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									                                                 Colorado LTAP
 November 2008                          Serving local transportation agencies throughout Colorado                  Winter Issue

Pilot Car Certification                                                                                  In This Issue
                                    Changes to Requirements                                                   COVER STORY
                                                                                                       Pilot Car Certification

                                                                                                 The Value of Training 3

                                                                                                 Training as an
                                                                                                 Investment                      4

                                                                                                 New in the Library              7

I  n August of 2007, CDOT announced            information on getting permits for extra-
                                                                                                 Pilot Escort Driver

   that there would be changes to the pilot    legal vehicles and loads. You can find the
                                                                                                 Prerequisites                   9

car certification process. The last 17         guide and additional information at
months passed quickly and the deadline
                                                                                                 Ideas that Work:

for meeting these new changes is now           BulletinBoard.cfm. You can also contact
                                                                                                 Flexible Bridge Object

upon us. Prior to this new rule, people just   the CDOT Permits Office at 1-800-350-
                                                                                                 Markers               10

had to take and pass an exam in order to       3765.
receive certification. Now, though, people         According to section 4-14 and 4-15 of
                                                                                                 Upcoming Training               11

must attend training and then take and         this document, an extra-legal vehicle or
pass a test to get their certification. The    load that is over the maximum limits listed
                                                                                                 Roads Scholar &

transition period for compliance is ending     for length must use a pilot car escort.
                                                                                                 Supervisory Skills

and all certifications issued prior to June        1. If a vehicle or load is greater than 85
                                                                                                 Graduates                       11

2008, under the old system, will expire on     feet when traveling on mountain two lane
December 31, 2008.                                            highways there must be a
                                                                                                 Winter Maintenance

                                                              pilot car positioned in front.
                                                                                                 Crossword Puzzle                12

                                              LOOK                2. If a vehicle or load is
    CDOT has published a                     INSIDE           greater than 110 feet when
When to use a Pilot Car

report Rules and Regulations                                  traveling on all two lane
                                                                                                         Routing S lip
of the Colorado Department of The Importance highways that are not
Transportation Pertaining to                                  mountainous, the pilot escort
                                                                                                    After reading this issue of

                                        of Training
                                                                                                    Colorado LTAP, please initial

Transport Permits for the                                     vehicle must be in front.
                                                                                                    below and pass it along to the

Movement of Extra-Legal                                           3. If the vehicle or load is
                                                                                                    rest of you staff.

Vehicles or Loads 2C.C.R.                                     greater than 115 feet when
601. This publication has a lot of specific    traveling on a four lane highway, the pilot
information on requirements for pilot          car must be positioned in the rear.
escort drivers, pilot escort cars, and             4. If the extra-legal vehicle or load has
insurance requirements among other             an overhang that is more than 15 feet in
information. If your agency has employees the front or more than 25 feet in the rear,
with pilot car certifications, this is an      must have a pilot car escort.
important resource. Part of CDOT’s
                                                                                                    Return to:

website is also dedicated to providing                                 ...continued on page 9
Page 2                                                                         Colorado LTAP/ Winter 2008

                                                      Director’s Note

         Colorado LTAP
                                 ach year Colorado LTAP conducts        Patrick Lothamer - Town of Severance
         STAFF                   an annual needs assessment survey.     Mike Salyards - Philips County
                            The results of this survey help             Johnann McKee - Town of Moffat
      Yunping Xi
                            determine focus areas for future            Cheriece Edwards - City of Trinidad
 University Administrator
                            training and project development.           Bill McClure - Town of Center
     Renée Koller              All surveys received by the              Bill Welborn - Peterson Air Force Base
       Director             September 30th deadline were put into       Tom Huston - City of Fruita
                            a drawing for one of ten $25 Visa gift      Crestina Martinez - Costilla County
  Lindsay Nathaniel         cards. Winners were randomly selected       Danny White - City of Craig
  Training Coordinator      from all submissions.                       Arta Wray - Routt County
                               Your help is necessary to develop            The Town of Snowmass Village’s
    Marty Butcher           our program as the most beneficial          Culvert Drop Inlet Improvement was
Library/Office Assistants   transportation resource possible. We        Colorado’s state winning project of the
                            would like to thank everyone that           2008 “You Show Us” contest. Their
  Jeremy Goldsmith
                            responded for their cooperation and         design will be featured in the “Ideas that
                            commitment to helping make this             Work” section of the next issue of this
The Colorado Local          program better and more beneficial to       newsletter. This issue features the
Technical Assistance        local agencies.                             Regional winner of the contest,
Program is sponsored by        Congratulations to the following         Nebraska’s Flexible Bridge Object
the Federal Highway         survey drawing winners:                     Markers, details on page 10.
Administration, the
Colorado Department of
Transportation, and the                          “The middle of the road is where the white line is - and

University of Colorado                           that's the worst place to drive.”
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Colorado LTAP/ Winter 2008                                                                                   Page 3

                                                                                               Colorado LTAP
                                                                                             Advisory Committee
                                                                       to the twelve
                                                                       participants            Marlene Crosby
                                                                       that graduated          Gunnison County
                                                                       from the Roads
                                                                       Scholar program
                                                                       in the October            John Baker
                                                                       23rd Safety on         Town of Snowmass
                                                                       the Job class in
                                                                       Castle Rock!
                                                                                              Adam Lancaster
T h e Va l u e o f Tr a i n i n g                                                             City of Cañon City
Earn an Above-Average Return on Investment

                                                                                               Richard McKee
                                                                                               City of Longmont
Salt & Highway Deicing, Vol. 45 No. 3, Summer 2008

       hile scrimping to meet lean budgets,   operation or highway treatment. Roadside
       inexperienced snowfighting             neighbors can benefit by not having
managers sometimes succumb to the             physical or chemical damage that results        Tammie Crawford
mirage of “savings” by axing snow and ice     from untrained operators who do not have
training. They invest in personnel budgets,   the required operational skills.                  Routt County
equipment and materials and shortchange       Environmental benefits accrue by
training.                                     minimizing the use of, and controlling
    Investments in snowfighter training can   migration of, snow and ice control                Doyle Villers
earn your highest return-on-investment        materials and other substances that can and       LaPlata County
(ROI) – if you do it right. Curtailing        do cause damage.
training is short sighted and likely to           Agency operations benefit from
create problems that end up costing more      training, allowing government managers to          Kevin Scott
than the investment in proper training.       achieve:                                          Phillips County
                                                  ■ Reduced operational costs
                                                  ■ Improved operational efficiency and
                                              effectiveness                                      Beth Moore

    The fact of the matter is: almost             ■ Proper knowledge and job skills                CDOT

everyone associated with snow and ice             ■ Improved morale and attitudes
control operations benefits from training.        ■ Employee development
Our customers benefit from snow and ice           ■ Organizational and personnel safety         Craig Larson
training - customers include all roadway          ■ Tort liability mitigation                      FHWA
users and those who depend on them, such          ■ Positive public and media image
as:                                               ■ An assured and happy future for the
    ■ Commuters, shoppers, friends and        agency                                             Yunping Xi
family                                            Training mechanics keeps equipment
    ■ Businesses and manufacturers            productive: less downtime, less repair         University of Colorado
    ■ Service providers including             costs and longer service lives. Training             at Boulder
governments, schools, emergency medical       enables operators to know and perform
crews, taxi/bus patrons                       proper preventive maintenance procedures.
    ■ “Our children and grandchildren”        Proper operational training on equipment          Renée Koller
concerned with inheriting a livable world     will result is less damage to the equipment       Colorado LTAP
    Most of these groups benefit by having    and other features. Agency infrastructure is
some mobility options during and after        likely to last longer as a result of the
snow and ice events. Highway users see        proper use of ice control materials and
additional benefit from fewer accidents       other infrastructure maintenance
that may result from improper snowplow                             ...continued on page 4
Page 4                                                                                  Colorado LTAP/ Winter 2008

       TRAINING:                   The Value of Training
It is an investment in a
                                          Earn an Above-Average Return on Investment
  valuable commodity

   that produces high
                                   continued from page 3...

                                                                                      The Arizona Transportation Research

                                                                                  Center undertook a similar study of
                                                                                  simulator training, Snowplow Simulator
From “The Value of Training”

                                       Agencies should create records
by Steve Muench, Ph.D. PE          Training and Safety Improvements

                                   allowing them to identify costs and track
                                                                                  (November, 2006) and used similar
                                                                                  Training Evaluation Final Report 585
                                   the changes they seek and achieve through
Training is an investment.
   General accounting
                                   training. Different operations have            measures of effectiveness as Utah.
standards classify training
                                   different metrics. For instance, investment    Although based on limited data, the results
as an expense.
                                   in training resulted in a significant          and trend for less accidents, less vehicle
However, training is really
                                   reduction in the accident/incident rate        repair costs and less fuel consumption
an investment: an
                                   (accidents/incidents per million snow and      associated with simulator-trained operators
organization typically
                                   ice miles driven) of the New York State        is apparent. That report is available at:
invests up-front to train its
                                   Department of Transportation (NYSDOT)
employees (in the form of
                                   snow and ice control fleet of snowplows.       project_reports/PDF/AZ635.pdf.
                                   In the early 1990’s, the department was
enrollment fees, travel

                                   mandated to change from two-person
expenses and opportunity
                                                                                       The answer to this is, perhaps different
                                                                                  WHO NEEDS TRAINING?
                                   snowplow operation to one-person
cost of the employee’s
time) and, in return,
                                   snowplow operation. The Department             than expected: everyone involved in winter
expects future returns (in
                                   initiated and executed a comprehensive         maintenance that we possibly can. A list of
the form of increased
                                   training and certification program focused     groups may include:
knowledge, skills and
                                   on operational safety. In the transition            ■ Equipment Operators / Wing People
productivity). As with any
                                   snow and ice season, the accident/incident          ■ Supervisors
other investment, if the
                                   rate declined by 33% from previous years.           ■ Managers
returns outweigh the
                                   In the following year, the accidents                ■ Support Staff
investment, training is a
                                   dropped another 33%. That training                       • Radio/Dispatch People
worthwhile endeavor.
                                   program required training and certification              • Office Staff
   Training is also an
                                   on the heavy dump truck, various plow                    • Toll Collectors
investment from the
                                   wing configurations and One Person                  ■ Police
employee’s perspective.
                                   plowing.                                            ■ Media
It was researched that
                                       Since that time, NYSDOT has                     ■ Customers
“the effect of an hour of
                                   instituted training/certification programs          ■ Legislative/Executive bodies
training on productivity
                                   for all equipment used by the Department.           The need for training for some of these
growth is about 5 times
                                   Those programs are available on line at:       groups may not be readily apparent.
as large as the effect on
                                   However, each agency group needs to
wage growth”
                                   programs/trans-maint-train/eval-guides.        know their role in winter maintenance and
(Loewenstein and
                                       True benefit/cost data associated with     how to perform their duties effectively.
Spletzer, 1998).
                                   training efforts is hard to come by. The       Police agencies are really a partner in
Therefore, employers
                                   Utah Department of Transportation              snow and ice operations and they should
“reap almost all the
                                   Research and Development Division              be aware of agency treatment policies and
returns to company
                                   report, The Development and Evaluation of      the best way to describe snow and ice road
training” (Bartel, 2000).                                                         conditions. The last three bullet items are a
                                                                                  little bit of a stretch in terms of actual
Employees generally                a High-fidelity Simulator Training

                                   (November, 2004) looked at the results of      training. It is more a process of providing
view training as either a          Program for Snowplow Operators
gift from the employer or
                                   a high fidelity snowplow simulation            targeted information of value.
                                   training program in terms of post-training
at least a sign of

                                   accidents vehicle repair costs and fuel
commitment on the part                                                            WHAT TRAINING TOPICS ARE
                                   efficiency by comparing simulator trained
of the employer, which is                                                         APPROPRIATE FOR WINTER
                                   operators with those who did not receive
important to job
                                                                                      In this case the answer is: it is
                                                                                  MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL?
                                   the simulator training. Although the data
satisfaction (Barrett and
O’Connell, 2001).
                                   was limited, those results were projected to   absolutely agency specific. Appendix C-1
Increased job satisfaction
                                   calculate monetary savings. The report is      in the FHWA Report “Winter Maintenance
                                   available at:
is difficult if not                                                               Technical Peer Exchange: A Final Report”
     ...continued in next column
Colorado LTAP/ Winter 2008                                                                                             Page 5

is a fairly complete list of training topics    Beyond the theory stuff there are some
that are applicable to operators,               practical tips for effective training:
                                                                                                impossible to quantify, but
supervisors and managers. That list is              ■ Training must be customized/group
                                                                                                intuitively we know it is
available at:                                   specific.
                                                                                                important in retaining          ■ The closer to 1 on 1, the better;
                                                                                                good employees.
winop-resources/training_topics.doc. Other      “class size” matters.
                                                                                                   When calculated using
agency groups need to know agency snow              ■ Subject matter should be meaningful
                                                                                                sound methodology,
and ice control policy, how to interact with    and useful.
                                                                                                training has been shown
the public and their specific duties in the         ■ Uniformity of message within an
                                                                                                to provide significant
event of major snow and ice events.             agency is essential.
                                                                                                return on investment: on
                                                    ■ Trainers should be knowledgeable
                                                                                                the order of 5% to 200%.
                                                and credible.
                                                                                                   Training is a valuable
                                                    ■ Use peer trainers to the extent
HOW DO WE PROVIDE EFFECTIVE                                                                     commodity that, if viewed
    Before getting into the specific training   possible.
TRAINING?                                                                                       as an investment rather
forums, a brief discussion of some                  ■ Feedback within and after training is
                                                                                                than an expense, can
components of adult learning theory may         essential-.
                                                                                                produce high returns.
be appropriate. First of all, we must                    • Testing (oral and written)
                                                                                                While it is true that
recognize that learning is very                          • Small group discussion
                                                                                                training costs money and
individualistic, in that everyone receiving              • Training evaluations by students
                                                                                                uses valuable employee
training has his or her own learning                There are a variety of training forums
                                                                                                time and resources,
characteristics, experience base and style      available for snow and ice training. The
                                                                                                studies tend to show
response. It is up to the instructor to look    following are a few in the more or less
                                                                                                training provides a
at audience characteristics in a general        order of effectiveness:
                                                                                                positive return on
way, and try to use techniques that are
                                                                                                investment. Therefore,
likely to be effective.
                                                                                                although training might
    An effective learning situation should          This is the most common form of
                                                OJT (On the Job Training)                       seem like a luxury
be:                                             training and is where a trainee learns a
                                                                                                expense in tight financial
    ■ Purposeful                                task or skill by actual performance. This is
                                                                                                times, it is, in fact, one of
    ■ Based on Student Experience               a common method for learning how to
                                                                                                the most sure and sound
    ■ Multifaceted                              operate various pieces of equipment. The
                                                                                                investments available.
    ■ Active in Process                         modern model for OJT involves specified
    We need to ensure that training is done     training and certification requirements
                                                                                                Excerpts from The Value of

“on purpose.” Try to determine the goals        before being allowed to “fly solo” on a
                                                                                                Training summary by Steve

or motivations of the group; show them          piece of equipment (see the NYSDOT
                                                                                                Muench, Ph.D. PE, of a chapter

how the training will support those goals.      training and certification program
                                                                                                in his PH.D. dissertation,
                                                                                                University of Washington, 2004.

These may be career goals, safety goals,        reference above).
                                                                                                For more information, please

topic interest goals, and others.

    All learning is by experience, but

learning takes place in different forums            This is where a more senior or higher
                                                Mentor Training

and in varying degrees of richness and
depth. If a learning experience can be
                                                level employee is assigned to work with a
                                                “trainee” or lower level employee to                    Did
made to be challenging, and involve             develop job skills, knowledge and
feelings, thoughts, memory of past              confidence that support career
experiences and physical activity, it will be   advancement and/or other goals. In order
much more effective than simply trying to       for this to be effective, it must have
push something into a student’s memory.         defined content, schedule and duration.
    Variety in the learning experience is                                                         Educating is not the
important. Using combinations of verbal,                                                            same as training.
conceptual, perceptual, and problem                 This is training at the crew level. Here,
                                                Tailgate Training

solving elements can make the learning          a supervisor, or crew member, is assigned
                                                                                                    To educate is to

experience more effective.                      to become familiar with a small segment
                                                                                                  increase intellectual

    Adult learners require an active            of agency policy, safety policy, task
                                                                                                awareness of a subject.

process. That is, to react and respond          performance or other item that is of
                                                                                                   To train is to make

emotionally (inwardly and/or outwardly)         particular interest or importance to the
                                                                                                 someone proficient at
or intellectually to what is being presented.   crew. On a scheduled basis, the crew
                                                                                                the execution of a given
Presenting material in a way that evokes        meets and discusses the “topic of the
those responses is challenging, but doable.                                                          James C. Georges
                                                                     ...continued on page 6
Page 6                                                                            Colorado LTAP/ Winter 2008

N eed a little            The Value of Training
      E xtra cash?                Earn an Above-Average Return on Investment
                                                                           program in a way that people are
                                                                           encouraged to talk with each other about
                          week” for about 15 minutes so that
                          continued from page 5...

                                                                           the topic at hand, there will be additional
                          everyone has a clear understanding of what
                                                                           learning benefit. If larger classes are
          is worth
                          is required.
                                                                           unavoidable, roundtables and activities to
                                                                           get people talking with each other are
                                                                           helpful. A reasonably complete snow and
Our center is
                              This is where an active worker, that has
                          Peer Training
                                                                           ice control training program suitable for
continuing its program
                          exceptional topical skills or knowledge, is
                                                                           classroom training (free for the download)
to encourage local
                          brought in to train people of his or her
                                                                           can be found at:
participation in the
                          same level. The peer trainer may be from
publishing of Colorado
                          another location within the agency or hold
                          a similar position in another agency. By
LTAP’s quarterly

                          avoiding the personnel culture dynamic of
newsletter. We would

                          the same work location, the training is
like the recipients of
                                                                               These events can be useful training and
                                                                           Rodeos and other Competitions
                          usually more effective.
our newsletter to
benefit from all the                                                       public relations tools. The key is to
                                                                           structure the program in such a way that
                                                                           more than just mechanical driving skills are
knowledge local
                              As with the OJT model above,
                          Skill/Knowledge Based Certification
                                                                           the basis of the event. There should be
agencies have in the
                          programs and requirements are coming on
                                                                           some classroom type of activity with a
areas of roadway
                          line that provide training and /or materials
                                                                           required test at the end. The results of the
maintenance, design,
                          that allow people to study/receive training
                                                                           test in combination with the driving score
and construction. We
                          with the goal of taking a test and receiving
                                                                           should be the basis of the final ranking of
                          certification in a particular discipline. In
are offering $50.00 to
                                                                           the competitors. In addition to what was
                          the private sector, the Snow and Ice
city, town, or county
                                                                           covered in the classroom, questions could
                          Management Association (SIMA) provides
employees that submit
                                                                           be based on agency policy documents and
                          a certification program to its member
                                                                           training manuals. Other elements of the
an article that is
                          contractors that has both training and
                                                                           competition could include: installing tire
chosen to be published
                          testing requirements. Some of the Local
                                                                           chains, spreader calibration, pre-operations
in our newsletter.
                          Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)
                                                                           check of plow trucks and material
Articles can address
                          centers offer certifications for people who
                                                                           spreaders, efficient loader operation, etc.
current methods and
                          receive specified training and complete a
                          test for specified roadway related topics,
procedures, best

                          including snow and ice control.
practices, innovative
                                                                               In this case, being last on the list
                                                                           Computer Based Training (CBT)
techniques, or projects
in the transportation                                                      doesn’t mean that this is least effective - it
                                                                           is just the newest form of available
                              A number of highway agencies have
industry. Content         Training Centers and Academies
                                                                           training. AASHTO has developed an
                          dedicated training facilities (in-house or
                                                                           excellent 5-part series of self-administered,
should contain as
                          cooperative) where people are sent for
                                                                           computer based programs on
much detail as
                          intense multi-week training on a variety of
                                                                           snow&ice/winter maintenance topics. This
possible, but we can
                          highway maintenance topics and equipment
                                                                           Clear Roads series is available for purchase
provide assistance in
                          operation. Snow and ice control is typically
                                                                           thru the APWA bookstore,
editing and writing the
                          one of the topics offered.
final version. We
request articles not
                                                                           Control), or can be loaned from Colorado
                              This is generally what people think of
promote any particular    Classroom/Workshops/Conferences
                                                                           LTAP’s free lending library.
                          when they refer to training. In order for this
product. Photos are
                                                                               The Clear Roads computer based
                          to be effective, the class size should be
encouraged. To submit
                                                                           training programs can be customized easily
                          limited to about 30 people or less. This
                                                                           by any agency for its own purposes.
articles and/or photos,
                          makes it easier for interaction between the
                                                                           Individuals can log on and off at their own
include author name
                          instructor and other class members. A
                                                                           pace and progress through the course until
and contact info, and
                          major benefit of this type of training occurs
                                                                           complete. There are quizzes built into the
mail or email to
                          when the class members come from diverse
                                                                           training programs.
                          locations and agencies. By structuring the
                                                                                                 ...continued on page 9
Colorado LTAP/ Winter 2008                                                                                      Page 7

                                      What’s New
                                                 in the
                                                               LIBRARY ?
                                                              All videos, publications and CDs in the LTAP lending
                                library are available for checkout for a two-week period, free of charge. To check out
                       materials or request a library catalogue, contact the Colorado LTAP office at 1-888-848-5827.
Below is a list of most recent materials added to the library. Our library materials can also be ordered online at:
h t t p : / / l t a p . c o l o r a d o . e d u / l t a p l i b r a r y

New CDs
Location                Title
Why is it important to do due diligence? You reduce risk for your agency. Are your current practices as comprehensive
                         Doing Due Diligence: What Lawyers Want Public Works Directors to Know

as they should be? Learn how due diligence can help you avoid common complications that occur daily in public
works projects both in the planning and delivery stages. From APWA’s Click, Listen & Learn online training program -
this topic was presented on July 22, 2004. Handout materials are included on the disk.

This CD/Publication includes five multimedia presentations that describe and explain the principles of science and
                         Application of Ground Anchors and Soil Nails in Roadway Construction

engineering related to the construction of ground anchors and soil nail wall systems.

This two-hour visual and audio CD-ROM program will cover the basics of chemical and abrasive usage for snow and
                         Winter Roads: Effective Use of Chemicals

ice control, review new chemicals, and help you gain an understanding of how pre-wetting and anti-icing can be
effective for improved safety of local and state roads. Join our featured speaker, Don Walker, P.E., Director of the
Wisconsin LTAP Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as he covers topics such as snow and ice impacts on
road safety, the basic use of salt and sand, pre-wetting and anti-icing, and alternative chemicals including magnesium
chloride, calcium chloride, and more. Here is your chance to get your whole team informed and engaged about winter
road treatment and safety.

In this two-hour audio-visual CD, you will discover the key aspects to running a top-notch snow and ice control
                        Developing an Effective Snow and Ice Program

program from two of the industry’s top municipal experts. Learn how media and public relations, equipment
procurement and maintenance, chemical product selection, planning, policies, and training must all be integrated for
optimal success. Don’t miss out on these successful winter maintenance strategies.

Winter weather is an annual force to be reckoned with. Learn how to plan ahead to ensure that both your equipment
                        Ready, Set, Plow! Tips and Tasks for Preparing Your Fleet for Snow Season

and plow operators are up to the task. This program features checklists, tips on alternate vehicle usage, and how to
stretch your budget dollars.

Put an end to persistent and inadequate snowfighting once and for all! If you didn't attend the 2005 North American
                           Training First-Rate Snowfighters

Snow Conference, you can still experience the excitement of being onsite. This program discusses how to get the most
value from your snowfighter training program. Training resources will be identified, as well as key concerns and
practical tips for training both experienced and inexperienced snowfighters.
Page 8                                                                                Colorado LTAP/ Winter 2008

New DVDs
Location                 Title
This video will show many different examples of snow removal vehicles such as: CDL, tractors,
                         Working Safely with Snow Plows and Other Snow Removal Vehicles

pick-ups, pilers, and sanders. Includes tips on dry runs and not hitting fixed objects. Pre-inspection and
emergency preparedness are also incorporated into this program as well as techniques to preserve the
vehicle from being damaged.

Whenever two or more people come together, eventually they will experience conflict. Give your employees the skills
                          Conflict Resolution- Industrial

to work toward a solution in a productive, positive way. Techniques and strategies to limit the damage and disruption
are discussed in this straightforward video as well as: Consequences of conflict and how it can disrupt the workplace,
The common causes of workplace conflict and how to recognize them, Diffusing disagreements before they get out of
hand, How collaboration can be a tool in resolving conflicts.

 What’s New
In most facilities, not a day goes by without some type of injury occurring. It can be as minor as a small cut or as
                           First Aid Safety

serious as a chemical burn. But any injury can be painful and affect an employee's work performance - as well as their
life off the job. This video demonstrates to employees that knowledge of basic first aid can often limit the severity of
any type of injury, or even prevent a death. This video includes: Cuts and bleeding; Muscle pulls and sprains; Burns;

  in the
Broken bones; Shock; Artificial respiration / CPR; and AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators).

Slips, trips, and falls account for more workplace injuries every year than any other type of accident. Teach your
                           Slips, Trips, And Falls: Updated

employees to recognize, prevent, and avoid potentially hazardous situations. This program covers: - Why slips, trips,

and falls occur; fall physics - Common causes of accidents (wet and oily surfaces, ice, poor visibility, stairway, ladder,
storage hazards); how to fall safely - Techniques to avoid slips, trips, and falls - The importance of safety shoes

New Publications
Location                 Title
50 BP
This employee handbook is one of a series of fully-illustrated employee handbooks. It covers:Introduction; Back
                       Back Protection: Defending Your Safety Zone

Basics; Stay in the Game; The Zone Defense; Get a Grip on Power; Lifting; Safely;Repetitive Stress; Get Flexible;
Mechanical Advantage; Summary; Quiz .

40 ASM
This report presents a study on emerging surveying and mapping technologies. While the study was open to the broad
                          Advanced Surveying and Mapping Technologies

spectrum of emerging technologies at the time, particular focus was directed toward ground based laser scanning and
airborne positioning and mapping systems. Field evaluations of different laser scanner systems, over a previously
mapped project, details the advantages and limitations of the instruments and software, and highlights specific
conditions most favorable to ground based laser scanning methods. Testing of airborne positioning and attitude
determination using global navigation satellite system (GNSS) surveying combined with an inertial guidance system
(INS) was shown to provide significant efficiencies for route surveying, particularly where ground control surveys are
restricted due to terrain or environmental constraints.

20 HCS
Designed to provide practical information on low-cost treatments that can be applied at horizontal curves to address
                          Low Cost Treatments for Horizontal Curve Safety

identified or potential safety problems. It describes multiple treatments w/ examples; suggests when the treatment
might be applicable; provides design features; information on the potential safety effectiveness and costs. The
publication concludes with a description of maintenance activities that should be conducted to keep the treatments
effective. FREE copies are also available from the Colorado LTAP library or from the FHWA Report center online.
Download the PDF version at:
Colorado LTAP/ Winter 2008                                                                                                Page 9

Pilot Car Certification                                                                                  PILOT ESCORT
                 Changes to Requirements                                                                    DRIVER
continued from page 1...                                                                                PREREQUISITES
Upcoming Training and Certification                                                                  Pilot escort driver
    The RSA Network is the only company
Testing                                                                                              applicants must meet
that has been approved by CDOT to offer
                                                  The cost for the training and testing is
                                                                                                     the following criteria in
the training and testing for pilot car
                                              $190 per person for early registration and
                                                                                                     order to attend a
certifications. This company has been in
                                              around $220 for last minute registrations.
                                                                                                     certification program.
the industry for over 24 years. The RSA
Network has committed to bring training to    This certification is good for a four year
                                              period. After four years, the certification
                                                                                                     1. Must be at least 18
Colorado to meet the need of our local
                                              can be renewed online or through the mail.
                                                                                                     years old.
agencies. They will be providing about
three classes per month throughout the        The registration fee also includes four
                                              manuals that participants get to keep for
                                                                                                     2. Must have a current
state of Colorado. Their currently
                                              reference. The RSA Network tries to have
                                                                                                     driver’s license for the
scheduled training dates and locations
                                              classes scheduled three months out. If
                                                                                                     state in which the
                                              interested, please contact the RSA Network
                                                                                                     applicant lives.
    Montrose - January 15, 2009
    Denver - January 17, 2009                 directly. Their contact information is
                                              phone: 801-838-8999, e-mail:
                                                                                                     3. Must have a valid
    Trinidad - January 19, 2009
                                    , and website:
                                                                                                     certificate of insurance or
    Grand Junction - February 14, 2009
                                                                                                     endorsement that shows
    Denver - February 16, 2009
                                                                                                     “that the operator, or
                                                                                                     operator’s employer, has
                                                                                                     in full force and effect not
                                                                                                     less than $1,000,000
The Value of Training                                                                                combined single limit
        Earn an Above-Average Return on Investment                                                   coverage for bodily injury
                                             (risk managements grants)
                                                                                                     and/or property
                                                 ■ Environmental Councils (grants for
 continued from page 6...                                                                            damage…”.
                                             environmental awareness training)
                                                 ■ Watershed Districts (grants for
    There are a number of sources of help
HELP?                                                                                                4. Must provide a current
                                             environmental awareness training)
for snow and ice training. They include:
                                                                                                     Motor Vehicle Record for
                                                 ■ Federal Highway Administration
    ■ State / highway agencies in the area
                                                                                                     the state in which the

    ■ Local Technical Assistance Programs
                                                                                                     applicant resides for the
                                                  Providing employees the opportunity
        (LTAPs Nationwide)
                                                                                                     previous five years.
                                             for training largely depends on an agency’s
    ■ Trade Organizations (Associations of
                                             commitment and resources. The lack of a
municipal officials, American Public
                                                                                                     Applicants must not have
                                             large training budget should not diminish
Works Association (APWA), Colorado
                                                                                                     any conviction of drug or
                                             an agency’s ability to provide effective
Association of Road Supervisors &
                                                                                                     alcohol related offenses
                                             training. Even some of the 1-on-1 training
Engineers (CARSE), Colorado Association
                                                                                                     and a single moving
                                             forums listed above, can be utilized with
for Road Maintenance (CARMA), etc.)
                                                                                                     penalty deducting six
                                             little budget impact. All it takes is the
    ■ Vendors & Consultants
                                                                                                     points from their license.

    ■ Salt Institute web site and others
                                             commitment to make it happen.
    ■ Federal Highway Administration
      (AASHTO Eastern Snow EXPO)
                                                                                                     From the Colorado
                                                 The Salt Institute offers a free quarterly          Department of
                                             electronic Salt and Highway Deicing newsletter. It      Transportation’s Rules and
                                             helps you make better decisions in your winter
                                                                                                     Regulations of the Colorado
                                             maintenance responsibilities and provides even more
                                                                                                     Department of

   There are a number of possibilities for
                                             information by active links to
                                                                                                     Transportation Pertaining to

funding. They include:                       If you’d like this newsletter or other salt-related
                                                                                                     Transport Permits for the

   ■ LTAP training grants (Flagger, Roads    information delivered automatically via a
                                                                                                     Movement of Extra-Legal

Scholar & Supervisory Skills programs)       newsreader, you can subscribe to their Salt Institute
                                                                                                     Vehicles or Loads 2C.C.R.

   ■ State Labor Departments (grants for     NewsCentral service or add any of their feeds to

safety training)                             your newsreader at:
   ■ Municipal Insurance Cooperatives        use_own_newsreader.html.
Page 10                                                                           Colorado LTAP/ Winter 2008

        Ideas That Work
     Saving Your Agency Time & Money
     Flexible Bridge Object Markers
         Buffalo County, Nebraska

     2008 You Show Us Contest
          Regional Winner

 Inability to keep object markers (OM-3) up at
 Problem Statement:

 bridge sites.

 By use of this new object marker post spring-
 Discussion of Solution:

 loaded holder the problem has basically been
 eliminated. It has been in use for about a year
 now and has worked great.

 Labor: 45 min. per unit;
 Labor, Equipment, and Materials Used:

 Equipment, used: welder, drill press & band saw
 Materials used: 2" sign post anchor; 1-3/4" slide in sign post; (1) adjustable
 spring; (1) 1-1/2" flat bar for pivot; misc. bolts.

 $32.00 per unit
 Total Cost:

 The agency has experienced significant fuel & labor savings by not having to revisit the same bridges week after
 Savings and Benefits:

 week. In this area farm equipment is always getting bigger and the ability for them to safely cross the bridges
 without having to weave around our markers is a benefit for everyone. Note: Could be used for narrow bridge
 situations. Placement should be considered.

 Mike Mitchell
 For more info contact:

 Buffalo County
 9730 Antelope Ave
 Kearney, NE 68847
Colorado LTAP/ Winter 2008                                                                                       Page 11

                         Upcoming Events
 Upcoming Training
 NOTE: Please contact the Colorado                      Remember!
 LTAP office for an updated schedule, or          You can register online at:
 check online at
                                                                  FALL COLORADO
                                                                                                 SUPERVISORY SKILLS
 Road Scholar Core Classes                   Supervisory Skills Classes                         City of Golden
                                                                                                        Mike Councilman
 Signing, Pavement Markings, MUTCD           Ethics for New Supervisors                         Teller County
    January 27, 2009 - Frisco                   January 22, 2008 - Lakewood                             A. Brad Shaw
    January 29, 2009 - Durango
    February 3, 2009 - Greeley               Written Communications                                ROADS SCHOLAR
    February 5, 2009 - Colorado Springs         January 23, 2008 - Lakewood                          GRADUATES

 Roadway Safety & Temp Traffic               Who’s Coming Thru Door Today?                      Arapahoe County
 Control                                     Dealing with People                                        Scott Shafer
   Grand Junction                              Grand Junction                                           Daniel Sparks
   Denver                                                                                               Robert Carver
   Fort Morgan                               Verbal Communications                              Clear Creek County
   Pueblo                                       Grand Junction                                          Jason Allen
                                                                                                        Fred Nelson
                                             Developing the Leader Within                               Jeff Rabus
                                               Englewood                                                Jason Wiggins
 Road Scholar Electives                                                                         Douglas County
                                                                                                        John Lamb
 Introductory Math for Road Workers                                                             Rio Blanco County
     February 23, 2009 - Glenwood Spgs       Workshops                                                  Stan Rasmussen
     March 2, 2009 - Colorado Springs                                                           San Miguel County
     March 11, 2009 - Loveland               Free Flagger Certification                                 Tony Gallob
                                                April 23, 2009 - Fort Morgan                    City of Arvada
 Advanced Math for Roadway Workers              April 24, 2009 - Fort Collins                           Terry Brown
   February 24, 2009 - Glenwood Spgs            April 27, 2009 - Frisco                                 Bill Chambers
   March 3, 2009 - Colorado Springs             April 29, 2009 - Grand Junction                         Jerry Cole
   March 12, 2009 - Loveland                                                                            Ron Mann
                                                                                                        Rick Marino
 Work Zone Construction Safety                                                                          Dave Scrivner
                                                                                                City of Boulder
   1.5 days                                  Conferences                                                Richard Lackner
   March 24-25, 2009 - Denver
   March 26-27, 2009 - Grand Junction                                                                   Paul Lampe
                                             Transportation Research Board (TRB)
                                                                                                City of Brighton
                                             88th Annual Conference
 Culvert Installation & Maintenance                                                                     Jerry Earl
                                             January 11 - 15, 2009
    Fort Morgan                                                                                 City of Greeley
                                             Washington DC
    Colorado Springs                          Lalo Martinez
    Montrose                                                                                            John Blatter
                                             Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference                          Socorro Garcia
                                             February 18-20, 2009                                       Bill Maag
 Road Materials: Soils Gravel
                                             Crowne Plaza - DIA Denver                          City of Montrose
   Pueblo                                                                                               Aaron Jokisch
   Grand Junction                                                                                       Eric Smart
                                             CARMA - APWA Street Conference
                                                                                                City of Olathe
                                             April 15-17, 2009
 Heavy Equipment Training                                                                               Wayne Trounce
                                             Grand Junction, CO
   Northeast Colorado                        Contact Colorado LTAP for more details.            City of Rifle
                                                                                                        Roland Klocker
 1 A severe winter storm condition characterized by                      Winter Maintenance

 low temperatures, strong winds, and heavy blowing
 5 Snow and ice control practice of applying liquid
 chemicals to prevent the formation of frost or the
 bonding of snow or ice to pavement; operations
 usually begin before or just as a storm hits.
 8 A series of metal loops capable of providing
 improved traction on the roadway.
 10 Popular term for a very thin coating of clear ice
 which forms on a pavement or bridge deck surface.
 11 A flow of snow down a mountainside often
 causing road closures.
 12 Winter weather removal equipment.

 2 Chemical or mechanical means to break the bond

 between the pavement and the snow and ice on its
 3 Range of pavement temperatures at which
 chemical will effectively melt ice.
 4 Ensure that you can see clearly in poor weather
 6 No matter how far you are driving or what the
 weather conditions, always wear your....
 7 The addition of liquid agents to salt and sand.
 Helps the mixture stick to the road instead of
 blowing off to the shoulder.

 9 There may be loss of this during icy slippery
 13 Do this to your vehicle after snow storms to
 remove any material or liquid chemical buildup.

     The completed puzzle can be found on our website at: h t t p : / / l ta p . c o l o r a d o . e d u

                                                                                            Nonprofit Org.

                      Colorado LTAP
                                                                                             U.S. Postage
                                                                                             Boulder, CO
University of Colorado at Boulder                                                           Permit No. 156
3100 Marine St, A-213
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