elena Meyers transfers daily 50 counts additional lies on
myself, with Dorothy Arpino to present, for theft and fraud, violent
crimes, and with John Hoanker having anotyher 50 emergency visits, not
disclosing this for that reason, but in fact lies of Johns condition from
petty 'drinks' coke on myself, over 50 lies with Dr. Montone alone,
changes to records, and then her over 500 'anonymous' phone calls,
keeping me near death and internal injuries to present; Dr. Hill, seeing
John for "chemical damage" not only over 15 times prior to 2003, but
again in 2003, supposedly 'fixed,' total non-absorption vitamin B,
passing out throughout 2006, while carrying out attempted murder by 2008
on me, and another 50 visits with Dr. Hill, his memory lapses, and
emergency visits purposely increased by non-care, while Elena Meyers
transfers lies daily on myself, purposely for the crime money and theft
as threatened, with Dorothy Arpino who threatened me for Genovese crime
family, Clintons, Elean Meyers in organized crime to present. She carries
out additional, 4 years violent crimes, with John discussing her crime on
tape, and police reports prior, by illegal lies by phone at all times to

With over 500 counts carried out slander and injury to present, whille
John Honaker reports their crimes, claiming he is helping them and over
5,000 counts of John hoankers 'condition' fabricated on myself to steal
all from us and carry out attemtped murder, injury, with Clintons to
present, documents on their slander in over 5,000 counts multiple
racketeering, fraud, as in all other countries, including Iraq war

Legal files on Box.net (with personal records at home also that are not
on there)

Investigators have and had the crimes, documents, even from 2006, and
with reports witnesses in person to present of all crimes

Susan M. Cameron, Honaker
4693 Kenton Road
Dover, DE. 19904

(transferred charges, documents, to other officials, with prior records
and reports)
Court, with all obstructions with other court records and crimes during
2009, 2010, present

All police reports, and with police, documents on their crimes while
carrying out 10 years of violent crimes in over 5,000 counts medical
fraud, threats, slander 'by phone' and changes to records, non-disclosure
of Johns Medical COndition from 1990, for violent crimes and lies on
myself of "john honakers" condition of every little symptom of 'opposite'
lies to carry out fraud in multiple part, already on sentencing under
Elena Meyers, DE, as "HHS" employee, with Clintons all states, Meyers
family members and Genovese total crime from hospital, to colleges,
neurology, in drug racketeering with FBI, Genovese drug stores, Genovese
as 'pschiatry,' Genovese medical fraud, hospital fraud with Elena Meyers
as 'HHS" and Meyers all states as "HHS" and operating all agencies with
Clintons organized crime through attorney firms under the administration,
to Genovese and Meyers operating all attorneys, judges in crime,
sentenced nationwide with attorneys, to all witenss tampering.

With each documentation, photo and on computer, they used total computer
tampering, threats, obstructions, phone calls to carry out the crimes and
with police having documents along with FBI.

Genovese, Clintons, with Bush, as threatened and threatened over,
continue going around every two minutes, and use of weapons to body, from
airplanes and direct from tower, high powered weapons, EMP, and use of
chemicals (on video tapes) with investigators having over 1 hour of video
in 2007 while carrying out more crime to present, over 50 counts
additional daily of lies by phone to carry out multiple assault federal
felonies in racketeering, bribery and assault by it
While Bill Gates, operating IBM, from 1920's,
Rothschild on G-8, war planning board, all states, England, Germany,
Israel and in DE courts
Bushes from 1920's, with Hitler, Rockfeller
Ewan Cameron with Genovese, Bushes, Rockefellers, Meyers family the same
set up, as chemical weapons scientist and CIA, international and out of
University of Delaware and Edgewood Arsenal, Genovese family members to
Boyden Gray, satanic also biolgoical weapons scienctist
Gray-Davis law firms

Genovese crime family, with Elena Meyers operating porn families, with
them including Frey crime family, Arpino who threatened me, out of
Universities, and UD, Delaware, and Rhonda Gill, other porn families, in
psychiatry, weapons, military weapons, hospital psychiatry, Psychiatry
with Meyers UHS/BHS for the crimes, and all state officials, including
judges (sentenced), while manipulating extremist Christians that are
ignorant to help in their crimes, of which also the Attorney General has
victims. (Attorney General Gonzales indicted in TX court under Genovese
crime and Meyers, while hiring other state employees, firing and
sentencing all agencies, and moving people to new positions and carrying
out the rest of the crimes to present)

Meyers using porn crime families in media, with Fire Chiefs, (sentenced),
judges also sentenced with child trafficking under Meyers, Genovese
family members, all linked to HHS, Meyers operating all HHS and
psychiatry with their businesses, hospitals, doctors, Directors,
contractors as in this case and while they were sentenced, except for
their porn families in crime.

Elena Meyers carries out over 20 years, violent crimes with Genovese, on
myself, Arpino still operating with Meyers; hernia from 1995, and X-rays,
while carrying out violent crime to present and injury
non-disclosure of Johns emergency visits, putting him into weekly visits
through her crimes with Clintons, Genovese crime family and paying his
doctor himself for this reason; racketeering and crimes with the fraud
unit divisions of HealthNet from 1990 to present

Dr. Hill, over 20 years to use in part in fraud, seeing John Honaker
prior to 1994 and throughout, each time being tested for chemical damage,
passing out, memory lapses with Genovese crime

All privately owned investments and businesses of their own aligned with
each agency and illegal use of state employees, sentenced another 4
Meyers family members operating Veterans Care, Emploment, and all under
HHS, with attorneys and Genovese crime family;
All labs, and Meyers family op Lab Corp
Genovese family members all colleges, labs with Meyers family members,
porn criminals in weapons, surveillance, GPS tracking, cell towers, wire
tap fraud
Genovese loan fraud, mortgage fraud thru DE, every state
Genovese gangs in loan fraud
Genovese accident fraud rings on witnesses and throughout, over 35
ambulances a day
Genovese collections
Genovese Drug stores, with DEA, FBI, trafficking
Genovese terrorism, threats, explosives with FBI nationwide
Genovese operating FBI, DEA, in drug trafficking, child trafficking, with
Meyers, Clintons all other crime (on "FBI" sentencing), obstructions of
justice with all others listed on sentencing

Genovese operating all business crime, with FBI, Chamber Commerce, as
"infraguard" as "CIA" with state employees as "CIA" to bankers,
incorporated in DE, with all crime, Chamber of Commerce, CEOs (sentenced)
and in part racketeering, bribery, lies given to them, with Elena Meyers
drug gangs as DEA, FBI, and as 'agents'
Genovese car accident fraud rings

Chamber Commerce being used by Genovese crime, all businesses

Genovese, Boeing,

in activity to present, with BFI Trash corporation, with FBI, DEA, and
drug racketeering, from prior to 2000 with FBI and drug racketeering

Real estate fraud, and business racketeering in multi-part racketeering
enterprise and crimes documented in this case and others

Wire tap fraud, mail fraud with attorneys, including covering up phone
calls, and with Verizon, ATT
Google and all internet being ran by Genovese crime family friends in
porn along with all psychiatry; including but not limited to Nguyen.

Their porn families not only used as psychiatry, out   of the colleges,
weapons, cell towers, GPS, with all attorneys in all   crimes, but slander
on all victims, not those they can and are operating   in crime, easily
recognizable and surround all victims with propganda   and lies of 'human
study,' and 'cia torture is allowed' and 'police state' and 'pyschiatry
rights,' or deflate violent crimes in racketeering to 'stalking' alone,
other deflationary techniques, or split piecing the crimes; Never
propaganda or slander directed at those used in murder, sexual crimes
because they are using porn criminal murderers to control the media and
in the media, propaganda and all crime with them. No slander on anyone
who is convicted of murder they are running or the millions in sexual
crime, just slander on the victims.

Genovese Real Estate fraud and using them as "CIA"
     Bob Lilley, and others in Newark, and around them for crimes of
canceling building contracts, home contracts illegally; business
racketeering and crime thru Chamber Commerce, all incorp in DE used
     Top most realtor Newark, and others used with Dorothy Arpino,
Genovese who threatened me to carry out violent crimes

Genovese, Meyers, Clintons, with Bush using businesses as 'CIA' some with
over 22, while sentencing others with Genovese crime thru FBI to

Genovese crime with bankers, banks (sentencing nationwide and employees)

Genovese biological weapons, as Swine Flu, with Boyden Gray "satanic"
biological weapons scientist, and under Clintons, with all given tainted
vaccines, needles used including in direct targeting of individuals

Hospital CEO's (sentenced) in fraud with Elena Meyers, Genovese crime and
fake nurses in crime and on elderly, Meyers family members operating all
agencies and with Clintons, under Bushes to present, in all states and

Dupont Hospital (Elena Meyers, Genovese crime family, including tainted
vaccines with another doctors office; over 15 years and federal felonies
of hiring someone to delete records, fabricate records)
Criminal families used as psychs at the hospital for crimes, nationwide
and sentenced hospital employees
Meyers UHS/BHS facitlies, private with Commissioner Freud, in multiple
federal felonies knowingly and other states in murders, all psychiatry
murders in DE, and other states

Genovese Drug Stores

Genovese owned BFI Trash

Bush Citi Corp Employees (sentenced with attorneys in mortgage fraud

Genovese, Meyers private elderly homes, psychiatry on elderly and all
crimes on them including tainted vaccines, sentencing of all CEO's,
nurses, elder care increased under Clintons to present, 2010 and use of
'HHS' employees for it

Meyers, Genovese 'psych' facilities, including UHS/BHS Dover, with Elena
Meyers, over 5,000 counts federal felonies of transfer of falsifed
information and threats to carry out crimes and on biological weapons
scientist, Genovese drug store pharmacist, victims of drug racketeering,
murders out of UHS/BHS already
     (on forms with federal felonies, St. Jones, Genovese 'transferred'
lies on forms with all other multiple records changes, transfer of lies
to all agencies, businesses, medical, and non-disclosure of pertinent
information, with Elena Meyers)
     From St. Jones, with over 500 counts prior 'anonymous' calls by
Elena Meyers and changes to mortgage, notary, Dupont hospital records,
with reports to Dr. montone of their racketeering and fraud, calls to Dr.
montone to call her, lies with nutritionist then fired after telling her
of the crimes
    Transfer of these lies by Elena Meyers, her own crimes with Genovese
crime, Clintons, and phone calls to 'myself' then lies on both, with
additional federal felonies daily by transferred lies to present, 2010
and crimes with all agencies listed, witness tampering

Genovese and Meyers aviation, and out of Cheswold, other DE areas,
Diamond with Russian organized crime and others, nationwide

Genovese aerospace, and in military weapons with Meyers (all others

Genovese "collections" firms operated with attorneys as all other crime,
and with Bruno crime family, Arpino, Frey, other criminal porn families
as all other crime

Genovese, Meyers family operating illegally for crime, HealthNet federal
(all sentenced with Lab Corp prior and under Clintons)
Genovese, Elena Meyers collecting on HealthNet for their violent crimes
all through attorneys in DE, NY, NJ, PA, all states
State employees sentenced all states with Meyers in crime, Genovese crime

Meyers, Genovese, Clintons all states, in elder care fraud also, homes,
murders, and doctors, directors, fake psychiatry sentenced

On court dockets in DE, all states, and NY, NJ, PA; all Genovese crime
sentencing prior to 2000; with FBI, attorneys, loan fraud, all other
fraud and throughout their violent crimes.

All persons used herein under Racketeering and know it, in fact, firing
everyone while carrying out the crimes, no legal transfer of information
for the crimes, and using whoever is criminal, transferring lies for
violent crime and fraud in multiple racketeering, injury to myself, and
John Honaker over 20 years paying for his own insurance used in
collections fraud by Meyers UHS/BHS and Genovese crime family

All under Racketeering Enterprise of all crimes:

Commissioner Freud, who knowingly took bribes, with Meyers UHS/BHS,
making a commitment from 'her husband brought her in,' lies, to 'suing a
crime family' to every other lie over 400 transferred in 'front of
witnesses and on videos'
    (All Commissioners sentenced nationwide and this one with thousands
of murders, including a Genovese drug store pharmacist, a 70 yr old who
reported drug gangs threatening her, a Genovese crime biological weapons
scientist, a young guy beaten badly not by kids, thousands of others out
of Meyers UHS/BHS, and sentenced in other states, along with Elena meyres
crimes on a Social Services friend and victim from 2000, and other women
to present, locking her up)

Health Human Services Director under investigation for psychiatry fraud,
murders, child murders, and sentencing while Elena Meyers carries out
these mutliple violent crimes, and with Clintons to present

Fire Chief acting with all Genovese crime, Genovese FBI, drug gangs,
accident fraud rings (over 35 ambulances during their crimes and witness
tampering throughout)
   When threatening me in 2000 in person; Genovese acting with Clintons,
with FBI, DEA, the drug criminals set up two doors down driving the
ambulance, and with police, DEA, (all being sentenced, fired, some
victims to present)
   and the same to present, with witnesses, while police had reports of
the crimes

Kaufman, Senator DE
Carl Danberg, assistant Taggart, all crimes herein as Genovese crime in
DE, all states (and all DA's sentenced) with thousands of other cases,
and obstructions, murders
   (with Elena Meyers carrying out over 500 counts more in court crimes,
filings, blocking court due process or even a hearing, getting rid of
evidence, and witness tampering the whole time, crimes in front of
witnesses, and with Carl Danberg, Taggart, sends the court case to John
Honaker, and lies again, more slander while taking more loans, all his
income, and over 20 years with dimentia type symptoms)

Terry Newman, 2001; with Meyers family operating all hate groups,
religious groups, with their other criminals and schools, including Frey
porn family in DE, and out of the colleges; they use Newman to carry out
more lies after the threats, slander and public slander weeks before "9-

Rhonda (Porn crime family with Genovese) Gill, with Elena Meyers and
Genovese hospital fraud and crimes after threatening me, making more
anonymous calls by deleting our sons medical records, and making up 50
different lies which are federal felonies, taking 50K at the time
knowingly with Bush Citi Corp again, from 1990, with John having serious
condition, from him 'at work,' and lying about myself
Genovese 'psychiatry' lies with Meyers,after more threats, changes to
doctors records transferred to present for crimes

AGAIN, KNOWINGLY CARRYING OUT CRIME; the whole time and knowingly, with
"satanic" judges, and child trafficking sentenced nationwide with Elena
Meyers, Genovese crime and to Jeff Meyers U.S. District Court, Clintons:
     With police affidavits DE State Police, reports from 2000;

Prosecutor Speed with Mayor Speed, Dover, carrying out all crimes, with
Genovese crime family, Elena Meyers as "HHS" with other Meyers family
    Prosecutor Speed, while all other crime is being carried out, and
while on the phone with him at U.S. District Court, 07, prior to over 3
more years violent crimes by Elena Meyers with Genovese, Clintons and in
her own handwriting;p sends an "FBI" white van to the airport, Cheswold,
blocking it off, other car accident rings, and brings in a helicopter and
carries out all Genovese crimes as they are in all other states sentenced
(or murdered, NY, MO, WA, PA, other states)

Genovese crime family, using Nguyen as top psychiatry, child porn
(already with murders of children in DE, nationwide with Meyers, and
sentencing of psychiatrists, HHS director under investigation); also
operating Google headquarters, and these demented persons they can get
operating in media coverage of agencies, Google, psychiatry, weapons all
labs with Meyers and Genovese crime as indicated and hospital crime,
while all others are sentenced including doctors.

All violent crimes herein, are with Meyers family, and Genovese crime
family operating their own busineses, attorney firms, as judges, as
American Psychiatric Association, Meyers owned UHS/BHS Dover, with judges
and all state employees illegally as "satanists" in child trafficking for
all other racketeering and violent crimes, Frey family, and Arpino in
pornography and psychiatry, all labs out of University of Delaware and
nationwide, and illegal use of doctors, psychiatrists with the HHS
director under investigation for murders, private business employees
bribed, used with FBI, Genovese drug trafficking and Drug stores, all
mortgage fraud, crime, trafficking, and with businesses, hiring them also
as "CIA" and incorporated in DE (with nationwide sentencing of all state
officials, and illegally used as satanists, neo nazis, other
ideologically or politically, bribery for crime for their private

All records and documents Elena Meyers making over 50 counts additional
daily changes to records, including mortgage and notary, transferring
lies to carry out crimes with Genovese crime family, Clintons in
organized crime and over 500 counts of slander threatened to be carried
out, injury and violent crimes to present, and by John Honakers
discussions of Elena Meyers crimes, while carrying out another four years
of violence, attempted murder and injury to myself, putting JOhn Honaker
by this time into weekly emergency visits and non-disclosure from 1990 of
Johns medical record, to carry out theft of all from us, from myself, and
lies by phone of wich Elena Meyers carries out with Genovese crime
family, Clintons to present, blatant federal felonies and in front of
witenssses to present as well as being documented.

U.S. Code collection ... 1959. Violent crimes in aid of racketeering
activity ... (4) for threatening to commit a crime of violence, by
imprisonment for not ...
conspiracy to commit racketeering (RICO) in violation of Title 18, United
States Code

Title 18,1951. Interference with commerce by ...
1951. Interference with commerce by threats or violence

Section 880 Receiving the proceeds of extortion

Section 872 Extortion by officers or employees of the United States

(With Genovese crime family, Bushes, Meyers family operating all
agencies, Richard Meyers Air Force, Robert Meyers Energy, CDC, and
biological weapons with Genovese crime family, Bushes)

Over 5,000 counts at one time carried out and additional 50 counts daily
of transfer of fabricated documents, changes to documents and
transferring them by Elena Meyers, Clintons, with Genovese crime family,
while John Honaker is having emergencies increased weekly, and memory
lapses, and reports their threats and crimes, all crime carried out by
inuring others, including Ruth Chapman causing her a brain injury and who
could not hold a job, could not remember anything short term or
complicated at all still "working" under Meyers operating in crime in
Missouri, brain care by Veterans Care, Genovese crime and neurology

Clinton's SEVENTY TWO Violations of the UNITED STATES CODE
(18 USC 1962(a)) Investing Racketeering Income (Vincent Foster trips to
... a False Record to the United States (Papers made available to the FBI
in the ...

United States Code: Title 18,1952. Interstate and foreign travel ...
1952. Interstate and foreign travel or TRANSPORTATION IN AID OF
ANY UNLAWFUL ACTIVITY; or ... United States Code, or under section 1956
or 1957 of this title and ...

Over 15 years, denial of care of federal insurance to John Honaker,
increasing his condition, use of Lab Corp, racketeering in part with Dr.
Hill for violent crimes in total, and denial of real medical care for
myself, causing John Honakers condition to extreme levels, and severe
memory loss while already having such, chemical damage, testing prior to
and throughout with Dr. Hill, Lab Corp, Genovese violent crimes with
Clintons, Elena Meyers, Arpino; Meyers family with Genovese crime family,
Clintons operating organized crime with Health Human Services, Veterans
Affairs, Health insurance, all under one roof in mutliple carried
Veterans care, even from 1990, prior to carrying out threats to carry out
war crimes, violent crime.

Title 18 US Code section 286 CONPSIRACY TO DEFRAUD the Government ...
Hospital Insurance T42CFR409.33 CLAIMS ) HEALTHCARE FRAUD AND ABUSE. ...
Over 5,000 counts by Genovese crime family, Bushes, in organized crime
with Elena Meyers to present and throughout 2010:


United States Code: Title 18,1001. STATEMENTS OR ENTRIES GENERALLY ...
(1) falsifies, conceals, or covers up by any trick, scheme, or device a
material fact;. (2) makes any materially false, FICTICIOUS, or fraudulent
statement ...

NARA Code of Federal Regulations - 36 CFR 1230
Nov 2, 2009 ... ALTERATION means the unauthorized ANNOTATION, ADDITION,
or DELETION TO A RECORD. Deface means to obliterate, mar, or spoil the
appearance or...

The people of the United States are being lied to every day by
politicians and .... Fraud Related US Code - The Fraud Information Center
(TFIC) · S&S Law - Tort Law ... Your Source for Medical and Healthcare
Information; An Austin TX, ...
graham.main.nc.us/~bhammel/ins.html -

H.R.1279 - GANG VIOLENCE BILL. To amend title 18, United States Code, to
reduce violent ... (1) interstate or foreign travel or transportation in
aid of ...

RICO is codified as Chapter 96 of Title 18 of the United States Code,
are now

United States Code: Title 18,1961. Definitions | LII / Legal ...
(1) “racketeering activity” means (A) ANY ACT OR THREAT involving murder,
.... or which is unenforceable under State or Federal law in whole or in
part as ...
www.law.cornell.edu › TITLE 18 › PART I › CHAPTER 96

This title may be cited as the ``Artists' Rights and Theft Prevention Act
of 2005'' or ... report under rule 32(c) of the Federal Rules of Criminal
Procedure, .... Section 408 of title 17, United States Code


CODE § 61-5-27(0 (2005); see also S. Katz, SPOILAGE OF EVIDENCE: Crimes,
Genovese crime family, with Elena Meyers, takes all tapes, including from
the doctors office, where he is told they are using surveillance,
carrying out racketeering, keeping us broke, and Elena Meyers changes
records, with the FBI having documents below the Dupont hospital; Elena
Meyers in crimes with Genovese, biological weapons, tainted vaccines on
our son from 1995, using Boyden Gray and out of DE, and biological
weapons, tainted vaccines on myself, over 15 years HealthNet fraud, to
create Johns condition worse each month, vomitting up blood, and Lab Corp
taking his blood while carrying out violent crimes. SHe changes our sons
records prior to the visit with Dr. Montone, then has him call her, sets
up nutrition lies on myself, having given weekly my son nutritional
information and myself doing all activity with him.

Over 5,000 counts, federal felonies in drug racketeering with FBI,
reports of the crimes to FBI, and Elena meyers, with Genovese crime
family, taking videos, and fabricating lies for crime, multiple violent
crimes, to cover up their crimes from the time of the threats and setting
up multiple criminal acts, violent crimes with Genovese and the FBI in
drug trafficking and Elena Meyers as "HHS" in trafficking, multiple
violent crimes and using Meyers owned UHS/BHS also for others who are
victims and murders out of UHS/BHS prior and at the time. Elena Meyers,
with Genovese, Clintons, (Hillary also with HHS and healtchare fraud,
biological weapons money, with Genoese crime family), to present in all
crimes, from 2000, to present, threats with their drug gangs, and FBI,
and assaults on all witnesses with Elena Meyers.

To present, from 2000, including Ruth Chapmen injured and witness to
their crimes, serous brain injury and memory loss; Andrea Henderson,
locked up over three times for reporting their drug racketeering,
threats, with white vans, FBI, DEA, with Genovese crime.

She threatens me with police to present with witneses, with Bush Citi
Corp, Genovese, DEA, FBI in drug racketeering, threatens us at the roller
rink, in public, keeping us broke over 300 days out of the year while at
the time knowingly taking over 50K and preparing a new home loan for John
Honaker 'at work,' fabricates lies with Dr. montone that her husband
"works," and all lies on myself, with him sitting daily no memory of the
loans. They change my name on the notary, purposely carrying out multiple
crimes to present, on myself while keeping me broke, crimes as threats by
Elena Meyers in multiple racketeering. They have John sitting to present,
daily but for buying, loss over 1,000 a month, no ability to follow, make
any plans, and she fabricates all of his condition on documents to get
serious racketeering and assaults as threatened on myself, taking daily
plans by surveillance and timed including the phone calls to John Honaker
for loans in 'advance' no one knows about and to present, he doesn't
remember to carry out theft of all my own work and get more money in
medical fraud, violent crime and racketeering. They threaten me at Dr.
Montones office, take the cameras firing the nutritionist, Amy Gotee-Ash,
when she also is told that these are opposite lies on myself, that I
don't drink coke and that crimes are being committed.

Other businesses where their crimes are discussed are documented to
present, where they take out cameras.
Section 1033 Crimes by or affecting persons engaged in the business of
insurance whose activities affect interstate commerce

Over 500 counts

wire fraud is codified at 18 U.S.C. § 1343, and reads as follows:

WIRE FRAUD, in the United States Code, is any criminally fraudulent
activity that has been determined to have involved electronic
communications of any kind, at any phase of the event

Whoever, having devised or intending to DEVISE ANY SCHEME OR ARTIFICE TO
DEFRAUD, or for OBTAINING MONEY OR PROPERTY by means of false or
fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, TRANSMITS or CAUSES
interstate or foreign commerce, any writings, signs, signals, pictures,
or sounds FOR THE PURPOSE OF EXECUTING SUCH SCHEME or artifice, shall be
fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

18 U.S.C. § 1343 must be a material misrepresentation; a
tendency" of influencing, a decision is material.

To commit WIRE FRAUD, one must (1) devise, or INTEND TO DEVISE, A SCHEME
REPRESENTATION, and (2) do it with the INTENT TO DEFRAUD, and (3) do it
through the use of interstate wire facilities (i.e. telecommunications of
any kind).

Threats while threatening in person to carry out terrorism and crime by
multiple assault, over computer linked to UD, while working there, by
Dorothy Arpino, and daily taking all documents on their crimes, with
discussions of it, photos, video, and carrying out more violence, by
Elena Meyers organized with Genovese crime family to present, Clintons,
and all other family members of Meyers on weapons, UD, HHS, all agencies,
Robert Meyers Energy, Meyers family on all weapons, labs, with Richard
Meyers and trafficking with Genovese crime family and Clintons, Hillary
Clinton operating with HHS, Healthcare fraud, Lab Corp, HealthNet Federal
with Elena Meyers, other Meyers in all states, also on all sentencing
prior to 2000, and to present is employees and "oversight."
Copmuter tampering documents shown, and even to 2010, and while Elena
Meyers carries out all crimes with Clintons and obstructions to the
court, throwing out all evidence by illegal filings, including thousands
of other cases under Carl Danberg in crime as on sentencing documents and

Penal Code 2702. STALKING BY USE OF COMPUTER modem is a tort. ... a
system commits the FELONY OF COMPUTER TAMPERING A person who accesses a
system without

Extortion of crime by threats in person over two hours, lies, threats to
carry out terrorism, to use surveillance, and carry out assault and
racketeering by lies and crime, obstructions to present
FindLaw provides US Code - Chapter 41: Extortion and threats for

Sec. 872. Extortion by officers or employees of the United States

      Whoever, being an officer, or employee of the United States or
    any department or agency thereof, or representing himself to be or
    assuming to act as such, under color or pretense of office or
    employment commits or attempts an act of extortion, shall be fined
    under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both;
    but if the amount so extorted or demanded does not exceed $1,000,
    he shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one
    year, or both.

Threats to carry out terrorism by multiple threats, crimes, acts and by
multiple racketeering, daily crimes, assault and surveillance timing all
crimes, tracking:

United States Code: Title 18,2331. Definitions | LII / Legal ...
(1) the term “international terrorism” means activities that—. (A)
involve violent acts or acts dangerous to human life that are a violation
of the criminal

Serious assaults, EMP Microwave powered high powered weapons, attempted
murder, threatened to be carried out with all other crimes, and
electrocution, by satellite tracking, multiple implants as radio

Penal Code, title 54 Criminal Procedure, Chapter 950 Section 53a-3.
Definitions: (20) "ELECTRONIC DEFENSE WEAPON" means a weapon which by

53a-3 Electronic defense weapon = a weapon which by ELECTRIC IMPULSE OR
CURRENT IS ... of electronic defense weapon is Class D felony (53a-217).

CFR 1546.301 - Bomb or air piracy THREATS. - Code of Federal ...
49 CFR 1546.301 - Bomb or air piracy threats. - Code of Federal

Genovese threatens for months to blow me up, even putting packages on
downtown steps at the time for terror scares, and using known
individuals, in periods of over two years out of unions, known businesses
on documents, license plates, to stop in front of me, flash theri lights,
and then calls police, and stores with big lies, having police coming up
slamming on their brakes to present witnessed and on documents, calls to
stores signed up with Infraguard and FBI for "security" while threatning
myself outside at public places and other stores, including in 2010
present, with witnesses

From 2001, after threats, having people pull up, pointing things, or
guns, slamming on their brakes including when only going to the video
store with my family, as a threat to myself, while giving them bid lies
and using criminals in other drug activity, and with Elena Meyers who
carries out all crimes of racketeering, with porn families in psychiatry,
with Genovese crime (listed on all state and court dockets and herein on

USING FRONT MEN FOR POLICE AND FBI to block victims of reports, delete
reports, while using them in crime by Genovese crime family along with
CIA sentenced:

Police reports of the crimes, the threats to carry out Racketeering, and
attempted kidnapping in 01, 03, and to FBI, while carrying out assault,
lies, forcing John Honaker into weekly emergencies, and lying about John
Honaker "helping" Elena Meyers, Bush, Genovese crime family, Richard
Meyers, Clintons in organized crime

Over 5,000 counts with criminal assaults
A federal, state, or local law enforcement officer, including a reserve
or ..... by the Federal Communications Commission to police or law
enforcement ...

Over 500 counts using personal information, license, transferring
fabrications on documents by Genovese crime family, medical, psychiatry
lies, threats, changes to mortgage documents and other documents,
anonymous phone calls, with Elena Meyers:

.... Laws Relating to FALSE CLAIMS and False Statements; MSKCC Code of
Conduct ...
www.mskcc.org › ... › Vendor Compliance Information

Drug racketeering, assaults, with DEA, aviation, over 5,000 counts and
during the process of drug racketeering increasing from 1995 to 2000,
during threats and to present:

49 CFR Transportation
The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is an annual codification of the
general ..... 1550 AIRCRAFT Aviation safety Security measures; 49 CFR
Part 1570 Crime ...

Over 5,000 counts; Violations of use of spraying for surveillance to
traffic, to commit violence, to cover up their crimes and discussions of
them, to carry out violent crimes, racketeering, timing of crimes and
witness tampering, over 5,000 counts, and assaults using DEA, drug gangs,
and helicopters over the car, as threats to present on video, while
holding lawsuits for drug users to protect them for "surveillance" and
spraying for it: Threats to carry out, by Dorothy Arpino, chemical
weapons, with Genovese crime family, Elena Meyers, under "HHS" and as
documented, with Rihcard Myers, Rumsfeld, Genovese crime family, along
with those in every state, lawsuits thrown out with the documents on the
spraying and Richard Meyers acting with Elena Meyers for multiple violent
crimes in racketeering with Genovese crime family.
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
by KR Solomon - 2005 - Cited by 7 - Related articles
A report prepared for the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission
...... Figure 10 Photographs of aspects of the spray operation. ...

Death-spray legal defense | Cannabis Culture Magazine
3 posts - 2 authors - Last post: Jul 6, 2003
These same countries are SPRAYED AND DRUG WAR policed by DynCorp. Are
DynCorp's spraying operations part of a process to clear inhabitants ...
www.cannabisculture.com › Home › CC Backissues › CC43

United States Code: Title 18,CHAPTER 73—OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE ...
1519. Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in Federal
investigations and

Over 50 counts, witnessed, documented, daily transfer "by phone" of lies,
fabrications threatened by Genovese crime family, by slander and to carry
out crimes by slander alone, with Clintons, Genovese crime family and
Elena Meyers, including with Rhonda Gill after illegally making over 50
counts daily of doctors records changes, lies, fabrications, anonymous
phone calls, during all other racketeering, and directed at myself during
john having emergenices weekly, Elena Meyers transferring a phone call
from St. Jones, Satanic Genovese to Rhonda Gill, and over 50 counts daily
of lies by phone, fraud to carry out violent crimes to present, with
attorneys, Citi Corp, Meyers UHS/BHS, and those stated and on documents
"transferred," at the same time

Regulations - Title 31: Money and Finance: Treasury - TITLE 31 - MONEY

38 CFR 3.1 - Definitions. - Code of Federal Regulations - Title 38 ...
PURPOSE ... Other documents: 40 CFR 406.65

United States Code: Title 18,1512. TAMPERING WITH A WITNESS ...
(1) that the official proceeding before a judge, court, magistrate judge,
grand jury, or government agency is before a judge ... Parallel
authorities (CFR) ...

(Judges sentenced nationwide in trafficking, racketeeering, bribery, with
Commissioners, and with Meyers, Genovese families in crime in all HHS
with courts, senators, state agencies sentenced under such)

The following memorandum of law concerning statutes and case law
regarding total and complete lack of prosecutorial and judicial
jurisdiction of sham prosecutors and judges in this case:
Judges and prosecutors have absolute immunity unless they totally lack
subject-matter or personal jurisdiction in the case. A judge acting
without subject-matter jurisdiction is acting without judicial authority.
Cohens v. Virginia, 19 U.S. (6 Wheat) 264, 404, 5 L.Ed 257 (1821) The
U.S. Supreme Court, in Scheuer v. Rhodes, 416 U.S. 232, 94 S.Ct. 1683,
1687 (1974) stated that "when a state officer acts under a state law in a
manner violative of the Federal Constitution”, he "comes into conflict
with the superior authority of that Constitution, and he is in that case
stripped of his official or representative character and is subjected in
his person to the consequences of his individual conduct. The State has
no power to impart to him any immunity from responsibility to the supreme
authority of the United States." [Emphasis supplied in original].

Federal felonies of Elena Meyers, with Genovese crime family, Bushes,
Clintons, with Carl Danberg, and Assisstant District Attorney
(racketeering all other states sentenced) acting as a state employee and
filing illegal motions, disregarding due process, pre-hearings, ordering
the court to dismiss evidence, changes to records, changes to the lawsuit


invalidates all orders of the court and causes the case to be null and
void ab initio. “Fraud upon the court” has been defined by the 7th
Circuit Court of Appeals to “embrace that species of fraud which does, or
attempts to, defile the court itself, or is a fraud perpetrated by
officers of the court so that the judicial machinery can not perform in
the usual manner its impartial task of adjudging cases that are presented
for adjudication.” Kenner v. C.I.R., 387 F.3d 689 (1968); 7 Moore’s
Federal Practice, 2d ed., p. 512, ¶ 60.23. The 7th Circuit further stated
“a decision produced by fraud upon the court is not in essence a decision
at all, and never becomes final.”

Under Federal law which is applicable to all states, the U.S. Supreme
Court stated that if a court is "without authority, its judgments and
orders are regarded as nullities. They are not voidable, but simply void;
and form no bar to a recovery sought, even prior to a reversal in
opposition to them. They constitute no justification; and all persons
concerned in executing such judgments or sentences, are considered, in
law, as trespassers." Elliot v. Piersol, 1 Pet. 328, 340, 26 U.S. 328,
340 (1828

Over 5,000 counts threatened to be carried out and crimes with it,
Genovese crime family, with Meyers family, Elena Meyers, Bushes, Clintons
(to present and on documents)

Threats to carry out and carrying out terrorism, assault, tracking, crime
by defamation, slander, falsifications, use of personal information and
lies, multiple criminal acts by surveillance, tracking, and continued
crimes as threats to carry out more by obstructions
HEALTH AND ... Microwave Weapons ( Raytheon Style ).

All crimes to present, carried out as additional crimes as predicate
acts: Other predicate, added offenses by each additional crime
The predicate offenses for racketeering include various state and federal
crimes listed in the U.S. Code

Credit Bureau has all crimes and dispute also:

Racketeering with:
Bushes, Bush Citi Corp, other investments, drug racketeering, weapons
Genovese drug stores, with DEA, FBI, courts, Genovese in psychiatry,
Genovese on weapons boards, biological weapons boards with Bushes and
Clintons Energy and Racketeering, organized crime, weapons, investments

Genovese attorneys and firms, racketeering with courts, judges, all other
crime, and healthcare fraud, obstructions in the court with Jeff Meyers

Meyers family members operating American Psychiatric Association with
Genovese crime family private psychiatry facilities, and Meyers owned
UHS/BHS Dover Behavioral Health Systems and other facilities nationwide
with illegal use of state employees and criminals as "CIA"
Elena Meyers as HHS and Meyers family in all HHS nationwide
Meyers family members in all labs, weapons, with Richard Meyers Air
Force, all towers, surveilance, military weapons
Robert Meyers Energy with Richard Meyers, all weapons, towers, GPS

Meyers, Genovese racketeering Chamber of Commerce, all businesses and
healthcare insurance under HHS, with attorneys, fraud.

U.S. Attorney General Holder, blocked reports on myself, while having
other "victims" (Gonzales indicted with Cheney not sentenced)

With Genovese, Elena Meyers, Clintons with Holder helping other victims
and carrying out violent crimes on myself, John Honaker, family

Genovese, Elena Meyers racketeering with businesses, all information
agencies transferring lies, anonymous phone calls, personal information
and lies, and carrying out crime and transferring more lies from their
crimes; HIPPA violations, transfer of lies, changing mortgage, medical,
other records, all information reporting boards and use of businesses for
their crimes

Genovese crimes with information changes, deletion of records with Dupont
Hospital, hired military doctor
Dr. Hill over 15 years and threats to myself having X-rays and hernia to
present with other injuries and JOhn Honaker paying for his own medical
care over 15 years, emergency visits and damage increased purposely for
the crimes

Racketeering with HealthNet Federal for crimes and fraud over 15 years
Racketeering with Attorney firms, real estate agents
Bay Health, CEO, Director, and Rhonda Gill, with Elena Meyers in these
crimes on documents
Racketeering with the court, judges, attorneys with Elena Meyers

District Attorney Carl Danberg, Assistant Taggart (thousands of other
cases) with Jeff Meyers and other Meyers, Genvoese in the DE court
Genovese attorney firms and collections agencies over 15 years

Commissioner Freud in DE (commissioners sentenced in most other states
and with Meyers owned UHS Behavioral Health Facilities, and Genovese
owned facilities, private psychiatry, weapons in NY, LA, other states, in
racketeering, with judges)

Federal felonies use of state employees (all sentenced) with reports to
each state employee and knowing of the crimes, firing employees, taking
reports, police reports and to present threats by drug gangs, and phone
calls by Genovese, Clintons, Bushes, in drug racketeering to police with
big lies who know they are acting in crime, and with witnesses

All reports, including online from prior to 2006, and back to 2001, from
John Honaker, and on documents, video, while illegally moving me, keeping
me broke, threats an carrying out defamation, crimes by defamation daily
by Elena Meyers, Clintons, Genovese crime family, and with Meyers family
members listed

Genovese, Elena Meyers from 01, carry out all threatened obstructions of
reports, and crimes by obstructions, violent crimes, using Delaware State
Police in drug activity and orders to carry out crimes, obstructions,
with affidavits and reports of the threats, crimes, and on Elena Meyers,
Dorothy Arpino

Richard Meyers with Elena Meyers, Clintons, Genovese crime family
members; (and publiclly documented) witnessed, with drug gangs, with
Genovese crime family out of Cheswold Airport and racketeering with Chief
Condon (others and airport workers fired, Genovese gangs sentenced, FBI
sentenced in drug trafficking and child trafficking, weapons on board
airplanes, with CIA, out of Summit Airport to Cheswold, and back to other
air space) Helicopter aviation to present also on video with Genovese
drug operations in the crimes as prior to the threats and in drug
racketeering with FBI, aviation, police.

Under CLintons to present, Hillary in crime with them, Joint Chiefs of
staff, secret service, assaulted, fired, murdered along with those who
worked with John Honaker at Pentagon; while assaulting all state
employees including DEA, FBI, CIA, National Security, they hire another
one as "official" use fake ones as "official" (on documents and
witnessed, video) and carry out crime, lies, transfer of records to

Senator Schumer has my case, while Hillary stands with Schumer at
"justice department" also having our case of serious violent crime,
"awarding" with Schumer, Hillary a "citizens award" for surveillance and
weapons for someone who is not really victimized and only those who have
no information or were not threatened having court cases so long as they
have no idea "who" is carrying out the crimes, and in this case, serioud
bodily injury threatened and done with racketeering.

Racketeering with criminals, drug gangs as prior to the threats in 2000-1
and during the time of threats with Arpino, operating with Genovese,
Elena Meyers, CLintons, in trafficking, with FBI, police, DEA, and all
linked to Genovese crime family businesses in racketeering, Genovese
fraud, Drug Stores, loans

Terry Newman, criminal and moved to Ohio, used to transfer defamation to
public groups, by Elena Meyers, Clintons, and with Genovese crime in Ohio

Genovese, nerology, and weapons, with Richard Meyers, Missouri, and
Meyers family operating Air Force, Richard Meyers, Clintons to present
organized crime, and operating Veterans Care, brain injury group out of
Langley and Missouri on Ruth Chapman witness to present also and injured
prior to threats and during drug activity by Genovese crime family

Genovese, Elena Meyers has many quit, witnesses assaulted, and takes,
transfers all lies, federal felonies, records changes including on
mortgage loan in 2006, with over 50 counts changes to medical,
fabrications, hiring someone to change them, anonymous phone calls,
illegal invalid crimes after each other crime by Elena Meyers, with
Clintons, Hillary Clinton, other Meyers listed, and Genovese family

Elena Meyers, and Meyers operating all agencies, under HHS, all states,
and internaional, carries out additional 50 counts criminal assaults in
one week, just by deleting sons medical records, changes to them, over
500 "anonymous" phone calls with Genovese crime family in 2006, April to
December and over 500 counts racketeering, assault with Bush Citi corp,
Genovese in all crimes herein at the same time

(on documents and public records with Genovese crime family members)

Over 5,000 counts, (and some on photo, all witnessed, on tape,
documented) phone calls by Elena Meyers to carry out terrorism, assault,
federal felonies by transferring fabrications with over 500 counts
racketeering wit those herein, Genovese crime family, carried out crime
threatened and with the obstructions threatened

Elena Meyers, with Genovese crime family, operating all biological
weapons, tainted vaccines on our son, Dupont arrests including Director
of "Ethics" prior to the threats, child trafficking nationwide (sentenced
judges, day cares, FBI, CIA in the crimes, public officials, media under
Meyers, Genovese crime family, FOX, with fire chiefs one roof)
Continues in violent crimes in multiple, using all herein at the same
Changes to and deletion of medical records with Dupont Hospital, a hired
military doctor by Elena Meyers in crimes trafficking, with Genovese,
Richard Meyers and a miltiary director with her in nationwide
trafficking, fabrications, then more anonymous phone calls, attempts at
running us off the road, threats from downtown, using women to "take
notes," threats with Genovese drug activity, racketeering with all herein
at the same time, leaving me broke while carrying out the crimes calling
John Honaker for loans unknown to anyone, over 5,000 days with John on
tape stating he has no idea where they came from and of Elena Meyers
crimes with Genovese and Arpino;

In one week, used Rhonda Gill, and a fabricated "anonymous call" without
any validity again
Transfers to the hospital lies, while setting up a new homeloan with Citi
Corp to "cover" unknown loans taken by John Honaker "at work" he has no
memory of
Elena Meyers, with Richard Meyers, HHS director under investigation for
murders, psychiatry murders, calls "Me" after fabricating lies on me of
even John honaker drinking coke on myself, fires nutritionist, deletes
sons records

Calls from St. Jones, federal felony, threatens me to the hospital of
which is a federal felony, calls to Rhonda Gill (on forms) and has Rhonda
Gill write down "formerly had depression." and other lies
Elena Meyers writes down (in 2007, prior to over 50 coutns daily
witnessed crimes by phone and lies of John Honaker helping her even to
the court)
"thinks she has 'government chip in her head" as all children are being
chipped and I don't use the words
She then "transfers" phone calls, puts me on "study" lists with
University, Meyers operating all labs, has CDC call me rudely and asking
(On video is the radiation surveillance by investigators, and radio
receiving implants all through the body, with levels of radiation and EMP
weapons, threatened to be carried out by lies by Arpino, Genovese crime
family, with Elena Meyers in the crimes to present)

Threatens witnesses to present, attempts at running one off the road, and
car accident fraud ring to cause an accident while she is in a restaurant
Witness assaults to present, and crimes in front of witnesses, on tapes,
video also, along with John Honaker

Elena Meyers claims by "phone" calls, that John Honaker, with Genovese
crime family, is "helping her" and lies about "his wife"

Bush gives benefits, while Elena Meyers transfers lies secretly to
police, with police reports taken, and to Meyers UHS, again to the
hospital and to Commissioner Freud, more lies carried over for Meyers
owned UHS/BHS to carry out crime to present all documented, witnessed, on
tapes, video

Elena Meyers transfers, with Bush, Clintons, Genovese over 50 lies daily,
to carry out the crimes
Uses Rhonda Gill to threaten John after eight more months of daily
crimes, phone calls and changing our sons medical records, John Honaker
in more memory lapses and blood taken weekly, emergencies, right at time
in emergency and over 50K more taken he cannot remember, to make phone
calls for "your wife" to Everettes Associates in contracts with Elena
Meyers and Meyers owned UHS/BHS Dover other states in organized crime and
murders on intelligence

While I found out about that later, and Everettes, a Dr. Cindrich was
told of every crime herein and quit, resigned, with the papers from him
in my hands, Elena Meyers, Genovese, Clintons, carried out all
racketeering herein and additional transferred lies with Everettes, also
firing staff there, over 50 counts additional assault, lies transferred
by "phone" daily to present 2010, that "she was seeing someone at
Everettes," and every other psychiatry lies threatened to be done,
documented, transferred secretly and federal felonies, assault carried
out by it, including these crimes herein already listed

50 counts daily until more federal felonies, with assaults, racketeering,
daily, by transfer of lies that "she is seeing someone at Everettes" to
carry out assault, crimes, racketeering violent crimes threatened and
carried out.

Genovese and Elena Meyers with Fire Department, ambulance, judges,
doctors, hospital, biological weapons, trafficking and sentenced
nationwide, with FBI, Labor, unions, employees, Employers with
"infraguard" and their atttorneys in all racketeering prior to threats to
carry out total racketeering, and shown on documents to pressent, 2010
with all crime

Over 50 counts federal felonies in addtion to each "anonymous" phone call
from 2001, and by 2006, with John Honaker in emergency weekly, weekly lab
corp, with Dr. Hill, memory lapses.

Elena Meyers carries out records changes, fraud with Dr. montone, a hired
miltiary doctor, then refuses to every at present, have offiicial
documents in hand, making anonymous phone calls, and crimes with those
calls without any right to do so.

She calls with another "anonymous call" to us, knowingly calling for
myself as the crimes are directed at for that reason of John Honaker to
present, in emergencies, with memory lapses, and carries out additional
federal felonies from one thing to the next without right to do so and
without reason, valid documents for any reason; she shakes Johns hand,
while he is on tape discussing their crimes to present, ignores my sons
statements of crime, threats by Arpino with him with me, attempts at
running us off the road, and asks our son, "Do you have guns?" and then,
"Does anyone in your family have a psychiatric condition?" to carry out
more crimes as threatened, Elena Meyers in the crimes. She then threatens
me that I have to go to the hospital illegally to carry out the
additional over 50 counts federal felonies, violent crimes daily by lies
to present in 2010, adds over 50 counts federal felonies at the hospital
in racketeering nationwide with all hospital CEOs sentenced, contractors,
and Rhonda Gill in this case, calls by Phone with "formerly had
depression' and another 50 counts criminal assaults weekly thereafter by
phone lies.

She sets up secret lies with Dr. Montone to call her to begin with; calls
police to come slamming on their brakes and fabricates setting up
'nutrition' classes with Dr. Montone on myself and son, firing the
nutritionist who is told of the crimes, along with Dr. Montone told of
the racketeering, who is told "her husband "works," and to carry out
crimes on myself.

Other lawsuits come about, with Genovese, meyers in all courts as
"judges" themselves, with the sentencing of all state agencies, CIA,
judges in child trafficking, as Meyers, Elena Meyers with Clintons,
Genovese carry out the crimes, and with Bushes, Genovese inciting all
crime and intentions of murder with Clintons, Elena Meyers, Dorothy
Arpino acting with Genovese crime family as all others

During 6 months, while taking over 50K, calling John "at work" for it,
cash advances, and John giving our son coke, they keep us totally broke
to carry out the crimes, and fabricate Johns condition and every petty
thing to carry out violent crimes putting him in extreme memory lapses,
vommitting up blood, with Elena Meyers making these phone calls from 01,
on myself as threatened, and lies of "John is at work" and lies on
myself, includng such petty lies to carry out multiple multiple crimes as
John Honaker gives our son coke and cannot remember until later he is
asked not to.

Elena Meyers, with Genovese, Bush Citi Corp, in all racketeering, then
has Dr. Montone, call her while I am discussing the racketeering with him
and show him photos of it.

At this time, John Honaker writes a letter, stating the racketeering, his
non-memory of any loans, emergencies, and their assaults, by Elena
Meyers, and Arpino from 01, purposely targeted at myself for that reason.

Elena Meyers fabricates an "anonymous" phone call, over 500 phone calls,
to carry out more crimes knowingly of which cannot be done for any reason
or for reporting the racketeering and all as threatened they would do by
obstructions, all obstructions, documents, while carrying out the crimes
are shown, witnessed.

They take another 50,000 with 7,000 in overdarfts, by John in extreme
memory lapses, "at work" and fabricate, transfer lies daily to carry out
crimes on myself and then lies about John while he has a serious medical
condition and they are behind his teeth, and Dr.s chemical diagnoses and
damage with Lab Corp increased weekly, Elena Meyers behidn the crimes
with Genovese, to present, and lies about John and "both" back and forth.

Has me taken to the hospital, transferring all prior lies, crimes which
they carried out themselves and witnessed on tape, documents

Has me held by lies including "her husband brought her in," to carry out
additional 50 counts crime, assault daily and to have Commissioner Freud
(Commissioners sentenced nationwide and HHS director under investigation
for Meyers, psychiatry murders)

Commissioner Freud told it was about Racketeering and my suing, they fire
the real psychiatrist afterwards, and have Commissioner Freud make a
commitment for "suing" and "her husband brought her in," and every other
lie transferred, federal felonies and "she was seeing someone" used for
crimes to present, without valid proof but by transferring lies
All firings, those fired and while transferring fabricated documents "by
phone" to present are also witnesses with the documents transferred to
carry out crime and which cannot be carried out crime by any such lies in
any case.

Elena Meyers, over 500 additional counts, with court racketeering, injury
to both of us, fraud, assault, threats, transfer of lies, with Jeff
Meyers U.S. district Court on documents

Carl Danberg (cases blocked in 2006 also), Assistant Taggart, and others
used with Meyers owned UHS/BHS, during trafficking, arrests, Genovese
crime, racketeering, and thousands of other victims, victims out of
Meyers UHS, with Commissioner Freud, and murders, HHS Director under
investigation for psychiatry murders and on children.

Elena Meyers, after John writes a letter on their crimes, with Rhonda
Gill at the hospital, goes on to 50 counts daily additional, along with
medical racketeering, and all racketeering herein, Genovese crime family,
Meyers UHS/BHS Dover; 50 counts daily of assault, threats, by phone calls
with lies on myself all witnessed, documented and on video, including
while John Honaker is passing out, falling over, having emergencies, and
they continue calling him daily even on a phone no one has, just bought,
for over 50,000 more in "cash advances" of which John can only do, cannot
count his money, for them to assault myself, take all plans, my patented
cash flow book, and Elena Meyers, with Genovese has the Mayor of Camden,
police, with police reports, after 300 days injured without any money by
johns condition, and threats daily by phone by Genovese and Elena meyers
transferring lies and using criminals (on photos, videos, with all other
racketeering) carries out violence on me, thousands overlapping
transactions by this time, enforced by their fraud, John paying for his
medical by himself.

Elena Meyers sends women from "downtown" (with other photos) to pull into
neighbors driveways, taking "notes," by lies from her, transfers lies of
a psychiatric nature daily to carry out the violent crimes. Violent
crimes including days without water, over 7,000 overdraft fees, while
taking another 50K from John HOnaker and in emergency again, service
overlapping cut offs, serious overlapping circles by John himself 'at
work.' She then claims after having other police come lock me up for
reporting the crimes, to "hold her" and "John honaker brought her in."

They then lie about John in such a condition increased and still paying
for his own damage, himself and threaten him later to comply with their
crimes after carrying them out, all crimes carried out by "anonymous"
calls of lies, fabrications.
Serious internal injury to John Honaker, while using HealthNet Federal
over 15 years in fraud and using it for thousands to carry out the fraud
on myself, internal injury on myself, over 15 years, hernia still not
fixed, medical fraud, phone calls to medical and putting lies on medical
to carry out non-payment of real care for assault, Meyers family members
operating all Fed healthcare under one unit and HHS, hospitals with
Veterans care, and non-military Health Insurance along with all fraud by
Genovese crime family. They have a criminal at Federal Healthcare, state,
"I don't care if he gets paid for his healthcare or not," and "Do you
want me to call someone?!" (discussing Meyers owned UHS/BHS Dover and
other states in fraud) for reporting the fraud, already

from 1995, 2006, 2007, 2008, with Genovese crime family and Elena Meyers,
Meyers listed herein, Meyers operating Lab Corp, (sentencing), Veterans
care (sentenced), all other agencies, and all crimes herein with HHS,
hospital, businesses, Genovese crime listed.

While the FBI, those used as CIA, are sentenced, including ethics,
Attorney General Gonzales indicted with Cheney, operating with Richard
Meyers Air Force; Genovese crime, Elena Meyers carries out all crimes,
transfers lies with over 50 counts additional daily for crime.

Johns dental records are also taken by "FBI" and he is fired, while Elena
Meyers carries out these crimes and FBI has the documents, along with
Townsend in Joint Terrorism Task Force, they raid the FBI offices; as
Elena Meyers carries out over 5,000 counts violent crimes by phone calls,
and racketeering, he is "hired" after all income is taken to 'cash
advances' during this and emergencies, at meyers invested, Meyers
operating chamber of Commerce with FBI, phone calls, racketeering with
Genovese crime family and all setnencing of CEO's, employees in bribery
and other crimes.

Over 15 years, and 5,000 counts serious federal felonies and violent
crimes by use of HealthNet Federal by Elena Meyers, as HHS, with Meyers
family members as all HHS, oversight, trafficking, attorneys, judges in
child trafficking, weapons, with Genovese crime family, and all
Healthcare, psychiatry operated by Meyers family members, direct to
hospital (all sentenced nationwide and prior to the threats hiring new

Other documentation to present, over 50 counts additional with all other
racketeering, and with attorneys, threats at the attorneys offices, by
Elena Meyers, with Meyers family members, in all departments, to having
Federal Health fraud unit as a criminal under all HHS, threaten me to
call "meyers owned UHS Dover"

Other persons in crime as noted on documents
Use of gangs as fire department, then using the fire department.

Racketerring indictments while carrying out violent multiple crimes
threatened and to present witnessed, on documents, video, which is on FBI
listings, including use of FBI and indictments of FBI, obstructions;
mortgage fraud, Lab Corp, hospital directors, Genovese gangs, crime
families, Genovese drug stores, drug operants used in the crimes, Bird
Flu, Commissioners and state employees sentenced in the crimes from NY,
all states, LA, FL, all state persons involved and sentencing including
judges child trafficking, HHS director under investigation for murders,
all crimes under Biden with Genovese crime family members, Clintons,
trafficking in DE, chemical lawsuits, Meyers family members, Carl Danberg
and crimes with prosecutor speed, who also was spoken to in 2007, with
many others on the crimes and while carrying out violent crimes.

use of drug gangs as "security" and then picking up our conversations of
their crimes and increasing lies, phone calls all throughout, assaults,
transfer of personal information including license plate and lies with
other information.

http://sucam.multiply.com/ and on docstoc.com, legal files box.net
Video's of John Honaker while they carry out all crimes and even bill
John Honaker to present for their crimes on myself, claiming at all times
he is 'helping them' and 'her husband did it,' and carrying out crimes by
claiming 'her husband brought her in,' after anotehr two years violent
criems and John Honaker having over 50 more emergencies, chemcical damage
from 1990 with Dr. Hiill, weekly by 2006, over two more years of crimes,
federal felonies in front of witnesses to present and John Honaker as
witness to their carried out crimes in multiple daily transferring lies,

Susan Cameron

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