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									           Smartparts SP1200 12.1-Inch Digital Picture Wood Frame

Show your pictures and share your memories with the Smartparts SP1200 12.1-inch digital picture frame.
The frame features sharp and vibrant pictures with the 800x600 pixel LCD screen. The SP1200 makes it
easy to enjoy your favorite photos and videos with three easy steps used to upload pictures. Simply
remove the memory card from your camera, insert the card into the frame and view your photos. No
need to edit and print your pictures on a computer. The slideshow automatically begins once the frame is
turned on and will scroll through each picture on your memory card. You can control the speed of the
slideshow with the included remote control or choose to display one picture at a time. The frame features
built-in music player and speakers which allows you to enjoy your favorite music in the background of the
slideshow. Optimize your pictures by downloading OptiPix software on your computer for free. OptiPix
helps you change the orientation of you photos and sharpen images. Use OptiPix to find pictures, create
copies, and transfer hundreds of your favorite photos from your computer to your frames 128MB of
internal memory. The frame has real wood framing and custom designed matting which can compliment
any room or office.


     12.1-Inch LCD Digital Picture Frame; 800x480 resolution; 128 MB of internal memory
     Upload pictures and video by inserting memory cards – no computer needed; compatible with SD,
     SDHC, CF, MMC, MS (MS PRO, MS Duo, MS PRO) and xD
     OptiPix optimizes your pictures by changing orientation, sharpening images, creating copies and
     transfers photos from computer to frame
     Genuine wood frame compliments any home or office
     Includes picture stand, remote control, USB cord and AC power adapter

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Smartparts SP1200 12.1-Inch Digital Picture Wood Frame

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