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solutions                                                                     Invitational Leadership
                                                                              Development Program
The leaders of an organization should create its greatest strength and
                                                                              This program is labeled an “invitational”
competitive advantage. Yet the development of leadership talent – both
                                                                              program because it is open to indi-
individually and collectively as a team – may be one of the greatest
                                                                              viduals and small groups from multiple
challenges facing an organization.
                                                                              organizations for participants at the
Leaders learn best when they can immediately apply what they are              appropriate managerial level. Registra-
learning to the challenges and opportunities they face in the context of      tion is made through the individual’s
their own work environments. They become a more effective senior team         sponsoring company or organization.
when they are learning how to work together as a team while solving real      UNF works with each organization to
problems in their own organizations.                                          confirm that the program is appropriate
                                                                              for the designated participants.
Developing executives and senior managers in a learning environment
where those leaders can apply what they are learning in a real-time setting   Invitational Leadership
is the most effective way to accomplish three simultaneous goals:             Development Program structure:
- Developing the individual skills of each leader                             • Seven full day modules, held once
- Developing the ability of the senior team to work together                    per month over seven months
- Addressing and solving real-time organizational challenges                  • All program materials are included
   and opportunities                                                            – manuals, powerpoint presentations,
                                                                                Harvard Business Review articles,
Based on these principles the UNF Division of Continuing Education              instruments, selected books, etc.
has developed and now offers a suite of programs and services designed        • The instructor is available to the
specifically for busy executives and managers who would like to apply           participants between modules for
their learning while addressing real-time organizational issues. The            feedback and coaching via email and
following pages identify these programs and services.                           phone conference calls
                                                                              • All meals are provided
UNF is pleased to offer these services in partnership with Work
Systems Associates, Inc. (WSA). WSA is a leadership and organizational
development consulting organization that has been in practice since 1980.     Dr. Resnick personally facilitates all
Dr. Harold S. Resnick, the founder and president of WSA, relocated to         sessions.
the Jacksonville area from Boston in 2000, and has offered programs and
consulting services in our region since that time.
Dr. Resnick has assembled a group of local practicing senior executives
to work with him as the UNF consulting team available to deliver these
services to your organization and your leaders. Dr. Resnick and this group
of professional executives look forward to working collectively with you
to develop your leadership talent and meet your organizational needs.


             Robert Wood, Dean
                                            PROGRAMS & SERVICES
Customized Internal                         Executive Assessment                         Executive Team
Leadership Development                                                                   Development
                                            Selecting the right people and giving
Program                                     them the right job to do is critical for     There are many senior level work
                                            the success of a senior team. Un-            groups but few real senior teams. This
If an organization has at least fifteen     derstanding the development needs            distinction causes many senior teams
individuals who would benefit from          of leadership team members is also           to sub-optimize their performance and
leadership development, an internal         equally essential for success.               miss the opportunity for full synergy.
program might be the most appropri-
                                                                                         The whole is something less than the
ate solution. The internal Leadership       Senior managers are typically hired be-      sum of the parts.
Development Program follows the             cause of their background and exper-
same overall structure as the invita-       tise – what they have done in the past.      The opposite is also true. When the
tional program, with the following          But their success is also based on their     senior leaders of an organization know
additional advantages:                      ability to work effectively with others,
• Because all the participants are part                                                  how to work together for their com-
                                            which is driven largely by their emo-        mon success, appreciate their need for
   of the same organization, a signifi-
   cant amount of team development          tional intelligence.                         each other and have a dynamic rela-
   occurs as a natural part of the imple-                                                tionship that demands the best of each
   mentation of the program                 How is emotional intelligence as-            of them the results can be astonishing.
• The program can be customized             sessed in the hiring or promotion
   to address specific areas of inter-      process? And how is emotional                Executive team development is a
   est to the organization such as          intelligence developed to enhance an         defined process for creating a high
   strategic planning, organizational       individual’s performance and produc-         performing senior team. Real team
   change, continuous improvement,          tivity?                                      development is far more than golf out-
   performance management or other                                                       ings and social events. It engages the
   company initiatives                      A great deal of research has been            individuals as a team in defining their
• The participants work on real-            conducted over many years about              vision and their purpose. It clarifies
   time issues as the modules evolve.       emotional intelligence and a wide            roles and responsibilities. It develops
   Learning is applied directly and the     variety of tools are available to both       ways of making decisions and sharing
   sponsoring organization gains im-        assess and develop individuals. Indi-
   mediate benefit from the real work                                                    accountability that significantly raise
                                            vidual tools assess cognitive compe-         the performance bar, while performing
   accomplished as well as the devel-
                                            tence, emotional intelligence, personal      real work. The outcome is not only a
   opment of the senior individuals and
   senior team                              and interpersonal style, management          high performing team, but a team that
                                            and leadership style. These tools are        has accomplished meaningful real
• With 15 or more participants (maxi-
   mum of 30) the internal program is       excellent predictors of future behavior      work in the process.
   more cost-effective on a per partici-    in different settings and provide clear
   pant basis than individual registra-     guidance for individual coaching and         The Executive Team Development
   tions in the invitational program        development. Team tools often in-            process is customized for each senior
                                            clude a 360 degree feedback process.         team, depending on the nature of the
                                                                                         goals, the individuals involved and
                                            Executive Assessment provides                the work to be performed. In general,
                                            assessment, feedback and develop-            the process consists of one full day of
                                            ment opportunities for senior personnel      work for the team once a month over
                                            at both an individual and team level.        a four month period.
                                            Tools and subsequent coaching oppor-
                                            tunities are custom-designed for each
                                            participating individual and organization.
                                                                                       Programs are held at
                                                                                       the University of North
Executive Peer Roundtable                   Customized Organizational                  Florida at the University
                                            Development Consulting                     Center located in
Finding peers who will listen, under-
stand and provide useful feedback and
                                            Services                                   Jacksonville, Florida.
counsel for senior executives can be
                                            In addition to the specific programs
very difficult. Faced with the day-to-day
                                            and services described in this bro-
pressures of running a business, most
                                            chure, the UNF Executive Develop-
CEOs simply do their best with the in-
                                            ment Consulting Group is available
formation they have available to them.
                                            for the design and implementation of
To fill this gap, UNF Executive Devel-      customized consulting services for a
opment is establishing a roundtable of      client organization.
selected CEOs and Presidents to pro-
vide a support network to each other.       Services include but are not limited to:
Participants should be owners, CEOs         • Strategic planning
or Presidents of organizations with an      • Executive team development
annual revenue of $5 to $50 million         • Large project live team development
dollars.                                    • Large-scale (enterprise) project
The program will be scheduled for           • Performance management systems
one calendar year. A maximum of 20          • Continuous improvement systems
individuals will form a group, and no       • Guiding organizational change
direct competitors will be placed in the    • Re-organization
same group.                                 • Measurement systems
The group will meet monthly from            • Talent management systems
8 - 11 am including breakfast. The ses-
sions will be designed to include three
• Questions or issues that anyone
  wishes to bring before the group for
  feedback or discussion
• A guest speaker who will bring new
  learning to the group each month
• One of the participants will be select-
  ed each month as the “case study”
  – providing an opportunity to bring
  any issue or opportunity forward for
  collective group discussion, feedback
  and peer consultation.

The process will be facilitated by one
of the UNF executive consultants who
will remain with the group throughout
the process. Supplemental on-site con-
sulting is also available.
                                                                                       For further information
                                                                                       regarding any of these
                                                                                       executive offerings, or to
                                                                                       schedule an exploratory
                                                                                       conversation with any of
                                                                                       the executive consultants,
                                                                                       please contact us at:
ExEcutivE consulting tEam
Harold S. Resnick                           John Ghegan                                   Dawn Lockhart
During his thirty-five years in organiza-   John Ghegan is the Senior Vice President      Dawn Lockhart is President and CEO of
tional development, Harold Resnick has      and COO for Logical Business Solutions        Family Foundations. This Jacksonville,
earned international recognition as a       where he is responsible for the finance,      Florida non-profit agency has a 50 year
leading authority and innovator in orga-    management and day- to-day operations         history of building strong and financially
nizational transformation and leadership    of the 25-year-old Jacksonville IT company.   stable families. Under her leadership,
development.                                                                              over 100,000 families have strength-
                                            John has extensive experience in sales,
                                                                                          ened their marriages, improved their
Hal founded Work Systems Associates,        marketing and operations in the finan-
                                                                                          children’s school performance, rebuilt
Inc. (WSA), in 1980. WSA has devel-         cial services industry. His career high-
                                                                                          their credit, purchased their first home,
oped a number of systems for its clients    lights include serving as president and
                                                                                          and avoided foreclosure.
to develop leadership talent, address       CEO of Professional Insurance Compa-
team issues, build quality systems, and     ny; president of Pennsylvania Life Insur-     Dawn is actively involved with local,
achieve transformational change. Global     ance Company; senior vice president of        state, and national organizations and
clients have included CH2MHILL, EMC         marketing for Pennsylvania Life Insur-        currently serves as Vice Chair of the
Corporation, Novell, IKON, Raytheon,        ance Company; vice-president of sales         Board of Trustees of the National Foun-
ABB Lummus, Volvo GM Heavy Truck,           for Mutual of Omaha for their Northeast       dation for Credit Counseling. She has
Philips Electronics, Lockheed Martin,       and Southeast regions; vice-president         been the recipient of multiple industry
and Shell Oil.                              of marketing and sales for St. Paul Life      awards and recognitions.
                                            Insurance Company and Western Life
In 1996, Dr. Resnick founded Genera-                                                      Paul “Scott” Semko
                                            Insurance Company
tion21 Learning Systems, a software                                                       Scott Semko is the Vice President of
company that developed one of the           F. H. “Rick” Lewis                            Organizational Development at Sea Star
seminal web-based training and knowl-       Over the past 30 years, Rick Lewis has        Line, a domestic ocean transportation
edge management systems. Gen21              risen through the ranks at the Jacksonville   company. His responsibilities include
was the technology of choice for such       Sheriff’s Office and is currently the         all human resource functions, leadership
leading companies as the NASA space         Director of Personnel and Professional        development and training as well as the
shuttle, Dell Computers, Agilent Tech-      Standards. He is responsible for recruit-     company continuous improvement (CI)
nologies, and Verizon. It was acquired      ment, managing the Police Academy,            quality program. His expertise is in lead-
by Renaissance Learning (NASDAQ:            overseeing the five national and state        ership development and its practical aspects
RLRN) in 1999.                              accreditation processes, and the Person-      based on his many years in significant
                                            nel Division.                                 leadership roles.
Dr. Resnick’s most recent book, “En-
ergizing Workplace Performance” was         Rick is certified in testing emotional        Prior to joining Sea Star, Mr. Semko
published in 2007.                          intelligence using the Reuven Bar-On          enjoyed a very distinguished 29-year
                                            instruments and has a particular exper-       career in the U.S. Navy before retiring as
Dwight Cooper
                                            tise in coaching for enhanced emotional       a Rear Admiral.
Dwight Cooper is the co-founder and
CEO of PPR Healthcare Staffing. Since                                                     Vanessa Solomon
its inception in 1996, PPR has outgrown                                                   Vanessa Solomon is the president of the
its marketplace by a multiple of 10 and                                                   Jacksonville-based Colomer USA Multi-
currently employs 450 people in 45                                                        cultural Group. Her responsibility in that
states, including 80 in its Jacksonville                                                  capacity is to create the future
Beach headquarters.                                                                       vision that optimizes business growth
                                                                                          and profitability in the USA, Canada,
In addition to his CEO duties, Dwight
                                                                                          and the Caribbean.
consults with individuals and manage-
ment teams on how to create a culture                                                     A retail industry veteran, Vanessa spent
of success.                                                                               10 years at Revlon both in New York,
                                                                                          where she held the position of Executive
                                                                                          Vice President and General Manager for
                                                                                          Almay and Portfolio Brands Worldwide,
                                                                                          and previous to that as the Managing
                                                                                          Director/ Chief Executive Officer for
                                                                                          Revlon Sub-Sahara, Africa.

For further information regarding any of
these executive offerings, or to schedule an
exploratory conversation with any of the
executive consultants, please contact us at: