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									  AmeriCorps VISTA
Address          601 Walnut Street, Suite 876E                             Phone        215-597-3495
                                                                           Fax      215-597-7935
Contact          Donna Palandro                                            Web Site
                 VISTA Outreach Specialist                                 Email

Organization     AmeriCorps*VISTA is dedicated to eliminating poverty by helping individuals and low-income neighborhoods
Description      make positive changes for themselves. Through AmeriCorps*VISTA, ordinary people provide extraordinary
                 service in more than 1,200 projects nationwide. Members serve full-time for a year in organizations and
                 agencies throughout the country, working to fight illiteracy, improve health services, create businesses, increase
                 housing opportunities, or bridge the digital divide. Why do people join AmeriCorps*VISTA? First, there is the
                 incredible work experience, tremendous responsibility, and great challenges. You will develop new skills or
                 further challenge abilities you have already developed. You will also enjoy the satisfaction of making a real
                 difference, helping a community help itself. AmeriCorps*VISTA members leave behind lasting solutions to
                 some of our country's toughest problems. AmeriCorps*VISTA members who successfully complete a term of
                 service are eligible to receive either an AmeriCorps Education Award or up to $4,725 or an end-of-service
                 stipend. Additional benefits include training, a living allowance, limited health care benefits, relocation
                 expenses, student-loan forbearance or deferment, and non-competitive eligibility. You may also be eligible for
                 childcare assistance should you need it. In addition to these benefits, AmeriCorps*VISTA members learn new
                 skills and acquire qualities of leadership that help prepare them for jobs, and gain a sense of satisfaction from
                 making a significant contribution to their community.


 Qualifications Ability to work with people from different backgrounds. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
                Good organizational skills. Desire to assist low-income communities.

  Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program
Address          410 West 58th Street                                      Phone        (212) 333-7575
Contact          Joanna Gillia                                             Web Site
                 Assistant Director                                        Email

Organization     Bard College’s Globalization and International Affairs Program (BGIA) provides a unique opportunity for
Description      university students and recent graduates from around the world to engage in the study and practice of
                 international relations. BGIA blends rigorous coursework in the fields of human rights law, civil society
                 development, political economy, global public health, ethics, and writing on international affairs with
                 professional internships at international organizations in New York City. BGIA is a highly selective program
                 for 28 students each spring and fall semester. In June and July BGIA operates an 8-week summer program for
                 20 students. BGIA’s founding director was James Chace, former managing editor of Foreign Affairs magazine
                 and the World Policy Journal, and a Professor of International Relations at Bard College. Students selected
                 for the program work closely with BGIA staff to identify an internship that matches their academic focus and
                 their professional goals. Students typically intern for up to 25 hours per week in the fall and spring semesters
                 and 40 hours a week in the summer with governmental, nonprofit, media, and corporate entities working in
                 diverse areas of global concern. Students are supervised by a staff mentor at the internship and participate in the
                 Core Seminar, which provides an academic framework to contextualize the professional internship experience.
                 Please see list of available internship opportunities with our partner organizations. At .

Positions        Internship titles and positions vary by organization. For a comprehensive listing of internship opportunities,
                 please visit our website at

 Qualifications Advanced undergraduates in the third or fourth year of their studies. We also accept recent graduates. In the
                past, BGIA has accepted exceptional students in their first or second year of study.

  Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School
Address          3500 Woodley Road, NW                                      Phone       202-537-5206
                                                                            Fax      202-537-5232
Contact          Jalene Spain Thomas                                        Web Site
                 Director of Academic Personnel                             Email

Organization     Beauvoir is an independent elementary school, serving a co-ed population of 380 students from grades
Description      Pre-Kindergarten through Third. Our campus is located on the picturesque grounds of the Washington National
                 Cathedral in Northwest Washington, D.C.

Positions        ASSOCIATE TEACHER POSITIONS Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School, an independent
                 co-educational primary school located in Washington D.C., seeks Associate Teachers in Kindergarten through
                 Third Grade for the 2008-2009 academic year. The Associate Teacher Program is a teaching opportunity
                 designed for well-qualified college graduates. Typically joining the faculty for a one to two year appointment as
                 salaried full-time employees, Associate Teachers will be introduced to a program of guided work in the
                 classroom, instructional immersion, professional development, and exposure to the theories and methods of
                 early childhood education. Associate Teachers spend the academic year working closely with a Directing
                 Teacher, through observation, teaching, and planning. Associate Teachers regularly attend meetings of their
                 grade level, division, and the faculty as a whole; they also meet with any curriculum committees to which they
                 are appointed. Throughout the year, Associate Teachers participate in seminars and workshops on learning
                 differences, classroom management, child development, and various areas of the curriculum. While working as
                 instructors in the early childhood classroom, Associates learn not only from faculty mentors and opportunities
                 for professional development, but also from self-assessment and evaluation. While engaging in this learning
                 process, the Associate Teacher is expected, nevertheless, to exercise professional judgment and responsibility in
                 keeping with the expectations of the School’s faculty. Beauvoir School does not discriminate on the basis of
                 race, religion, sex, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational, admissions, scholarship,
                 or employment programs. FACULTY POSITIONS Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School, an
                 independent co-educational primary school located in Washington D.C., is seeking qualified applicants for a
                 full-time position teaching in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, or Third Grade with
                 an appointment beginning in the 2008-2009 academic year. In its faculty, the School encourages and
                 celebrates excellence in teaching, and a spirit of collegiality and cooperation, in conjunction with an
                 unwavering commitment to sustaining a vibrant community of learners and friends. As such, Directing Teachers
                 work collaboratively with faculty colleagues, administrators, and parents. Directing Teachers also work with an
                 Associate Teacher for whom they provide guidance and direction. The Directing Teacher assumes primary
                 responsibility for the planning, organization, and delivery of lessons and instruction in the following curricular
                 areas: language arts, mathematics, social studies, and character education. The Directing Teacher is responsible
                 for assessing the academic and social growth of students and actively communicates with parents through
                 regularly scheduled conferences and bi-annual progress reports. In addition, Directing Teachers regularly attend
                 meetings of their grade level, division, and the faculty as a whole; they also meet with any curriculum
                 committees to which they are appointed. Ultimately, all members of the faculty support the School’s mission to
                 foster a spirit of inquiry and a joy in learning in all students. The School accepts candidates for teaching
                 positions with the following minimal qualifications: (1) Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education,
                 Elementary Education or another relevant field; advanced degrees are preferred; state certification is not
                 required. (2) A strong commitment to educating a diverse student body within a caring and creative
                 environment. (3) Excellent verbal and written communication skills. (4) A dedication to professional growth
                 and continued learning. (5) Previous teaching experience in an elementary classroom. Salary is competitive
                 and commensurate with experience; a full benefits package is provided. Beauvoir School does not
                 discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its
                 educational, admissions, scholarship, or employment programs.

 Qualifications Please see job descriptions above

Address           1030 Second Street Pike                                 Phone       215-355-6500
                                                                          Fax      215-355-8847
Contact           Elyse M. McElwaine                                      Web Site
                  RT Staff Recruiter                                      Email

Organization      Bethanna, a Christian non-profit organization, provides social services to children and families in the greater
Description       Philadelphia area via programs including Residential Treatment, Adoption, Foster Care, Treatment Foster Care,
                  Kinship Care and Out-Patient Mental Health Clinics. For over 70 years, Bethanna has maintained an excellent
                  reputation for providing superior services. Current employment opportunities are available at

Positions         Direct Treatment Workers for Residential Treatment, Mental Health Clinician (fee-for-service) for Out-Patient
                  Clinic, Treatment Foster Care Social Worker, Intensive Case Manager for Residential Treatment.


  Big Brothers Big Sisters SEPA
Address           1341 North Delaware Avenue, Ste. 400                    Phone       215-701-8130
                                                                          Fax      215-7018139
Contact           Madeleine deBlois                                       Web Site
                  Program Match Support & Staff Resource                  Email

Organization      One to one youth mentoring organization in Pennsylvania and provides a Big Brother or Big Sister to youth in
Description       Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties. Our Mission - To improve the lives of children
                  and strengthen communities through professionally supported, one to one mentoring relationships.

Positions         Social work - all levels

 Qualifications Bachelor or Master degree

  Bread & Roses Community Fund
Address          1500 Walnut St. Suite 1305                                Phone       (215) 731 1107 x204
                                                                           Fax      (215) 731 0453
Contact          Sarah Stefana Smith                                       Web Site
                 Community Outreach Coordinator                            Email

Organization     Bread & Roses Community Fund brings together donors and activists who share a vision of a just society, one
Description      in which power and resources are distributed equitably. Bread & Roses provides grants, technical assistance,
                 and leadership development to support disenfranchised communities in the Delaware Valley that are taking
                 collective action to bring about economic and social change locally and around the world.

Positions        Special Events Intern Start Date: Jan. 1st – Oct. 31st (possibly through Dec.) The Special Events Intern is
                 responsible for assisting the development officer with the planning and implementation of Bread & Roses
                 Community Fund’s annual fundraising event, the Tribute to Change as well as other smaller fundraising events.
                 The goal of this position is to provide an opportunity to learn the steps and procedures involved in executing
                 public events and maintaining donor relationships. Successful events will help Bread & Roses to raise more
                 money and thereby better fulfill its mission to fund community groups working for a more just society. The
                 Intern’s responsibilities include the following tasks: • Identifying potential sponsors for information and
                 assisting with solicitation and communication with sponsors, • Assisting with publicity for the event including
                 planning the invitation, press releases and other publicity materials, • Tracking event sponsorship and invite
                 RSVPs, and • Assisting with the coordination of catering, booking musicians, main speaker accommodations,
                 tabling and other elements of the events’ production. Additional special projects discussed and approved by
                 Bread & Roses staff may also be included. Grants Program Intern The Grants Program Intern will be
                 responsible for assisting with processing grant proposals and corresponding with applicant groups during Bread
                 & Roses fall funding cycle. The goal of the position is to help sustain great relationships with community
                 organizations in the area and to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the grantmaking process. The
                 position requires excellent communication skills and attention to detail. The Intern’s responsibilities include
                 the following tasks: • Assisting in outreach to potential applicant organizations prior to the grant deadline • In
                 taking applications and sorting proposal components • Maintaining accurate information and materials in the
                 grants files and database • Corresponding with applicant groups to coordinate site visits and interviews •
                 Corresponding with the Community Grantmaking Committee throughout the grants process Additional special
                 projects discussed and approved by Bread & Roses staff may also be included.

 Qualifications ***There is a possibility of funding for students who are Pennsylvania residents and eligible for work-study; all
                others are welcome to apply as unpaid interns.***

  Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research
Address          300 Airdale Road                                          Phone       610-520-2604
                                                                           Fax      610-520-2655
Contact          Sheila Gillin BMC                                         Web Site
                 Assistant Director of Admissions                          Email

Organization     Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research offers three degree programs: a
Description      Masters in Social Service; a Masters in Law and Social Policy; and a Doctor of Philosophy is Social Work.


 Qualifications Undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. Employment, volunteer or internship experience in the
                human services field. Maturity, self-awareness, and demonstrated commitment to social service and social

Address          205 West Tulpehocken St                                    Phone       215-842-0428 x 12
                                                                            Fax      215-842-2025
Contact          Charlene Melhorn                                           Web Site
                 BuildaBridge Community Programs                            Email,volunteer@buildabri

Organization     BuildaBridge is a non-profit 501(c)3 arts education and intervention organization that engages the
Description      transformative power of the arts to bring hope and healing to children, families, and communities in the tough
                 places of the world. BuildaBridge motivates, enlists, trains, and connects those with artistic gifts with those in
                 greatest need.

Positions        BuildaBridge is primarily a volunteer based organization and has several volunteer internships and part-time
                 opportunities in the areas of teaching artist or teachers' assistant; Volunteer Management; IT and Data Entry;
                 Resource Development; Community Programs Intern; BuildaBridge International Intern; PR and Marketing

 Qualifications Mature, detail-oriented, committed, experience with social work/social services, art, and/or education, a desire
                to serve

  Camphill Soltane
Address          224 Nantmeal Rd.                                           Phone       610-469-0933
                                                                            Fax      610-469-1054
Contact          Anne-Marie McMahon                                         Web Site
                 AmeriCorps Outreach Coordinator                            Email

Organization     Camphill Soltane is a community where young adults, ages 18-25, and some older adults with developmental
Description      disabilities live, learn and work together with residential volunteers, including AmeriCorps members. Students
                 with disabilities participate in our five-year Learning for Life program, which combines classroom learning with
                 tutorials, arts, music, pre-vocational exploration, and life skills. For our older community members with
                 disabilities, we have a variety of vocational settings such as land care (fruit trees and a vegetable garden),
                 community services, a weavery and textile design studio, food co-op, and bakery, as well as off-campus job
                 placements. The households are the heart of the community, where people with disabilities and volunteers
                 create a beautiful and peaceful living environment, and share a full life together. Camphill Soltane has an
                 emphasis on cultural and spiritual life, where each person's inner journey is recognized and supported; the
                 celebration of yearly festivals, environmental responsibility, and self-advocacy, where people with disabilities
                 are encouraged to speak for themselves about things that matter to them, and where supporters actively help
                 people work towards their goals.

Positions        AmeriCorps members and volunteers from around the world can take part in a year or more of intensive service
                 in this unique community environment. As an AmeriCorps member, you would support people with disabilities
                 in a variety of ways in the household, and would be a supporter for several different activities on campus. This
                 is a great hands-on opportunity in the field of social work, education, and psychology/counseling. Living and
                 working with people with disabilities is an experience that will challenge you – and reward you - in new ways
                 every day. Your service at Camphill Soltane will not only benefit the people you are serving, but will take you
                 on a journey of transformation, where the intensity of the service work leads to significant personal

 Qualifications Over 21 years of age, in excellent physical and mental health; good communication skills; ability to work in a
                team and get along with others; good time management skills; dependability.

  Campus Philly
Address           1515 Market Street, Suite 830                             Phone       215-988-1707
                                                                            Fax      215-988-1789
Contact           Bob Jobin PENN 2006                                       Web Site
                  Managing Associate, Community                             Email

Organization      Campus Philly is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization fueling economic growth by working with the tri-state
Description       region’s higher education, business, and public partners to connect college students to a “Greater” Philadelphia.
                  We promote the region as “one big campus,” full of opportunities for personal and professional fulfillment
                  throughout the student life cycle – from college prospect, to enrolled student, to recent graduate. Our nationally
                  renowned program increases the pool of college-educated workers who choose to live and work in the region
                  after they complete their undergraduate or graduate degrees.



  The Chemical Heritage Foundation
Address           315 Chestnut Street                                       Phone       215-793-0953
                                                                            Fax      215-793-0952
Contact           Janis Von Culin                                           Web Site
                  Senior Advisor for Human Resources                        Email

Organization      The Chemical Heritage Foundation serves the community of the chemical and molecular sciences, and the wider
Description       public, by treasuring the past, educating the present, and inspiring the future. CHF maintains a world-class
                  collection of materials that document the history and heritage of the chemical and molecular sciences,
                  technologies, and industries; encourages research in its collections; and carries out a program of outreach and
                  interpretation in order to advance an understanding of the role of the chemical and molecular sciences,
                  technologies, and industries in shaping society.

Positions         CHF typically has 3 to 5 openings each year for entry-level professionals. Common positions are Oral History
                  Assistant, Program Assistant, Events Assistant, etc.

 Qualifications Typical qualitifications are a BA or BS degree in humanites, social sciences, or science. Some postiions require
                a degree in specialized area (such as library science, museum studies, communications).

  Child and Family Focus Inc
Address           PO Box 365                                                Phone       610-783-1788
                                                                            Fax      610-783-1944
Contact           Vanessa Roman                                             Web Site
                  HR Generalist                                             Email

Organization      CFF is a non-profit, faith based mental health agency serving children and their families in Chester, Delaware,
Description       Montgomery and Bucks counties.

Positions         CFF is currently looking for Family Based Mental Health Therapist and Case Managers to work in Chester,
                  Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Behavior Specialist Consultants, Mobile Therapist and Therapeutic Staff
                  Support to work in our Chester County Wrap Around Program. Our agency is also looking for Respite
                  Providers for Bucks and Delaware Counties.

 Qualifications Candidates should have a bachelor or master's degree in a human service field, experience with children's
                mental health services. Mental Retardation and autism experience is a plus.

  Child Guidance Resource Centers
Address          2000 Old West Chester Pike                                Phone       484-454-8712
                                                                           Fax      484-454-8809
Contact          Stacey Porter                                             Web Site
                 Human Resources Assistant                                 Email

Organization     Child Guidance Resource Centers (CGRC) is a private, non-profit, community behavioral healthcare
Description      organization dedicated to providing quality care and educational services that best meet the needs of children,
                 youth and their families int he Tri-State Area.

Positions        Mental Health Professionals; Mental Health Workers

 Qualifications Masters and Bachelors Degree

  Children's Choice, Inc.
Address          Two International Plaza, Suite 325                        Phone       610-521-6270
                                                                           Fax      610-521-6266
Contact          Linda Gormley                                             Web Site
                 Personnel Recruiter                                       Email

Organization     Children's Choice is a private, non-profit, Christian child welfare agency that provides specialized Foster Care
Description      and Adoption Services. Children's Choice uses Choice Theory to serve as a bridge for individuals who are in
                 need of the reintegration processes of family living. Intensive, individual, supportive casework services
                 empower clients to achieve their highest potential. Currently Children's Choice employs approximately 200
                 staff and operates 20 community based program offices located throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland
                 and the District of Columbia.

Positions        Caseworkers - Philadelphia, Lewisburg and Harrisburg, PA Caseworkers - Dover, Newark and Georgetown,

 Qualifications BA/BS Degree in one of the behavioral sciences (Social Work, Psychology, Human Services, etc). Valid
                Driver's License with own registered / insured vehicle. Able to obtain child abuse and criminal background

  The Choice Program
Address          UMBC-The Shriver Center, 1000 Hilltop Circle              Phone       4436153044
                                                                           Fax      4104551074
Contact          Vanessa Njoroge                                           Web Site
                 Personnel Coordinator                                     Email

Organization     The Choice Program is a community-based, family-centered case management approach to delinquency
Description      prevention and youth development. Focusing on providing support in at-risk environments, The Choice
                 Program empowers youth and engages families through a multitude of services adapted to individual needs. The
                 program seeks to foster resiliency in young people by promoting protective factors to mitigate risk in their daily
                 lives. The Choice Program employs college graduates from diverse backgrounds and fields to serve in a
                 one-year position as a Caseworker. The commitment provides Caseworkers extensive training, professional
                 experience, and opportunities for personal and career development. Recognized by the Corporation for National
                 and Community Service, Choice Caseworkers receive an AmeriCorps Education Award upon completion of

Positions        Community Service Fellowship

 Qualifications Bachelor’s Degree Required Possesses good oral and written communication skills Ability to work
                individually and as a team member Can maintain flexible schedule to include evenings and weekends Has
                legally-registered vehicle for employment use, valid state driver’s license and required automobile insurance.

  City of Philadelphia Board of Ethics
Address          1441 Sansom Street, 2nd floor                            Phone       215-686-9450
                                                                          Fax      215-686-9453
Contact          Nedda Massar PENN 1969                                   Web Site
                 Deputy Executive Director                                Email

Organization     The City of Philadelphia Board of Ethics is a new and independent City agency responsible for administration
Description      of laws concerning ethics and financial disclosure for government officials and employees, and campaign
                 finance requirements for political candidates and committees.

Positions        Information Specialist (entry level professional position)- Information specialists will conduct training and
                 outreach programs for City officials and employees, candidates, treasurers, and the public concerning the
                 requirements of City ethics, campaign finance, and financial disclosure laws. They will respond to requests
                 from the public for information about the Board and its work, assist the public in locating information on
                 candidates and political committees, review and audit reports filed with the Board of Ethics to assess
                 compliance with relevant laws, and conduct related research, as directed.

 Qualifications A Bachelor’s degree and City residency are required. Knowledge of Philadelphia government structure and
                processes and familiarity with research methods and statistics are desirable. A successful candidate must be
                able to review and analyze data and prepare well-written reports of his or her findings. He or she must deal
                with the public in-person and on the telephone. Accounting experience is helpful, but not required.

  City Year Greater Philadelphia
Address          2221 Chestnut st. 2nd floor                              Phone       2673867032
                                                                          Fax      2673867046
Contact          Joe Staszak-Rodriguez                                    Web Site
                 Outreach Manager                                         Email

Organization     City Year unites young adults ages 17-24 from diverse backgrounds for a challenging year of full-time service
Description      and leadership development. Corps members serve on teams, providing direct service to youth and working to
                 solve pressing social issues in the communities they serve. Members work primarily in the community’s most
                 under-resourced schools where they take on multi-faceted roles providing academic support, leading and
                 innovating education programs, and serving as role models to youth. City Year is an 'action tank' for citizen
                 service working to promote the concept of voluntary citizen service as a means of building a stronger
                 democracy. The experience provides young adults with a unique opportunity to make a dramatic impact on the
                 lives of children while also serving as an advocate for social change in our community, nation, and world. City
                 Year is a great opportunity for young adults who are looking for a challenging and rewarding post-graduate
                 experience—and for the third consecutive year, has been featured in the Princeton Review’s “Best Entry-Level
                 Jobs” as one of 112 companies recommended as great places for new grads to work.

Positions        City Year Greater Philadelphia Position Opening Full Time AmeriCorps Member Enrollment Period:
                 September 2008 – June 2009 Position responsibilities: City Year Corps members serve full-time, 5 days per
                 week, from 8:30 am to 5:45 pm. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: • Provide
                 in-class academic and literacy support • Lead after-school and out-of school programming • Lead youth in
                 service learning– based curricula • Assist in college and career preparation for high school students • Develop
                 and implement large-scale service events and special events • Engage community members, elected officials,
                 and corporate partners in service

 Qualifications Position qualifications: • Being between the ages of 17 and 24 • Ability to commit to 10 months of full-time
                service • Strong commitment to improving communities through service • Ability to work individually and
                with a diverse team • Excellent organizational skills and ability to handle multiple projects • Relative team,
                volunteer, and leadership experience, as well as experience working with youth highly preferred

  Clean Air Council
Address          135 S. 19th St., Suite 300                                Phone       215-567-4004
                                                                           Fax      215-567-5791
Contact          Emily Linn                                                Web Site
                 Program Director                                          Email

Organization     Clean Air Council is a non-profit, environmental organization dedicated to protecting everyone's right to breathe
Description      clean air. Founded in 1967, the Council's team of attorneys, policy analysts, and outreach coordinators works to
                 implement six main programs: Clean Air, Clean Energy, Sustainable Transportation, Waste Reduction &
                 Recycling, Indoor Air Quality, and Children's Environmental Health. The Council works statewide in
                 Pennsylvania and Delaware, with its main office in Center City, Philadelphia.

Positions        The Council is seeking qualified candidates for semester and summer intern positions and year-long outreach
                 canvass staff positions.

 Qualifications Solid research, writing, and communication skills; interested in environmental and public health issues;
                energetic; able to work well with others and independently.

  Clean Water Action
Address          100 N 17th St.                                            Phone       215-640-8800
Contact          Will Gaskill                                              Web Site
                 Recruitment Manager                                       Email

Organization     Clean Water Action is thelargest environmental activist group in PA, with over 100,000 members strong. We
Description      fight for tougher environmental protections at the federal, state and local levels. Since the 70's CWA has been at
                 the forefront of some of the most important legislation, including the Clean Water Act, the Safer Drinking
                 Water Act, and the Hazardous Sites Clean Up Act.

Positions        Community Organizer- Educate, organize and activate the community around important environmental issues.
                 Field Manager- Responsible for managing a team of organizers and motivating team to success on
                 campaign-based goals.

 Qualifications Good background knowledge of environmental issues. Motivation to make a difference for the environment. If
                you want a "regular job", you have found the wrong place. We have had huge success fighting against bad
                policy for years, so come join us on our campaign.

  Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute
Address          940 West Valley Road, Suite 1400                          Phone       610.688.0100
                                                                           Fax      610.688.0700
Contact          Lola Pugliese                                             Web Site
                 Vice President, Finance and Member                        Email

Organization     The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) is a global, nonprofit, standards-developing
Description      organization that promotes the development and use of voluntary consensus standards and guidelines within the
                 health care community.

Positions        Customer Service Representative Accountant Meeting Manager Project Manager

 Qualifications Bachelor's degree

  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Address          10 South 11th Street, 2nd Floor                            Phone       (215) 560-5988
                                                                            Fax      (215) 560-1166
Contact          Angel Nieves                                               Web Site
                 Assistant Regional Manager                                 Email

Organization     Civil Service is an employment system that is based on hiring, retaining and promoting employees on their
Description      qualifications and ability to do the work. The Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission administers a
                 merit system for state agencies having civil service employees and for local government agencies that have
                 contracted the services of the Commission. There are approximately 61,000 employees of the merit system
                 working for one of 34 state agencies. An additional 9,000 civil servants work for one of approximately 300
                 local government agencies also covered under the Civil Service Act through contractual arrangements including
                 Emergency Management Agencies, Housing Authorities, Mental Health/Mental Retardation County Agencies,
                 Children and Youth County Agencies, Drug and Alcohol County Units and Area Agencies on Aging. A
                 majority of state jobs in the merit system are located in the Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas. The
                 remainder are spread throughout the state in such places as: district or regional offices, state parks and forests,
                 highway offices, mental health and retardation facilities, state correctional facilities, public assistance offices,
                 local Job Centers, and state liquor stores. Local government jobs are found in all counties except Philadelphia.

Positions        Accountant 1-Bachelor’s degree that includes or is supplemented by 15 credits in accounting. Revenue Field
                 Auditor Trainee-Bachelor’s degree that includes or is supplemented by 15 credits in accounting.
                 Unemployment Compensation Tax Agent-Bachelor’s degree that includes 18 credits in finance and
                 accounting of which at least 6 credits are in accounting. Environmental Trainee-Bachelor’s degree with
                 major course work in an appropriate physical or biological science or a closely related environmental field.
                 Forensic Scientist Trainee-Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology or forensic science; or a bachelor’s degree
                 in a closely related field, which includes a minimum of 16 credits in chemistry. Closely related bachelor’s
                 degrees are degrees in: biochemistry, genetics, forensic chemistry, medical technology, molecular biology,
                 pharmaceutical science or a bachelor’s degree in secondary education with certification/concentrations in
                 biology or chemistry. Aging Care Manager 1 (Local Government)-Bachelor’s degree that includes or is
                 supplemented by 12 credits in sociology, social work/social welfare, psychology, gerontology or other of the
                 behavioral sciences. Aging Care Manager 2 (Local Government)-Bachelor’s degree with a social work/social
                 welfare major. County Caseworker 1 (Local Government)-Bachelor’s degree that includes or is
                 supplemented by successful completion of 12 college credits in sociology, social welfare, psychology,
                 gerontology, criminal justice or other related social sciences. County Caseworker 2 (Local
                 Government)-Bachelor’s degree with a social welfare or social work major. Income Maintenance
                 Caseworker-Any bachelor’s degree.

 Qualifications Please visit our website for a complete listing of career opportunities.

  Community Women's Education Project (CWEP)
Address          2801 Frankford Avenue                                     Phone       215-426-2200
                                                                           Fax      215-426-3284
Contact          Roxanna Kestner                                           Web Site
                 Director of Education                                     Email

Organization     Community Women’s Education Project, CWEP, is a community-based organization founded in 1977 to
Description      support families as they move toward self-sufficiency. CWEP provides an array of educational and support
                 services, primarily for women and their children in the Kensington, Port Richmond, Fishtown, and surrounding

Positions        CWEP's Education department seeks Adult Educators for our Career/Job-Readiness, GED Reading and Writing,
                 and basic computer programs. The instructor(s) should subscribe to a student-centered, holistic, pedagogical
                 approach, using a work-based curriculum. Duties: -Instruct adult students using variety of resources
                 including the Internet, newspapers, magazines, and print materials -Plan lessons designed to develop
                 decision-making, problem-solving, and communicative skills necessary for students to pass the GED test, enter
                 college or higher institute of learning and/or obtain, retain, or advance in the workplace -Facilitate small and
                 large group discussions and activities in the classroom -Formulate lesson plans for each class -Participate in
                 teacher’s meetings -Document students’ progress -Integrate technology in the classroom Furthermore,
                 internships are available for individuals interested in serving as tutors in our adult education classrooms and/or
                 as mentors to low income women served through our programming.

 Qualifications Bachelor degree in Human Services, Education, Social Work or related field; and, experience working with
                vulnerable adults. Must be a self-starter, motivated, able to work in environment as a proactive team member.

  Cross Roads Camp
Address          29 Pleasant Grove Rd.                                     Phone       908-832-7264
Contact          Jonathan Winters                                          Web Site
                 Assistant Director                                        Email

Organization     Resident summer counselor positions are available with Cross Roads, a progressive Christian spiritual center
Description      and camp dedicated to intentional community and spiritual growth. From mid-June through August we lead a
                 residential summer camp program for youth aged 7-18. Various positions include leading community service
                 projects with local non-profits, leading high adventure activities (rafting, horseback riding, hiking, canoing,
                 rock climbing, etc.), facilitating group-building activities, running the day-to-day program for our campers, and

Positions        Camp work covers a broad range of skills important to a variety of programs from psychology to education to
                 sciences, so customized internships are available for a variety of programs. Talk with us to find out more!

 Qualifications All staff will be trained together during our comprehensive pre-camp training. Necessary skills will be taught at
                that point. It takes a wide variety of individuals to create a quality camp staff/community. While we are very
                open to many professional backgrounds, there are some general qualifications that we look for, such as:
                Excellent interpersonal skills, interest in nature/outdoors, spiritual (but not necessarily religious), open to
                personal and spiritual growth/learning, and probably most importantly an eagerness to inspire youth.

  Cross-Cultural Solutions
Address           2 Clinton Place                                           Phone       1 800 380 4777
                                                                            Fax      914-380-8302
Contact           Joss Ellams                                               Web Site
                  Partnerships Coordinator                                  Email

Organization      Cross-Cultural Solutions is a recognized leader in the field of international volunteering, with over 4,000
Description       volunteers each year. Founded in 1995, we are an international not-for-profit organization with no political or
                  religious affiliations. CCS has a worldwide staff of over 200 people, and operates in 12 countries, with
                  administrative offices also located in the United States and United Kingdom. We are in Special Consultative
                  Status with the United Nations, and have been profiled in more than 500 news outlets. CCS offers
                  international volunteer and internship programs in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, India,
                  Morocco, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Thailand.

Positions         International service internships in the fields of Health, Education and Social Services.


  The Enterprise Center
Address           4547 Market Street                                        Phone       215-895-4005
Contact           Peggy Shane                                               Web Site
                  HR Manager                                                Email

Organization      Founded in 1989, The Enterprise Center provides access to capital, building capacity, business education and
Description       economic development opportunities to high potential minority entrepreneurs. Through our portfolio of business
                  acceleration initiative, The Enterprise Center seeks to better position minority enterprises to compete in the
                  local, region and global economies.

Positions         We are work-study eligible. Internships are available in Accounting - project manage books of non-profit
                  program, Web technology - design and maintain website, and Community Development- Projects in Walnut
                  Hill community revitalization. Days and hours are flexible.

 Qualifications Accounting Intern - Accounting major or basic accounting courses. Peachtree or other accounting software
                knowledge a plus Web technology - Computer Science major or experience with programming languages,
                creative, enthusiastic, problem solver. Community Development: Urban Studies major or public policy
                interests, energetic, hands-on, relationship oriented, Team player   Community Development -

  Environment America
Address          218 D Street, SE                                           Phone       202-683-1250
                                                                            Fax      202-379-1741
Contact          Maria Schweitzer                                           Web Site
                 Recruitment Director                                       Email

Organization     Environment America, the federation of state-based environment groups that includes organizations like
Description      PennEnvironment, Environment New Jersey and Environment Massachusetts, acts as a powerful advocate for
                 our environment: to promote energy efficiency, to protect our open spaces, to clean up our air and water, and to
                 advance global warming solutions. We speak out and take action at the local, state and national levels to
                 improve the quality of our environment and our lives.

Positions        Environment America Fellowship Program With Environment America, you can get a crash course in
                 environmental action and advocacy. We depend on people like you to take on significant responsibilities from
                 day one on the job. Through our Fellowship Program, we hire recent college graduates to work on global
                 warming, energy policy, clean air and water, and other issues as associate members of our staff. Each associate
                 works with one of the top environmental advocates or organizers in the country. Each associate also learns the
                 critical skill of canvassing and runs a citizen outreach canvass office during the summer. If you’re looking for
                 the training and experience you’ll need to become a leader in the environmental movement, consider the
                 Environment America Fellowship Program. We also have unpaid internship opportunities available at our
                 offices throughout the country, and the responsibilities and issues vary by state. Feel free to inquire for further

 Qualifications We are looking for motivated individuals who care about our environment and are driven to preserve it for the
                future. We look for strong leadership skills, academic excellence, problem solving ability, and top-notch written
                and verbal skills. We value experience with campus and activist groups.

  Fund for Public Interest Research
Address          44 Winter St.                                              Phone       617-747-4422
                                                                            Fax      617-292-8057
Contact          Melanie Thomas                                             Web Site
                 Recruitment Administrator                                  Email

Organization     The Fund for Public Interest Research, founded in 1982, is the leading citizen outreach organization in the
Description      country. We tackle our nation’s toughest challenges: global warming, renewable energy standards, campaign
                 finance reform, and equality for GLBT Americans. Our mission is to raise money, build public support, and
                 win campaigns for top progressive groups like: The Sierra Club, Environmental Action, U.S. PIRG, and the
                 Human Rights Campaign.

Positions        We are interviewing current seniors that are graduating this spring for Canvass Directors to run grassroots
                 canvass offices around the country.        Your responsibilities include: - Recruiting, training, supervising and
                 working alongside a staff of 10-40 canvassers. - Reaching or exceeding your office’s fundraising and
                 membership goals. Most offices have goals of $250,000 raised and 5,000 members identified each year. -
                 Overseeing all administrative functions related to fundraising, membership development, campaign work and
                 general office management. - Taking charge of additional campaign field work including news conferences,
                 petition and letter-writing drives, coalition-building and grassroots lobbying. - Directors canvass three to four
                 days per week to train staff, raise money, identify and activate members, and educate the public on the issues.

 Qualifications Qualifications: We look for smart people with strong leadership skills, who view challenges as opportunities,
                who are willing to work hard to make change, and who have a passion to fight for the public interest. This is an
                entry-level position.

  Grassroots Campaigns, Inc.
Address          59 Temple Place, Suite 402                                Phone       617.338.7800
                                                                           Fax      617.482.6885
Contact          Sarah Marini                                              Web Site
                 National Recruiter                                        Email

Organization     Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. (GCI), is a national firm specializing in building grassroots support for progressive
Description      causes, political candidates, public interest campaigns, and non-profit fundraising operations. We are currently
                 hiring graduating seniors to staff Presidential Election campaigns to elect a Democratic President in ‘08. The
                 positions we are hiring for will afford new staff the opportunity to impact the world around them by winning a
                 monumental Presidential Election while learning invaluable skills. Our campaign staff is trained on all aspects
                 of running a grassroots campaign – from recruiting, training, and managing staff/volunteers to overseeing the
                 finances associated with running a local campaign office. Grassroots Campaigns’ current and past clients
                 include, the Democratic National Committee, the ACLU, and the League of Conservation Voters.

Positions        Citizen Outreach Director: Citizen Outreach Directors and Assistant Directors manage grassroots fundraising
                 offices. They work with a team of other directors to recruit, train, and work with a staff of up to 100 paid
                 canvassers to build support for the 2008 elections and a wide range of nonprofit organizations.           Field
                 Organizer: Field Organizers work in targeted Congressional districts and major metropolitan areas around the
                 country. They will recruit, train, and work with volunteers to build the support needed to win on critical issues
                 and get good candidates elected. In fall 2008 Field Organizers will help run one of the largest get-out-the-vote
                 drives in the country.

 Qualifications Qualifications: Sound communication and motivational skills, work ethic, and desire for political change are
                essential. Previous field organizing or canvass management experience is a plus, but not an absolute
                pre-requisite, although prior leadership experience is critical. Salary/Benefits: Annual salary begins at $24,000
                and increases commensurate with experience. Staff may opt into our health care plan. Locations: Nationwide

Address          151 Westtown Way E101                                      Phone      805.403.5496
Contact          Pete Johnson                                               Web Site
                 Field Organizer                                            Email

Organization     Greenpeace was founded in 1971 by a small group of activists standing up to nuclear testing off the Alaskan
Description      Coast. These daring few effectively won a total ban on nuclear testing and launched Greenpeace’s legacy of
                 “bearing witness” to environmental abuse. We continue to use non-violent direct action, creative confrontation,
                 and grassroots organizing to build solutions to global warming, toxic pollution, and destruction of our ancient
                 forests and oceans. Today, Greenpeace is the world’s largest environmental organization, with 2.5 million
                 members in 40 countries, and continues to lead the way to a clean and peaceful planet.

Positions        Global Warming Field Organizer Greenpeace, the world’s leading international environmental organization, is
                 seeking passionate organizers who are ready to stop global warming. Scientists say we must act now to stop the
                 worst effects of climate change: more severe hurricanes, heat waves, droughts, floods, and sea level rise. We
                 have the solutions and the technology to solve global warming, but the political will is lacking. Greenpeace’s
                 cutting-edge Project Hot Seat is leading the charge to convince Congress to take significant action to stop global
                 warming. Our field team is mobilizing thousands of citizens to make global warming a key issue in the 2008
                 elections. Greenpeace Field Organizers will make sure that Congress pays attention to the people they represent
                 instead of powerful corporate interests.

 Qualifications Job Scope and Responsibilities: Field Organizers are driven, articulate, strategic, and able to quickly and
                effectively inspire a community to challenge their member of Congress to stop global warming. Each organizer
                will plan and implement a community-based campaign to mobilize the public and work with Congress to make
                global warming a legislative priority. Specific responsibilities include: Recruit and train campaign volunteers
                and key coalition partners; Plan and execute global warming education and outreach events; Generate media
                coverage on the issue of global warming; Build relationships with Congress to ensure long-term action;
                Implement other tactics to pressure congressional targets to become champions; Quickly develop knowledge of
                global warming issues. Skills and accomplishments: Demonstrated leadership experience; Able to inspire a
                diverse group of people; Strong communication skills including public speaking, written and oral; Critical
                thinking and time-management skills; Able to keep a level head in a fast-paced campaign environment;
                Commitment to grassroots organizing as a means of affecting change

Address          191 Seventh Avenue # 4N                                    Phone      212-742-2875
                                                                            Fax      212-742-2876
Contact          Rob Robert                                                 Web Site
                 Director of Education                                      Email

Organization     Healthcorps is non profit health education organization.

Positions        Description: Health Corps, a ground breaking health education program, founded and developed by heart
                 surgeon and best selling author Mehmet Oz, is seeking dynamic, proactive, and engaging individuals to teach its
                 school curriculum and coordinate community health education events. Coordinators will be a part of a national
                 initiative launched in response to a drastic decline in the health of our nation. Based upon a “Peace Corps”
                 model of employment, Coordinators serve one to two years in a designated school. The mission of Health
                 Corps is to increase individual awareness and to create a generation of self empowered individuals today, for a
                 healthier America tomorrow.

 Qualifications Requirements: Applicants must have obtained a bachelors degree by May 2007 and have a G.P.A. of 3.0 or
                higher. Applicants must be proactive, flexible to change, and have the desire to work in a high needs public high
                school. Problem solving, a passion for health, and an ability to work with students and teachers is a must.

  Hedgerow Theatre
Address          64 Rose Valley Road                                       Phone       610-565-4211 x 104
                                                                           Fax      610-565-1672
Contact          Darlene McClellan                                         Web Site
                 Executive Administrator                                   Email

Organization     Celebrating our 85th year, Hedgerow Theatre, America's oldest repatory theatre, seeks to connect and enrich the
Description      lives of actors and audiences through the shared intimate experiences of a theatre of excellence.

Positions        Passionate about a career in theatre and want to gain professional theatre experience? We invite you to consider
                 joining HEDGEROW THEATRE, America’s first resident repertory theatre, as either a 1-year Fellow or as an
                 Intern for a shorter term, living at Hedgerow or off site. Under the direction and mentorship of Penelope Reed,
                 Producing Artistic Director, Fellows and Interns become part of the Hedgerow culture based on collaborative
                 learning and high professional standards. Each year, Hedgerow Theatre recruits outstanding, motivated and
                 talented artists who are seek “hands on” theatre experience to supplement their education and acting experience.
                 Fellows live and work in an idyllic setting, Rose Valley, Pennsylvania, twelve miles from Philadelphia. The
                 Fellows and Interns program has three different aspects for each participant to experience: 1. Learn and grow in
                 all phases of theatre art—acting, directing, playwriting, teaching etc. 2. Learn and understand theatre
                 administration—management, production, front of house, box office, marketing, development etc. 3. Learn and
                 participate in a nurturing learning community while residing at Hedgerow Studio with 6-10 other talented
                 ensemble members The Fellows are considered for roles in the season and are part of the Hedgerow Theatre
                 Ensemble. If you are truly interested in a career in theatre, have a rigorous work ethic and a strong desire to
                 learn collaboratively all the while living and working in a nurturing environment, send your personal
                 information to: Sheena Hudnell Education Coordinator Hedgerow Theatre Administrative Offices 146 W.
                 Rose Valley Road Rose Valley, PA 19086 Please include a letter explaining why you want to join Hedgerow
                 Theatre, what areas of professional development you are most interested in, a headshot, a resume including all
                 your course work and experience, and three letters of recommendation from your faculty or professional
                 colleagues at theatres where you have performed. If you are unfamiliar with Hedgerow Theatre, we encourage
                 you to visit our web site at and if you live or have access to the Philadelphia area, we
                 invite you to attend one of our upcoming productions listed on the web site as our guest. Just call the box office
                 for a reservation at 610-565-4211 and let us know you are coming so that we can have someone meet you and
                 give you a brief tour and answer any guest ions. We look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely, Penelope
                 Reed Producing Artistic Director Hedgerow Theatre

 Qualifications A strong work ethic A willingness to learn new things Able to work in team-we are a led collaborative under
                the leadership of Producing Artistic Driector, Penelope Reed.

  (HH) Anti-Defamation League
Address          1617 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Suite 1160                     Phone       215-568-2223
                                                                           Fax      215-568-5526
Contact          Lisa Stewart                                              Web Site
                 Project Director, No Place for Hate                       Email

Organization     The Anti-Defamation League was founded in 1913 “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure
Description      justice and fair treatment to all.” Now the nation’s premier civil rights/human relations agency, ADL fights
                 anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rights for all.

Positions        Unpaid internships: The Eastern Pennsylvania/Delaware ADL office is located in Center City Philadelphia.
                 ADL interns are responsible for providing support to various departments within the ADL, including Education,
                 No Place for Hate®, Development and under Directors. Possible assignments include responding to claims of
                 discrimination; conducting research; organizing programs; assisting in the development and implementation of
                 anti-prejudice programs; analyzing program evaluations.

                 Haverford House Fellow: Same requirements/duties as above.

 Qualifications Interest in human rights or community service; knowledge of and a strong commitment to the mission of the
                ADL; strong interpersonal skills; good analytical and problem solving skills; good writing and editing skills;
                basic computer skills with Microsoft Office.

  (HH) Friends Neighborhood Guild
Address           703 N. 8th Street                                        Phone
                                                                           Fax      215 923 2502
Contact           Bunmi Samuels                                            Web Site
                  Exec. Dir.                                               Email

Organization      Current Haverford Fellows partner
                  Mission Statement The Friends Neighborhood (the Guild) was founded in 1879 and is a settlement house and
                  neighborhood center. It exists to serve and respond to the needs of the people in its community, particularly
                  those people who are less able to help themselves. Pursuant to that mission, the Guild provides social serves,
                  seeks to improve the quality of life of its neighbors, and assists in the development of leadership and
                  organization through which community residents may more effectively pursue their common objectives.
                  Underlying the endeavor to accomplish this mission is the recognition that we must continually seek to improve
                  our understanding of the root causes of the problems which we strive to address, and ultimately address these
                  root causes as well as the human needs which result from them. While the mission of the Guild may change
                  over time, as the needs and priorities of its community may change, its underlying premise remains constant:
                  The Guild exists to serve the needs of its entire community, and especially those less able to help themselves.
                  General Programs Currently, the Guild runs an After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) and summer
                  Freedom School program for children. There is also a full-service Neighborhood Energy Center which offers
                  clients assistance with energy bills, rent rebates, and conservation education, as well as a Food Program and a
                  Family Services program which includes truancy counseling and court accompaniment. Adult education is
                  ongoing, as are classes and events through FNG’s Community Learning Center. There is also a vibrant
                  volunteer program.

Positions         The Guild has hosted a Haverford House intern for the past three years. Other internships or positions TBA.


  (HH) Parkway NW High School for Peace and Social Justice
Address           7500 Germantown Ave                                      Phone       215-248-6669
Contact           Laura Richlin                                            Web Site
                  Peace Program Coordinator                                Email

Organization      Phladelphia public high school with mission of teaching youth alternatives to violence Haverford House
Description       Fellow partnership

Positions         Peace Program Fellow

 Qualifications creative, energetic, problem-solver, good written and verbal skills, flexiblity

  (HH) Committee of Seventy
Address           Eight Penn Center, 1628 JFK Boulevard, Suite 1002         Phone       215-557-3600, ext. 102
                                                                            Fax      215-557-3608
Contact           Ellen Mattleman Kaplan PU 1975                            Web Site
                  Vice President & Policy Director                          Email

Organization      The Committee of Seventy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan organization conducting a permanent
Description       campaign to improve the Philadelphia region by demanding ethical conduct of elected officials, promoting
                  government efficiency, educating citizens and safeguarding elections.

Positions         Internships: Policy staff Entry-level Professional Positions: Website coordinator

 Qualifications • Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs and html • Excellent research and writing skills • Deep interest in
                public policy and political issues • Strong organizational skills, including attention to detail • Self-starter and
                ability to work independently • Superb work ethic        For Website position: Extensive experience needed.

  (HH) Community Legal Services
Address           1424 Chestnut Street                                      Phone       215-981-3740
                                                                            Fax      215-981-0434
Contact           Carol Horne Penn                                          Web Site
                  Deputy Director                                           Email

Organization      Founded over 35 years ago, Community Legal Services is one of the nation’s oldest civil legal services
Description       programs, earning a national reputation as one of the most successful in systemic and law reform advocacy.
                  CLS is a large, urban program which offers substantial opportunity for training and professional growth while at
                  the same time sharing in the exciting challenge of delivering high quality legal services to a diverse client
                  population. CLS maintains two offices, a main office in Center City, and a neighborhood office in North
                  Philadelphia, and has 42 attorneys currently on staff. More than half of CLS lawyers possess ten or more years
                  of legal experience. Many are nationally recognized experts in their specialty areas. Each year CLS serves
                  more than 20,000 eligible clients, providing assistance on diverse civil legal problems involving social security,
                  consumer protection, domestic violence, public assistance, landlord-tenant, bankruptcy, child welfare,
                  employment problems, public utility access and rates, medical assistance, veteran’s benefits, health, and civil
                  rights. In addition to providing individual representation, all CLS lawyers are expected to participate in policy
                  advocacy, community education, and impact litigation. Because CLS no longer receives federal funding, the
                  program can engage in advocacy that would otherwise be restricted by Legal Services Corporation regulations.

Positions         Community Legal Services, Inc. of Philadelphia offers an internship program for first- and second-year law
                  students. CLS seeks bright, energetic law students who are committed to, or interested in learning more about,
                  a career in public interest law. Interns will be assigned to a specific CLS unit and, depending on assignment,
                  may have the opportunity to do legal research and writing, client interviewing and counseling, community
                  education, representation at administrative or court hearings, and trial advocacy. In addition, through special
                  programs and training sessions, interns will be exposed to the full range of CLS practice. We particularly
                  invite internship applications from students who are interested in later applying for a post-graduate fellowship.
                  In recent years, CLS has been awarded Skadden, Independence Foundation, and Equal Justice Works
                  fellowships, and the experience gained and contacts made during an internship at CLS can be invaluable in the
                  fellowship application process.


  (HH) Concilio
Address           705 N Franklin St                                         Phone       (215) 627-3100 ext 252
                                                                            Fax      (215) 627-7440
Contact           Jessica Mausner HC 2006                                   Web Site
                  Youth Tobacco Control Program                             Email

Organization      The Council of Spanish Speaking Organizations was founded on October 1, 1962, by a group of Latino leaders
Description       concerned with the many problems facing Philadelphia's Latino community. It is incorporated as a non-profit,
                  501(c)(3) corporation. Since its inception, Concilio has been guided by a mission to ensure that equitable social,
                  educational, health, and cultural services are available and affordable for everyone. For 45 years, the
                  organization has provided opportunities to the most disadvantaged in North Philadelphia to obtain employment,
                  health services, family counseling, adult and technical education, and cultural opportunities among others.

Positions         TBA


  (HH) Maternity Care Coalition
Address           2000 Hamilton Street, Suite 205                           Phone       215-989-3587
                                                                            Fax      215-972-8266
Contact           Rebecca Pfender                                           Web Site
                  Cribs for Kids Program Associate                          Email

Organization      Maternity Care Coalition (MCC) works to improve maternal and child health and well-being through the
Description       collaborative efforts of individuals, families, providers and communities. For more than 25 years, MCC has
                  served mothers and their babies in neighborhoods affected by poverty, infant mortality and changing patterns of
                  immigration. In addition, MCC conducts and supports research and advocates for the needs of pregnant women
                  and families. MCC is active at the local, state and national levels.

Positions         Title: Cribs for Kids Program Intern Description/Responsibilites: 1. Responds to request for cribs from the
                  community: provides assessments and education 2. Conducts home visits with families to deliver and set-up
                  crib and provide safe sleep/SIDS risk reduction education 3. Leads 3 to 5 monthly community education
                  workshops on safe sleep at sites throughout Philadelphia, including teen parenting programs at the Philadelphia
                  high schools 4. Attends community meetings, health fairs and represents MCC as requested by Program
                  Manager or Program Associate 5. Assists in the training of all other health social service providers about SIDS
                  risk reduction and safe sleep environment 6. Learns about and makes contact with community resources needed
                  by clients 7. Develops relationship with identified clients and provides support as needed 8. Refers women
                  needing more intensive follow-up to appropriate agencies 9. Ensures confidentiality of client records, sharing
                  pertinent information only with the client’s approval 10. Keeps careful records of all contacts made and
                  follow-up as necessary. Keeps accurate records of services received by clients 11. Routinely uses Cribs for
                  Kids database and other computer systems including e-mail, Internet and word processing 12. Attends
                  orientation and on-going training sessions on maternal and child health, public benefits, housing, nutrition,
                  substance abuse, counseling, parenting, infant and family support issues 13. Meets with Cribs for Kids Program
                  Associate and Cribs for Kids team regularly to report on and discuss work 14. Attends quarterly Cribs for Kids
                  Advisory committee 15. Other duties as assigned

 Qualifications 1. Sensitive to community issues 2. Committed to better health care in community 3. Desire to expand
                knowledge base 4. Excellent written, communication, and organizational skills 5. Ability to work well with
                people 6. Ability to work well individually and as a team 7. Interest in maternal and child health issues 8.
                Good computer skills 9. Ability to keep written records 10. Must be able to lift up to thirty (30) pounds on a
                regular basis 11. Ability to work 2 to 4 evenings per month and occasional weekends 12. Valid driver’s
                license and driving experience

  (HH) Philadelphia Assoc. of CDCs
Address          1315 Walnut Street                                         Phone        2157325829
                                                                            Fax      2157325725
Contact          Pamela Bridgeforth HC 2008                                 Web Site
                 Director of Programs                                       Email

Organization     As the citywide association of community development corporations (CDCs), we assist our members to improve
Description      the quality of life in their neighborhoods and help residents become more self-sufficient through the creation of
                 affordable housing, economic development, and other community development activities.

Positions        Haverford House Fellows

 Qualifications Strong research and analytical skills, strong written and verbal communications skills, strong computer and new
                media skills (pod cast, blog development, FaceBook) experience helpful, graphic design experience helpful,
                interest in urban issues and concerns, good sense of humor.

  (HH) Philadelphia Legal Assistance
Address          42 S. 11th Street, Suite 500                               Phone        215-981-3861
                                                                            Fax      215-981-3860
Contact          Susan Pearlstein, Esq. PENN 1998                           Web Site
                 Supervising Attorney                                       Email

Organization     Philadelphia Legal Assistance (“PLA”) is a nonprofit legal services organization primarily funded by the Legal
Description      Services Corporation. PLA provides civil legal services to Philadelphia’s indigent population in the areas of
                 Consumer/Housing, Family Law, Public Benefits and has a Migrant Farmworker Project. PLA’s Family Law
                 Unit serves approximately 3,000 clients each year in the area of Family Law and views the practice of family
                 law to be an integral part of the war on poverty and family violence. This includes providing representation and
                 advice in a wide variety and complex mix of family law cases, including child custody, child and spousal
                 support, protection from abuse and divorce. The family law practice at PLA also focuses on issues of family

Positions        Haverford House Fellow: The Fellow will be an integral member of the Family Law Unit, and will receive
                 extensive training in the area of family law. The Fellow will assist clients in a variety of domestic relations
                 matters, including custody, support, divorce and protection from abuse. This assistance includes client
                 interview, pleading preparation, litigation coordination, and other paralegal duties. The Fellow will assist with
                 intake for new clients, which includes determining if the client is eligible for our services, gathering all relevant
                 information, analyzing the client’s case, providing appropriate advice and drafting pleadings for the client when
                 necessary. This is an extremely important function to Philadelphia’s indigent population, as the majority (80%
                 to 90%) of litigants in Philadelphia’s Domestic Relations Court must proceed pro se, without counsel. The
                 Fellow may also assist attorneys in the Family Law Unit with individual cases for representation, including
                 drafting pleadings, litigation preparation, and accompanying the attorney to court proceedings. The Fellow may
                 also have the opportunity to work with attorneys on the Unit’s special projects, including our Immigrant
                 Women’s Domestic Violence Project and to observe court proceedings. The Fellow will learn about other areas
                 of law relevant to our clients, including immigration and public benefits among others areas. The Family Law
                 Unit works closely with other units within PLA and with other legal and social services agencies in the
                 Philadelphia area which the Fellow will become familiar with. The Fellow may also have the opportunity to
                 participate in community outreach and community education which is an integral part of our services.

 Qualifications Strong interest and prior experience in working with survivors of family violence and poverty issues. Spanish
                language skills preferred.

  (HH) Village of Arts and Humanities
Address           2544 Germantown Ave.                                     Phone       215.225.7830 x241
                                                                           Fax      215.225.9011
Contact           Kenneth Jones                                            Web Site
                  Arts and Education Manager                               Email

Organization      The Village of Arts and Humanities are a multi-faceted, professionally staffed, arts organization, governed by a
Description       community-based board of directors. We have won numerous local and international awards and citations for
                  innovation and achievement, and earned high marks within the community for serving thousands of
                  low-income, primarily underserved African American dwellers. However, North Philadelphia could well be
                  anywhere around the globe where people suffer due to cultural differences or economic inequities; and that is
                  why our program resonates so strongly worldwide. We foster a new multiculturalism that embraces the gifts
                  and the challenges expressed by all cultures and people. Our programs seek to tap into the common threads of
                  all communities that have been labeled at risk, underprivileged, impoverished, undereducated, and stressed to
                  create anomalies in the same undeniable way that the blues, gospel, jazz and even hip hop have done, with cross
                  cultural success. We know that the Arts transcend race, culture, religion, education, socioeconomic background,
                  gender, sexual orientation, age, or ableism. Our work is described as provocative, muscular and risky. We are
                  not limited by convention but instead boldly redefine art to incorporate environmental justice, greening and
                  beautification, as well as community organizing. Solid is the foundation from which we were originated. Lily
                  Yeh endeavored under difficult situations and limited resources to make work that has forever shifted
                  perceptions in the lives of oppressed people living in urban settings. We value our staff, board of directors and
                  volunteers and recognize their ability to affect change.



  Institute for Behavior Change
Address          1850 East Lincoln Highway                                Phone       610-383-1432 x 12
                                                                          Fax      610-383-1432
Contact          Jason Posey                                              Web Site
                 Director of Human Resources                              Email

Organization     The Institute for Behavior Change is a Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Service (BHRS) provider in Chester,
Description      Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia County. IBC provides psychological evaluations, Therapeutic Staff
                 Support, Mobile Therapists, and Behavior Specialist Consultants to children, age 3-21, who are in need of
                 receiving mental health services. All of our services are provided to the families FREE of charge, as services
                 are billed through their counties Managed Care Organization. The Institute for Behavior Change offers both
                 full, part-time hours, and weekend employment opportunities to meet the demands of employees schedules.
                 Health, vision, dental, 401k, paid time off, and paid supervision are available. IBC was recently recognized by
                 the Pennsylvania Psychology Association for its Employee Career Development.

Positions        Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS): TSS provide one-on-one behavior support to children, age 3-21, who have
                 been diagnosed with a mental health illness. Services are rendered in the home, school, and community settings
                 and involve the implementation of therapeutic interventions to produce a desired outcome in the child's
                 behavior. TSS consult with teachers and families, as well as the Master Level clinician on the case, to develop a
                 treatment plan that will help reduce the frequency of maladaptive behavior. TSS requires a bachelor's degree in
                 psychology, sociology, social work, criminal justice, or education. Mobile Therapists (MT): Mobile
                 Therapist requires a Master's degree in Social Work or a field of psychology. MT's provide one-on-one
                 counseling with the child in either the home or the school setting. Behavior Specialist Consultant (BSC):
                 The Behavior Specialist Consultant functions as the supervisor for each client's case. BSC's develop treatment
                 plans, preform intake evaluations, write reports, and supervise the delivery of services by the Therapeutic Staff
                 Support. All Master level clinicians receive 2 hours of supervision by Licensed Psychologist each week,
                 allowing them to fulfill their supervision requirements to obtain their LPC. Internships are only available to
                 graduate students. Interns are responsible for performing intake evaluations and report writing, as well as,
                 shadowing other Master level clinicianss in the field. All interns recieve supervision weekly by a Licensed

 Qualifications Therapeutic Staff Support requires a degree in psychology, sociology, social work, criminal justice, or
                education. However, individuals who possess any other bachelors degree may apply, pending they have at least
                one year experience working in the mental health field. Mobile Therapists and Behavior Specialist
                Consultants must have a Master's Degree in either Social Work or a field of Psychology.

  Internal Revenue Service
Address          600 Arch St. Room 3426                                   Phone       215-861-1888
                                                                          Fax      215-861-1571
Contact          Barry Warhoftig                                          Web Site
                 recruiter                                                Email

Organization     Federal Government-The Internal Revenue Revenue Service is the largest tax collection agency in the world.

Positions        Revenue Agent: Conducts examinations of corporate tax returns.

 Qualifications bachelors degree, 24 accounting credits, 6 credits in other business courses.

  Katie At The Bat Team
Address          257 Standish Rd                                           Phone       610-667-5737
                                                                           Fax      610-667-4900
Contact          Lisa S. Hoffstein PENN 1981                               Web Site
                 President and Founder                                     Email

Organization     Inner-city sports primarily for girls. We are using organized athletics as a means to introduce positive pathways
Description      for all aspects of a girls life. Our programs include healthy snack and nutrition, fitness, positive self-esteem,
                 inter-personal skills and literacy in addition to sports instruction and play.

Positions        Assistant Director, Program Director, Administrative Assistant

 Qualifications Excellent people skills and organizational skills. Other desired traits would be good grant-writing and computer
                skills, athletic background, enthusiasm for having a positive impact on young deserving girls.

  Keystone Human Services- Mid Atlantic
Address          625 Ridge Pike, Bldg. D, Suite 102                        Phone       610-940-2650
                 Conshohocken, PA 19428
                                                                           Fax      610-940-5727
Contact          Lisa Kielb                                                Web Site
                 HR Director                                               Email

Organization     KHS-MA is a non-profit human services agency providing a variety of community based supports and services
Description      to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Positions        Community Support Associates, Program Coordinators, Program Directors, Behavior Support Specialists

 Qualifications Minimum Requirements for all positions: 18 years of age; HS diploma or equivalent; ability to pass Child
                Abuse, State Police and FBI clearance; valid drivers license with ability to drive and access to a privately
                maintain vehicle. Some positions do require a Bachelors degree.

                 Keystone Human Services-Mid Atlantic (name of organization) hereby affirms it is an equal opportunity
                 employer adhering to all federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations and executive orders.

  Lupus Foundation of America, Southeastern PA Chapter
Address          25 Washington Lane                                        Phone       215-517-5070
                                                                           Fax      215-517-8483
Contact          Michelle Kelly                                            Web Site
                 Development Manager                                       Email

Organization     The Lupus Foundation of America, Southeastern PA Chapter is a non-profit organization. The mission of of the
Description      Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of lupus, support individuals and
                 families affected by the disease, increase awareness of lupus among health professionals and the public, and
                 find the causes and cure.

Positions        Intern needed for summer 2008 and fall 2008. The Lupus Foundation of America, Southeastern PA Chapter is a
                 small foundation allowing for a well-rounded non-profit internship experience in one or more of the following
                 areas: financial development, advocacy, event planning, public relations, and program coordinating.

 Qualifications Junior or senior undergraduate with excellent written and verbal communication skills and an interest in
                working for a non-profit organization preferred.

  Lutheran Volunteer Corps
Address           1226 Vermont Ave. NW                                      Phone       202.387.3222
                                                                            Fax      202.667.0037
Contact           Eric Bjorlin                                              Web Site
                  Recruitment Specialist                                    Email

Organization      Lutheran Volunteer Corps is a one-year, full-time domestic volunteer program that places people in non-profit
Description       organizations where they work in direct service at homeless shelters, health clinics, after-school programs, and
                  many others, or one might engage in community organizing or work to advocate for better policies in areas like
                  workers rights, the environment, GLBT issues, and immigration and refugee rights. Though the name says
                  Lutheran, one definitely need not be Lutheran or even religious to be a volunteer with us. Volunteers receive a
                  stipend to cover their basic needs – housing, food, transportation, and health insurance – along with receiving
                  $100 for personal use. Many volunteers also qualify for the $4,725 AmeriCorps Education Grant. Volunteers
                  live in community with 3-6 other volunteers in 10 cities across the country, sharing resources and pooling
                  money for food and housing resources, something that distinguishes our program from other programs such as
                  AmeriCorps. Volunteers seek to live simple and sustainable lives and explore faith and spirituality during their
                  year as well. LVC is on a Journey to an Inclusive Community, forming and strengthening alliances among
                  people of many cultures and communities, and intentionally dismantling racism within LVC, the church, and
                  society. As a Reconciling in Christ organization, LVC welcomes and encourages the participation of lesbian,
                  gay, bisexual and transgendered people in all aspects of LVC. LVC volunteers come from a wide variety of
                  faith backgrounds, and do not need to be Lutheran. Married and committed partners are welcome to apply.
                  While there is no upper age limit, volunteers should be at least 21 to participate. The program begins in
                  mid-August of each year. Application deadlines for the 08-09 program year are January 15, March 14, and May

Positions         Volunteers are placed in full-time positions in non-profit organizations in Baltimore, MD; Wilmington, DE;
                  Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; Milwaukee, WI; Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN; Seattle and Tacoma, WA; and
                  San Francisco and Oakland, CA. Also included is student loan deferment and potential qualification for the
                  $4,725 AmeriCorps Education Grant. Issues worked with include AIDS/HIV, addiction and recovery,
                  anti-racism, children and youth, community development, education, employment, the environment, food and
                  hunger, GLBT rights, health care, housing and homelessness, immigration and refugees, international solidarity,
                  legal assistance, peace and non-violence, people with disabilities, seniors, and women, among others.

 Qualifications Most positions are entry level and require little or no previous experience except a passion for social justice,
                flexibility, and a sense of humor!

  Mastery Charter School
Address           34 South 4th Street                                      Phone      215-922-1902 x 2415
Contact           Renee Di Pietro                                          Web Site
                  Recruitment Manager                                      Email

Organization      Created to prepare underserved youth for success in post-secondary education and knowledge-based economy.
Description       Mastery’s first school was founded in September 2001 by a coalition of business and civic leaders. Our mission
                  is to ensure that all students learn the academic and personal skills they need to succeed in higher education,
                  compete in the global economy, and pursue their dreams. Student achievement is the reason we exist. Since its
                  inception, MCS has consistently demonstrated strong student performance compared to our peers. We strive to
                  eliminate the performance gap between low-income minority students and other students. Mastery currently
                  operates four schools in the City of Philadelphia serving 1,500 students in grades 7 through 12. When fully
                  enrolled, these schools will serve nearly 2,500 students. Mastery intends to open additional campuses over the
                  next four years, and the long-term goal of the organization is to influence the larger education system by
                  operating multiple small urban middle/high schools that demonstrate how students can excel to meet the highest
                  standards of high school education in America.

Positions         Teachers: Teach at middle and high schools in Philadelphia. Responsible for establishing classroom routines
                  and student instruction as well as follow through with consistency. Also responsible for developing effective
                  lesson plans, homework assignments and assessments. In conjunction with guidance from school, teachers
                  analyze student assessment data and use data to develop tutoring plans and inform instruction, collaborate with
                  other faculty to discuss student work, share best practices, and ensure student mastery of standards, maintain
                  close relationships with families, including phone calls and conferences, and tutor students who need extra
                  support on a daily basis. Expected to participate in on-going professional development and sponsoring
                  extra-curricular activities. Teachers committed to high expectations for students, high support for students and
                  complete focus on student performance. Positions available within: Core Subjects: • Math • Science • History
                  • English Language Arts • Physical Education • Art • Music • Spanish • Special Education Why teach at
                  Mastery Charter Schools? • Committed to student achievement above all else • Excellent pay and benefits •
                  Small class size • Time for planning & professional development • Excellent leadership, great colleagues and
                  support. Contact: All candidates should be self-starters interested in working in fast-paced, startup
                  environment that requires flexible roles. Email cover letter and resume to: May mail
                  packet to: Mastery Charter Schools Attn: Renee Di Pietro 35 South 4th Street Philadelphia, PA 19106
                  *Must include working email address. Initial correspondence is done electronically.

 Qualifications • Bachelor’s Degree in subject matter that one wishes to teach or at least two yrs related teaching exp. • Must
                have or be working towards Pennsylvania Teacher Certification • Teachers with Dual Certifications preferred •
                Must be able to work collaboratively in a non-traditional, inner-city environment • Outstanding instructional
                skills, including ability to motivate and challenge students and maintain orderly classroom environment •
                Demonstrated expertise in subject area • Strong sense of personal accountability for student achievement •
                Belief that all students should be held to high academic standards • Ability to communicate effectively with
                parents • Demonstrated professionalism and responsibility, and strong work ethic • Positive, high-energy
                attitude and drive for personal excellence • Ability to problem-solve and a sense of humor are required.

  Maternal and Child Health Consortium
Address           30 West Barnard Street; Suite 1                          Phone      610-344-5370
                                                                           Fax      610-344-5279
Contact           Pamela Bryer, MPH                                        Web Site
                  Executive Director                                       Email

Organization      Maternal and Child Health Consortium is a private, non-profit organization working to improve the health of
Description       women, infants, and children through he collaborative efforts of individuals, providers, and policy makers.



Address           2600 Wayland Road                                         Phone       610-325-4950
                                                                            Fax      610-325-2920
Contact           Michelle Lisman                                           Web Site
                  Recruiter                                                 Email

Organization      Melmark is a non-profit provider of educational, residential & therapeutic services for children and adults with a
Description       diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders, acquired brain injury, mental retardation, and other neurological
                  impairments. These services are provided on our campus and/or in community homes. There are various
                  positions available. Many of these positions are entry-level, direct care positions, which provide valuable
                  opportunities for professional development in the areas of psychology (specifically applied behavior analysis),
                  human services, and special education. We also have employment opportunities for RNs and LPNs.

Positions         Teachers Assistant Residential Teacher Residential Aide


  MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Address          244 Wood Street                                          Phone       781-981-2465
                                                                          Fax      781-981-5700
Contact          Kristi Wood                                              Web Site
                 HR Assistant                                             Email

Organization     Work involves wide array of disciplines as investigation into one question can expand into more questions and
Description      ultimately complex answers. Electrical engineers, physicists, computer scientists, mathematicians, biologists,
                 and mechanical engineers, to name a few, work in multidisciplinary teams collaborating on creative solutions.
                 Since its establishment in 1951, Laboratory staff have been addressing issues critical to national security. From
                 early days of work on detecting and responding to potential attacks by long-range aircraft to current work aimed
                 at biochemical threats, the Laboratory has evolved. While specific challenges have changed, mission is
                 unaltered—to investigate and test high-tech answers to defense questions. Along way, Lincoln Laboratory has
                 developed cutting edge technology applicable to array of science and engineering needs. Please visit

Positions        Various Technical Positions Work at cutting edge of technology. Staff member's activities varies depending
                 on field of application, multi-disciplinary nature of Lincoln Laboratory positions distinguish employment
                 opportunities and provide staff w/ outstanding developmental experiences and career foundations. Visit
        to view examples of
                 opportunities for new graduates in: Analysis, Biology, Communication Systems, Computer Systems, Electrical
                 Engineering, Electro-Optical Systems, Hardware Engineering, Lasers and Laser Systems, Meteorology,
                 Physics, Radar Systems, RF Electronics, and Software. Seek new employees from range of disciplines. Staff
                 comprised of individuals from academic fields including Electrical Engineering, Physics, Computer Science,
                 Mathematics, and to a limited degree, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering,
                 Materials Science, Biology, and comparable fields. Seventy percent of staff holds advanced degrees in field of
                 study. Interested in becoming part of challenging work being conducted, but do not see fields listed should still
                 apply. Lincoln Laboratory has positions that suit qualifications and goals of candidates from diverse
                 backgrounds. Summer Research Program Undergraduate and grad students gain hands-on experience in
                 leading-edge research environment. Contribute to projects & gain exp. that complements courses of study.
                 Opportunities in communications systems, sensor and radar data analysis, digital signal processing, laser and
                 electro-optical systems, solid-state electronics, software engineering, and scientific programming. Projects may
                 be available in: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering,
                 Aeronautics/Astronautics, Materials Science, Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry. If pursuing degree in any
                 of areas or comparable scientific or technical disciplines and have interest in “MIT Lincoln Laboratory
                 Experience,” submit resume at Located in Lexington, MA, and 14
                 miles NW of Boston. Summer research students have enjoyed sports events, trips to islands off Cape Cod,
                 sailing, and hiking. ABOUT PROGRAM Students must have completed junior year of college or be enrolled
                 in master’s or doctoral program. Excellent academic record and be U.S. citizen. Supervised by Laboratory
                 Technical Staff. Program runs early June through mid-August and provides - Competitive weekly pay -
                 Round-trip travel expenses to Boston area - Subsidized housing on MIT campus (meal plans not available) -
                 Daily free transportation from MIT campus to Lincoln Laboratory - Access to MIT and Lincoln Laboratory’s
                 world-class libraries - Access to professional and technical training - Access to MIT Medical/Lexington. Other
                 employees and affiliates of Lincoln Laboratory may use MIT Medical on fee-for-service basis. Those with
                 outside coverage should present insurance at time of visit. Fees not paid by insurer will be responsibility of
                 individual. - Access to Fitness Center. Nominal fee. Students: Attend technical briefings • Interface w/ national
                 experts in numerous fields of research • Work w/ state-of-the-art equipment on real-world technical
                 applications • Present results of research conclusions at end of summer. Human Resources
                 Lincoln Laboratory Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lexington, Massachusetts (781) 981-5500

 Qualifications Mission is to apply science and advanced technology to critical problems of national security. To assure
                excellence in fulfillment of this mission, Laboratory is committed to fostering environment that embraces and
                leverages diversity of thought, culture, and experience. MIT Lincoln Laboratory is an Equal Opportunity
                Employer, M/F/D/V. U.S. Citizenship is required. Primarily seek individuals pursuing a BS, MS or PhD in
                Electrical Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, and to a limited degree, Mechanical
                Engineering, Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering, Materials Science, Biology, and comparable fields.
                Individuals should have an interest and ability to work on broad range of technical problems in team
                 Individuals should have an interest and ability to work on broad range of technical problems in team
                 environment and possess strong communications, analytical, problem-solving, and innovative skills. Minimum
                 GPA: 3.25/4.00.

  National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Address          One Reed St., Suite 200                                   Phone       215-271-1500
                                                                           Fax      215-271-6122
Contact          Kathie Cronk                                              Web Site
                 Manager, Volunteer Development                            Email

Organization     Since 1946, the National MS Society remains the only voluntary health organization dedicated to the
Description      prevention, treatment, alleviation and cure of multiple sclerosis. The National MS Society is the only voluntary
                 MS organization that meets the standards of all major agencies that rate nonprofit groups.

Positions        Special Events Marketing Client Program Marketing Volunteer Development Communications Department
                 Major Gifts Development

 Qualifications Strong organizational skills Strong written and oral communications skills A willingness to work in a team
                environment Knowledge of Microsoft Office and internet

  National Trust for Historic Preservation
Address          1785 Massachusetts Avenue, NW                             Phone       202-588-6124
                                                                           Fax      202-588-6059
Contact          David Field                                               Web Site
                 Manager of Recruitment & Outreach                         Email

Organization     Work for an organization you can feel good about! The National Trust for Historic Preservation is a private,
Description      nonprofit membership organization dedicated to protecting our nation’s irreplaceable heritage. With over
                 200,000 members, the National Trust is America’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to providing
                 leadership, education and advocacy in historic preservation, including initiatives focused on preserving African
                 American historic places, revitalizing diverse neighborhoods and communities, and more. We have six regional
                 offices and 28 historic sites and work with hundreds of local community groups in all 50 states. The National
                 Trust offers excellent benefits, including over 3 weeks vacation per year, pension and investment plans and an
                 affordable, flexible health care package. Located in the heart of one of DC’s most historic NW neighborhoods,
                 our Washington Office is just 2 blocks from the Dupont Circle metro station.

Positions        Summer Internships in a variety of departments (about 15 available). Each intern works on an individual
                 project, and attends weekly educational sessions or tours of historic sites and neighborhoods to learn more about
                 the broad fields of historic preservation & community revitalization. Entry level jobs are typically available
                 in a variety of departments and range from administrative to program coordinator level jobs, but all handle a
                 wide range of responsibilities, with opportunities for growth. Besides opportunities directly related to historic
                 preservation, the Trust has jobs related to fundraising, membership development, marketing, non-profit
                 management, PR, communications/press relations, journalism, law, government affairs/public policy, and other

 Qualifications Most internships or entry level positions are open to students from any major, but benefit from an interest in
                history, architecture, urban planning, cultural heritage, museums, community development, community
                revitalization, or non-profit advocacy. Specific skills or academic background are required for some
                internships or jobs, but basic skills typically required include: strong communication and writing skills,
                experience in a professional office setting, research skills, data entry experience, and office based experience
                with Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and other softwares.

  New England Center for Children
Address           33 Turnpike Road                                           Phone       (508) 481 - 1015
                                                                             Fax      (508) 485 - 3421
Contact           Cathy Colella                                              Web Site
                  Staff Recruiter                                            Email

Organization      The New England Center for Children is located in Southboro, Massachusetts, 20 minutes west of Boston.
Description       NECC’s primary mission is to increase the skills of individuals with autism through the use of applied behavior
                  analysis (ABA). NECC provides comprehensive educational, residential and clinical services for over 200
                  children, adolescents and young adults. We provide intensive training and all teachers must pass a
                  graduate-level introductory ABA course during their first months of employment. In addition, we are associated
                  with two university master’s degree programs: Simmons College’s masters in severe special needs and
                  Northeastern University’s masters in applied behavior analysis. Each is a 3-year program with courses taught on
                  site and tuition significantly reimbursed by NECC.

Positions         TEACHERS / CHILDCARE PROFESSIONALS All of our teachers, regardless of previous experience,
                  receive extensive training and learn to apply the principles of behavior analysis to teach children, adolescents
                  and young adults to acquire skills and maximize independence in the areas of academics, socialization,
                  self-control of behavior, activities of daily living, communication and employment services. Whether working
                  in the school, the community or the residence, all teachers are trained to competency and are expected to
                  implement the full range of behavioral and educational programs individually designed for each student.
                  LEVEL I TEACHER – This entry-level position for individuals with little or no previous experience working
                  with children with special needs is ideal for those just beginning a career in the field of human services. These
                  teachers work primarily in the residences as they learn to provide instruction to our students in the areas of daily
                  living skills, communication skills, social skills and community living skills. The schedule includes a 4-day
                  work-week with the majority of the hours during the evenings and weekends. Some of the scheduled hours are
                  designated as “sleep hours”. While on “sleep time”, staff are required to remain in the house, but may sleep.
                  This position leads to a Level II teacher position. LEVEL II TEACHERS – This position is typically for
                  individuals who have had some formal experience working with children with special needs. These teachers
                  work both in the school and in our residences with some evening and weekend hours. While all teachers work
                  with all the students on the team, a Level II teacher serves as a case manager for 1 student and is responsible for
                  educational program design, IEP development and regular communication with parents.

 Qualifications    REQUIREMENTS • Applicants must be seeking a full-time position with the flexibility to work evenings and
                  weekends. • Applicants must hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and be physically, mentally and
                  emotionally prepared for a challenging career experience. • Applicants must have their own transportation and
                  be able to obtain a valid Massachusetts driver’s license. • Applicants must have positive academic and
                  employment references. • Applicants must be bright, energetic individuals with a strong desire to work with
                  children or young adults and with experience in or an interest in being trained in the principles of applied
                  behavior analysis.

  NYC Teaching Fellows
Address          65 Court Street, Room 322                                 Phone       (718) 935-4721
                 Brooklyn, NY 11201
Contact          Jessica Wedge                                             Web Site
                 Recruiter/College Ambassador Program                      Email

Organization     The NYC Teaching Fellows program is a highly selective, innovative path to enter the classroom and make a
Description      difference in New York City's high-need schools. From over 115,000 applicants over the past seven years, NYC
                 Teaching Fellows has provided New York City classrooms with over 12,000 highly qualified new teachers,
                 making the Fellowship the largest alternate teacher certification program in the country. We are seeking
                 talented, motivated, and high-achieving individuals to join a select group of recent graduates and mid-career
                 professionals from all majors and backgrounds who will teach in New York City public schools starting as early
                 as Fall 2008 and work to boost student achievement one classroom at a time. While teaching, Fellows pursue a
                 Master’s degree in Education that is subsidized by the NYC Department of Education. No previous education
                 coursework or teaching experience is necessary.

Positions        Teaching Fellow.

 Qualifications • Applicants must have completed their Bachelor's degrees before the start of training. • U.S. citizen or
                permanent resident with valid green card and fluency in English • Cannot have completed eighteen or more
                credits of a teacher education program or minor in education by the start of training • Cannot be certified to
                teach in New York (or a state with a reciprocity agreement with New York) • Minimum 3.0 GPA
                (consideration given for demonstrated achievement) • Cannot have previously benefited from a NYC
                Department of Education tuition assistance program (other than career training for paraprofessionals) • Cannot
                have worked as a full-time teacher in New York City public schools at any time since September 2002

  Oregon Bus Project
Address          333 SE 2nd Ave; Second Floor                              Phone       503.233.3018
Contact          Emily Kintzer                                             Web Site
                 PolitiCorps Recruitment Director                          Email

Organization     The Bus Project is an innovative vehicle for hands on democracy with a specific focus on young voters. Our
Description      mission is to engage, educate and elect. The Bus Project has mobilized thousands of volunteers and activists
                 around the state of Oregon. The BusPAC works to elect the best progressive candidates in the state. We do it
                 all, with one constant: combining fun and politics. Former Governor Barbara Roberts, who now serves on the
                 Project's Advisory Council has called the Bus Project "the most exciting thing in Oregon politics in the last 20

Positions        PolitiCorps is a 10 week political immersion and leadership training program designed to engage and prepare
                 college students and recent graduates for a life of public service. While PolitiCorps is based in Oregon its scope
                 is national; fellows come from every state in the nation and leave PolitiCorps with the skills needed to effect
                 change in their own communities. PolitiCorps fellows learn new ways to think about the world, but
                 PolitiCorps is not just a school of thought. It's a place where Fellows learn by doing, and make a real difference
                 every day. PolitiCorps Summer Institute includes tutorials, trainings, mentorship, and field work that has
                 tangible results: voters registered and educated, communities organized and mobilized, campaigns won and
                 candidates elected.

 Qualifications PolitiCorps Fellows are college seniors or recent graduates who have demonstrated a commitment to
                progressive values and a deep interest in forward-thinking public policy and the political process. PolitiCorps
                Fellows come from every state in the nation, and from a wide variety of experiential and cultural backgrounds.
                Extensive campaign experience is not a prerequisite for PolitiCorps - but an understanding of campaign lifestyle
                (long hours, close friendships, challenging and rewarding projects) does help Fellows make the most of the
                Summer experience. PolitiCorps is deeply committed to providing leadership experience and training to
                students of color.

  Outward Bound
Address         1900 Eagle Dr.                                           Phone       410.448.1721 x232
                Baltimore, MD 21207
Contact         Amanda Lyons                                             Web Site
                Staffing Recruiter                                       Email

Organization    Outward Bound is a non-profit educational organization with five core programs that change lives, build teams,
Description     and transform schools. We deliver adventure and challenge in the wilderness, urban settings, workrooms, and
                classrooms to help students achieve their possibilities, and to inspire them to serve others and to care for the
                world around them.

Positions       Spring Instructor Development Internships Instructors (Field Instructors & Center-based Instructors) Logistical

 Qualifications Education experience &/or outdoor experience

  Partners for Sacred Places
Address          1700 Sansom Street, 10th Floor                             Phone       (215) 567-3224, ext. 20
                 Philadelphia, PA 19103
                                                                            Fax      (215) 567-3235
Contact          Monica L. Davis                                            Web Site
                 Dir. Of Communications                                     Email

Organization     Partners is the only national nonsectarian nonprofit organization devoted to helping congregations and their
Description      communities sustain and actively use older and historic sacred places. Partners was founded in 1989 by a
                 national task force of religious, historic preservation and philanthropic leaders. Since then, Partners has served
                 several thousand congregations and other local organizations and represents the needs and concerns of over
                 100,000 older, community-serving sacred places in every town and city across America.

Positions        New Dollars/New Partners Program VISTA - Research and contact congregations, provide administrative
                 preparation for national trainings and local workshops, increase congregational capacity to support community
                 programming, evaluate of ND/NP training and success of congregations in making community connections.
                 New Dollars/New Partners Communications VISTA - Provide outreach and assist with congregational
                 capacity-building; leverage support among local grassroots organizations, philanthropists, and nonprofits; assist
                 with national marketing efforts; pitch and assist with tours and events; recruit coaches for the ND/NP program.
                 Summer 2008 Pennsylvania Office Intern - Research and develop information for a comprehensive database
                 of religious properties in the southeastern PA region to further the investment strategies of the Philadelphia
                 Regional Fund. The database is in FileMaker Pro (although the data can be modified in Excel) and captures
                 records of nearly 1300 historic religious properties. These records are to be shared with organizations such as
                 the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, the Philadelphia Athenaeum, and the City of
                 Philadelphia's Department of Records to facilitate incorporating historic religious properties into their planning
                 and research.
                 Work on verifying the accuracy and content of about 100 records of what could be considered the most
                 significant religious properties in Philadelphia vetted with Partners staff. Utilize the resources of local research
                 institutions and archives to develop comprehensive records for these properties to be mapped in a GIS format
                 and be a shared with partner organizations and the general public through Partners web site and other channels.

 Qualifications Program VISTA: Organized and detail-oriented self-starter with strong research skills. Urban studies
                background a plus.
                Communications VISTA: Degree in Journalism, Communications, Marketing, English, or significant writing
                experience. Organized and detail-oriented self-starter, able to balance several projects at once. Public speaking
                skills a plus.
                Summer 2008 Pennsylvania Office Intern: Partners is seeking an urban studies, historic preservation,
                architectural history, planning, or geography student (undergrad or graduate) with an interest in historic
                properties. A successful candidate must have strong research skills, be organized and detail-oriented, and able to
                work independently with minimal supervision. Proficiency with
                ArcView and GIS software and/or FileMaker Pro a plus. The position could be continued over a number of

  Peace Corps
Address          201 Varick St., Suite 1025                                Phone       212-352-5450
                                                                           Fax      212-352-5441
Contact          Rebi Wong                                                 Web Site
                 Recruiter                                                 Email

Organization     Peace Corps is a U.S. government agency that sends volunteers to serve in developing countries for 27 months.
Description      Peace Corps is looking for volunteers from a variety of backgrounds to fill positions in business, education,
                 health, agriculture, the environment, and community services. Peace Corps benefits include medical and
                 dental coverage, a monthly living stipend, transportation to and from your host country, graduate study benefits,
                 24 vacation days a year, and a $6,075 readjustment allowance after your 2-year service. Some student loans can
                 be deferred during Peace Corps service. After your 2-year service, former volunteers receive one year of
                 noncompetitive eligibility for employment in the federal government. Come and learn how your skills can be
                 put to use in the Peace Corps!


 Qualifications Bachelor's degree, work and volunteer experience

  Philadelphia FIGHT
Address          1233 Locust St                                            Phone       215-985-4448
                                                                           Fax      215-985-4952
Contact          Terry Trudeau                                             Web Site
                 HR Director                                               Email

Organization     AIDS Service Organization. We have a medical clinic for people who are HIV +, case management, prison
Description      re-entry services, mental health services, the AIDS Library, Project TEACH, a curriculum for HIV+ people and
                 YHEP, the Youth Health Empowerment Project for youth 13 to 25.

Positions        Development intern, social work intern, prison services intern, TEACH intern, YHEP intern, Administration
                 intern, Lax Center intern.

 Qualifications Candidates should come with a desire to make a difference in the world of HIV/AIDS. Qualifications for
                particular positions will be required and vary accordingly.

  Philadelphia Teaching Fellows
Address          440 N. Broad St. Suite 112                                Phone       215-400-8687
Contact          Cindy Eisenberg                                           Web Site
                 Recruitment and Selection Manager                         Email

Organization     The Philadelphia Teaching Fellows is a unique initiative of the School District of Philadelphia to recruit, select
Description      and train outstanding midcareer professionals and recent college graduates to become teachers in the schools in
                 our community that need them the most. Fellows will teach while attending classes to earn their teaching

Positions        Special Education Teacher, Bilingual Education teacher, Spanish teacher, English teacher, Math teacher, and
                 Science teacher.

 Qualifications No teaching or education experience is necessary. The following is required: A bachelor's degree A
                cumulative undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher from an accredited college/university
                U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status A desire to make a difference!

  The Philadelphia Zoo
Address           3400 West Girard Ave                                       Phone       (215) 243-5326
                                                                             Fax      215) 243-5219
Contact           Terri Smith                                                Web Site
                  Volunteer Programs Manager                                 Email

Organization      The Philadelphia Zoo’s 42-acre Victorian garden is home to more than 1,300 animals, many of them rare and
Description       endangered. The Zoo, fulfilling its mission of conservation, science, education and recreation, supports and
                  engages in conservation efforts to protect endangered species around the world. Cheetahs, hippos, giraffes and
                  much more make the Zoo Philadelphia's leading family attraction with over 1.2 million visitors last year.

Positions         Please visit for complete descriptions and current job postings.   Our most popular
                  internships are Animal Care and Education Ambassador. New this year is a Guest Relations internship program
                  and an internship in Conservation Research.   Recent graduates may fill positions such as: Events and
                  Sponsorship Coordinator, Grants Campaign Associate, Corporate Relations Associate or Seasonal Guest
                  Relations Supervisor.

 Qualifications All candidates should be dedicated to excellence, committed to providing exceptional service and believe in the
                importance of conserving our natural world. All of our positions share our institutional mission, purpose,
                shared beliefs and vision of: Creating and sustaining high quality, innovative and accessible programs, services
                and amenities. Valuing initiative, inventiveness and teamwork among our staff and volunteers. Celebrating
                our historic garden setting and our achievements as America's first Zoo. Dedicating ourselves to the enjoyment
                of our guests. Fostering collegiality, collaboration and community partnerships

  Please Touch Museum
Address           210 N 21st Street                                          Phone       215-963-0667
                                                                             Fax      215-963-9645
Contact           Judy Meyers                                                Web Site
                  Director, Human Resources                                  Email

Organization      A non profit children's museum

Positions         Various full time and part time openings Non Paid internships in various departments

 Qualifications Varies based on position

  Project Forward Leap
Address           1706 Race Street, 2nd Floor                                Phone       215-568-2344
                                                                             Fax      215-568-2443
Contact           Jessica Lamos                                              Web Site
                  Director of Operations                                     Email

Organization      Project Forward Leap is committed to closing the gaps of academic achievement and developmental
Description       opportunities between disadvantaged children, and their advantaged peers. Accordingly, we are dedicated to
                  the creation of optimal learning communities that enhance the chances of maximizing academic and personal
                  growth. Successes in these learning communities should provide a foundation and momentum upon which
                  participating schools and districts can build. The core components of PFL’s strategy for achieving these goals
                  are: accelerated curricula, master teaching practices, the mandate of intensive parental involvement, the
                  enrollment of a critical mass of students from participating districts, and collaboration with those districts and
                  other educational organizations.

Positions         Summer Positions and Internships Availalble Teaching Assistant Residential Assistant Data & Research
                  Intern Financial Intern PR / Marketing Intern Go to for more information


  The Schuylkill Center
Address          8480 Hagy's Mill Rd.                                     Phone      215-482-7300 ext.122
                                                                          Fax      215-482-8158
Contact          Camila Rivera-Tinsley                                    Web Site
                 Summer Camp Director                                     Email

Organization     Founded in 1965, The Schuylkill Center is one of the first urban environmental education centers in the country.
Description      The Center's 300 plus acres of fields, forests, ponds and streams are used by thousands of people each year to
                 discover, explore, and study nature. The mission of The Schuylkill Center is to promote, through environmental
                 education, the preservation and improvement of our natural environment by fostering appreciation,
                 understanding and responsible use of the ecosystem; by disseminating information on current environmental
                 issues; by encouraging appropriate public response to environmental problems and also to maintain the facilities
                 of The Schuylkill Center and conserve its land for the purpose of environmental education.

Positions        Summer Emvironmental Education Couselor Department: Education Reports To: Camp Director Summary:
                 The Lead Camp Counselor will work as a team member of The Schuylkill Center’s staff to help implement its
                 Nature Ramblers’ Summer Day Camp Programs. This includes, but is not limited to, on- and off-site camp
                 activities. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: • Help plan and conduct environmental education and
                 camp programs for campers. • Create daily schedules and supply needs for each camp week. • Provide Camp
                 Director with daily schedules and supply needs 1-2 weeks prior to camp week. • Co-lead day trips with
                 campers • Supervise and engage campers in After-Care activities. • Review daily activities with Camp
                 Director. • Oversee the safety and well-being of all campers. • Assist in education department duties and
                 maintenance of Camp House and Camp/Education equipment. Job Title: Backpacking/Adventure Program
                 Counselor Department: Education Reports To: Camp Director Summary: Backpacking/Adventure
                 Program Counselor will work as a team member of The Schuylkill Center’s staff to help implement its Nature
                 Ramblers’ Summer Day Camp Programs. This includes, but is not limited to, on- and off-site camp activities.
                 Essential Duties and Responsibilities: • Help plan and conduct environmental education and camp programs
                 for campers both on and off-site • Create daily schedules and supply needs for each camp week. • Co-lead day
                 and overnight trips/backpacking trips with campers • Supervise and engage campers in After-Care activities. •
                 Review daily activities with Camp Director. • Oversee the safety and well-being of all campers. • Assist in
                 education department duties and maintenance of Camp House and Camp/Education equipment.
                 Backpacking/Adventure Program Counselor

 Qualifications Candidiates must have: -completed a minimum of two years in an institution of higher learning -a background
                in environmental sciences, biology, or other life science or a background in early childhood education -some
                natural history experience or a strong desire to learn -must be highly motiveted and self sufficient -cpr/first
                aid certification a plus -experience backpacking or camping

  SPIN Inc.
Address          10541 Drummond Road                                       Phone       215-612-7129
                                                                           Fax      215-613-1021
Contact          Lynn Kaplan-Fink                                          Web Site
                 Recruiter                                                 Email

Organization     Special People In Northeast, Inc., located in Northeast Philadelphia is a non-profit human services organization
Description      that was founded in 1970. The organization provides supports to individuals with mental, physical, and
                 sensorial disabilities as well as their families in a variety of ways. SPIN, Inc. assists over 2,000 infants,
                 children, and adults with various integrated activities including early childhood programs, residences,
                 employment, and support services. The organization's hallmark is its determination to make available to its
                 consumers an enriched world of experience that is supportive, inclusive, and based on individual choice.

                 SPIN, Inc. is a progressive and dynamic organization whose emphasis on personal growth, competencies,
                 persistence, and dedicated staff is the agency's key to success. The agency has been able to continually offer
                 creative and attractive career opportunities covering a wide variety of skills and interests. Come join an
                 organization that has been listed in the 2007-2008 Training Top 125 companies according to Training
                 Magazine. SPIN, Inc. offers generous benefits, supports and trainings to assist you in fulfilling your personal
                 and professional dreams. We have a relaxed, people-oriented environment that gives personal attention and
                 recognition to its employees. Our current work force numbers over 750 employees.

Positions        Behavior Health Specialists: Provide individually focused treatment & intervention, supervision, care and
                 support to adults with developmental disabilities (Mental retardation & Mental health), to assure that their
                 outcome needs and individual life choices are met with inclusion in society as a main outcome projection. BHS
                 develops Individual Support Plans, implements all programs as developed, records related data, performs crisis
                 prevention and interventions according to therapeutic models as trained, summarizes progress of individuals,
                 trains staff as requested and communicates with team members regarding each individuals progress.
                 Responsibilities also include counseling individuals, and supporting them in issues of self control, self image,
                 relationships, effective social skills, life skills, good nutritional/exercise choices, work choices, and healthy
                 lifestyle choices. Assist with programmatic intervention, hygiene skills, cooking, cleaning, bathing, recreational
                 activities, social events and appropriate decision making skills.

                 VARIOUS SHIFTS. Additional responsibilities include:
                 * Introduces new experiences, offers and implements choices of individuals.
                 * Actively prepares and participates in all required Individual Support Plans, monitoring, outcome based
                 interviews and staff meetings.
                 * Teach skills for adult life in social, recreational, leisure, community, and household activities.
                 * Ensures health and safety by following each individual's plan for nutrition, exercise, medication, therapies and
                 other specific health and safety goals.

 Qualifications High School Diploma, Related degree to position, Driver’s License.

  Spiral Q Puppet Theater
Address          3114 Spring Garden Street                                 Phone       215-222-6979
                                                                           Fax      215-222-7002
Contact          Chloe Tucker HC 2007                                      Web Site
                 Communications and Marketing Assistant                    Email

Organization     The Spiral Q Puppet Theater seeks to mobilize communities and illuminate the victories, frustrations and
Description      possibilities of living in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia and similar urban settings through the construction
                 of full-scale giant puppet parades, toy theater and neighborhood pageantry. Through its puppet parades and
                 pageants, Spiral Q is resurrecting and reclaiming an almost forgotten form of people's theater to amplify and
                 unite the power and vitality of those working for change through art-making, protest, and civic theater.

Positions        Undergraduate Internships: Executive Assistant Program Assistant Studio Assistant Development and
                 Communications Assistant (see descriptions below) LOVE ART? PASSIONATE ABOUT POLITICS? Work
                 Study positions open at Spiral Q Puppet Theater! The Spiral Q Puppet Theater seeks to mobilize communities
                 and illuminate the victories, frustrations and possibilities of living in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia and
                 similar urban settings through the construction of full-scale giant puppet parades, toy theater and neighborhood
                 pageantry. Program Assistants Responsibilities: • Lead communities to investigate social justice issues •
                 Create public art/tools for activism • Provide ongoing support for dynamic non-profit • Conduct Museum
                 Tours and assist with workshops • Arrange Museum and studio space for workshops, presentations, and
                 performances • Maintain Museum space and inventory of supplies • Work with staff, guest artists, and
                 community members on creative projects. • Other responsibilities as needed Qualifications: • Excellent
                 research, communication, organization, problem-solving, and collaborative skills • Ability to work
                 independently and think creatively • Desire to work with, and sensitive to, diverse communities • Ability to
                 handle multiple tasks and details in fast paced environment Development & Communications Assistants
                 Responsibilities: • Coordinate special events • Assist executive Director in procuring revenue • Support
                 communications coordinator in website and database maintenance • Other responsibilities as needed
                 Qualifications: • Excellent research, communication, organization, problem-solving, and collaborative skills •
                 Ability to work independently and think creatively • Desire to work with, and sensitive to, diverse communities
                 • Ability to handle multiple tasks and details in fast paced environment • Familiarity with Macs and Filemaker
                 Pro helpful Studio Assistant Responsibilities: • Maintain Studio space and inventory of supplies • Assist
                 teaching artists during studio workshops • Arrange studio space for workshops, presentations, and
                 performances • Work with staff, guest artists, and community members on creative projects • Other
                 responsibilities as needed

 Qualifications Qualifications: • Comfort using power tools and handsaws • Strong organizational skills • A valid driver’s
                license • Interest in exploring alternative approaches to 3D form, textiles, theater, or printmaking. To Apply
                for either of these positions e-mail your resume to: Sham-e-Ali al Jamil Spiral Q Puppet
                Theater 3114 Spring Garden St.. Philadelphia, PA 19104 Spiral Q is committed to
                offering equal opportunity in employment, and providing a work environment that integrates diversity and
                inclusion in all aspects of our business. The representation of diverse experience, backgrounds, ethnicity,
                education, sexual orientation, and regional and cultural orientation is vital to Spiral Q.

  Student Action with Farmworkers
Address         1317 W. Pettigrew St.                                    Phone       919-660-3660
                                                                         Fax      919-681-7600
Contact         Laxmi Haynes                                             Web Site
                National Student Organizer                               Email

Organization    SAF's mission is to bring students and farmworkers together to learn about each other’s lives, share resources
Description     and skills, improve conditions for farmworkers and build diverse coalitions working for social change.

Positions       Sowing Seeds for Change Fellowship Program is a paid ten-week summer leadership development program for
                college students looking for an opportunity to learn about migrant farmworkers in their state and to improve
                farmworkers’ living and working conditions. As a Fellow you will participate in two intense trainings in North
                Carolina including farmworker issues, skills-building workshops, activism, anti-oppression training, and
                reflections. You will work full-time for a farmworker organization in your state, write journal entries and
                conduct a presentation to the larger community. You will be part of a group of 30 student fellows and interns
                working with the people who bring food to our tables. The program runs June 2-August 10, 2008. Fellows
                receive a $3000 per diem & scholarship, and SAF pays for travel to trainings. Apply by March 7, 2008

 Qualifications Bilingual (Spanish/English) Undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia
                or Tennessee Commitment to farmworker Justice Previous experience in campus activism, community
                volunteer work with farmworkers, OR academic coursework on farmworkers

  Teach For America
Address         315 W. 36 St.                                            Phone       212-279-2080 x 606
                                                                         Fax      212-279-2081
Contact         Lauren Cohen                                             Web Site
                Recruitment Associate                                    Email

Organization    Teach For America is the national corps of outstanding recent college graduates of all academic majors who
Description     commit two years to teach in urban and rural public schools and become lifelong leaders in the effort to expand
                educational opportunity. Our mission is to build the movement to eliminate educational inequity that exists
                along socioeconomic lines. Since our founding in 1990, we have become the nation’s largest provider of
                teachers for low-income communities, and have been recognized for building a pipeline of leaders committed to
                educational equity and excellence. This year, approximately 5,000 corps members are teaching in 26 urban and
                rural areas across the country, collectively reaching approximately 440,000 students. We are a high-growth,
                performance-driven organization, with over a $100+ million budget and 800+ staff. We operate in an
                entrepreneurial and fast-paced work environment, maintain focus on quantitative measures, and are committed
                to continuous improvement. While approximately 55 percent of our staff members are alumni of our program,
                fully half – from support staff to senior management – bring a range of outside experience and perspectives to
                the organization. Our staff is diverse in every respect, and we are committed to maximizing the diversity of our
                organization as we want to engage all those who can contribute to our effort and ensure our access to and
                participation in the circles of influence in our diverse society.

Positions       Recruitment Associate: Recruitment team responsible for enlisting country’s most promising future leaders to
                join our movement to eliminate educational inequity. Report directly to recruitment director and together work
                to develop and execute strategies to achieve ambitious goals for recruiting diverse group of corps members
                across portfolio of colleges and universities. Within portfolio, take on primary ownership of recruitment
                campaigns at one or more “emerging” campuses, schools where TFA has historically had limited presence.
                Responsible for developing strategy, creating marketing plan, and leveraging resources to execute successful
                campaign. Responsibilities include, but not limited to: • Compelling top prospective applicants to meet with
                recruitment director or campus visitor by writing personalized e-mails tailored to each individual (Recruitment
                associates devote majority of efforts to this component of their work.) • Sourcing prospective applicants and
                faculty/staff contacts by conducting internet research and using resources on campus to identify top prospects
                for corps • Planning full days of events and individual prospect meetings for recruitment director and campus
                visitors • Conducting data analysis and using tracking systems to determine effectiveness of campaign strategy
                and execution • Communicating effectively with current corps members and alumni • Managing recruitment
                campaign from beginning-to-end at one or more emerging campuses • Helping to manage team of
                campus-based student representatives who work on behalf of Teach For America • Organizing and providing
                logistical coordination for recruitment events, information sessions, career fairs, and visits of alumni and
                recruitment directors to campus • Executing marketing strategies including, but not limited to: selecting
                appropriate school-specific marketing materials from existing templates or modifying materials to fit campaign;
                distributing materials; placing advertisements; generating campus press coverage • Providing administrative
                support including, but not limited to: conducting relevant research; tracking all aspects of campaign progress;
                maintaining databases; owning recruitment director’s calendar; coordinating travel Knowledge, Skills, and
                Abilities • Strong work ethic with desire to go above and beyond expectations • Extremely strong
                organizational skills including detail-orientation • Ability to prioritize and juggle multiple projects in
                deadline-driven environment • Ability to contribute as part of two-person team • Strong written and oral
                communication skills • Fluency in MS Word, Excel, and Outlook • Comfort working w/ databases and
                analyzing data Operations Coordinator (summer internship): Charged w/ day-to-day functioning of
                institutes to ensure corps members are able to focus on own professional development and student achievement.
                Key Responsibilities: Work behind-the-scenes to ensure that operations of school and university sites are
                running smoothly Support operations directors and other staff members on projects like collecting operational
                data, creating or maintaining communication systems, and implementing various systems and processes
                Long-term Leadership : Develop excellent organizational and time management systems Learn to develop
                detailed project plans to attain ambitious goals

 Qualifications Education and Experience for Recruitment Associates • Bachelor’s degree required • 0 to 4 years of
                experience • Experience working with organizational systems (e.g. Excel, databases) preferred Qualified
                applicants for Operations Coordinator: Possess strong analytical skills Sstrong communicators Inspire
                confidence, a positive outlook, and a tireless commitment to excellence Attention to detail and strong
                organizational skills Preferably are college students

  Teachers for Vietnam
Address           159 Piermont Avenue                                       Phone       8456806560
                                                                            Fax      8456806560
Contact           John Dippel PU 1968                                       Web Site
                  Executive Director                                        Email

Organization      Teachers for Vietnam recruits native speakers of English for ESL positions at Vietnamese universities and
Description       colleges. We are wholly dedicated to helping meet the growing need for English proficiency in Vietnam.

Positions         ESL positions involve teaching classes in listening and speaking English as well as in cultural aspects of the
                  English-speaking world.

 Qualifications Candidates should have earned a bachelor's degree by the spring of 2008. They are required to have experience
                in TESL or some training in this field. (Our organization offers a weekend training session.)

  Trinity Cooperative Day Nursery
Address           301 N. Chester Road                                       Phone       610-544-4555 x. 224
                                                                            Fax      610-604-9740
Contact           Pam Schaefer                                              Web Site
                  Executive Director                                        Email

Organization      We are a non-profit childcare program. We provide early care for 1 to 5 year olds and four after school
Description       programs for the Wallingford Swarthmore School District. We serve close to 250 families.

Positions         We offer full time teaching positions in the Preschool and part time positions in the after school programs. In
                  the summer, we offer full and part time positions in our school age summer club.

 Qualifications Teachers need a minimum of an Associates degree with the intent to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Early
                Childhood Education.

  U.S. Department of State
Address           2401 E Street NW, H-622                                   Phone       202-261-8895
                                                                            Fax      202-261-8939
Contact           Andrea D. Starks-Smith                                    Web Site
                  Human Resources Specialist                                Email    none

Organization      The U.S Department of State is the official international relations arm of the President of the United States. The
Description       department is responsible for formulating, implementing and supporting U.S. foreign policy, assisting U.S.
                  citizens abroad and managing the human and material resources that provide the platform for U.S. foreign



  United States Department of Justice: Environment and Natural Resources Division
Address          950 Pennsylvania Avenue                                    Phone        202 (305)-0641
                                                                            Fax      (2020)514-4231
Contact          Jacob Lipson HC 2007                                       Web Site
                 Paralegal Specialist                                       Email

Organization     The Environment and Natural Resources Division (ENRD) is a 700 person organization with approximately 400
Description      attorneys and nearly 300 legal support and administrative staff. ENRD has primary responsibility for litigation
                 on behalf of the United States regarding: Prevention and Clean Up of Pollution; Environmental Challenges to
                 Federal Programs and Activities; Stewardship of Public Lands and Natural Resources; Acquisition of Property
                 for Federal Needs; Wildlife Protection; Native American Rights and Claims. As the largest environmental law
                 firm in the country, ENRD has represented virtually every federal agency in courts nationwide.

Positions        We are hiring paralegals for our 2008 Honors Paralegal Intern Program. All positions will be located in
                 Washington DC but there is opportunity to travel. Program participants in this two year program will receive an
                 attorney mentor and formal and on-the-job training. Duties of the paralegal include:     
                 Administrative case preparation  Trial support  Cite checking  Legal research
                 utilizing Lexis-Nexis, Westlaw, etc.  Freedom of Information requests         We are looking for
                 2007/2008 college graduates who are organized, analytical, have strong research and writing skills, and can
                 work both independently and collaboratively, starting on or about July 21, 2008. (U.S. Citizenship, security
                 clearance and drug test is required.) The starting salary is $39,330 (GS-7). In addition to salary, the federal
                 government offers a comprehensive benefits package and a transit subsidy for individuals who utilize public
                 transportation. The Division is conveniently located within walking distance of major museums, restaurants,
                 the Verizon Center, and theaters.

 Qualifications We are looking for highly motivated students with strong writing skills and interests in law, policy, and
                environmental issues. A 3.0 minimum GPA is required to qualify for the program.

  United States Department of Justice
Address          600 E. Street, NW RM10-531                                 Phone        202-307-6131
                                                                            Fax      202-307-2080
Contact          Steven Duplicki                                            Web Site
                 Supervisor                                                 Email

Organization     The Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice enforces the federal antitrust laws to ensure
Description      the U. S. economy works effectively for the American people. The highest priorities are preventing
                 anti-competitive mergers, acquisitions and other business practices that unreasonably restrict competition and
                 prosecuting criminal bid-rigging and price fixing cases.

Positions        Paralegal - The Antitrust Division is seeking highly motivated college graduates to work in Washington, D.C.
                 assisting attorneys with all aspects of the Division’s civil and criminal investigations and litigations. Paralegal
                 positions present real opportunities for significant responsibility, hands-on experience, and rewarding public
                 service. Qualified applicants are hired for a 14-month term.

 Qualifications QUALIFICATIONS: All applicants must be college graduates with a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.45 or
                higher, or have graduated in the upper 10% of their class. Position requires excellent analytical and
                organizational ability both orally and in writing. You must be a self-starter and be able to work under pressure
                effectively. Occasional travel and overtime are required. All applicants must be US citizens and a background
                investigation will be conducted.

  Visions in Action
Address          2710 Ontario Road NW                                       Phone       202-625-7402
                                                                            Fax      202-588-9344
Contact          Julie Brand                                                Web Site
                 Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator                        Email

Organization     Visions in Action is an international non-profit development organization, founded in 1989 and based in
Description      Washington, DC. We are committed to achieving social and economic justice in the developing world through
                 the participation of communities of self-reliant, grassroots volunteers. We are a non-religious and
                 non-political organization that is committed to providing hands on educational experiences where participants
                 assist in making a difference in the developing world. In order to do so, our organization has two approaches
                 towards achieving this goal. The first approach is our Classic Volunteer Program, which sends volunteers to
                 Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, and Mexico for 6 or 12 month placements. Based on those volunteers’ skills
                 and preferences, Visions in Action will match them with an indigenous NGO in their program country. Our
                 modest program fee covers housing, health insurance, a 2-3 week orientation in-country, staff support in the US
                 and abroad, and visa processing. Our second approach is via our 3 programs in Uganda and Liberia. In
                 Liberia, we currently have a program in conjunction with the US Department of Agriculture called Food for
                 Progress. In Uganda, our Education Support Project, funded by UNICEF, has been designed to build 5 primary
                 schools and 5 teacher housing units to assist internally displaced persons (IDPs) who are returning to their
                 communities. Our second project in Uganda is in conjunction with the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS
                 Relief (PEPFAR), and provides local Ugandans with free HIV testing and counseling. In order to facilitate this
                 program, we are now recruiting volunteers for our Supported Volunteer Program. Supported Volunteers must
                 go through a rigorous application process and some positions may require an applicant to be a certified VCT
                 Counselor. Unlike the Classic Volunteer Program, Supported Volunteers are not responsible for paying a
                 program fee and will receive a $200-$300 stipend each month from VIA. Their housing and health insurance
                 will be taken care of, and their only financial obligation is to cover their round-trip airfare to and from Uganda.

Positions        International Development Internship Positions (Washington, DC) -Visions in Action is located in
                 Washington, DC in the ethnically-diverse neighborhood of Adams Morgan. We are a growing organization that
                 is looking for a motivated intern to help out with the day to day activities within the office. Internship positions
                 require a commitment of three months or more for 15-40 hours per week. Interns may be placed in any of the
                 following areas: ·       Public Relations ·      Fundraising ·       Research ·        Computer System/IT ·
                 International Administrative Please email a cover letter and resume stating which internship(s) you would like,
                 the number of hours of service per week that you could give, and the exact dates that you are able to begin and
                 end your internship to Please include "INTERNSHIP POSITION" in the subject
                 field of your email. Classic Volunteer Positions (Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania, Mexico) -Classic
                 Volunteers support the work of local NGOs in a wide variety of sectors. We offer six and twelve month
                 fee-based Classic Volunteer Programs, as well as short-term summer programs. Visions in Action volunteers
                 work in various fields, and placements are made based on volunteer experience and interest. Examples of
                 volunteer fields are: Agriculture, Children/Youth, Communications/Journalism, Democratization/Elections,
                 Education, Environment/Conservation, Food/Nutrition, Health, Human Rights/Law, Micro-finance,
                 Refugees/Relief, and Women. -Please apply online at After completing the application,
                 please e-mail it to as a Word attachment with "Classic Volunteer Application" as
                 the subject heading. Supported Volunteer Positions (Uganda, Liberia) -Supported Volunteers work
                 directly on Visions' relief and development programs in Liberia and Uganda. This includes education and food
                 security programs in Liberia and an HIV/AIDS counseling and testing program, as well as an emergency
                 education program for Internally Displaced Persons, in Uganda. -Supported Volunteers with particular skills
                 help to effectively run these programs. Go to the "Employment Opportunities" section on our website at
        to view the requirements for the following Supported Volunteer positions:
                 -Communications/Media Specialist (Uganda) -Monitoring/Evaluation Officer (Uganda) -Education Volunteer
                 (Uganda, Liberia) -Health Administrator (Uganda) -HIV/AIDS Counselor (Uganda) -HIV/AIDS Nurse

 Qualifications Please visit our website at to see a complete description of position qualifications.

  Weavers Way Farm
Address          559 Carpenter Lane                                        Phone       215-983-1616
Contact          David Zelov                                               Web Site
                 Farmer                                                    Email

Organization     Weavers Way Coop is a 3,000 member, community owned market located in the Mount Airy section of
Description      Philadelphia. The farm is one of the coop community programs and it is located at Awbury Arboretum, in the
                 Germantown section of Philadelphia and two miles from the coop store. A majority of the produce grown at the
                 farm is sold at the coop with the remainder marketed at a handful of farmers markets and restaurants in the city.
                 In addition to production, the farm operates educational programs at several area schools and at the farm.

Positions        We are looking for 2 Interns to work at the farm a minimum of 8 to 10 weeks. The position can run from April
                 through October therefore there is some flexibility on the starting and ending dates. The work week is full and
                 the work varied. The internships will provide a great opportunity for hands on experience with sustainable
                 urban farming, marketing the harvest and farm/environmental education.

 Qualifications Interest in the field of agriculture, sustainable farming, urban development, environmental education would be
                important. Able to work independently on a project is also important. The intern should be able to work
                outdoors in cool or hot conditions and be able to lift 50 pound bags of fertilizers. The interns should be able to
                positively interact with a diverse group of volunteers who work at the farm throughout the summer. Interns
                should be at least 18 years old.

  William Penn House
Address           515 E Capitol St SE                                       Phone       202-543-5560
                                                                            Fax      202-543-3814
Contact           Faith L. Kelley                                           Web Site
                  Intern                                                    Email

Organization      The William Penn House is a hospitality center on Capitol Hill rooted and grounded in Quaker faith and
Description       practice. It is a Quaker center for exploring and making visible the Quaker Testimonies of peace, community,
                  simplicity, equality and truth. The William Penn House nurtures and celebrates those who "Speak Truth to
                  Power" in pursuit of peace and social justice; has a special ministry to youth; connects visitors from the United
                  States and around the world with the service and with the service and witness resources of Washington D.C;
                  and serves as a communication center for Friends' meetings in the Washington area. The house works to
                  promote the Quaker vision of a peaceful and just society by providing educational seminars, opportunities for
                  dialog, and simple, inexpensive lodging for those who come to the area to learn, lobby, or serve.

Positions         Washington Quaker Workcamp and Program Intern- With the support and supervision of the Washington
                  Quaker Workcamps (WQW) Coordinator and Program Coordinator, the Washington Quaker Workcamps and
                  Program Intern coordinates service-learning and seminar programs of the William Penn House. The
                  Workcamps and Program Intern is required to live on-site at William Penn House. As a residential member of
                  the William Penn House staff, (s)he will also perform limited hospitality duties. For seminars at William Penn
                  House, and Quaker Workcamps in both Washington DC and out-of-town: schedule seminars and workcamps,
                  including writing and sending contracts to groups; plan seminars and workcamps in coordination with
                  youth-group leaders, teachers and the WQW and Program Coordinators; plan itineraries, including plotting out
                  local travel and scheduling service sites, speakers and field trips to local organizations; when needed, coordinate
                  catering and purchase and help prepare food; participate in facilitation and evaluation of workcamps and
                  seminars; help with outreach to Meetings and schools/ recruit individuals and groups to participate in
                  workcamps and seminars; help maintain and update the database, inputting information about workcamps,
                  seminars, youth groups, schools and program resources; manage WQW home repair projects (including locate
                  appropriate projects; identify work to be done, in consultation with experts if needed; obtain necessary supplies
                  for projects; supervise youth work crews, 7th grade and up, and their adult leaders, on a weekly basis; maintain
                  WQW tools and evaluate needs for new tools; help develop and design new programs); participate in meetings;
                  and take on further appropriate responsibilities as way opens. Limited hospitality duties include: serving as
                  "staff member on duty" as needed; assisting guests when needed; creating a welcoming environment for guests
                  at William Penn House; and participating in the spiritual life of the House. Hospitality Intern Job
                  Description All staff members perform some or all of the duties of running a hostel and seminar center. The
                  full time intern is a 40 hour work week. The intern usually works approximately 6 hours a day, 6 days a week.
                  The intern will perform the following duties: working with on-line registration system and maintaining data
                  base, inputting data into the database, helping with mailings and publicity of the House; serving breakfast and
                  cleaning up afterwards; registering guests by phone, on-line and in person; performing office work as needed;
                  living in community with fellow staff members; sharing in the spiritual life of the House and participating in
                  House sponsored events; checking status of bedrooms and baths and laundry; when needed performing minor
                  janitorial duties; and performing other duties as assigned. As a member of the hospitality staff, the intern is
                  required to live at the House.

 Qualifications      * A strong calling to work with young people * Experience leading groups of young people in an
                  experiential education or service-learning context * Strong written, oral, and electronic communication skills
                  * Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience * Experience with basic computer applications * Flexibility,
                  creativity, and problem-solving skills * Affinity with Quaker faith and practice and the traditions of Quaker
                  education * Willingness to work weekends * Basic construction skills a plus

  Women's Medical Fund
Address           PO Box 59555                                              Phone       215.564.4070
                                                                            Fax      215.564.4090
Contact           Susan Schewel                                             Web Site
                  Executive Director                                        Email

Organization      The Women’s Medical Fund provides financial and other assistance to low-income women and teens who wish
Description       to terminate a pregnancy but lack the resources to obtain a safe legal abortion.

Positions         Access Counselors staff the helpline, providing direct services such as financial assistance, information and
                  referrals to the women and teens who call. Positions available Spring semester 08 (6 or more hrs/wk) and
                  Summer 08 (Full-time internship).

 Qualifications Commitment to reproductive rights, ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds, supportive and
                non-judgmental manner, attention to detail, initiative. Prefer some experience in peer counseling or
                reproductive rights.

Address           79 John F. Kennedy Street                                 Phone       1-800-4-TEACH-0
                                                                            Fax      617-495-1599
Contact           Dahm Choi                                                 Web Site
                  Director of Admissions and Recruiting                     Email

Organization      WorldTeach is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides opportunities for individuals to make
Description       a meaningful contribution to international education by living and working as volunteer teachers in developing
                  countries. WorldTeach was founded by a group of Harvard students in 1986, in response to the need for
                  educational assistance in developing countries. It also addressed a growing interest among people in the U.S.
                  and elsewhere to serve, teach and learn as volunteers overseas. Since its inception, WorldTeach has placed
                  thousands of volunteer educators in communities throughout Asia, Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and
                  the Pacific. Based at the Center for International Development at Harvard University, WorldTeach offers the
                  benefits of a well-established volunteer organization, while also providing more comprehensive, personalized
                  support and training as a small NGO. In each of our programs, volunteers are placed in schools and host
                  communities in developing countries that specifically request WorldTeach volunteers and would otherwise be
                  unable to afford or locate qualified teachers. Volunteers receive training, language preparation, and field
                  support, empowering them to make an impact that will last long after they leave. We invite you to join the
                  growing community of volunteers by becoming a WorldTeach teacher!

Positions         International Volunteer.


  Zhang Sah
Address           3901 Conshohocken Ave.                                    Phone       215-452-0222
                                                                            Fax      215-923-1010
Contact           Anthony Zuccarello PENN 2001                              Web Site
                  Director of Youth Arts                                    Email

Organization      Martial Arts Themed Child Education Organization

Positions         Group Leader, Assistant Group Leader



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