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The Committee for

                                 Integrating Diversity and Equal- Access in Learning
                                                                                                              Volume 6, Issue 5      January 2005

  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Friday, January 14, 2005 Bates Technical College invites you to
      9 am - 11 am           our Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
 Bates Technical College                              Celebration in the downtown campus
1101 South Yakima Avenue                              auditorium, Friday, January 14, 2004.

                                                                Celebrate on his day,
                                                   March to the Tacoma Dome!                                                   Calendar Events
                                                                 January 17, 2004                                            _________________
                                                                                                                                     Jan 6
                                                 9:30 am          Light Refreshments
                                                                                                                           Join the African American
                                                 10:00 am         March to Tacoma Dome                                       Museum for their first
                                                 10:45 am         Shuttle back to Bates Campus                                 2005 Fundraiser!

                                            Join our March to the Tacoma Dome, just in                                       see page 2 for details.
                                             time to attend the large community event
  Don’t Dream                                            honoring Dr. King.
                                                                                                                              Exhibit Open Now
                                                                                                                            Contemporary Ceramics
  it… Live it!                                                                                                               by Yoon Kwang Cho,
                                                                                                                              Seattle Art Museum

     For more information contact the Diversity Office                                                                        For more information
         253-680-7178 or kflores@bates.ctc.edu                                                                               seattleartmuseum.org
                                                                                                                                     Jan 14
                               Autism Awareness Month                                                                         Dr. King Celebration,
                                                                                                                              Downtown Campus
         Autism is a lifelong developmental disorder                                                                         _________________
  that affects the way a person communicates and                                                                                     Jan 17
  relates to other people. The range and intensity of                                                                      Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  disability varies widely, but all individuals affected
  by autism have difficulty with communication,                                                                              Volunteer March to the
  learning and social skills.                                                                                                    Tacoma Dome
         There is no definitive cause or cure, but
  specialized interventions can give individuals                                                                                 Bates
  affected by autism the tools they need to lead full                                                                       Downtown Campus
                                                                                                                             1101 South Yakima Ave
  and productive lives.                                                                                                        Tacoma WA 98405
                                                 (See Facts on Autism, page 2)                                                   253-680-7178

 Bates Technical College is a publicly funded, accredited college that complies with all federal rules and regulations in providi ng equal access and
 opportunities in both the learning and employment environments. Bates subscribes to a harassment-free workplace and is an equal opportunity college.
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     Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Day - January 17, 2004
                               The movements and                         He was a central figure in
                               marches he led brought                    thirteen years of civil
                               significant changes to our                rights activities before his
                               nation. His speeches,                     untimely death. His
                               lectures, philosophy of                   charismatic leadership
                               nonviolent action, sparked                inspired men and women,
                               the minds of a generation.                young and old, around the
Dr. King’s concept of “you His devotion to this human                    world. Every January our
are somebody,” celebrates      rights cause, and the idea of             nation celebrates Dr.
human worth and discredits rational and non-                             Martin Luther King, Jr.’s
discrimination, giving people destructive social change,                 birthday—paying tribute to
hope and a sense of dignity to led to his assassination,                 his philosophy and life
their lives.                   April 1968.                               achievements.

You’re Invited!                                                  Diversity Partnership
                                                                         Institute 2005
  Please join the African American                South Puget Sound Higher Education
                                                  Diversity Partnership (SPSHEDP)
  Museum’s first fundraiser of 2005               invites you to the upcoming Diversity
                                                  Institute, February 11, 2005. This is a one-day event on
    Thursday January 6, 2005                      the campus of Pacific Lutheran University, 8 to 4 pm.
                                                  This year’s theme is “Knocking Down Walls . . .
 Show starts at 7:30 –Silent Auction              Move!” and features presentations by diversity leaders
        begins at 6:30 pm                         from around Washington State.
                                                  Interested? Contact Kat Flores @ 680-7178 or kflores@bates.ctc.edu

  A new work by Pacific Northwest playwright      (Continued from page 1)
  Bryan Harnetiaux, National Pastime follows
 baseball legend Jackie Robinson and Branch
   Rickey, General Manager of the Brooklyn                        Facts on Autism
  Dodgers. Together, their dangerous journey
 and courageous actions changed the face of         ?    1 to 1.5 million Americans affected
 our ‘national pastime’ as they broke the color     ?    Fastest-growing developmental
 barrier in professional sports and made their
 mark in the history of baseball as well as the
             Civil Rights Movement.                 ?    10-17% increase annually
                                                    ?    Affects as many as 1 in 250 births
                                                    ?    As many as fifty percent of
     Tickets are on sale now for $20.                    individuals with autism are non-
                                                         verbal and up to eighty percent
    Contact the African American Museum                  are intellectually challenged
    at 253-274-1278 for more information.
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                                                         Sixth in the series on World
Christianity                                                       Religions

                                            Christianity is based on the teaching of Jesus
                                            Christ, a Jew who lived his life in the Roman
                                            province of Palestine. Roman communication
                                            networks enabled Christianity to spread quickly
                                            throughout the Roman Empire and eventually
                                            the rest of Europe, and finally the entire world.
                                            Approximately two billion people follow
                                            Christianity, which is nearly 33 percent of the
                                            world’s population.

                                            Jesus taught his followers to “Do unto others as
                                            you would have them do unto you.” The
                                            followers of Jesus called him Christ. Christ is a
                                            Greek word that means “chosen one.” They
             Jesus Christ                   believed he was the Son of God. In time
                                            followers of Jesus became known as Christians.
“Do unto others as you would                Early Christians taught that the sins of the
                                            people would be forgiven if they became
  have them do unto you.”                   Christians.

                                            Some years after Jesus died, Christians
                                            combined the stories of the life and wisdom of
                                            Jesus into four books known as the Gospels.
                                            Gospel means “good news.” The holy book of
                                            Christianity is known as the Bible and has two
                                            parts. The Old Testament consist of the sacred
                                            writings of the Jewish people, and was written
                                            mostly in Hebrew, long before Jesus. The New
                                            Testament of the Bible includes the Gospels,
                                            along with letters by Christian writers. The
                                            Bible has been translated into more than 1,500
                                            languages and by more people that any other

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