Mizzou _08-34_ by MarijanStefanovic


									WINTER 2006

                                             A MESSAGE FROM
                                       THE VICE PROVOST
                               Welcome to our first edi-       and internationalization of education. We would have
                             tion of the The Mizzou            had to explain why it is imperative that universities
                             Internationalist. This publica-   provide students with opportunities to form informed
                             tion is a vessel designed to      perspectives of the global communities and cultures
                             give our readers a sense of the   now converging, through connectivity and mobility,
                             diversity typified by the many    at astounding rates. If our students, the future leaders
                             initiatives of the colleges and   and decision makers, are to keep pace and compete in
                             schools of the University of      global society and are to maintain this nation’s position
                             Missouri-Columbia. It also has    in the pecking order, then insularity and parochialism
                             a mission of communicating        cannot be hallmarks of the college experience. Nor can
                             across a vast, decentralized      we squander the opportunities to engage with per-
                             institutional landscape to give   sons and ideas from other cultures by interacting with
  you a feel for the substance and texture of these initia-    international faculties, students and scholars who live,
  tives. Being new, this volume focuses on the here and        study and work among us daily. We would have had to
  now versus the past and the rapidly globalizing future       remind some and inform others that we squander these
  faced by all. Why is that so?                                opportunities at the peril of career and personal suc-
    Focusing on past or historical engagements of the          cesses in our globalizing futures.
  University of Missouri would have required reach-              So, focusing on the here and now allows us to tell
  ing back beyond 1882, a time at which MU registered          you about some current engagements by our colleges,
  connections with India among many other multi-con-           schools and colleagues, and that is not the complete
  tinental locations. Looking back would have required         picture. We hope that, in reading these articles mainly
  expositions on how a former dean of our School of Law        about people, you will come away with clearer notions
  played a pivotal role in drafting Thailand’s instrument      as to the value MU places on study abroad, faculty
  of independence upon the country’s separation from           engagement and development, engaging global schol-
  Great Britain’s colonial rule. Looking back, we would        ars, keeping in touch with international alumni, main-
  need to have delved into the massive and longstanding        taining binding ties with institutions and municipalities
  technical assistance and humanitarian involvements of        around the globe, and extending that ever-present
  the College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources         helping hand to those that need it. Moreover, we hope
  in virtually every corner of the globe. Covering             that you will come away knowing that the heart and
  CAFNR’s involvement in the Green Revolution and              soul of our University’s global engagement and com-
  “India Programs” alone would require volumes. The            passion emanate not from expansive and imposing
  College of Arts & Science, through its many depart-          buildings, arenas and farmland but from our leaders.
  ments, has been instrumental in shaping national tax         Indeed, our deans help set the tone and pace of our
  codes and training scores of political leaders worldwide.    engagement. Reading this first issue of the MIZZOU
  The School of Journalism has single-handedly shaped          INTERNATIONALIST, you should come to understand
  and influenced worldwide communications and cover-           and know that our Colleges are all on board.
  age of community and global correspondence almost              Please enjoy!
  since its very inception. Exploits of J-School deans, fac-
  ulty and alumni are legendary both in times of war and       Sincerely,
  peace. We could not have covered all of our colleges
  nor done justice to the roles all have played; hence, we
  shall not go there at this juncture.
    Focusing on the future would have required that
  we touch upon the forces of globalization, digitization      Dr. Handy Williamson

2 The Mizzou Internationalist
               SCHOOL OF MEDICINE
               Through Dr. Husain’s work,
               teams of psychiatrists have
               been sent to devastated
               regions around the world to
               help traumatized children.

               Mizzou Internationalist
               GRADUATE SCHOOL                    COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING            SCHOOL OF LAW
  Harl         Creation of new knowledge,         Information sharing between
     n         driven by fresh ideas and new      countries opens up a world of     extensively international their
               creative processes is a central    opportunities.                    training must be to prepare
  Writer       mission.                                                     14-15   them for practice in today’s
   Kate                                     4-5                                     society.
 Germain                                          SCHOOL OF HEALTH                                           24-25
     n         FOOD AND NATURAL                   Department chair and trained      SCHOOL OF NURSING
 Director      RESOURCES                                                            Director of the Ph.D. program
 of Design     Rural research program helps       research niche in Ireland.        is credited with helping to
               foster farming practices and                                 18-19   accommodate the needs of
               international friendships.                                           21st century nursing students
 Reinardy                                   6-7   COLLEGE OF HUMAN                  in South Africa.
      n                                           ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES                                     28-29
    Cover      COLLEGE OF ARTS                    Professor’s research focuses
               AND SCIENCE                        on culturally sensitive           COLLEGE OF VETERINARY
               Professor’s passion for            measurements of behavioral        MEDICINE
    Zeina      international education            and emotional problems.           Internationalization helps
                                                                            20-21   strengthen ties with MU’s
               university.                                                          sister university, Chonnam
                                            8-9                                     National University in South
               COLLEGE OF BUSINESS                                                                           30-31
               Global perspective gives
               students a competitive edge.       SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM
                                         10-11    An interest in the media’s

               Program emphasizes the             associate professor to Israel,
               importance of teaching             Pakistan and South Africa.
               the next generation of K-                                    22-23
               12 teachers to be globally
                                                                                       University of Missouri 3

                                                  GRADUATE SCHOOL

                                he graduate school at MU is one        tance. They’re having a more successful
                                overarching entity that encompass-     experience.”
                                es all graduate students through-        While the graduate school oversees all
                         out the other colleges and schools.           of the colleges on campus, it also houses
                         However, Dean Suzanne Ortega and her          its own schools, including the Truman
                         staff have their own dedication to inter-     School of Public Affairs. The Truman
  “International         nationalization.                              School is architecting its own interna-
  students are a           Nationally, in the last few years, the      tional initiatives.
  key component          number of international students apply-         “Since the establishment of the Truman
  in ensuring Amer-      ing to and enrolling in graduate school       School, international programs have
  ica’s continued        has been decreasing: 30 percent in 2003-      been a strategic priority,” said Barton
  leadership in          2004, 8 percent in 2004-2005. However, at     Wechsler, the director of the school, in a
  science, technol-      MU, there has been stable enrollment.         report on the school’s internationaliza-
  ogy and business.        “MU hasn’t dropped,” Ortega said.           tion.
  They bring their       “There was almost no decrease last year,        In 2002, the faculty of the school
  talent and hard        and we’re actually up in international                                                -
  work to Ameri-         enrollment this year.”                        alization and programming. Professor
                           Ortega credits the fact that MU was an      Jim Scott, working with MU’s European
  can institutions,
                         early adopter and pilot university for a      Union Center, organized conferences,
  and many stay
                         new visa tracking system called SEVIS,        research funding and relationships with
  in the U.S. after      the Student and Exchange Visitor Infor-
  completing their                                                     European schools. The Truman School
                         mation System.
  education. Inter-                                                    also served as the liaison to the Euro-
                           “We were ahead of the ballgame,” she
  national students                                                    pean Group of Public Administration,
                         said. “It worked very well for us.”
  also provide                                                         and faculty are developing connections
                           Under Terrence Grus, the graduate
  different cultural                                                   to professors in Ireland, Russia, South
                         school has redone the international ap-
  viewpoints for                                                       Korea and South Africa.
                         plication process.
                           “We’ve done it with an eye toward             Wechsler and Scott have been focusing
  domestic stu-
                                                                       on South Africa, building relationships
  dents, which is
                         faster,” Ortega said. “Terrance and his       with the School of Government at the
  crucial in a global
                         staff have really paid attention to service   University of the Western Cape. They’ve
  marketplace of                                                       created programs for faculty and student
  ideas.”                for international students.”
                           Along with other colleges and schools,      exchanges, collaborative research and joint
                         the graduate school also co-funded a          instructional programs.
               – Dean                                                    The experience of the faculty is
       Suzanne Ortega    multicultural communication hour orga-
                         nized by a student group. During each         brought back and transformed into in-
                         session, students work to master their        ternationalized curriculum. New courses
                         English skills and meet other interna-        focus on comparative elements of public
                         tional students. While this is open to all    policy and administration, working in a
                         students, Ortega said teaching assistants     global context and expanding interna-
                                                                       tional focus.
                           “Over the last three or four years, the       Over the next few years, the gradu-
                         international teaching assistant support      ate school will continue to innovate and
                         system has gotten much better,” Ortega        engineer new programs for internation-
                         said. “There’s language screening,            alization in its internal programs while
                         support in the classroom, more useful         overseeing the activities of international
                         information and more accessible assis-        graduate students campus-wide.

4 The Mizzou Internationalist
                                                                                                  GRADUATE SCHOOL

        International studies play critical role at MU

       on Drobney has a unique                                 “One of the central missions of a large
       take on internationalization.                           research university such as MU is the
       As a faculty member at three
universities, he advised internation-                          creation of new knowledge. The primary
al graduate students from Africa,                              drivers of that innovation are fresh ideas, new
Indonesia, Mexico and Canada. As                               creative processes and novel perspectives.”
a result, he has an understanding                              Ron Drobney,
                                   -                           MU Graduate School Administrator
tion from the perspective of both the
university and the student.
  “Students returning to their home     work with faculty and administra-      students and postdocs play an es-
countries take with them a better       tors as they develop degree pro-       sential and highly valued role in the
appreciation for our culture and sys-   grams that involve sharing course-     research enterprise on our campus.”
tem of government,” said Drobney,       work with universities in other
an administrator in MU’s graduate       countries,” he said.                   mission is to create opportunities for
school. “As a consequence, they            As a member of the Council for                                         -
serve as goodwill ambassadors and       International Initiatives, Drobney     gently to create options for students
help to bring resolution to issues      plays a critical role in helping MU    at MU and abroad.
that might otherwise divide nations     target ways to use internationaliza-     “MU is a world-class university
and collaborations that serve the                                          -   and the intellectual pursuits of our
cause of unity.”                        riculum, research and connections.     students and faculty have global
  Drobney began as a faculty mem-         “One of the central missions of      implications,” Drobney said. “Our
ber at MU but quickly found his         a large research university such as    challenge as researchers and educa-
home working with the graduate          MU is the creation of new knowl-       tors is to appreciate both the impli-
school.                                 edge,” he said. “The primary           cations of the new knowledge that
  “Since moving to the graduate         drivers of that innovation are fresh   we create in a broad international
school, I have had the opportunity      ideas, new creative processes and      context and to prepare our students
to interface with students from a       novel perspectives. Because of their   to function effectively in countries
broader range of countries and to       unique perspectives, international     beyond our borders.”

  M MU’s Graduate School extends to six continents.
                                                                                                  DID YOU
                                                                                                  n SEVIS, the
                                               M                                                  and Exchange
           M                                                          M                           Visitor Information
                                                                                                  System, operates
                                                                                                  under the
                                                                                                  Department of
                                                   M                                              Homeland Security.
                                                                                                  n MU’s European
                                                                                                  Union Center was
                      M                                                                           established in 1998.


                                                                                                  University of Missouri 5

                                       COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE,
                                     FOOD AND NATURAL RESOURCES
                          Q      uick — think of three
                                 things Columbia has in
                          common with South Africa.
                                                                              from the personal and academic
                                                                              gains from my study abroad
                                                                                                                             DID YOU
                            At a loss? Ask Jon McRoberts,                       McRoberts also spent a sum-                  n There are
   “International                                                                                                            about 3 million
                          a senior who studied there for a                    mer studying in Thailand. He is
    experiences,                                                                                                             Zulus in the
                          semester through the College Of                     one of 90 students who studied
   whether abroad                                                                                                            Natal province
                          Agriculture, Food and Natural                       abroad last year with one of
   or working with                                                                                                           of South Africa.
                          Resources’ study abroad pro-                        CAFNR’s nine programs, said
                          gram.                                               Roy Robinson, program direc-
   visitors on campus,                                                                                                       n Handy
                            “As great a place as Missouri                     tor of CAFNR’s international
   help our students,                                                                                                        Williamson,
                          is, there are simply some things                    studies. Any student enrolled at
   faculty and staff                                                                                                         MU’s Vice
                          that cannot be done here,” he                       the University of Missouri may
   begin to gain a                                                                                                           Provost for
                          said.                                               participate in CAFNR’s study
   global perspective.                                                                                                       International
                            McRoberts cage-dived with                         abroad and receive up to 15
   We gain from the                                                                                                          Affairs,
                          great white sharks, listened to                     hours of credit for the trip.
   perspective that                                                                                                          received
                          lions roaring as he drifted to                        During the last academic year,
   our international                                                                                                         his Ph.D. in
                                                                              90 students from 15 different
   experiences                                                                                                               agricultural
                          the rich Zulu tribal culture.                       majors studied abroad, Robin-
   provide and we                                                                                                            economics
                            “South Africa is a nation like                    son said. That was a dramatic
   gain knowledge and                                                                                                        from MU.
                          no other in the world,” he said.                    increase from just a few years
   understanding of
                          “My time in the country was an                      earlier: in the 1998-1999 school
   innovations from
                          incredible part of my Mizzou                        year, 43 students went abroad
   other countries. ”
                                                                              with CAFNR.
    – Dean Thomas Payne

                          M   Locations of study for the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources:
                          Bolivia, Costa Rica, France, Indonesia, Ireland, Kenya, South Korea, Mexico, Czech Republic, South Africa, Thailand

                                                                     France   M MCzech
                                                                                                                           M South Korea
                                        M Costa Rica                                                                 M Thailand
                                                                                           M Kenya                     M Indonesia
                                                                                     M South Africa

6 The Mizzou Internationalist
                                                      COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE, FOOD AND NATURAL RESOURCES

                  Rural research program bolsters
             farming practices, international friendships

                    ished her Ph.D. at the University of
                    Missouri, she was given the chance
              to work internationally with the Small
              Ruminant Collaborative Research Sup-
              port Program. That opportunity con-
              vinced her to stay, and she became an
              agricultural economics faculty member in
                Valdivia focused her research on Indo-
              nesia, Bolivia and Kenya. Although her
              primary goal was to analyze rural and eco-
                             nomic development, Valdivia
                             also hoped to build research
                             ties with other educators and
                             scientists in those countries.
                               “I built a research program
                             focused on the livelihood
                             strategies of rural house-
                             holds and on sustainable
                             livelihoods,” she said. “Those
                             were two areas that did not
              exist at MU before in my department.”
Corinne                                                       Dekha Sheikh, shown holding her daughter at
                Through the Brown Fellowship, Valdiv-
Valdivia, who                                                 the Livestock Research Institute in Nairobi,
              ia’s students are able to join her. Many
earned her                                                    is one of many former Ph.D. students with
              of her MU students conduct their thesis
Ph.D. at                                                      whom Corinne Valdivia maintains a friendship
              research in Latin America or Africa. Other
MU, has                                                       and working relationship.
              funding helps international students have
              similar experiences.
research                                                      Valdivia’s former Ph.D. students who also
                “I think it is a unique opportunity to be
in farming                                                    worked with her in Kenya. Sheikh is hold-
              able to go to another country, develop your
practices and                                                 ing her daughter in the picture Valdivia
              own research and surveys, and interview
livelihoods                                                   took the last time she visited Sheikh at the
              with families about their farming practices
in Kenya,                                                     Livestock Research Institute in Nairobi.
              and livelihoods in rural areas,” Valdivia
Bolivia and                                                     “What is dear to me is the fact that we
              said. “One of the rewards for me is to be
Indonesia.                                                    develop long-lasting relations across the
              able to work overseas with my former stu-
                                                              world,” Valdivia said. “ with her, I
              dents, who today are my colleagues.”
                                                              continue to be in touch and share with my
                At one recent presentation, Valdivia
                                                              former students and today colleagues, in
              shared one of her favorite pictures, a
                                                              their work and lives.”
              simple snapshot of a woman holding a little
              girl. The woman is Dekha Sheikh, one of

                                                                                              University of Missouri 7

                                       COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE

                                  he College of Arts and Science is   director for MU in Paris, she went
                                  in some ways the hub of interna-    to France to edit a travel narrative of
                                  tional activity at the University   Louisiana and Missouri written by
                           of Missouri. Housing the departments       Victor Tixier. She also arranged a site
                           of romance languages, international        visit at the Paris-Nanterre University,
  “International           studies, linguistics, German and           where she helped initiate an exchange
  experiences              Russian studies and political science      program that began in the fall of 2005.
  expand students’         immediately places it in the center of       “In order to screen students in-
  imaginations and         internationalization. In addition, it is   terested in going, I applied for and
  complement and           the largest college on campus.             received approval to establish a testing
  deepen their               Ted Tarkow, the associate dean of        center here at MU for all students
  education. Our           students, sees this as a privilege and     interested in studying at Nanterre or
  students paint in        challenge.                                 other French-speaking universities,”
  Florence, study            “We’re taking steps so that study        Lazzaro-Weis said.
  marine biology in        abroad is increasingly part of an Arts       Lazzaro-Weis also traveled to Italy
  St. Andrews, and         and Science undergraduate’s educa-         to help renew summer- and year-long
  art, history and         tion,” he said. “This commitment           exchanges with the University of Ber-
  literature in            involves taking steps with colleagues      gamo.
  London. Our              so that general education and depart-        “Site visits are important since they
  university               mental degree requirements may be          provide an opportunity to update ac-
  embraces the             completed abroad, and that both advi-      cords and curricula and the site visitor
  entire world as an       sors and faculty realize the importance    can get important feedback from par-
  extended class-          of this type of academic opportunity.”     ticipating students and faculty,” she
  room, laboratory           In the 2003-2004 school year, A&S        said. “Since the European university
  and campus.              accounted for almost 30 percent of the     system is being reorganized to pro-
  Columbia is our          students campus-wide who traveled          mote exchanges, it is very important
  base camp.”              abroad for credit, according to the        that we start preparing now to provide
                           International Center. Tarkow is excited    opportunities for all our students to
                 — Dean
                           about the success of the study abroad      study abroad.”
     Richard B. Schwartz
                           program in A&S but is keenly aware           Lazzaro-Weis continues to focus her
                           of its potential downside. Increasing      efforts on campus programs to encour-
                           the number of students who study           age internationalization.
                           abroad “involves making certain that         “These programs are very important
                           the inevitable costs of study abroad are   since participating professors learn
                           increasingly presented to students and     how to incorporate various cultural,
                           parents as a sound investment.”            political and historical components
                             Carol Lazzaro-Weis, a professor of       in their classrooms,” Lazzaro-Weis
                           Italian and French language, is on the     said. “ Their interest is critical to our
                           forefront of the French study abroad       recruiting well-informed students of
                           program. Last summer, as the faculty       language and literature.”

  n The College of Arts and Science at MU has 41 academic departments and programs.
  n Spanish is the most commonly spoken romance language, followed by Portuguese, French and Italian.

8 The Mizzou Internationalist
                                                                                          COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE

           A passion for international education
                                     ola Pearce has the distinction          research. She advises for the United
                                     of experiencing her education           Nations in Africa and is helping form
                                     in more than one country. A             an organization called STEP-UP that
                               faculty member at MU since 1994,              counsels rape victims of the 1994
                               Pearce began her studies in Nigeria,          Rwandan genocide. Pearce is a busy
                               passed her British “A-Levels,” came           woman — but her dedication brings
                               to the United States to study at Mills                                               -
                               University and Brown University, re-          versity.
                               turned to Nigeria for her master’s and          “With course work, internationaliza-
                               back to the United States for her Ph.D.       tion allows students to understand
                                 With all that experience, it’s no sur-      issues and perspectives beyond the
                               prise Pearce is passionate about inter-       U.S.A., and be able to situate the U.S.A.
                               national education. Pearce teaches in         within global currents,” Pearce said.
                               the sociology and women’s and gen-            “It’s important to contextualize the
                               der studies departments at MU and             U.S.A. as a major power — how it af-
                               was hired partly for her international        fects others and is affected by others.”
    “It’s important to         perspective as well as her expertise.           She enjoys teaching smaller, discus-
    contextualize the            “In sociology, I was hired as a com-        sion-oriented classes because of the
                               parativist, and therefore have always         potential every student has for input.
    U.S.A. as a major          been seen as an internationalist,” she
      power — how              said.                                         from learning more about other value
it affects others and is         Pearce is on a number of commit-            systems and perspectives on life,”
  affected by others.”         tees at MU dedicated to diversity and
                               international work; has developed             rewarding to all when there are either
     Dr. Tola Pearce
                               curriculum to address these issues;           students from other nations who
                               mentors for Impact Mizzou and has             speak up in class, or American stu-
                               advised students doing international          dents who have lived abroad.”

                                                                                                           M Locations of
                                                                                                           study for the
                                                                                                           College of Arts
                                                            M Russia                                       and Science:
                                     England M M Germany                                                   England, France,
                                                                                                           Germany, Italy,
                                       France M                                                            Russia, Spain,
                                       Spain M M Italy                    China   M             MJapan     China, Japan,
                                                                                  South Korea              South Korea,
                                                                                                           Belize, Brazil,
  Mexico   M                                                                                               Mexico, Ghana,
               M Belize                                                                                    South Africa

                                       Ghana    M
                          M Brazil

                                                    M South Africa

                                                                                                     University of Missouri 9

                                          COLLEGE OF BUSINESS

                                 en Evans received some excit-         The College of Business is already
                                 ing news: The Chinese Ministry      looking for new places to educate its
                                 of Education had approved an        students. Ireland; Seoul, South Korea;
                         MBA program linking MU’s College            and Brisbane, Australia have all been
                         of Business with Sichuan University in      discussed.
                         Chengdu, China.                               “We desire that as many of our stu-
  “The world of            Over the past few years, MU’s Col-        dents as possible have the opportunity
                         lege of Business has been working           to travel outside the U.S. to experience
  commerce is truly
                         with the Chinese university, situated       the global economy and international
  global now. There-
                         in a city of 17 million, to develop the     business transactions, and develop a
  fore, we strive        program. Evans’ goal is to make the         greater appreciation and awareness
  to provide our         program available by winter break.          of multi-cultural values,” said Chuck
  students with the        “We intend to make available to our       Franz, a faculty member who works
  perspectives and       MBAs here in Columbia the oppor-            extensively with multiple international
  knowledge that         tunity to take one of the two course        programs.
  will help them be      sequences with the Chinese students           Students are picking up on the em-
  successful in doing    and travel to Chengdu,” he said.            phasis. According to Franz, the COB
  business, whether        The new China program is one of a         graduates about 850 students each
  their activities are   wide variety of programs in the busi-       year. With 131 students enrolled in
  focused on Mis-        ness school. Administrators want to         short-term winter or summer pro-
  souri or involve       turn study abroad into a vital part of a    grams and 60 semester-abroad stu-
  enterprises and        business student’s education.               dents, COB will have almost 25 percent
  dealings in distant      Testing the waters this summer            of its graduating class participating in
  foreign countries.”    are 23 students studying in Alicante,       a study abroad opportunity.
                         Spain. The summer program, which
   — Dean Bruce Walker   began at Bergamo University in              lists as some of his goals to grow the
                         Italy, quickly expanded from 37 to 60       student participation by at least 10 per-
                         students in just one year. Expansion        cent each year, recruit students who
                         was needed, and the school decided          have not considered study abroad in
                         on Spain. Students abroad take two                                                 -
                         courses in the four-week session: one       able to pay on their own and expand
                         taught by an MU faculty member,             the diversity of students who partici-
                         the other taught by a local instructor.     pate in the programs.
                         Teams of four, which consist of two            “The goal of the College of Business
                         international students and two MU           is to develop its students into more
                         students, work together to analyze          sensitive, caring and knowledgeable
                         case studies and develop team pre-          business persons relative to other cul-
                         sentations.                                 tures,” Franz said.

                          ‘‘       The goal of the College of Business is to develop its students
                                 into more sensitive, caring and knowledgeable business persons

                                                     relative to other cultures.

                                                   Chuck Franz, MU faculty member
                                            who works with multiple international programs

10 The Mizzou Internationalist
                                                                                                                      COLLEGE OF BUSINESS

      Global perspective provides ‘competitive edge’
         akoya Moss will enter the                                                                                    During her
         workforce with one big                                                                                       four weeks spent
         advantage under her belt:                                                                                    studyingabroadinSpain,
she understands it from a global                                                                                      MU business student
perspective.                                                                                                          Nakoya Moss took an
  Moss traveled with the College of                                                                                   international
Business’ study abroad program to                                                                                     marketing course,
Alicante, Spain. She spent four weeks
                                                                                                                      where she learned the
and six credit hours learning what
                                                                                                                      contrasts of markets
business means in the real world.
                                                                                                                      between Americans and
  “The most interesting course I took
was international marketing,” she
said. “The course was taught by a
Spanish professor from a European                    She came back to MU with a new                    suggested that departments start
perspective. It was interesting to learn           appreciation for international expe-                including international student spon-
of the contrast of markets between                 riences as a student.                               sorship money in their budgets.
Americans and Europeans.”                            “It is the new way of business                      “Other universities are taking the
  Moss also received invaluable                    and it is the only way to have the                  initiatives to make internationaliza-
experience interning with Mapfre,                  competitive advantage,” she said.                   tion an essential aspect of their pro-
one of the top insurance companies                 “More and more businesses are go-                   grams,” she said. “It is important that
in Europe.                                         ing global; therefore, companies are                MU make these programs available
  “This company took me under                      looking for graduates with a diverse                to students and also research ways to
its wings and set up a shadow                      or global perspective.”                             improve these programs so that we
program that allowed me to rotate                    She also came back with ideas to                  stay in the elite category along with
throughout the company and learn                   improve the program. Like many                      other universities.”
about the European insurance mar-                  students, Moss was initially worried
ket,” Moss said.                                   about the cost of study abroad. She

MLocations of study for the College of Business: England, France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, China             DID YOU
                                                                                                                          n Sichuan
                                                     M England                                                            University first
                                                 GermanyM Czech Republic
                                                                                                                          established a
                                                France M
                                               Spain M   M Italy                                                          department of
                                                                                                M China                   economics in 1905.
                                                                                                                          n MU under-
                                                                                                                          graduates can
                                                                                                                          receive a degree
                                                                                                                          in International
                                                                                                                          Business by
                                                                                                                          coursework from
                                                                                                                          both the College
                                                                                                                          of Business and the
                                                                                                                          College of Arts and

                                                                                                                       University of Missouri 11

                                         COLLEGE OF EDUCATION
                             “Once upon a time, there was a wild rabbit. Bakame was his
                           name. He happened to be best friends with a wolf.”
                             “Une fois il y avait un lapin sauvage, qui s’appelait Bakame. Son
                           meilleur ami était un loup.”
                             “Kera habayeho urukwavu (Bakame) byuzuraga n’impysi.”
  “Great universi-           This is the beginning of the story “Rabbit and Wolf” by Russell
  ties understand          Boulevard Elementary student Bertrand Dukudance, written in
  the importance           the three languages he knows—English, French and Kinyarwan-
  of the ultimate
  of sharing the
  planet. Sharing            The story is part of the Children-as-      to experience ways they can bring
  and co-creating          Design Partners Multicultural Writing        global issues to their classrooms. Gradu-
  knowledge for the        Project.                                     ate students help with research ranging
  betterment of all          “In this project, graduate students        from evaluating guidance counseling
  humankind is not         partnered with children in an elemen-        in Asia to investigating math education
  only noble — it          tary ESL class to write, illustrate, and     in bilingual classrooms. Some study
  is essential. There      produce multicultural stories in a           internationally—for example, compar-
  is little question       multimedia format,” said MU Col-             ing the French early education system
  that education as        lege of Education faculty member             to the American—while others study
  an enterprise of         Gail Fitzgerald. “The children created       how to bring internationalization to a
  each nation, but         stories from folk tales from their na-       local level. Wendy Sims, who teaches
  also collectively        tive countries or to share experiences       music education, presented a workshop
  as a positive force      in their new country.”                       at a Spanish conference that focused on
  for progress and           Students at the College of Educa-          how to bring world instruments into a
  peace, should be         tion are getting a taste of what it’s like   classroom.
  a priority for the       to teach in increasingly international          The creativity in the COE is one of
  college.”                classrooms.                                  its clearest strengths. Not content to
                             “Being in a College of Education, we       stop with study abroad and visiting
       — Michael Pullis,   have a critical role to teach the next       professorships, the faculty and students
        Associate Dean     generation of K-12 teachers to be glob-      constantly look for ways to bring a truly
                           ally competent themselves so that they       global perspective to its curriculum.
                           can teach their students to be aware,           The ShowMe The World program is
                           knowledgeable and skillful about in-         one result of this focus. Its purpose is to
                           ternational issues,” said Puncky Hep-        create educational partnerships between
                           pner, another faculty member who             Missourians and their counterparts in
                           has a passion for internationalization.
                           “Students must be able to operate with       year, it created a partnership between
                           sensitivity, awareness, knowledge and        Hallsville Elementary School and LanYa
                           skills throughout the world. Global          Elementary School in Taipei, Taiwan.
                           competency is not simply a nice thing        The year-long classroom connection
                           to have—it is a must for us and our          consisted of activities facilitated by
                           students.”                                   the Internet. After just two years, the
                             In a college where a full 20 percent of    program has brought almost 20 students
                           the graduate class is international, there   and teachers from Taipei to Missouri.
                           are abundant opportunities for students

12 The Mizzou Internationalist
                                                                                                                               COLLEGE OF EDUCATION

Psychologists must be trained as global counselors
                                                                                                                                    Meeting with

       uncky Heppner, a faculty
       member who spearheads                                                                                                        International Lead-
       many of the College of Edu-                                                                                                  ers in Counseling
cation’s international programs, can                                                                                                Psychology from left:
perhaps best relate his international                                                                                               Drs. Kwang Woong
inclinations himself. The following                                                                                                 Kim, Dong-gwi Lee,
is excerpted from a recent keynote                                                                                                  Kyumee Lee, Meei-ju
                                                                                                                                    Lin, Puncky Heppner,
address he gave in Asia.
                                                                                                                                    Zhijin Hou, Zhijin Sang
                                                                                                                                    and Li-fei Wang.
vember, I was pondering how much
change there has been in the world
since I received my Ph.D. in 1979.
One of the most striking changes has                 how we can mentor the next genera-                      personal level. I feel with each new
been how much smaller the world                      tion of counseling psychologists to                     experience like this I become more
is. Much of my professional corre-                   become globally competent students.                     globally competent. I deepened my
spondence and a growing amount of                      “We have much to learn from in-                       understanding of some Asian cul-
my research collaborations are with                  ternational collaboration. As coun-                     tures. I also deepened my learning
colleagues from other countries. We                  seling psychologists in our quest to                    about myself as I was immersed in
as a profession are asking ourselves                 understand and facilitate the devel-                    Asian cultures. Although it is hard
                                                     opment of human development, it is                      to describe the feeling of emotionally
our constructs about human behav-                    essential that our knowledge bases                      connecting with faculty and students,
ior really are. Thus, on that plane,                 expand to include all cultures across                   it felt deeply rewarding to share pieces
                                  -                  the globe; international collabora-                     of their worlds, even for brief mo-
                                                     tion can help us do that.                               ments. I found there is something very
ourselves to be globally competent                     “I also found my recent travels in                    comforting and centering to feel good
counseling psychologists and then                    East Asia to be very rewarding on a                     about our humanity in this way.”

M  Locations of study for the College of Education: Croatia, England, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway,      DID YOU
Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine,Wales, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore,Taiwan,Thailand,
Barbados, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela, Mozambique, South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, American               KNOW
Samoa, Australia, Micronesia, New Zealand, Palau, Canada
                                                                                                                                          n Palau is an
                                                                                                                                          island of about
                                                      Norway                                                                              458 square
                                             ScotlandM M M          Finland
                                                                    M            Russia                                                   kilometers, or
                                                Wales     England
                M Canada                      Ireland   M     Germany                                                                     2.5 times
                                                       MM M
                                               Switzerland       Croatia
                                                                                                                                          the size of
                                                SpainM MM M    Italy
                                                                         Turkey                  South Korea    M MJapan                  Washington,
                                                                                              M China                                     D.C.
                                                           United Arab M             IndiaM                  MMTaiwan                     n Rwanda has
             M Mexico MBarbados                                     Emirates
                                                                                               Hong Kong

                   M MVenezuela                                                              Thailand   M                                 three official
          Costa Rica
                                                                                                                 Palau   Micronesia       languages,
                                                                                                        M   Singapore                     Kinyarwanda,
                               M   Brazil                                                                                                 French and
                                                                                                                            American      English, but also
                                                                                                                             Samoa  M     uses Bantu and
                                                                       M Mozambique
                                                                  M South Africa
                                                                                                            Australia   M                 Swahili.

                                                                                                                  New Zealand   M

                                                                                                                                    University of Missouri 13

                                           COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

                                ngineering is a language all its        Internship program, a collaboration be-
                                own. At MU’s College of Engi-           tween MU, Tsinghua University in Bei-
                                neering, faculty and students are       jing and Wuhan University in Wuhan.
                          working together to bring engineers             “It’s a program designed to provide a
                          from around the world into one com-           cadre of U.S. students in environmental
                          mon language.
  “There is a strong        “As our world becomes more techno-          knowledge of Chinese environment, lan-
  emphasis on inter-      logically driven, the need for engineers      guage, culture, politics, and the Chinese
  national initiatives    and engineering products becomes              work place to be able to operate effective-
  in the MU College       more critical,” Dean James Thompson           ly in China as international environmen-
  ofEngineering. MU’s     said. “Similarly, engineers will increas-     tal professionals,” Deng said.
  engineering gradu-      ingly work with other engineers from            A national recruitment program helps
  ates become alumni      around the globe.”                            select students and professionals to
  who contribute            Each fall semester, two students from       travel for six months to China.
  professionally to       Brazil travel to MU to attend the college.      “The unusually long learning and
                          Each winter semester, two MU students         work experience in China integrates
  the betterment of
                          return with them to Brazil for a six-month    students into Chinese society to a much
  our world. When         exchange. MU students who travel to
  they graduate from                                                    greater extent than with much shorter
                          Brazil receive a $4,000 scholarship and
  the MU College of                                                     programs,” Deng said.
                          must a take at least one semester of Portu-
  Engineering, they                                                       In a college with eight independent
                          guese before the trip.
  value the good                                                        departments, internationalization
                            John Bowders, an MU engineering
  which comes from                                                      is relatively autonomous. Professor
                          professor, helps coordinate the Brazil
                                                                        Thomas Clevenger directs the Missouri
  international engi-     exchange. He also leads collaborations
                          with faculty of Monash University in          Water Resources Research Center and
  neering initiatives.”
                 – Dean   Australia, the University of Grenoble in      the Institute for Environmental and
        James Thompson    France and the University of Wolver-          Energy Technology. Another program
                          hampton in England.                           largely focused on China, the institute
                            “My team of students has been               assists the United States environmental
                                                                        and energy industries.
                          and evaluating the characteristics of           “We’ll open and expand U.S. ex-
                          settlement of municipal solid waste,”         ports to China by developing a strong
                          Bowders said.                                 presence in China through an active
                            Student involvement in international        technology transfer program designed
                          research is a hallmark of MU’s College        to educate key decision-makers about
                          of Engineering. Undergraduates work           U.S. advanced environmental technolo-
                          alongside graduate students and faculty       gies,” Clevenger said. “Primed by a
                          from around the world in all branches         training program showcasing American
                          of engineering.                               advanced technology and coupled with
                            Baolin Deng is involved with research       industry national exposure, they can be
                          in two Chinese universities. He is also       excellent conduits for opening potential
                          at the helm of the China Environmental        new market sectors in China.”

  n Wuhan, China has a population of 7.16 million in 3,269 square miles. That’s 85 times the population
  of Columbia, Mo.
  n MU’s College of Engineering began in 1859 with just one department — civil engineering. There are
  now eight departments, including biological engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering and
  computer science.

14 The Mizzou Internationalist
                                                                                             COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

        Information sharing between countries
            opens up a world of possibilities

T       he potential of engineer-
        ing to deeply affect the
        way people live, work
and play guides Zhen Chen.
                                                               “This new generation of bio-materials
                                                             has unique structures and properties and
                                                             could revolutionize not only the medical
                                                             practice in particular but also the life
A professor at MU’s College
of Engineering, Chen has led a                               science and engineering in general.”
joint research project between
the United States and China to                               Professor Zhen Chen,
study nano- and biomechanics                                 MU College of Engineering
and materials.
  “Nano-mechanics and materi-
als are playing an increasingly                                           both countries connect, share re-
important role in biological and    organs for transplantation.           search and build on each other’s
biomedical applications, such as      Zhen, who received a bach-          knowledge.
                                    elor’s degree from Shanghai             “This new generation of bio-
biocompatible implant materi-
                                    University, understands how           materials has unique structures
als and novel materials for drug
                                    making a project international        and properties and could revo-
delivery,” Zhen said.
                                    can open up a whole new world         lutionize not only the medical
  Knowledge gained from
                                    of possibilities. He uses work-       practice in particular but also
research in these areas can help    shops, awards and symposiums          the life science and engineering
scientists develop anything from    to help students and faculty in       in general,” Zhen said.
improved structures of building

                                                                                                         of study for
                                                                                                         the College
                                                                                                         of Engineering:

       M Canada                                              MRussia                                     England,
                                England   M                                                              Russia,
                                                                                                         China, Brazil,
                                                                       M China                           Rwanda,

                                                                            M Thailand

                                                  M Rwanda
                     M Brazil

                                                                                 Australia   M

                                                                                                 University of Missouri 15

                                           t university. One
             example of their contribution is China     h

                                                                     International education and outreach programs, such as the Pe
Cultural education programs, such as the Intern                             strators recently hosted the Peace Corp
   p students on campus become more globall                                ogram

    ng Intern                                rous international organizations shar
     ral heritage with the rest of their campus family.

             MU IN ACT I O N
           INTERNAT I O NA L LY                                                                               Ass
 16 The Mizzou I t      ti   li t
                                                                      MU students travel all over the globe via n
                                                                      study abroad programs. Destinations inclu
                                                                      Spain, South Korea, Japan and Australia.

eace Corps, are essential for the next generation’s e
      ing International Education Week to reaffirm their support of

                                                                           ep MU connected to its Latin Americ
                                                                           he Cambio Center was founded in the fall of 2004.


         e during                              nal

                                     SCHOOL OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS

                                    t the School of Health Profes-
                                    sions, students and faculty        The school also has exchanges in
                                    are taught to use their op-      place with Sweden and China, and is
                           portunities at MU as a way to help        a major partner in a new grant that
                           the rest of the world. They focus on      will explore the role of indigenous
  “We live in a            going to other countries — to spread      South African plant species in treat-
  global society. It       teaching methods, share knowledge         ing disease. Led by Kevin Rudeen,
  is critical that our     or create research collaborations. And    The International Center for Indig-
  faculty, staff and       according to Dean Richard Oliver, the     enous Phytotherapies will be explor-
  students have an         rewards for individuals and for the
  appreciation for         university often surpass the contribu-    plant medical treatment.
  importance of in-        tions they make. Health concerns            Faculty work internationally to ex-
  ternationalization       reach around the world, and as a          amine and try to resolve global health
  if we are to be a        wealthy and successful country, Oli-      disparities.
  great university.        ver said MU has a duty to respond.          “We have fostered international
  Faculty, staff and         “We live in the richest country in
  students who             the world,” Oliver said. “We have a       support for visiting scientists and
  travel internation-      responsibility to reach out and assist    faculty, international conferences and
  ally return with a       students and faculty in other coun-       international travel, typically via the
  new perspective          tries who request our assistance and      Global Scholars Program, but indi-
  on the world we          want to partner with us. What typi-       vidual travel as well,” Oliver said.
  live in.”                cally happens is that we learn more         The school is equally dedicated to
                           from other international colleagues       sending students to study internation-
   – Dean Richard Oliver   than they learn from us.”                 ally, but not always on typical semes-
                             Oliver was invited to participate in    ter-long study abroad trips. One pro-
                           MU’s Global Scholars programs to          gram offers a 8-week clinical rotation
                           South Korea and the University of the     in an international context. This gives
                           Western Cape in South Africa, where       students better clarity of health prob-
                           MU is helping teach with problem-         lems and opportunities, Oliver said.
                           based learning.                             The school is training students and
                             “The contacts established at the        faculty to think in a global context, to
                           UWC helped our School of Health           explore health care needs around the
                           Professions become very involved          world and to pursue those needs by
                           with student and faculty exchanges        giving them opportunities to travel
                           with this South Africa partner,” Oli-     while learning and teaching. In a few
                           ver said. “In addition, these relation-   years, perhaps the most revolutionary
                           ships have fostered several important     world health initiatives will be com-
                           collaborations with major grants          ing from MU graduates.

  n Problem-based learning focuses on giving students a relevant issue or conflict and letting them research
  and explore the answer.
  n TICIP has researched pumpkin seeds, Chinese herbs, wild ginger and palms.

18 The Mizzou Internationalist
                                                                                           SCHOOL OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS

   International research not all work for Johnstone
                                                                                                              Brick Johnstone,

         rick Johnstone’s international
         research included sitting by                                                                         chair of MU’s
         a fire in an old Irish pub, bik-                                                                     department of
                                                                                                              health psychology,
ing some of Ireland’s most beauti-
                                                                                                              has traveled to
ful mountains and walking with                                                                                Ireland three times
his kids, decked out in their Irish                                                                           in a professional
uniforms, to school. Not exactly all                                                                          capacity. He is
work and no play.                                                                                             pictured in a 12th-
  “I have a million favorite memo-                                                                            century castle in
ries,” said Johnstone, who has                                                                                Ireland with his
traveled to Ireland three times in a                                                                          family. From left:
professional capacity.                                                                                        mother Anne
  Johnstone wasn’t involved with                                                                              Johnstone, wife
internationalization on a personal                                                                            Becky, son Joel and
                                                                                                              daughter Kate.
level until he was awarded the
Global Scholars Travel Scholarship.
The second trip was sponsored by               of our Americans with Disabilities       health technolo-
MU’s European Union Center, and                Act, and persons with disabilities       gies, to provide services to persons
the third was as a Fulbright Scholar.          are now required to be provided          with disabilities in rural Ireland.”
  As the chair of MU’s Department              with essential services,” Johnstone         The main focus of Johnstone’s
of Health Psychology and a trained             said. “A problem exists in that there    trips is to develop these strategies.
neuropsychologist, Johnstone found             are not enough rehabilitation pro-       The rest is just a bonus.
his niche in Europe. On all three              fessionals to meet the needs of the         “It is very important to interact with
of his trips, he’s worked with Irish           many persons with disabilities in        colleagues from other countries, as
hospitals and universities to teach            Ireland. We are attempting to obtain     well as all citizens, to broaden your
and collaborate about disabilities in          this information to help direct train-   horizons both professionally and
rural areas and health psychology.             ing programs, research, and clinical     personally,” Johnstone said.
  “Ireland just passed its equivalent          services, such as the use of tele-

                                                                                                                  of study for the
                                                       M  Sweden                                                  School of Health
                                            Ireland                                                               England, Ireland,
                                                                                                                  Scotland, Sweden,

                                                              M South Africa

                                                                                                          University of Missouri 19

                                           COLLEGE OF HUMAN
                                         ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES
                                cattering its faculty is one of     childrearing. Jean Ispa writes about
                                the favorite activities of the      Russian children and families, an
                                College of Human Environ-           area she has studied for more than
  “As a division          mental Sciences. In the summer of         three decades.
  dedicated to            2005, Ben Schwarz was in Greece             Terri Cooney, who brags on her
  studying the vari-      with a group of students studying         fellow faculty but never on herself,
  ous aspects of the      architecture. Duane Rudy and Kim          has a heart for internationalizing the
  environment in          Leon traveled to South Korea with         “environment” HES students learn
  which individuals       a handful of Human Development            about.
                          and Family Studies students to help         “Increasingly, we are coming in
  live and work, the
                          develop a cooperative arrangement         contact with students, profession-
  College of Human
                          with a university there. The school       als and the public around the world
  EnvironmentalSci-       of social work sent a number of           through emerging technologies and
  ences is uniquely       faculty and students to its annual        the push for more global contacts,”
  positioned to un-       study abroad in Bristol, England.         she said. “It is important for us to
  derstand the way        Dean Marjorie Sable took two stu-         extend our research, teaching and
  in which our hu-        dents with her to South Africa in         outreach beyond the U.S. to dem-
  man environment         June, where she taught a class at the     onstrate the important work we are
  is inherently em-       University of the Western Cape.           doing here at MU, but to also en-
  bedded in a global        That list doesn’t begin to include      hance our understanding of issues
  environment. Our        the list of who goes where during         and people around the world.”
  students engage         the school year. Michael Lambert            The college encourages student
  in a diverse range      conducts research with investigators      exchange programs, study abroad
  of global inquiries,    in Jamaica on developmental prob-         and other international experiences.
  includingstudying       lems among Jamaican infants and           However, much of the focus is on
  architecture in         children, using his data to analyze       faculty development. Cooney said
  Greece, childcare       and develop psychological mea-            HES places the emphasis on at-
  in South Korea,         sures. Johnetta Morrison works with       tending national and international
  social work in          early childhood educators in Africa.      meetings, working and researching
                          Mary Cherian is working with              internationally and making resourc-
  England, and pub-
                          multiculturalism and early child-         es available for such efforts.
  lic health in South
                          hood education in Singapore. The            “We have a lot to share with other
  Africa.”                aforementioned Rudy has also col-         nations, and we have much to gain
      — Marjorie Sable,
       Associate Dean     laborated with Canadian research-         from developing our connections
                          ers on projects involving immigrant       to others and their work and con-
                                                                    cerns,” Cooney said.

                          DID YOU KNOW
                          n Ancient Greek architecture influenced many other major architectural
                           movements, from the Italian Renaissance to British revival.
                           n Jamaica’s infant mortality rate is about 1.2 percent, compared to a rate of about
                          .7 percent in the United States.

20 The Mizzou Internationalist
                                                                                       COLLEGE OF HUMAN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES

   Lambert measures cultural behavioral problems
         s an undergraduate in a

A        psychopathology course,
         Michael Lambert was in-
trigued to learn that the diagnostic
criteria he was taught would clas-
                                                                                   “We live in a time when
                                                                                   we are indirectly and directly
                                                                                   affected by what is happening in various
sify many international citizens as                                                corners of the globe.”
severely disturbed.
  Years later, after earning his Ph.D.                                             Dr. Michael Lambert
from the University of North Caroli-
na at Chapel Hill, Lambert returned
to his initial intrigue. Since join-
ing the MU faculty four years ago,
Lambert has worked on multiple                 Lambert has worked                                 Kingston.
projects, including one that looks at        in Germany, southern Africa                            Lambert credits the range of his
culturally sensitive measurements of         and the Caribbean. One of his                        experiences — from an undergrad
behavioral and emotional problems.           favorite trips, he said, was                         in a psychology class to an MSU
  “We live in a time when we are             traveling to Jamaica with his                        faculty member — with preparing
indirectly and directly affected             brother, a schoolteacher, 10 years                   him to take a leading role in inter-
by what is happening in various              ago while working at Michigan                        national development at MU.
corners of the globe,” he said. “It          State University. Together, they                       “MSU is known for its strong
is in our interest that we em-               studied behavioral and emotional                     international focus,” he said. “I
brace this notion and to our peril           problems of children in the Blue                     carried this with me to MU.”
that we ignore it.”                          Mountains a few miles outside of

                                                                                                                         of study for the
                                                                                                                         College of Human
                                                                                                                         Sciences: England,
                                                                                                                         Greece, South
                                         England   M                                                                     Korea, Singapore,
                                                                                                                         Jamaica, South
                                                       Greece                                South Korea M

                  M Jamaica

                                                                                                 M Singapore

                                                                M   South Africa

                                                                                                                  University of Missouri 21

                                              SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM

                                  here are many perks to being known      teachers to Chicago, Washington, D.C. and
                                  as one of the best journalism schools   New York City.
                                  in the world. MU’s School of               “The groups work with alumni, learn-
                          Journalism attracts international attention     ing about how we do journalism,” Cropp
                          simply by virtue of its name.                   said. “It’s real rewarding for us and the
                            Fritz Cropp, a professor of advertis-         people involved and they have a tendency
  “All of our             ing and the director of the international       to become contacts for the school over the
   students will          programs, credits much of the school’s          long haul.”
  deal with a             international success to its independence.         Many of those contacts lead to visiting
  world that is           Dean R. Dean Mills established the Depart-      professionals and professorships. Cropp
  changing rapidly        ment of International Programs 11 years         works diligently to bring young journal-
  and will need           ago to put a roof over a growing number of      ists from around the world to MU. They
  exposure to             programs running in the school. “It’s grown     attend a weekly seminar, can audit a course,
  other cultures.         fairly dramatically during the last four        help teach in classrooms and contribute in
  That exposure           years,” Cropp said.                             newsrooms.
                            He has impressive statistics to prove            “We need to continue attracting foreign
  will change their
                          his point. Nationally, about 3.2 percent of     students, not only to plant the seeds of
  lives forever.          students study abroad. In the journalism        principled journalism in every corner of
  Several forces          school, that number is closer to 15 percent.    the Earth, but to also allow our American
  are shaping our         One-third of master’s degree students and       students to have contact with new ideas
  global future:          one-half of doctoral students are interna-      and beliefs,” journalism professor Michael
  diversity, glo-         tional. In 2004, there were more than 150       Grinfeld said.
  balization and          visitors from more than 50 countries.              In addition, the school will occasionally
  technology.               Cropp has made more than 20 trips to          apply for grant money to help students or
  Globalization           Asia and has led student trips around the       faculty work in an international context.
  makes it im-            world. He is currently planning an Asian           Right now, two grants are active. One is
  perative that we        exchange.                                       with Moscow State University.
                            “Philosophically, there’s no way we’re           “It’s the oldest school of journalism in the
  prepare our
                          not going to do this,” he said. “We’re trying   world with the largest school of journalism
  students in             to educate in a world that’s global. It’s the   in the world,” Cropp said.
  different ways to       logistics we’re working on.”                       The four-year grant, currently in its third
  live in a different       Cropp is determined to take interna-          year, is invested in a curriculum develop-
  world.”                 tionalization beyond study abroad. His          ment program entitled “Bringing the Mis-
   – Dean R. Dean Mills   department also works on outreach, grants,      souri method to MSU.”
                          visiting professorships and student organi-        A second grant in Moldova is working
                          zations.                                        with the Independent Journalism Center.
                            “This is a unique place for journalism        The grand opening of the school, which
                          education,” Cropp said. “We do tailored         will give a degree in journalism, is slated
                          training for journalists from around the        for early next year, Cropp said.
                          world.”                                            The school makes sure students who
                            Professor Kent Collins and the broadcast      come to MU from around the world feel
                          sequence hosted a group from the Balkans.       comfortable. That extra touch is what
                          Delegations come from China requesting          makes the MU Journalism School about
                          convergence programs. The school sends          more than name recognition.

  n Moscow State University was established in 1755. The journalism school was added in 1947 and now
  enrolls about 3,500 students.
  n Students from the journalism school represent 20 percent of all MU students studying abroad.

22 The Mizzou Internationalist
                                                                                                       SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM

Research examines media’s impact in conflicted nations

I   faculty member who stands
    out from the rest in the jour-
nalism school. After all, most of
them scatter around the world for
a good chunk of their time at MU.
They bring back knowledge, ideas
and insight into internationaliza-
  Still, Michael Grinfeld shines. An
associate professor of journalism who
also teaches as an adjunct in the law
school, Grinfeld has traveled to two
continents in four years at MU. Since
his primary interest is in the media’s

and dispute, he’s chosen to visit Paki-
stan, Israel and South Africa, each a
                                          Assistant Professor Michael Grinfeld traveled to Akora Khattak, a refugee camp in Paki-
                                          stan’s Northwest Frontier Province, near the border of Afghanistan, in 2002.
profound challenges nations in con-
                                          documentary. Besides interviewing              dents,” Grinfeld said. “As technology
                                                                               -         brings us closer together, the world
interests at stake,” he said.             nalists and nationals, he also covered         has become more akin to a neighbor-
  With a grant from the International     a suicide bombing.                             hood than a planet. The potential for
Center, he visited the Middle East in       “Ultimately, all of my experiences           misunderstanding is so great unless
the summer of 2003. The trip resulted     have allowed me to enhance the cur-            we learn to relate in ways that exhibit
in two magazine articles, a new           riculum at the journalism school and           greater sensitivity to differing world
                                          to enrich the experiences of our stu-          views.”

                                                                                                     Countries include: Albania, Algeria,
    MThe School of Journalism extends to six continents.                                             Austria, Bahrain, Bhutan, Bosnia,
                                                                                                     Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic,
                                                                                                     Estonia, Fiji, Finland, Indonesia, Lat-
                                                                                                     via, Lebanon, Macedonia, Maldives,
                                                                                                     Moldova, Pakistan, Poland, Slovakia,
                                                                                                     Slovenia, Sweden, Syria, Turkey,
           M                                   M                                                     Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ven-
                                                                          M                          ezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina,
                                                                                                     Chile, Iceland, Norway, England,
                                                                                                     Scotland, Ireland, Belarus, Spain,
                                                                                                     France, Germany, Ukraine, Romania,
                                                                                                     Italy, Greece, Russia, Kazakhstan,
                                                   M                                                 Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Afghani-
                                                                                                     stan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen,
                                                                                                     Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, China, Nepal,
                                                                                                     India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand,
                      M                                                                              Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka,
                                                                                                     Singapore, Malaysia, Papua New
                                                                                                     Guinea, Japan, South Korea, Philip-
                                                                                                     pines, Australia, Egypt,Tunisia, Libya,
                                                                                         M           Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, Chad,
                                                                                                     Jibouti, Ethiopia, Senegal, Burkina
                                                                                                     Faso, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya,
                                                                                                     Tanzania, Madagascar, Mozambique,
                                                                                                     Zimbabwe, Swaziland, South Africa,
                                                                                                     Botswana, Namibia, Democratic
                                                                                                     Republic of the Congo, Cameroon

                                                                                                            University of Missouri 23

                                                      SCHOOL OF LAW

                                                                          Law students have opportunities
                                 every culture. Faculty and stu-        to formally study abroad in three
                                 dents at MU’s School of Law are        countries—South Africa, England and
                                                                        Germany. The summer study abroad
                           international their training must be         in Cape Town is directed by associate
  “Whether prac-           to prepare them to practice in today’s       dean Rodney Uphoff and attracts about
  ticing in Mexico,        society.                                     20 students each year. With a consor-
  Missouri, or Mexico        “Many of our faculty have been in-         tium of law schools, MU offers a winter
  City, Mexico, today’s    volved in working in other countries to      London program for both students
  attorneys are            help design, evaluate or improve legal       and teachers. In Bucerius Law School
  increasingly likely to   education, legal institutions or the work-   in Hamburg, Germany, a fall semester
  be involved with cli-    ing of the legal system in that country,”    focuses on international and compara-
  ents and laws from       said R. Lawrence Dessem, dean of the         tive business.
  countries other          law school, in a report he prepared about      The South Africa program is rap-
  than the United          internationalization.                        idly expanding into a more intensely
  States. Today’s MU         The Center for Dispute Resolution is a     involved program. There has already
  students can elect       cornerstone of the law school’s interna-     been a number of faculty exchanges
  various interna-         tional initiatives. Len Riskin, who heads    and research fellowships conducted
  tional law courses,      the center, and other faculty members        throughout the year. At the University
  can participate          lecture internationally.                     of the Western Cape, faculty member
  in international           One of the developing programs in          Craig Bosch is providing the link to
  experiences such as                                                   MU. Working with
  our Summer Law           and Journalism is designed to help           MU faculty, he is
  Program in Cape                                                                              Law students
                           research the effect of media coverage        helping create a
  Town, South Africa,                                                   UWC Student Fel-       have the
  and can learn from         “The implications for the interna-         lowship for the Mas- opportunity to
  professors who           tional sphere are particularly salient,      ter in Law program     formally study
  have studied and                                                      and establishing a     abroad in three
  taught at major                                                       UWC Center for Dis- countries:
  universities around      spots, and the capacity of the media to      pute Resolution.
  the world.
                                                                                               South Africa,
                           play a constructive or destructive role        As the South Afri- England and
                                                                        ca program becomes
      – Dean R. Lawrence                                                                      Germany.
                 Dessem    said.
                             Faculty research translates into           law school admin-
                           classes about international business,        istration is explor-
                           human rights, cross-cultural arbitra-        ing research in other areas. Tsukaba
                           tion, immigration law and comparative        University Law School, in Japan,
                           legal systems.                               is discussing a potential exchange
                             “In his classes, professor Phil Peters     program with MU. Other faculty have
                           makes sure that the they take some           been involved in Kuwait, Thailand
                           time in the class to step away from          and Romania.
                                                                          “We expect that our faculty will
                           see how the forces of a globalized           continue to work on projects assisting
                           economy create and shape those dis-          development of institutions and pro-
                           putes,” Dessem said.                         grams abroad,” Dessem said.

24 The Mizzou Internationalist
                                                                                                                                    SCHOOL OF LAW

  Visit to South Africa inspires creation of study program

          U law professor Rod-                 ence studying in South Africa
          ney Uphoff traveled to               because of the culture, diversity
          the University of the                and the opportunity to observe
Western Cape in South Africa                   an emerging legal system with
to give a series of lectures on                a new model constitution.”
the American criminal justice                    American students take class-
system. He returned with much                  es with UWC students and learn
more.                                          just as much from those interac-
  “I was so impressed with the                 tions as from the instruction.
students and faculty at UWC                      “Our students need to under-
as well as the beauty of South                 stand how interconnected the
Africa that I returned to Mis-                 world is and to communicate
souri convinced that we should                 effectively with people from
start a study abroad program at                very different cultures and
UWC,” he said.                                 backgrounds,” Uphoff said.
  Dean Lawrence Dessem                         “South Africa provides a won-                choir sing some traditional                   Professor
visited South Africa and soon                  derful experience because of its             African songs. It was a remark-               Rodney
shared Uphoff’s enthusiasm for                 history, its diversity and its dy-           able performance. The students                Uphoff
the program.                                   namic struggle to overcome the               were also visibly moved by our                poses with
                                                                                            visit to the District 6 Museum                students
  Uphoff has since channeled                   vestiges of its apartheid past.”                                                           in front
all his passion for internation-                 Studying in a country with so              in Cape Town. The museum                      of Table
alization into the law school’s                much painful history can some-               brings to life the story of the               Mountain in
UWC program.                                   times be a shock to students.                apartheid government’s forc-                  Cape Town.
  “I believe wholeheartedly                      “One of the most memorable                 ible eviction of hundreds of
in the value of international                  experiences we had involved                  South African black and ‘col-
education,” he said. “I knew                   our visit to Goodwood Prison                 ored’ citizens from their homes
that American law students                     outside of Cape Town,” Uphoff                and their relocation to town-
                              -                said. “We listened to a prison

MLocations of study for the School of Law:
England, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand

                                                                                                                                   DID YOU
                                                                                                                                  n With the
                                                       M Germany                                                                  exception of
                                                                                                                                  religious texts, the
                                                                                                South Korea   M M Japan           first written
                                                                                                                                  law code was
                                                                                                                                  written in about
                                                                                                                                  1786 B.C. by
                                                                                                                                  Hammurabi, who
                                                                                                                                  lived in Babylonia.
                                                                                                                                  n The name “Cape
                                                                                                                                  Town” came from
                                                                                                                                  the term “Cape
                                                                                                              M Australia         of Good Hope,”
                                                                M South Africa
                                                                                                                                  named by sailors.

                                                                                                              New Zealand   M

                                                                                                                                University of Missouri 25

                                                SCHOOL OF MEDICINE

                                 iving in one of the richest coun-
                                 tries in the world, it is sometimes    that provides facial reconstructive sur-
                                                                        gery to impoverished children around
                           it’s like living in a country where basic    the world.
                           medical needs are a luxury. Medical            John Cowden, who teaches in
  “MU’s School             students at MU are encouraged to             ophthalmology, volunteers around
  of Medicine is           travel, research and correspond with
  focused on               people and projects that can widen           organization that works in developing
  meeting the needs        their perspectives.                          countries to save sight through train-
  of Missouri, but            Bill Crist, dean of the medical school,   ing, education, and improved access to
  its education,           graduated from MU in 1969, wants             eye care.
  research and             both students and faculty to under-            Bill Folk, the senior associate dean
  patient care efforts     stand diversity.                             for research, works in Africa to combat
  also improve                “We support educational experi-           malnutrition and research plants used
  and save lives           ences abroad whenever possible so            for medical purposes in Africa.
  throughout the           students and faculty members can
                                                                          Faculty at MU also host conferences,
  world.”                  learn more about the increasingly
                                                                        collaborate on research and publish
                           diverse patient population at home,
       — Dean Bill Crist                                                articles with international members
                                                                        and focuses. Keith Boles, an associ-
                           and other strategies to prevent and
                                                                        ate professor in the medical school,
                           treat such threats as deadly infec-
                                                                        recently received a grant from the
                           tious diseases,” he said.
                              Medical students took the initia-         European Commission and the U.S.
                           tive to form an organization called          Department of Education to support a
                           Students Interested in Global Health         visiting scholar program to study the
                           for Tomorrow. SIGHT groups have              similarities and differences in health
                           spent their summers in Mexico, India,        care policy and leadership.
                           Ecuador, Ghana and Jamaica. They               This emphasis on internationaliza-
                           learn about health care and serve the        tion helped MU win a bid to be one
                           needs of citizens. SIGHT students also       of 15 hosts for a European Union
                           helped the School of Medicine orga-          Center. Beating out hundreds of oth-
                           nize a medical Spanish class.                er universities to host the center, MU
                             Students are mentored by faculty           can now effectively create dialogue
                           who are volunteering and serving as          and partnerships with the people of
                           well. For example, Joel Johnson, a pro-      the European Union and the United
                           fessor and chair in the anesthesiology       States through teaching, research and
                           department, volunteers for Operation         outreach.

  n According to ORBIS International, 161 million people are blind or have impaired vision — but 75 percent
  of that blindness is preventable.
  n Operation Smile has given free reconstructive surgery to more than 90,000 children in 25 countries in 23

26 The Mizzou Internationalist
                                                                                                    SCHOOL OF MEDICINE

  Center works to help traumatized children worldwide

   n 1947, an 8-year-old boy named                                                                       Dr. Husain,
   Arshad Syed Husain was driven                                                                         left, using a
   from his home in India with                                                                           translator,
his seven siblings and parents. He                                                                       convinces a boy
spent three weeks in a refugee camp                                                                      at an Afghan
                                                                                                         refugee camp to
  Years later, Husain is a doctor
                                                                                                         share his suicidal
of child and adolescent psychiatry
at MU’s medical school. He hasn’t                                                                        thoughts. After
forgotten his own past—and he                                                                            the death of his
makes sure other children can work                                                                       father, the boy
through theirs.                                                                                          said, he often
  In 1994, Husain established a cen-                                                                     considered
ter at MU to send teams of psychia-                                                                      jumping off a cliff.
trists to devastated regions of the
world to help children who have                                                                          Photo courtesy of
                                                                                                         Dr. Husain and
gone through trauma. Teams have                                                                          Elizabeth Lowenhaupt
traveled to Afghanistan, Kosovo,
Bosnia-Herzegovina, India, Pales-
tine and Pakistan. After the tsunami       program. “During the past 11 years,        on a 2003 trip to Afghanistan.
that destroyed much of southeast           so many of the children that we have         “I watched Dr. Husain interview
Asia in December 2004, Husain and                                                     this child in front of 50 people,
a team traveled to Sri Lanka and           our hope that through a continued          through a translator, and have
Indonesia. They directly counsel           dedicated effort, we can someday           this boy just completely open up,”
the children and train native health       provide these innocent victims with        Lowenhaupt said. “If that weren’t
professionals and teachers.                two essential things: peace of mind        incredible enough, Dr. Husain
  “It is hard to comprehend the needs      and hope for the future.”                  showed all the other adults at the
of a child who has no parents, no            Elizabeth Lowenhaupt, who                counseling center how they could
belongings, no home,” Husain has           graduated from MU’s medical                get children to express emotions,
said about his motivation for the          school in 2002, traveled with Husain       too.”

                                                                                                            M   Locations
                                                                                                            of study for
                                                                                                            the School of
                                                                                                            Medicine: Bosnia
                                                 M Germany                                                  and Herzegovina,
                                                 M MBosnia and Herzegovina
                                                                                                            Germany, Greece,
                                         Spain M    M Serbia and Montenegro
                                                     M                                                      Serbia and
                                                  PalestineM Syria
                                                                     M Afghanistan                          Montenegro,
                                                                      MPakistan                             Spain, Switzer-
     Mexico                                                               M India                           land, India,
                        MJamaica                                                                            Indonesia,
                                                                                                            Pakistan, Sri
                                        Ghana   M                          M Sri Lanka                      Lanka, Ecuador,
                                                                                                            Jamaica, Mexico,
                                                                                  Indonesia   M             Peru, Ghana,
                    MPeru                                                                                   South Africa,
                                                                                                            Palestine, Syria

                                                      MSouth Africa

                                                                                                    University of Missouri 27

                                         SCHOOL OF NURSING
                         l Twenty-one articles published in international journals.
                         l Sixteen faculty on international service projects.
                         l Thirteen memberships in international organizations.
                             The pride of the Sinclair School of Nursing shines through its
                         numbers. Each represents a faculty initiative, project, paper or
  “Encouraging           presentation. Each is an extension from the school to its interna-
  people from other      tional community.
  cultures to attend
                             All the statistics somehow fall short, however, until there is a
  the MU Sinclair
  School of Nurs-        face to match up with the numbers.
  ing truly enriches
  the lives of all         Kay Libbus, the director of the Ph.D.    she recognizes that it is sometimes dif-
  students, faculty      program at the school, is in many ways
  and staff. Knowl-      the face of internationalization in the    But lately, she’s been brainstorming
  edge of different      School of Nursing. Her achievements
  cultures is a won-     and memberships could be another           international programs and involve-
  derful source of       laundry list of accomplishment. Her        ment.
  power; and with        passion for internationalization, how-       “For students, I’d like to see in-
  this knowledge         ever, easily outshines her resume.         creased availability of internationally
  and power comes          “We live in a global community,”         based coursework; for example, Inter-
  understandingand       Libbus said. “Nevertheless, I have         net courses that include students from
  acceptance.”           observed that our students tend to         several countries,” she said.
    — Dean Rose Porter   be naïve about world affairs—indeed          She also proposes shorter study
                         about affairs outside of Missouri. It is   abroad opportunities that include
                         vital for our students to learn to work
                         with people from diverse cultures,         at MU for international students, a
                         including those from other countries.”     graduate-level seminar in international
                           Libbus, who is the chair of the Cam-     health and encouraging socialization
                         pus Committee on International Initia-     between students from the U.S. and
                         tives and a member of the European         other countries.
                         Union Academic Cabinet, spearheads                                            -
                         efforts to expand students’ experi-        cult,” she said. “There needs to be clear
                         ences.                                     expectations that international involve-
                           “She is the lead person for a program    ment is considered in promotion and
                         between the University of Western          tenure decisions.”
                         Cape and MU,” said School of Nursing         Libbus wants to see faculty involve-
                         Dean Rosemary Porter. “She’s helping       ment with Global Scholars seminars
                         revise and restructure UWC’s nursing       and more international research part-
                         curriculum to accommodate the needs        nerships.
                         of 21st century nursing students in          She might be dreaming big. But her
                         South Africa.”                             involvement knows no limits. Lib-
                           A former visiting faculty in the         bus’ ideas are just the beginning of
                         Grenada West Indies School of Nurs-        development in the School of Nursing.
                         ing, Libbus now mentors and sponsors       Check back in another year. Without a
                         international faculty who visit MU.        doubt, those swirling numbers — 21,
                         Despite her knowledge and passion,         16, 13 — will have increased.

28 The Mizzou Internationalist
                                                                                                                             SCHOOL OF NURSING

Students rise to challenge of medical mission
      he images are like some-                                                                                     An MU
      thing out of National                                                                                        nursing
      Geographic. Small chil-                                                                                      student
dren, hungry eyes, tiny bodies
                                                                                                                   administers       DID YOU
                                                                                                                   medication        KNOW
of nutrition, poor water supply
and almost no medical care. In                                                                                     to a Haitian
                                                                                                                   child. The        n Haiti is
Port de Paix, Haiti, an orphan-                                                                                                      the poorest
                                                                                                                   team helped       country in
                                                                                                                   set up a          the western
  For many in the United
States, it is just a story, just an                                                                                pediatric         hemisphere,
image. For Kelly Moore, it is a                                                                                    clinic at an      with 80
challenge.                                                                                                         orphanage.        percent of
  Moore, an instructor of clini-                                                                                                     the popula-
                                                Moore didn’t have to do                   pediatric clinic                           tion living in
cal nursing, recently traveled
                                             any recruiting; three students               at the orphanage.                          poverty.
with a pediatrician, four other
                                             volunteered for the trip as                    “People lined up at 4 a.m.               n The Sin-
nurses and three students to
                                             well. One of the students, Me-               to see the team,” Moore said.
this orphanage on a medical                                                                                                          clair School
                                             lissa Curtis, had been to Haiti              “It was a rewarding, heart-
mission trip sponsored by the                                                                                                        of Nursing
                                             several times and spent several              wrenching experience which I
Forum Boulevard Christian                                                                                                            is named for
                                             months there following her                   will never forget. It takes less
Church.                                                                                                                              Charles and
                                             graduation before applying to
  “I chose to go to Haiti be-                                                                                                        Josie Sin-
                                             graduate school.                             count the many blessings we
cause I felt there was a need                                                                                                        clair, who so
                                                The MU team worked with                   have for all people here in the
for my specialty area of pediat-
                                             a team from Illinois to set up a             U.S.”                                      appreciated
rics,” Moore said.
                                                                                                                                     the nursing
                                                                                                                                     care Charles
M Locations of study for the School of Nursing: Germany, Ireland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, China, Costa Rica,                     received
Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, West Indies, Botswana, South Africa, Egypt, New Zealand, Canada
                                                                                                                                     after injuries
                                                                                                                                     from a buggy
                                                                                                                                     accident and
                                                                            M Russia                                                 train wreck
             M Canada                                   M                                                                            that they
                                              Ireland        M Germany                                                               donated land
                                                 Spain   M                                                                           and financial
                                                                                                   MChina                            resources to
                                                                       M Egypt                                                       the school.
             M Mexico
                    Haiti M
                         M Dominican
              West IndiesM Republic
         Costa RicaM

                                                                  M Botswana
                                                                  MSouth Africa

                                                                                                               New Zealand   M

                                                                                                                             University of Missouri 29

                                 COLLEGE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE

                                 relationship, focused on lemur     ciple mandate is to educate students
                                 preservation, between the St.      from Missouri who will contribute
                                 Louis Zoo and Madagascar           back to the state. However, a number
                         resulted in an exciting initiative for     of students have completed Ph.D.
                         the College of Veterinary Medicine.        and master’s programs and clinical
                           A veterinarian at the zoo contacted      residencies.
  “Internationaliza-     Joe Kornegay, dean of MU’s vet               “By admitting students from
  tion enriches the      school, after hearing about Madagas-       other countries to our undergraduate,
  university across                                                 graduate, and professional programs,
  each of its clas-      school in that country.                    we expose our faculty and students
  sical missions of                                                 to the culture of the broader world,”
  teaching, service,     different there, Kornegay said, based      Kornegay said. “Research can also be
  and research. The      on the European system. Students           advanced as we bring the best and
                         leave right out of high school and         brightest from around the world to
  mix of new ideas
                         complete a six-year program that is        the campus.”
  created by inter-                                                   The European
                         more closely aligned with the medi-
  nationalization        cal school than with an agricultural       Union Center, a
  creates a synergy                                                                         Dean Joe
                         program.                                   “feather in the
  that is ideal for        MU faculty members will be travel-       university’s cap”       Kornegay is
  learning.”             ing to Madagascar to assess needs          according to Korne- co-chairing a
   — Dean Joe Kornegay                                              gay, helps encourage task force to
                         relating to livestock. Another faculty
                         member, Gheorghe Constantinescu,           these international     rebuild the
                         will teach a series of anatomy courses.    motivations.            veterinary
                         MU has sent funding, materials and           “Most centers
                         textbooks to the new school.               have had a focus in infrastructure
                           The Madagascar initiative is one of      the social sciences,    in Iraq and
                         many that has started or grown under       politics and econom- Afghanistan.
                         Kornegay’s term as dean. He has            ics, legal issues,” he
                         extensive personal experience with         said. “We felt it was
                         internationalization, including work-      important for the European Union
                         ing in seven countries, presenting in      Center here to go beyond that and be
                         16 countries, serving as the external                                             -
                         examiner for the veterinary school in      ary background we have on campus.”
                         Malaysia and co-chairing a task force        Kornegay understands interna-
                         to rebuild the veterinary infrastruc-      tional veterinary issues in the context
                         ture in Iraq and Afghanistan.              of a global community and a global
                           He has brought his passion for inter-    economy. Whenever he can, he said,
                         nationalization to MU. He’s helping de-    he encourages his faculty and stu-
                         velop deeper relationships with MU’s       dents to take advantage of interna-
                         sister university, Chonnam National        tional options.
                         University in South Korea. He is also         “First and foremost, by learning
                         leading an inquiry into the viability of   more about other cultures, taking
                         admitting international students into      advantage of various programs of-
                         the professional program.                  fered by the university and traveling
                                                                    to other countries as opportunities
                         said, because the vet school’s prin-       present themselves.”

30 The Mizzou Internationalist
                                                                                                                   COLLEGE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE

            Professor brings internationalization to MU
       orn in Bucharest to well-                                                                                                        Gheorghe Constan-
       educated parents, Gheorghe                                                                                                       tinescu, a native of
       Constantinescu graduated as                                                                                                      Bucharest, joined the
a doctor of veterinary medicine in                                                                                                      MU staff in 1984. He
1955, earned his Ph.D. in 1964 and                                                                                                      emphasizes a global
was hired as a professor in Timiso-                                                                                                     approach to his
ara, Romania, in 1965.                                                                                                                  research and his
  In 1982, he and his wife, Ileana, also                                                                                                teaching and has
a DVM, passed into Yugoslavia as                                                                                                        helped make this a
tourists heading for a free country. Af-                                                                                                standard at the
ter being thrown in jail twice for pass-                                                                                                College of Veteri-
ing the borders illegally, they sought                                                                                                  nary Medicine.
political asylum in West Germany.
Two years later, a competitive posi-
tion at MU attracted Constantinescu.
He brought his wife and 5-year-old
daughter, Adina, to the United States.
  “Chancellor Brady Deaton pointed                      ter understand the global interde-                        Constantinescu has been busy since
out many times that one of the goals                    pendence in the world. The faculty                      he came to MU, taking his own advice
of MU is to internationalize this                       has the opportunity to examine the                      to heart — so far, he’s worked with
institution,” said Constantinescu,                      approach to global perspective, not                     colleagues from Germany, Uruguay,
who is the representative for the                       only to local problems, but to teach                    Austria and Romania; has traveled
veterinary school on the Council on                     and interact with colleagues abroad.                    to France, Uruguay, Norway and
International Initiatives.                              The researchers have the opportu-                       Romania; has almost 400 publications,
  “Students will be exposed to the                      nity to broaden their research and to                   including 20 books; and will be teach-
global perspective with an impact in                    include international colleagues in                     ing a class in Madagascar in French
their particular areas. They will bet-                  their projects.”                                        next June.
Locations include: Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy,
Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Serbia and Montenegro, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, China, India, Japan, South      DID YOU
Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, Grenada, Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, West Indies, Madagascar,
South Africa, Zimbabwe, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Canada
                                                                                                                                             n MU’s
   MThe College of Veterinary Medicine extends to six continents.                                                                            veterinary
                                                                                                                                             school had
                                                                                                                                             faculty at the
                                                                                                                                             Roslin Institute
             M                                                     M                                                                         in Scotland
                                                                                                                                             who helped
                                                                                                       M                                     Keith Campbell
                                                                                                                                             and Ian Wilmut
                                                                                                                                             clone Dolly the
                                                                                                                                             sheep in 1996.
                                                                    M                                                                        n There are
                                                                                                                                             only 28
                                                                                                                                             colleges of
                               M                                                                                                             veterinary
                                                                                                                                             medicine in the
                                                                                                                                             United States.

                                                                                                                                      University of Missouri 31
    IPFD and the colleges have a mandate to internationalize our university
 through several initiatives, while sharing a common set of expectations. Those
  expectations pertain to roles of the administration, faculty, students and staff.

The internationalized UNIVERSITY will have developed a succinct and inclusive international plan that will
be reflected in the institution’s campus wide strategic plan and in plans for schools and relevant centers.

The internationalized UNIVERSITY will have in place concrete and operational policies and procedures for
enhancing and managing the emerging international activities on and beyond the campus.

The internationalized UNIVERSITY will have shown a marked increase in the number of students with
study abroad experience, who opt to take a second language and will have developed creative options for

The internationalized UNIVERSITY will have curriculum for undergraduate student education that reflects
a global society and be able to issue international certificates along with undergraduate degrees.

The internationalized UNIVERSITY will have demonstrated marked increase in the number of undergradu-
ate and graduate students with international research experience.

The internationalized UNIVERSITY will have in place a system and protocol for recruiting top flight inter-
nationalized faculty and will have committed fiscal resources for that purpose.

The internationalized UNIVERSITY will have in place amended promotion and tenure policies that ac-
knowledge and embrace internationalization activities by faculty members as important in gaining tenure.

The internationalized UNIVERSITY will have shown a marked increase in the number of global scholar
awards, faculty lead study abroad experiences, especially internationally focused and engaged faculty.

The internationalized UNIVERSITY will have demonstrated a marked increase in the volume of externally
funded international research, education and outreach activities.

The internationalized UNIVERSITY will have experienced an upturn in the scope and intensity of relations
with state and federal agencies and other institutions based on funding opportunities as well as opportuni-
ties to develop public policy.

The internationalized UNIVERSITY will have developed a campus atmosphere and climate whereby the
engagement of students from other countries, and throughout the United States, is noticeably enhanced.

The internationalized UNIVERSITY will have registered an increase in the number and scope of quality
(inclusive) festivals and celebrations.

The internationalized UNIVERSITY will have in use a well crafted message to articulate the value of the
international initiatives to help uplift those with needs in the less developed and developing counties (our
ever shrinking world).

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