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The 1109 Communicator

Summer 2008

Hands off health care!

Hear Our Voices on Health Care
1109 endorses Obama for President.

Grieve This
Your rights and our grievance procedure.

Greetings Brothers and Sisters
The next few years are going to be crucial to our existence of local 1109.

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President’s Message

Greetings brothers and sisters
roLando sCott


his is my first message to the membership since taking office on January 2, 2008. My entire team and I are all excited in becoming the fifth administration in the history of the local. We look forward to providing you with the best quality representation that is in our collective best interest. We are faced with a multitude of challenges. The next few years are going to be crucial to our existence of local 1109. There are several burning issues that are at the forefront of our concerns. The local’s finances, the contract expiring in August, FIOS in Brooklyn, training, the ongoing industry problems with our interconnect companies and organizing. We inherited a local that was drowning in financial turmoil. The first thing I did was hire an accountant to take a snapshot of our situation and give us an expert assessment. ChAnges	AheAd We were told that the local could not continue on its current trend. It was also stated that our local overspent the money in the last 4 years needing to go into our reserves each of those years to balance the books. This has resulted in a dwindling of our reserves to a mere one hundred thousand dollars. This means that if there was a strike we could not give our members the strike fund money this local historically provided them. Let me be clear, the National Union has a strike fund that will go into effect after two weeks on the picket line. That money is there. We, however, always had this supplemental fund that came out of our reserves for our members which is not there 	

We can now begin the important task of training our stewards and chief stewards into becoming more effective leaders.
the inside bureaus downtown Brooklyn as well as holding garage tailgate meetings to explain our reasons. I am pleased to report that on April 3rd the referendum was passed. This additional revenue will allow the local to engage in the necessary projects that will propel our local to a position of strength. We can now begin the important task of training our stewards and chief stewards into becoming more effective leaders. In 2007, this local had only 2 steward meetings for the entire year. There had not been any chief stewards training nor meetings since (Continued to page 3)

rolando scott

now. This is unacceptable. I realize as a leader sometimes you are required to make very tough decisions that may not be popular and may be painful but long term it is in our best interest. On February 15th of this year in becoming more financially responsible I had the unfortunate task of layingoff two secretaries at the local. We also most recently presented you with a referendum for a dues increase. I will admit that this was not welcomed by everyone with open arms especially this being a contract year. However these were the cards we were dealt, we are working towards addressing these issues and making sound decisions accordingly. An	open	book	AdministrAtion	 You cannot operate the local in the same fashion over and over again and expect different results. You have to become proactive, creative and courageous. We put together a presentation and showed it first to our chief stewards and steward body. We then went public and put it on the website. We had a special general membership meeting. We also went to

The 1109 Communicator
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CWA	Local	1109	Communicator	|	Summer 2008


Dues referendum passes 566 to 356!
nora WIndLeY treasurer

t is my opinion that the decision by the membership to authorize a dues increase was a symbol of the confidence and trust you have in this administration’s ability and dedication to implement the changes needed to get this local out of debt, increase our membership and build a strong/educated chief/steward and membership body. Once again I thank you for your support. It is expected that the dues increase will go into effect in May. Because of the way dues are transmitted to the local we won’t actually receive any of those funds until late June, at the earliest. Our largest source of income is the dues we receive from our Verizon members. Their contract expires in August and until we have a new one, we will not be able to implement all of the


changes described in our presentation. However since we have taken office we have been working hard to save money. We have been able to institute some of the changes/improvements that are: ‹ 5 shop and chief steward meetings and one interconnect meeting

Saved 30,000 while training Verizon and Interconnect shop and chief stewards Cut officer salaries by 5% Renovated union hall using donated high quality furniture Eliminated and/or consolidated phone lines to save money Reduced office supply costs by shopping at less expensive vendor.

‹ ‹



(Continued from page 2) the title was created in the Fall of 2006. In our first six months we have held six steward meetings and six chief steward meetings. We are empowering our leadership body. We have a segment of our union members that do not work for Verizon. They work for small Telecom companies spread out in seven states that we call “Interconnects”. Their industry has a host of problems that we have begun identifying and in our E.V. P. report there will be more elaboration. Working	together We will also devote some of our additional funds towards organizing drives to bring in more members/ revenue to our Local. This is a mandate from the AFL-CIO to increase union density in this country through organizing efforts. Our sister local in Nassau County (1104) for example raised their dues to 2% years ago and used their additional revenue on organizing efforts. They were a mirror image of 1109 in size but today stand at 10,000 members and 7 million dollars in their reserves. Now that’s power that is respected. We feel with your cooperation we can move in that direction. In March, at a leadership conference, that I attended, the agenda included nominations and elections of individuals to the Local Bargaining Team for contract negotiations. I am proud to report that I was elected to the Local Bargaining Team for 2008 giving our local a voice at bargaining. We are looking forward toward what the future holds. Verizon is investing heavily in their product of F.I.O.S. and New York City shall be the first major city they will i nvest in. We are excited and looking forward to working in partnership with the company. We want this product to succeed and grow and 1109 intends to grow and be there every step of the way. Our success will not be measured by what we do in the local but by what we jointly commit ourselves to do in all of our job sites to make us a prominent powerful local. We have the blueprint filled with short, mid and long-term goals and together we will all be proud of this local. 

CWA	Local	1109	Communicator	|	Summer 2008	


Contract updates
CHrIstopHer CaLaBrese executive Vice president


t has been a challenging first four months in office. We were left with a multitude of expired contracts and one company claiming that it had bargained to impasse with the union. But with help from some very dedicated stewards and members we are starting to pull ourselves out of the backlog.
EIA Datacom– Their collective bargaining agreement had expired in November. Negotiations with them went pretty smoothly. We were able to make gains in wages, pension and vacation. Business Agent Tony Spina assisted with negotiations. Telenet– Negotiations also went smooth. This CBA had been expired since 2006. We were able to make gains in wages, pension, and personal days. TTSI– This agreement expired in September of 2007. This company had claimed it bargained to impasse in December 2007. Our opinion differs and we filed a ULP and have submitted affidavits to the NLRB. At the time of the printing of this paper we are awaiting a response from the NLRB. In other news at TTSI, the Union won arbitration against TTSI, in which five employees were awarded a total of $140,000 in back pay. Unfortunately the company is claiming it can’t afford to pay in a lump sum. The payment plan they proposed was unacceptable to the union. The good news is the arbitrator held jurisdiction in the case and we are scheduled to bring the case back to him on June 5, 2008. We also have filed grievances against this employer for recalling out of seniority and not paying vacation pay for employees who have been laid off or left the service of the company. Blackbox– Business has been tough for this employer, although they seem to be making a comeback 	 in some areas. Their CBA expires in 2009. A member with 17 years was fired for alleged violence against a civilian. At third step we were able to get it reduced to an 11 day suspension. Shared Technologies– Business has been pretty good for this employer. We are in the midst of a five-year contract. On May 20 I am scheduled to meet with the CEO and also have a meeting with members in Philadelphia. In the last contract an agreement was made to convert the Pension into a 401k plan. All the paperwork has been submitted to the IRS and Erisa and we are waiting final approval. On June 21, 2008 there was a benefit for member Paul Kern who is stricken with cancer. Ticket and

donation information is on our website. Telephone Installers– We negotiated a contract that allowed for improvements in wages, pensions, and holidays. The contract was ratified by the membership. Market Communications– Contract negotiations commenced on June 10,2008. We have reached an agreement in principal and will be holding a ratification meeting soon. O&R group– Contract negotiations commenced on June 10, 2008. We have reached an agreement in principal and will be holding a ratification meeting soon NEC– The union and the company settled an arbitration in January of 2008. Two members who were laid off were offered their jobs back or a buyout, and one member was offered a buyout. The first two members accepted the buyout as they had moved on to greener pastures. We wish them the best. The CBA expires in November of this year and we will be holding a general meeting soon to elect a bargaining committee. In February– shop steward Don Murphy resigned as shop steward. Don was instrumental in the arbitration and a member of the bargaining team. We would like to thank Don for (Continued on next page)

telenet members ratifing their new contract at Local 1109 headquarters.

CWA	Local	1109	Communicator	|	Summer 2008

Grieve this…
saLVatore InCarBone Vice president


irst I would like to thank all of you for the giving the honor to serve as your vice president. As time goes on I know I will be able to keep the trust and respect that you have given me. your	rights Now lets talk about your rights and our grievance procedure. It is every members right to grieve without fear of reprisal. You also have the right to ask for representation if you believe any discussion with a manager can lead to disciplinary action. Local 1109 shop stewards issue many grievances on a variety of issues each month. They are the first line of defense and often spend hours of their own time preparing and investigating grievances. To better support our stewards we are currently organizing training programs and will soon be holding monthly contract meetings with our stewards. In order to better represent our members in the grievance process I prepare third step grievances with

the business agents and discuss important points and members concerns. I share all this pertinent information with the District One Staff Representative before the grievance is sat. These are just a couple of things we are doing to make sure your grievance is sat quickly and professionally. I commit to treat each grievance with the respect it deserves. I would like to thank the stewards and business agents for all their efforts. We have sited a multitude of grievances regarding the MACP and FMLA violations. Member’s rights have been attacked in these areas. They have been warned and suspended wrongly. In Federal Court we had petitioned against Verizon for refusing to arbitrate the MACP. I am glad to report that during early bargaining the company agreed to arbitration. Verizon has also employed the service of an outside vendor named Health Care Recoveries who have been calling and sending threatening letters to our members. They are trying to recoup money for benefits

used. If you receive an inquiry of this nature — Do not respond! The time is now for our members to demand that Verizon honor our contract and give us the respect we deserve. We are hard working employees. We have built this company and only want our fair share. We must hold Verizon accountable. They need to know that they will not get away at making unilateral changes that will adversely affect our union brothers and sisters.

RetIRed MeMbeR’s ChApteR e are pleased to announce that CWA 1109 has charted its first Retiree Council. Our charter number is 282. We would like to thank and congratulate the five retirees who made it possible. They are Thomas Cararo, followed by John Messina, Thomas O’Neill, Chris Spirocostas, and Anthony Volpe. Special thanks go out to Thomas Cararo for all his hard work getting it up and running. Thomas will serve as the Acting President of the council until official elections take place. For some who may not know, chapter members must also be Council Lifetime members. If you are a new member trying to join the ranks there is a one-time $25 fee. To keep up with the Council and the union, be sure to visit the websites: or www. 


interconnect	report
(Continued from page 4) all his years of service. His dedication and experience will be missed. We would also– like to welcome two new (sort of) shop stewards, Eddie Sanchez and Sam Heyward. Eddie was a long time shop steward for Local 1109 and is returning for more punishment, and Sam has always been a dedicated union member and has assisted the shop stewards for many years. In sad news– long time shop steward Joe Contessa succumbed to cancer on May 14, 2008. In the short time I had the good fortune of knowing Joe I have to say he was one of the toughest guys I ever met. Joe never lost his vigor and enthusiasm for the union, even while going through chemo and radiation treatments. Both the union and the company respected Joe, and we will all miss him. Joe is survived by his wife Mary, his daughter Kris, and his son Gary.

CWA	Local	1109	Communicator	|	Summer 2008	

Hear our voices on health care
CWA Endorsees Obama


n 2008, we have the opportunity to elect a President who shares our values and has pledged that the issues we most care about will be among his highest priorities. Senator Barack Obama plan is grounded in the notion that “we are in this together.” That’s why he is committed to ensuring quality, affordable health care for all. CWA and Obama agree on five major reform health care principles that are; ÿ To cover all Americans – guarantee quality affordable health care for all with comprehensive benefits. ÿ To control costs – regulate insurance companies, reduce bureaucracy, promote cost-effective care, allow government to negotiate drug and other prices. ÿ To provide a strong government role – to set and enforce the rules for insurance companies and providers, and offer a choice of a public insurance plan and private insurance options in addition to employer-based health benefits. ÿ To improve health quality – focus on preventive care, health outcomes and safe staffing. ÿ To broad-based tax financing – spread financing throughout the system so that all employers compete on a level playing field. Even CWA members with good health care benefits are facing a health care crisis because our employers can’t keep up with rising health care costs for members and retirees. This is why we need Senator Barack Obama in office to find a solution that works for both employers and employees. At Verizon, managers have already taken big hits on retiree health care. In 2004, the company 	
shop steward tamika thomas and mobilization member Jim Morrisey tells verizon to stop moving our jobs.

changed its policies so that new management hires will get NO health care upon retirement and can’t even buy into the company plan on their own. Management employees with less than 15 years of service now get no subsidy for health care when they retiree and pay 100% of the cost themselves. Verizon made the

changes at the same time it yanked its defined benefit pension plan for managers, who don’t have the benefit of bargaining rights. The fate of retiree benefits is what we all need to worry most about. We will all be retired one day. When you are on a fixed income is when you will need your benefits the most.

Learn more about your h
BY aLexandra CaMaCHo


or those of you who don’t know me my name is Alexandra Camacho. I am a Chief Steward at 395 Flatbush Extension. I was chosen by CWA to be the Health Care Coordinator for District One. I represent Congressional Districts 10 and 11, which cover parts of Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. My job is to educate CWA members who live in these districts. CWA is taking a proactive approach to the health care crisis in America. The cost of health care keeps rising every year. When it comes time to negotiate with employers it is usually the first thing on the table. CWA recognizes that if we do not reform the system it will become harder and harder to negotiate good contracts with employers. For instance this round of bargaining with Verizon is being dominated by talks of shifting medical costs to the member. I was not around in 1989 but I respect and appreciate the fact that the more senior members walked

CWA	Local	1109	Communicator	|	Summer 2008

CWA, like all unions, is fighting hard in contract talks to salvage retiree benefits and has stood with other unions in their fights. With benefits for a pre-Medicare retiree and spouse running as much as $22,000 at major telecom companies, the only real answer is national reform like our leaders say. “Every other industrialized country has figured out how to provide health care to all its citizens, It’s about time we do the same,” said CWA Secretary/ Treasurer Jeff Rechenbach, who heads the union telecom operations. CWA PRINCIPLES Cover everybody We believe that everyone needs health care they can count on regardless of their health or income, whether they are working or not, whether they retire early or not, are laid off or on strike. A system based on employers who voluntarily offer coverage and that allows some employers to freeload on others cannot survive. Control costs The system must be affordable, so any reform should streamline bureaucracy and reduce the high overhead costs and profits required of our
autumn, granddaughter of Csa ruby thomas, has a message for Verizon.

complicated private insurance system. Insurance should be provided in the largest pools possible, thereby spreading risk widely and cost-effectively. The government should negotiate prices with drug companies and other providers. We need a major investment in electronic health information and chronic care coordination to improve outcomes. Strong government role While the market has an important role to play in health care,

the government must play a central role. It should guarantee coverage and help make it more affordable. Government should set and enforce the rules by which private insurance operates, making sure that no insurance company can increase its profit by denying people care. The government should also ensure that people have a choice to get their coverage through a public insurance plan offering comprehensive benefits at an affordable price. Improve health quality The care we receive should be of the highest quality, based on best practices that are the most cost effective. There needs to be a new focus on preventive care—our system is too focused on just treating illness. Quality care means assuring safe staffing levels for nurses with adequate and appropriate training for all caregivers. Broad-based tax financing The health care system must be financed fairly, according to one’s ability to pay. Broad-based tax financing will spread the costs throughout the economy so that some employers—many of them union employers—are not left to carry the burden. Such financing will also mean that wage increases will no longer be eaten up by health cost increases. 

health care benefits
the picket line for four months so that members like myself can enjoy the benefits we have today. We have to be ready to fight for our benefits as our predecessors have. Nothing was ever given to us, and it won’t be handed to us this time. Another important topic I speak about in the class is the Employee Free Choice Act. This is a law that would make it considerably easier to join a union in this country. Barack Obama has vowed to enact it within his first hundred days in office. More members will mean more bargaining power and then we can really begin to change things in this country for the middle class. I would like to thank the Executive Board of Local 1109 for choosing me for this very important responsibility. If you are invited to one of these classes, consider it a great opportunity to learn more about the above issues, and see first hand what your union is doing to secure the futures of its members. CWA	Local	1109	Communicator	|	Summer 2008	

Cablevision and T-Mobile campaigns are underway


echnicians in Cablevision in Brooklyn are trying to form a union with our local. They have formed a committee of 10% of our membership who are spearheading the campaign. The local 1109 Executive Board meets weekly with them to discuss strategy, get training and update each other on the progress of the organizing drive. Right now approximately 40% of the perspective members have signed cards. We know there are plenty more out there who want to sign cards. Many of them are intimidated. Cablevision is a ruthless employer that uses scare tactics to dissuade prospective members. They require their employees to sit through “captive audience meetings” in the workplace in which they use lies and exploit stereotypes to convince people that organizing as a union is against their interest. In late December, local 1109 held a General Meeting with the Cablevision employees. Over sixty Cablevision workers attended despite horrendous

snow and ice conditions. Councilman Bill de Blasio and Councilwoman Leticia James came to support the Cablevision employees and to remind them of their legal rights to form a union. equAL	Work	deserves	equAL	pAy Cablevision technicians do the same type of work that Verizon technicians do, but for half the pay and benefits. They are forced to work overtime but don’t always get paid for it. They have ridiculous production standards, no pension and pay high premiums for medical. Some choose not to have medical benefits because they cannot afford them. Organizing Cablevision is good for those workers and also strategic for already unionized workers. “All for one and one for all.” Never has this old saying rang louder than it does today. If we don’t bring up the wages and benefits in the non-union portion of our industry eventually they will drag ours down.

so how can a rank and file member help?


f you know a Cablevision employee or meet one on the street talk to them about the benefits of being in a union. Try and get contact information from them and forward it to us.
Local 1109 is also working on a campaign with the National Union to organize T- Mobile. T- Mobile is a German cell phone company owned by Deutsche Telekom. They are 100% unionized in Germany and the German Telecommunications Union actually holds a seat on the board of directors. We have formed an alliance with the German union Ver. di and have begun visiting T- Mobile stores across the country. For more information, visit If you would like to help out, contact the local.

FMLA retaliation


any managers are not fully versed in the law when it comes to the FMLA provisions. Many managers are using FMLA absences to determine absence patterns of our members. FMLA absences may not be used as a basis for imposing a warning, suspension, discharge or other discipline, issuing a negative evaluation, denying advancement, discriminatory work assignments, or taking negative action against our members. Absences under FMLA may not be counted in any manner under an attendance control policy. In short, FMLA absences must be treated by the company as if the absence never occurred. Many members are being asked for doctor’s note based on patterns that include FMLA absences. As retaliation some members are being asked to perform unpleasant work that is not part of their job description. For example: C.O.T.’s are made to pull wire on dead frames. This treatment is illegal, and will not be 	

accepted by this local. If you feel you have been retaliated against for FMLA absences, please contact your steward or business agent. We are currently compiling a list of members who have had their rights abused and using that information in a lawsuit against Verizon. CWA	Local	1109	Communicator	|	Summer 2008

Congrats to the new stewards of CWA local 1109

395 Flatbush Ext Ave
John Lantigua Tamika Thomas Denise White Denise Young

E.I.A. DataCom
Konstantin Kim

360 Bridge St
Avrohom Sharfstein

Sunset Garage
Paul Shulz Angelo Incorviva Anthony Cincolauro John Lugero

Dwayne Johnson

Shaun Toner

Fountain Ave
James Price

26th Ave
Cainane Avery

Ave D 1109's new stewards attend a day of stweward training at local 1109 headquarters taught by e.V.p. Christopher Calabrese and V.p. salvatore Incarbone.
John Abend Ernest Hammel

3rd & 3rd Garage
Richard Bronzo Christopher Galford Trish Thompson

Central Ave
Elija Zimmerman Arthur Mitchell

Sam Heyward Eduardo Sanchez

PM Savvy
Ralph Sands CWA	Local	1109	Communicator	|	Summer 2008	 9

Tier II Safety

Remember – safety first


n February 19, 2008 the Tier II Safety committee met for the first time this year. Tier II Safety is made up of union and management, that meets once a month at different locations to inform and be informed of different safety issues. February's meeting took place at Norman Ave. Norman Ave is a construction garage that is starting to splice FIOS. One of the main concerns that the committee had was that engineers were placing FDH on the same pole that has the X-box on it. They were removing the steps which makes the pole unsafe to climb. Since this meeting we have had one of the FDH removed from the pole. The company is going to place a new pole to mount the FDH located on Berry and North 7th Street. Another concern that was brought up was the ladder rack on top

of the new trucks. If you are having problems with the rack, contact your safety champion and give him/her your truck number so that we can look into the problem. Every location has a safety champion, make sure to find out who is yours. It is important that you take your time and work safe to make sure that at the end of the day you make it home safely. Our monthly meetings proceeded as followed: On April 22, 2008 the meeting was held at the Installation/ Repair garage located on 26th Ave. The next meeting was held at another Installation/Repair location on May 21, 2008 at Ave D. On June 17, 2008 we held the safety meeting at the Sunset location. Fortunately, none of these garages had any safety issues at their location. Remember if you have any concerns that you would like to have addressed, please reach out to your safety champion so that we can address the issue at the next meeting. Remember the company’s motto; No job is so important and no service is so urgent, that we cannot take the time to perform our work safety!


Employee Free Choice Act
What is the Employee Free Choice Act? The eFca (hr800’s -1041) is a bill supported by Congress and the Senate that will enable working people to bargain for better wages, benefits, and working conditions by restoring workers freedom to choose to join a union. The entire local board is working with CWA National Union by lobbying in Albany and in Washington D.C. We also meet with legislators at their office to make sure they support this important bill. We must have the freedom as unions to organize and strengthen our membership. Our futures depend on it! For more information about this bill, please contact: Anthony Barone at 718-444-1109 or via email


Committee on Political Education
On March 7, 2008 LOcaL 1109 received an award at the District 1 Leadership Conference for having 12% of our members contributing to COPE. While this is a very good number we know we could do better. With one of the most important presidential elections approaching we need to make sure our members understand what just a small contribution per week to COPE can do for their futures. You can sign up for as little as $2 a week and together we can make a BIG difference. For more information on COPE, please contact: Anthony Barone at 718-444-1109 or via e-mail You can also find more info on our website


CWA	Local	1109	Communicator	|	Summer 2008

LocaL 1109’s 13tH annuaL GoLf–outinG
BY tonY spIna

Member Assistance Program (M.A.P)

On ThurSdAy, June 5th , Local 1109 held their 13th golf outing in Brooklyn at the Dyker Golf Course. It was a beautiful day for those who golfed. A ll who attended the event enjoyed a day of massages, raffles, and a variety of food. The Executive Board and B.A.’s of local 1109 would like to thank all of our current members and retirees who participated. We would also like to thank all of our vendors who helped made it a tremendous success.


would like to take this opportunity to let all of our members know that as the new M.a.p. representative of Local 1109, I promise to dedicate as much time needed to ensure that members in need of assistance in such problems as: Ë alcohol abuse Ë drug abuse Ë Gambling Ë Mental Health Ë eating disorders and all other personal problems that may occur on or off the job will be handled promptly and in the strictness of confidence. Anthony Barone, M.A.P. Local 1109 Office: 718-444-110; E-mail:

In Memoriam
the loss of a giant
Retired District 1 Vice President Larry Mancino died March 10, 2008 at Staten Island University Hospital in Ocean Breeze, New York. He was born in Brooklyn and was 71 years of age. Mancino, moved to Staten Island in 1962 where he went to work for Western Union. In 1966 he helped bring the 4000 members bargaining unit into CWA. In 1972, he joined the staff as a CWA Representative and in 1978 was promoted to Downstate New York Area Director. In January 1991, then CWA President Morton Bahr brought Mancino to Washington D.C. as an assistant. The delegates elected Mancino District 1 Vice President at the June 1996 CWA Convention, “Larry was my dear friend, my true brother and my mentor”, said District 1 Vice President Chris Shelton, who succeeded Mancino in April 2005. Mancino is survived by his wife Connie of 49 years, his sons Lawrence and Richard, his daughter Michele, his mother Mary and six grandchildren. We will certainly miss this incredibly good man.

Breast Cancer Walkathon on Sunday, October 19, 2008 in Brooklyn at Prospect Park West Cornell Labor Class Studies at the Local Names of classes and Schedule dates T.B.A.

     

We regretfully extend our condolences to the friends and families of the following members who have passed away since our last edition. Ashton Reid— 360 Bridge Street Naomi Requena—395 Flatbush Extension Ave Joe Contessa—NEC Unified, Inc. David James—Williamsburg C.O. Daniel "Dan" Murray—395 Flatbush Extension Ave

CWA	Local	1109	Communicator	|	Summer 2008	


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