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					Melaku Michael “All men are created equal” a famous and well known speech that received its place in America’s history as one of the most important quotes ever given. This quote till today serves as the main and most integral part of America’s constitution, but one thing was not mentioned in that quote that has stirred a very thoughtful argument throughout the ages. “What about all women” all though this was not stated in the constitution at all it has been declared that Thomas Jefferson the person responsible for this quote had forgotten the part of women in this world renowned speech. Women’s role and contribution to the society form the past and present times have greatly been affected and sought thru out the centuries of our very existence. This can be seen as the slowly yet powerful depictions in our history of mankind and can be seen to have a major and also detrimental affect in out present and future and the roles of women in our society as of today. Going back thru history one can see the affects and responsibilities that women carried upon them neither by their race nor their age but by their very existence of being a lady. Women in medieval times were forced to do tasks differently from men and were given completely different roles in the family rather than being able to do the same tasks as men and also same privileges. In one illustration we see that tasks performed by women differ from men that a man is herding and cutting the wool of a lamb while the women presumably his wife has been given the task of milking the cow. From this illustration we can directly see that women were given the lees desirable and more tedious tasks. We can state that the task was more common for women back than because of

the fact that first she is milking a cow for food (butter) or milk. This task can be referred to as the equivalent today in modern times as the lady cooking in the kitchen but in a more modern sense, and women are considered to be the cooks of the family (well to the most part of course). Next, we read an article a scripture from the bible that can be summed to be said that the author (God’s apostles) believed that women’s role in the society weather she like it or not was to manage a household and pray. In that scripture one can see that the author does not leave in the least one possible circumstance that the wife of the man could do anything else but manage the household and pray to god. So we can see that women were beginning to seem more of a property than a human being and were given the excuse that since it has been recorded in the bible you must do as it has been said and no exceptions can be made or you are disobeying your god, which back than was the last thing anybody whether male of female would want to do. And as many of us today know that many religions whether the religion is Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, or Taoism men are considered the head of the body of worshipers or more devout believers in the religion. This is still considered till today as a fact. Also, in one Excerpt in a book for house keeping rules or guide to women behavior we see a part that explains how women were expected to behave in public. This excerpt has been titled as “The Good Wife’s Guide” The Part of this excerpt that I want to focus on right now is “When you go to town or church, you should be accompanied by companions suitable to your social position and especially by respectable women”. This statement alone describes how the mentality back than was and how women were expected to behave and if you did

not follow the guidelines given o you by another person that you will not be accepted in the society. Much like today the society or even the world portrays women in a certain manner or else they are considered to be the rejects or the rebellious ones in the society and in many religions any act of rebelliousness can be taken very serious and harsh punishments such as in Islam the harsh laws against rebellions can include public beatings to show to the public that if any rebellions acts are performed that this will happen to you some other consequences of women not following religious aspects or teachings can include the age old act of stoning performed in regions such as Pakistan and Iran. To conclude the essay I will give more examples of how women from the past and in the present differ in their religious and moral behaviors and what was expected from them. Relating to the illustrations and text Excerpts from the packet the first thing I see is that Women although carrying the task upon them as required by the men of the household also have the responsibility of being the care taker of the man much as we see today taking place in many homes. Also dating was kept to a very higher standard than what many of us are used to today as back than in the medieval era women did not have the opportunity to choose her husband but instead the husband chose his wife to be. These illustrations show that women more considered as property rather than human so in similar case had very boring lives as they did not choose their life but already had I planned by a man.

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