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									LexisNexis Academic
Why Use This Database?
Use this database to find full-text documents from over 5,600 news, business, legal,
medical, and reference publications. LexisNexis Academic is multidisciplinary, but
especially strong in the areas of business and law.


Operators and Search Techniques:
  • Boolean operators: AND, OR, AND NOT
  • Phrase searching, but no quotation marks required
  • Proximity operators: W/n, PRE/n, NOT W/n, W/S, and W/P
  • Wildcards (*)
  • Truncation (!)
  • Automatically searches for basic plurals and possessives, but will not search for
     any other variations of terms

Default Operator/Search:        Phrase search, OR (with Quick Search)

Keyword Search Fields:          Different depending on search

Special Features:
  • Detailed search help in “Knowledge Base”
  • Search “tips” throughout various types of searches
  • Source lists provided for many searches

  • Print record(s) and/or article(s)
  • Email record(s) and/or article(s)
  • Save record(s) and/or article(s) to computer or disk

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